Alpha Thetons
  Aleister Crowley


Zeta Greys and Reptilians are often seen and interacted with by abductees but these aliens are part of a larger organisation called the Agenda and the real leaders of the Agenda are the Dark Lords. Not many know about the Dark Lords.

Many people are familiar with the Zeta Greys and the Draconian Reptilians, and even Mantid praying mantis aliens, but few know that the Agenda organization in which these aliens all work is headed by creatures who wish to be called Dark Lords. The true masterminds of the Agenda and alien abductions and hybrid programs are rarely featured in abduction stories, books, or television programmes about the aliens.


Dark Lords are tremendously dangerous in ways that humans cannot even imagine. An average person is not qualified to have dealings with these beings safely. From the material I have gathered, it seems that they are the demons and devils that major religions and churches have battled against for centuries.

Dark Lords are impressively smart and intelligent creatures, they are highly knowledgeable and can be quite charming gentlemen to converse with. But what makes them most dangerous is that they have no concept of what pain means. After a few years dealing with the Dark Lords, I suspect that if they knew how pain feels then they would stop causing it to others. The problem is that the worse someone's pain is, the more lust they feel. The second thing that adds to that danger, is that they are on a mission to gather up that lust energy from torture and sacrifice of creatures, so that they can enjoy it and be fed by it and then pass it on to their god The Eye which by all means seems to be a black hole in space.

I know this sounds like ridiculous science-fiction, but I have physical evidence from these beings that they are real, one of them tore down books from the bookshelf one night, they can also throw a person. These beings can possess a person's mind, they are the ones who gave Satanism and the Nazi movement to humanity, they are behind many murders and crime and pedophilia. And they rule the Agenda in which the Zetas and Reptilians work, who are taking my eggs. Dark Lords are the most unpleasant thing anyone could run into, but hey they are what they are, so we might as well try to understand. But please be warned, these are not the kind of aliens you want to interact with. I should probably join the mass coverup across the world by not even writing about them.

I forbid any average person from ever attempting to contact them. Your average UFO watchers or SETI scientists are NOT allowed to deal with these creatures. They are not for amateurs.

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They say they come from a place in outer space called Alpha Theta. By all means this sounds like it would be a star or even a planet by a star. The entities are thus rightfully called Alpha Thetons or Alpha Thetans. But they wish to be called Dark Lords. They are also the Shadow Figures.


Dark Lords are shapeshifters. They can change the shape of their body as it appears to the observer. Whether this is a physical morph or just an induced trick of the mind and perception.

Reptoid form or Insectoid form - I suspect this to be their true form, but one which they rarely display. A skinny black or dark brown creature, resembling a frail reptoid or insectoid. A slumped torso body, tiny head with two round black eyes that reflect the light. An area of depression where a nose would be. A mouth underneath that. Two long skinny arms, two long skinny legs, both arms and legs are held bent at the elbows or knees. Whether it has a tail I cannot remember. It has no humanoid or anthropomorphic proportions. I am shown the reptoid form, or that I see this form, only at times when I am given a mental visual from the inside of the spaceship with a Dark Lord in it. But when they visit me in my home they present the other morphs instead. I may have also had a close encounter with a Dark Lord in reptoid form when one brought me consciously to the Battle of Syracuse abduction.

On July 14, 2017, I confirm that the insectoid form is in fact a true representation of an Alpha Theta Dark Lord. Alpha Theta insect form confirmed.

Shadow Figure form - on a rare occasion they seem formless but for a large black humanoid outline with diffuse boundaries. It is usually trouble when one of these is seen, they can literally toss a person across air or move objects physically, we are talking beyond mental telepathic contact.

Betelgeuse/Malik as a Shadow Figure

Gremlin form - this is their by far most common form when they are visiting in my home. Each Dark Lord has its own unique appearance, some are larger some smaller, some thicker others thinner, some choose (or I think they choose) ramhorns or hooved feet to be displayed on their body. In the Gremlin form they look perfectly similar to the black Gremlins in the 1980's movies by the same name, except that they have no ears. Black bodies with bumps along their spinal ridge, a tail, two eyes that are completely white except for a pale gray dot for a pupil in each.

Gremlin from the 1980's movies
image borrowed from

Betelgeuse/Malik up to Shenanigans
in Gremlin form

Not Confirmed: Crocodile form - on many occasions I have suspected the Crocodile Men to be just another form of the Dark Lord, but I am uncertain of this, it only remains a question.

Not Confirmed: Black Reptilian form - one of the central characters in my stories is the Black Reptilian. Often when the Black Reptilian speaks there will be a Dark Lord speaking or present at the same time, and very soon it becomes difficult to distinguish between the two of them and you see that I have often written "Dark Lord or Black Reptilian" as the speaker in telepathy. Otherwise the Black Reptilian is supposed to be a lizard from a planet by the star Alpha Orion aka Betelgeuse.

Not Confirmed: General Patton form - General Patton is supposedly an American Navy General, even though the U.S. does not have Generals in the Navy only Admirals or so I think. General Patton was either a U.S. Marine or Navy Seals when he was younger I forget which, and he served in the Vietnam War after which he was asked if he would join a branch of the military which deals with the alien presence on Earth as well as working for the MKULTRA project, and he chose to transfer. I am not entirely sure why I've suspected GP of being a morph of the Dark Lords, perhaps just a feeling of mine, and this is by all means not confirmed, I would still guess that GP is in fact a human, but we leave it as an open question.


When a Dark Lord is near, you will sense their smell. They smell like a combination of sewer, rancid socks, pestilence, and a dead rat. The Dark Lord emanates an atmosphere or aura which is immensely negative and which impacts the human body negatively. The Dark Lord can vary the extent to which he manifests his presence into a room, and often they have the decency and understanding not to visit in their full. If you have a true close encounter with a Dark Lord there is risk that the human mind will go insane, heart stop, and die. Having Dark Lords meddling with a human the human will start to slip toward satanism, dark thoughts, and a dark energy from the Dark Lords.

Coffee or Juice?

Dark Lords are incubi, which means that they draw out the life energy from another living being and ingest it into their own body system and experience. Dark Lords cause life force to flare up in a victim by inflicting to the victim pain, fear, or sexual sensations. This is why so many alien and human victims are treated with terrorization, physical torture, and sexual violence in the Agenda. Dark Lords call the life energy coffee, or juice, mostly they call it coffee and juice is perhaps reserved for blood.
See here Incubus

Blood and Sacrifices

Blood contains a lot of life force and Dark Lords make victims in the Agenda either have blood extracted, or sacrificed in blood rituals. The heart also has a lot of life force and some Dark Lords I am thinking of Basmet/Baphomet in particular like to pull life force out of a heart, and the act of doing so induces real pain in the heart.

Cults and Sex with the Dark Lords

Many people who join any of the sects or organizations here on Earth which were founded by the Dark Lords, including Satanism, anything to do with Aleister Crowley or Thelema, Ku Klux Klan, and many others, will get to experience a meeting with a Dark Lord. Meeting the Dark Lord, or especially when doing satanic rituals for the Dark Lord, can induce a tremendous sexual euphoria, and this is reason why many enjoy these satanic cults especially on the higher ranks where contact with the "Lords" may be allowed. But this sexual pleasure comes from that human's own energy being twisted and distorted, consumed by the Dark Lord, and stolen from you forever. The activity then turns its attention to victims, once the practitioner is drained of its own energy, and creatures are sacrificed, tortured, or raped and the practitioner gets to enjoy the sexual euphoria together with the Dark Lord, while feeding the Dark Master.

Dark Lords love D/s because it combines two or three of the things that flare up life force, sex and pain. In fact it seems that the Dark Lords tricked me into dating a D/s Master who was a Free Mason, time during which a Dark Lord had possessed the man, and these sexual moments were in fact more with the Dark Lord than with the human man. Dark Lords also have an Agenda sex club in an under ground base called the Citadel, full of D/s and recreational drugs, read about Citadel here.

Religion and The Eye

Dark Lords have a religion. There is what seems to be an astronomical body in space probably a black hole which is somewhat in the shape of an eye. It is called The Eye and the Dark Lords treat it as the supreme Lord. Dark Lords say that The Eye is swallowing up all of space, and that by passing forward the life force which the Dark Lords extract from victims, to The Eye, they believe that they will be able to slow down or even stop for a while The Eye from swallowing up space. It is a job like shoveling snow on a burning fire, and they believe they've got to keep doing it and that in fact they are saving the entire universe as we know it. Dark Lords also say that space is spewed out from The Eye also, and so The Eye is both the creator and the destroyer. My understanding of it is that the Dark Lords have encountered an astronomical body of great significance, and they have ascribed religious meaning and personality to it. It is more of a "person" to them.

The Agenda

The Agenda is what I and many others have come to call the organization of the Dark Lords. The symbol of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid, which symbolises a hierarchial power structure, implying that all races and individuals have an extent of "importance" and corresponding status with respect to others. To reach high up on the pyramid one would have to accept the Dark Lords as prominent rulers, take part in satanic rituals, and regard The Eye as god, although there is more to it than that to rise in the ranks. Creatures who do not embrace the Agenda, are not regarded as "outsiders" of the Agenda, but rather that all life is on the pyramid, and those who do not accept it are simply on the bottom, instead of being simply exempt.

You often see the yellow pyramid drawn with The Eye on top. The Eye has the very highest rank. Dark Lords are under it and near. I once had a conversation with a Dark Lord who told me how many levels of rank there are, I would have to look that up.

But if you look at the back of a U.S. dollar bill you will find the pyramid with The Eye? Many including myself seem to have gotten the impression that world governments are by far ruled by Dark Lords and the Agenda. Even the bull statue outside of Wall Street is Agenda symbolism. Dark Lords and their culture is very pervasive throughout Earth. Even the Ancient Egyptian pyramids they say were built as a monument to Orion, and we know how three of the main pyramids aligned with the stars in Orion's belt.

Pyramid And The Eye
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World Domination

Dark Lords want to rule the universe and take over all worlds and civilizations. And they are cruel and heartless in their pursuit. They will mercilessly attack alien civilizations and force them to join the Agenda or war with them and wipe them out and destroy their world. Needless to say the Dark Lords have got their clutches on Earth and humanity already.

Some of the alien races who seem to have more willingly joined the Agenda, are the Zeta Greys from Zeta Reticuli and Reptilians from Alpha Draconis. At least you never hear them complaining about the Agenda. The Zetas are conducting a huge genetic project after a nuclear power accident rendered their species infertile. Zetas get all the help they could ever wish for by the Agenda, in return Zetas subject hybrids and humans to sexual assault, medical torture, and cruelty so that the Dark Lords can enjoy their juice and pass it on to The Eye. For them it is a win-win situation.

Reptilians seem to often also enjoy the juice, Reptilians call it "feeling the power" and it aligns nicely with - not a sexual pleasure - but the pleasure Reptilians would feel when conquering a prey. Not all Reptilian individuals condone of the Agenda. Even my Hamish and his race of Dragon Turtles wish they were outside of it but seem to have no choice. There are also many Reptilians who are strictly against the Agenda and have managed to maintain a way out. There is an organisation of friendly Reptilians and their symbol is the turquoise upside down triangle with its point pointing down, as a logo of anti-Agenda. If you ever hear Agenda aliens such as its Reptilians talk worrisomely about "the turquoise", or how they tell me that "turquoise" is a forbidden color, that is what they mean. I am also reminded of when David Icke made one of his first tv interviews since he became aware of the Agenda, and he wore turquoise clothing as a protective anti-Agenda color. (Everything on The Orion Project and on this page is first-hand information I've got from the aliens. I do not serve you rehash of anyone else's material, although I am somewhat familiar with the work of David Icke of course. All what I write here, I have seen or heard or experienced myself.) See David Icke explain the turquoise

Many other alien races are forced to work in the Agenda but surely wish that they were not. See them as slaves instead of members. These include the Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Remulan scorpions, Alpha Centauri, and others. Part of humanity seems to have willingly joined, because the Agenda supplies militaries and political leaders with weapons, technology, status and positions of power, prostitutes, money, and drugs.


Black and white checkered floors are automatically portals that let the Dark Lords pass in and out of our human realm. MKULTRA mind control is a Dark Lord favorite. The Dark Lords claim credit for Hitler and the Nazi movement. Harry Potter movies introduce witchcraft to children and are a great tool for making kids susceptible to Dark Lords. Aleister Crowley and his books were crafted by the Dark Lords. Druidism is often mentioned as having been one of their constructs. These are just some.

Dark Lords

The first Dark Lord I ever had was named Betelgeuse, which is the name of the star Alpha Orionis which is where the Orion people come from. It seems this Dark Lord chose the name as a taunt against the Orions who were conquered after wars and who have still not willingly joined the Agenda but are forced to work for it. Later Betelgeuse changed his name for Malik which is Arabic for King.

Other Dark Lords I have had visiting include Basmet who is Baphomet. Manon who dwells in India and likes to possess elephants and make them run into villages and villagers and Indian people to make them rape and murder children. I have had a few Dark Lords here but I forget their names.

Portrait of Malik

Basmet the Dark Lord (Baphomet)
this picture was supposed to have a big penis, but I censored it

What do they say?

You will find tons of conversations between me and the Dark Lords throughout this website and in the telepathy books.

What to make of this?

It is sad and disappointing, first to learn of these immensely negative and sinister creatures, and what a grasp they have on humanity and are responsible for so much atrocities. It is also disappointing that they would rule the Agenda which is behind at least the sinister alien abductions with the Zetas and Reptilians. But this is what we are served.

It is important to step back from the Agenda and to not join it, no matter how tempting its promised rewards. Joining the Dark Lords or Agenda will only lead to ruin, to oneself and to many others who are impacted. I am still respectful toward the Dark Lords. I do not disrespect their religion or sacrifices, I accept that they have their perspective, and I believe that they are unable to understand compassion or empathy. They are therefore to be pitied, for they do not know what they have done. They are unable to feel pain, when one feels pain they feel lust of an equal magnitude.

More About The Danger

Dark Lords, or Alpha Thetons, are some sort of alien species who say they are very ancient. For whatever reason, they have taken upon themselves to conquer all of the universe and their quest is to force all other living beings to submit to their rule. The Agenda is their organization, and its symbol is the pyramid which represents the hierarchial power structure in which all member species have a rank relative to the others. A higher rank is obtained by being willing, and/or capable of, living along the lines of Alpha Thetan philosophy, which means to accept The Eye as the supreme god and to give ritual sacrifice to The Eye.

Dark Lords are not opposed to engaging in war with other species who might oppose the rule of the Agenda. Some alien species have willingly joined, it seems, due to the benefits they will receive by the give-and-take of being one of its member species. Others are working for the Agenda, not seeing any other option. Others seem to have found ways to resist membership altogether, including the Pleiadians and many members of the Board of benevolent ETs including the Ummo, Airship People, Arcturians, and others. And unfortunately it seems that part of the political and military leadership of humanity has joined, or is on the fence being part of the give-and-take while trying to figure out ways to get out and buying time.

Dark Lords are very lusty creatures. They can seduce a human with feelings and sensations that are so sexual and orgasmic that many people would find them impossible to resist. But resist them you must, because the sexual sensations are being made out of your very own life energy being contorted and twisted and devoured by these beings. You literally lose your soul and burn out if you give in to them.

A few years ago the Dark Lords worked on me for a long time until they finally managed to get me to go see a D/s Free Mason man, and this is in real life not some telepathic conversation, or something I remember from dream-like experiences at night. A Dark Lord had possessed the man and it was the Dark Lord acting through the man. The Dark Lord made me kneel for him and call him my Master. It was completely the Dark Lord there, I will elaborate on this story in the adult books some day.

Dark Lords can whisper to and influence a human to lose their morals. They can make people get into arguments. They can make your loved family and friends argue with you and hit you in ways you wouldn't believe were possible. Dark Lords take over human minds and influence them to commit acts of violence, sexual assault, pedophilia, or even murder. They also like it for humans to use alcohol and drugs.

Dark Lords have many associations and sects on Earth, many are recognizable by having an Ancient Egyptian theme such as Aleister Crowley's Thelema or something satanic. Magic and witchcraft, vampirism, all are their creation. They even love the Harry Potter movies, for making our children susceptible to Dark Lords.

Dark Lords can throw a human being across the air. They can throw objects such as books. They can make a human go insane. They can influence all the people in your life, at your work, your family, friends, to ruin your life in ways you didn't think was possible, bringing on great injustices. They can even play their tricks to make a person end up in jail for the strangest reasons. They are incredibly powerful creatures.

I forbid anyone from attempting to interact with them. If you are interested in alien life, you are still not allowed to pursue contact with the Dark Lords, because you are not strong enough. You are not qualified. It is not cool to have them manifest a black shadow or throw you across the air or to have an interview and conversation with these alien beings. Stay away from them. There are plenty of options for those who want to interact with aliens, such as Pleiadians, Zetas, and Reptilians.

Example of the harm Devastating Dark Lords, June 17 2017

How to stay safe from them

Do not pursue contact with them. Do not even think about them too much. Stay away from tarot cards, ouija boards, satanism, vampirism, and any of their dark arts.

Stay true to love and light. Affirm your loving nature, appreciate the goodness in yourself and in others. Christian religion is powerful against them.

The Catholics??? They don't like my blood??? - a Dark Lord speaks right now, June 18 2015

Avoid and ignore them to its fullest extent. You should even pretend that these beings do not even exist. There is some danger in dealing with the Zetas and Reptilians who abduct people, since they are working for the Dark Lord Agency and have these Dark Lord bosses around somewhere. And sometimes you see that even a Zeta or a Reptilian is being mind controlled by a Dark Lord, which is why many Zetas seem to love cruel medical torture or why Reptilians seem to love sadistic sacrifice of victims, but they do that for their Dark Lords.

The Agenda as a whole is cruel and sadistic. You wouldn't believe the crimes taking place there. But, I am an egg donor with the Agenda. It is still an extraterrestrial venture and I find it interesting and continue to learn more.

You can always keep a Christian Bible in your room, believe it or not Alpha Thetons don't like Bibles and stay away. A few cloves of garlic under your bed keeps them from hiding under your bed and giving you nightmares. And yes, Dark Lords like to hide under beds to mind control the sleeping person into having nightmares, or sit on your belly when you sleep.

They are immensely powerful but you have the choice to avoid and ignore them. Know about them perhaps, but don't study them, and do not attempt to contact them.

Did you know? That I once painted a picture of me, Malik the Dark Lord, and Hamish the Red Reptile sitting down on a checkered blanket in the forest enjoying a picnic together. In it, Hamish is grabbing for a slice of cake, and Malik holds a dainty teacup and wears a festive black tophat for the occasion. Malik objected so much to the insult of this picture, that I was never able to completely finish it and never dared to hurt his feelings by posting it on the website. He also objects to the other cute and funny cartoon images I've made of him, two of which are on this page now, but I think he can handle a little bit of loving taunt.

Planet Saturn

I remote viewed planet Saturn and learned that it was originally made to be a planet emanating peace. It was knocked off course with explosives, and the rings and moons were placed around it, to block it from emanating peace, to harvest its emanation to be used in sorcery instead, and to emanate other sinister things instead such as hatred and disease. Saturn was corrupted by "the ones who did it were the ones who later settled on Mars, the warring gods of Mars, Mars was always known on Earth throughout history as the planet of war". And the Dark Lords have made a home out of Saturn, they say they have cities there and they live there. Source: Saturn And Its Moons, remote viewing in the video, September 3 2017.

The Dark Lord named Baphomet or Baphomeus lives in Saturn, Saturn And Its Moons: Baphomeus.