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January 02 2018 - January 29 2018

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Pancake eggs are not to be shared

January 29 2018, 9:07 PM - This morning when I was on my way to work I saw in the other dimension a bright green colored Reptilian which had one or three crested on its head.

It was my pancake eggs, I said to him. - Hamish says to me now, about the Reptilian from this morning

And last night when I had gone to bed I was shown a mental image of a realistic looking green frog with long legs, and a Dinosaur said "Deb Deb".

Today while I was at work Carlisle told me that he would want me to come and live with him in California, from what he says he seems to be serious. I told him to look me up on the internet and to contact me in real life and that I could be there tomorrow if he did.

Last night, or during the night if I woke up, or this morning before I got out of bed, one of the MIBs with black hair said that he has a wrist watch which cost more money than my camera did. He thought about how he would sell it to give me the money. I said no keep the watch and enjoy it and get some good value out of it. He then told me about how he used to learn to play the saxophone, I said wow that is great that he played a musical instrument and I meant it too. He was being nice and just making conversation. I was being nice and making conversation too.

The Zeta Robot, and other items of interest

January 28 2018, 7:55 PM -

We (don't) like to look at your throats. - Dinosaur to me, either with or without "don't"

Last night the Reticulans were talking to me, I think it was when I woke up in the middle of the night when my flatmate came home at 2 AM. The Reticulans were showing me a mental image of what I first thought must be a strange looking Zeta. It had the pale gray skin and large black eyes, but the head was a triangular shape with rounded edges, the front surface of the head was a flat surface. Then after a while they told me that it has no arms, and I got to find out that this was a robot (or perhaps puppet) that they will show to an abductee so that abductees can yell at and be angry at this robot and so that the Zetas themselves do not have to get yelled at. It is clearly made to look like a Zeta, however they did not make it perfectly life like. This is just another strange behavior of how Zetas think and reason. I have of course told them that this is entirely unnecessary and that I would not yell or get angry at the Zetas, but as always the aliens are acting with great precaution about letting me see them from close, another typical example of this "avoidance" due to fear of what my reaction would be, is when they show me mental images of the Kermit puppet instead of letting me see the actual Dinosaurs. See a drawing of the Zeta robot on Reticulan Work Methods.

Last night Bradshaw and Sergeant Wilkes had been around. When I woke up in the morning, Bradshaw was thinking to himself (but I was reading his thoughts, not that I really wanted to) and he thought that he would never have me as his wife because I did not give him oral sex every morning. I told him that he needs to pay for a prostitute and that he was not my type and I carried on with getting ready to work. The aliens... well you know what the purpose of these men is, I don't have to ruin my evening with talking about it.

Instead I am getting excited about learning about the new Nikon P900 camera that I got for UFO filming and how to use it and what its pros and cons are. I am also writing to other astronomy photographers to see if we could work together and share knowledge on recording equipment and also go out together to film the UFOs. This is turning into quite an exciting hobby for me, it gives me literally butterflies in my stomach and a flutter of my heart in my chest thinking of being reunited with my beloved UFOs under the star sky and this time getting to film them is like a double fun. Seeing the UFOs is like getting to experience something truly wonderful, but filming them which will be a first for me, that is like getting a physical piece of souvenir as well as gift from the UFOs to take home with me and also to share with you all. I feel like I shine with love because this is all so beautiful, there is so much love that I feel when I am together with the UFOs, and it connects to those times when I was a 14 year old girl when the aliens led me out to see the UFOs and they by so doing would forever rip me out of my human world and bring me into theirs. I would no longer feel a part of this world or want to share my thoughts and feelings with humans, and this is why I feel so close to my aliens and they are my family. This is also why it hurts and frustrates me when the Zetas feel reluctant to let me spend close encounter quality time together with them.

Hamish was around today and he has been cute and wanting to talk to me about his back today. I drank two big cups of hot milk chocolate and told the aliens that I did that as a thank you for them letting me see the robot last night. I guess I am trying to train them like how one trains an animal, that you reward them for good behavior to enforce that wanted behavior which will hopefully lead toward close contact. Reptilians are easy to "tame" and to handle, but Zeta Reticulans are completely difficult because they do not function like animals at all. Reptilians though function actually a lot like mammals, but the Zetas are difficult to relate to or to interact with or to have any kind of exchange.

Recently Zetas play Christmas songs in my head. And some days ago a Reptilian was playing the tune with the lyrics "I'm a I'm a I'm a chameleon", just that part of the lyrics. Those are actual songs that humans have, they don't make up their own songs for me. Zetas also seem to play music for abductees during abductions, but I have no recall of that, it has only been mentioned in conversations. No the lyrics actually are "karma karma karma chameleon", this is the song Culture Club - Karma Chameleon.

Several days ago, I just remembered because I was browsing on the "Reticulan Work Methods" page and it lists time distortion, that the aliens had told me while I was in bed for the night, that they can travel in time, however - and this is where it gets really interesting - they are only able to travel backwards in time, but not forwards!!! So my thinking is, do they use this for abductions? Could they pick up a human, do their things, and then go backwards in time to return the person to a time before they were taken, or? And is this the same technology that the Airship People are using who have come from our future and into our time, and does this mean that they are unable to travel back in time to their time? I am only speculating here, but the questions become interesting.

The other night or perhaps even last night I had asked to see a Reptilian and I got to see in a mental image a Reptilian which had one low crested, I commented on the crested of course, it was a dark brown colored Reptilian. Today and also many days lately Reptilians are telling me that they are kings.

So I guess someone will be rummaging in the trashbin when somebody else goes to bed.

January 27 2018, 8:23 PM - Yesterday I got to see wonderful mental images of a Dinosaur, it had such a yellow colored belly and part of arms and legs and on the throat and part of face. I was also told by someone that I should not bother the "Saurians". Hamish was also around a lot yesterday, it was wonderful to see this pair of a red Hamish and a green Dinosaur, such wonderful creatures and wonderful people, I love them and I am so blessed to have them in my life!

Hamish was a sweetheart today, like on all days. I did two loads of laundry, and after I had already started the second of them Hamish was there to say that he had some laundry too. Namely he wanted to add some of his sheets of shedded scales into the laundry to wash it in the machine with my clothes. I said I had already started the laundry and that I worried that the scales might get broken in the machine, I offered to hand wash them in the sink instead, but Hamish was upset that we spit into the sink (when we brush our teeth), so I offered to him that I can wash another load of clothes tomorrow again, and then he can have ample of time to place his scales into the laundry then to have them washed. I also told him that I cannot see his shedded scales.

We won't come now with the ambulance, but we will come later. - Reticulan to me (NL)
Ok. Come later then. I will see you then? Will you wake me up? Wake me up then, I want to see you. PLEASE! - me
I do not eat fiber. I am naked. I am naked, and I do not eat fiber. That is why my poo comes out. It was not binding. It is therefore a little bit different than yours. And also, Tik! I have got my face covered in goosebumps. I was a little bit, that looking like. I was not different from you any more. You have got a nice face. I was going to film it with your camera, to see what you look like proper. And, about my back, have you, seen it? - Hamish, first were (NL) until "that is why my poo..." that and all after were in English [the word actually translates as "feed" or "fodder", and not as "fiber" as I always had thought! I used a dictionary now, yet he uses the word for fiber, he means he does not eat fiber and therefore his poo is more runny]
I have seen your back, Hamish. - me
I was with my face, here to you. - Hamish
Thank you Hamish. I like your goosebumps too. They look very nice. It makes you look like a distinguished race. - me
And, have you also seen them on my back? I like to look at fish next. Gulp, gulp!, they are saying to me, to come to me! - Hamish, goosebumps on back, with fish he showed me image or thought of image of a larger goldfish, he means the fish say gulp gulp and are telling him to go to them

I started menstruating today. Hamish saw me sitting at the toilet and he sees the red color, and he told me that it is his color and that I look like him there. When I took a tampon out of its box he told me in my third language "snacks sticks". And earlier I was using pads for the menstrual blood and he referred to it in one of the other languages we use as a sandwich. So I guess someone will be rummaging in the trashbin when somebody else goes to bed.


January 25 2018, 7:56 PM - I recall that the aliens were very talkative in the evening when I went to bed and also during the night when I woke up. Well actually, my flatmate woke me up in the night so that wasn't the aliens, but I seem to recall the aliens talking when I was awake. Zetas were talking about the hybrids they are making. Also I forgot to mention that a few days ago the Alpha Orion or other aliens were talking to me about the dust mites that I have. They also now talk about bacteria they collect from me. Today they said that they have, I forget what word they used, but like disinfected the bacteria, something which implied that the bacteria have died though.

Human associates said telepathically earlier that the aliens wanted to drill into my head but they had prohibited it, oh yes these humans said they were from Pentagon, I would not make that up if I had to make something up. Today I said to some humans telepathically that I love the aliens, and the man was like you gotta be kidding me, and I said yes I love Hamish my Reptilian and Alpha Orions and Zeta Reticulans. Reticulans wanted to place a metal implant into my brain with which they would be able to control my movements and behavior, it would have been a light colored like aluminum colored metal blob which seems to not have a fixed shape but can morph shape perhaps in response to electromagnetic stimulus. I said please don't do that you can just tell me what to do and we are friends so I can help you.

Hamish said in the morning that I was not allowed any table sugar, he said that it disrupts with my ability to become pregnant. And today

We are not really talking with the NATO. But we should. They don't want our star fleets here. They have told us all to leave. So, we are only gardening here with you. And for all other ones, we are not. We would like you to know, that we do not shoot anyone. Or give any quarrels. So, the best times in space are yet to be haved. - Alpha Orion, haved, but he means had

And today an Alpha Orion or Orion black reptile (these are two different) said "Pine" to me. I told him "Pine Atek", and I also told him that I have forgotten what Pine Atek means. I said to him "Pine Atek Omrigosh" several times. I know that Omrigosh means hello. Now a Pleiadian or Nordic man from an underground base in Iceland is alert and I see him and I see the land there in Iceland around the base, in a mental image.

I bought my Nikon P900 video camera today. I am eager to go give it a try. Spring weather is coming soon and it should be beautiful times to make films outdoors. I am excited to show you my UFOs.

"Tuk Tuk Tuk" says Hamish! "Tuk Tuk! Hamish, Tuk Tuk!", I say to him delighted. Also today while I was at work the Reticulans were suddenly really talkative, extremely much so. Talking about hybrids, and Lasarus telling me that his name is Lasarus, all sorts of talk, and they involved Carlisle in it too, the aliens also said to me that he likes women who are pole dancers and I said I don't care or need to know that. I asked Lasarus is Carlisle really my father, but Lasarus didn't say. I asked the Zetas to please talk to me when I got home from work instead, but we have not had those conversations today yet.

I love Hamish. Oh! And I saw the crested Reptilian last night I think or recently.

Don't worry they have eaten

And this morning when Hamish said about not eating table sugar he also had a thought image in which he placed one flat duck foot down flat against my belly. A while later the other aliens had told him "not to kick" me, I told the aliens that I loved it when Hamish puts his foot on me and that I did not mind. Today a Mantid said it would like to eat some when I was eating grapes. I told the Mantid that humans often put insecticides that are insect poison on fruits and vegetables and that if I would give him some grapes then they would have to be organic without pesticides or insecticides on them (I should probably eat organic produce too).

And today the aliens showed me a mental image of this picture that I've had on the Thuban page for many years and they said that I should not be afraid of them (meaning probably Mantids though) because either "they have eaten" or "they have been fed". I said of course that I was not afraid of Mantids.

And here is what Hamish said when a reader of The Orion Project had asked me if I could remote view the Carians who she said are a bird race, I wrote, and then Hamish said, from today:

It is refreshing to see that your main interest in aliens seems to be in the field of chemistry. I will investigate the topic of what chemicals various species breathe, but that topic gets added onto an already big pile on the "to do" list in The Orion Project. I already have more than 75 different alien species identified and encountered, and adding the Carians to that list makes it more than 76, and I have yet to further explore all of them. This is a lifetime project.

"Hamish wanted to say Yes.", Hamish says now. "About them, Tik. The Carians. They have extended the lifespan of my race. THEY WERE THEREFORE, MY BENIGN! They have given me good feet! And a good memory recall. The Carians were, mine. They were mine, hopefully yes.", Hamish says. Hamish often tells me that his race was created by the Bird Race. Tik is in Hamish's language actually a click sound which means "Yes". And here he is listing attributes of himself which he means comes from his design and the design would have been created by the Bird Race, namely he lists his good feet and his good memory recall.

My Sweethearts

January 24 2018, 9:49 PM - When I went to bed last night I decided to do the experiment where I tell myself to be awake for abductions and to remember. With my eyes closed, for some reason that makes me able to see my room with my eyes closed, the room will look the same only that the aliens that I normally see in mental images are then in that other parallel version of my world. But doing this also lets me see the aliens in their other location much more clearly and vividly than otherwise. I had to get up in bed and switch the night lamp on to take some notes of what followed.

So I did the thing that lets me see them. First thing I saw was a Dinosaur it was in another location. It was in a dark room that belongs to the aliens. I saw that place from a vantage point as if I was on a medical table in that room, even though I was for the most part still in my room in my bed. Next I noticed several Reptilians and one Dark Lord in that room. These were massive and strong looking dark Reptilians with muscular arms. The Dark Lord appeared to be in its insectoid form. One dark Reptilian there was holding a black machine gun firmly against its torso.

I told the Reptilian with the weapon that it was good that he had it so that he and everyone could be safe. I thought that he was feeling unsafe or worried which would have been why he had it, and therefore I was comforting him using words such as "safe", I also spoke in a way so that he sees that I am not afraid and so that he sees that there is no dangerous situation among all of us. Not so much that I would have been afraid of the weapon, instead I have a very nurturing and soothing way of handling Reptilians, because I see that Reptilians always start out agitated and hostile but if I work on them a little bit then they can relax and calm down and I do think it is good for them.

The Dinosaur then expressed that it was scared of, and I think he meant Hamish. I told the Dinosaur that I would protect him and I was telling Hamish to be friendly to the Dinosaur. (I am the abductee, or not abducted there at the time but still, so I am the one supposed to be afraid, but instead I am the one calming everyone there and taking care of everybody.)

We just go inside your butt, because we are that kind of aliens. - Dinosaur or otherwise Alpha Reticulan but I think Dinosaur said, they mean the samples they take for study of hybrids (this said just now)

An alien then said that "the ones with hats" do not want me to see the aliens, the ones with hats referred to military officers. I said that they do not decide over my life.

Next I saw the mental image from inside of a room which was quite obviously in Japan. It was a large room with trees around the building, the floors had woven mats of brown twigs or similar material, the walls had dark brown thin light weight wooden rectangular sticks to support what may have been paper wall panels. In this room was a hybrid alien. It was about the size of an adult human. Its skin was a pale white, its head was bald and bulbuous but with a lumpy back of the head shape and not the oval shape of the Zeta Reticulan head. It did have a bit of an external nose which was like a bump of soft tissue at where the tip of the nose would be. It was wearing a dark thick Japanese robe with wide sleeves and had a blue ribbon I think made out of silk which decorated around the ends of the sleeves and possibly also at the lower hem and maybe also one around the waist. The hybrid was sitting kneeled on the floor and was in the act of pouring steaming tea into a cup, the table was very low and square shaped made out of dark wood.

I saw the room as if my body were already on the dark brown woven mat in that room. The alien told me about itself that it had been "made by the mushroom heads", which refers to Reticulans. It said to me "This is my tea house." And he said: "We are with Kemoro." The Japanese that Hamish visits call him by the name of Kemoro. Then the alien said, and this one I am not entirely sure of how it was spelled: "We are with Nagasaki.", I didn't write that one down fast enough so I am no longer entirely sure of the spelling or if it was "with the". The hybrid offered me tea, but of course I was not there to drink any, still I said that it would be nice thank you. Hamish then said to me that they, meaning the group of beings in this place want to see my private parts of how he said it.

Later either that same night or the morning after, Hamish said that "Tom Tom" doesn't like him anymore. Remember Tom Tom? One of the Japanese human(?) men that Hamish visits.

I woke up again in the middle of the night and the aliens were talking lots! One thing that was said, one alien said that they had sent Hamish to another place because he had been just staring into the walls here. I often worry about if Hamish gets bored when I am sleeping. I thanked them profusely for looking after my dragon, and today I drank a disgusting glass of cow's milk as a thank you to the aliens for taking care of him. It was the only way I knew to thank them.

Hamish told me today that he "reigns". I told him that is nice because I would want no other king than he. He has also shown me an image of a red crab, and then I told him that he is a langoustines. He told me that he has an "old design" (in my native language) meaning his genetic code. I was building a new room for the house in the game The Sims 2 and Hamish saw me choosing among the different colors of carpet and he suggested an orange carpet, he also wanted red walls for the house. I placed red walls just for him to see and I think what he said was that "the eggs are building a nest" or just that I am "building a nest".

I have seen the world through Hamish's eyes again. First of all it is buckled as I have drawn years ago. And his world is so vividly in colour we humans would envy him if we all knew how beautifully he sees the world! His vision is much better than ours, and colors are so vivid! Red, orange, and yellow are bright bright and neon glowing! I suspect however that he might be unable to see the colors green, blue, and any shades of purple.

A MIB with a black business suit and black hair told me today that Hamish has the intelligence of a "pigeon". I said that Hamish is intelligent and that we understand each other very well. Well, he isn't exactly an intellectual, but he is still the most incredibly beautiful person I have ever known. I love him. I would do anything for him. My love for him would take me over mountains and through forests and into cold oceans. I am planning on going to an aquarium house with him so that he can enjoy looking at fish. I also know a zoo that has koalas but I don't know if he would like that or not. I wonder if I should read for him children's books with pictures. Anselm is looking at me, I saw him first and then he said that his name was Anselm. You gotta love a Reptilian whose name is Anselm.

My name used to be Eustace. But they told me that I had to change my name. - he says now
Why these two names, Anselm and Eustace? Why those names for you? - me

I am probably going to buy my UFO video camera tomorrow but it is still too cold to do all-nighters to film with it just yet. Oh and last night the aliens also asked me if I wanted to see the Mantids and I got to see a large insect creature. Did you know that the Mantids are vegetarians? When I eat salads and vegetables especially leaf vegetables such as spinach and lettuce they often tell me that they could eat that too. Alpha Remulan scorpions however only eat "minced boeuf". I asked the Zetas today why they study my food so much, they said it is because they create a hybrid between them and me and they need to know about the food for that hybrid species, although those were not the words they used to express all of that of course.

The sleazy man, and my Royal Turtle with a crown

January 22 2018, 1:05 PM - The military officer who I think is the same one as the "sleaze" has been around, and he was even in my dreams at night. I forget if he told me while I was dreaming at night or once I was awake again, with a mental image of a sailship out at very rough sea, that he has taken courses where he learned how to handle such a ship at rough sea. I sensed that this was part of his life as a top level Navy officer. He thinks about a sexual interest in me, and also from his thoughts I read that the aliens have asked him to father children "with" me. He asked me just recently if I have any fetishes, I told him that I would not tell him. He told me one that was his but I don't know if I want to write that here. Well he said that his fetish is women who look like they've just been raped. Yesterday someone said "Captain Dan", and today this man tells me that his name is "Dan". It doesn't matter, I just keep the notes because overall the involvement of these men are a part of the alien story, and the UFOs were real so this is some kind of a real story.

Earlier this man asked me what kind of men I like. I told him about the kind of wedding I would have, as well as listing my preferences for a man, and then Hamish said "Yes-No" about getting married. Then Hamish showed me his head buttons and told me that he has a "crown".

Turtle is talkative today

January 20 2018, 8:38 PM - Hamish was a chatty dragon today. He showed me the mental image of the little owl that sits in a hollow in a tall cactus, it upsets him he said that it is mocking him. Later I tried to comfort him by telling him that I would talk to the owl and tell it "Yes-No" and to get out of there, but me bringing up the topic again made Hamish feel really stressed out. So next I tried to explain it to him so that he could feel better about it, I told him that the owl goes there to build a nest and lay its eggs (eggs is always a topic that Hamish can understand) and because it can feel safe there. Hamish said that he too used to have thorns on his back, I told him about the time that I saw a yellow Dragon Turtle that had a row of back spikes. He also gave me a mental image of two or three little Santas with the red Santa's hat. And he gave me the thought image of as if he were throwing up a backpack on his back, I told him yes that I know that he has a back pack (he means his back hump, he often calls it a backpack or rucksack however you would translate that from one of the other languages we use).

What a privilege it is to have a Draconian Reptile share his thoughts with me, just his casual everyday thoughts, the fact that he shares those thoughts with me is heartwarming. And it really makes him into a person, and not just some Reptile.

A bit of everything and everyone

January 18 2018, 9:08 PM - A few nights ago the aliens gave me an interesting series of mental images quite suddenly. I had gone to bed for the night, the lights were off and I was under the covers. First a mental image of the head of a black snake with black eyes and with its mouth open. Then the image of a green frog. Then an image of a locust or grasshopper with focus in the image on its legs. And then after a slight delay of perhaps two seconds before the next image (the previous images had occurred faster one after the other), the image of a kind of tortoise. This was their way of introducing to me the different aliens. Snake being Reptilians perhaps the black Reptilian or possibly a reference to a Dark Lord, but my guess is on the black Reptilian. The frog meaning Dinosaur. Grasshopper for Mantids. And then the tortoise for Hamish. I was cheerful and happy to be shown those images!

And a few nights ago, I seem to recall it being the same night as the series of images described above, one of the military who is with the Navy talked to me. He said he was from "Sacramento", which turns out to be a place in California. For some reason he knew about my Rorschach Test and its images (follow the link to see the page), and he told me what he sees from the images.

In more than one image he sees people fighting. The one where I see the head of a sheep he sees a woman from behind, what I saw as the cheeks of the sheep he sees as legs, and what I saw to be the tongue of the sheep he sees as a penis, well, somehow a sexual scene. In another image he sees a naked woman from behind, again a woman and a sexual context and again the woman from behind (this is the one where I saw my face leaning forward pouting the lips as if to give a kiss on a date). The one where I saw the pelvic bone and reproductive system of a woman he saw some guy or creature (I forget) in a cape. He asked me how do I see the frog or the sheep, he was especially unable to see the sheep or the eyes of the sheep even when I told him where the smile of the frog was or the eyes of the sheep he just could not see it!

[Added same day: The one where I saw the wild boar that was not dangerous, which is the image that reveals one's relation to father and male leader or power figures, he sees one guy who is lonely in a forest! I forget if I gave an analysis on what that could mean, actually I have no idea what that could mean!]

I gave him my analysis of his answers. I told him that his brain easily goes to thoughts of violence and fighting, I said that I would guess that he often bickers and argues with people in his life. I told him that he is however not a loner, because in most of his images he does see people, I told him how I see mostly only animals (or myself) in the pictures which is consistent with how I do not crave interaction with humans almost at all. I told him that it is probably considered normal for a man to see women and sexual images in the pictures, but I commented on how in none of the pictures did he see any eyes or mouth, only women or people from behind. I said to him that I would guess that it implies that in real life he also does not seek out to look people in their eyes or to read their mouth so I guessed that in life he is not interested in how others are feeling, because people show sadness or smiles on their mouth and a lot of emotions on their eyes and mouth, and the fact that he looks at women as just a body from behind or naked or in sexual situations I told him that I guess he struggles to stay in long time relationships with women because he cannot understand an emotional relationship.

I told him that it is perhaps a bit of psychopathy that he does not search for eyes or mouths in the pictures. I told him that if he ever tries a relationship with a woman then it is real easy, he needs to choose to look at her lips to know if she is happy or sad, and that if she is sad then all she needs is pretty basic, for him to put his arms around her and to be there. I told him that women want to be understood and also to feel safe and protected by the men in their life and that it is really very basic. He asked me what kind of gifts do women like, I told him do not buy flowers because it is a bit tacky, and he suggested jewelry I said jewelry is a gift that lasts so it is a bold statement, I said find out what she really likes and that one of the best gifts to a woman is food, when you know what food she really likes or you let her choose something for herself at a restaurant then it makes for a gift where she feels that her personal needs are known and cared for. I said also you can buy a perfume that you select which you really think smells good and give to her and that that is a very sensual sexy gift to place a scent on the woman so to speak. It's all very easy, but I guess that this guy struggles with women.

This is the guy from Sacramento. He talked to me about being from Sacramento one or a few days later again. The aliens told me how he is promiscuous or sexually very active and that is why the aliens had asked him if he would have sex with me obviously the reason must be to get me pregnant. I do not remember any such encounters with this man (nor do I remember any abductions yet I don't think it is all talk). Oh and I also told the man that he is probably violent and that he likes to quarrel, and I told him look at how much I search for eyes and mouths in my pictures and how the faces I found were very happy, smiling, pouting to kiss, helping each other, wise, all positive images.

[Added same day: The Sacramento man also gave me his condolences for me living in the city where I am living. I wondered why and said it is a wonderful place to live. He said it is not safe he told me if we get attacked we have a poor defense. Funny I could not have expected such a reason, but it must be a typical thought for a military officer, it makes him seem like he is a high level military because he can analyse a city and its defenses and make risk assessment. I also told him that he must be a good military because he does not care about people's emotions and he thinks about fighting easily (based on the Rorschach test). Someone like him could kill people, but other people could not. I think he is the same guy as the "sleaze" I have encountered a lot lately.]

From today, and I think this was Langdon Carlisle, I wrote this down on paper when he said it: "There is a little place called The Stonybrook Cafe, I would like to meet you there.", he said. I of course told him that I would love to! Looking on the internet, I was hoping it could be a place in New York because that would be more consistent with all the focus on New York, and Stony Brook is a place in the city of Brookhaven in the state of New York. It could of course be elsewhere than in New York, but if it is a real place then in the United States. Silly Carlisle, being up to nonsense again.

Today I was shown more mental images of a Mantid. It was chewing or churning with its side mandibles while it looked at me from a mental image from afar. I told it it was cute, for some reason it looked like a horse, so I told him that he was cute and that he looked like a horse. Not at all creepy even though they are large insects. Their mind and personality make them totally not creepy insects. They are charming, intellectual, refreshing, wonderful to talk to.

Hamish was informing me about food today. As soon as I opened the freezer box and was reaching to grab some ice-cream, Hamish startled me with how he said Yes-No or No about it, it was almost like if I was about to grab on a land mine! But I ate the ice-cream anyway. And later I ate some candy and Hamish informed me gently and kindly that it was the wrong "tea". And also Milk for the Eggs but I haven't had any milk. [Added same day: I had just finished a cup of tea with honey when afterwards he told me that the candy was the wrong tea, so that is where the choice of word must come from. He had told me that even the tea was wrong though, because of the honey I think.]

The Sacramento guy asked me the other night to tell him about "Russian nukes". He told me if I could tell him where Russia is storing their submarines. I told him that if you look at the coastline that is between neighboring countries Finland and then that Latvia or whatever it is then halfway as far as possible to both foreign countries on that shore but on land are two submarines being stored, I said. He sure was curious and asking about the Russians. And even though it was just a dream at night, last night I think it was or otherwise the night before last, I dreamt that a Russian guy was a bit upset that I could see those things. Oh I don't care it doesn't mean anything. It is just weird.

I woke up, or more probably I was woken up by the aliens, last night and I estimate based on how long after that I had to get up to go to work, that it would have been at around 3 or 4 AM, and the aliens were talking to me. There were Zeta Reticulans, Hamish, and I think also Dinosaur and Mantid, and they were all so sweet and kind, I forget by now what the conversation was but I recall it being nice and not at all leaving me angry like sometimes when they bring up the hybrid children but this time was not about any hybrids so it was a pleasant talk with my friends.

Today at random I said I wanted to see Eustace. Eustace is either "my" black Reptilian or another black Reptilian. Eustance responded by telling me that his name is also "Anselm". You gotta love a Reptilian whose name is Eustance and Anselm. I told him that I love him and that I would love to spend time together with him, but then I told Hamish that I loved him too because I saw Hamish and I know that he gets jealous.

I heard from General Patton today while I was at work. He asked me if I like cowboy movies I said not really, he said he has all the time to watch lots of them now. He is still fighting against leukemia and he is watching a lot of cowboy movies, I sensed that most of them are black and white. I asked him how it is going, he didn't say, but I had the feeling mostly from what he said about watching movies a lot, that the prognosis is not so good.

I love you Hamish. - me
Yes-No, my smells! They have told me that I smell bad! - Hamish with mouth gaping wide open and I can see the two sets of skin flaps in his mouth
Hamish, no one can say mean things about you Turtle. You have the right smell, for your race of back turtles. - me
That is what I said to them. - Hamish in camel posture and with hands at the lower back
Who said this to you? Who said it? - me
Tik, Yes-No! My back was not protecting me enough. It needed to be changed and taken out! I am getting too old they said! - Hamish, the last sentence he was upset and his mouth open and his head leaning to the side in a way which can only mean that he would bite [Added same day: it needed to be changed and taken out he meant his back hump]
I love you. You are perfect for me. I would go with you anywhere. - me
Mine, Toast, was pretty significant for me. That is therefore I am here. And, look now, my shield. - Hamish, shield is his back, he seemed pleased here, but with "that is therefore I am here" he had his hands at the lower back, at "and look now my shield" he took the hands down from the lower back
My Turtle Langoustines. - me
Mine! I do not want trouble. - Hamish

I actually looked at some sofas and armchairs in a store the other day, looking to see if I would find one for Hamish, but none of them looked soft and snug enough so I will try again in another store. The other day Hamish informed me that he was going to Japan, and he spent some time there but every now and then he told me about Japan as if he could not let his attention of me go entirely, but that is usually the case when he goes to Japan he will also be checking on me and he does not entirely forget about it not for long. And I also never ever forget about him either.

We can come here now if you want. And not exactly at 4 o'clock. And you have still got a primitive brain, but we need you for something. So would you like to, come here? - Reticulan
Yes please. When can we go? How do I come to you? How do I travel to you? - me
Leave that, for us. We do not have any shoes. And, should I say, Tiiik! - Hamish, this Tiiik is the usual one that means he is guarding, with "shoes" there was first an image of white sneakers shoes with a red or other color line in the design going around the shoe and then an image of his flat red (bare) duck feet

It is nice when the Mantids talk to me too. And also it is nice when Alpha Orions show up now and then. They are good friends to me. But my best friend is Hamish of course.

A woman at work patted at my belly today and said I look like I am six months pregnant. I explained that I eat a lot of ice-cream and desserts. Why do so many women think that I look pregnant, it happens every now and then.

Today I was telling Hamish nice things such as that I love him and he did the mouth gesture that means "I love you" (or sort of), he did that for me a few times, he meant that this is how one can tell him these things, so then after that I made some of those for him. He is teaching me his language, and letting me be a part of his world.

Alpha Orionis

January 16 2018, 7:05 PM - As I am preparing to go film some UFOs and I am watching videos about how to film with cameras at night, how to use the settings, what equipment to use, an Alpha Orion becomes interested and I see him in a mental image. The drawing to the left depicts what he looks like. They are somewhat slender, there are spiky dry protrusions throughout the skin, the eyes are bright and large and yellow with orange red vertical pupils and there is something cat-like or feline about them. A typical Alpha Orionis black lizard. They do not have tails, and again he mentioned the wars, referring to the wars there were between the Alpha Draconians and Alpha Orions in which the Alpha Orions lost and suffered a lot of casualties and losses and were forced to work for the Draconian group. An Alpha Orion always shows up as soon as I start thinking about going UFO watching again, and this must imply that the UFOs I have been seeing might be piloted by Alpha Orions!

I am happy if my UFOs (ahem, alien spaceships) are piloted by Alpha Orions, because then it feels very familiar and safe, yes safe. And it somehow also comfortably ties back together to the very start of The Orion Project (this website and books) which started in 2011 with when the Orion doctor came over to talk. It being the Alpha Orions feels close to heart, and also makes my heart warm. I feel not at all nervous or frightened to go stand underneath their spacecraft, instead I feel a tremendous amount of love and warmth in me about the contact. Truth be told I did not know for sure whose UFOs I was seeing, I was guessing that they would probably be piloted by Pleiadians since isn't it a grand gesture and a kind act to let a human see your spaceships and which aliens are kind to humans if not Pleiadians, and aren't the Agenda aliens supposedly less kind toward other creatures? I would have felt somewhat dismayed had it been Pleiadian spaceships, but it being Alpha Orion spaceships feels like it will be an intimate and warm and cozy encounter, it really feels like family and home with the Alpha Orions. My heart has taken them in.

An Alpha Orion right now does head tremors, his head bobs forward in small nudges repeatedly rather fast. This head bobbing of the Alpha Orions I wrote about in the earliest of my writing. What exactly it means is yet to be found out. Alpha Orions are handsome and majestic creatures, highly intellectual, they seem to be the pilots of the spaceships or so I am led to believe anyway, they also have medical tasks like scientists and doctors. I must of course still assume that a close encounter with Alpha Orions could be dangerous but going out under the stars to see what must be Agenda spaceships feels like going home. I also feel when the Alpha Orions look at me, when they connect to me telepathically when I am thinking about UFO watching, it is a feeling of going home, although going to their home. It is a similar feeling like if you are an adult and you go home to mom and there you have all the comforts of the house, the familiar bed linen and smells of cooking in the kitchen, all that warmth and feeling of home, even though the presence of the Alpha Orions should be a very foreign and alien place, it feels like going home.

I should perhaps add something here. When I was a child I used to draw what I now know was exactly an Alpha Orion black lizard and I used to call her Anri. I had the whole story of her life in my mind, of how she was sent to work on a space station on a planet with yellow beige sand. It was a very vivid cartoon in my mind, and only from 2011 and onward did I realize that I had been living in my mind a story of Alpha Orions so long back before my "known" first encounter with them. So there has always been such a strong connection between me and the Alpha Orions, that even as a child before I officially knew that they were probably already then in my life, they were always family and home to me.

The mental connection with an Alpha Orion is magical. I have written about it before. They share their whole world with me when we are mentally connected. Every nuance of what they are, I feel and get to be a part of.

We have mixed feelings about that too. - Orion, or otherwise a black Reptilian
But, have you seen my space goosebumps? - Hamish (jealous)
Yes Hamish. I have seen your space goosebumps, and your flat duck feet, and your back hump which was very prominent. I love you. - me
I have only inherited them from my father, from my mother not! They were not my mother's bumps! And that is therefore I not have them! My father had them too! My, goose, bumps! - Hamish [Added same day: "And that is therefore I not have them!" he meant that the reason he has goosebumps is not because of his mother, because his mother did not have them.]
Do your children have your goosebumps? Are your children also having them, your Hatch-Its? - me
That has not been determined yet. I was not making anyone pregnant. And that is because, I have got a missing gene. But we like to say Yes-No to that. - Hamish, "pregnant" in my other language
I am Hamish! - Hamish
Hello Hamish! I love you Hamish! You are a Turtle my Sock Turtle! - me

The mind and world of an Alpha Orion is in my opinion a very irresistible place. It is a place of focus, intellect, science and technology, of memories of wars, memories of another planet that is black on the ground. But the very essence and "flavor" of their personality and mind is charming, it is wonderful to have their thoughts, their sensations, their emotions, and their world flooding into my senses as we are telepathically connected. They are magnificent, and it is a privilege to be in their presence.

And koalas and a frog

January 16 2018, 11:30 AM - Help! I recently just a few days ago wrote a telepathic conversation with a man named Dunlop! I am sure that this was the name because if I do an internet search on the name it brings up "Dunlop Tires" which is a business and I remember that from a few days ago when I first searched for the name so the name is correct! It seems that the text about Dunlop has disappeared from the website, I only find one text from 2013 about a Dr. Dunlop who turned out to be an Alpha Orion, but the text I wrote a few days ago has gone missing! This is very concerning for me! Can anyone remember reading about a Dunlop recently in January 2018 and do they remember where this text was located on the website, then email me please!

I found that a zoo not too far from here has got koalas. I might take Hamish to go see koalas in real life. If he wants to. He keeps thinking though of their black claws and he feels that they are dangerous animals, they are not at all cute and cuddly for him. I would like for him to not have to feel so challenged and unsettled by them, that is why I bought for him the stuffed koala too. I love my turtle.

I got a little stuffed frog that is green with yellow chin, eyes, hands and feet and I told the aliens "Deb Deb Deb Kermit Deb Deb Deb!". Hamish was not too keen of course. The froggy sits on the headboard of my bed.

I REMEMBER NOW WHAT THE TEXT WITH DUNLOP WAS ABOUT! It was when a man talked to me from what looked like an airport traffic control tower and he was it seemed with Assistant Carlisle or was it Warren Alain or someone there! It was a BEAUTIFUL piece of text, one of the very best! And it was a text which felt a bit forbidden. Rest in peace, beautiful piece, you were one of the very best on this website. I don't know where you have gone, or if you will ever reappear (I doubt it). I don't know what happened to it, it sure was a perfect gem. And they had said they were at the Gatwick Airport which is an airport in England. The text just disappeared, I did not lose it. It is gone without a trace. If some government deleted it then I want to inform them that the feeling of losing it is just like having a finger cut off and being punched in the stomach and that is a feeling I am going to have to learn to live with, thanks.

Some guy or Cunningham was flirting with me last night. He and some other guy there. They told me that Richmond was not going to come back. So it seems my upset with Richmond was acknowledged by them because ever since then other guys have been showing up and acting very sweet and kind and telling me that Richmond won't be back. And some guy who said he was a Marines, so I was asking him about the training to become a Marines but he didn't say anything. I'm not happy about this of course. I don't really talk to the Zetas anymore, just to Reptilians now.

FOUND IT! I FOUND THE TEXT! It is located here: UFOs! What a relief.

The interesting people in my life

January 14 2018, 9:08 PM - The other day Cunningham told me that he is working as a personal trainer, he told me that he would give me classes, I was hesitant at first, but in the end I told him it would be nice. Not that we will ever meet in person? I am hopeful though, one day I will see this guy in real life.

Last night when I went to bed I took a moment to tell Hamish that I love him, I expressed niceness to him for a while saying many sweet things to him of words of affection. Hamish started to show me how one says things of affection in his language. It is to slowly open the mouth, not to open the mouth too much only a little, and then to close the mouth and when closing the mouth there is a palate sound which is not a high-pitched click. He made many for me, and I copied them. He has taught me these many times before, I need to remember it, it is better to talk to him in his own language.

Carlisle was thinking today of lifting me up into a yellow schoolbus and watching the bus drive away. In his thoughts I was a girl maybe 8 or 9 years old, and he got really sentimental and started crying. He was in a remote location of course, and I was at work working. We were telepathically connected so I could read his thoughts and thought images and emotions and also see a vague image of him. Reticulans then talked to him, I only heard a bit of what they were saying. It sounded as if they said to him what implies that the Reticulans would have taken some of his DNA to make me with, it seemed as if not an entire half but some selected material. Remember that Carlisle was on the UFO reverse engineering team in the late 80's. He really believes that he is my father. And he told me that he wishes that he could have taken me to water parks when I was a child. I told him that I almost drowned in a water park once as a child and that lots of children die in pools and water parks so that was not a good idea. Why does this man truly believe that he is my father, and that he missed out on my childhood? I also learned from the thoughts of Carlisle that they were interested in me because I was born two months prematurely.

After two weeks on 100% raw food I started eating a variety of foods again. The aliens were quick to inform me that since they now know that I am eating all sorts I should not eat peas. For some reason when I eat peas, which includes green peas, chickpeas and soy, that it is incompatible with the hybrids. I was shown a mental image of a small beige colored fetus today.

Hoisted up two times

January 13 2018, 7:32 PM - Last night as I went to bed I was complaining to the aliens that I do not even know if they are real beings. That led what was probably a Reptilian or otherwise a Dark Lord to hoist me up two times so that I went from lying down in bed to sitting upright and having also been pulled closer down toward the foot end of the bed where the aliens were, the aliens were not physically here in my room but it was "as if" they were at the foot end of the bed anyway. It felt like Reptilians. They are able to pull my body, and as I have described this behavior before it is not me doing it intentionally nor by accident. What they then said to me meant that they had pulled me to show me that they are real. I had been ready to go to bed sad thinking that the aliens are not real (because I have to tell myself that periodically) but the aliens were not going to let me think that they are not real or for me to be sad about such a thought.

I realize that if I want to work on real contact with aliens or if I need to ask them anything else either, then it is the Reptilians I need to talk to, and not the Zetas. Reptilians are far more responsive to my needs and requests and Reptilians are also capable of empathy and sympathy. Meanwhile it is impossible to get a Zeta Reticulan to do anything at all for someone no matter how you ask. Reptilians are able to listen to someone's requests and to comply. I will shift my focus on talking to the Reps about close contact.

Remembering abductions

January 12 2018, 9:49 PM - As expected I remember nothing about an alien abduction from last night if one happened. I did have a dream though where I was allowed to go into this place which is like a basement that is a system of narrow hallways with many turns and I was expecting Hamish to be there, I kept asking if I will find Hamish there but no one said. I looked around corners hopeful to encounter my Hamish finally, but all I encountered were cartoon images or toy puppets of happy green frogs in the hallways shown to me, and no Reptile. With so much pre-abduction talk which strongly implies that the aliens intend to abduct me, I remember nothing of it.

Hamish was showing all of us his back hump today, to me and a hybrid child and any other aliens there with them. I of course told him that I have seen his back and that it looks good and all of that.

I have started the phase of reaching out to other alien abductees and to alien abduction groups. In the beginning of the alien contact

Yes, but she never talks to us. - Pleiadian dismayed
We would talk to you about other things than about your poo. - Pleiadian man, "poo" (NL)
They are not just studying the foods that you eat, that is a lie, they are also introducing foreign substances into your body. - Pleiadian man
I thought so. I think they have told me that before. What kind of substances? Give me one example. - me

In the beginning I chose to isolate myself immediately from all other literature about aliens so that my stories would be as close to possible an independent example and not unintentionally inspired by what I read elsewhere. I think after more than six years I have gathered enough material to where it is "safe" for me to make that sigh of relief and connect to others out there. I want to hear what abduction and alien contact stories other people have! I want to just sit and listen for hours. And I want to get involved in the research.

My first goal is to see if I can become able to stay awake for abductions and to remember the abductions. I remember very few alien abductions from my whole life. The best example is the one where I nagged at Reptilians endlessly "Pick me up! Pick me up! Pick me up!" until they gave in and a Crocodile Man floated me through a white space into a spaceship where I got to meet brown Reptilians and I was conscious during most of the time there. Then we have the encounter with the Thuban and small Zetas where the hybrid girl runs me quickly to the bathrooms cause I said I have to pee (I always have to pee during abductions). One memory of a Dinosaur putting the tubing down my nose. Other than that I fail to remember any other examples of actual alien abductions of being there with the aliens!

Is it then odd that I remember lots of military abductions which were incredibly vivid and easy to remember afterwards?

So I read through an article about how to remember alien abductions ICAR - Examining Memory. It makes it sound as if regression hypnosis is the only way.

10:19 PM. Preparing for bed I remembered something. I can't believe I forgot. When I went to bed last night after I stopped writing, the Zetas showed me a mental image of my white thick fluffy socks and asked me to put them on saying that it - or the floor - gets cold there once I get there, and so I put not those but another pair of thick soft socks on (the dark pink ones were cleaner and I won't wear any dirty socks over at the Zetas). They also said that the "butt doctors" are coming. Odd how I can recount everything Hamish or the military men say in the evening before but this thing about the Zetas talking about socks nearly slipped my mind. Is that how forgetting abductions works? Just like that?

With a high spirit and cheerful mood I begin to make plans to arrange to have an alien abduction regression hypnosis with a specialist. For some reason after just a little while my cheerful mood shatters and I start to feel really anxious and as if I want to whimper and whine, for no real reason other than that it must be part of the stuff that is locked away from memory. I feel myself shivering and whimpering and cold and worried. I didn't know that any of those feelings would be part of it, I thought I should be happy and excited to go see the aliens every night, just that I forget! Hey let me relax and see if I can remember last night, right now, without a regression therapist.

They were keeping me calm, monitoring so that my heart was resting. They don't want to worry me. And they put that stuff into my nose

Hello this is Langdon what are you doing? - Langdon appears
Hello Langdon. What are you doing? - me
Do you know what they do to little girls here? - Langdon
I don't want to know. I just want to meet my Hamish. - me
Yeah. And what about that. - Langdon
So, you won't be awake anymore at 3 AM. That is when they will come. - Langdon

I have work tomorrow but I am going to put my alarm clock on for 3 AM. So there. What else can I remember before Langdon interrupted me. My heart is beating really slow, they are monitoring it, THEY ARE KEEPING ME ASLEEP so that I am calm, that is why I can't remember! Zetas and hybrid children are whispering around me there, I am lying on the table. There are gadgets above the table attached to a white rectangular block and a strong light comes from that block above me. I want to move my feet but I can't, it is the feeling of an ache in the bones and joints and needing to wiggle the foot just a little bit to get rid of the irritating feeling, I want to but I can't, my body is fixed.

The Zetas talk directly to my brain, some part of them doing that is uncomfortable, how they see me as just a brain and not a person, yet the communication works that way, so it both makes me less of a person but is also effective.

This is Langdon again. - Langdon
Hello Langdon. - me
So, you wanna go out and see those bright lights do you? Don't. We can't let them come into your city. They just wanna look at your asshole. And see what you are eating! - Langdon, he smiles at the last sentence about eating
You don't decide what happens to me. I want to meet everyone, you included. I want to meet you Langdon. - me
We are making some soups with our butts, not. - Hamish
Hamish, what do you mean with what you said? - me
This is Langdon again, do not talk to him. - Langdon

Let me try to remember more, if those are memories of course and not just my imagination somehow filling in. I hear a loud screeching sound, it is the Thuban vocalizing something to us, it stands in the doorway to the room. It has those black eyes that rotate clockwise and counter clockwise. I am told to empty the contents of my stomach, and I don't know how. They tell me I or we are rats, the Thuban said that. The Thuban pushes for the hybrid children to get out of the room. I have an implant in me, they say that. It tracks me and monitors me, it keeps me cold when I get there, so that they do not have to lower me into the water bath. (I did that remote viewing of alien abductions, see video, where I also remembered being lowered into a large water tank.) The aliens are talking to me and they sound very angry, the Thuban and Reticulans sound angry when they talk to me, and that is because so much a lot has been taken away from them. I have the implant in my tummy. It is a dark metal piece but made out of a soft metal. And I don't want to remember the rest.

(Pst. do not tell Langdon but I am setting the alarm for 3 AM and I am also going to tell myself to wake up if they get me and to stay awake and conscious and to remember!)

We are not jesters. - Hamish is a bit upset
Why did you say jesters? - me
You always laugh at me when you come here. - Hamish
And, I only just wanted to get out to go to my barrels! - Hamish speaks before I had a chance to answer
And that is because I want my Lunches. Yes-No jester! - Hamish angry, when he said barrels he thought of himself standing beside one of those large blue barrels that someone fills with food for Reptilians and he kicked once on the barrel
I am sorry if I laugh. - me
I am sorry! - Hamish repeats and he does the lemon face, he was just repeating what I said and not saying it from himself
This is Langdon again. *clears throat* - Langdon
Yes, we wanted to live in peace, with your people. - Reticulan to Langdon

Ok this could turn into miles of text so I am going to bed and setting the alarm for 3 AM.

I am sorry if I laughed, Hamish. I love you. You are not a jester. - me
And you are not my family. My family is another race than you. Therefore, Tik-Tok, No! - Hamish and he has his hands on the lower end of the backhump for "do not follow me"


January 11-12 2018, 1:04 AM - I am so happy! The Zetas are letting me see them in mental images! They are in a very large room which feels very cold and is black and blue in colors. The images are clearer than usual and tonight's pre-abduction interaction from the aliens is much more detailed and involved than usual! I feel like I am making progress toward conscious abductions! I couldn't be happier! They are talking to me telepathically I just have to make quick notes and then I will do the procedure as I remember it from my teens when the pre-abductions used to be intense with white fog and things: I will take a shower (not part of the procedure but I like to do that anyway, a quick one because the aliens are already here!), lie down naked in bed on my back with arms on my sides and close my eyes, oh and close the door first! The Reticulan tells me they are going to make me pregnant! And then they will take it out and look at its genetic traits he says!

We will look at your tongue first, and then we will go into your tummy. And it is pretty important that you do not get worried in front of your children." - says the Zeta
Look at the color of her hair! - Zeta to children
We will next make you pregnant. - Zeta in my third language
Wait! I have to write the notes first! - me

First this evening I saw a man in mental images although he seemed close. He is blonde and maybe in his early 50's. I don't know his name. He said he was not Richard and he was not really technically flirting with me but he made it clear that the aliens have asked him to have sex with me, and he meant that he would not be problematic in the ways that I had felt that Richard Swansea has been, at least that is what I thought he meant.

We are coming now. Are you ready now, my giraffe? - Zeta in the alien spaceship
First we will take your eggs out. And then we need to go into your butt, with some semen. - Zeta
We need to take the eggs out later, and look at them. - Hamish explains!
Tok Tok. - Hamish

Let me just write real quickly. The Zeta now says he will put a metal instrument down on my tongue which will make me feel the taste of metal. He now referred to me as giraffe to the children. So then came Jack and was flirty and he said that he has been with many women but that he really likes me. I was touched by his words and what Jack said made me blush and my cheeks got hot and red. It was obvious that the aliens meant for Jack to have sex with me. I told both of the men that I would go out on a date with them. Oh and earlier for a lot of time today the "sleazy" guy I wrote about earlier (see previous entry below) has also been thinking about me and considering me but I am not interested in him he is too sleazy. The first guy the blonde one he has been thinking about anal sex that is what he would like to do to me and I have told him many times today that "I am not a homosexual man or a prostitute" and that "I do not do that", he has talked about butt plugs and all sorts I keep telling him that is not my thing. Sorry to be so graphic but this is a documentary and why should any details be left out?

I got to see a black Reptilian today who is robust, he looks a lot like the one on this picture except his skin is covered in many small hard bumps and small blunt spiky bumps that are black and gray in color making his skin look a bit old, I said nice things to this black Reptile. He has a robust build and is not the "black Reptilian", also the skin is not smooth it is coarse and rugged with the many small bumps. I said nice things that he is beautiful and I asked him if he is a king and I said that is because other Reptilians have always told me they are kings. The reptile took kindly to my kind words. He was a sweet for sure, Reptilians are sweet you just got to pour bags and bags of honoration and admiration at them and you will have them growl-purring and closing their eyes in a smile and being really sweet and adorable (with occasional sadistic threats they say and that they laugh at).

A Zeta Remulan was there I was told. And Hamish is there. And the Zetas put a white porridge sludge along the edge of the medical table where I will be at, along my right side edge which is a food that will have the kids stay around there, a bit of an incentive. The Zetas told me about things they would do, which includes mainly their interest in my fecal sample, they asked if I have had a bowel movement I said I have not today and I said they can probably find some easily. They are going to show that to the kids as well. I asked why are they interested in my feces so much, they say they are studying what I am eating. And they said they are going to insert a needle through into my bellybutton with which they can check on the tiny fetuses (yes, many) that are growing in my uterus. Oh and a bit earlier the Zeta showed me a mental image depicting one of my organs which is in my belly, like a pouch, I asked which organ is it I asked if it is the urinary bladder but they didn't say. I don't know but it would probably be the uterus. The organ has a pale gray exterior surface and has blood vessels covering the exterior surface.

And then Hamish who was also in the medical room with the Zetas, Hamish showed me his head buttons all the sixteen ones along the long back of his neck! Then Hamish talked without use of words but I can know what he is saying, he gave the strict order to me that they are going to take off my panties and look at my female parts. So Hamish had shown me his head buttons because he was being serious about such a serious topic. Hamish rarely shows me his head buttons, but now he was showing power and being stern and serious about a topic. I just said nice things to dragon of course.

And the Zeta Remulans or Alpha Reticulans have been fussing at me, even when I say nice things they tell me I am being haughty, and a moment ago one called me a mut, not just these things they say but so sassy, so arrogant and rude how they talk! (It is much easier to calm down a Reptilian than it is to calm down one of these Zetas or Reticulans who are sassy, no amount of sweetness from me will make them any less sassy.)

So I guess this is it. Oh and the Zetas said about the children that are there now, they look to be about 9 years old by the way but are miniature Zetas with pale gray skin and large black eyes, that these kids had been taken out of their water tanks just for this occasion of meeting with me this time. Presumably the water tanks that they were grown in. So their schedule is vast. They are going to take my fecal sample, put the tubing down my nose they also said earlier, check on the fetuses by using the needle through my belly button, and at least one of those men is going to have sex with me, oh and they talked about the purpose of the man having sex with me it is for sex education, I heard the Zetas talking to the men that they need to learn how men do those things. Also Jack said to me earlier that he has slept with me hundreds of times but that it still means something to him, one of those sweet things that he said that really touched my heart. I also saw and felt Jack so near when I sensed him, he has darker skin than I thought, I felt as if I could almost feel the heat and scent radiating from his neck, almost as if I could have reached up and touched his neck. He was not naked at the time though he was wearing his clothes.

Imagine if I could go and meet the Zetas. I am so excited! This is great! And if Hamish would be there, my Hamish! Oh and the Zetas said that Langdon had authorized for this contact that we had which I took to mean the fact that I am more aware already of what is going on than usual, that is what Langdon had authorized. Zetas now show me a mental image of a mouse especially focused on its pink tail and feet and they say without using words that I am like a mouse to them, meaning of course laboratory animal. But Langdon was feeling like a nervous wreck and having anxiety about me getting to see these procedures, I could feel his emotions, and so I told Langdon to stop prohibiting me from seeing the aliens and for him to stop having a "neurosis" I called it and I said to him that I am fine. I said to Langdon that he is the one having a neurosis meanwhile I am fine.


We would first place you under a tarp. So that we do not see you all at once, when you are naked. And also so that you do not feel cold. - Zeta
We are welcoming you to the examination room. - the sassy white alien says
We are giving you a good report. You can come here on your good behavior. And then we are going to see these! - Jack first grumpy or serious, then the sentence about these he raised his eyebrows it meant my breasts, wouldn't he be bored of seeing my breasts by now?
Look at me! - a hybrid child with tufts of long yellow hair opens its mouth and leans its head backward to show me that in its mouth are asymmetrically situated random blunt white teeth some of which seem to grow too far inward in the upper jaw and not along where the row of teeth would be as if through the palate itself, it meant for me to see the teeth of course
We know that this one likes the sofa, and he will rest there. - Zeta about Hamish of course
He has therefore become the king. I will rest now. - Hamish goes to the sofa in our home
Hamish you can rest. I am proud of your work. You have done a good job today, I am proud of your race too. - me
I like resting here, when you sleep! And then we give the Dinosaurs a worm. - Hamish, "worm" was in my native language referring to their salary in white grubs
We would like to see what you eat. And what becomes rest of it. Do you, want to come with us now? - Zeta
YES! - me
Hello, this is Langdon. It is about time that we meet. - Langdon a bit awkwardly and looking down to the floor a bit
No can do. And that is because you will be strapped down on our medical table. - Zeta
Look at me! At what I have grown! - the child shrieks again and gapes its mouth open to show me the teeth
You have teeth! That's fantastic! - me
Did my mommy like them? - the child surprised asks the Zetas, referring to its teeth
Zetas, and Langdon. If I get to see everyone, then it will be the happiest day of my life!! - me
Oh, just you wait till what they do. You won't be so happy anymore. Ahh... - Langdon he sighs then for himself
Langdon! You STOP telling me how I am supposed to feel! I have eagerly awaited - me interrupted
You are our monkey. - sassy Reticulan, "monkey" in my other language
Yes well, this is Langdon again. We are taking you down to their city. - Langdon, then he frowns and looks down to the floor he is feeling sad
I am HAPPY! - me
This is your job! - sassy Reticulan to Langdon
Yeah, this is what we signed up for... - Langdon, "signed for" or "signed up for"
We do not like music, humans. - sassy one or Hamish or Reptilian (NL)
I apologise for music today. - me
We wanted to look at your ass. - a Reticulan first stroked its long fingers across the hair close to my forehead, then said that and I thought that was a funny contrast and not what I expected to hear of course
You can look at it. I am happy to oblige. If I get to stay awake of course, and retain my memories of the experience. - me
How are you screaming from there? - sassy one thinks of my skull how is sound or voice coming out of my skull
And you? How do you speak? - me
We are a very advanced race! - the sassy one fusses and spit-hisses, I see that it must be the Thuban Auntie it looked like it, ah yes the way that it sits slumped in the corner there, must be the Thuban sounds like the Thuban too, and earlier it had said one of their words was it "Hynch!" to me and when I had said Hunch back then it said rudely why do I use their words and I had said I do not even know what Hunch means

Ah, the alien that says Hinch! Do you guys remember the Thuban Auntie who says Hinch? How long has it been? The Thuban whale. One alien now says that they do not need my clothes, and another one tells me that they the aliens smell referring it seemed mostly to Hamish.

Langdon gets a hug from me. For letting me meet my aliens. And Jack gets a hug. And Hamish gets to hear me tell him that he is the honored race. - me interrupted from more
I am not coming any more to your bed. - Hamish sitting on the sofa (NL), I am sitting on the bed, I have invited him to my bed today just for relaxing, I get the feeling the other aliens have asked him to stay back on the sofa during the abduction, Hamish can get in the way sometimes when there is a crowd he can get too dominating so sometimes he is asked to leave the medical room where the Zetas are
For me there was not homework, ugly. - Hamish (NL), he was thinking here of an Alpha Reticulan I saw his mental image of the Alpha Reticulan when he said "ugly" he thinks that this creature is ugly and something about homework, now a Reticulan says they will kidnap me
I WANT TO GO THERE. Help me to stay awake. Help me to remember. - me
Will you show this little one your teeth? - Zeta to me about the child
Yes. I can show my teeth. - me
It is for me homework, she said. - Zeta (NL) bends down to the child and speaks to it, I am the she, the homework is to see my teeth, so this is the type of conversations Hamish was hearing spoke there, for me to be involved with showing my teeth to the child is my homework, the child undoubtedly has its own homework in the study of humans
We are not sure, that you are going to feel terrible. But we are willing to give it a shot! - Jack
I want to stay awake. I promise you I am going to be happier than I have ever been before. - me
Tuk Tuk. - Hamish from the sofa
Tuk Tuk, Darling. I am proud of you. - me, wow look at his neon orange and red colors
I am the proud race she said. I was with the vippen. - Hamish, he sways his upper body side to side when he says vippen (the Zeta word for penis, here referring to the men or hybrids of course)

The smell of urine appeared when I said "happier than I have ever been before", I think I caught the whiff of Zetas and/or their hybrids, the smell is now gone.

What it would mean to me to get to stay awake for the abduction,

Jack is here, and he is not with the internal resistance team. We don't want him to know about your eggs. - Alpha Reticulan, I see its flattened in the center head it is definitely an Alpha Reticulan this one
We wanted to see your belly! - a Zeta, "belly" in my other language
I am ready to come there! - me
We will show you their vippen! - Zeta with mental image of I think Jack's penis in erect state

I want to remind my readers that I am writing a documentary on alien contact and that the aliens study all these medical things about humans. I have to go jump into the shower and get naked and into bed and I will keep nagging the aliens to let me stay awake. I just have to be brave and strong, which I am, and do my best not to get irritated at anything what the hybrid kids do or say then I will be fine.

The Zeta Remulans are here. We wanted to look at your tummy. Do you want to go here to our potty. We have prepared one for you. We need to take a look at your pee and shit. - Zeta Remulan
.. Alright. I am happy to oblige. - me
Look at that. She is our flower. - Zeta Remulan or other white alien, "flower" was (NL) and it leant down to the child next to it so it said to the child about me

What is that god-aweful smell right now? It smells literally like a rancid dirty sock.

I would never put you into my dating book. You are not really that good. - Jack, he means like a black phone book what people used to have before the internet to put the numbers of girlfriends into

Hamish smells like cheese and vomit, Zetas and hybrids smell like formaldehyde acetone urine and ammonia, adult male Illuminati hybrids smell like BluTac and candle wax, Dark Lords tend to smell like rancid old socks, you know like sweaty socks that got wet in the rain puddles when the water soaked in through the sneakers and then you place the socks to dry on the radiator but it just makes them worse and then you end up with baked rancid dirty old socks, that is what the smell is like.

Time to get ready and to get excited and hopeful. Too bad if they make Hamish stay behind on the sofa the whole time, would not surprise me, he tends to get in the way over there so the Zetas tend to ask him to leave the medical room, but if I do get to have an awake alien abduction experience then I would be sure to ask them kindly to let Hamish come and see me in the room, my Hamish, my best friend in the world.

Yes-No, about a rancid sock. Yes-No, about my cattle here. - Hamish sitting all comfy and snug on the sofa, he is really happy and enjoying the sofa but still listening to everyone and sharing his piece of mind when he deems it necessary
Do you like to go to our potty here? - a white alien Alpha Reticulan I think I saw the flat on the center of the head
Yes, I can do that. - me
Do not worry, we will not harm you with it. We only want to see what you made. - the Alpha Reticulan
And we won't pay you for it. And you need to eat more grass. You eat grass and seeds. It makes good diet for you. Like dietary pills, only better, or worse. Your pills are no longer necessary, and that is why the reason we have gone into your nose, and into your anus. - Alpha Reticulan, all of this said with that frown and sassy even when he said the positive sentences, the pills referred to my bottle of vitamin supplement pills that I no longer take, and he is talking about me eating the raw vegan diet which means I no longer need nutrition supplement pills, grasses refers to any vegetable foods, I eat vegetables, fruits, berries, some seaweeds, lots of seeds like he said, and nuts, sometimes raw sushi fish

Ok wish me the best of luck! May I not be disappointed again today! Hamish is sitting on the sofa, he is such a cutie.

I love you Hamish. I am proud of you every day. - me
Mine, pizza, snack, was no longer there. I liked that red carton. I LIKED THEM! AND THEY SMELL NICE! Please, fetch me another pizza! Another pizza snack. Mine. For mine, grasses not fed. Mine, Yes-No do not drink any more cola! JUST the pizza this time! - Hamish, aha so now we know why this dragon loves it when I go and fetch the pizzas, it is because he likes the red carton it comes in, he also likes the smell of pizza, usually it comes with a free soda like a Pepsi so he means I should not have the cola with it (sugar makes me less "fertilizable")

I am going to the shower now and going to bed and unfortunately I won't be able to take notes I will just have to try to remember. Oh and last night when I went to bed I now remember, a hybrid child talked to me and it had a strange sounding voice almost like a machine recorder, but its voice though, and it said to me... "I am a baby!", it said in my native language many times. It is so bizarre when the Zeta babies talk, if they were humans they could not talk. They take their pacifier out of their mouth, talk, then put the pacifier back into their mouth, such a bizarre experience but not the first time. And also a human man from the team told me last night telepathically when I went to bed that he used to study Social Science, he asked me if I had studied it, I said no and I asked him what he had learned there, he said that they used to analyze episodes of the Seinfeld sitcom in class, I said wow that must be absolutely fascinating I wondered what they learned but we didn't talk more on the subject.

So now we know the answer to this mystery: Hamish likes it because of red carton plus the smell of snacks. Wish me luck!

I am with the alien-interception team, I am not meant to let them do any of this. - Jack
And now, here come the Mantids. - alien says and I see a Mantid
We are very sorry. We don't have warts. - Mantid, "warts" was (NL) and referring to Hamish's red bumps on his face, Hamish may have told the Mantids of their lack in appearance and thus in status, this sounds like a response to such
We are here, because of your poo. - Mantid, "poo" (NL)
We will inspect it with them. We will take the minerals out of them. And then we will know and see. What minerals we need to feel better. When you come here, at first you will vomit. And then we will clean it up, and then all will be better. - Mantid, "vomit" was (NL)
I don't mind vomiting, I can handle it. My stomach is empty so nothing will come out. - me
We will see about that. - Hamish seems not so sure, he seemed to remember me vomiting a small stream of something yellow
Yes-No, out of your mouth. - Hamish
I will be fine, Hamish. I am always returned back home safely. - me
We are with the insects-team. - Reticulan about Mantids said to me
Hello insects. - me
We would like to set you here on our potty. - Mantid to me
I can try, but I don't know if I can deliver anything. - me
WE WILL GIVE IT A CHANCE, SHE SAID TO US! - Alpha Reticulan about me to Jack
How many babies do we get to deliver? - Reticulan asks me
Now that you have said yes to us? - Hamish adds
Let me meet with everyone first. Then we can talk about helping each other out. - me
Yes-No, more salt. More salt, my babies needed it not. It does not help them. - Hamish was probably told by the others to tell me, as why would that really interest Hamish, referring to the sea salt I add to my salads every day, so seems the salt is too much which I can probably agree to

Ok so this conversation could very easily go on for hours. I need to go to bed and keep my fingers crossed and pray and beg, nag and whine. And maybe... The conversations that follow will of course be interesting, but there is no way for me to just sit here by the computer and write, I mean I need to take action here and writing will not be possible. So I will tell you all what happens tomorrow. "We need your urine too.", Zeta says. See they keep talking? "We need to examine your breasts, with the little ones.", Zeta says.

Some conversation I didn't write down already but then Jack said, "Yeah and they also gotta see me have a boner.", says Jack about the aliens, see, the aliens are studying that. It is 2:09 AM I was writing for a whole hour. Two more hours for abduction hour at 4 AM.

Alien abductions and military (and Hamish, always Hamish)

January 11 2018, 3:52 PM - I was begging and pleading to the Zetas to let me meet with them awake and to get to remember. I had a vivid dream that night where I was back in my childhood home, and I was shown that I was "sleepwalking" in the night going outdoors to be under the star sky where the UFOs were. I thought to myself, I was never sleepwalking. But I do remember being led out by the aliens to go out to see UFOs, but I was awake when it happened and not sleepwalking. Then in the dream while I was outdoors in our backyard where I saw most of the UFOs age 14 and 15, Zetas started talking, I was repeating what they were saying, I heard the words then but I have forgotten by now. Then I was shown perfectly clear and real an image as if I were there in person, of a large dark metal colored saucer UFO which was parked inside of a large hangar building, the UFO was standing on three or four diagonally set legs that supported it above the floor. But on the hull was "USAF" with a five-pointed star underneath the letters.

When I woke up in the morning aliens and/or military were talking to me. A human said about the UFO that it looks good but it cannot fly. They are working on reverse engineering, I heard the words reverse engineering. I also learned in the information that was based on the dreams and on what I was receiving in the morning, that I have been abducted by aliens and the military targets individuals like me so that they can access information for reverse engineering the alien spaceships. And a Zeta told me that they the Zetas have already supplied the military with space technology.

While I was out today grocery shopping, someone gave me a perfectly clear mental image depicting a U.S. Navy ship seen from a bit of a distance out at sea. Then I got to see the military officer whose name I am not entirely sure of, perhaps it was Admiral Benson, the man with short short hair, very dark skin, the one who is sleazy if you read back in earlier entries. I saw him wearing a white uniform. The first thing he told me telepathically was "You be a good girl", and then he added that I should not tell anyone. And he told me that my DNA is special, I said how do you know that you are not a biologist or a scientist. He told me something that I wish I didn't have to hear. So I learned that they created not just one but two genetic copies of me so that they can keep a copy (or two) of my DNA and see what is interesting about it. That is why Susan and Wiley were made.

In the morning the Zetas told me that Hamish had left me, it sounded as if he was being offered more Toast somewhere else, so I gave my best wishes to Hamish and wished him well. But fortunately my Turtle Sock has been around today, so he is still with me. How do I live without his fire engine red scales, flat duck feet, large bulging yellow eyes, hearing Tik Tok, Yes-No, Tok Tok Tok, being shown his back and being reminded that he is not only a Langoustine but that he is also a prominent race? He saw me open a bag of cashews today and he referred to them as "snacks" in my third language. He has also told me that those are not his snacks, which he said because he would not like to eat them. The greatest love I have ever known.

Deb Deb Deb who came to visit!

January 10 2018, 1:39 PM - I was changing the bed sheets so I left some of them on the floor for Hamish for a while. I did not see him take an interest in them, so as I put them into the washing machine I said to Hamish, "Hamish do you want to use the sheets or should I put them in the washing machine?", Hamish said "Yes-No put them!" but it was already too late, I told him "Hamish you need to seize the opportunity while it is presented".

I wrote to two friends who read this website that I want to do a test. I want to know if I can remote view an animal just by seeing a photo of its skeleton which is why I would like to remote view what dinosaurs looked like. I said I want to test it first if it works, so I described a test I have devised: there is a website which randomizes numbers. They shall enter the range between 1 and 10 to get a random number between 1 and 10. Next they go to a website which I found which lists ten big cats that are still living today, using the number they got they choose the corresponding cat. They then enter the name, scientific name and the word skeleton into an internet search engine to find a photo of its skeleton. They must rename the photo so that it does not reveal which of the cats it is, and send it to me and I will give it a try.

Say hello to our friend

But you see... I was telling them about how this work with the cats is related to me wanting to see dinosaurs. So something happened. One of the aliens of the species they themselves call Dinosaurs let me see itself in a mental image, he told me that I do not need to do all that with the cats because I can see him now, and he let me see him in so much detail which was more detailed than when I usually see them. And I made this drawing based on what I saw. You see what happened here? The aliens thought I was referring to the alien species that they call Dinosaurs, they did not know that I was talking about Earth's prehistoric dinosaurs such as the Tyrannosaurus rex, Stegosaurus, etc. The image and conversation I had of the Dinosaur alien, plus the mixup here, I know it couldn't have come from my own mind. It is again indicating that my aliens are real and not imaginary.

Hep hep! - says one of the aliens to when I said "imaginary"
We are not real to you. And so I objected. We were the real ones. Hep hep! - so this is Hamish saying the Hep hep
Hello Hamish, I love you turtle. - me
You love me, even though we are not benign. And so, grrr! - Hamish
Opus ondi, from me. - says a Dark Lord

I thanked the Dinosaur for letting me see it. I did not explain to him that I had meant remote viewing Earth's prehistoric dinosaurs which is a whole other thing. Hamish said rude things to the Dinosaur, that his kind are food, and that he has a lower rank. Dinosaurs are constantly being bullied and put down by Reptilians. I told Hamish to be kind because the Dinosaur is my friend. Dinosaurs are amazingly sentient and beautiful beings, the mind and personality that is in them is more precious and valuable than any value that we place onto the living sentient conscious human mind. Dinosaurs are more of a person than we are, and so they need to be awarded with more of what we call "human rights".

The Dinosaur said that it does not like it when it gets cold, I told the other aliens to please give him a comfortable warm environment because then it will benefit us all and that because it will also make the eggs happy (I always use the eggs card, but only when necessary, I try to save on it so it does not wear out). And there was a human man who works with overseeing the alien activity on Earth and he was there telling the Dinosaur to leave me, I said no let them stay, although I had to wonder what menace the man knows about that he might have been wanting to prevent, but I wanted to keep the Dinosaur with me anyways.

The Dinosaurs always say that they don't want humans to laugh at them, they are self-conscious about their appearance. I told him he was beautiful and that if I laugh then it is because I am happy, of course I giggled as I drew him because he is just so amazingly beautiful to see up close like it was this time! He told me that human men laugh when they see him, he was referring to abducted men, he also told me about some of the medical procedure work that he carries out on abductees. The usual stuff.

On another topic. Captain Richard Swansea is still fathering children "with" me there for the aliens. Zetas showed me some of those little pale gray white children the other day and they wanted me to be aware of Richard too. I was having none of it so I got upset.

Last night when I went to bed and I was begging to stay awake when I see them, the aliens told me that I would vomit if I get there and they showed me the image of a bucket that is on the floor next to the medical table. Also nothing new. But I don't remember. I want to get to remember. But anyway, the aliens showed me a mental image of a frog kind of like a puppet or a toy head that is smiling, while I was still in bed, it cheered me up lots! It means the Dinosaurs are there.

We are not a toy. We are a real head. - a Reticulan that I see in a mental image says to me now

And of course while the Dinosaur was letting me see him today, I was telling him Deb Deb Deb, although he did not say that back to me.

Well about the Richard Swansea thing. Zetas cause sexual sensations in me, I don't know how they do that if they use the drug silver or some other influence, when they show me the kids, they think that will somehow make me positively attached to the children, they also do this for me and Swansea, but I objected I got really angry I was banging my fist on my bed and saying every possible swearword I could think of to the Zetas telling them to stop, and so it stopped and they left me alone. But this is all also because the Zetas use the hybrid children sexually. It is disgusting over there, sometimes I think someone should take a blowtorch on all of the Zetas and their hybrid children and the men like Richard Swansea. I did say that someone has to kill Richard Swansea because he is a rapist, I think I even told Hamish to kill him. I was so upset I said I was going to kill myself with a knife, and good thing there was no knife around. I realize this is serious but at least they leave me alone, so do not worry about me it is all manageable but I would kill the hybrid children if I saw them, that would not be a problem. No one likes to be raped, so there.

This morning when I woke up, I saw Hamish in a mental image, he was just lurking around somewhere. So first thing I said to him, I said "Tok". Hearing that made him so happy, his eyelids closed in what is a great happy smile, so I said something like "Aww Hamish I made you happy!" and then I was happy too! It is moments like these that I cherish. Cause I surprised him with a Tok (which means "I am here with you now") and he started to smile! I made a Reptilian smile, and not just a Reptilian it was my Hamish! There is nothing more meaningful in life than making a Reptilian happy and smile. What more could this world offer me? My day is complete, my life is fulfilled. (I am being serious, don't take it as a joke.)

We used to do it to cows first. Then we got to come here and do it to you. - Reticulan
So, do not call it raped, anymore. - Reticulan or Dark Lord or other alien
I HAVE ASKED FOR ONE THING IN RETURN. To get to stay awake during the contact and to remember. WHY DO I NOT REMEMBER? - me
What do you want to know about your urine here? About what happens in a dark place? About, us? - Dark Lord
I want to GO THERE and MEET EVERYBODY! - me
We take stuff out of your nose. That is why you cannot remember any of it. - Reticulan
I remember that once. I was once awake when a Dinosaur put a tubing down my nostril, I was awake and I remember, and I don't mind it. So I can be awake next time. - me
Do you want to go now, to our garden? - Reticulan, image was of the zoo with the fake tree
I want to go there yes. Can I come there now? - me
We won't victimize you there now, but we want lust. - Dark Lord or dark Reptilian (not Hamish)
Can I visit today? - me
This is, General Patton. - GP
Hello General Patton. How are you? How is the leukemia treatment going? Are you feeling better? - me
I was going to give you these maps about where we are. We are down, locked down in basements! And no one has given us the key! - Dark Lord
Is that an alien base? - me
No one comes here besides me! - Dark Lord
So we were welcoming you then. - Dark Lord
TO BE GOATS! FEEDING WITH OESTRUS! - same or another Dark Lord
I want to visit Zeta Reticulans. - me
We have a campsite. Where you could go, to meet some of us. - Reticulan
Can I meet Reptilians there too? - me
We would like to say no, to it. - Hamish
Why No, Hamish? Why? Is it a Yes-No? - me
I was not fighting! - Hamish, he wants to bite into my fingers, he means that he did not say Yes-No that it was not that serious (Yes-No is if something is strictly forbidden, but it was not that), he means that he did not say Yes-No and he did not bite into my fingers about it

Hamish sees a crying baby in a video game

January 07 2018, 10:08 PM - I am playing the computer game The Sims 2. In it my Sims family has a newborn baby which every now and then wakes up crying. Each time when the baby starts crying, Hamish makes a deep belch sound from his throat which I have not heard before to which he says in English "Tok", and one Tok means of course "I am here with you now", he seems to say that to the baby.

But he starts to think hostile thoughts toward the baby in the game. He wants to put it into the bath tub in the game to drown it in the water, and he thinks about putting a flat duck foot down on the baby, and he even spreads his fingers wide and squats down a bit to show off his hump back to the baby, the spreading of fingers is a sign of threat which is more serious than just a little sign. He also thought about pouring a can of beer on its head which I cannot explain. But he meant that if the baby dies then it does not have to be fed with a spoon (even though the babies in the game are not fed with spoons only with bottles). I tried telling him that it is a "hatch-it" but Hamish wants to attack it. Although, some of the things he said or the way that he said it made me a bit amused so I put my index finger on my lower eyelid to show him that I am laughing. Then this punchline, delivered by a Reticulan I think it was an Alpha Reticulan, one of the nurses, nurses meaning taking care of newborn:

There is a reason why Alpha Draconians do not work with us as Nurses. - Reticulan
Hey you, you are not a good nurse! - Reticulan to Hamish

I was also showing it my hunchback, to show it that I was more significant. Therefore it was not crying about me. - Hamish says to me talking about the baby in the game
I was the more significant race! I said to it, and therefore it did not cry. Not because of me, or my back. I was significant because of my humpback. - Hamish, hunchback or humpback I forgot, and when he spoke "I was the more significant race" he had his mouth gaping wide open during the whole sentence which is also a serious form of threat (but toward the baby of course)

Did it have eggs, taken? I was the rhynchus race, from a distant land. - Hamish all (NL), he started to speak again once I returned to the game and... the baby in the game started crying again

Hamish faces with his mouth open again but not at me, then he turns around and shows his back off and does the "dance" which is him turning around slowly in one spot to show his back and he says "Tok Tok Tok".

This is Langdon. Do not talk with him again. - Langdon to me about Hamish
I am the more dominant/significant race! - Hamish, sorry I forgot which word he said but I heard it then but all this typing I can't keep up sometimes

Hamish is now keeping his mouth gaping wide open, as if "just because".

My race. I have got a good scent. - Hamish (NL) [about his own scent]
Tok. Why do you have your mouth open, Hamish? - me
To show him, who I am. - Hamish means the baby in the game
But it is just a video game... - me
But it is talking to me. And, Tok Tok Tok. Where is the mother to cut it with a knife, to cut it out of the belly or womb. - Hamish with mental image of a large kitchen knife, at first I was like oh boy how ever brutal but then the image he had right after was of an umbilical cord he means to cut the umbilical cord in the game but that does not happen or is not shown anyway
In the spaceship we have had them many of them. - Hamish (NL) [he means human babies]
We don't always get along with them. Sometimes we argue. And then we say No. - Hamish, some part in English some was (NL), he has his mouth wide open again [he means human babies]

So it is the crying that he is responding to. For some reason, the sound of the baby crying makes him want to show the baby that he is in charge, as if the sound of the baby crying is almost like a riot, which it is toward parents. I would more like to say, that Hamish is probably just wanting to bring the situation under control, because the baby crying is like someone acting wild and like mayhem and Hamish wants calm and order, that is how I would interpret it, but as before I have very often misunderstood dragon. Take for example, his thought of the knife toward the baby one immediately assumes violence and murder... but surprise he just thought about how an umbilical cord needs to be cut. So you see how easy it is to misunderstand this pooch. We really need to let him express himself and to just gradually get to know and to understand his thoughts.

I don't like when they take them. And I was therefore not the rhynchus, that I have got the bad smell. I was robbed, not. - Hamish, his image in the first sentence is of white seagulls landing down on the beach to snatch up red crabs, his mouth was gaping wide open again

When his mouth gapes wide open it is something he does when he feels cornered and uncomfortable, it is him showing his distress and wanting a distressful situation to back off, it also expresses his anger but it is really that he is feeling distressed. I think I need to take the volume down to zero in the game or to stop playing the game entirely. "Pok", he says now. "And then I think that they smells.", Hamish says thinking about the baby in the game. "Pok Pok Pok", he says.

Hamish, what does Pok mean? - me, he said it also in the Alpha Orion page in the Thoughts section from today
I was not feeling cornered. I was feeling dominant. I was taking it down into hay, to drown it in. To show it my supreme race. Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish about the baby infant in the game

Oh yes, the first thing he thought about the baby in the beginning was that he would put the baby's head into his mouth. He has his mouth gaping wide open now too. I don't think I understand my turtle pooch at all, what goes on in his head and how to read his behavior, all I know is to love him regardless no matter what happens.

I go back to the game, and... the baby is crying in the game. Hamish listens carefully and is quiet for a while, he listens and takes in the sound of the baby crying, he then says,

It was saying "I am dominant", and therefore I have shown it myself. - Hamish calmly says

Hamish interprets the sound of the baby crying in the game as if the baby is showing power and as if the baby is saying that it is dominant. So THAT is why Hamish so naturally responds the way that he does! Hamish's reaction makes perfect sense. I just did not understand why he was behaving the way that he was, but now that he explained it I understand very well. You are lovely, Dragon.

I was not the rhynchus, because of my smell. - Hamish
Who calls you rhynchus? Who gave you that name? - me
Breakfast cereal, and take it down with milk for the eggs. Do not give them away to others. - Reticulan, part in English part in I think my native language, this morning I offered some of my cornflakes cereal to some guests at our apartment
I was not the rhynchus, because of my smell. - Hamish
Why are you rhynchus? - me
Because of my dominant status, that is why. And also, *click* Tik Tok my Buttercups! - Hamish
I don't like playing this game, about the rhynchus! You do not have a small brain, you are not taking the eggs! - Hamish, the first sentence in English, the rest in (NL), the game meaning the video game with the baby, he thinks that the baby in the game has got literally a small brain that it is alive!, and then Hamish's thoughts go to that if the baby would take my eggs because he worries about protecting my eggs all of the time

I want to play the game but I also do not want for my Hamish to be concerned.

I was called the rhynchus, therefore. I am dominant. And, my eggs. - Hamish with his mouth gaping wide open, "my eggs" was (NL)
Hamish? The baby is just a video game made for entertainment. I play it because it is a fun simulation of a family life for me. It is a fake toy baby. - me
But it cries at me? And it has got those feet that move? - Hamish
I was the rhynchus! And I don't want it to cry! I have got the feet, I have taken them! My eggs! - Hamish, the feet he thought of the moving feet of the baby in the game, "my eggs" was (NL) and I think his mouth was gaping open in the first sentence at least
Darling, tortoise. It is a computer game. It is not a real baby. - me
I will have it as a snack, or a lunch, or a toast. - Hamish says and turns around to show his back
I was the rhynchus! I am dominant therefore! - Hamish with mouth gaping wide open
My Toast, Lunches and Snacks! - Hamish

This is one of those moments when Hamish gets carried away and I cannot calm him or stop him, I just have to take the stimulus away in this case to stop playing the video game so that he can calm down. I will put on some videos of fish swimming instead so that he can look at something else and calm down.

I was the rhynchus! - Hamish with mouth gaping wide open
I will take it! - Hamish he remembers the crying of the baby and what it looks like - but - in his memory image of the image from the game the colors are much more vivid than when I see it, because his color vision is supreme!

It is time for this, a calming video of sea turtles and fish swimming:

A Pleiadian tells me that I should not feel bad because I have not done anything wrong, referring to this whole situation. Hamish tells me that he has been told to go away, it seems a Pleiadian had told him to move away, Hamish went over to sit on the living room sofa instead. From there he thinks again of how the baby in the video game (in colors that are brighter than my eyes could see!) has a little brain he thinks it is a living creature. Hamish then listens to or hears the calming music from the sea turtles video and he says "Tööt" two times about the music because he does not like to hear the music in his ears, and then

We are here, because we have needed your vagina. - Hamish
I am the rhynchus! - Hamish

Tööt means he wants something that is happening to stop happening because it is bothering him, he says it as a word like this but it probably corresponds to a Draconian vocal, possibly to the sound that I call the "goose basooning sound" which sounds horrible.

The thing with Draconians is that their senses of perception are strong. Also they have instincts of hunting and domination. So there are times when they have a sensory overload and get carried away and then it is difficult for me to calm them down. Hamish makes a purr growl and says "Yes" to the sea tortoise in the video, he is sitting on the sofa. Now he closes his eyes like a pigeon, with both upper and lower eyelids closed fully and the eyelids meeting as a horisontal line in the middle of the eyes, it reminds me of how pigeons look when their eyes are fully closed. Reptilians rarely close their eyes fully but I have always had the impression that they do that to show kindness.

I start watching the video of the sea turtles and feeling myself lulled and calm, the music is muted of course so that Hamish is not disturbed. Hamish then disrupts me from my dowsing off by telling me that they, meaning the sea turtles, are not always friendly because they can also bite. Not at all what I was thinking. It is interesting how we think differently. "My eggs", he says now in my native language. I will turn the computer game off and let the video of the turtles keep playing and have a nap. Hamish can just relax a little on the sofa over there. While a sea turtle is swimming in the video, Hamish focuses his eyes on the water underneath the turtle he is watching if any white eggs would be falling out of the turtle but none come out of the turtle of course. Eggs are an interest of his as we know, it is probably part of his sexual behavior or reproductive behavior as we know he is fond of nests of eggs and of hatchlings of his own species.

They were not red. They were not dominant. - Hamish noticed that the sea turtle in the video is not red in color so therefore they are not dominant

I'll just turn the turtle video off too and also turn the lights off and have it all nice and quiet and dark and calm for dragon to relax a little bit. And I do that for him. I love him so much he needs to relax a little bit because there is no reason getting worked up over a computer game baby that does not even exist, the excitement is just not warranted or necessary.


January 07 2018, 8:24 PM - No way no way no way no way... Even today just a few minutes ago as I was visiting the bathroom Hamish was just sharing his thoughts just random and he told me again the Latin name that someone has called him by that name and I never hear the first part because it is so unknown to me but the ending of that Latin name that someone has given to Hamish's species again ends with rhynchus which just a few days ago when he said it I looked it up and it refers to "nose". I was still in the bathroom but I informed my dear dragon that it is really not a good name for his species because "rhynchus" means "nose" and I said something such as "and Hamish my dear you do not even have a nose, just nostrils".

Well well. So just a few minutes ago I finished writing (and formatting, and posting) the page Alpha Orion and Summoning UFOs and so I considered revisiting the pages on this website that are about the Alpha Orion species because today I learned so much more about the Alpha Orions, such as that Omrigosh means not just hello but it is also used for goodbye. I was scrolling down the page about Alpha Orions, here, and got to the very bottom of it. I contemplated on how long ago I wrote the majority of that page, I thought about how much more I have learned over the six or seven years since the start of this website and how it was all scattered across the pages and would one day all need to be compiled together, then bah. The video which I posted years ago of the marine sea iguanas, since I thought that they look a lot like the black Alpha Orion lizards, bah. The Latin name of the sea iguana is posted in the title of the video which shows on the page: Amblyrhynchus cristatus. Rhynchus! If somebody named the sea iguana with rhynchus then somebody again named Hamish's species also with rhynchus! Ambly means in Latin or Greek actually, dullness, dimness; blunt, dull, dim, dimmed. [G. amblys, blunt, dulled; faint, dim]. SOMEONE MUST HAVE GIVEN HAMISH THE GREEK SCIENTIFIC NAME REFERRING TO HIS SOCK PUPPET HEAD!

Because Hamish's head looks really small and he has no nose just a sock puppet head. I would like to talk to the person who gave Hamish's species its scientific name, because it HAS to be a name which refers to his very proud and prominent hump back, anything other or less would be an insult and a negligence. Someone is giving aliens scientific names. Hey, who's out there looking at Hamish and who said this scientific name ending with rhynchus to Hamish because now he keeps thinking about it? The military refer to Dinosaurs by the name "croakers" and Hamish as "armadillo" but who did Hamish encounter who had actually referred to Hamish by a scientific name ending with rhynchus that was given to his species?

That was just used for challenge, so therefore I do not mind. I did not want to challenge them. - Hamish says pointing to his back when he says "that"
Hamish? - me
About my eggs, I was here, yup! - Hamish
Tortoise? Who calls you rhynchus? - me
The math-geniuses. We do! - a white Reticulan alien with black eyes is quick to respond
We wanted to, look at your tummy next. Because you have got our baby foetuses there. - the Reticulan
But who gave Hamish the name rhynchus? It means nose. - me
I don't want to challenge them with my back, I said. I was not going to show that to them. THE RHYNCHUS WAS FINE! - Hamish, the all caps was not angry it was happy

It is funny how it is not the aliens themselves who are the mysteries in my stories, but things such as these are the mysteries, like who gave my turtle the scientific name which is ending with rhynchus? But the point being, that somebody also named the marine sea iguana as dull or blunt snout (Amblyrhynchus) so somebody out there in the real world has looked at Hamish's species and given it a similar name. I feel like all this time I thought I was all alone with Hamish's species but now I feel like somebody else could be sitting behind my back if I only turn around.

We could shine you with a bright light. - Orion man with mental image of as if a white sphere UFO comes really close to the ground on Earth and shines a lovely white light around, I have never had such a close sighting of these UFOs but the option is intriguing and I would of course be ever so delighted to

I never hear the first part of his scientific name when he says it, because it is not in my vocabulary. But someone out there is naming my aliens. This is not a private experience at all. There are other humans out there encountering my Dragon Turtles, and this is not all in my head.

I look at Hamish and there are so many things I would like to say to him, in so many ways would I like to tell him how much I love him and how beautiful he is, but I decide to just sum that up into his language in a palate click that I make telepathically to him. Then he knows.

Hamish and Richard Swansea - two separate stories of course

January 03 2018, 8:17 PM - "Just like me and Susanna.", said Hamish when I was editing the audio I made of a remote viewing of the Tyrannosaurus Rex prehistoric dinosaur where I am listening through at the part where I talked about how the female Tyrannosaurus would give out a sound which tells the males of her species to stay away from the nest of eggs, and Hamish meant that when he and Susanna have accomplished a nest of eggs then she wants him to stay away from the nest, and Hamish thought about how he would like to follow the little hatchlings around because of how they have the right smell. My eyes flooded with tears.

Today Richard Swansea wanted to talk to me. He thought about why did he choose me because he could have chosen one of the other more attractive women that were also available (in the Zeta gene pool I imagine) and so because I caught him thinking about it I told him that there are also other men who look more attractive than him. That made him tell me that he is balding and perhaps he was asking me if that was why. I told him I had not seen that he was balding and that I only see him vaguely that he has brown eyes and brown hair and that he is not white but has a beige or brown colored skin, I also told him that I had only said that because he had said something mean first. Then I was reminded of how Richmond had thought these things and how deeply upsetting it is to find out that I am being raped by someone who thinks I'm hideous, it really kills me inside. (Presumably the Zetas bring me to men like Swansea who have children with me that are kept there with the Zetas and are mostly hybrids.)

Richard asked me if I wanted to see our children. I said no. Zetas tried to show me mental images of fetuses and things that they are growing and also wanted me to meet or see the hybrid children, I said I only want to meet the Dinosaurs and Reptilians there ("Deb Deb Deb", I hear now!). Olav was looking at me from some other place somehow today, I could see him vaguely in a mental image and I could sense him looking at me. I didn't talk to him. I had the impression that he was around because the aliens want him also to father children with me. I am not impressed.

When I walked past the sofa today to get to the kitchen, a Reptilian probably Hamish was sitting on the sofa - in another dimension but I can see them somehow but in a different kind of image that is not physical like the world I see here - and the Reptile told me as I was passing by that they are royal, and so I said compliments to the dragon because they love to be adored. Hamish was cute today he talked to me about his back spikes. And today while I was at work, I saw Hamish bright neon fire engine red and orange and he was at the time in the act of thinking about the image of colorful fish swimming in a tropical coral reef. Fish are mesmerizing to him because they move and swim around slowly and have what look like bright and beautiful reptile scales on them. I told him today that he smells like a langoustine.

Carlisle and Zetas and Reptilians

January 02 2018, 8:38 PM - Today Carlisle talked to me telepathically about me coming to live with him there in Orange County, California. In his house. And when I called him Carlisle he told me to call him Langdon. I told him that I would love for us to meet if it were possible. I am still nagging at the Zetas that I want to meet the Zetas and that I want to meet with Reptilians. In the morning when I woke up to go to work, Hamish was real eager for us to get out the door and go already, he was telling me in effect that we need to go already that he wants us to go now, and he came with me to work.

9:39 PM. Carlisle showed me a mental image of the hospital in which I was born which is in my home country, I recognized the image very well, he said that he was there when I was born and that he was the one to cut my umbilical cord. This all sounds crazy and weird and insane, but it is not completely impossible. I was delivered with caesarian which means that nobody knows what medical staff were in the room. At least we can accept that Assistant Carlisle, who now calls himself Langdon, thinks that he is my biological father and that he was there when I was born.