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When I attempted to remote view the Nazca lines, I found that they were originally created by ancient humans who had traveled across the seas from Australia or the islands that reach from Thailand to Australia, to the west coast of South America, 300,000 years ago. I call this people the older Australians.

Source Nazca lines, Lyrans, Ape people | Remote View | The Orion Project


They look like Australian aboriginals or people from India or Pakistan. Dark skin, dark brown hair, their facial features look like no humans we have today, except like smaller version of Australian aboriginals. They are humans, they are our species and not a hominid. These are definitely humans our species. Extremely different from anything we have today. These are smaller and their facial features are smaller than on the Australian aboriginals. I cannot tell if the person is a boy or a girl, I cannot read or see or feel the gender, as if their men and women were similar. Does not look like a man or a woman. Like both or neither, it is a he and is also a she. As if it has both hormones.

He presses his tongue on the piece of copper metal, he feels the electrical sparks traveling across the wet of his tongue.

Earlier remote viewing I had seen that North American Indians had travelled south to Peru on a pilgrimage, however this person is 300,000 years ago and its not about the North or South American Indians that we have today. This is a different branch not related to the Indians, instead is related to the Australian aboriginals and some of the Pacific islanders that live today. The Indians throughout the Americas are not descendants of this person. This person did not evolve into, and is also not related to is not mixed with any of the Indians of North and South America, completely not related, completely not the same lineage. There is no mixing from Indians to this or this to Indians.

He is short, he is not tiny like a pygmy, about the size of a 16 year old of today. Skin color is dark brown with a little bit golden in it, hair is soft and thick and smooth not curly, dark brown not black. Brown eyes, he does have eye whites. If we saw him today we would think he is from India or Pakistan. The cheekbones are very fat, it is a very big chunk of cheekbone. Lips are a little bit big but not like big lips at all. Skeleton proportions are different, lower leg bone is proportionally a bit longer than it would have been just for a short person.

I go to the guy again. This people does not have the sexual distinction between male and female that we have today. If they even had males and females these would have been very similar or identical almost. Well, if you look at chimps, their males and females look similar, humans have the difference. So 300,000 years ago the human primate ancestor IF it is our ancestor because we don't know that this one didnt die out, but this one didnt have the distinction between male and female. This one lived at the same time as the apes in Greece, but the ones in Greece are chimpanzee like with the bent legs when they stand up, but this one is more evolved more human like so it is not the same species or type as the chimps in Greece.

I catch the smell of the person, he has a very nice pheromone and smell to him. A very nice natural perfume which even today as a human woman my body would recognize that smell. It is a good smell, it smells very good. A more pleasant smell than men have today, not like a sweat smell more musk or animal like. The smell makes me like him, it makes me not want to hurt him makes me want to be his friend and stay with him and form a family and go to the same place together, a smell that reinforced bonding into groups and reduced violence and aggression. The smell changes the behavior of the other members of their people so they do not hurt or kill each other so they can live in a group. Modern humans also respond to the smell in the same way. Is not a sexually stimulating smell, instead a smell that is good and to stay with him and be his friend. The smell would alter my behavior around this person very much. I feel not scared or angry of him because of the smell and I really like him and I would follow him around because of his smell. Even a modern human's behavior would be very much altered from the smell, it makes forming family groups.

He says that they came from the other part of the ocean from the West, from something that is like Australia or the lands there. I see that the chain of islands from Thailand down to Australia were bigger back then because the water was not so high, also Australia was bigger at this time, had more landmass to the north-east, he came with boats from this land there Australia or the islands close to Australia there. (I say he has sailed but ps I do not recall seeing a sail.)

They travel straight west-east, would never go north because the sun would not be there, they imagine the sun would not even rise if they went north. I say that perhaps the ocean was not so wide because the lands were greater, I do not know if oceans lower or if just land was higher. Could have probably walked from Asia to Australia, today we only see the tips of the islands tiny little tips of the top back then lots of land much much more but still not a continuous flat land mass but more land for sure.

Crossing the Pacific wasn't as bad back then like the voyage would be today, it was easier then it was not that big of a deal. He walks barefoot. He has both male and female hormones, he is neither a male nor a female. He is here collecting seashells to take back to his family when he goes back. The part of the face of nose and mouth has a bit of the protruding face so he does not have the flat face of a modern human but more like on a chimp. But we would today still say that he is a human and not a chimp. We would say he is like a human from an island. They find caves and cavern walls and they make paintings, orange and red circles, not spheres they dont color the inside just rings or circles, it depicts the voyage of following the sun direct east west line, the rings depict the sun. Its not just art, its a document and we have to take it very seriously, is not just some kind of weird prehistoric art. Is a depiction telling about the actual technology and science involved in taking a boat across the sea following the sun directly east west bound. Because the color orange red is the sun that they have drawn.

I ask why the sun is drawn as a ring and not painted inside, he says because we go inside of it, they wanted to see what was in there inside. The ring is to go inside the hoop of the sun. Each ring represents one of them who has been there, some who came never came back and grow old and their rings are still there. Each person gets to make one ring on the wall, if they sail back to Australia their ring is still on the wall, the man grows old but his ring is still there. They are looking for shells to eat, they eat the seashell animal.

Originally looking for the white paua shells. They are edible. Traveled to South America looking for them. He also came there to see their ancestors rock cave paintings the circles. They love eating seashell flesh they seem to eat it raw, like a juicy steak very delicious for them very tasty, a nice seasalt kind of flavour. Why do I find this guy looking for shells when I try to find the Nazca lines? I ask him if he knows about some lines in the desert in the mountains with pictures of birds and apes and spiders? Not all made at the same time, some are older some were added.

I go back to Peru and Nazca lines. The apes that came to Peru, they used little boats to get there, little rocking boats, very tiny, traveling the oceans. They didnt go north. They traveled with the sun setting straight west east, they were using the sun as their navigation point because is clear and big red sun in the sky at the time, out at sea you know the sun goes and comes back, sailing from east to west you are trying to go to the sun, it makes sense. Would never go north or leave the sun then what would you have without the sun where it is dark and cold out in the ocean but the sun is something you can follow. So the path with the boats was straight west going towards the sun. Maybe the sun was a golden copper plate in the sky and that they were wanting to go to it.

The people living here and preserving the lines for a long time had their own understanding of this, but it goes back extremely long time ago. It was created 300,000 years ago, it scares me to say that because anthropologists and historians might say that it was impossible. The people who created it 300,000 years ago they had copper metal and they also had gold. They had metals. This people is completely different from the Peruvians who were taking care of the lines, those were more recent people. Copper metal was very important to them because they knew it had metal conducting properties, they put their tongue against it and could feel the sparks on their tongue so they had electrically conducting materials.