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When I wanted to remote view to find the best Reptilian base on Earth, I came across a golden city in Peru. And from the Indians of that golden city I saw twelve images created on the ground like the Nazca lines. This led me to do another remote viewing on the Nazca lines.

The Nazca lines are a site in Peru, South America, and count as one of the most spectacular constructions left behind by humans from the past. Large images, most of which are depicting animals, and long straight lines, have been created across the ground with white colored sand. The images are large and can only be fully seen or appreciated from high up above the ground. The meaning of the Nazca lines is today not understood by archaeologists, and there are many theories but none that can be agreed upon. And so the Nazca lines and their purpose are a mystery.

I do not fully find the answer to the Nazca lines, but the main findings of this remote viewing are the ancient humans who traveled here from Australia, and the Lyran people who Starseeded the apes in Greece, both 300,000 years ago.

Two times, two people, two truths

When I attempt to remote view the Nazca lines to find who built them and what meaning they had, it proved to be difficult because the answer was to be found in two separate distinct times and peoples who were not connected to each other. They were originally built 300,000 years ago by a people who traveled here in boats from Australia or from islands near Australia, but they were also built on and maintained by a Peruvian people 80,000-50,000 years ago. Both had built them and worked on them, and both had a truth and an answer as to what the lines meant. Also, the images had been created many times, and so it was not easy to try to find one single moment of creation, and so I found myself going back and forward between these two times.

In the remote viewing, I find dark Peruvians 80,000-50,000 years ago working on the lines. And at the very end of the two hour remote viewing, I see one of the ancient Australians of 300,000 years ago, pouring sand from its hand to build an image on the ground.

300,000 years ago - The older Australians

The Nazca lines were originally built by an ancient human people who came to western South America with boats from Australia or from the islands near Australia. They had followed the path of the sun west and east and were also looking for edible paua shells. You can read about this older Australian people on older Australians.

A long time later, Peruvians 80,000-50,000 years ago would be working on maintaining the Nazca drawings. They would not know about the ancient Australians who were there before. Also, the Peruvians are not descendants, or even related to, the ancient Australians. There is a long gap of time in between and they do not know of each other. The Peruvians think that it is their ancestors who built the images, they do not know what the images mean, but were preserving them and perhaps adding new images to them. So there are these two different truths, two different versions and beliefs about what the lines meant.

The people living here and preserving the lines for a long time had their own understanding of this, but it goes back extremely long time ago. It was created 300,000 years ago, it scares me to say that because anthropologists and historians might say that it was impossible.

The lines did not belong to the modern Peruvian people. You can find the story from the more modern people, its their lines it belongs to them, that's one world one truth about the lines. But you can go back 300,000 years and you find a different world, a different truth about what these are. These worlds are separate, two different beliefs about the lines. There is no steady path from the original truth to the modern one. The modern one does not know about the past one. There is so much time in between, they cannot be connected. There is one answer, but there is also the original and first answer.

Spread over 300,000 years and not all them made at same time and some of them have been altered, so Nazca lines is not easy to remote view. Why do I find the guy from 300,000 years ago looking for shells when I try to find the Nazca lines? Not all made at the same time, some are older some were added.

80,000-50,000 years ago - The modern people

I found that it was very cold up there where the Nazca lines were built. There could be snow and frost. And there was never a village up here, they never lived here, mostly because it was cold. A man had a flask made out of a hollow carved into a block of wood, it contained a non-alcoholic sweet corn juice. Food was carried with them when they came here. The man had very dark skin so it was some time ago. Modern Peruvians of today have a more golden colored skin and the ancient Peruvians were almost black in color. He was sad and lonely when he came up here, he built the lines to commemorate his dead mother who is up in the sky, it was a message to his dead mother. This was a place where people came up to pray, a sad place because they remember their loved ones here, like going to a cemetery, to go there for your ancestors and dead loved ones.

There was then a long gap in time, and we reach to what I called the modern age, which spans mostly 80,000 to 50,000 years ago, in which a modern Peruvian people were maintaining the lines. This people were dark like the first Peruvians I have seen who came to South America from North America, and they did not know the meaning of the Nazca line images, they only knew that their ancestors had made them and that they were preserving them.

The Indians of modern times with red knitted clothes did not make them. The energy of these people is stronger though, they did not know what these lines meant. Two realities, the original, and the modern era, and there is a gap between. Remote view brings to the modern era because it has the strongest feeling but this era doesnt know the meaning.

The meaning of this site has to do with the star sky, ancestors, a spiritual place. They didn't live up here and they did not go there all of the time. You decide to travel to this place, it means you have something important to do there, you did not go there as a tourist or like going to the park.

A different scene that I see from the spider picture. I see a man with dark skin almost black skin but he looks Peruvian. He has a knitted hat and knitted clothes. He is there with his son who is about 5 years old, it is a thing of progeny, the father and his progeny this boy. The father and son are picking at the ground together, the father tells the boy that their ancestors used to do this and to pick here and do the same thing.


At this time on Earth, 300,000 years ago, in Southern Europe where Greece is today, I find an extraterrestrial that is a Lyran. They had Starseeded an ape. Read the story on the Lyran page. The story about the Lyrans does not relate to the Nazca lines at all, and also does not seem to relate to the older Australian people of that same time period. I ask the Lyrans about the Nazca lines but they talk instead about their Starseeding.

Then I ask a Dark Lord about Nazca lines, Rambutan comes to talk. "They were made by the ancient Peruvian people. But not to be harassed, they were meant to be let alone.", like a place where youre not supposed to go I say.

Nazca images

MONKEY. The monkey picture I see that it depicts a monkey that is small with long hairs, dark gray almost black hairs, the hairs on its face are white, that is the monkey it is supposed to depict. I see that the ear which is almost on the monkey's back on the Nazca line picture is not drawn correctly, that that part has been altered from its original form. I see women in red long skirts and broad woven hats of like woven branches or tree bark, they have many aprons, she has a woven basket made out of flexible twigs and she is bending down to the ground and is taking something out of her basket and putting on the ground and building these lines. She says that she has been doing this ever since she was a little girl and that her father did this, that it runs in her family, and their mothers had to do it, and so their next in line their sons and daughters will be doing it, her uncles did and her mother's brothers are all helping a hand with preserving these ancient lines. The tradition of coming here to preserve these white lines has been done by families designated to do this work. Men and women, boys and girls do the same work. The woman does not really know the origin. They are not the origin, these lines are much older. They don't fully know what the lines are all about.

WHALE. Picture of Nazca lines that looks like a whale. I find some red pottery when I stare at the eye of the whale that has the mouth open. On the outside are drawn the spirals like the spirals on the whale's eye. I am something like 80,000 years ago. The problem is that some of these have been added, were not all made at the same time, I struggle to find one answer, goes way back, and some of them have been changed over time, so is hard to remote view because it is spread out.

MAN. Picture that seems to depict a man with one arm up. Looking at photo of this one I am no longer worried that I said 300,000 years ago, the others look more modern but this one looks like stone age or such. This picture of the man with the arm up is a greeting to the spaceships in the sky, they were seeing the round spherical UFOs flying up there. So these guys had UFOs back then, at least based on this picture.

THE HANDS. The Nazca image that we today call "the hands", it looks as if it has one hand that has four fingers and another hand with five fingers or almost like a head with two ears. I sense that it has to do with gold. The hands are holding on to the earth. These are two hands that move the earth because it is holding down on the earth the ground like pulling on it, but it deals with gold. There used to be green plains here but those were all cut down for the mines, said a man of the modern age. So we commemmorated that work by putting this here, it is our field of commemoration. They worked hard on clearing the land and mines. Green plants used to cover the lands, all were cleared away for the gold mines. Why is one hand with four fingers I wondered. But it has definitely got to do with gold. They mined for gold there. The man looks like from modern times, black skin and long face and red knitted hat and clothes. This is a commemoration for gold mines. No women were allowed here, or used to be, he says.

I ask him why one hand has four fingers. He says "Do you not know about our ancient Incan numerology?" He says that they had a mathematical system, that they were very advanced engineers. They wrote and drew on ropes, they were mathematicians at this time. They used a lot of numbers to calculate stuff, to them it was very advanced technology, they were super scientists, I dont know if we would agree today. They used ropes, they counted with ropes so they put knots on a rope and that was the writing he told me about, the writing is the knots along a rope, so it is a way to write down the numbers, they didnt write numbers 1, 2, 3 we write with a pen, instead they used knots on a rope to do writing, then they have written down a number. Because you can take the rope with you and travel it is in your pack take it out it is not going to be ruined, you can always undo it and redo the knots differently. They didnt have paper so the knots is a good system for them.

I ask him to tell me what the picture is, I ask him if it is hands or fingers. This is not hands, I said earlier yes because I was feeling the hands working on gold mines. This is the roots of a plant, is an important root. This picture is a commemoration, he says again, for the gold mines. They worked the mines digging the sand and used a wheelbarrel and move the sand away, then they used to sit down and get drunk, a beverage was a fermented yeast, maybe an alcoholic beverage, fermented beverage made out of the root. Is not an alcoholic bev is a narcotic bev similar to like morphine or heroine something like that, gives a narcotic sends into a comfortable place snooze off enjoy, head starts spinning so they lie down on the ground. He says its not for women to come to this place. The bev is kept in their jugs. Is like a tuber with the roots for this narcotic beverage they drink after they work the gold mines with moving the sands.

FISH OR WHALE. I feel that this is an ancient one, comes from like 300,000 years ago, the fish one is definitely very old dates back way back. This is not a regular fish, was thought to be special. This fish has a meaning to them because it has lungs so this fish is between two worlds, it lives in shallow cold fresh water in an area with plants, it comes up to the surface to breathe and it looks people into the eye, so this fish is the connection between two worlds. They used to beat a drum and sing about it. It is a being that comes into mother earth and it comes back again.

LABYRINTH. Is hard for me to find the person who built them because they have been worked on for so long and by so many people and some of them have been changed a bit.

BIRD. Is impossible for me because I see 50,000 years ago. So many significant parts in time when they have been created. Hard for me to find when originally created, they have been recreated, have many original creations for 300,000 years. Has been built and rebuilt, so is very scattered and busy, so hard to pinpoint and find something.

It was really cold up here back then, some wet snow falling from the sky, frost sometimes. It was cold back then I dont know if it still is, at the time it was very cold.

In the 1970s some of these were destroyed, a woman came there and did some damage to them, started to destroy them because their original meaning and purpose was distorted, that is why the spirits there have called her an evil woman. Because they took soil samples they were not pleased with that dont even want some of it stuck on their shoe. Spirits of modern age Indians there, not happy if people take sand or sand gets stuck on their shoe and leaves their place. These spirits do not know why these lines are here, the lines were here since ancient times they say. The lines not made of modern Indians of the Americas, they didnt really know.

WHALE FISH. I look at whale fish one, whale with its mouth open. I cannot pinpoint who made them because were made again and again over millennia. I ask the question to my RV when were they built the first time, because if you ask when were they built you do not get an answer because they were built many times. The sun was very red and hot back then. The person who built this whale, I see that he has sand in his hand and he opens the fingers so that the sand pours down to create a steady stream of sand falling down and he is using that to draw. I read that the dark is picked out so that the white ground under it is visible. This one was pouring a sand into it, and it looks like the people 300,000 years ago.

The spirit of a man from the modern era tells me that an image of the jaguar was not made and that maybe there should have been and that they would in that case have to talk to their priestess. He said that the jaguar was an evil, sly and cunning one and they didn't want him here.

Here is the audio of the remote viewing. In it, you also learn about the Lyrans who were located in what is today Greece, 300,000 years ago, when they were Starseeding an ape.