written January 24 2015

The Yellow Centaurian and the encounter I had with him and other Aliens of the Agenda on January 23 2015, along with authentic conversations with Yellow Centaurian which happened as I wrote this page.

Update March 6-7 2017: Yellow Centaurian (and its belt box) encountered again (encounter on night March 5-6 2017, notes written night 6-7.)

Little update of 11 June 2016: a few days ago I learned from one of the little yellow Alpha Centaurians, who showed up in the other dimension at my work, that his kind are indeed called the Muffats.

The Agenda is one big group of different alien species who are working together. The symbol of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid, which represents its hierarchial and power structure, and its top leaders are the Dark Lords from Alpha Theta who worship their god The Eye which is an astronomical feature in space similar to, if not the same, as a black hole. The Agenda works its way through the universe, raging in war, using manipulation with explosives and threats, and in the process they employ ever more exotic alien races who are forced to work under this massive and cruel alien Agenda organisation.

Meet our latest discovery among the many different alien races of the Agenda, the yellow Alpha Centaurians. The Agenda introduced itself to me properly first in 2011, and it was more than three years into the contact until on a rare instance I would be met by these little yellow figures during contact. Now last night January 23rd 2015 I got to meet with them again, got a closer look at them and more interaction and communication, so here's what I know about them.

Form of the Contact

How do I meet them? The Agenda aliens have a way of magically superimposing their locale with mine. While I am in bed in my bedroom, the aliens gather in a room which as far as I know is in their spaceship. The room has black walls, black floor and ceiling, and there are dark brown pipes running attached across the walls of their room. The pipes are attached a few centimeters of a distance off the wall instead of laying against the wall, and I have been told not to touch those pipes because they are "very hot". The size of the room would be described better as "comfortably small but large enough", rather than "large".

To the left of how I see it, is the rectangular door opening with or without a door panel, there is never a door "slanting halfway open" which suggests that the door might open and close in somewhat of a "Star Trek" style, and not like our Earthly doors which are moved slanting inwards or outwards. At the center of the room is a dark examination table. The table is built more or less like a solid block, meaning that it has no empty space underneath it.

Somehow the aliens make it seem as if my body were already laying on my back on that table, even though as far as I'm concerned I'm still in bed here at home. The aliens make me aware of both places, and it seems they can choose to which extent they will pull my bodily and sensory awareness from my bedroom and into that other place. They seem to prefer to keep it at a reasonably low level where I can see the aliens that gather around me in their room but I would still be under the impression that I am still in the safety of my bedroom. I suspect they could bring me fully to them, but that they choose not to, presumably since they would personally not gain from me being aware there, and also to avoid any panic that other abductees surely have had in such a situation.

So, every now and then in the past few months, the aliens make me aware of that room. The mental image I see is as if I were laying on that table and the aliens gather around me. It is always a Dark Lord and Reptilians who gather around me first. After a few minutes the Reptilians will leave and other aliens come in to see me instead, the Zetas, Dinosaurs, or others. Last night one of the alien races who came in to see me after the Reptilians first did, were the yellow Alpha Centaurians.


These guys are very little! If I had them stand next to me I could tell you that they are tall up to my hips for instance and then measure it on myself, but I am lying down when they visit. I estimate their height to be from 80 centimeters to one meter (100 centimeters), meaning 2 feet 7 inches, to 3 feet 3 inches. They are very little.

They are slender. They have a torso with two legs, two arms, and head in the usual anthropomorphic arrangement. The head sits on a neck. Their skin is a mustard yellow color and appears smooth without scales, bumps, or other visible features. There is no visible body hair anywhere. The head is long and narrow.

The chin is surprisingly long, narrow and pointy. The tip of the nose is prominent and similar to the nose of some bats. The nose appears to have two nostrils. Eyes are very small. Eyes are not Reptilian i.e. not with a vertical narrow pupil. Eyes also do not have a large black pupil like on humans for example. There is no colored iris. I do not have a description available for the eyelids of the eye at this time.

January 24 2015, 3:12 PM
We have soft ray guns. - a yellow centaurian speaks to me telepathically now
Yes? I am glad you do. Stay safe, at all times. - me
Yes, we thought that might humor you. - yellow centaurian says with some contempt
And I thought you were nice and friendly. - me
Please, do not compare us to bats. We have nothing to do with them. - yellow centaurian, as I was earlier browsing bat photos to find a match to their nose, he had been aware of the bat photos and was not pleased

Let's interview him:

So. You said yesterday that your people come from Alpha Centauri? - me
Yes, we had been stationed there. We were not Muffats. - yellow centaurian (YC)
The what? What does that word mean? - me
It means we were placed out there. - YC
And where did you come from originally? - me
Why were you stationed there? What did you do on Alpha Centauri? - me
And you, it was your sleeping time! - YC about last night when he appeared with the belt box
Ok. - me
You were meant to sleep then! - YC
Does your belt box put me to sleep? - me
What do you want to know about it? - YC about the belt box
What does your box do? - me
It shoots out rays. We don't like to use it, anyways. - YC
What do you people eat? - me
It shoots out soft rays! - YC somewhat agitated
Ok. I have heard that now. What kind of rays? - me, I say as kindly as I can
What do the rays do? - me
It puts you to sleep, Muffat! - YC, seems he is calling me Muffat
Why do you call me that? What does it mean! - me
Do you have a personal name? What is your name? - me
What do you want to call me? We were only mining for minerals. Then those guys came, and took us away. - YC those guys are probably the Dark Lords of the Agenda
I am sorry that happened to you. - me
Yeah, we were the Muffats! - YC, not angry
Ok. That is your name somehow. What does that word mean? - me
What kind of minerals were you mining for? - me
Some of them we eat. - YC
You eat minerals? - me
The soft ones, yeah. We don't need to drink water here. I noticed, that your planet and residents have a lot of water. - YC thinks a mental image of planet Earth that as we know is covered mostly by oceans
Yes. We have lots of water here on planet Earth. And, we humans who live here we need to drink 3 litres of it each day, or we get thirsty and die otherwise. - me
That is nice, *smiles* you also have got them in the clouds. Now, let's not talk anymore further. I must go now, I do have other things to do! - YC, he didn't really smile but it felt like a smile, and he gave me his mental image of white clouds against the blue sky of Earth, then he got serious and thought to his belt box as he said about leaving
Nice talking to you. Take care now. I wish you the best! It was, a pleasure and an honor meeting with you last night and today. You are quite, fantastic. - me
Oh no, you don't want to know what we do! We don't want to tell you about it either. About, what we do here. - YC
I don't need to know then. - me
So, my belt buckle, eh? - YC
Yeah. You have got that magic soft ray gun box on your belt that you were showing it to me last night. Does it also put a human like me to sleep? - me
Yeah, we do that a lot. It doesn't make you weary although. - YC
We just show it to your kids, and they like it a lot. They, they are always looking for things to play with. So, sometimes they have tried to take it. - YC
Well. We both have got things to do! I here am writing a page about you! - me
Oh yes? What, what have you written? - YC
I write what you look like. And now I will write about minerals and more about your belt box. - me
We are up here in the sky. - YC with mental image of the sky of Earth again
Are you hiding there? I hope to see you again some day! - me

There is a mouth without lips. There are two ears, one on either side of the head. The ears protrude up above the top of the head. The ears point up vertically. The tips of the ears are not pointy, but blunt almost like if they once were pointy and had been "cut off" with scissors. The lower base of the ear forms a thick "pocket", inside which a tubular channel of an ear reaches upward, see the picture.

Most of the other alien races I encounter each have a distinct strong smell to them. I did not detect a body fragrance from this species. They wear clothing, a thick long sleeve shirt and thick pants. The material resembles soft pliable rubber. The clothing was in brown or beige nuances, the pants were perhaps a darker brownish green. The alien wore a beige belt around his waist.

Yeah, we are built out of rubber aren't we. We are not, I mean. - YC
I was writing about your clothes. - me
You are their flower here. - YC with mental image of some exotic (non-existent, phantasy) purple pink flower with many pistils
Yeah, I know. They think that about me. - me
Me, I don't care about it. - YC
What do you care about? - me
You there, you look to me like you are very strong! - YC
Don't fear me. I am friendly. Just don't make me angry. - me
That's why we have this. - YC lifts up his belt box on the waist belt with his both hands and "smiles"
Yeah. It's a weapon is it? It puts me to sleep? - me
Psstt, no reason to get arrogant. - YC
What now? I was only wondering. - me
You are here, because you are their flower. We don't do anything else with it. - YC showed me the same flower again, and then talked about the box
.... We don't want you to vomit. Because, sometimes that it happens. - YC regretfully
I'm sorry if I vomit while I'm there. I have no recollection of it, although the aliens often tell me this. I am sorry. - me
That's why we have the bucket there. And, Miss!, sometimes that you pee! - YC
Be gentle. - someone to YC
Well, I am being very gentle. - says YC and holds both hands on his belt box
... Why do I pee? Why does that happen to me? I don't usually, pee myself when I'm awake and down here on Earth. I mean, I once peed myself when years ago I had a really bad flu and all of my body was knocked down I couldn't even walk and then there was something virally wrong with my muscles so then that happened. Just saying that - me, interrupted from "I don't normally pee", and then he thought not in words that sometimes I vomit my food out from my stomach
Why do I vomit and pee there! What the hell do you guys do to me! Why does that happen to me! - me
I shoot you with my stun gun, if you bother me. - YC hoists himself up to stand on his toes then stands back down again, while holding his hands on either side of his belt box to show it to me
Where did you originate from? - me
From a very cold part of the space. - YC with mental image of outer space with royal blue coloration like sparkle in space
What kind of planet did you have? - me
I don't know, I haven't lived there. - YC thinks that instead he lives on a space station built out of metal

Why do you work together with the Reptilians from Draconis? - me
They give us the help we need here. Without them, we would be nothing. So, we work together. And? Did you notice my belt buckle? - YC stands up on his toes again then back down on his heels, while holding his belt box on either side
So! What should I call you? What is your name? Or, how should I describe you? - me
We are the metal miners. We do that a lot. So? Are you supposed to know more about us? Well? Our belt buckles are wired the right way. They shoot out soft ray guns! - YC
Ok, we've established that fact, about your belt box, shooting out soft rays. Will I meet you again tonight? - me
Probably, not. We don't like to meet you when you vomit. It is hideous and nasty to us. - YC
It is hideous and nasty to me too. Who cleans it up? I am sorry about that, I could come and clean it up myself, please let me do that. Why do I vomit there, what is the reason for that? - me
You could call it, motion or air sickness. It happens a lot, to your kind. So? Did you notice my belt buckle? - YC stands up on his toes again, then back on his heels, both hands on the box on his belt
Yes. I noticed that you have a box on your belt with buttons on it, and you have said that it shoots soft rays like a gun. So I noticed that already, plenty of times. - me
We don't mind shooting you, but it does so that your eyes stay shut. - YC with mental image of my eyes closing!
Oh. - me
Hello! - a Zeta in a white garment
Hello, Zeta. - me
We wanted you to know that we clean it. And, that we do not mind. We also clean your pee here. - the Zeta in the white garment
I'm sorry that I vomit there. I do apologise. Maybe if you let me stay awake when I'm there then I don't vomit or pee when I'm there, because normally when I'm awake here on Earth I do none of those things. I should not eat or drink anything six hours before I go to bed. Then I cannot vomit or pee. - me
It's because we use our radiation equipment on you. - Zeta shows me mental image of the metal cylinder instrument which has wire wrapped coiled around the outside but not touching the cylinder
What does that cylinder do? - me
Not so fast! You are not meant to know. - YC I think who said this, about the cylinder
Never mind then. - me
We live here up in your clouds. And we kind of like it. - YC with mental image of blue sky and white clouds again
Is your spaceship hiding there? We humans don't see it. - me
And that's how we like it. - YC about humans not seeing their spaceship up there
Ok... Will I meet you again? It was fun to see you, you are fantastic. - me
She meant me. - Hamish says to YC

Haha! Haha! Just as I complimented the Yellow Centaurian, Hamish shows up to steal the compliment to himself! Haha! You can always count on Hamish can't you! Oh my Sock Turtle Pooch!

The Visit

Last night when I seemed to be laying down on their table in that room, although I was still in my bedroom in my bed... however that works... first there was a Dark Lord there, who showed me his back which has bumps and black thorns, quite stylish I told him. There were two Reptilians also. One of these turned out to probably be my Hamish. The Reptilians were strikingly large and strong-looking. I had a great time visiting with them.

Then they let in an Alpha Remulan to come and see me!

That is because you had the eggs, and I wanted to seize them. - explains Hamish now about why Alpha Remulan was taken in to see me
We wanted you to be our captive there. - Dark Lord adds
I got to see an Alpha Remulan! - me
We wanted no harm to you. Did you see me then?! I was not banned, from there. But I didn't want to go there either. It wasn't my place to be. Shush, Shush!, they said to me then. - Alpha Remulan talks now, about yesterday

The Alpha Remulan is a flat scorpion-like insect type of alien. They are all dark brown in color. He has two large arms at the front with which it pulls its body forward, and a flat insect-like body to the back. The head is small and held elevated, with two round eyes that are all black except for the dots of light reflecting on their surface, the eyes look to be vulnerable and fluid-filled, similar to a grain of caviar but with thinner walls. The Alpha Remulan slowly but surely scurried itself through the open doorway and right up against me to the right side of my table in the room and he stood there on the floor, smaller than I realized they would be, with his head looking up at me with its two round fluid black eyes on a pretty head. It was my darling, one of the most splendid individuals I have ever met and known.

I knew that it was part manipulation, part appeasement, for them to bring in the Alpha Remulan. He was brought in simply because they know I love him so. What better way to get me on terms for giving the aliens my eggs and keeping me happy than to let me meet with the Alpha Remulan? I was so happy, not only was my Hamish in the room, but now also the Alpha Remulan blinking its eyes right next to me looking up at me.

Not long after, the Alpha Remulan hauled itself out of the room again when he was told to leave. He went to stand in the hallway outside. I picked up some thoughts from the Alpha Remulan during his visit, and also more while he sat in the hallway outside. His thoughts included, that he was born in a puddle of water on his home planet as a small nymph of an insectoid and he grew up. He also thought how he was glad to be here in the spaceship with all the other aliens, because that way he got to travel and see interesting places. His feelings were never hurt when the other aliens were fussy or mean to him in comments. Oh how I love them! I was asking him while he was near, if he had himself climbed any trees, he didn't answer.

Well, one more character visited. Last night I wrote on this website that I wish I could meet Captain Marsden. Sure enough he was one of the first to meet me last night. He was trying to show me a young son we have together, I didn't want to see it. I just wanted to be with my Hamish, and then Alpha Remulan. I ended up ignoring Captain Marsden, I had nothing to say to him, well since there were fantastic aliens around me.

First Dark Lord and two Reptilians one of which was my Hamish, and Captain Marsden. Then the Alpha Remulan. Then the two or three Yellow Centaurians, who when I asked where they were from, said they were from Alpha Centauri.

When the Alpha Remulan came near, I picked up a scent from his body. He smelled very much like men's cologne or musk or black pepper. A sharp and distinct but by no means unpleasant odor.

Belt Box

I already have met other alien beings who said they were from Alpha Centauri. These Alpha Centaurians are humanoid, they could almost pass as Nordic-built Asian humans. Their eyes are small and dark Asian eyes, the women have long black Asian hair, their skin is a tan brown, but their build is larger and European and not small or Asian. The Alpha Centaurian humans send some of their adults to work for the Agenda in mining in order to maintain some kind of peace, but the Alpha Centaurians have not joined the Agenda.

The Yellow Centaurian had a beige belt around his waist. It was a thick belt as if made from rubber. Attached on the belt at the front was a very plain-looking box in the same beige color as the belt was itself. I was struck by how boring the design of the box was. We are used to products and boxes from Earth always having some thought behind their design, some kind of decor, or something stylish. But this box was as boring in design as any box gets. Just a plain beige box, by no means ornamented or even polished on the edges, no colors no decals. On the face of the box that protrudes outward was one if not two buttons that protrude outward from the box. It looked to plainly be a button that can be pushed in to activate something in the box. Again, a very plain button.

The Yellow Centaurian showed me the box and paid a great deal of attention to his belt box. Now from the conversations given here on this page, we learned that the box can emit "soft rays" which at least serve the function of putting a human being to sleep. We also learned from the conversations here today that the Yellow Centaurian has chosen to join the Agenda, and that they work with mining, and that they do perhaps not originate from Alpha Centauri themselves, but were at least once stationed there for mining.

These little guys are fantastic. I hope to see them more, and I am happy to have them in my life.

Oh and I nearly forgot. The aliens said I would be having sex with someone there. It's interesting that this conversation happened as clearly as the other ones but somehow my mind chose to selectively forget to mention this part. Maybe because I thought it was an uncomfortable proposition. I told them I would have to have a bath first, I always have a bath and shave and stuff before I go out to have sex with someone. I don't remember any sex though, thankfully. Or maybe I do but I don't want to know about it.

Another thing that happened in last night's contact. While Captain Marsden was present in the room, I started to interact with my Dragon Hamish. I was being friendly with Hamish and I offered him that I could take out his bathroom ruggy the pink one that I keep for most of the time rolled up in the closet (because every time I do my workout exercise in the room, I put it away and then forget to take it out again). Hamish was acting happy and pleased. Then Captain Marsden says to me, "Don't worry, I've got a gun" with his mental image of a gun. I was so upset with Captain Marsden, I yelled at him that Hamish is the best friend I have ever had and that I loved Hamish more than I knew love was possible. Hamish was just being sweet and friendly with me and I might have even managed to make my Dragon happy. I'll just stick to Hamish from now on.

If any of our readers have spotted these Yellow Centaurian aliens, please write to me about it and tell me all you know!