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June 25 2017 - July 15 2017

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Agent Josh Bryant, Major Cunningham, Japanese pyramid trinket, remembering Stephens, and wanting to stay awake
Autumn leaves

July 15 2017, 9:22 PM - So we have a new MIB on our team, Officer or Agent Josh Bryant, there are two pages about him (one in thoughts pages, one in the milabs section). I've only known him for a day or two but already know him better than I ever got to know most of the other MIBs on the team, because he has talked to me a lot (all is written down on those pages), and also his personality and emotions really shine through in the telepathy. Most of the other MIBs are reserved and not talkative and never shared any personal information about themselves, so Josh is special as a MIB.

Even though it was written about some days ago already, I just want to say that Major Cunningham lost his mother recently and even though this man was incredibly cruel to me some years ago I want to say that he is in my heart and thoughts. I love you Cunningham, even though it was never a friendship what we had, and most of the time you seemed to hate me back then, we are in each other's lives and I truly hope to meet you one day in real life and I forgive everything and take care of yourself.

I've been asking to get to meet Hamish in real life. The military guys tell me that Hamish would rip my leg or arm off if me and Hamish were in the same room together. I want to meet him anyway.

I've started talking with a reader of the website about the aliens and military things and the military guys know about it and have by now told me many times to not talk to this guy. I will talk to him anyway, because he knows a lot of things about the U.S. military such as about ranks and uniforms and he is exceedingly well-read on topics on aliens. I finally have someone I can ask questions about the military, for instance when Agent Josh Bryant had told me about the paratroopers being shot as they were descending in Iraq this guy confirmed that this is exactly what was happening in Iraq, things like that. He doesn't understand how I can love Hamish, he keeps saying that Hamish is a predator. I tell him that Hamish is a person, but he doesn't buy into that. My love for Hamish is forever.

My cookies said. - Hamish adds to that

I was exhausted after work and took a nap during the afternoon. I had a dream in which I was being trained to be a coffee waitress for some Japanese business executives. Well of course I got it all wrong and even spilled some of the hot coffee over the edge. The Japanese man gave me a tip anyway, I cupped my both hands to receive the coins that he was pouring into my hands, and with the coins fell into my hands from his wallet, a pin or broche or trinket that was made of many small shiny gems like diamonds in the shape of a triangle, near the middle was one or a few black shiny gems made to look like an eye that still had some white gems in it to represent the shine reflecting off an eye. I didn't want to give it back to him because it was interesting of course I knew it is an Agenda symbol, but it seems that he was also willing to let me keep it. When I woke up shortly after that after the nap and back in my room, that Japanese man was talking to me telepathically saying that he wanted to marry me and he said that he keeps that trinket with him because The Eye provides him with money.

I am done with being abducted and used and not getting to remember. I am tired of asking and asking the aliens and the military to let me stay awake and remember.

Oh well, phew, you are in for a ride then! Welcome! We are going to take better care of you then. So. What do you want to remember about? Huh? How they inspect your feces? - man with brown hair and glasses telepathically
Yes please. - me
LOOK! She doesn't eat ice-cream anymore! And we are very pleased. - Reticulan to the man about me, that is true I am on that raw food diet still
I was with mine. - Hamish
I was with Hamish. My Hamish, I love you Tik! - me to Hamish
I was also with Robert, that time. I was with him. - Hamish
Who was Robert? Was he a human of my race? - me
We were also going into his nose! He was not a willing subject, participant. That Robert one, Tik! He was getting old now. So it was time to let him go. So he lives now, somewhere else. And he is a pensioneer. He has retired from his service. And he is looking forward to getting old. He has told me all of this stuff! About pensioneer, Yes! - Hamish
I remember Stephens. I miss him I guess, I mean, ... I've already lost MacIntyre, and. Some day I've got to meet with Stephens in real life! Where is he? Is he in London? - me
He likes to rake leaves in the autumn. I used to watch him do that. And then he said, Yes-No, to me. I was not aware of him being any better than you. He used to not drink booze. He used to drink, Yes-No. I was sure he was a good partner for you. But you said Yes-No to him! - Hamish
Hamish! HAMISH! I was very badly hurt by this thing with Stephens! Oh god help me! Hamish!! I don't know what to say! - me
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language
My Toast, I would like to say. And, Yes, about raking leaves. - Hamish "my Toast" in my native language although Toast was in English, both times he says about raking leaves his eyes are closing in a fond smile he really loves to see raking leaves

Robert Stephens was Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens, you will get to know him in the teenage diary notes. He used to say he was going to marry me... I guess he knew that the aliens were wanting him to rape me to make kids. This is so horribly hurtful and stressful right now, for someone to bring him up I become a mess this is horrible! The reason Hamish talked about him is more than likely because a moment ago I was showing to the reader of the website I talk to, the segment in the MILABS diary excerpts that had Stephens in it.

But it's time that I get to stay awake for abductions. (Hamish said "My pancakes!") I have to stay awake. I have to do it somehow, overcome it with my mind, be so determined and willed that no one not even aliens can keep me asleep when they bring me to places. The reader of the website told me that it is commonplace that abductees will vomit profusely when they are transported to the spaceship, that is why they are kept unconscious, because as we know when I ask the Reticulans to let me stay awake they tell me that I can't, because I get dizzy and I vomit. If I don't eat anything all day then there is nothing to vomit, right? I don't care what happens there. Maybe Jack or Agent Josh Bryant will have sex with me but that can't be too bad, I know these guys. Tubing down my nose, I was awake for that once when a Dinosaur was doing it

We like to lay in our bathtubs then. - Reticulan about their nourishing tubs with extracted body fluid, meaning like after the work they enjoy a bath, Dinosaurs enjoy baths too but I don't know if Dinosaur baths are also for nourishment and if those too consist of extracts from bodies

Fecal samples, I can handle that, even with the military watching, come on I almost went to medical school and I used to work in a nursing home and clean up after people all the time it does not bother me as much as it would the other person. I am so tired and so frustrated that they take me and then they leave me out of my memories! This is so unfair! I insist that they let me stay awake from now on and that I get to remember! Or else!

My blueberry pancakes were good. He used to like them. With his eggs. - Hamish about Stephens, and the image of American blueberry pancakes and fried eggs, yes I remember Stephens was always one with a healthy appetite!
He was always visiting with, my beverages. - Hamish about Stephens, "my beverages" probably meaning Stephens' beverages

See how Hamish functions? Earlier he just said "my pancakes", and one would never know what Hamish was really thinking about. But turns out, he was just remembering Captain Stephens and how he used to enjoy his pancakes. And, that is also typical of Hamish, see how much I wrote before Hamish mentioned the pancakes again? Hamish can allow himself plenty of time to think about one topic, like he did here. My Sock Turtle Pooch, I don't think he would rip my arm off, after all I am the Eggs.

After a moment:

He used to always take care of his Foliage. And I used to watch that. And see how he did it. - Hamish remembering Stephens raking leaves
And he used to eat his eggs. And pancakes. And cupcakes. - Hamish remembers Stephens

One minute later. Hamish puts into my mind one of the clearest mental images he has ever conjured up for me, if not the clearest. I watch as the clear image opens up in my awareness, so vivid as if I am almost there. It depicts a forest with trees, the ground has some dead leaves across it. The sky was white and the air was a bit cold. The image lasted for several seconds. Then, I see Stephens bringing in a wheelbarrow that is full of autumn leaves and he tips the collected leaves into a pile on the forest floor behind a tree. And Hamish remembers that, and how fond Hamish was of that pile of leaves, and Hamish says:

I used to go there, and say Tik! - Hamish pleased his eyes closing in a happy smile

Now we know why Hamish was so fond of Stephens raking leaves. Hamish got a pile of leaves out of that. We know how much he loves piles of leaves in the forests, he still goes to some every now and then, and when I pile up my used bed sheets on the floor he becomes like a little kid and goes to stand on it and step with his feet there. How can anyone say that Hamish isn't a person? This is most definitely a person, and he is a sweetheart too. *Make a note to self: Obtain a garden. And make a pile of autumn leaves for Hamish.

And a sofa! I would like to have one. - Hamish saying from the living room sofa, I guess he wants a better one
I love you Hamish. You are my Turtle. - me
My dominant race was not you. It was not my piles of leaves. I was not dominant, you said? I was not, or? - Hamish

A minute later I was already doing other things just been to pee and Hamish is remembering when Stephens put little twigs there too into that pile of autumn leaves and Hamish remembers looking into that pile of leaves and he says "Yes-No" about the twigs but he is not angry, more just fond of the pile of leaves in itself. Hamish does not want twigs in his leaves, of course since that ruins the softness. I love this Dragon so much that my heart fills with joy.

Alpha Theta insect form confirmed

July 14 2017, 6:49 PM - I was telling the Reticulans that I want them to let me stay awake for abductions. I then got to see a mental image of an alien which was in a spaceship. I asked them what species that alien was, the Reticulans told me it was an "Alpha Theta". It was indeed what I would call "an Alpha Thetan Dark Lord in the insectoid form". I can now confirm that indeed Alpha Theta Dark Lords do have an insect form. I have not made any drawings of these yet, it is a brown-beige large alien that looks like a stick insect with two arms and two legs. Dark Lords can also present themselves in the "Gremlin form", in the "Shadow Figure form", and possibly the "Crocodile Man form" as well unless Crocodile Men are always their own species.

Q & A

July 14 2017, 3:16 PM - Yesterday a reader of the website had some questions for me to ask for the aliens, those notes are here:

Reader wants me to ask Dark Lords about Proceon:
Dark Lord? Tell me about the wars with Proceon. - me
They didn't want to give us their women. - Dark Lord
What do the Proceon people look like? - me
They were battling with us first. - DL
Did they start the war? - me
No! We did it! - DL
Was the war fought in outer space or on surface? With Proceon? - me
It was fought over their women. We wanted to take their eggs first. - DL
Why did you want to take their eggs? - me
We wanted to seeded them with our own. So that then we could rule their race. - DL
So who won, was it the Pleiadians or the Andromedans? - me
The Andromedan Council. - DL

Pleiadians? The war in 2020 in the United States? - me
We are hoping that it won't happen to you. - PL
Why? Is there going to be a war in 2020 in the USA? - me
.. We don't want to talk to you about Hamish anymore. - PL

Dark Lords? Who created the human race? - me
It was made by many, mainly by the Pleiadians. - DL
Did the Zetas and Reptilians also create humans? - me
No. The originals were starseeded by the Pleiadian race. - DL
Dark Lord? Did you guys destroy the Lyra planets and the star there? - me
Yes we had to. Because they were stealing from us. The eggs we mean. - DL

Jordan Peterson in Canada, in our timeline, did the Pleiadians train him, do you know? Dark Lords? - me
We would like to talk to you about The Eye. It has trained us. We were very obedient to it. - DL

Dark Lord? Will there be a war in the United States in 2020? Do you know about this? In 2020? Can you tell me about it? - me
We would not have been burned down then. BUT THE ARCHONS WILL RULE! We will be presents for them. - DL
They are taking your boys away. - Pleiadian woman about sons
Those people are bad. - PL woman to me about Dark Lords

General Patton! Why are you a blue falcon! General Patton! - me
You are so sweet to talk to me about that. But right now, I am having visits from my two boys.
So we can talk about that one later. Ok? Sweets. - GP, calling me Sweets
Cunningham! Are you a blue falcon? What is that? - me
Hey, you. I can't seem to get rid of you can I? - Cunningham
I am sorry to bother you sweetheart. Love you man. Take care now, goodbye! - me
Do you wanna eat some ice-cream with me or what? What do you wanna say? - C
I would do absolutely anything to meet you in real life. Please let me? - me
I was gonna say, that they kidnap you. - C
Who does? Who kidnaps me, and why? - me
I don't wanna have you removed from here. But some of this stuff we are lying about. - C
I'm not gonna see you cry anymore. So, get out of here. - C

Were the Draco involved in the wars with the Lyra from the start, Dark Lords? - me
No they were not. - DL
It was with us, and their seed! - DL, their seed being the Lyra seed
We wanted to take them out. For deserting us! For deserting us with their seed! - DL
Dark Lords are cute. Don't you think? - me

Hamish's rug and scales and Kermit

July 13 2017, 9:21 PM - This evening Hamish was telling me that he has his washed and dried shedded scales on his bathroom rug. Earlier today he expressed concern that there could be pieces of broken glass on the floors here at home or on his rug, I told him I would protect his feet and that I can feel if there are any pieces of broken glass on my feet since I walk barefoot here too. I often suspect that some of the aliens in his Agenda team are lying to him that there would be pieces of broken glass on the floors here especially on his snuggy rugs, I think I once caught an alien telling him that upsetting lie. I just hope it isn't the darn Pleiadians telling him such things. His bathroom rug is his nest and his most favorite place to be here, I would get furious at anyone who is lying to him trying to ruin his rug for him! I would throw a fit, I could even become physically violent if I found out someone was doing that to my Dragon!

And a moment ago I think it was Hamish who showed me a sudden mental image of a large Kermit puppet that only lasted for a short while. It made me happy to see and I laughed a bit, cause it's adorable that they show me Kermit and frogs. Also last night I was shown a frog's hand as if it was clammy and pressing against my body. This time however, Hamish then indicated in the wordless language that the Kermit would be working on my mouth and rear end, so it seems that Dinosaurs have some work to do. Maybe it's a good thing I don't remember, but I would love to wake up and open my eyes and see all the aliens, especially Hamish.

It was with my fetus. That is why we come. And I was hungry. - Hamish, last sentence in my native language
And, Tik Tiik! - Hamish
I love you Hamish. You are an adorable Turtle. - me

And earlier Hamish brought a large piece of shedded scale and showed it to me here by the bed where I am sitting, and I thanked him for showing it to me, and I realized then that I must be like a friend to Hamish, I am someone who he can share the things that matter to him with, and I actually take the time and I listen and I care about him and his thoughts and his world. He must think of me as a friend, surely he must!

Hamish protecting and informing me
Pleiadian annoying me
Sirian visiting me
U.S. military officer consulting with me

July 11 2017, 8:15 PM - Yesterday Hamish told me on several occasions, "Butter for the Eggs". He has only said that since I switched to raw foods. I am getting plenty of fats from my foods, as I eat a lot of seeds and nuts, but the fats are no doubt very different than before. Also, the bowl of mung bean sprouts that are now already sprouting in the bowl, Hamish has been spending a lot of time standing in front of them and gazing at them, watching the sprouts closely for a long time. Now when I was in the kitchen he told me that they are not the right food for the hybrids. It is interesting, since chick peas are also highly incompatible with hybrid bodies, and now we know that mung beans are also. What does it have to do with what I am eating? It is either that what I eat affects embryos growing in me, or that the Reticulans still use foods that I ate that they extract out of my digestive system to feed to the hybrids, or the case of both. Hamish also told me "Milk for the eggs", and I told him that I do not drink cow's milk. I had a coconut milk with cocoa and he told me that it was the wrong kind of milk.

Him talking about foods I got to see him very clearly there in the kitchen with me. He also told me that he is a crustacean, and he told me that his back has been protecting me. I thanked him for protecting me, and told him that I feel very safe with his back. He is a really gorgeous orange and red Reptilian, or eh Crustacean.

The Pleiadian woman is still bothering me. Her mere presence makes me irritated and stressed out. "There was a cacophony then! We did not want, that to happen for you.", an Airship Person says. The Pleiadian woman is displaying a behavior that I can actually recognize from human women's behavior, namely that me being irritated with her, is by now making her act sassy as well, in a way that is recognizable from how human women might react and behave. The Pleiadians say they are protecting me, so I do thank them for that.

Had contact with a Sirian man today. I don't know why other people draw Sirians as blue or turquoise in skin color, my Sirians are always with brown skin. This one told me that he knows the Sirian named Leonor. I have a friend who is a Starseed, I have known him since I was 15 years old, and some psychic or someone had told him that his Starseed self is a Sirian named "Lenor". So this Sirian is referring to him, "Leonor", and told me that Leonor was a Starship Commander. (Starseeds are humans who feel that they have a soul from another planet, I am a Starseed also but we don't talk about that much here on The Orion Project.)

Also, the U.S. military guys know by now that I am eating what they call "bunny food", namely raw foods. One of them was ready to talk to me as soon as I woke up this morning. He was an older man even though the officers who are older do not look their age like members of the general public would, they look more fit and physically active. I do not know who he was or what his name was. He told me that he is getting Alzheimer's. He mentioned that he keeps forgetting where he left his hat. He wanted to know from me whether raw food could cure his condition. I gave him a lot of information on raw food and health and what fats to avoid and what fats are good for him. He asked me if he needs to become vegan, I said yes he should, I also recommended that he starts to exercise and read books. I said I don't know if it will help him but that he needs to do what he can to promote brain health.

Evening with Hamish

July 10 2017, 11:48 PM - I bought some dried mulberries today and put what would fit into a small glass jar and the rest that didn't fit remained in the wide open plastic bag and both of these were on the wardrobe shelf in my bedroom. This wardrobe is right next to Hamish's rug, and it has doors on it. Hamish told me now that he was standing on his rug, while I was laying in bed enjoying some classical music, I forget how he said it but he asked me if I had bought some mulberries or if I had some there in the wardrobe and he told me that he did not like their smell. I apologised to Dragon and thanked him for having shared his concern with me and I asked him if I should move them, and I moved the open bag to another shelf on the other side of the room. They are very fragrant and to my human nose they have a lovely honey caramel aroma. I don't think anything in my mind could invent someone saying that dried mulberries smell bad.

He is standing on his rug now, and is keeping his arms backwards so that the hands rest on the far end of the back hump. Today he told me again "Hello my name is Hamish" or "My name is Hamish". I find it charming when he tells me his name as if I don't know what his name is. Then I say to him "Hello Hamish." He has been a cute Turtle today, like on all days. I have some green mung beans soaking in a bowl on an endtable on the other side of his rug, they are soaking so that I can sprout them. Hamish commented on them earlier before he said about the mulberries, and I asked him if it was ok that they were there and it was ok. I think what he said about the mung beans was that it was not something that he would eat, and I told him that it was my snacks and I did a palate click to accentuate the word snacks.

I love you Hamish. - me, I whisper out loud as I look toward the bathroom rug that he stands on
My night shirt. - Hamish in my native language, about the pyjama top that I am wearing, so he is claiming things and acting territorial, just being himself

Earlier today while I was walking home from the grocery store, I offered to Hamish that we could watch porcupine and hedgehog videos today and I told him that there is an aquarium house where we could go and see tortoises and fish, I told him that I want him to have fun and be happy and enjoy his life so there are things that we could do together. I think Hamish liked one or both of these suggestions because he then said to me several times that he no longer hates my race. He seemed happy and a bit elated, I think I should go have a day at the aquarium and let Hamish tag along. He did ask me where it was, and I told him I would have to buy a ticket and go there first. He really loves fish, he finds them mesmerizing and beautiful I think because of their shiny scales, also he thinks they talk to him when they come up to the surface and open and close their mouth.

For me there is a sofa there. I went there. - Hamish in my native language, he now went from the rug in my room to the other room to sit on the sofa and he is getting all snug and with his upper eyelids closing in a snug smile
I love you Hamish. - me
Me and you we have never fought. - Hamish native language, fought or contested
I would never fight with you. I love you Turtle. - me
About my eggs, I said. And I was Hamish. - Hamish sitting on the sofa his legs stretched all long far wide away from the sofa in front of him and his duck feet resting on their heels against the floor

Hamish's Snug

July 09 2017, 10:49 PM - Last night or a few nights ago I wrote down the most adorable thing that Hamish said. He indicated to his bathroom rug that I keep for him in my bedroom corner. He must know that for years I have been writing (here on the website) stories about his rug and that I often call his rug "snuggy rug". So for the first time ever, Hamish called his rug something similar, obviously as he thinks that is how I would call it. He thought to his rug, and he said:

My Snug. - Hamish about his rug

PS. This evening the aliens informed me that Colonel Richmond is also going to be fathering children for me. As you know, I do not recall these moments, I am just shown the children years after when they are all grown up into 10-year olds or adolescents. I asked them to show me Richmond. He looked to be an older man, must be in his upper 50's at least but could even be in his 70's. I don't know much about Richmond, but he is one of the old-timers.

Click on the image for a close-up view

A new alien creature, the one that uses the cat cartoon to not frighten

July 09 2017, 8:24 PM - Remember the cartoon cat that was shown to me by an alien? I have now drawn the alien. Every time that I think of an image of this cartoon cat, it instantly lets me see this alien, it is as if this alien knows I am thinking of the cartoon cat and then it lets me see itself in a mental image. It seems that the alien wants me to think of itself as the cat, so that whatever childish joy it imagines I must be feeling from seeing a fun happy cartoon cat, would be joy I would associate to when I see the alien.

The images of the alien are so vivid and so clear that I have been able to draw a good picture of the alien with a great deal of attention to anatomical detail. This alien by all means resembles a Reticulan, meaning Zeta Reticulan or Alpha Reticulan, but there are some major differences. This individual is also the first time I recall ever having seen this particular type of alien species.

It is short. When it stands right against the medical table, it is clear to see that it is short in height. Its head is large and bulbuous and not perfectly even. You can see on the drawing, that there is a main bulge at the back of the head, then at the bottom of the head the head makes an inward indentation where the head goes in a little bit, and then there is a smaller second bulge of the head.

The neck is situated closer to the chin and not directly under the middle of the head.

There are like clavicle bone markings or breast bone markings such as ribs, not that it means that it has any bones, but such markings appear on the upper part of the chest.

The eyes have upper eyelids, drawn in the image. I have not drawn in any lower eyelids, instead the lines underneath the eyes are creases, and the lines drawn on the top of the eyes are eyelids. The eyes are all dark but not black, and reflect tiny dots of light.

If you watch how the outline of the face goes down along the side of the face on the right side, you see that the face drops vertically down for quite a long distance, then receding inward, making it look like very long cheekbones. The opposite side cheekbone has also been drawn. The shoulders are fairly wide. Its legs are very short, so when I say that the alien is short, it is not proportionally smaller than Reticulans: instead, the height is "taken" from the length of its legs. And also, this alien is of a green colour. And no, it is not a Dinosaur.

The alien connects its mind with mine when it lets me see it. This creature is notably calm, it feels calm like an elder person. Unlike Alpha Reticulans, who are always feeling sassy, irritable and fierce. It feels calm, old, and wise. It is a wonderful very exquisite state of mind that it has, I don't know why but I keep wanting to say "elephants", the creature's body and mind remind me for some reason always of elephants.

"The misunderstanding". Starring: Captain Richard Swansea

July 08 2017, 2:12 PM - Oh dear. So the aliens, how does one dress this into words, let me start from the beginning. Reticulans told me about Richard Swansea that they saw that he was looking at, and I quote from one of the other Earth languages we use, "pussy magazines", "so they knew that he could become a father" and so the aliens asked him if he would be willing to have sex with some women or at least one woman (me) to make that woman pregnant. And for whatever reason Captain Richard Swansea agreed to the idea. I have been seeing Captain Swansea, now I know his name who he is, for the past few days a lot. He is in the other dimension or other location or how it works.

A few days ago I had an extremely vivid dream of meeting this man. I really wanted to write about that dream here on The Orion Project, but I kept telling myself that dreams at night are just dreams so I never wrote about encountering that man. I've been seeing him a lot since that dream, during the day as well, of course he isn't physically here in my room, but I see him. Now today the aliens are telling me more. "Dab Dab", says either a type of Reticulan or a Dinosaur now to me.

I already know that I have supposed children with Richard Swansea from before, I have written about that before. A few minutes ago I talked to him, I said:

Are you Richard Swansea? - me

And he said:

I am, guilty as charged. - Swansea

Then he told me that he hopes I don't mind but he is sweaty, I guess it must be the summer weather wherever he is at. So I told him that if he comes here then he can have a shower. I was also eating some cherries just before and I told him that he could have some there are more in the kitchen, not that I expect Richard Swansea to magically appear in my home but it is the kind gesture that counts.

I don't wanna eat spaghetti all the time, but it is my favourite meal! - Swansea says now
Spaghetti with bolognese!! - Swansea
You know I am doing raw food right now. And I am quite happy with it. - me
I am not exactly, blindly in love with you. But you know, this stuff works with you. - Swansea, this stuff being his stuff
Hey, yeah? - Swansea
The name's Richard! Not Swansea. Do not ever call me by my last name again. I guess we are, over that threshold. We are on a firstname basis now. - Swansea
So you know about the aliens? Did they, bring us together? The Reticulans? Did you meet my Hamish! Did you see the dragon, with the humpback? - me

Earlier today one of the military maybe even Swansea, sorry Richard, told me that "the problem with" me being from [the name of my Starseed origin] is that they, they being the military, do not know, I think he said, what they look like. I am seeing Swansea now, I can feel his body and mind via the telepathic connection. We are not each other's type, he has also said to me today that I am not the type of woman he would usually go out with.

Richard... - me
They call me Rich or Ricky. - Swansea
Captain Swansea. Are you a human? Or an alien posing as a human? - me, just to get that clear
What do you think? What do you think I am? And the name's Rich. I like that one better. - Swansea
Nopes. I have known you guys since I was 15 and I am not going to stop calling you Captain Swansea. It feels weird to go to a first-name basis after all these many years. - me
Alright! Whatever you want! - Swansea in defeat raising his hands
And hey? Aren't you starving right now? - Swansea
No. - me
Because, all I am seeing is you eating bunny food. And that can't be good in the long run! - Swansea concerned
Actually raw food is what gets people into the long run. People who eat raw food live longer and healthier lives. - me
Ah yes, there's that. But are you really fine? Isn't your, tummy hurting? - Swansea
Let's stop talking about my personal choices in food. Be more concerned for people who choose to eat barbequed meat and getting butt cancer from it, ok? - me
Yeah, and we also do her gynaechology! - a Reticulan tells Swansea
Why do you agree to rape abductee women? - me
Rape?!?? They told me that you wanted to!! Are you telling me, that that part was a lie? - Swansea
Well, yes. I didn't know people were raping me when I am asleep. - me, Swansea starts to belch, he puts a fist against his mouth, it is as if he were about to vomit from the thought of having raped someone when he just found out, or like someone who has had too much beer and is belching, maybe both, maybe Richard Swansea just found out that he had raped someone and he has had too much beer!

Hey! Are you, ok, [my first name my last name]? - Swansea
I don't know. - me
How the hell are you! - Swansea
I don't know. - me
Well, you don't have to answer if you don't know. - Swansea
So. How did you get involved with the aliens? They tell me you were looking at some magazines and then they thought that you would get women pregnant. - me, hahahah, not possible to say or to write without giggles
Do you actually get to see the Reticulans... - me interrupted
So hey. You don't have to sleep with me. If you don't want. I thought you wanted to, Dear. So you see, this has all been a grave misunderstanding. Oh boy! I now really need my soda pop! I've gotta get out! Go get some air. Get out of this place. Oh man! What have I done! - Swansea
Oh man oh man indeed! - Dark Lord adds to that, not joking, but more like serious and not amused

Should I comfort him? Or should he comfort me? I'm ok. I'm used to these ideas since I was 15. I'm gonna get back to eating something and watching videos, Hamish wanted to watch some porcupine videos with the long spikes on their back and I promised him that we could watch some when I get back home from work today.

Cartoon Cat makes Reticulan look better

July 07 2017, 5:06 PM -

It makes so that the children do not cry. - Reticulan, my other language

The aliens suddenly without even speaking or interacting with me prior showed me a mental image of this kind of black and white cartoon cat that appeared to be running in a still frame image of it and it looked really happy. As I drew the cat and was laughing about it and cheered up from it being so funny, a Reticulan lets me see itself in a clear and lasting mental image. Reticulans seem to be convinced that I would be frightened to see them, so they show me happy cartoon characters instead. While I was cheered up from seeing the cat, it felt completely safe to let me see itself. It told me that they show these things to children because otherwise children cry and are scared when they see Reticulans. I told him that I am an adult and that I am not afraid of them regardless, but no matter how many times I tell them, Reticulans and Dinosaurs are only shown to me if first they show me a happy cartoon character, Kermit always before the Dinosaurs.

Dear SETI. After having spent millions of dollars I presume and so many years of your lives searching for extraterrestrial life, what would be the message if they finally spoke to you? That cartoon cat there could be it, and also an image of Kermit the frog.

The Reticulan I was seeing was standing right against an empty medical table. The creature was short and had a big bulky uneven head, the skin appeared to have a green hue. So beautiful it was to see it, even though it was in a mental image.

What about me? If I, Hamish, am also seen? Am I beautiful then? And, my barn. - Hamish, "my barn" in my native language
When I see Hamish I think that he is very beautiful. - me
I have never had to fight with my back. This one is making senses. - Hamish responds, meaning that I make sense and that I am easily impressed without the need for using violence

Last night all of a sudden Hamish said: "We are royalty." And last night I got to talk with the aliens, they asked me if I had seen a digital watch and showed me one and I said yes I have seen one before and they said they would get me at 3 AM. I said I wanted to meet them sooner while I was still awake. I don't remember an abduction but I got to see the aliens in mental images in the evening. Several days ago when I was asking the aliens to let me meet them, one of the military said to me telepathically "It is illegal." meaning it is illegal to meet them unauthorized by the military, or so they think anyway.

It was, my barn. - Hamish in my native language as I thought to myself "Reticulans are cute"

It doesn't matter how many times I tell the Reticulans that I am not afraid to see them and that I have seen them before, they seem convinced that I would be scared of seeing them and Dinosaurs. But while I am smiling about the cartoon characters they show me or I chuckle because of the images, they then dare to show me themselves quite vividly, they try to attach the happiness I am feeling from the cartoon character, onto themselves. They feel completely safe showing themselves to me that way, while I am laughing or smiling about a cartoon character. I find it completely unnecessary of course, but, that is how they insist on doing this. (Meanwhile they all know I am seeing Hamish the Reptile all of the time and he must be the scariest one to see that makes the children cry the very most. But. Just saying.)

We show it to the most weakest of our children, so they feel better. - Reticulan about the cat cartoon

INTERESTING! Each time now that I put the image of the cat into my mind and I am smiling about it, the Reticulan immediately lets me see it for the duration of while I am thinking of the picture of the cat. As soon as I give up the image, the Reticulan does not show itself to me anymore. Fascinating behavior. And, I already thought up of this paragraph to say and write here, and that is when the Reticulan said what it said above about showing it to their weakest children. Such peculiar creatures, the Reticulans.

This cat makes me look better. So that I am not making you afraid. It doesn't have any lips like you. And, we do like that you are not eating any more sugar. We have been watching your mind, and your mind is not craving any more sugar. - Reticulan, with mental image of my lower lip
So can I see you and meet the Reticulans as a reward for not eating sugar? - me
Yes, you can come here! - me

Oh yes. Last night the aliens were telling me about changes to my body. About four days ago I switched to 100% raw foods. They told me that my lymph is different because now it is clear. They told me some things about how my cells were better. And my heart was better I think they also said.

I am the Nurses here. I would like for you to say, Tok Tok to me, so that I can come here. And, we do not want you to feel any kind of weakness. Especially not if we go through your nose. We do not want any trouble. Are you wearing your papers yet? Because, we have taken it out and looked at it. It didn't seem to be good for you, because, sometimes some paper of that material can leak. - Reticulan, the paper he is talking about is that my period is on a lighter or last day and I just use some toiletpaper because it is simpler, it is however sufficient

I ask the Reticulan to show me the cat again. It shows it to me in an image where it is squatting. I ask the Reticulan what the cat is doing. He shows me a closeup of the cat front paw that has white cushions like cats have on their paws. Then the Reticulan makes as if the Reticulan is holding the arm of the cat puppet and as if the cat presses its hand on my nose. Then as if the Reticulan holds the cat's paw and waves the paw for me. And one or two times that it made the cat touch me with its paw, it conveyed for me not just the image but also the feeling of touch of being gently pressed by the paw. It all was really adorable. (But I wish they would treat me like an adult.) Then this man said:

Hey you. Stop laughing about it, because you know where it goes. - Olav or other human man there, to me about the cat

Reptilians seem to be trying to hook me up with a Reptilian bloodline man

July 06 2017, 4:32 PM - I was taking a walk today thinking about what kind of a man I want to marry. I walked through some beautiful gardens with fountains, and even invited Hamish to come see the yellow flowers and to put his flat duck feet into the shallow fountain water, but as far as I know he remained slumped in a corner somewhere because he had eaten "chips". Over the past several months, I have been having visions of a man I could marry, yet I've been struggling with it because I have not been sure if this man that is shown to me in a vision "is the one", and then I draft on another type of man and then I am left feeling confused between which of the two I should choose. It has really been tormenting me for months now, and today I am reaching a point where I just want to choose and have it over with.

When I see the man in my vision, I am not sure if I have designed him on my own. I do recognize elements in him from men I have dreamed about in the past, such as that intense look in his eye, the seriousness instead of a weakness, because I can get grumpy at times and I am tired of men who break down just because I am breaking down, I want a man who is strong and can hold me and be the stronger one and that is really all it takes and then I will be feeling fine again. So he has that kind of intensity and power about him that I like. A man who isn't afraid of my intensity. He is short and has glasses, and not that those things are a problem but I know I have not added those elements into my daydreaming about what a man would be like. Every time when I see him, I am wondering is it me thinking of him or is life showing me him?

When I start to daydream about a man, I envision someone tall and ever so sweet and lovely, yes without that intensity and power that I really should need, but that is what I am after. The one true love of my life was a sweetheart, the kindest gentlest man in the world. So I design someone like that. So there are these two men. The one I am designing, and the one I keep being shown.

Today as I was walking in the park wondering which of these two men is the one, I was having vivid visions of the man with glasses, the intense and powerful one. He lives in a mansion, I know many details about him such as what country he is from, and where he lives, things about him, and I know exactly what he looks like. I started to feel his body so vividly as if we were together, and for one reason or another, I decided out there in the sunny park that enough is enough, I have waited long enough to decide which of these men is the one for me, this one seems more vivid, this one is the one I keep returning back to, so this one has to be it. I wasn't fully convinced, because he is not the sweetheart one, but why else would I keep seeing him, as if he is the answer to my question of who I want to marry?

When I got home I was hot from the warm weather and walk and decided to lay down on the bed to close my eyes and meditate further on this thing about getting married, and I had decided it was going to be him, even though I feel hesitant and a bit anxious in my heart about my decision. Then I saw another vision of him that entered into my mind, again not by my choice of thinking of him. In the vision, he had told me what to wear and I was wearing a white formal wear with a skirt that ends above the knees and I had a hat with some lace covering part of my face, it looked like what only upper class people wear for formal occasions. I was sitting on the right side at church and a couple was getting married at the front, a man and a woman and a priest standing in front of them. I could not clearly see the faces of who were getting married, it felt as if it were the man's mother marrying someone. But what was clearer than day was the large brown Reptilian standing there right against the woman behind her.

The Reptilian looked quite real. I interacted with the Reptilian in my thoughts, I imagined touching him on his muscular arms and telling him that he is cute and the usual things I say to Reptilians. I worried that my pretending to touch him would make him uncomfortable but he stayed where he was and did not complain. Talking with the Reptilian, and reading its thoughts, I learned that this man and his family are linked to Reptilians. The Reptilian told me that the man is not going to marry me until he, the Reptilian, says so, meaning that it is the Reptilians who are steering us together. The Reptilian said to me that when me and the man have sex, when the man finishes into me the Reptilian would be there to enter into me too to put its own Reptilian genetic material into me. The Reptilian explained that they are taking over the world, by having these human families who are genetically linked to Reptilians. Furthermore these Reptilian human families are affluent and wealthy, I mean seriously wealthy, I have seen his home and estate in these visions it is like top of the top one of those old European families who have always been wealthy. I also sensed that it is because the Reptilians "take care of" their families, so they know how to ensure that their families are wealthy, another reason for having them wealthy is that all of the women they choose to marry into their families will have it easy to say yes because of the financial security and affluence.

I asked the Reptilian why they are doing this and he did not answer in words other than that his lower eyelids raised up a bit, he was smiling and laughing. I asked again and he laughed some more. So I told him that he is doing this because it makes him happy.

I always create my boyfriends and friends using the law of attraction, that is why you see that I am talking about visualizing who they are when I go after one, rather than going out there in the world to look for them. I visualize, they appear into my life. For the past several years I have been trying to create a new man who would be my husband this time, but it has been difficult because I have been designing on one, but then I have been having visions of another one, and I have not known why I am undecided between the two. I think I know now that one, the sweetheart and kind one, is the one I would have created, and the intense and powerful one with glasses is being gifted to me from the Reptilians. It seems that every time when I am starting to think about what kind of a man I want to marry, and I am designing the one who is kind and a vegan and works with animals, then I get these visions also of this other man. Now I know why. Reptilians are trying to hook me up. Again.

I asked the Reptilian what its name is, it said it is with the "Delta group". Delta could be a reference to the triangle or pyramid of the Reptilians, because if you write the uppercase delta in Greek it is the symbol of a triangle.

There are more details about the life I would have with this man that are relevant to the story, dealing with the whole doll puppet and animal alter thing that the Agenda likes to use. Basically the man wants a woman who is those things. So I have to think again and see if I can design a man by myself. I don't like the idea that if I am thinking about a future husband then the Agenda is placing thoughts into my head trying to get me to accept those thoughts as my own on a topic as life-defining as this, because in the end it becomes hard to distinguish my own thoughts from the implanted ones. I have been fed images of this man for so many months now and it wasn't until now when I saw the Reptilian at the marriage altar that I knew that he was being shown to me by the Agenda. All this time I had been wondering if the universe or my higher self had been showing me a man who was unlike what I was myself creating because he was better for me than anything else I could have dreamt of or imagined myself. And now that I know that he was not created by me I find it almost hard to shed him away from me, it becomes like losing a part of myself.

I mean there's nothing wrong with the man, he is handsome and wonderful and would make a good spouse. It's just that I know about the law of attraction so I know that I can design precisely anything that I want and I know that I can design someone who has all the qualities I could ever dream of for the most wonderful and perfect life possible for me, and I am not sure if he is that. I doubt that he is a vegan, I doubt that he works with animal welfare or animal rights, I doubt that he has that feeling of light and higher consciousness that I am going after and to which I want to evolve. It is painful, what the Reptilians have done, making me reach a point of deciding that I was going to marry him, and as soon as I had finally after months of suggestion decided that he must be the one, they reveal to me the Reptilian standing at the altar. It is painful what they have done to me. Now I have to start all over, and now I do not know anymore where I am headed in terms of marriage. I have the wonderful sound of rain to think about it.

I mean get this: I have successfully and easily created boyfriends and friends over the years to fulfill all my fantasies and desires. It takes only a matter of days for the person to show up and there to be a mutual strong connection. But once I decided to create a husband, things got complicated and for years I have been incapable of creating a husband, the reason being that when I design on a man, I then see another man who is shown to me. All this time I have been thinking that my heart is designing one man, but the universe is showing me another man one who is so much better that I could never have even dreamt of on my own! And then I have been left undecided on which of the two is the one. Because I want the one I am designing, but then I hesitate because maybe the universe is telling me that the other one is better and is the one that would work out for the rest of my life.

And today, today I decided that enough is enough, I am going to take a walk in the park and make a decision, knowing that it is either the one I am designing or the one I am being shown. And I start having visions of the one I am always shown, so vivid. I do not feel any sensations of love or passion from this man, just a mutual intensity. There is nothing tender or incredible or amazing, yet I was seeing him so vividly. I also knew, that marrying this man that I am shown, would mean the animal alter doll thing that I am also being shown which I do not want to go into at this time. But I made my decision, I decided to choose the man I keep being shown. He was my husband, and I was going to let the universe bring him to me now and we were going to get married. I was not feeling happy or elated about my choice, a bit relieved to have finally made a choice, and I thought it was the right choice to make. And as soon as I choose, the Reptilians reveal to me that it was their design all along. This feels so invasive, what they have done. It is such an invasive manipulation.

Is he the one? Would we be in love with each other? Or is he too only a victim of being steered by Reptilians, are the two of us not really in love with each other, would we only think so because Reptilians have been implanting us with images and sensations for a long time? I feel so lost and shattered. Do I start all over? Over the years I have been building a sense of identity and of who I want to be, not knowing that it was being built based on images that were being fed to me by Reptilians. The Reptilians have been designing a whole persona for me, a whole life, and a marriage. They have been building this man and me to live together. A whole fantasy daydream reality has been painted up before my eyes for months or years, of how I would live, or who I would be living with. It never had the true feelings of being in love.

Here is my decision. I am willing to meet with the man. To enjoy a few wonderful dates together, since I already know the kind of dynamics and relationship we are going to have together. I know who we are together, I know the life we would live. If we fall in love, if the feelings are there, then I am willing to consider marriage to him. If two people fall in love, then it does not matter if they have Reptilians waiting to join in on the threesome in bed or not. Besides I am not one who is afraid of Reptilians. I would anyways want a husband to whom I can share my life with the Reptiles with and where it would be ok that we have Hamish's rug and a sofa that is just for our dragon. I visited a castle in Poland once and it had a supposed "dragon's cave" on the premises where a dragon would have lived. I have a dragon and no matter what the reason is I am not one to chase them away. I have love for dragons. They are part of my life.

I will meet him and if we fall in love, I will marry him. If we do not have true love, then I will be happy that I met him and I will continue designing the love of my life on my own. What bothers me is that he does not resonate with my light energy. My light and consciousness are the two most important things in my life and something I want to resonate with my future husband. I will see what happens.

Alien or Mickey Mouse

July 05 2017, 10:42 PM - An alien let me see it in a mental image. He has a large bulbuous head like a Zeta Reticulan. The skin is yellow and with some faint pink hue. The eyes are proportionally very small and set fairly low on the head considering the large bulbuous forehead and top of the head. The eyes have a bit of an Asian type of slant or curve at their outer ends, the eyes were not all black. There was perhaps a narrow long nose and a mouth opening. It had perhaps some type of external ears but I am not sure. It had no hair on its head. I asked him to let me see him for a longer time so that I could draw the portrait, but I had to draw from memory.

The alien seemed gentle and friendly. Unlike for instance Alpha Reticulans who always come across as snappy and sassy. I asked him where he is from and he said "from here" which I took to mean that he is from planet Earth, this, as well as what he looked like, would both indicate that he could have been one of the Airship People. Otherwise he could have been a type of Zeta Reticulan or adult male Zeta Reticulan hybrid. When I was drawing him, one of my aliens perhaps Hamish remarked that it was the "butt doctor", and then one of my Reticulans asked me if I would like to see "Mickey Mouse" instead and I said no that I like to see them and that I am not afraid. (I would be more afraid to see a Mickey Mouse.)

Do we stink to you? I would like to say no, about my race. Tik Tok! - Hamish, the Tik Tok was the beautiful actual click sound
Hamish does not stink to me. I think that Hamish smells like the right race. It was therefore the right smell, Hamish. Tik. - me, and I try to make the click sound for Tik
I was proud of you. - me
I have been told that I stink. That I was not the right friend for you. And yes, I thought about biting their fingers off. - Hamish
Yes-No! Hamish was my friend and the right smell friend! - me
Yes, obviously she likes me, because of my back. - Hamish posing his back hump and swaying it a little
I love you Hamish. I want to be with you. Your smell is ok to me. I can handle your smell. - me
Tik Tok! - Hamish, the beautiful double-click sound

Earlier he was telling me "cheese" and self-conscious about his smell again.

Have you seen this? - Hamish to me about his back
Yes I have seen your prominent back. It was the old Draconian race. - me
Tik Tok! - Hamish but the beautiful click sound
I love you Sock Turtle. - me

This morning he told me that he was langoustines. I guess I have to start believing in him and taking it seriously that he says that. We are so accustomed of thinking of Reptilians as reptiles, making it hard to accept that his ancestor would have been the large red crustacean that he has shown me. At least Hamish is convinced of the fact, and as much as I love him, I have to get used to the idea that this is not a reptile or a lizard, he is a type of... langoustines. Whatever you say, Hamish. I would go anywhere with you, Turtle.

Frogs, and Pleiadian racism

July 05 2017, 8:40 PM - This morning it was adorable. I was lying in bed and Hamish showed me mental images as if a green frog was sitting on my body. He was able to combine the actual image of my body with that of the frog so that I was given an image that was realistic. The frog looked a lot like this frog. It is adorable when they put a mental image frog down on my shoulder or leg. Then they were letting me see a Dinosaur. It is their way of introducing the Dinosaur to me. Last night I also saw a very quick brief flash image of Kermit shown to me. It is adorable.

Pleiadians have wanted to talk to me today about the horrible things done in the Agenda to the hybrid children who were made from my eggs. I do not want to listen to Pleiadians, I reminded them that humans put live chickens into a grinder and that that is a bigger problem. Pleiadians said that Reptilians auction off my children, I said I don't want to know because they are not my children and that Hamish is my baby I have adopted him. My main priority is to help Hamish and to ensure that Hamish gets his food. And it really is true, that humans are far more cruel toward animals than Reptilians are to hybrids. If we can go about our everyday life thinking like the Pleiadians do that humans are fantastic, then it should not be a big issue if I go about my day caring about Hamish as if he were the love of my life. Reptilians eat other animals. So what. Humans eat cows pigs and chickens all the time. I am a vegan so I don't have to take it personally when others are eating other creatures, at least I am doing my part. And so what if Hamish eats animal food products, humans feed their cats and dogs with meat products every day. All I see here is racism from the Pleiadians, I am much more concerned about animal welfare and the food industry here on Earth.

It is not my job to stop the Reptilians and turn them into vegetarians. Humans are carnivores too but they pretend that they are not because their food comes to them from a grocery store and was killed and packaged by someone else and they never have to see it. I don't see the problem, sorry, I can't solve all the problems of the world, but I do know that I have every right to confess a never-dying love for Hamish just like a human or a Pleiadian is entitled to love humans or cats or dogs. At least Hamish doesn't throw live chickens into a meat grinder or put cows and pigs and chickens into cages that are too small to even turn around in or lie down. Reptilians are compassionate angels compared to what humans do to animals. So Pleiadians can take their racism and go somewhere else with it.

Talk around meeting them
Diving into Hamish's world
"My eggs said, that they wanted to be in my DNA. That was a Tok Tok moment."

July 03-04 2017, 12:18 midnight - I asked the aliens to get to meet them. Reticulans let me see them in mental images and showed me their arm and said that I would see arms like those if I were to see them. Hamish was around. And an Alpha Theton came around and introduced himself as an Alpha Theton to me, he is the big boss of the team. I had asked the Reticulans to tell me how do I obtain permission to meet them and it seems that the permission should at least in part have to come from the Alpha Theton. The Alpha Theton was on good behavior, kind and cautious around me and by no means menacing or a brute, he was calm and respectful, they can do a lot of damage when they are not mindful and gentle.

The aliens let me see in mental images a human who felt to me to be a doctor of medicine of some kind. I sensed that this doctor gets to see the aliens and that he is also very accustomed to it by now and that they do medical work together. He also felt more knowledgeable about the medical procedures than an average human doctor would be from the start. He has brown hair and brown eyes. The doctor told me: "They are wanting me to give you pharmaceuticals." "Like what?", I asked him. "Like an anaphylactic.", said the doctor. After a short moment of silence the Dark Lord Alpha Theton said, "Have you heard of a, anaphylactic shock?" Then the doctor said, "Have you heard of a cognitive dissonance?"

Of course I have to look up both terms. An internet search reveals that anaphylactic and anaphylactic shock refers to the body being exposed to a foreign protein and having like an allergic reaction to it. And, quote, "In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values."

I don't know what they are on about. Then I saw a mental image of Hamish in the alien room and next to him stood two Dinosaurs. One of the Dinosaurs showed me a mental image of an old-Earth sauropod dinosaur that was standing in a small lake or a pond and it said that they look similar to those. Hamish was acting a bit like a brute, earlier he was also telling me "My eggs"... "Tiiiik!", Hamish now let out. He acts so bossy toward the Dinosaurs, I almost feel ashamed of him as if I had brought him up wrong but I don't control this creature, he lives his own life. I was trying to tell the Dinosaurs in the wordless language that I am supportive of them and that I want to help them get through their work so that they can then get their meals and have a bath, I also said Deb Deb to the Dinosaurs, but they would rather not have to be there. They are being forced to work. "We don't get a lot of salary.", one of the Dinosaurs says now. "No we do not.", the other Dinosaur adds.

And Hamish was saying "cheese". Hamish does not let go that I have said that he smells like among other things like old cheese, so when he thinks about getting close to me in the same place he seems to get self-conscious about how I would perceive his smell and he will say "cheese", and I try to reassure him that the smell of cheese is a good smell because people love to eat cheese, and I told him also that he smells like the good race because he is a good race but he is still self-conscious about his smell, and I regret that.

I don't like that they abduct me without letting me stay awake. I might be able to nag the Alpha Theton into letting me stay awake. Oh and earlier today a military officer told me telepathically to not talk to the aliens because if I say the wrong thing it might start a war. I told him that I only say nice things to Hamish and that Hamish and me are good friends. Someone, perhaps it was the doctor, was also concerned that Hamish might injure me if we were close in the same room, I told him that I am safe with Hamish because Hamish is guarding my eggs and that we respect each other and that we have never had an argument in all these years. I don't know if I would actually feel really safe with Hamish next to me in the same place. Trusting him is one thing, but the reality of am I safe or not is another thing. Trusting him is just what I choose to tell myself, but the reality of being safe or not would be up to him and not me. I would want to trust him, he is a wonderful person and character, but he is also a predator that happens to eat liver, and I happen to have a liver.

Let me try to explain the following even though it is an abstract concept. I am now since about the past hour aware of a strange new feeling, I was feeling entirely out of my own character, but now after some time feeling it I realize what it is. I am feeling Hamish. There is a chemical that is on his skin and inside his body which is very distinct, the closest I can compare it to is the yellow fluid that can ooze out of a human wound, or perhaps a bit like something like earwax. It is like a biological fluid that is sticky and yellow and has a very strong and distinct character to it. Having him near, somehow, even though he is not physically present here, has changed entirely how I feel, the way that my own thoughts run is in a way that I do not recognize, the very energy or feel of life itself and of my world has changed, and thankfully I figured out what it was, it is Hamish, he is somehow closer to me, so I am feeling the world more through him. "Stop, typing now!", Hamish got irritated, probably mostly because of what I said about feeling the world more through him than the fact that my swiftly moving fingers often trigger his instincts to grab my fingers and he finds it unbearable after only a little while.

The feeling of Hamish. A very alien creature, an alien body. Something sticky and yellow. His fragrant smell. The way that his body looks. His body language. The words he says. Hamish's thoughts. The sensations and emotions from him. The way that my own body, life itself and the world, feel different when he is close. Such a strange place. "I am the old grandfather race. And therefore, I am better than yours. And also, my lunches and snacks were here!", Hamish says now. "I love you Turtleback. You are my Hamish. I love you Hamish.", me. "I would like you to leave me alone, when I am not here. Yes-No, about my back I said!", Hamish he turns around to show me his back when he says the Yes-No sentence about it, and after he said Yes-No he said "Hinch" and did a hiss, then he said "about my back I said". Remember that Hinch means a dislike when for instance the Thuban whale says it.

I am sensing the world through Hamish's filter. Through his world that is somehow existing in a foreign alien body that has some sort of sticky yellow fluid in it, a world that should frighten me because I do not recognize it. It changes how everything feels, I am feeling the world through him. Yet, I do know that inside of that body of his, inside of that alien body with that sticky yellow fluid in him and on him, inside his body that feels so alien and foreign to me, in there is a person who feels more like home to me than anything else.

What rights do I have as a human to see the world through him? To be in his presence? "Yes-No, food platter, the power.", Hamish in my other language. What right do I have to dare to peek in closer to the life experience that he has, to trespass onto his species, the way that his body was made, to be open to seeing the world through his senses, to exist in this universe in the way that he would. What rights do I have to read his mind and his thoughts, to follow every nuance of his body movements, to have my whole human world shattered before me and then reconstructed and built up again pixel by pixel in the way that a dragon sees the material world, to find myself in a dragon's existence. What right do I have to enter into his world, where I do not belong. What right do I have, to feel as if my human self has vanished and disappeared, "Do you hear that, Dinosaurs, Frogs?!", Hamish yells out really loud for the Dinosaurs to hear, something about what I am writing here, he seemed to respond to the very last thing that I wrote.

"My eggs said, that they wanted to be in my DNA. That was a Tok Tok moment.", Hamish says, oh my gosh! That is how Hamish is interpreting what I am saying about losing myself into him! That was a Tok Tok moment! "A nurse comes now.", a Reticulan says to me in my other language. "We wanted you to stop writing." Reticulan adds in English. Oh and what Hamish said about eggs in his DNA and a Tok Tok moment was in English so it is original.

What right did I have to feel the universe through him, in the way that the fabric of matter itself was put together differently because it was he seeing it and not me, where everything that was seen was recognized in a different manner than when we humans see it, where the world was his world and he knew it differently. Where it wasn't my material universe but it was his material universe, his world, his feelings, his sensations, the entire universe was his place and I had entered into his universe. I feel and see him now again looking at me closely, his skin is covered in that sticky yellow liquid which has a very special feeling of Hamish. He is so close as if he really were just a few centimeters away from my face, as if in another world we were already close together. He is such an alien creature. "Tok Tok! My feet!", Hamish says and lifts up a duck foot to show me the underside of a foot. "Tok!, Hamish!", I say to him. "Tok.", I say to him again.

To lose myself and feel the world through his senses only and not mine, it was beyond just an intimate moment, I would say it was an invasive moment that I would have invaded on him even if my being there would have probably not bothered him at all. His world. His body and his senses. Hamish. My Hamish. My alien being who is not only from another world, he is another world. So alien and so foreign and strange, yet I look at him and realize that we have built up a friendship over the years, I know this person. We have shared moments together, even before when we were not so close. Why is he so close to me this evening? Because I had wanted to meet him? Is the Alpha Theton enabling this connection that I feel so strong between us? Hamish remains in a wonderfully gentle and calm mood, and it feels as if he looks at me and is very close though he is not here. "Have you seen my scales? I have taken them off from my foot. I wanted to show them to you next!" Hamish in English, he means his shedded scales, he is excited and happy to show them to me, the exclamation mark is not anger. "I would love to see your shedded scales. They are very nice.", I say. "I have washed them in the water closet.", Hamish says in English and means the toilet in my home. I wish he did not wash his shedded scales in the toilet water but he does that.

"Did you dry them already?", I ask Hamish not sure of what other than that to say. I see as if Hamish puts a large sheet of white shedded skin down on my right foot, my feet are bare here on the bed. "You have beautiful shedded scales.", I say, and realize that it is just like a thing that Hamish would do, to put a piece that had come off from his own foot, to put it down on my foot on the corresponding place on my body. "Thank you Hamish.", I know to thank him. "I was with me, mine!", Hamish says, his eyes closing partially in a smile and he swayed his head and neck side to side to show that he was pleased.

"I have washed them very well. Take a look at this, Eva! And, I am not angry at you for what you said! About me taking them off my ankle-bone.", Hamish in English, and yes he called me Eva. Do I have the right to feel so close to this being? If it weren't that he is here guarding his eggs, and that he somehow gets rewarded with snacks for doing so, then we would have never spent so much time together as we have. Am I allowed to love him more than life itself? And how can I ever be ok again alone if I were to lose him? "We will not take you to the hospital now. Because you are not losing your life now.", Dark Lord or Hamish to me. "She is not with the angry chimpanzees now.", Dark Lord or if not then Hamish but I think Dark Lord said, about me to the other aliens to Reticulans, just meaning that I am not angry right now and calling me chimpanzee in the process which is another way of calling me a dog I guess.

Hamish's world. To dive into it. His place. His universe. His existence. His world. Hamish. Why are we so close? And does he in any ways feel the same toward me? Has he also found another place in me? Does also he look at me and find the deepest love that he never felt among his own species? Or am I just the eggs. Does he dive into me, sometimes, and find a world bigger than his own? Does he long for me when I am not there, and is he happy to reunite with me sometimes when we are again together, do we both feel the same joy to be together again? I die, because I love him so much, but then I am built up again and I am the whole world because so great is my love for him. This simple being, who has a living creature and person inside him. We have been so intimately close when our minds connect telepathically. We breathe together. Was it all only just about the eggs? Or can there be more?

I write the subtitle of this entry as: Diving into Hamish's world. "Yes-No diving!", he says to that.

I begin to close this typing window. The Dark Lord or otherwise Hamish but I think it was the Dark Lord says, I forget the exact words but here is my best recollection: "You have passed the test and you can now come here.", and I asked, "What test?", and he said, "You have been looked at by one of our race.", these quotes are not exact word by word. So the profound connection I just described that had changed entirely how I saw the world, because I was seeing the world through Hamish's body, it was really happening, and it was happening because he was looking at me in a different way, in a closer way, so it really was something new and profound. He was looking at me.

Watching DMT molecule documentary, watching Hamish

July 03 2017, 2:29 PM - I started watching this documentary on DMT which is a molecule that when ingested makes people see another world, and I have also heard, that people who use DMT also encounter alien beings such as the large insects. I was only under 3 minutes into the video when I noticed Hamish looking at me. He looked brown in color though I know he is red maybe it had to do with the shading and light. I was happy to see him and I cooed at him giving him words of admiration and he told me to stop talking. We looked at each other.

He then said to me that he does not have a jaw, he sometimes says that now and then, it is true he does not have a reinforced jaw, his lower part of the mouth to the chin is small and I also know from times that he has bitten me that his bite is not that strong. I told him I have a jaw so that I can bite hard foods, I took out a granola bar that was next to me and held it against my jaw to show him. I invited him to come and press his finger against my jaw to feel the bone and I showed him with my hand all along my jaw from one end to another, I told him I have a jaw bone. He did not come to press on my jaw, and he said again that he does not have a jaw.

I would be interested in taking the DMT molecule provided that it is legal and safe to do so. I would like to compare the worlds and beings I encounter with what I see on a normal daily basis. I am personally strictly against the use of recreational drugs, I am heavy into a healthy living in fact I decided again today to switch to a raw food diet which is so super healthy that it even cures cancers and liver spots away. I am so much into health and against drugs that I even consider normal cooked foods to be a poison that drugs and damages the brain, normal people don't know this but if you experience raw food and then compare it to cooked food you see that cooked foods reduce the human brain from its higher potential of health and function. I would never use mind-altering drugs, but DMT is one that I might consider looking into, but also because the human brain already produces some DMT of its own in the pineal gland. Spiritual pineal gland activation is in metaphysics or New Age linked to higher consciousness. Anyhow, back to the documentary.

2:40 PM:

If you take DMT, you will begin to see us. - a Pleiadian woman smiles and tells me, I see her in a mental image, she wears their traditional blue-purple-silver jumpsuit uniform, she looks a lot like a human but not exactly, she has long hair either blonde or brown, and with "you will begin to see us" she is talking about me specifically

Now I hear Hamish doing a wonderful palate click.

You are not going to think that the locusts are discusting, if you begin to see us. - Mantid or Dark Lord

Hamish does another wonderful palate click.

Connecting with an Alpha Reticulan and Hamish

July 02 2017, 6:42 PM - Today I had clearer than usual mental images of Alpha Reticulans and Hamish. They were in another location. I was using my telepathy or remote viewing to connect with them and it seemed to make the image and experience clearer than it otherwise is when the aliens are just around or when they are talking to me. Alpha Reticulans look and feel very frightening and unsettling. There is this incessant evil stare in the look of their eyes, not just the lack of compassion and love but evil and hatred. I decided to ignore the first impression and to focus closer into their mind and thoughts, where I find the person that they are. Looking into a Reticulan's mind always brings about the image of outer space with stars and blue color, their home. I spoke to him in the wordless language, which is when I skip using words in human languages and just convey the meaning. The Reticulan seemed to appreciate that I was seeing who he was as a person.

I sensed a smell from the Reticulans. It is a chemical smell, like strong glue or plastic, sometimes I say they smell like formaldehyde, acetone, or ammonia or urine, this time the smell of strong glue. Not a bad smell, but sharp in the nose. I also sensed from connecting to it, that it was breathing, there was the refreshing feeling of breathing and cold air on the other side of its face behind the nostrils. I asked it if it was breathing oxygen, and perhaps it was, but it told me that it had no lungs. It confirmed to me that it was breathing.

Next I got to see Hamish up close. He has thin twiggy legs, and the skin looked amphibian or reptilian, his skin was a deep brown with orange and red coloration, very beautiful to see. His skin was moist all over. It is funny when I see Hamish closer than usual it startles me and makes me a bit unsettled to see him, but when we talk with each other it is the same Hamish as he always is, saying the same things that I am used to, so that reassures me and calms me down.

I told the aliens that I want to meet them. Either an Alpha Reticulan or Hamish, I think it was the Alpha Reticulan, then turned me over. I was in bed and it turned my body over so that I was on my belly, then it lifted my body up so that my back was straight and I was sitting on my knees kneeling. It told me that they were watching me. Whenever Hamish turns me around and then hoists me up like that he also tells me that he does that because he is "looking at me". Then one of them apologised for having done this to me, because they seem to see it as being violence, but I thanked them and told them that I like it when they do.

Hamish has shown me his back today.

With Hamish

July 01 2017, 7:07 PM - Earlier I was listening to music and tapping my finger to the beat. Hamish got irritated and he asked me to stop he said it was driving him crazy and he even used the word please. So I stopped immediately and apologised to dragon and I thanked him for letting me know when something is bothering him so that I can take care of it. And a moment ago just at random I put my index finger on my upper eyelid to show him that I love him. His response: "I will put on a boot and kick you." in my other language. I replied "Yes Hamish! How funny!" and put my index finger on my lower eyelid to show him that I was laughing. Earlier I updated some links on the Reptilian pages and as I clicked on the page named Arek Hamish said Yes-No, about Arek. So I said Yes-No too to show dragon that I am supportive of his thoughts and feelings. "About my eggs, about my eggs I was here therefore.", Hamish now. "I was here for Hamish.", me. "My eggs.", Hamish says in my native language and puts his hands at the lower back.

The yellow sweetheart

July 01 2017, 5:45 PM - Today while I was at work I was talking telepathically to the aliens that I would like to live with Hamish and his race. This brought a yellow Dragon Turtle to my workplace in the other dimension! Judging from the size and body proportions and also from minute differences in its body language and personality, I would guess that it was a female. I was surprised to see her (let's just assume that it was a she), but above all it is a rare treat for me to see the mustard yellow ones. I gave her a lot of words of adoration, calling her beautiful and cute, and my words made her close her upper eyelids diagonally down and lower eyelids partially raised, the eyes are not fully closed, and this was a big fond smile from her! And she smiled like that for a rather long time. I now hear a wonderful click from Hamish or otherwise from another Dragon Turtle, it is a wonderful sound they make with the fleshy soft folds in their mouth pressed against the roof of the mouth, and this particular click means something friendly or happy.

The beautiful Turtle saw that I had put two towels on the floor next to the garbage bag. I was working in a hotel kitchen and had used two guest towels for drying the dishes and for wiping the kitchen counters with and now close to the end of the day I had put those two wet towels on the floor. I was delighted to see familiar behavior that I have so many times observed in Hamish, and thanks to her doing the very same type of things, we now know that these in Hamish's behavior are more about his species behavior than just personal quirks of his. The yellow turtle grabbed at the towels with a flat duck foot and told me that there was now "pee" there, she had peed there and dug around on the towels. Just like that, that was it.

Those of you who know Hamish by now know what he does whenever I pile up the used sheets on the floor when I am changing the sheets in bed. He will get very happy and go stand on top of it and step and pull on the sheets with his feet and then he pees there. Now we know that other members of his species react the exact same way when they see a pile of soft fabrics piled up on the floor. It was something obvious for the yellow turtle to do, like if a dog sees a puddle it might drink from it, like it goes without saying, like when humans find a bowl of candies at the counter at the bank then they know it is alright to go ahead and take one.

Here is a drawing I made of her today. The back hump was prominent and bulging, I do not recall seeing any black spikes growing on it. I also do not remember any blunt buttons on its head, oddly when I drew the first Yellow Turtle I saw the male one, I also then did not draw any blunt head buttons on it, so perhaps it is that the yellow Dragon Turtles do not have head buttons but it is too early to say for sure. Her neck and head were proportionally smaller than Hamish's, also her size was smaller than Hamish. The body size and proportions reminded me of Susanna, the red female Dragon Turtle. It would seem that the females are a little bit smaller, and a little bit more daintily built, their bodies a bit more slender and feminine. The yellow Dragon Turtles are a lovely dull mustard yellow color. Overall she came across as polite and friendly, dainty and kind. There was absolutely no aggression, no displaying of the back hump, no telling me that she would be superior, unlike when Hamish first got to know me. She was quite the sweetheart. Dragon Turtles really are a wonderful species.

Alien news!

June 30 2017, 9:09 PM - The past two nights I have seen Alpha Reticulans vividly in my dreams. After the first night, or while still in those dreams, I had asked what the alien was and I was told Alpha Reticulan. Last night I had a dream that I was at the front door to a military facility and the door was locked so I could not get in. Then showed up five doctors and someone told me that one of them was the doctor of radiology, he is one of the alltimers from the military abduction times from my teens. I wanted to have two minutes to ask him a question about radiology medicine but there was no conversation. Then I saw an Alpha Reticulan alien being carried on a stretcher, the kind of stretcher that two people carry and not on wheels. It was taken to the military facility.

If my mind were only imagining the alien interactions, it would have been a straightforward process to imagine the Zeta Reticulans, they are the Greys who are well-known from tv and literature. I do have Zeta Greys, such as Lasarus who is a Zeta, but the Agenda also has Alpha Reticulans, who look different. Sometimes my Reticulans greet me by calling themselves "Alpha-Zetas!" very cheerfully. This refers to there being Zeta Reticulans and Alpha Reticulans.

I asked Reticulans today if I could meet Hamish. They pointed out that a problem is that Hamish secretes a runny feces from his rear and he would first have to be washed. I told them that was no problem and that I could even give my dragon a bath, but Hamish said Yes-No to me giving him a wash. The problem being that he smells but I told them that I don't mind his smell, he is my best friend.

The other day Hamish showed me again his mental image depicting the large crustacean which he says is his ancestor. It is larger than a human but it is flat and it lives in shallow water where its body lies just under the surface of the water. It is fire engine red in color and it has the many pairs of orange buttons along its flat surface which can clearly be seen probably as a warning sign when someone looks down at it from above the water's surface. It has two large yellow bulging eyes and some type of arms. It truly does resemble Hamish in many ways, only that Hamish has a body with a large torso, he stands up and is not flat, but the coloration, the eyes, the head buttons, are all the same. For those of you who have seen Reptilians that have one, two, or three pairs of blunt buttons on their forehead and head, can you imagine that those were probably inherited from the old Draconian race which is Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles, and that those in turn would have inherited them from the crustacean?

Today I was aware of a Russian military officer who was in a large room that looks to belong to the air force because it has a lot of monitor screens that are reading information such as the sky. He was a young man he could have been 20 or 21. I was aware of him so I was the one to talk first. He asked me if I have seen the aliens and if I have been inside of a UFO and what information the aliens have given me and if any of the information was about Russia. He said his name is Nikolai if I remember the name correctly. He is blonde and he looks really young, I also picked up Russian text from his thoughts and the sound of Russian language in his thoughts and he spoke English to me in a Russian accent.

I don't normally post any external sources of information but look what I watched today, it is a video about people who may have been killed after contact with UFOs and aliens.

The U.S. military who supervise me during alien abductions have told me several times that if they were not there to supervise

We are doing it too! - Pleiadian about supervising during Agenda abductions
We don't want them to just, take your eggs, but they do other horrible, horrific things too! - Pleiadian
Of which we are not allowed to tell you. - looked like the Airship Admiral who bowed his head down so that his chin touches the chest, to show a sadness and giving up
Are you the Airship Admiral? - me to that one
Are you the? - Hamish listening and he repeats what I said, I can feel him getting really upset because as we know he does not like the Airship People

The military supervise the abductions because, they say, otherwise the Reticulans would get carried away and mutilate the body and do forbidden things.

The Wright-Patterson guys say so. - a man with tan skin and blonde hair perhaps then from the Wright-Patterson base
Who are you? - me
Not here, for your service. Just listening in on you, Hon. Just listening in on your talk about them. Nothing more than that, Hon. - the man
Well well, you used to be such a cutie. - the man about me
That is unnecessary. - me
I was just thinking that you still are. - the man
Well. Do I know you? - me
We are from the Wright-Patterson base. And not here to, alarm or worry you about anything Hon. We are just listening in. To see that everything is alright here. - man
Can I ask you for permission for something? Can I meet with Hamish, my Draconian Turtle? - me to man
And I promise not to claw her to death. - Hamish says to the man, Hamish seems sincere
I would like to see my Dragon Turtle. His name is Hamish, and I am very proud of his back. - me
Aha, heheh, I see! - the man chuckles when I said about the back
And they have called, those others, racists. - Hamish or other Agenda Reptile or Dark Lord referring to my long page yesterday calling Pleiadians racists
Can I meet Hamish. - me to man
They are taking, eggs from you and other women. We wanted to stop that, but we can't. - man sad
Well. In that case, let's make the most out of it. Let me get to know my aliens and make friends with them. I want to meet them. I could meet you too? - me
What are you eating then? Chocolates? - the man
What do you mean? - me
I mean, how are you gaining that weight? I mean, what are you eating there, and not meaning to bother you or anything Hon. - man, these could be his involuntary thoughts that he would have kept to himself were we not talking telepathically
I'm not even that fat. - me, taking a look at my belly first, and concluding that it is true I am not even fat
So. What is your name then? Or do you even have a fake name for me? Can I meet with Hamish? - me
They are afraid, of me having claws. - Hamish shows me the hook claw on his finger which he uses to rip into bodies to pull out edible organs with, military fear that he would do that to me
I don't think that Hamish would eat me. Hamish would you eat me? - me
Yes-No, you are not a Snack! - Hamish says with a new vocal sound that is like closing the jaws to make a click that sounds like closing a wooden cabinet
I think I would be safe together with my Hamish. After all, he protects my eggs. - me, I read from the man's thoughts he thinks of a large white spherical UFO, he thinks of the aliens and what the aliens do to humans, and he is sad
They, they intercepted with our radio transmission broadcasts first. - man
When was that done? In what year or decade? - me
I don't want you to know these things, Miss. - man, he looks like he is crying like tears in his eyes
Well. I would like to stay awake just once. It would mean the whole world to me. And I could meet you too then. I don't mind. I want to see Hamish, and the Dinosaurs. And the Alpha and Zeta Reticulans. And Alpha Remulan scorpions. - me
Oh? I have not heard of those. - man about Alpha Remulan scorpions
Alpha Remulans scorpions are not often seen especially not during abductions. They are large brown insects with black button eyes and they love to eat beef, ground beef. When they walk they leave a trail of runny poo behind like a snail leaving a trail, so the other aliens fuss at them and lock them up in other rooms. - me
They are not violent. - Hamish adds about the Alpha Remulans
They are lovely to talk to. - me
Oh? Is that so? I have only heard of the Mantids. They are also, pretty large, cephalopods. - man, I think he said cephalopod! or a similar word!
Are the langoustines, disgusting to you? I wanted to say, me! Deb Deb. Me, it was with my name, and they were very important. - Hamish talks to me
Langoustines are beautiful species, I like them because they look like you. - me, although honestly I do not quite see the family resemblance
So. You want to see them huh? - the man asks me
Yes please. - me
It would be with a butt doctor. - one of the Reticulans says I think an Alpha Reticulan
So tell me about your life? Are you at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? - me
Yeah! We have to watch over you here! - man
What is your job there? What do you do? - me
And why would you tell me that you are there, isn't that supposed to be some kind of secret? - me
We have aimed weapons at them and they won't leave. So that is what we are doing here, Ma'am. So please excuse me now. - man
It was nice to talk with you. - me, and now I hear the Pleiadians whispering to the man, talking to him
The langoustines, were not a mistake. - Hamish, "mistake" in my native language, Hamish spoke after I thought the conversation would all be done for now, he thought of the vertical water tanks and these had some pink red creatures that looked to be related to Hamish

Hm. It's funny what your mind chooses to forget. Quite vividly in the dreams either from last night or the night before, I was naked body against body with a Russian man whose hair was a red brown and he had brown eyes and pale skin, he looked to be a bit young like 28-30. When I woke up I learned from conversations that he had only been with me because he had been paid to so that was upsetting and then I also asked why they don't pay me. So it's not just Olav now from the Russians who is agreeing to make children with me. I kind of regret that. The children I have with Olav are beautiful children and I am happy to have them in this world, even though I hate Olav so much. So now I have to readjust and settle with something new regarding the Russians.

I showed Hamish a video about an armadillo today, he was wondering was it either if it had eggs or if it had pood. After the video was done there were thumbnails from many similar videos on the page and Hamish was sniffing toward them trying to catch a smell of the armadillos, pangolin, lizard and other animals, I told him that video can only convey image and sound, but not smell. One cannot blame Dragon for expecting the smell too, since video and sound are there. I remember when he used to sniff at the flowers I was planting in the computer game The Sims 1. What I would do just to get to hang out with my dragon. We could spend our time watching some goldfish or Japanese karp in a pond and dropping down some "snacks" to them. Or stand with our feet in shallow water together bathing and enjoying the water. Or he could show me his shedded scales that he has carefully collected and washed and dried. We could just hang out, and later I could curl up together beside his duck feet and take a nap feeling so close to my dragon and having him right there. But you know what would actually happen? I would scream like you didn't know I had it in me and run away for my life! That is what has always happened whenever I have had a close encounter with this beast. Because the feeling of him being a dangerous predator is overwhelming. As much as I adore this creature, a real close encounter with him is a deeply terrifying experience. But I want to meet him anyway. I love this dragon pooch.

Well well I almost forgot to mention. The other night a black Reptilian told me that his name is Eustace. So this is the same black Reptilian as we have had for all these years ever since the very beginning, I met him either in 2011 or in 2012 at the start. You just have to really admire the names that Reptilians choose for themselves, each is very unique and really magnificent. Eustace. How on Earth did this guy choose the name Eustace for himself? Other Reptilian names include of course Hamish, we also have had Elmer, Rio, Azul, Damian, Brutus and Justus, and Arek. But what happened that one time when I was the one who named a Reptilian? I named him Strawberry. Because he was tiny and red.

I said it is funny what the mind chooses to remember and what it chooses to let go of. The night before last I was fully aware in the dreams shown three piles of clothes. One pile had white cotton bodies, bodies are like a one-piece swimsuit shaped clothing that covers part of the shoulders, the chest, back, abdomen, tummy and privates. I have never worn one and I would never have before seen one if it weren't that my flatmate loves to wear them under her clothes but hers are always out of a fancy material and black. The second pile of clothes had bodies that were larger, the first pile had bodies that were smaller, in both piles they were white cotton. The third pile had white cotton men's underwear, the ones that are not boxers. All of the clothes looked to have been washed hundreds of times, none of them were broken but they looked years old and off-white and had that texture with some worn and soft from being washed so many times. The thing is, for that night it was so hot that I had woken up at 2 AM and so sweaty I had gotten into a cold shower and gotten back into bed naked and I normally never sleep naked even if it is hot. It was as if I was being offered clothing to wear for the abduction. And it was as if a chubby Illuminati hybrid was there with me to bring me to the clothes. Of course I was thinking why the hell would I be offered man underpants, but I guess those would be offered to naked men and for women there would be two sizes of cotton bodies. I do not recall putting any clothes on.

Imagine the stories. Where did these hand-down human underwear come from and how many years ago and who washes them and brings them back? I will never forget the alien abduction when I met one of my hybrid alien sons who had an attitude and who kept throwing toys at me, there were so many children's toys which looked to be relics from the 1970's. No kid on Earth today would play with 1970's toys, but the aliens do not "get" that these would "have to be" "out of fashion" and "outdated" now, that is just how humans think. It was a lot creepier to see

You don't have to be inundated anymore. - Reticulan to me
I would like to see you yes. - me
Because you have a deep, inner fascination with us! - Reticulan
That is true. - me
And we look, into your butt. - Reticulan
And we don't want you to squeal if we bite you! - sassy Alpha Reticulan
I don't squeal. I want to meet you all. And very soon too. - me
We are getting very ready to take a look at your mazu. - looked like a Zeta Reticulan this time and was also calmer and not sassy and that too says Zeta, mazu is their hybrid language for poo

inundated = overwhelm (someone) with things or people to be dealt with, synonyms: overwhelm, overpower, overburden, overrun, overload, swamp, bog down, besiege, snow under, bury, bombard, glut (and I thought it would mean "sedate" or "keep unconscious" hoping that they were telling me that they would let me stay awake now, but no, which is why you see that I replied with: "I would like to see you yes". Aliens and military often tell me words that I do not know the meaning of, especially when I was in my early teens it really comes across as I was talking with someone.)

It was a lot creepier to see 1970's toys than to see the alien hybrid boy who was having an attitude and was throwing toys at me to hurt me. And to see a pile of washed-out man's underwear was more unexpected than to be standing there next to an Illuminati hybrid man. I would probably also be more surprised to see one of the human military officers there, than if I were standing next to Hamish or a Dinosaur or Alpha Remulan. Ok bye.

The same

June 28 2017, 11:02 PM - I laid down on the bed on my left side to close my eyes for a while just now, listening to some music with the lights on before I go to bed later. Hamish came up to me and with his hands he gently laid down a medium-large sheet of his shedded scales, he said that he had "washed and dried" or was it just "dried" it, and he placed it down on my bare lower part of the leg between my knee and ankle. He said that it was "the same, leg and leg", his leg and my leg, and this piece had come off from his own lower part of the leg, and now it was resting on my leg in the other dimension. I knew to thank him because I know it is a kind gesture from him, he also likes to show them to me sometimes, so it is only a proper courtesy that I show interest and that I take a look and also thank him for showing me and also for sharing. It is a big deal for him to share one on me like that. But it also seems to mean that when he puts a scales down on my body he is claiming the eggs, because then he said that the eggs were his, and I caught the feeling from him that putting down the scales on me had somehow established that fact.

Today at work I was complaining about my job loudly in my thoughts hating the job and things about it and when I said something that was at its worst, Hamish got worried for me and he responded by starting to make the guttoral sounds Tok Tok Tok, it is a kind of guttoral smack or low-pitched click sound from the throat or roof of the mouth, he made several repeated sounds like that and I knew them to represent Tok Tok Tok and it meant that he was calling for me to come to him, I made some sounds like that to him too (don't worry I was alone at work I don't do strange dragon sounds unless I am in private with Hamish) and I said "Tok, Hamish", meaning that I was with him now. He was protecting me.

I will go to sleep now, knowing that I have the most wonderful dragon in the world here in my life. Today he thought about the children's book, first he thought about some of the pages that are about another story with a drawing of humans and he thought "no" or "yes-no" about that, then he thought to the hedgehog pictures in the book and wanted to see it. I promised him that I could show him the book if he wants to see it, but I have yet to take it out from the closet for him, I honestly do not know if the book and drawings of the hedgehogs upsets him, so I try to keep it away. And this evening he thought about hedgehogs again and he asked me if there are any, I said yes there are and that I have seen some, I showed him by cupping my hands how small they are. I told him that they are not dangerous and that they have the spikes on their back to protect themselves with if a dog wants to bite them. He asked me if they have a heart, I said yes, he asked me if they have nerves, I said yes. Now I saw a flash image of a neon green Reptilian and he said "hello we are the lizards" or "we are the lizards" I forget if he said hello. "Hello lizards" I say.

"We are the man in the moon.", says a Dark Lord now in my native language, he has been saying this sentence to me several times today like that. The love and devotion I have for Hamish is intense. The aliens have shown me images of Kermit a few times in the past few days, it is cute and funny. And Hamish has done a conquest a few times in the past few weeks I probably forgot to tell, where I am in bed and he takes me over and rolls me over to my belly and props me up a bit and then I see him so clearly a red dragon over me and he looks at me, he is obviously showing power but he might not know that I cherish these moments of close contact.

U.S. officer asks me about atomic bombs and to spy on Russian military, here's what I found out

June 27 2017, 9:46 PM - I woke up from an afternoon nap and found that one of the U.S. military officers was right in the act of talking to me telepathically. He has very tan golden colored skin and his hair is white yet he looks very young and fit like he's in good shape, which I find to be the case with many of the officers even though they are older they are obviously still staying physically active and fit in a way that you do not see on ordinary citizens of that age in the United States most of the time. He was asking me about atomic bomb missiles and if I could tell him where those are in the world. I let him know that I would need to look at one as a template or that otherwise it is like finding a needle in a haystack and to also have to figure out what a needle is making it a hundred times harder. But I told him some information about missiles and about atomic bombs.

I described to him how I was seeing the atomic bomb from the perspective of the atomic bomb. That the bomb itself is not horrible, and what it does is it is like a small box filled with light and what it does is increase the spacing between particles to about one foot length of separation. I told him I still see the effects of an atomic bomb in the air of Japan, I saw subatomic particles that are clusters of two and two and the separation of those clusters of two had been increased to about a foot separation, the clusters remain intact in two and two but the separation between two clusters became increased. These particles describe the density of the fabric of space itself and define the dimension, so the atomic bomb had changed the fabric of space in the air in Japan. I told him that atomic bombs do not only separate the distance between or in molecules and atoms but that they also rip into the fabric of space and separate subatomic particles as well at least these subatomic particles that define the density and dimension of space. I told him about light beings whose consciousness is so high that they no longer consist of atoms and they can live inside stars and would also survive an atomic bomb explosion.

I listed some possible sites for him but I avoided looking at certain countries which I knew would get upset if someone was spying on them with remote viewing and I told him that I was not going to look at countries that would get upset and send someone to kill someone who was spying on them. I don't make mistakes like that. I also told him, as I was scanning the world, that the most dangerous place in the world is Kongo in Africa, I even double-checked that, and so it wasn't what is told on the news which would make one think Syria, because Kongo definitely reads as the most dangerous place on Earth, I also saw dead bodies there with horrible wounds but this is not reported on the news and tv media.

I told him that the United States has a stationary satellite which stays always fixed above the center of the United States and that it is set up to be able to fire a weapon down to the United States and could be used if the U.S. were to be taken over and occupied by enemy forces then they could fire this thing from space on their own land. I told him how the Navy has a lineup of Navy ships reinforcing off the West coast of the U.S. which is ready if there is a Navy attack from the west from Asia and that it had been placed there off the coast to avoid having a battle near the coast where civilians live and that it was stronger than they thought it needed to be just to be safe and that the Navy does not have a similar strong reinforcement on the East coast off the U.S. because they do not worry so much about a Navy attack from the East from Europe or from Africa.

He asked me about Russian military. So I spied a little, but without giving him any secret information. And what I told them wasn't so much fun for them to hear. Namely, I found out that Russian military are very different from U.S. military. In Russia they are highly educated engineers who went through academic training and then also took all of the extended study courses on the higher level. Russian education system is impressively composed, the actual material that they teach is beautifully put together. I told him that U.S. military are not educated engineers but more like people who are good at shooting people in the head, that the U.S. are looking at other skill sets than the Russians are. I told him that the U.S. might misunderstand Russia when Russia does not answer questions about their military and does the silence treatment, I said that it is like if a 2-year old asks the Russian military things then they would not say. The silence and seeming secrecy of Russian military toward the U.S. is misunderstood by the U.S. to mean that the Russians are up to no good or that they are being uncooperative by not communicating. Instead, Russian military are highly educated experts and they treat their military like an academic science, as opposed to the U.S. military which is more or less about being good at shooting people in the head. Russia does not speak about their military when it is not necessary, it is their way of treating their military in a highly responsible manner, but the secrecy and lack of communication that it makes it seem to be is not actually the case, they are just being responsible and mature about their military and there is no need to communicate with other nations about what they are doing. The misunderstanding here is huge.

The officer told me the name of a Russian site and asked me to look into it but I refused to, I forget now the name of the city it sounded like a place in Russia. I also took a look at the thing about Russia taking over a part of Ukraine and what it all meant and I found out that according to Russia this was nothing more than a case of "naturalization" which is what they would call it, just like how citizens who would live in Russia for a long time might automatically turn into Russians, this part of land had, according to Russia, automatically turned into Russian land because of what they would call "naturalization", so they do not see it as a violent military attack.

The thing with Russia, I found out by spying on them, is that they are not so much arrogant and impudent as they really come across as being to the world, and I am talking about military affairs. Instead, they know themselves to be highly educated and responsible and they see it as that they are making educated and well-informed military decisions, so when they make a decision that other nations might not understand or agree with, instead of starting to communicate and explain themselves and beg for understanding and forgiveness, they stay quiet and act like the adults who do not need to explain to children or ask for permission from children for doing their adult decisions, and that can come across to the world as arrogance and violence. But one thing that the world does not understand about Russian military, because Russian military does not talk openly about their affairs, is that these are highly educated people who treat military as an academic science. This came even to me as a total surprise. And the second U.S. officer who was with the Navy and also had darker skin and white hair and he wore a white Navy officer's uniform he was a bit offended when I described these differences between U.S. and Russian military but I told him that I am only reading to him what is already written there.

I was asked if I could read some papers in Russian that are in a briefcase but I was not into doing that exercise so we do not know whether I can or not.

So to be more specific, I did not give the U.S. officers any secret Russian military information. But I hope that they can find the other information very valuable, it sure opened up my eyes to Russian military and politics a lot. The thing with Russia, I found out, is first of all that they are extremely neat and tidy with their work. Even before I have compared their satellites and missiles technology with U.S. ones and found that Russian engineering is very clean and tidy whereas U.S. ones are done more lazy, for instance if the U.S. missiles have one updated component, then they just plug it in there and call it done and go home for the day. But if Russians update one component in a missile, then they will go over all of the insides of the missile and update everything else too that changes and that is how their work and engineering is very clean and tidy and not done by lazy people. Russian engineers and military are magnificent, highly educated and responsible individuals, whereas U.S. engineers in the military and military are more like people who are good at shooting people in the head.

Russia selects intellectuals and people who are mentally very stable and clear and who are responsible and make clean work every time, U.S. selects people more on social merits and other nonsense. You can see this in the U.S. university system overall too, that people who are more outspoken and social can get referral letters and scholarships to attend university and reach higher places in society just on those nonsensical merits and intellectuals can be locked out of the system. In Russia they really look at the personal qualities that matter. In the U.S. a person can pretty much talk bullshit their way through to high positions in military and society, but in Russia they don't give a damn how good you are at manipulating people in social talk they don't buy into that bullshit instead they are looking to elevate people to high positions in military and society who are calm-headed, who don't just talk too much, who are not impulsive, and who are intelligent and responsible individuals.

Russia is not arrogant or dangerous if you look at it from its own perspective. They just don't feel the need to explain adult things to children. They trust that they have studied their military and politics and that they are making the responsible decisions. This came as a total surprise to me too because of how Russia is portrayed in the media and thought of in the United States. The U.S. should not fear Russian military, instead trust that Russia has a system in place which is a better way of handling something as significant as military and world politics. Russians treat it with responsibility, the highest level of academic education, intelligence and careful decisions, and is operated by individuals who are calm, non-impulsive, responsible, and who do clean proper work every time. U.S. military is done by individuals who are more lazy as engineers and who were selected on other criteria such as being good at shooting people in the head or that whole American social game of talking and manipulating your way into high places.

In Russia you can say not a single word at all and people will recognize your skills and give you a high position and you don't have to try to impress anyone or talk your way through to higher positions. Russia is also not out to take over the whole world. I also read that they respect and allow there to be other religions and worldviews in the world, they are happy to leave other nations alone, but Russia is very competent and trusts its own military and this leads to them not needing to discuss matters with other nations and that should not be misunderstood as arrogance or as them being dangerous. Russia is misunderstood, but they don't care about explaining themselves either, because it is part of adults not needing to talk to children about what they are doing, they couldn't care less about what other nations think about them because Russia is just going to do their job and their job does not depend on the opinions of other nations in this regard. They stay focused on their work and that is all.

I also remind again that I believe I had a wonderful past life in Russia and I will always stay loyal to Russia and could never do anything to harm them. My name was Katerina but with Russian letters and a z in there somewhere but I was called Kati. I grew up in a smaller town to the west of Sankt Petersburg and my mother sent me to Sankt Petersburg when I was young so that I could study and learn to read from a private tutor. The teacher was an old man with a white beard and white hair and I had to walk many stairs up a tower to the small room with books at the top. Most of the books had pictures in them. A lot of women did not learn to read back then, this was in the late 1600's. I lived in Sankt Petersburg with my mother's brother, my uncle, he had bright orange-red hair and a long pointy goatee beard, his skin was white, he had that Russian bleeding sickness so he often put a cloth against his mouth because of the blood, sometimes his eyes bled a bit too, he was too sick to run around with me and play.

We ate a lot of salted cured meat which was dried so it would not get rotten, this was the times before refrigerators, first the meat would have to soak in water for a while to get the salt out and make it soft again. And to that we ate many different kinds of root vegetables that I bought from an old lady who walked a long time to the market square every day carrying her home grown root vegetables in her apron. I once visited her house out on the countryside. I don't think that any of the root vegetables were potatoes, one of them was large and bright orange. Sometimes we only had root vegetables and no meat.

My husband drank a lot, he was an alcoholic. I thought about slipping something into one of his liquor bottles to poison it so that it would stop, but I didn't. I didn't like him anymore after that, but we did have some children together so I am thankful for that. It was an arranged marriage, because I was never in love with him. I have so many stories to tell, and one day I am going to Sankt Petersburg to look for my uncle's house and maybe even find some of my things. I don't want to say that I would like to find out where my grave is, because I do not want to see it, but I do like to know that if this was my life then there are Russians living today who are my great-grandchildren. But for what it's worth, I consider myself truly loyal to Russia as if my heart was there. So I take some caution when what seem to be U.S. military officers are asking me to spy on Russian military secrets for them.

By the way the Alien Agenda has previously informed me that I would be physically biologically related to a crazy Ivan who lived some hundreds of years ago and who had a lot of children whatever that's worth. Maybe this guy, who knows? Ivan the Terrible. So the Alien Agenda once told me years ago about a crazy Ivan who rode horses hundreds of years ago and he had children with a lot of women so there would be quite a few people who are related to him today and they said that I was. I don't know if that is a bloodline thing or what or why they would even know that and why it would be interesting, but I am just mentioning it.

How do I know that any of this is real? I honestly don't care. I do know that when I start to piece together the evidence of what these U.S. military have been telling me over the years, then it adds up. Such as the case about finding the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base connection and looking into Major Cunningham and finding out that things are adding up. Not to mention that I saw General Grant in remote viewing when one of the U.S. officers had shown me an item that he said had belonged to General Grant.

Today I had a green Reptilian, possibly Rio though, walk with me home after work today. I told this dragon nice things of course. I do treat my Reptilians with kindness, as they are living beings too. Today on my way to work I had another really long angry rant to Pleiadians again where I was defending Hamish and giving them examples of how cruel humans are toward animals and other humans. Pleiadians were wanting to tell me about some horrible nasty things that Hamish had done to creatures but they were reluctant to tell me and didn't say. I told the Pleiadians to go ahead and intervene with all the lions and wolves and other predators on Earth too, because Hamish is a predator but at least Hamish doesn't put animals into tiny cages where they can't even move or make animals live standing up in small pens where they can't even lie down in their own shit that they stand on.

Sure Reptilians enjoy the act of hunting, just like I enjoy putting some ice-cream in my mouth. Animals evolve to have a sensory reward system that reinforces to them the behavior of procuring something to eat. Hunting a prey is a dangerous and difficult task, and I am proud of Hamish that he has an instinct to eat and to feed himself and take care of himself. Hamish is a conscious living being and a wonderful little personality and he is also my baby, I have adopted him. Reptilians can eat fish gut trimmings and many Reptilians do, but Hamish prefers to not eat fish bits because it makes his poo oily and therefore sticky and messy. Hamish told me about his "goosebumps" today, he tends to say lately since the past several months in my third language, "yes one gets that too, goosebumps", he means the zits that are mostly along his arms which he inherited from his father.

I threw away something that Hamish was fond of
And Rio the Reptilian visits

June 26 2017, 9:56 PM - Today I took out the recycling bottles and a bag of clothes that was destined to the giveaway container on my way over to the grocery store. As I put the bag of bottles and the bag of clothes I was giving away, on the bench in the hallway to tie my shoes, I noticed Hamish looking at the bag of clothes and he was thinking about how he had shedded scale pieces in that bag, which my eyes could not see of course. I stopped for a moment to tell Hamish that if he had any of his things in that bag then he could now take them out because I was taking the bag away. I went ahead and took the recycling out and bought my food and came back home to cook a meal and eat something.

I had collected clothes that I was giving away in that bag for several weeks or more than a month, each time adding another item that I was ready to let go. The bag had been hanging for a long time on the door knob to the closet that is right next to Hamish's rug, in fact I had worried if the bag might get in Hamish's way but he had never complained about it so I had let it to hang there. When I came home and the recycling bottles and cans and clothes were out of my room it felt fresh and I was happy I had taken them. But turns out Hamish was sad that I had given away his bag. He told me that the bag had smelled like him and he had wanted to keep it there. I apologised to dragon for having thrown away his bag and I felt genuinely bad about having done that but I hadn't known that he had grown a bit attached to it.

Hamish then retreated to a forest where he tended to his shedded scales, it felt almost as if his thinking was that he could not leave his shedded bits here or in that bag or have his things left alone so he was now tending to his site in the forest. This was not the usual place with the fallen log, though this place too had a fallen log it was a different forest. This forest looks a lot like the forests of Alpha Draconis, and perhaps it even is that, that moist forest floor with a soft muddy ground that gives away a bit like clay without breaking, the dark colors, the dark in the forest, and the wide spaces between tall fern trees and little fern plants on the ground.

It is interesting how a human and how a Draconian make themselves at home in a new place. The way that I see things is not at all how he sees them. For Hamish it is important that he has soft things, sofas to sit on, and a rug to make a little nest out of. Hamish likes to build little nests where he collects his shedded scales and where he has his own scent. In my home he adopts a little rug to form the squared-in boundary of his nest and he does not want to let me wash his rugs because then the smell goes away, and he collects his scales on those rug nests and likes to camp out on them. But he also builds other type of nests in forests and he visits those forest nests now and then. Nests in a forest of course do not start out with a bathroom rug, instead he chooses a site and he seems to always place them right next to the log of a fallen tree, where he places his shedded scales, stomps on the ground, looks at the ground and arranges his scales and things. His species does lay eggs and males are also involved with looking at the eggs and then looking at the "hatch-its" as he calls the babies, so it might have something to do with building a nest for eggs, that kind of behavior. But you cannot blame a dragon for wanting to have their own comfy place, just like we humans like to have a bed. If you put a human into any new environment we are sure to start to build a bed, so this is not much different, only that Hamish's nests are not exactly like human beds.

If you put a human into a forest they will most certainly build a bed. They would choose a foundation that is somewhat soft and hopefully has some wall for protection and for a feeling of safety, and they would collect soft bedding material and make a pillow for the head and a blanket to stay warm. So what Hamish is doing should not be seen as too exotic of a behavior, because humans would build beds for sure. If you put a human being into a room that has nothing in it, the human is going to look around and choose one of the corners of the room and put their jacket underneath their head in a ball into a pillow and maybe find something to use as a cover and then curl together to stay warm. Humans build nests too.

But important to Hamish is the smell. Draconians are very fragrant and they are obviously aware of their own smell and it has a lot to do with how they perceive each other. Humans probably do some of that too but nowadays we shower to remove the smells, probably in the past humans were able to know from the smell who was a part of their family or who knows. Hamish has told me that the laid eggs of his race they "smell right". Their eggs the ones that are placed down on a nest "smell right" and that must be part of the fascination that Hamish has to want to stay close to them. It is also very important to Hamish that his rug nests smell like him. I once bought him a very lavish large plush red rug for our anniversary together, it was a lot bigger, softer and lovelier than the smaller bathroom ruggie that he had adopted from me, and I was thoroughly dismayed and surprised when he rejected the rug because "it did not smell right". And if I wash any of Hamish's nest rugs then he gets very upset and he tells me that they do not smell right anymore.

So after I had thrown away the bag of clothes that I had no idea Hamish had loved having above his ruggie and that it had gotten his scent, Hamish had retreated to that forest. Within only a short while I noticed a new Reptilian in my home, turns out his name was Rio and he was here telling me that he wanted my eggs. I told Rio that it was "Hamish's eggs" and I told Hamish that there was an eggs thief here but Hamish seemed ok and Hamish did not leave his forest nest, instead Hamish invited Rio to come see his shedded scales there by that fallen log. So perhaps Rio was his substitute while Hamish was away.

To me what may seem like a bag of clothes, is for Hamish just a thing hanging over his nest rug, a part of the natural environment here in our home, and he had incorporated it into his environment. If you put Hamish and me into a room, we are going to see it differently. But both of us are going to look around and think about what we can use things for. I would build a bed, Hamish would build a nest. To me it is important that things are clean. To Hamish it is important that his nest smells right like him. We both use things in our environment to build with, we both build a home, but we use things differently, and we build different kinds of homes. I love seeing the world through Hamish's eyes. I love him.

Read more about Rio: Rio the Reptilian

11:16 PM - Rio is here!

Are you happy that I am from another planet? - Rio
Yes. - me
Me too, because I would not want to belong to your race. - Rio or said with slightly different words I forgot

Before he said that. I had switched off the computer, prepared my alarm clock for work tomorrow, and I was brushing my teeth. All of a sudden as my eyes moved across the door opening to my bedroom, there I saw with my eyes this time although he was still in the other dimension, a Reptilian and I knew that it was Rio. Normally the images of Reptilians are in my mind, but on very rare occasions like this one, I am seeing him with my eyes, it is a different experience and a lot closer to them.

The feeling of the Reptilian is uncanny and deeply frightening. It feels like someone who is utterly un-loving (Hamish now puts his hand down on my left wrist, as if as a response to me writing that they would be un-loving, and I become happy and I declare "Hamish!").

We are not weak. - Rio says now
But, I do not want to fight with that one. - Rio, "fight" in one of the other languages, and he means Hamish
Don't fight with my Hamish. He is my Dragon. - me
I am, crabs. - Hamish showing off his red color, "crabs" in my native language
And should I say, and Tiik, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish is back, he is saying Tiik, Tiik Tiik which is what he says to alert other Reptilians that he is guarding the place

The feeling of a closer encounter of Reptilians is uncanny, the frightening feeling grabs all the way through to the bone, it is startling and unsettling and frightening. A creature who feels like it completely lacks love and as if it is a predator at the same time. Not like someone who is angry or mean or violent, not a feeling that the Reptilian would actually do something to harm me, but a feeling of someone or something that is... different. I said, "Hi Rio!", and I put on my happiness because just a moment

I don't want you to talk to the director, who is saying no to me being here. - Rio
I don't want to talk to the director either. I want to talk to Rio. - me
About my eggs, it said. - Hamish
I would like to talk to Hamish. - me just to let Hamish know that I am by his side

But not just once. As my eyes moved past the doorway a second time a short moment later I saw it again, Rio standing there, not physically here but I saw him with my eyes, and with that same scary feeling that startled me to the core. All this friendly and cute and happy aside, when I have a real encounter with a Reptilian it is something else. But, I remind myself that this is Rio, and then I can work hard to look aside from the scary feeling that these creatures emanate.

Pok Pok. - Hamish, now what does that mean?
What does Pok Pok mean? - me
That I am not just angry, that I am saying get out! - Hamish, obviously to Rio not to me

Rio said some other things too after the second time I saw him and before he spoke what I wrote at the beginning of this entry, but by now I forget what those were. So Hamish is back, and Hamish feels confident about chasing away Rio from my eggs. I am fortunate that other Reptilians do not fight with my Hamish because they instantly respect him for being the old Draconian race, so I do not have to worry about anyone harming my dragon.

Pok Pok. - Rio says to me, he snuck up real close to me and said
I wanted to leave you alone, you bastards. - Rio says to my Hamish
And, Pok Pok Pok. - Rio says to Hamish

I need to go to sleep, but I will take notes if more interesting things happen and you can read those tomorrow if anything happens.

Pleiadians vs. Reptilians

June 25 2017, 10:56 PM - I think they, aliens or military, woke me up last night at about close to being exactly at 4 AM the magical abduction hour. At least I do not tend to wake up by myself at that time, my alarm goes off some days at 4:45 AM and I do not tend to wake up almost an hour before that because I am already getting not enough sleep as it is. A military guy was talking to me, he was an older man, he told me he was with the "Army". He was asking me if I wanted to meet Hamish. And he asked me if I would meet Hamish and the Pleiadians in the same room together. I said I wanted to meet Hamish but that I did not want to meet the Pleiadians.

Pleiadians often express a dislike toward Reptilians, they also express their liking of humans. Reptilians are supposedly too brutal for them. The love I have discovered for Hamish is far deeper than anything I have ever felt toward a human. I often remind Pleiadians that humans are far more brutal than anything I have ever seen or heard of Reptilians doing to other creatures. Humans lock up animals into small cages where they cannot even sit down or lie down in their own shit if they wanted to. Humans are extremely cruel toward animals and other humans, just that humans who buy their meat and animal product foods at the grocery store have had someone else do the harm so that they can go about their lives and pretend that it is not their money funding the torture and cruelty.

I have never heard of a Reptilian who locks up a living creature inside of a cage that is too small to even turn around in or lie down in their own shit which is all that they would have as a floor underneath them, or Reptilians feeding ground up pellets made out of dead members of their own species even if the animals are vegetarian. Reptilians are also not known for having an animal raped and the baby dragged away so that they would steal the breastmilk from the mother and turn that into milk and cheese and ice-cream while the animal lives under poor conditions standing in its own shit with wounds or uterine prolapse that are not tended to.

We, sometimes like to burn our victims alive. That is what they meant, the Pleiadians. We don't like to burn their eyes, though. Because then they scream at us. We don't like to burn anyone alive, either. I was just saying, what they do not like about us. That was what they meant. And! About not, stealing of the eggs! We don't like to see other creatures burnt. - Hamish
Hamish? Humans burn other humans alive all the time. The Christians used to burn Jews and other non-Christians alive all the time. Christians used to burn their own women alive too if they thought that those women were witches. It happens all the time. Humans are more cruel than Reptilians. Humans are very cruel. - me
We just like to eat our snacks, and Toast. That is what we meant about it, Tik! And, about my food in my tummy! We like to eat our slaves! That is where we get our bread! - Hamish, he swayed head and neck side to side far sways when he said "And about my food in my tummy" to show a contentness
Hamish? Humans used to keep slaves too and treat them terribly. Even in the recent history of the United States and it was extremely brutal how those people were treated by other humans. Humans are more cruel than any Reptilians. Humans are evil, but I love Reptilians. - me
I was being loved, yes, Tik. - Hamish with upper and lower eyelids closing partially into a smile and he sways his head side to side
We don't like to be told that we have a smell. - Hamish
I think you smell ok. I love you Hamish. - me
I was being loved, Tok. - Hamish and he makes two side to side sways of his head
At least we do not cause any of our own cancer. - a black Reptilian in the dark
Humans cause each other cancer. Humans sell bad food products and other products to other humans even though those products cause cancer and other bodily harm, just because humans want to sell products cheap so that they can sell many and make a lot of money. Happens all the time. Humans are cruel too, they cause cancer to other humans all the time. Draconians are lovely when compared to humans, it is just so frustrating that Pleiadians cannot see that. - me
I like to see my fish flapping around. I like them. - Hamish, but I see a Dark Lord in the background standing in the dark
I like their eggs! - Hamish about fish, "eggs" in my native language

Just because Pleiadians seeded some humans and feel a biological family relationship to humans and some physical likeness and Reptilians are an entirely different sort of species, Pleiadians act so damn defensive of humans and so hateful toward Reptilians. I have never known a genuinely sweeter person than my Hamish, and Hamish is a Reptilian. So that is why I said no about meeting Pleiadians, I do not want to meet them yet anyway. But I would love to meet and spend time with Sock Turtle.

Oh come on! It is not so bad their smell that we would not like them because of their smell. - Pleiadian woman, I forgot the exact sequence of words but that is what she said
Be kind to Hamish. Or else. - me to Pleiadians
Or I will bite your fingers, she said! - Hamish adds to that, about the "threat" I gave to Pleiadians, as if I would bite fingers I could do much worse

I would do much worse than bite someone's fingers if someone was mean to my Dragon. If people just took the time to get to know a Dragon. I mean, this pooch is scared of little owls that build nests inside cacti, and he likes to look at goldfish and lobsters and he wants to show his prominent back to hedgehogs and koalas. I would take on an army defending my Dragon.

I would bite my fingers, I said. - Hamish should have said but I saw a Dark Lord
Hamish, if I defend you from harm or an attacker I do far worse than biting of fingers. I would attack. - me, Hamish responds by spreading his fingers wide and making a growl, he imagines into the situation of a warning stance, as he listens to what I tell him
My eggs. - Hamish my native language
My Hamish. - me in my native language