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"I am Arameiah. And my god's name is Jehovah."


Written on August 25 2017.

The day before I had remote viewed to find the tower of Babylon. I never found the tower, but instead a site which was a hill which had a shrine on the hill which was used to light a fire and incense for the gods. I encountered a people who I named the Sphinx people because they had a belief that their forefathers had literally, and not symbolically, slain Sphinxes which had come down from the mountain. The Sphinx people had destroyed a Jewish village at this site. These Jews were originally from the land of Judea which was further south and a bit to the east.

As I was writing on the page about the story, I had already written the first paragraphs about the tower of Babylon, about how I found no tower but how I found a shrine instead, about the Sphinx people, and I had just begun to write a summary about the Sphinxes. I had written one sentence about the Sphinxes, when my room was filled with a white light of a benevolent spirit presence. I then saw a man who was the spirit of a Jewish man who had lived in Judea and who had died on that hill.

The man looked like someone from an old movie about the life of Jesus. He wore a tunic which was soft and woven, it was white with many vertical brown or red stripes, or that it was brown with white stripes, and sandals. And he had a long white beard with some brown hairs.

I saw the man from inside of his home that had been in Judea. The man let me see very clearly his home from the inside and the street outside in the town. It was shown to me so clearly, that I literally felt as if I was there and as if I could look around there as if I were there in person. The home was made out of wood, I think the narrow street that was on a hill had large cobblestones that were not perfectly flat but had grooves perhaps in order to capture the sand so that the street itself could be sweapt clean and clear of sand. The many small houses were tighly next to one another along both sides of the street and the street was narrow and I saw a donkey.

The man showed me himself sitting at the entrance to a cave far away from the town. A vast open mostly empty landscape with short green grass mixed with sand was in front of him and in between the town and this cave. He had buried the two gold pieces here in the sand and in spirit at least he had returned there and had retrieved his buried treasure. At one time he asked me if he would come into my home if I would offer him food if he came here, and I said yes that I would have cooked him any food that he would want, I said I would even offer him meat and sweets and wine, me thinking that these were perhaps the best and most expensive foods at his time. It seemed to be his way of asking if he was welcome in my home, and I felt as if in his time in Judea if a guest was welcome you would show that by offering him food. We then had this lengthy conversation. Some things were also said between us that were not written down, such as my compassion and sympathies toward him and his fate. There were some times in the beginning when I asked myself whether he could possibly be real and whether I should even write this down, but I decided to simply write and now it has been written and I will leave it there.

At one point before I began to write down his words, I was worried about seeing his spirit so clearly, I worried that I had disrupted his spirit in the afterlife. I asked him to please forgive me if I have done something wrong by seeing them and hearing them and by writing on the page which I was working on about the Sphinx people and people of Judea. I was worried that remote viewing them and writing about the story had disturbed their peace. I asked him if I was allowed to write, and for him to please tell me if I was not, I also asked if the text I was writing was perhaps incorrect, as I thought that perhaps I was writing something wrong, because I had just written down that I had not found the tower of Babylon in my remote viewing and I had written that I therefore thought that it did not even exist, and now I worried that the spirit of the man from Judea had been unrested in the afterlife because maybe I was writing lies about his people and his religion, if my remote viewed findings were wrong. I expected him to ask me to stop writing. But instead he started to tell me his story, and the story that he tells fits in perfectly with the story I had remote viewed, but we now have more details about what happened there on that hill and who this people from Judea were.

Before the man showed up, I was shown a green valley in Judea which was filled with many spirits of the people who lived there, but they were all basking in a place that was golden. As if their chosen god had lifted their souls into a golden paradise, and I felt as if the souls of the Babylonians would not end up there in the afterlife. The many golden souls were there to tell me, that it was ok, that they were still alive and that the people of Judea were not gone.

And before the man spoke, I started to cry, I was still worried that I had offended them by writing the story about the Sphinx people and the people of Judea, and I told him that it is so much for me I am just a woman and other women like me are supposed to enjoy shopping and going out to dinner with their friends but that I can see and hear the whole world, I said to him that it is like I have opened a door and seen them and that I do not want to close that door because I care about the people I see when I remote view them. I had told him that I wanted to write down their story so that the story and people are not forgotten. He then worried that their religious texts were forgotten, and I comforted him that we still have the Torah, Talmud and book of Psalms and I told him that I even have these that I got them from a Jewish friend. At one point he showed me what I knew to be the Menorah, and something made him at one point take what I thought was a kippah and put it into my hand. (I now look on the internet and the kippah would not have been used at the time in which he lived.)

Also, before the spirit of the man from Judea, one of the soldiers of the Sphinx people had been visiting me, he was sad and worried about me knowing that his mother had been an enslaved woman. I had to talk to him and reassure him that it should not be a bad thing. He seemed concerned about how I would write the story about his people, I assured him that there was a value in writing down history in detail and that knowing them, even the fact that "their mothers were whores" would not bring them shame when people of my time would read it. I do not know if he was convinced or reassured by my words, but at least we had that exchange. He was not angry.

Here below is the story exactly as I wrote it down, the man from Judea:

The Story of Juudah

I am Arameiah. And my god's name is Jehovah. And they took my son away. And they caused us a lot of pain. And they have made, a holy sacrilege against our texts. And they gave us no bread and food to eat. But worse is, worse than when they took our holy texts away, is that they have taken our women. And given us none of them back, and not our sons, so that we are now only the men left. Our women were all taken, and even our tiny daughters. And so, I am very pleased that you are writing that into the story! We were not the original Jewish, from Judea. But we were the last ones left. The original ones were taken out, for bringing them wine. And we had no more fish to eat. And no more olives, and those olives were scrumptious! We had no more good places where to poo, we had nothing. We had not even the river to bathe into. We had nothing to put our hands on. We had nothing to wipe ourselves with. Not even the bath, or the shower. Nothing. Not even the texts. And so our women were lost first. And then we had nothing. And not even our beer or wine was polluted. And so, we died, we perished here. All from the men from the East. They came here, and brought us down, with pestilence. And, they took my only son, the one who was not named Eremeyah. And, he was taken down from over his mother. And we were none left. My, old, fathers, and legacy, was taken down. My whole family tree! My legacy, my history! So, now I am glad that you have written it down. We have no more children here, they, the children, were taken out to the East. To be workers there. And so, I, I who was named Arameyah. I have been sitting here, for a long time. Waiting for someone to take my gold. What few pieces I have got left. Tell me, that this story has been recorded now, and that it was written down in great detail? So that our rivers can be taken back, so that our footsteps do not fade away from this sand. So that our boys, the Arameyah, can be known here once again. So that we can eat our olives again. So that, ... oh and for that I would have paid more than a few gold coins, so that our texts can be written and read again. So that the holy books can be known! The Arameyah, were we! We were the boys and sons of our lost cause! Because, now there is nothing more left. The Arameyah. Were we. We were the Arameyah. The fathers and boys and sons of our lost cause. So now, I am sitting here, and hoping that you can re-read for me that text. The one that we have written down together. So that we can know about the Jews! The hope that we had, from the pestilence. Their mothers, their mothers of the Jews were taken all down. The golden pennies, that I had, I have paid you for your services with! So that we do not just write about the Sphinx. Their golden eagles, that they said. They wanted us to pray for them, to reverence them. But we didn't. And so they took our rivers away, and our lands. They persecuted us for a long time! So that our rivers were gone. Where we used to bathe our sons. Where our holy waters went. We used to bathe there, and then we used our ointment. And we went to synagogue, not to battle. We never battled or fought. I am the Arameyah, the son of the Jews. And my name was never golden. I never wanted to be known for it, for those golden pieces that the Jews had. Because they have taken everything, but my name. And now, I have only got these few pennies left. And with that, I have paid for you to have my story written down. So that it can be remembered, even though, they won't bring back our women or our sons and our waters have been poisoned. The Arameyah, were we! We have golden pennies, but no more water, for our waters have been poisoned. And they took our babies away from our mother's arms. And made our boys bleed down there on the ground. We were the Arameyah, we were the Jews. They poisoned our wells, and now, we cannot even drink down there. And now, the sun sets on the Jews. And we, we were the Arameyah! - the man

We were the Arcturians, and we think that you have done well. - Arcturian

And no, they were not the Syrians. - the man Arameyah about the Sphinx people

They thought that their gods, were all made out of gold. And they brought Syphilis to our lands. And made our women lie with them, next to them, naked. And they brought our boys down. And thought that their gods were golden. And they brought syphilis to our land. And we had no medicine, or ointment, to cure it. And they made us undress and not lie with their women! And so, I have told you the story of the Jeremeiah. The Syphilis, has brought down many of us. And so, the temples that we had, were destroyed. And our boys, were taken down, and killed. All because of these syphilis-infested waters. They have slain our boys! For not cherishing their private times. The women that they had, were all taken and robbed away from somewhere else. They had nothing to do with my golden coins though, for these pennies I had hidden. I didn't want them to be stolen, and so, now, I am sitting here with just these two of my golden coins. And I thought I would give them to you. For writing down the stories of our sons. And yes, we were the Jews! The Jews of Jeshuah! The Jeshuah, who came down from the mountain. And who made us rich. For, when our wells were poisoned, we knew that we were doomed. We knew, that the Jeshuah could not help us! So, we were not victorious, therefore. So we came here to tell you this, and now we will make you rich. And so, take these two golden coins and pennies, and let them make you and your sons rich! And do not worry about them taking down your temples, it will never happen. And do not spread pestilence to them. Do not worry about them anymore. Their own pestilence had taken them down. And they were also given a head injury. That is what the story of the tower of Babel speaks about. They were, both of them were buried down, because I was worried about them. And so now I have dug them back up, and I give them to you. And I have also given you my kippah, and menorah. So that you can remember us by. They are both given to you, they are yours. Even though, you are not my woman. And I am not sure that you ever would want to be. So now, take these, and let them make you and your sons prosperous. And I have nothing more to say or to give to you! So take them! And may we pray that your wells never become poisoned! - the man

Dear man, I have listened to your story and I have felt your emotions. I will not take your gold coins, because the story that you have shared with me is worth more than gold coins. Your kindness and your religion and your people are gold to me. Some things in life are worth more than gold. The people who attacked you did not think so, and that is where so much of the destruction has come from. And so, I cannot take your gold. You are gold. I have written down your story. And now people can read your story and remember you and remember the Arameyah. I will never forget you. Thank you for sharing your story. - me

I would have poured you a great cup of wine! But all of my cupboards were raided. So I have nothing more to give you, but these coins. Because these coins were buried here, and just for an instance such as these! I have no more wife left, no more son. And we cannot bathe in our own rivers. I have nothing more to give! And the olives, we have not more a morsel of them. The women were taken out first, taken, and ripped out of our loving arms. Taken out and murdered. And we heard their screams. And then they slit the throats of our sons, right in front of us. And we had no weapons to defend ourselves with. And then they made us commit our own murder, they told us to swallow the poison. So that we could have mercy, they said. "Their god will show no mercy on us", they said. And they decapitated our head. They threw us in the pile, over by the rocks. The Hillah! - the man

They told us, to take the fire and to lit their flame torches. In the night, we had to go there. And to sit down, in a ring around it and to pray. We waited for the midnight clock. And then they have slain us there. They didn't let us wait for our boys to come back. They slain us all! At the midnight hour. When the night was at its very darkest. They didn't let us breathe or rest. But we knew it was coming. The Hillah! They all, they all just wanted their gold... to make gold coins with. The Hillah! The Hillah, and also in Arabic we are known as the Arameyah. - the man

We had no more good clothes left. All of our clothes had been soiled. And they had drunken all of our good wine. And our women, were no more. We had not even the dirt under the soles of our feet. We had nothing more. And so we slept, in the daytime, fearing for our lives at night. And then the horsemen came, and rounded us up, and told us all to walk. Up the the Hillah! We were told to take our sons out there, and to kill them. The Horsemen came. And they pulled on us by our robes and hair. They told us to bear down, naked. To pray for their gods, naked, in the night. We poured the wine for them first. We were the Hillah! The night came. And all of our sons were gone. The women were dead, well, dead or buried. We knew we would never see them again. And so we only had ourselves, and our prayer. The Hillah! never came! And so we would never see the sun come up again, or our sons. The sun came up, and they drank all our wine. The Hillah! never came. The Hillah it never came to us. And we were perished there, and, made to be all filthy and defiled without bathing in our rivers. We were died there. We never came back out of there alive. We were the sons, of the Judah, the Jeremeiah. - the man

We had no more good robes left. They had taken them all. And so, all for a few gold pieces, I have sold to you my story. And may your sons be great and prosper, and be great kings one day! Because we believe in that, here! And the peace we bring, and it [the peace] has become. And so, all for a few golden pieces of coins, I have sold to you my story. And, here, take these, so that your family may prosper. So that your sons can become great kings. And it was the story of the Juudah. The Arameiah, the Prince. The Sungods, were not worshipped here. We knew nothing of their name. And for that reason, they have taken out all of our women. And made dead and buried our sons. And we made no priests of them. No, not for making dead and buried our sons. And the Priests they had, they all came here! And no. We wanted no more of them left. The Juudah! The Priestesses they had! They wanted to teach us their song and dance. Of for the Moon God! The Goddesses, and Moons. They all worshipped them. And so, we were told to strip down naked, in the night. And to sing their songs. But we did not. And all for that, we perished. And so, we were from the Juudah! - the man, I feel that Juudah means Judea

My fathers. My fathers would not have been proud of me, if they had known that there would be nothing left. Because we never knew of this, that this would become. We didn't even get to drown ourselves, and we didn't have any weapon. We were perished here, because they came here to expand their kingdom. We were not the Juudah anymore! We were told to perish. And to take our sons away, and not to wash them [to not wash their boys in the river like they used to do]. Our women, our women gave birth to them. But now we had no more birthrights. We were never washed again. And, even all of our clothes began to stink. We had no more hope, left. And so we were no more the Juudah race! We had these two gold coins, and we give them to you. So, do not take them then, as you do not want to take them out of Juudah. They have not been poisoned, like your wells were. The Priests, they bring us, that worship the Moon! The Moon! The Moon they said was a God! But we could not worship the Sun, because we know where women have babies from? - the man, he means that his Jewish people know that babies come from the belly of a woman and that it has nothing to do with the Sun

We were not washed anymore, again. The people of Juudah were lost! There came a great Enemy from the East. They brought pestilence to us. They took all of our sons away, and raped our women. And they brought spears, and weapons, and animosity at us. They were our Enemy, before we had done anything wrong to them. And so the Juudah were lost! They were the Juudah-enemy. They were the Ptolemaios. The Ptolemaios came from the East. And they brought us down. They cut our heads off. And made us not eat, anymore. They took away everything we had got. And, and they sat us all down around their fire in a ring. And they told us to pray and worship to it. And then, they would be our next great king. But we spat into their fires. And now we are no more. And we were the Juudah! Our women were taken our first. And what then happened to them we do not know. - the man

The Arcturians are here. He has told you his right name. And he was the Arameios people. They called him that, the Juudah. It means the people of the Arameios. The Arameios had no more winged chariots, but they once knew how to fly with us! We used to take them out, up and above! So they said, it was winged chariots, and that we, we were the gods. But we took those out, all from their pages. We didn't want to be cherished, or worshiped. But we used to support them. The Arameios!, they should sing! And yes, it is true, they were all cut. And we cherished them, these the Jewish people. They had been given these lands, by their gods. And do not worry, their gods were not us! Their gods were another advanced, and not golden people. Did you hear about them yet? The old, forelorn gods of the Arameios people? They were from these lands too. And they were the original Jewish people ancestors. They forefathered the sons, but those were all taken out, of their pages! And now you know about the Jewish men! Or, of what is now left of them! They used to drink wine! And then, they would go to their temples! And they worshipped the Jewish god! The one and only, who was holy to them! And their Jewish temples were taken down. And burned away, burned to not even a crisp. And their holy texts were destroyed. And yes, we did hear about their women. They were the Arameios! The Arameios Jews drank a lot of wine! And they cherished their God! And they build temples for him! And now, their temples had been left into ruins. And their texts, their holy texts were burned. - Arcturian

I have to stop you here for a moment, dear Arcturian. I have got a question for you. - me

Yes, go ahead and ask! And next, we wanted to tell you, about how the Nazis went after the Jews. Do you know the original reason, of why that happened? It had got nothing to do with the Jewish gold. It had got nothing to do with their pleasantness, because the Jewish were always pleasant. And, also, it had got nothing to do with the Jews not going to their church. It had got to do with something else, that was secret. Do you know about the secret passageways under the earth? It had got to do with them. The secret passageways, that lead to everywhere. The many miles length of corridors. The passageways, that connect the world? The world dominance, that is being seeded there? And how the Jews played a part? And no no, the Jews did not want to take over the world. It is just, that the Jews had a great big part in it, and they were world leaders there. And so, the Nazis decided to take them out. And this is not what Hitler said officially! He didn't want the Jews to rule. So you see, that the Nazis did nothing that we think that they did? They didn't say. No one has ever before said, about the secret corridors and passageways of the Jews. And so, now, this man has wanted to give to you his two gold coins for listening to his story about his sons. And no, this has got nothing to do with Jesus, or with Jesoah. The Jews, had never got more Arcturian friends, than now. We have always been with them! We have always catered to their needs. The Arcturian friends leave now! - Arcturian

But I had a question! When the Jewish scripture was burned, were there ever single texts that were lost for ever? Is the Jewish text of today no longer complete? - me

If you knew, what was written there, there would be riots and wars. The Jewish of the East, were not pleased. Because there was a great division among the population. But do not worry yourself about that. It has been brought to be in order, so that there can be peace. The great population should not be divided. We do not want to see the quarrels begin again. And so we will not tell you! We have great big spaceships here, and we are guarding humanity. And you, you have begun to learn how to not give your eggs to them! - Arcturian, about my eggs to Reptilians

He is worried, about how you can write with tapping your fingers. He has never seen this kind of computer before. And now, next, he wanted to tell you about the olives and the olive branches. - Arcturian, because the man didn't see me writing with pen strokes

The Arameyah, were once a great kingdom. The Jewish, were once... such a great and peaceful people. The two gold coins that I have given you, can you take them now? The Arameyah, were we! We were golden, and peaceful! - the man

Dear man, I thank you for the golden coins, but I have no way of taking them. And also, I do believe that they belong with you. I am not a greedy person, and I cannot accept them from you. I do not believe in taking things from the people I listen to from across time. Please keep them, and cherish them, they are yours. I mean no disrespect by declining your offer. If God wants me to have this payment, then God will find his way of bringing me gold in another way, but not from you. You can give me a blessing, or kind thoughts to me instead, and I will cherish those. - me

We have never heard a woman saying that, most women would run for the gold. Most women would take it, and then, use it to make and create an inn. Or build a new well. Or buy goats. Or plant a land! Or buy new furniture. There are many things you can buy with gold. It is a cherished item. Don't you need a new chest, or some chairs? Or a new pavement, or parchment? I am confused. How can you not need those things? Or even a new jewelry, or a necklace? Or you could even buy new clothes, or take a voyage out at sea with a ship. You could pay for a lot of things, most of which would make you more prominent, and raise your status a bit in your society. We got these things from the East. We go there sometimes for shopping. Are you not buying any luxurious or expensive items? How can you not? And are you not even interested in jewelry? The Jewish people always were. We always needed new things to trim our beards with. Or to polish our teeth. Or, any new knickknacks. Things for our home, for receiving guests with. Or polished pavements. The pavements were made for the rich. We do not mean to be rude, but here, take them. You can even polish your teeth, with something! You can get things for them! So, take them. And buy yourself new jewels. Or something for your future boys to have. Take them out for a sea ship voyage! That is what all the rich people do. Sea voyages are fun! I have never been on one though. I was saving these coins for my sons, but now I have none. And so! These were the stories of the Arameiah! - the man

You could polish your teeth better, I mean, you could look better. All the men here try to look their best. We take great care in our outer appearance. To appear polished. To be seen as good men. So we polished ourselves. Otherwise the women would not like us. We also bought bread. And other items for cooking with, cookingware. You could always use a better fireplace! And better ropes, and string. And new shoes. Do not forget about the better polishing for your teeth! The Arameic had many wares that you could buy! And new shoes, new shoes are always important, because the old ones go bad! - the man

The shoes don't cost so much, you silly! - Arcturian I think, to the man, it sounded like a female voice

Not to be rude, but you could always take a few gold coins. And you see, we do not buy or even build weapons. Or, could you even have bought a new fishing net for your father? Or new skirts for you, so that you do not need to do laundry so often? Or seashells, to decorate and ornate your home with. Some women like those. Or other things, and trinkets. The Jewish do not like policing a state. And that is why, we never had armed guards. We did not waste our boys' times on that. In the coast, you can buy and make and mend many items. And you can make them good as new! Come on, let me take you out and shopping! I have no need for these things anymore! We can buy you new string. And with string you can bring new hope to your home. Many things need mending, all of the time. Even the doors start to hang loose. Would you like to know what it felt like, when our young men our sons had been slain? We cried all night. And we knew we could not get them back. And so yes, who cares about even string? We know, we know you do not want to take our the Jewish gold. We know that now! We know you do not want polished teeth. Or other things, that you can buy. You could have bought a whole village with this one! We do not want you to buy a sailboat. But you could have. A whole fleet for that matter. Or new fishing nets, or sailing equipment and things. Or new shoes, even those new things that are called boots. Or new things. But no. No weapons. We were never a weapons manufacturing. You could never buy anything better than string here! And also, we were a very peaceful people. We settled matters on our own two hands. And we never brought shame to our other women's families. We never brought shame, or spat on the ground. We never made fun of anyone! Or said, that they were not the Jews, for that would have brought shame to their families! We would have never stricken down a woman for not being one of us, for not being Jews. We never drove anyone away from our lands, either. And never spat on someone for not reading our texts. And, we let our boys grow up next to other boys who were not of our lands, we never drove them away! - the man

We never drove away the drunkards, those who were piling up on our streets. We just told them to get a rest, someplace nice. Because the harbors brought in a lot of strange people. And other, mystical diseases! We never bought jewels, for other peoples' women. We never tried to make out with them. We had our own wives, and women, at home. And we never ate another man's soup. Or never stole from them. We never let our boys go to other schools. Or, to worship at other temples. We never allowed those things, never. But, we never also had animosity toward others. We were always a peaceful clan, even when, those others they tried to steal from us, and rob us. We never fought. And, we were always clean we minded our hygiene. We never gave other women pestilence. And we were never rude to others. We always minded our own business also. And so, we were slain, for not worshiping other gods. And so our boys were taken out and killed. And so these were our, the Jewish stories! We wanted you to be paid, for writing them. But you do not want to take our coin. And so, we can only pray that your harbors will be safe and rich. And we can pray, that your sons grow into great kings! And we can wish you happiness, and great joy! Thank you for taking us down, and not with the great sphinx. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And you have also offered me meat to eat in your home. That is a great pleasure, and honor, for any man! You have given us something holy, and safety. And you have not broken any of our things. And, above all and, you have allowed us to be rich. And such great glory will come to you for that. You have taken down our stories, and written them down. And you will be given an olive branch for that. And you will not murder our sons of Jews anymore. You have taken our stories down! And now we will be remembered, and it is written. So, you are given, a thank you! You have been given a thank you! - the man

Their women, were never harmed, at ports, by other men, so they do not know what it was like. To find your women sleeping with, other men, with foreigners. Because that happened here a lot. We found them there, in the alleyways, sleeping with each other. We never took the negroes as slaves. Many other people did. And then, they tried to enslave us. Hah? To make us work? We were never made for them. And so whips and chains cannot break us down. We only grow stronger. We don't want to tell them about the purgatory. About what will happen to them next to them from the East. But they are in great big trouble, and it is greater of a trouble than a sinking ship. They are going down, to the purgatory. To the flames. - the man

For the record I don't know words like purgatory and had to look it up after he said it. I am tired from all the typing. I hope that the story can end here so that I can get some rest. I will try to close the connection.

We do not want our women to be raped again, and that is why we have told you, so that your kings can know. Tell your kings not to rape women, tell them, and let them read this text! And so. Tell them also not to make other men enslaved. Tell them to eat their own soup, and not to covet that of others. Tell them not to steal goats, or make claims of other men's lands and gold. Tell them all these things, and then we can all live in peace. And be Jews. And we want our clothes to be left unharmed. And our syphilis-ridden harbors to be cleaned! We want all of that out. We want all of our harbors and ports cleaned and washed. We want our shoes to be mended. And our clothes to be cleaned and washed. And no one to make fun of us for our names again. And for our mothers to be restored back to our homes. And for our gold pennies to be given back. We want our Jewish texts, originated, because they tell us of our fathers. We want the sailships to go, and to never again set land on our harbors. We want no more syphilis-ridden pestilence given for our women. We want peace to be restored to our lands. And we want our ecumenics to function. And we want a great Jewish Kingdom to be built! So that we can be kings of our own, and peace restored. We want our coins to be given back. We want our sons back to life. And we want no more of this Sun god! We want no more Nefilim, or Nefilat! We do not want to worship their Suns. We want no more harbors, to be ridden with pestilence. We want our wells, to be restored with clean water. And we want our clothes and our robes to be washed. And we want our coins back. And we want good food again! And we want no more Nefirate. - the man, pronounced Ne-fi-raat-te

What is Nefilim, Nefilat, and Nefirate? - me

Those were the Eastern, mystical philosophies. - the man, but he also thought of the green Nile area of Egypt

Tell me what Nefirate means? - me

We never read those books. We do not want to give our sons those worries. But they talk about the Moon being a god! And the Sun god, being a worshipped goddess! Those kind of things, are written in there. We do not want it for our Jewish boys. We are not their kinds of kings. We want our own waters to be restored, our well waters. And we want our boys to be nipped. - the man, nipped means circumcision

I need the writing to stop, it has already been plenty.

We had good fishing boats here. - the man

Dear man, I must now kindly ask that we stop talking. I have written everything down what you have said, and it has been a lot of writing. If you still wish to say more things, then we can talk on another day again. It was a pleasure to get to know you, and I am of course very sorry to hear about what happened there and to your people. I was happy to listen to your stories, and I thank you for that. - me

Do they know now, what has happened here, about the kings? About the Neferati? - the man, pronounced Ne-fe-raa-ti

What or who is the Neferati? - me

The Neftu. - a Dark Lord says, almost pronounced as Ne-fuu-tu


Some minutes later, the Jewish man from Juudah asks me if my people have discovered a cure for the illness of women bleeding once a month and what women of my people do about the bleeding. I tell him that I use tampons that I insert into myself, he asks me does that not hurt, I tell him no it does not hurt. I then tell him what we know about menstruation. I tell him that once a month the woman's body replaces the tiny egg that is in there, that the egg sits attached to the wall of the womb and is ripped away and then it bleeds. And that after a few days when the bleeding has stopped a new egg comes from the ovary and attaches itself to the wall of the womb, the womb being the pouch where the baby would grow, and that it sits there waiting for the semen from the man. I tell him that our scientists have glass lenses that magnify and that we have been able to see the eggs and to study these things in great detail. He listens and then asks me, but why do women bleed once a month like how the moon has a cycle with once a month. I tell him I do not know that. He then tells me that the women who came into Judea from the East used to bathe naked in their river at night when the moon was out when they were menstruating and bleeding into the water. He crinkled his nose as he said that, and I could tell that for the people of Judea that was unseemly, and it seemed that the Jewish women would not have bathed or defiled their beloved river when they were menstruating.


When the man from Judea says Arameyah it reminds me of the word Arameic, which we consider to be the ancient language of "the Semitic family group" which includes the Assyrians, Babylonians, Chaldeans, Arameans, Hebrews, and Arabs. Hebrews are the Jews.


The man from Judea says the word Hillah! many times. In the Hebrew language which is the official language of Jews today, Hilla is a first name for women and it means "halo", another meaning of the name is "praise". The name Hillah may also be derived from the word for "beauty" in Arabic.

However. An internet search on just "Hillah" reveals something very interesting. Hillah is a city in what is today central Iraq, "on the Hilla branch of the Euphrates river". It is the capital of a place today called the Babylon Province, and is located adjacent to the ancient city of Babylon! And the tomb of the Jewish prophet Ezekiel is reputed to be located in a nearby village, Al Kifl. Source, Hillah We can also read that Babylon Province which today has the provincial capital Hillah, lies opposite to the ancient city of Babylon on the Euphrates river.

From the first page linked to about Hillah, it says that Hillah is located near the ancient ruins of Babylon. Babylon was just 5 kilometers to the north of Hillah. And a quote: "It is likely that Babylon was founded in the third millennium BC and rose to prominence over the next thousand years. By the 18th century BC the city was the centre of the empire of Hammurabi. Various empires controlled Babylon over the following centuries. Babylon briefly regained independence during the Neo-Babylonian empire towards the end of the 7th century BC, most notably under the reign of king Nebuchadnezzar II, but came under Persian rule in the 6th century BC. In the 4th century BC, Alexander the Great captured Babylon. Babylon remained a notable Persian province until the 7th century CE, and then fell into decline."

We also find on the page, that "Alberes is situated south of Hillah, approximately 15 miles away. It has a tower found between Hillah and Al-Khifil. Its current name is a distortion of the name Old Babylonian and its Sumerian meaning is "sword of the sea", because it was located on the Ghadeer edge along the banks of the Sea of Najaf." There is a photo of the hill and it somehow struck a resemblance with the hill I had seen. It also has a tower on it. Could this be the tower of Babylon?

"In the 10th century, the town of Al Jami'ayn was founded on the eastern bank of the Euphrates. The location of that town is in modern-day Hillah now. In 1101 CE a new town was founded near Al Jami'ayn. Bricks were taken from Babylon to build houses and so Hillah expanded." This paragraph is not entirely clear to me but it seems that the name Hillah would have been given to this city only later in history.

Let's look again at where the tower of Babel (tower of Babylon) is thought to have been located. Source. It would have been built on the plane of Shinar. "Shinar was somewhere in Mesopotamia, but no one knows for sure the exact location of the Tower of Babel. Shinar means the “land of two rivers” in Hebrew (shene nahar). This is similar in meaning to the Greek word Mesopotamia ("between the rivers") for the area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system." "The traditional view is that Shinar is the Chaldean region of southern Babylonia in present-day Iraq. It identifies Babel with Babylon which lies about 50 miles south of today's Baghdad." Some historians suspect that the tower of Babylon was located here in modern day Iraq as described, others think that it may have been located in Syria instead, but no one really knows for sure.

When I remote viewed to find the tower of Babylon, it took me to a hill around which was a Jewish village where Jews lived who had been sent away from their home land Judea. The hill was the site which responded to my search for the tower of Babylon, but I saw no tower there, instead a shrine where the Sphinx people who I think were the Babylonians, lit a fire for their god Referet. I saw in the remote viewing that this hill was located far north and a bit west from where Judea is, and I placed it into modern day Turkey on the map. This man however talks about Hillah. Could that mean that the tower of Babylon, was in Babylon, at Hillah, or perhaps even on the hill that still has a tower on it in Alberes which is close to Hillah and ancient Babylon? It is a bit convoluted, but still interesting and not too far off.

Nefilim, Nefilat, Nefirate, Neferati, Neftu

The man from Judea said that they want "no more Nefilim, or Nefilat", "And we want no more Nefirate". I asked "What is Nefilim, Nefilat, and Nefirate?", he said "Those were the Eastern, mystical philosophies.". I ask him what Nefirate means, he said, "We never read those books.", "But they talk about the Moon being a god! And the Sun god, being a worshipped goddess! Those kind of things, are written in there.". He said: "Do they know now, what has happened here, about the kings? About the Neferati?" I asked, "What or who is the Neferati?", and a Dark Lord said: "The Neftu."

Nefilim, Nefilat, Nefirate, Neferati, Neftu.

Nefilim could refer to the beings who are written about in the Jewish Bible, and since the Christian Bible is based in part on the Jewish Bible the same text appears also in the Christian Bible. Read here about the Nephilim of the Bible. From the website: "There is a great deal of confusion over the word Nephilim. No one today really knows what it means." The Bible text is commonly interpreted to mean that the Nephilim were the giant children that resulted when Fallen Angels had children with human women.

An internet search on Nefilat reveals that it is a word known in Judaism and Hebrew. Nefilat. In the Hebrew language, "Nefilat Appayim" means "falling on one's face", and I suspect that Nefilat means "falling" in Hebrew.

Nefirate does not appear in an internet search at least not on a quick glance.

There is a Neferati temple from Ancient Egypt.

According to this book called "Invoking the Egyptian Gods" by Judith Page and Ken Biles, neftu would be a word in Ancient Egyptian language.