On several occasions I have encountered creatures that look like prehistoric dinosaurs and based on the story they tell me they are prehistoric dinosaurs and not from outer space. I have not had physical contact with these beings in the same space, instead they appear to be "hiding" in another parallel universe just like the aliens. The prehistoric dinosaurs are telepathic and can communicate with me. These that have contacted me, they appear to be acquainted with the Agenda aliens.

The by far most common type of prehistoric dinosaur that contacts me is the small raptor. There has also been a brown pteradactyl.

Prehistoric dinosaurs always talk about how they have lost their eggs, which sounds as if their females have been taken away from them or were otherwise lost. They also talk about how they have been living under ground and that they were approached by the Zeta Reticulans. These prehistoric dinosaurs do not say that their origin is Alpha Draconis, instead Earth is their home.

The prehistoric dinosaurs should be considered a separate group from the Alpha Draconis Reptilians, not only due to differences in body but also the difference in the story of home of origin and overall the stories that they share about their respective populations. Alpha Draconis Reptilians are larger and walk on two legs and stand upright and say they are from Alpha Draconis which is in outer space. There are other differences also between prehistoric dinosaurs and Alpha Draconis Reptilians, and so we should regard them as separate populations. We must also be very careful here: "Dinosaurs" are the green anthropomorphic aliens that are green and do not have a tail and that like to say "Deb Deb Deb" when they are happy, other authors refer to these as "Saurians": these "Dinosaurs" are not the prehistoric dinosaurs and they are also not Alpha Draconis Reptilians. So note the three different populations that should not be confused with each other:

prehistoric dinosaurs
Alpha Draconis Reptilians