Dragon Royalty, Dragon Vatican
May 05 2013

Warning: This page is only for adult readers
It concerns some seriously disturbing material. You have been warned

This will be the hardest thing I've had to write about. But write about it I must. It is so deeply aggravating that I question this entire project, my project of documenting everything that is said and that happens with the aliens and humans of the Draconian Agenda in the thousands of pages by now. To present a milder censored version here on this website, and to publish everything verbatum and authentic, unedited uncensored in the book format.

Making the books became necessary early on due to the graphic content featured, which I find highly unsuitable for an underaged audience as well as for the general public. The books even will be from 18 years and up, although sometimes I wonder if raising that to age 20 or more would be more appropriate, laden with warning texts both on the first pages and on the book cover. If the book reaches retail I would only let the stores carry a censored version of the book, the uncensored version through my website. This story is atrocious, and I am sorry about that. Sometimes I cry and feel nauseous, I scream and get angry to the point of my heart failing, I pray to God and I plead, as I write down the words. Verbatum, authentic. Exactly as it happens and as it is shown to me. Exactly what I'm feeling and seeing. I write it all down... I embarked on this project to do just that.

But the atrociousness has escalated. It is beyond... what my fingertips can type (although I still type it down all of it), beyond what my heart can bear. I find that I am dying inside. I wither like a flower, as a woman, and I turn to dead stone from what I have to witness. The wicked treatment of humans and hybrid creatures done by the Draconian Reptilians, their Black Ones, and praying mantis Thubans, violates the fundamental core of what it means to be a human. To be living, alive, to feel and to have emotions, to love and to see, all is defiled by the Thubans and Reptiles more deeper beyond what maybe we humans could ever have done to ourselves.

Such filth I am recording and observing, and eventually sharing to all readers. Such vile hellish atrocities beyond human imagination or capability. I question whether I should end this project, delete scenes, censor things said, things happening, things seen, because I don't want anyone reading them. I don't want you to read the sequel books. The first one is "ok". It is actually the fun one, filled with fun times when I get to know my Dragons and Aliens. But then, over the threshold as I call it and will title my third book in the series, things get pretty bad. But me deleting it would not make it go away? Deleting words does not erase what has happened. It would only violate my duty as a scientist and the pledge I made to this Orion Project to write it all down if I begin omitting things.

Eating cakes with Queen Reptile

Last night I had a dream in which I was eating cream cake desserts with the Royal Queen and King of a particular European country, a different country than where the Queen Mother lizard and her son come from. I shared the dessert with the two and noticed that the Queen was not fond of it and she was struggling to eat it. Then I noticed that she was in fact a black reptile. Black scaly reptile with a long snout lined with sharp white teeth, black eyes that reflect the light. Very realistic looking, much like a snake only with a longer snout.

I wake up. It is 1:30 AM. Back in my bed. I am having serious heart trouble again, which only began when Basmet the Black One had appeared into my life a few days ago, having displaced Malik the Black One who was often keen to but never actually hurt my heart. The black reptile of the Queen offers me her condoleances for my heart trouble. I am still seeing her, she sees me, we are in two different physical locations, in two different dimensions, but somehow she can reach through to me. I beg to get to go back to sleep. My heart is in serious trouble. Reptilians end up keeping me up for four hours before an Angelic higher dimensional being shows up to take over and advises me to sleep, and I can finally get back to sleep at 5:30 AM. It was one of the worst nights of my life.

My condoleances about your heart, what a pity. - Queen Reptile says to me when I wake up back in my room

When I asked her why there is a reptile in the Queen, the Queen's reptile said,

It is our lineage! - Queen's Reptile

The telepathies of this page are translated from another European language. The word translated as "lineage" might also be translated as "clan". I have chosen to go with the word "lineage" on this page.

Thuban kept saying Hinch! at the sight of both the Queen Reptile and King Reptile. Think of it like a cat hissing at someone when it knows that something is wrong. Thuban was really hissing Hinch at them, and it only says Hinch when something is really the matter. Please excuse me, interlude:

Would you please stop giving me those drugs. I don't want any thank you. - me
We wanted to, guard you! - Thuban says as if all innocent
I don't want any drugs thank you! - me

Goddamn it! The Thuban is holding like an incense it is smoking the white powdery drug so that the smoke goes into my nose. They use this drug to pacify human victims, they also give it to the hybrid children. United States military use it heavily and take it from the Aliens. Both Captain Swansea and Derek snort it up in high doses. Olav from the Russians also uses it. The Thubans always drug me with it, I am so tired of it it is so invasive. This is terrible what they are doing to me, I am about to have a nervous breakdown again.

No, sshh, no sugar. - says Thuban

The drug makes me unable to concentrate, I am going to have to go do other things and come back to write on this page later.


I went away to the kitchen to grab some snacks and to think and do other things for a while. It helped. The Thuban and drug is no longer over me. Now I can continue.

I was going to post some excerpts from the conversations but now I find it too heavy of a burden to read closely the words that were said, and to somehow try to pick "milder" phrases from amidst atrocious ones. So a quick recount will have to do. The Queen Reptile was holding a hybrid baby boy who had been made of my egg. The boy was taken to an altar and sacrificed by a black reptile who wore a dark hooded cloak with the hood over its head. The baby's heart was taken out and the Queen Reptile ate the heart. Then King Reptile had sex with me to make me pregnant. Over in the other dimension they had made me bleed heavily from my vagina all over the bed there. Even though I was aware here in my bedroom I could smell the blood very clearly. King Reptile dipped his finger into my blood and put the finger into his mouth to somehow sense the inner qualities of my blood, to sense what qualities I had in my DNA and blood.

Wow. I feel so much lighter having written that thing. It is such a heavy burden having to had experienced these things and agonizing over whether I should write them or not. But there it is. It is still a milder and censored version because you will read in the third book in the series, called The Orion Project: Over the Threshold, the many many details in between. The actual words said, things seen, horrendous stuff. I just can't post it here, and even if I could it burdens me too heavily to do so.

There was a white lizard present the whole time. It may very well be the lady white lizard from my team. He or she kneeled properly the whole time. Interestingly just the day before this nightly Royal visit from the Queen and King Reptiles, Hamish was teaching me how to kneel. He wanted me to kneel this way that I now saw the white lizard doing. Last night even though I woke up in my bed it was expected of me to get down on the floor and kneel for the Royalty. Of course I didn't, especially since I was having serious heart trouble. The kneeling consists of putting one knee and lower leg down flat against the floor, I now forget which knee it was and the other knee bent. I was impressed by how long the white lizard was able to keep this no doubt uncomfortable position.

All the while Basmet the Black One was poking his fingers into my heart through the chest. Basmet kept his index finger and middle finger together and poked those into my heart. I could feel his fingers in there. He loved to feel my heart kicking. He even tried to plug my veins or arteries there with his fingers, and when he did I could feel the constriction. When I realized that it was he causing the heart trouble, I yelled at him to get away. I have never been so angry at a Black One before. He backed off for a while, and when he did the heart trouble stopped. So it was he. He told me that garlic would keep him away, and later he regretted having said anything. I've known even Malik the other Black One to also despise garlic, but I never used it against them. I will start sleeping perhaps with a bra on at night and put some garlic into the left side of the bra close to the heart. If it keeps the Black One away from my heart and makes me not have to wake up with serious heart trouble, then so be it. And I can't believe I resort to something as ridiculous as sleeping with garlic next to me "to keep the big bad monster away". I am a scientist. And he said it not me.

The white one

So last night. Suddenly. A white creature appears in my room. It is not a Reptilian, nor is it a Zeta Grey or a Thuban. It is slender but not skinny. White with little pointy ears that stick right up, like on the Stealthsky who looks like a black Batman only this one is white.

I thought she could have been prepared better. - says the Cardinal (you'll see who he is) from the pope's room with the thrones

The "white one", as I come to call it in my notes, doesn't have scales on its body. Its eyes are red. It has a snout. Now the Aliens are giving me drugs again, perhaps to cause me to stop writing. I am also feeling very anxious about writing this page and struggling through every word. But it has to be written, only then can I put it aside for a while.

We are giving you poison. - Hamish says

Which figures, cause this drug seemed to be "green" not white like the usual drug. Are they doing this to stop me from writing? In that case I'd better just wrap this up and get the hell away from this as soon as I can. Let me run through the rest real fast:

The white one had bat type wings and its feet are different, like on a hawk only white. It gave me such a fantastically clear apparition of itself standing in my bedroom that I had to sit up in bed and just stare at it. It was almost physical solid. Clearer apparition of an Alien visitor than perhaps any of mine have ever done before. My first instinct was to be afraid. But I talked myself out of being afraid and decided to take it easy. I just sat up in bed, while my heart was in trouble, looking at this creature who was looking at me.

The white one had a white scepter in its hand. It is not a long stick and the end is a white ball covered in slithering white wire that wrap around it in asymmetrical ways. White one commenced on an inspection of the apartment and pointed the scepter at things. The scepter somehow gave him a sense of things. It inspected the furniture, and one of my family members who was asleep in bed. I yelled at it to please leave my family alone.

The white one ended up finding Hamish's mounds of shedded scales on the woven bathroom rug in the bathroom. White one squatted down right at the edge of the rug and with total fascination he looked at Hamish's scales. It picked up some floppy rubbery sheets of scales and wanted to find a sheet that would have come from the throat. Hamish got nervous about having this white one in the premises and retreated to the forest where he used to go behind a fallen tree log to shed his scales. So I was left alone in the house with the white one in the bathroom squatting over Hamish's scales, and Hamish wasn't here with me, and Basmet the Black One was poking his fingers all inside my heart causing me heart trouble, and the Queen Reptile had just eaten the heart of one of my babies.

The scales were like gold, white one said. When I asked why, and I'm glad I can talk to these beings and find out more, he said that scales are power. The white one has no scales of his own. Later when he left us he had taken a sheet of Hamish's shedded scales with him, and he sat on a throne and held the sheet of scales against its throat. Later white one returned the sheet of scales to Hamish's rug here.

Ok I'm just gonna say it. You know when you are faced with eating something horrendously atrocious and disgusting and the easiest way out is to just hurry up and chew and swallow. I'm just gonna get through this shit fastest possible and I apologise for throwing shit at you readers but here's what happened next. And I really hate myself for my documentary on Aliens having turned into this filth.

There were three or so pope reptilians in white clothes and one reptilian in red clothes with a flat hat similar to the Jewish hat only center on the head. The one in red clothes said he was the "Cardinal". These reptiles were from the Vatican. A hybrid boy who looks to be about 7 years was shown what had been done to the baby boy earlier. He had to watch the sacrifice and the heart eating. And I had to watch him watching it. Then this boy was taken to the Vatican and told to walk up to an old man who was sitting on a throne in a church. The old man was dressed in white clothes and in human form. I can't tell you what happened, but it is pedophilia. And the only reason I can write that is because pedophilia with the Catholic church has already been revealed. So I am not the first one to say it. The reptiles laugh about how people think that the old man is like Jesus, they said something about having invented "the fish" and that people think that he can heal when he touches people's hands.

The Vatican reptiles are "masochist" they say, and they are also sexist and don't want women there. So I had some arguments with them about that too, because I don't think women should be disrespected.

This has been the milder, censored version. And I apologise for all the atrocities. I wish I hadn't written this stuff. I wish I could write it prettier instead of just blurting it out. I was going to add pictures, post heavily with direct quotes from my notes from the conversations, of what the pope figure said, the Cardinal, the white one. What Hamish said when his scales were being taken. But this of course does something to me and there is no way to calm down and do good journalism or literature here. I am deeply upset and shaken by last night's long hours awake with the Reptilians. Two of my children were hurt. I cannot even tell you what I saw. And I apologise that the Aliens are monsters (Thubans and Reptiles). If I had invented this, or even imagined this from the depths of my human mind somehow, I would have given you different aliens.

And my apologies to SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. You are in for some serious shit. Draconians break virtually every taboo. They are highly sadistic, they sacrifice children and they are also into pedophilia. They drink blood and they eat hearts. I don't know if SETI is ready for this. I don't know if I am.

A Summons To Appear

This whole thing started when I decided last night to read a little about other people's Reptilian encounters. Now, I take great pride in creating my website and books entirely based on my own first-hand experiences. I don't care how many other websites that say there are "Reptilians", I wasn't going to believe it until I had seen them myself. I don't let myself be fooled, or inspired by, other people's stories. These are my stories, my experiences. There are so many websites and books out there that seem to just be rehash of other people's stuff.

I do my best to avoid reading other people's Reptilian stories

Please, let me talk to them. We are very sorry that some of them end up in the tummy. And we are not held responsible. And we don't want them to commit suicide over it either. This has been the Orions! Not the Reptilians! Those dang fools! This has been the worst day of my life, she says. She has also called it shit. - said our Orion man to us now
Thank you. I know that you are not responsible. - me

The Orion man is concerned because I have dubbed this project, "The Orion Project". The Orion people are of course not responsible for the atrocities. They too are victims of the Draconian Agenda. The Orion man was the first Alien who came to me when this contact began in August 2011. In the early beginning, only days after the first contact with him, I created this website and named it "The Orion Project". The project was to document the contact, and to find out if it was real or imagined. I have kept that name, even though it may be gravely misleading as to who holds the responsibility for the Agenda.

I try not to read other people's stories. It has often been my impression with other alien pages out there, that those are just rehash, often made by people who read other websites and compile some pages of their own. Quick summaries, without any first-hand accounts, and often if not almost always - or even always - with a complete lack of scientific touch. Well, most people are not scientists. I happen to be one. And if this story, this experience, lands in the hands of a scientist, would most of them choose to write and to publish? Or hide away, either too deeply rooted in "science" making them doubt anything out of the ordinary, or worried about their scientific reputation, or just appalled by this experience and unwilling to spend the time to put it into words, to give it any thought, or to share it with the world.

I experience, I write it down, I give it thought, and I share it with the world.

Please, we are also being clubbed to death. And we think it is atrocious too! - Orion man
My heart cries to the Orion man when he tells me of the many crimes done by the Draconian Reptilians against the Orion people.
I am sorry. I wish I knew how to help you. What can I do to help you? - me
Well, first off. Don't write that it was made by us. - Orion man
I didn't, ... I just named this website after you, because you were the first one who came to me. I know that you are one of the good guys. - me
We don't want to eat your liver either. - Orion man says to someone else there, about my liver

We are not cuddly either. Tell that to SETI. - Orion man

Where was I. Oh yes. So I rarely read other people's pages about aliens. Because I don't want to be influenced or inspired by outside content that might somehow reflect on my own experience. Especially in the beginning when these contacts (experiences) began, I made it very clear to isolate myself from any outside influence. I wanted to experience these as independently as I can, and then to find such a vast richness of corroboration with what other people are reporting, in particular David Icke's compiled materials, is just astonishing. What a mighty interesting universal symbolism that would be behind this kind of correlating mass hallucination, indeed! If it were a hallucination. Because that was my starting premise, it had to be, but months into the contact in April 2012 I had to conclude that no, this couldn't possibly be imaginary. (Especially because Hamish and Draconians can toss me. Imaginations don't throw me over the coffee table.)

But now, I am slowly beginning to find curiosity to read other people's pages. I have felt that my own experiences have pretty much been compiled, and that I am now ready to go find other people who might have the friendly Dinosaurs in their life. Or the Orion men. The Altair and Ummite people. The Pleiadians. Has anyone else got a Red Dragon Turtle? Who knows of the Japanese Dragon Dynasty? I reach out to people, who might share in my experiences, in a way to bring me even closer to my own Aliens whom I know and I love.

And that is when I once again came upon Ken Bakeman's fantastic website. Well-written, interesting, original (ie. unlikely to be just copy), and filled with a depth of detail. Last night I was skimming through his page A Summons To Appear and only got so far as noting that the "Albino Lizard Pope" featured on a drawing looks a lot similar to my darling Gargoyle North Port Dragon.

So I wrote to Ken Bakeman telling him that his "Albino Lizard Pope" was very similar to my Gargoyle Dragon, and telling him of how my Gargoyle too likes to spread his wings. That was enough to cause Bakeman's Albino Lizard to sense me, and to pay me a visit that following night. It is in the same way that Gargoyle first found me. And, creepy shivers, that is how Snake the Reptile found me too.

I have already come to the realization that I am somehow unusually telepathically able. Most of the people who encounter aliens do not experience two-way telepathic contact, and do not get into the depths of communication as I have. But somehow, the telepathy does not only involve being able to speak and to listen, but sends out some type of connection to the being I am thinking of. Gargoyle found me when I read a page about the North Port Devil. Snake is a Reptilian who came over from well-known contact person David Eckhart's team. And the "white one" came over from Ken Bakeman. The aliens they are that receptive of me.

One of the things white one had said to me was that he was not the same type as Gargoyle.

Ken Bakeman wrote me back and one of the things he says is that the Albino had in fact paid him a visit last night, and has seemed to be communicating things to him about who he is and what their intentions are.

So. That is the story. I now have to worry what will happen tonight. The encounters have become more horrendous. The Aliens have begun waking me up every night since Basmet the Black One appeared, keeping me up for several hours, and causing me heart trouble at night that I never had before Basmet. I am exhausted. In fact the only word I can think of for the feeling of exhaustion I have had for the past several days, is anemic. I feel short of breath, weak, pale, and exhausted, in a way I have not before. I have to wonder if they are drinking my blood,

Yes and we are also taking your feces. - says a Thuban now

If I really did bleed out on that bed with the King Reptile last night, even though it was in some other dimension. As night falls here and it is close to bedtime, I wonder what overbearing encounters await me tonight.

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