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July 21 2016 - August 29 2016

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Some gorgeous aliens

August 29 2016, 7:08 PM - I had already written this segment but I did an error with copy instead of paste so the text I wrote was lost, so here I write it again but faster and in shorter form.

Last night I begged the Alpha Reticulans to let me meet them consciously. They gave me an experience. They sent me a mental image of themselves in their medical room. During this whole experience I remained in my bedroom in my bed. There were about five small Alpha Reticulans there, and a tall white praying mantis. The white Mantid seemed to be in charge, and did most of the talking with me. Green Mantids are also special in that they are intellectually superior and the most aware and perceptive, so it makes sense that the aliens let a Mantid be in charge. I think this is the first time that I have met a white Mantid.

At one time the aliens sent me a mental image that was so clear as if I were almost there! In the image I was on the medical table on my back. The room was so beautifully brightly lit in a white light. An Alpha Reticulan connected with my mind so closely that I could feel its mind and body very clearly. It was a lovely soothing comfortable feeling, and it felt so lovely I would have wanted to stay in it forever.

The aliens brought in some of my hybrid children in there to see me. Like a little girl who had white thick skin like the Zetas, large eyes with eyewhites and large blue irises and a dark pupil, and yellow blonde hair slightly shorter than shoulder length. The aliens asked me about my stuffed bears, and I remembered that I have left my stuffed bear collection in the United States from my college years. The little hybrid girl especially remembered the pink bear I had, and she thought of an image of her holding that bear tightly against her chest. I promised that when I retrieve those bears that she can have and keep the pink bear.

The aliens also brought in several little gnomes. These were like miniature humans with brown skin and brown hair and human type faces, the faces can be described as looking like an old tree with wrinkles and lines. They were not the Sami Gnomes, see the Nature Folk section to read about those. These gnomes were even smaller and different, and probably another genetic creation.

Hamish was in the background and he seemed anxious and restless and agitated, pacing around, and he didn't come closer to see me. At one time Hamish came closer and he was wearing a blue baseball cap on his head, to try to conceal his blunt orange head buttons, though the cap only conceals the ones on top of his head and not the many pairs along the back of his neck. He didn't want to show power, and he thought that if I see his blunt buttons then I think that he is showing power. So Hamish was trying to be friendly and gentle, by just staying away from me so that I would not see his buttons.

The aliens showed me a mental image closeup that lasted for a long time depicting adult male hybrid genitalia. It had a penis and a scrotum seemingly even with two testicles. The aliens do not circumcise their males of course, so the foreskin was intact. If I were imagining these things then my mind could only imagine circumcised male genitalia, because I lived most of my adult life in the United States and the men there are mutilated. (Sorry, but sex with an uncircumcised man is so much better.) The skin was white and thick and there were no pubic hairs or other hair. He was rather well-endowed too.

The aliens want me to teach the hybrids about sex. I reminded them again that here on Earth children are not allowed to engage sexually with other people because otherwise we end up with 12-year old girls who are pregnant and who are not financially or personally ready to be parents and besides would have to give up on school and their own lives. Even the hybrids there heard me say these things, but no one there seems to really care about my explanations on this massive and important cultural difference. Seeing my hybrid children was really nice, and nothing sexual was done or implied this time, only that I was shown the genitals of the adult male hybrid, and so I had no reason to get upset and to throw a tantrum this time, and even seeing the children was nice, it was a really lovely reunion, I was very fond of those children.

And a Dark Lord in the insectoid form let me see it, he said that he is "very old" and "a very old race". And I saw some Reptilians or black Orion lizard. So I was in my bed the whole time. After a while I started to feel like everything was floating, it was a very nice sensation. I did not however have a perfect experience of being in the spaceship with them, and for this whole entire time I remained in my bed, but they were conveying to me images and things from over there, and it seemed as if my body was already lying there on its back on the medical table. It was a very lovely experience, and so many different alien species and hybrids came in to that room to see me. I hope that next time my Hamish dares to come closer. And of course I hope that this can happen again tonight, and even closer.

8:20 PM - PS. I forgot to mention that while I seemed to be lying on my back on the medical table even though I was still in my bed in my bedroom, Alpha Reticulans were telling me that my bare feet over there were not clean, and they started cleaning or disinfecting my toes and feet carefully with a small spray jet of a liquid from a hand held bottle. I also want to mention that the aliens always tell me that if I were to go there, then I would get "very dizzy", and last night there was a floating sensation, perhaps that is what they mean by dizzy, or something else that is yet to occur further along in the abduction process?

Rare and Special and Delicious
And Yes-No Two Rugs

August 27 2016, 4:09 PM - I started translating old telepathic notes for the third book in the telepathy series and ahem a lot of it is sexual and steamy. Even I started to blush when I read the following, here translated.

Background: the aliens are bringing me hybrid men who have to practice having sex with me. All of this is while I am still in my home and they are in a remote other location. The aliens, including Thuban Auntie and Snake the Reptilian, are doing something that engages with my body's energy and causes my energy to flare up in huge bursts of sexual pleasure, which the Reptilians too can then enjoy and they call it "lust" or "to drink juice". In the story, I have just been enjoying "drinking juice" with Snake the Reptilian, and then we have this exchange: From January 10, 2013.

Me: I want to have more lust with you.
Snake: I want to eat you.
Me: You cannot eat me, but you can drink my juice.
Hamish: The reason why we do it, is because you do not want it.
Snake: I will lick you, in your throat.
Me: I will lick you too...
Thuban: Hunnun!

We humans have sexual pleasure from acts of reproduction, basically a reward system for ensuring survival of the species. Reptilians however enjoy a pleasure sensation that I would rate as 1,000 times more enjoyable than human pleasure from sex, but they feel theirs from acts relating to hunting prey. Prior to the extract of exchange I just gave, Snake was referring to me as his "hunted prey" and getting all excited, and here he is talking about wanting to eat me. Hunnun by the way of course means "eggs", referring to my eggs.

I have had these interesting and extremely sexual orgasmic experiences together with Reptilians, where my human capability of pleasure from sex and their capability of pleasure from hunting, somehow can be made to work together, in what is both strange, but also works, at the same time. To me, it is sexual orgasmic pleasure sensations that I could otherwise only associate with sex, even though my genitals and sexual behaviors are not involved at these times, and to the Reptilian, it is a lusty orgasmic game of hunting and domination. These moments are rare and special and delicious.

Speaking of delicious, I was at a larger store today and saw that they had nice soft plush bathroom rugs, and so I asked Hamish if he would come and check them out if he wants one, but he didn't say. When I came home I told him that I had seen some nice rugs at the store and that I could get him one. Dragon stood on his snuggety rugs and said no that he only wants this one that he has. But I said that he could have two rugs, the new one next to the old one. And he said, translated from my other language, "Yes-No two of them!", and he continued to stand quite firm and protective on his beloved ruggety snugs. Such a Turtle Sock he is. And his rug.

Four fingers and two toes

August 25 2016, 5:55 PM - A bit tired after work, after I had my shower I laid down on the bed just wrapped in my bath towel and naked underneath, I didn't even bother to dry myself just went like that underneath the covers to put my head on the pillow and close my eyes. The fact that I was naked with just a towel seems to be what encouraged the Alpha Reticulans (I think it was these) to have a telepathic chat with me. I am sorry that I did not bother to write down the words, but here is at least most of what they said:

I got a mental image of the alien. Zeta Reticulans have a light bulb shaped head, but these ones, that I am almost entirely sure are Alpha Reticulans, instead have a flat top of the head. Also, the Alpha Reticulan has a permanent "angry looking facial expression", which actually looks really cute. If we read their faces the way that we read human faces, then the eyes look very angry, the eyes look focused and angry, however, these Alpha Reticulans also talk in a way that is very sassy and as if in an angry mood. The skin is a pale gray. The eyes are all black. I do not know for sure if it has any kind of nose, or nostrils. It does however have a narrow mouth opening without lips. No external ears. One of the very first things this alien in this image told me, if not the first thing, was that it has "four fingers and two toes". It said that twice. [Added same day: I think I asked it why it has a mouth, if it eats with it. I learned from the Alpha Reticulan, that it breathes through its mouth! And that it has one lung, instead of two. The mouth it seems does not lead to an esophagus or a stomach at all!]

This alien told me that it is in fact wearing a protective suit on! I was amazed to hear that! So the entire alien is wearing a suit, yet, it must be completely close fitting, and yet, the suit provides an outer appearance of an alien being. So what does it look like underneath that suit, I think I even asked it? It mentioned that the dark eyes are protecting its actual eyes, that are underneath this suit.

The alien told me, that its species has lost a lot of genetic material. It sounded as if their species genome as a whole has lost genetic information, well, that's what it meant yes. The alien told me that the reason for losing genetic information, is because they have been cloning themselves for a long time. I asked him, if they need to have genetic information from me, I might have even asked it, what kind of genetic information might I have that might help them? He did not specify.

A note, that right before the alien appeared, and as I had lied down to bed, for some reason I was thinking about having a gynaechological examination. For some reason I started to think when did I have my last pap smear (which is a test done by a gynaechologist) and then I thought what if I went to my doctor who is a man and he would want to do one and then I thought that I would then tell him that he is a general practitioner and that I would only let a gynaechologist do a pap smear, then I thought that this doctor would tell me that he has already done hundreds of these examinations already and then I thought that I guess I would have then just taken my clothes off and let him do that. Then I thought about the last time when I had the pap smear and what that whole thing was like. Obviously, the fact that Alpha Reticulans showed up to talk and to let me see them in mental images, just seconds after I thought about gynaechology, it was obvious (at least to me if not to you) that it had been the aliens putting these thoughts into my head, about the examination.

I think the Alpha Reticulan also said something about a son I have there and I said I don't want to know, I told it that Hamish is my family. While I had the mental image that depicted the Alpha Reticulan in a medical room in its alien base, I kept sensing that Hamish with his back hump all arched up was lurking there in the background behind the Alpha Reticulan. I also sensed and saw a yellow scaly Reptilian there. At one point when I started begging the Alpha Reticulan to let me come and see them, and I was repeating myself and nagging saying "please let me, please let me", then a Reptilian who was not Hamish, showed up there and told me that does he have to remind me who is in charge there? And I told the Reptilian that Reptilians are in charge there.

The Alpha Reticulan told me that if I come there then I will become very dizzy. I told him that if I only lie still, and even hold my head and I put my hands on my head to show him how I would hold my head to keep my head all still, then that should be fine, I said I would go there even if I were to become dizzy, I really want to meet them, I said to him! The Reticulan told me that they want to look at my "tail" and showed me a mental image of some Earth animal with a small tail, I told him that I don't have a "tail" but that I know what he is referring to. There was some talk of their interest in taking a fecal sample from me, and they said something about my foods. The alien showed me a mental image of an old man with a white beard the man was however thin and looked young, the aliens said that they used to have him and that he always liked to eat a lot and then they could study the fecal samples. I told the alien that all humans like to eat, not just him, and I said that they too Reticulans and Draconians also have to eat I am sure.

The Reticulan said that a lot of humans are afraid when they see them since they (the Reticulans) like to drill into humans' heads to see what kind of fluids they can extract, said the Reticulan. The Reticulans namely, I learned, consume brain fluids from humans. I said that I am not afraid to see them and that they are not allowed to drill my head. I asked what kind of chemicals are they after from the human brain, is it a hormone perhaps, I asked? I said that if I can find out what they take then I could synthesize that in a chemistry lab and provide them with barrels of that stuff, but they did not respond with any interest in my offer.

What else did we talk about. That was about it. It was awesome. I rarely get these good conversations from the aliens or to see mental images of them for so long and like this. I thanked them for the conversation. I'd like to hope, that little by little, the aliens could get accustomed to the idea of letting me stay awake there for a meeting. The Reticulan did ask me had I ever gone to a spaceship or how it asked it, I said that yes one time I had when Draconian Reptilians had taken me to them. I let them know that I wanted to meet them. I let them know that I am not afraid to see them. It also asked me if I am afraid of syringes, I said no, and I asked what would they inject into me, or what would they be taking out, but it did not tell me. I told him that I am interested to see their instruments and to look around there, I asked him how do they produce such syringes, he told me without words about having a rod around which they make the metal, basically to have the hollow inside of the syringe they have had another material in it during the making of the metal, that other material can then be removed leaving the empty hollow inside.

Don't get me wrong! These Alpha Reticulans are very sassy and rude! It told me that I am its "lab rat". They are not pleasant to talk to, but hey c'mon these are aliens, it's gotta be so fascinating that I just don't care if they have a sassy problem! The Reticulan also told me, when it said about them having lost genetic material, that they "could have" joined the upside down triangle organization, ie. he told me by showing me the mental image of the upside down triangle. Namely, there is an alien organization which has as its symbol an upside down triangle, they are "friendly aliens". The Reticulan said, that however, they are with the pyramid, ie. the Alien Agenda the yellow pyramid ie. the aliens that I mostly write about and encounter, and these are it happens somewhat sinister in their methods, he said he is with these ie. the Agenda yellow pyramid group, since they receive more help from these. So it seems, that the fact that the Agenda is willing to sidestep any ethical restrictions, proves more advantageous to the unethical projects that the Reticulans are working on.

The Reticulan showed me a mental image of a human man who has black hair and is in his 30's I would guess, it said that this man had wanted to see me to check on me to know that I am ok. This man continued to look at me for a bit. Turns out he was in the military perhaps of the United States, and his job or obligation is to watch humans like me who are interacting with these dangerous Reticulans, to make sure that we are ok. Because, let's not forget, that the Reticulans would like to drill a hole into my cranium to see what kind of edible brain fluids are there.

Today the aliens have been showing me mental images of Kermit again, and I also get to see mental images of Dinosaurs. Last night the aliens said that Dinosaurs are in the cold room, basically a refrigerator room, because a colder temperature makes Dinosaurs slower and calmer and pacified and sleepy, otherwise they can get upset and revolt. I objected profusely and demanded more rights (and baths) for the Dinosaurs. I also got to see a hybrid son of mine last night in mental images, I sensed how smart and clever this young guy is and I sensed that he likes to play with toys. I insisted that I have adopted this child and that I must get to have him with me, I insisted last night and also today to the aliens that they are not to harm this child. Hamish has been around of course. And, I was shown a funny puppet face doll last night too, the Zetas like to show me Kermit the puppet and sometimes also some puppets with happy faces that the Zetas make up, it does cheer me up though, perhaps I am a child inside and the Zetas know it. But come on, who isn't happy to see Kermit when shown by the Zeta aliens? That is just too cute, the combination I mean.

Silly military man
And I want a sleep-over next to Hamish's Kissy Feet

August 23 2016, 4:56 PM - I keep asking the aliens to let me stay awake for the abduction, and they don't let me. This morning when I woke up, the aliens had me telepathically speaking to what seemed to be a man who is a high-rank military officer in the United States military, the man had a beige uniform with patches and awards and he had black hair. He told me that "they don't want trouble" with the aliens, and the aliens have threatened it was either with war against humans or with explosives to be used on Earth I forget which it was but I have personally heard these things said before about the Agenda aliens. The man obviously knew that I am asking for permission to meet the aliens and he tries to explain as briefly as possible to me why I cannot get to meet them.

The man told me that I would wake up there with the aliens and have a tarp over me and he said that would not be fun. In the very beginning when the Orion man contacted me in August 2011 - hey we are celebrating five years now! I must bake Hamish a liver cake - then the aliens spoke about a "tarp" that they would put over me. I also got some mental images from the Reticulans (i.e. either a Zeta Reticulan or an Alpha Reticulan, these are similar but different) depicting a naked human lying on its back on the table there and with a large like plastic tarp over it. I don't know the purpose of the tarp, but it seems fine, maybe it keeps the person warm.

There was some talk about the Dinosaurs and the military officer told me that I should not let these tell me "Dab Dab Dab" or was it that he said to me that I should not say "Dab Dab Dab" to the Dinosaurs, because when the Dinosaurs say these things then I tend to repeat it back to them telepathically, because it is fun. The military officer seemed to imply that if I say that to the Dinosaurs then I would be agreeing to something that I don't want to agree to. And! Either this military officer or otherwise another human there with him, referred to the Dinosaurs as "Croakers", either that the man called them that or that the Dinosaurs themselves told me that they are referred to as Croakers by them. (See what happens when I don't make notes of the telepathy? Then I am left trying to remember everything that was said, and when I am not entirely sure, then I have to make a note of that too, ahem, a damage I got from studying chemistry, to be ever so meticulous about the accuracy (and precision!) of the details!)

Things like that make it all seem more real, to hear things like someone calling the Dinosaurs "Croakers", since I could never have made that up myself, I am sure of it. But, I already have gathered plenty of physical evidence that my aliens are real. It just makes it even more real to hear things like that. So it sounds like the military are not letting me stay awake for the abductions. I told him that I want to meet Hamish, who I said has been my best friend for five years now. The military man was upset that Hamish is using an Earth name, "Hamish". I told the officer that his name is actually something different but which sounds similar to Hamish so that is why he uses that name. (Hamish's actual name is like an exhale "Ham", but then there is also the story that he used to know a human man several decades ago whose name was Hamish.)

The US military don't like the Reptilians, for obvious reasons. I worry that some of these men can look at my Hamish Turtle Sock and feel contempt and hatred at him. If only these men would see, that when I look at my Hamish, there is an endless pool of love that I have for him, possibly more so than what they themselves feel when they look at their own mothers, wives, and children. If they knew that all of my love is in Hamish, then they should treat him better. Please God, don't let anyone harm my Dragon, please God, I cherish every morsel of that Dragon, from button-pair head to turtleback and tail and not to forget his Kissy Feet.

I am telling the aliens that I am coming to spend the night over at their place and that I am going to spend a night with the Draconians and to sleep at Hamish's feet, I say that I am bringing my own pillow. The Reticulans get angry when I say this. So on my alien team there are Zeta Reticulans, the so-called Greys, but I also have a similar species that says it is Alpha Reticulans. The Alpha Reticulans do not have a bulbuous head, but a head that is flat on the top.

Hamish shows me a sea turtle but is not bored

August 20 2016, 7:00 PM - I have been reading in a book about philosophy for many hours all day, deeply sunken in it and time just passes. Suddenly a mental image is sent to me, depicting a sea turtle especially its head, and in a sea background. Hamish has sent me the image, and I see a mental image of Hamish, this fire engine red Dragon Turtle. He talks about what is happening in the book, I have been reading the book out loud since I am learning it in a new language, the so-called "third language". I tell Hamish hello, and that the book is only fictional out of made up stories. I look at him, he looks at me. I feel guilty, that such a magnificent beautiful animal and person such as Hamish, must waste as much as a single second on watching me. His life is precious, I see that value in his existence. I wish that he could fill his life with what his dreams are. And not just guard the eggs, even if that does - in the scheme of things that is the Agenda - provide him with his snacks.

To be clear, Hamish sometimes shows me mental images of turtles, and it is a reference to himself, because although he does not have a hard shell enamel turtleshell, he does have an enlarged soft fleshy turtleback cushion on his back, his most proudest attribute! The aliens will also show me mental images of green frogs, as a reference to the Dinosaurs.

Maybe I shouldn't just read books all day, because Hamish might get bored. I have asked him yesterday, whether now that we have a weekend I should go with him to a park, where there is water for him to put his feet in, to be in nature, or to go watch some fishes or look for lobsters and crustaceans in lakes and waters, but he didn't say.

Hamish? Do you get bored when I am just only reading books? Do you want to see me doing something else for a while? - me
Yes-No, bored, Yes-No! I am not bored with bed. Because I can show my back to you there. And, Tiiik, Tiiiik! - Hamish, "bed" was in my native language, I have been sitting on my bed almost all day today reading a book

Hamish wants to know if his back can grow
from plant music

August 20 2016, 12:20 noon - Hamish has done it again. Made me very happy. Just by being himself, by being cute without knowing it. So. I am on the bed and reading a book. I decided to put on some music. I chose the New Age Ambient section of streamed channels. I tested a new channel that says it plays music that makes plants grow. I listened to the introduction of the pre-recorded program where a man talks and explains how it works. Then came some music and I got tired of it after a short while and switched to a Healing channel instead, and continued with reading my book.

Hamish asks me, if I could play the plant growing channel again because he was interested to hear it. Ok then, I figure I just put on the plant channel again since Dragon wants to hear it, so I put it on and continue to my book again, as the man's voice repeats from the beginning again the explanation and then the music starts. The channel plays for maybe what is five minutes, all is quiet, and I am deeply sunken in my book about philosophy. Then Hamish talks and makes me a very happy girl:

I wanted to hear if it could make my back grow larger. - Hamish, in my other language
Even though I am not a garden. - Hamish, English
I only hear insects and other animals chirping. - Hamish, translated from my other language, approximately

He wants to know if the music that was proven to make plants grow can make his back hump grow larger. I rest my case. This cannot possibly be a case of hallucinatory imagination. Hamish is definitely real. And adorably cute.

Sidenotes: Last night I had a vivid dream about going to a Sirian space station in outer space and meeting with a Sirian, this one was similar to the Lyrans in body and clothing style and artifacts, I left the experience believing that it was a real encounter and not a dream. I have also briefly spoken with the Sirians telepathically today. And secondly, I wanted to talk to my aliens about having a conscious abduction contact and got mental images of what I thought was a Zeta, the ones not with a bulbuous head but a flatter head on top, it said it is an "Alpha Reticulan", see the picture here.

I am waiting for it to grow. - Hamish
It doesn't seem to be doing it. I am listening to the music? - Hamish
Hamish. Your back is not a plant. I do believe, that your back hump grows to a certain size when you reach adulthood, and that it is not meant to grow any larger. The same is for human arms and legs, feet and hands. But plants, they are something that keep on growing, many of them do. Plants are different from us animals. - me
Tik Tak. - Hamish, first time EVER that I hear him saying Tak! This seemed to mean like "Thanks for letting me know", or "Yeah right"
What is Tik Tak? - me
I wanted to know more, yes. I was saying, yes yes. I wanted to know more about it, what we said. And so therefore I have said, Tik Tak! - Hamish, swaying his neck sideways to show kindness
I love you Dragon Turtle. - me
About that, what we said, I wanted to know more about it. And therefore I have said, Tik Tak! - Hamish wants to know more about the plant music
I don't know any more than that. - me
So your hands do not grow? And therefore you have looked at my feet? - Hamish, he closes his upper and lower eyelids almost fully, to smile kindly

What have you said to her? - someone alien asks Hamish
Yes, Tik Tak I have said! - Hamish, smiling with his eyes and swaying his neck two times
And she didn't seem to know what Tik Tak meant. - Hamish or someone there in the conversation

Every day, Hamish makes me very happy. I adore this dragon ever so much.

Does it make flowers grow? - Hamish about the music and with a mental picture of a flower
I don't know. - me to Hamish
I don't want it to make a flower grow, on that. - Hamish about his back, perhaps not exactly verbatim since I forgot and didn't write down immediately

A Possible Run-In With a Men in Black

August 19 2016, 1:58 PM - Dear Diary. Today while I was at work, something happened, and even while it was happening, and now also after it has already happened, I tell myself that surely it was nothing, I try to shrug it off, to reach for a natural explanation, or for no explanation at all and to just let it go, but it remains worthwhile enough that I write it here, in my documentary. So here it is.

I have been at this job now for about four months. And something like this has never happened before. I now again take a moment to stop for a while, while I keep running the whole thing through my head, and trying to grasp for a reason to let it go, that of course it could be nothing. But here it is. I was working on the top floor, and a man appeared whom I have not seen there before in my four months there. In these four months, it is highly rarely that I ever see someone visiting who does not belong there on a daily basis, so already that, having a visitor, is something rare enough on its own, but that is of course not what makes it such a thing. I had my back turned away from him, as he walked past me in the hallway, and he greeted me and I automatically greeted him back. He did not say good morning, like all of us everyone does in the firm every morning to each other, rather, instead he used the formal greeting which you use at the grocery store or with complete strangers in a formal situation.

I turned around and saw that it is no one that I knew from before. A brown-haired man who was wearing a black business suit, not particularly surprising since I was on the sales floor where all of the men are sales persons and wear black business suits to work. I heard the man proceed to the human resources office, and to my utter surprise, he greeted the lady who works there, by her first name.

It is extremely formal in the upper levels of the firm, and no one would be caught referring to someone by their first name. It is always Sir and Madam followed by the last name, even I though I am on lower ranks, tend to always be referred to by Madam and my last name. I have never heard anyone refer to the human resources lady by her first name, in fact, I was surprised to hear her first name for the first time, I did not even know what it was, so unheard of is it to refer to this lady by her first name, we just know her by her last name. But not just that. In this country, and in this situation, it comes across as highly rude and completely out of the norm to refer to her that way, by her first name.

I went into the sales men's office and the man came in there to chat with one of the sales men. Right away, once he arrived to that man's desk to stand by the man's computer with him, he says, and I clearly overhear it since I am standing right next to them but trying not to pay them any attention or to look their way: "How is it called, Men in Black, right?", translated from my third language. Just like that, as if with no other conversation before it. The two of them laugh a bit and then they say a few more sentences that I don't listen to because I am trying not to listen to them. And although this is in a language that is not English, the visiting man had said "Men in Black" in English in that sentence.

But not just that, dear diary. The presence of this man was excruciatingly intimidating and overwhelming. Let me say it like this, I have lived for almost 34 years and I was never in the presence of a human being that was so immensely frightening and terrifying as this man's presence. Now, I am talking about even before the man said "Men in Black" in the office, before any of that, and before he said the first name of the human resources lady. Already when he appeared in the hallway and he greeted me as he walked by, his presence overwhelmed me.

His presence is like 100 times more aware than other people. It made me think right there and then, that having met him, it felt as if all of the other humans are asleep and sleepwalking in a dreamy haze, whereas this man would be so awake and clear and alert, so present, with such a strong charisma and awareness, that it makes other people look like sleeping zombies. This man's mind must be something entirely different, I would almost want to say that this was not a man at all, when I met him. Already from the first two seconds of being in his presence, before the other telling things, just merely based on his presence, I felt that. It was, I could best describe it as, like a terribly huge gravity about him. Imagine him as if he were or had a terribly huge and strong gravity to him, a massive energy that is dark and powerful and present, one that is immensely huge and focused, making other people seem like just little flies of no impact. His focus was so strong as if he were the strength of a massive planet or something like a small black hole that has immense power, such was his presence, and it terrified me deeply! And this, before he said "Men in Black", or called the human resources lady by her first name.

Something about him made my heart beat a little bit faster, and instinctively I found myself wanting to run away from him. I hurried to another room, where I also had work, and I tried to work quickly so that I could get off this floor and not have to see him again. Something about him made me fear running into him again. I was deeply terrified by the immense dark power and magnetic charisma about this man, even before, or not just because of, the fact that he had mentioned "Men in Black" when I stood there nearby in the sales office.

However, as I was yet once again in the hallway, that same hallway on the top floor where the sales office is, he again walked toward me from where he had once before come, and as I looked up to look at his face, like one does when two people meet who walk past each other, yet another terribly frightening thing happened. My body language must have been a bit weak or humble and friendly as it always is I guess, but as I looked at his face and our eyes met, he displayed the most unexpected body language, he raised his chin very much high up, a clearly dominating and superior gesture, not just a little bit, but the way that he did it was quite unexpected, and the look in his eyes had something uncanny and mighty powerful in it. I could not have expected a man in this situation to behave like that. I was yet again afraid of him, not just because he had mentioned "Men in Black" or referred to the human resources lady by her first name which is also uncanny in our firm and in our country, but most of all, above all, because of his energy, like a dark power, so strong that I cannot explain. I can only explain it as that it makes him seem like a dark planet that has a huge strong dark gravitational power, making other humans seem like weak flying insects with barely no mass at all in comparison.

I was frightened by him. Of course, I have to ask myself, is he a real Men in Black? Or am I just crazy, well, I would not be crazy exactly, since one who experiences the Men in Black phenomenon in the dream world where also alien abductions take place, is more than allowed to expect it to also happen in real life, as I have run into these kinds of men in real life before earlier in life. But could this be one? One who shows up at the firm where I work? Who knows the people I work with and even has the audacity to call one of them by her first name? Maybe he is new staff with us, since one lady one floor below had her last day today. Is he replacing her? Is it all, phew, just a coincidence that he happened to mention "Men in Black" when I was at the sales office with them? And as for his charisma and that intense power and his body language which seemed all so, unbelievably out of the ordinary, well, could that just be one such a man? Or is it a real Men in Black, shown up in real life?

Oh gee, Diary, I always thought that if I ever have the great luck to meet one of the Men in Black in real life again, since they have stolen so much of my story in my teens when I experienced them in the MILABS (military abductions) phenomenon, I always thought that I would just be so happy, being reunited with another lost piece of myself because they have stolen a part of me and shrouded it into a mystery, that I was going to just run to them and hug them and cry and be so happy and so grateful! But this man! This man I could never hug! He deeply terrifies me unlike what I have ever felt before! I might have even trembled, and all my instincts were making me want to do was to run away, quickly, to get away from this man! But, what, dear Diary, is going on? Am I only jumping into conclusions? But it sure was weird. And, just in case, I do write it here.

PS. When I woke up in the morning, the other aliens or humans who oversee the alien activities over there, let me know about how Hamish and the other Reptilians had been acting over night. Namely, I was menstruating over night. Turns out Hamish had stood nearby at night with his mouth open gaping at me. Hamish told me that he cannot help it. Namely, he is smelling the blood, and that makes his mouth gape open. He was also curious today when I tucked the bloody used tampon into paper and then into an empty pudding cup in the trash, he has been staring at it for a little bit in the trashcan. But no rummaging for this only and first tampon of this menstruational period has been taking place, as far as I am concerned. But Hamish sure is cute, as always.

PPS. I must say that maybe the event at work today involving the unknown man must have been only something mundane and earthly. We cannot possibly assume that a real Men in Black character would have infiltrated my place of work. They could not be that clever, I mean it takes too much work to go through all of that trouble. And yet again, if it were true, then that precious hug that I always thought would take place when I am reunited with my long lost self that they stole away from me by making part of my life and memories a mystery to me, then sadly such a hug would not take place, not with this man, because he terrifies me ever so deeply, and why is that? Why would I be so scared of a man, is he not human? Let me return to reality. Which involves a dragon.

Energy rape by White Lizard
Zeta turns me around in bed
Flower to Hamish
A Yellow Turtle
And Gnome!!!

August 18 2016, 4:58 PM - So the story I wrote previously, on the 16th, continued the day after on the 17th. While on my way to work on the 17th, yesterday, I was reading my book as usual, and a quick and brief mental image of a white lizard dressed up as a European royal queen with crown and scepter appeared in my mind. It was the Queen Mother fat white lizard of course. There then was also a male fat white lizard which was morphing into a fat Illuminati hybrid man in a black business suit. These creatures proceeded to try to energy rape me, right there when I was sitting on the train! They have no decency or manners! I guess I have to be scientific and describe the event. So there are these white lizards who can somehow engage with the energy or nervous system of a human being, and they use it to provoke tremendous sexual energies in the human, which the lizard then is feeling and enjoying and preying upon, so it is by every definition of the word energy rape.

How they do it I do not know, but it seems that they easily establish a mental connection perhaps via the usual telepathic connection with which they can access more aspects of the human nervous system other than just the thoughts. If it were me with a man in a bedroom then it would be tremendously interesting, with someone I love, but since they do not ask for permission, and since this time I was in a public place, plus the mere extent of what they do makes it highly offensive and criminal. The sensations it causes is much stronger than any sexual sensations I have otherwise had on my own or with humans, the only thing that comes close to compare are the few precious seconds of "wrestle" or "conquest" together with a Reptilian but those I like.

It feels like burning in a white cold fire all over. If it goes on further then the toes begin to cramp. It is immensely overwhelming. I cursed them and asked them to leave of course, telepathically of course no one who would see me would have known that anything is taking place. I turned to the newly befriended Sirians to ask them to help me, I also turned to anyone in outer space who hears me and who can get rid of the white lizards for me. Luckily the lizards did not harass me much more that day.

Consentually together with a partner and in a sexual situation then these sensations might be highly welcome, though they are very intense and I even worry that these are too much and could harm the human body. But from these lizards, and this is not the first time though it has been perhaps two years I estimate since the last energy rape by the white lizards, it is immensely offensive, harmful and is definitely rape. I seemed to think that it was the second part of what started the day before with being shown the hybrid girl in what the aliens intended to lead to some sexual situations.

The white lizards, and fat Illuminati white hybrid men which might just be a batch of adult hybrid men, they do not seem to fully understand why I would object to this. But also, they are wanting for their own incentives to use me for this, to take precedence. Yet, they did seem to stop because of my complaints, but not immediately. They are, of course however, not doing these energy rapes in order for us together to have a wonderful moment together, nor can I imagine that they are doing this to give for me a pleasant experience, it does come across that they are acting predatory in nature, by taking what they want.

These energy rapes are immensely strong and afterwards leave me feeling very drained and like a burned out battery where the fuse broke. It definitely preys something out of me, it seems to drain my very soul out of my body, my life, my vitality, the light and shine and joy of me, is taken out, stolen by these disgusting creatures so that they can carry it and enjoy it as their own, stolen, and leaving me with a body that has no soul, that does not have me, that does not feel like me, in darkness, with instead something black and lifeless that doesn't know how to live anymore. It is the most horrible rape I could imagine, since they are stealing my soul, and while stealing it, they are extracting huge amounts of sexual pleasure from that stealing. I cannot express how deeply violating and disgusting the experience is, or how much it steals away.

It did not take long until I saw mental images of a group of three or so brown alien beings with narrow pointy ears talking to the Agenda aliens, the Sirians were helping me and explaining the problem to the Agenda aliens. I was tremendously grateful that the Sirians had heard me and that they had cared.

I found myself suffering from a genuine depression yesterday the day of the rape and also today, and I had to realize that it had a connection with both the events of being shown sexual situations with the hybrid girl and then the energy rape by the disgusting monsters, so I am walking myself out of the depression so that it does not become a problem that ruins my life. I also noticed that while I was depressed, a Dark Lord had it easier to talk to me and to whisper to me and try to make my life completely ruined and miserable. He tries to tell me that people hate me, tries to lead me into arguments with people that I normally have friendly relationships with, he tries to make me lose my job. So I have to watch out, since this is not the first time. So the Dark Lord is in on it too, he is again another reason why I am being harassed by the aliens.

Sometimes the Zetas too would want me to not work or study so that I am a vegetable that stays at home, because it is easier for them to work with me that way. They do not care if I suffer or if my life is ruined that way. Today the aliens told me that they will now be picking me up at midnight. I asked them, but isn't 4 AM the magical abduction hour, and yes I called it that to them "magical" as I have always written it on The Orion Project. They said that they have changed it. No wonder, since for the past few months I am getting up at 5 AM in the morning for work, so I told them that it makes sense, I also told them to wake me up for abductions if they come and get me because I want to be awake for it and to meet them.

Last night was wonderful! When I went to bed for the night, the Zetas or perhaps also Hamish were showing me mental images of Kermit the frog! I was shown a picture of a frog looking at something, and they told me that a Frog will come to look at me! It was so much fun! I love it when they show me fun puppets and Kermit the doll! I know I am being silly and immature, but when they show me these things it makes me laugh and I tell the Zetas that I love seeing it. On the other hand I feel that it is rather a bit silly, like when doctors have to play around like that for child patients. I am an adult and I am not at all shy or nervous about a medical examination with the Zetas, rather I am looking forward to being awake for one again. But even though I am an adult I won't say no to fun Kermit the frog!

There was last night an American human man with the aliens, he was the one who is watching and checking on things, he gets to be there and see my whole entire abduction including me naked and things, so I kind of hate these men because they get to meet the aliens and I don't so my jealousy makes me angry at them, I always have a bit of a rude attitude toward them when we talk telepathically at nights like this, while I am still at home and not abducted.

We didn't know that you felt like that! Angry about not being abducted! - a Reptilian says to me
I am not the Jester. - Hamish to Reptilians
No, but you are supposed to make her feel that it is funny. - Reptilian to Hamish
Hamish makes me happy every day. But that is because I love him. - me, and when I say the italic sentence, Hamish's eyelids closed in what is a "Reptilian blush" he smiled
Dab Dab Dab. - Dinosaur, or did he say Deb Deb Deb, I think it was the Dab one I forgot
We don't think that we smell nice, to your race. That is why we haven't come. - Hamish or other Reptilian
That is not a good excuse. I want to meet you badly. I wait, and I cry, every day, just waiting and waiting to meet with my Reptilians. - me, the crying part is an exaggeration
Wait, till we talk with our boss. - the Reptilian, he goes to talk to a Dark Lord about this

So last night the Zetas showed me a mental image of the man who was there. One Zeta ripped my body from lying on the right side and to lying on the back or on the left side I forget, it was done forcibly and by no means kindly, he was acting harsh and cruel, I was on the bed underneath the covers in my pyjamas and the Zeta in another location, but I saw the Zeta in mental images and my body got ripped forcibly and fast around to the other side. First the Zeta had been talking to me about how they want to check in my intestine tonight, he showed me a mental image of what he said was the inside of my long intestine, a beautiful image with that gorgeous fuzz along the intestinal walls, and he said that this absorbs everything the body wants to take from the food. I was pleased to see that my intestines looked so healthy and beautiful as this (I'm not crazy, but I have studied human anatomy and almost went to medical school, so I have a deep and profound appreciation for healthy organs), I wondered how they can know so well what it looks like? That is when he then turned me over, after which he looked at me with angry eyes and said, "Why do you have so much garbage in your stomach?", or something similar to that he said. I think what I said was, that "I don't know why I have so much garbage in my stomach!". It didn't seem to me to mean that I had eaten the wrong things, I thought he meant that there was just so much waste materials in the stomach, but now on thinking about it, I cannot imagine it not referring to me having eaten foods that they think are not compatible with the hybrids that they have involved in my metabolism.

I also got to see some mental images of a Dinosaur, from which I picked up his scent. The Dinosaurs have a strong body scent, similar to formaldehyde or acetone, however by no means similar to the smell of ammonia or urine. It smells like the ocean, like a mossy forest floor, like rotting water vegetation, a rather pleasant nature scent. Zetas on the other hand sometimes reek from the smell of urine. And, Draconians uh, we know that they smell pretty pungent too. And fat Illuminati hybrid men, who are perhaps just a version of adult hybrid men, they smell just like BluTac (look it up) or candle wax. I wonder what I smell like? Hamish tells me, that I "smell like the eggs", but that could just be because he associates whatever my smell is, with the eggs, since to him, I am the eggs. But today since I'm menstruating (menstruating yay look forward to some tampon and dragon stories further ahead!) Hamish told me that the eggs smell different, or how he said it. Hamish was of course coming up close when I went to pee today because he wants to check out the blood, and here's what! He told me that in Medieval times, there were knights that tried to protect young menstruating women from the dragons that were curious about blood! Hamish told me that today!

So where are we. The aliens were interacting with me last night, it was all the pre-abduction stuff, where I get to see mental images of the aliens not to mention also nowadays of Kermit the frog, and the aliens tell me about the medical procedures that they want to do. But then nothing. They do not let me stay awake or remember. And I hate that fact! I want to wake up there one day! I so want to! But again last night, the aliens tell me that it is not allowed, today it was again forbidden by that man over there, for me to meet the aliens!

But. Last night after I fell asleep from those alien interactions, I had some pretty interesting dreams about aliens, the men in black, and about Hamish. In the dream was that man from the evening, but also another human MIB man who had grey hair and a black business suit with a long trenchcoat over the suit, I seemed to know that grey-haired man from years ago, he seemed so familiar. Anyways, in these dreams, I was out in the forest of my home country where two of my relatives had been camping (obviously I was dreaming), but then I looked down over a hill down below where there was a large area covered in soft dark mud and I looked at the many footprints there and I was sure it was Hamish's duck feet footprints! Then Hamish showed up down there, and the man from the evening told me that he has thrown a lit match down there and that it frightens Hamish and I got mad, I woke up, or perhaps I woke up a bit earlier and he told me about the match when I was already awake in my bed, I told him that if he ever threatens or frightens Hamish then I would murder him. I don't know. At least I got to have a dream with elements of Hamish in it. But no awake abduction. That was not good enough.

Today Hamish again let me see a yellow Dragon Turtle in mental images and talk to him telepathically. It looked just like the Yellow Turtle in the drawing from time ago. It seems really sweet and docile. One of the things it told me, was that he is used in competitions. I have heard of this many many times before, that some Dragon Turtles are used in the Agenda to fight in Colosseum like battles, this one fights against other Reptilians that have firearms. I asked him if he gets injured, he doesn't seem to get injured so maybe it is just for show. I told the yellow turtle that I would protect him and defend him. Hamish told me that this yellow one is the same color as his father was, but that this one is not his father. Dragon Turtles are ever so sweet! I dare you not to fall in love with them, if you ever have the chance to see one!

Yesterday I found a flower on the ground and it had a bright fire engine red color to it. I picked it up and told Hamish that it has the same color as him. I brought it home and today I put it down on his ruggy snugs. Because I love him.

Here is a photo of the fire engine red flower that I put on Hamish's rug snug

And, earlier this week perhaps Tuesday (today is Thursday), there was this red knitted Christmas gnome on a desk at work and Hamish saw it and he screamed so desperately "No!!!", I think he said No because I seem to recall being impressed, or surprised, that he actually said No instead of Yes-No (Yes-No means No, when Hamish says it). He sounded ever so devastated and screaming so loudly! He then said that he was going to take a dump on it, I don't know if he ever did. See photo below. And when I was uploading this photo of the red gnome, Hamish who sees everything I am doing, he grabbed me by the arm (which he almost never does), and I looked at him to see what was up, and he looked deep, deep, into my eyes, with the most deeply devastated and agonized look in his eyes that I have ever seen in dragon's eyes or anyone else's eyes either for that matter, and with his eyes he seemed to be asking me if there really is such a thing as that. Then he started to feel aggressive, getting ready to attack and to fight that thing. Yes literally, a little red knitted gnome, in fact this time just a photo of a red knitted gnome. But you know Hamish already.

My period has come! I didn't bring tampons to work today because I thought it was a mild flow but turns out it is not, so tomorrow is tampons. So be sure to probably find some stories about Hamish thinking that he is a cat and that those tampons are catnip. He might rummage through the trash for them as soon as it is earliest to think that I might be sleeping so that I won't know, because somehow he seems to feel ashamed of it. But he goes rummaging too early for me to ever fall asleep yet, as soon as I close my eyes he seizes the opportunity! I don't have any in the trash yet but we'll see. And then Snake the Reptilian might, just might show up to tell me that the trash smells. Then why does he show up if the smell of trash bothers him? Oh dear, Draconians. By the way, Snake the Reptilian came to visit earlier this week! He announced himself by saying it is Snake (in the other language)! It was great to see him again, and I greeted him accordingly. A beautiful, greenish-yellow-beige slender whiny Reptilian with large eyes and a long slender tail.

Do not let me annoy you anymore, but what is that? It annoys me, the heck out of me! Please take it away, from me, mine! TAKE IT NOW! - Hamish points to the red flower that I placed on his rug, see the photo
But Hamish, I just wanted to give you a flower. I will move it now at once immediately. - me
I don't like the smell of it, on mine, stuff. - Hamish about the flower, he is aware of its smell
I am sorry. - me
Mine eggs, said, Yes-No to that. - Hamish, Yes-No to the flower that is

I feel so sorry now, I shouldn't have put it on his rug. I moved it now to the side off from his rug but still next to it about 20 centimeters away from his rug. Hopefully some bloody tampons to rummage for in the trash will cheer him up again.

Did you say blood? - some Reptilian
No. - me

What does it mean to rummage? Yes-No. - says Hamish, swaying his backhump left and right, left and right, contently again
To rummage means to look through a bunch of things. To search. - me, by the way Hamish talked about livers today too, I told him that I have got a liver in me but that I need it I am using it and that if I don't have mine I would die
I would not rummage for that. Given that since it was not mine. I have taken it away, you said. - Hamish, pointing to the little red flower that I thought might cheer him up but I was wrong
Take it away, put it on your boot. - Hamish about the flower, and a mental image of my boots over by the door

And so because I love Hamish so much, I put the flower on my boot as he said. Then I put the flower in the trash, so much for a present. Last night while the aliens were visiting, Hamish gave me a mental image of a red lobster creature with Hamish's kind of face and eyes that was lying in a little low laundry basket and he said something like "lobster in a laundry basket". It was an adorable picture. The lobster if you don't know is a reference to himself or his species, he thinks his species is similar to crustaceans, and laundry basket, well, we know how dragon loves laundry piles to stomp on.

That's just the way it is

August 16 2016, 7:23 PM - Last night when I had gone to bed, I started seeing mental images of a green Reptilian. These images were clearer and longer lasting than what is typical of Reptilians in mental images. I think I have definitely met this one earlier this year not too long ago. He was walking around in a library of sorts, or in a room that had many bookshelves with books, and I saw him clearly in the images as he walked slowly behind some bookshelves and he was clearly mentally aware of me too and seeing me. I said hello and things to him, but there became no conversation. It was lovely to see him though. Reptilians are totally cool.

And then for an uncomfortable story. While at work today, a Dark Lord started bothering me with the nasty parts of the Agenda. I have to censor this story a little bit because I am writing it here in a public forum. There was a little hybrid girl who I would estimate to be somewhere between 4 and 6 years old, she has white thick skin like the Zetas, I don't recall if this one had that yellow hair on the head or not, and she was mostly entirely Zeta but she is a hybrid and part human, obviously it needs not be said she is made of my egg, the aliens were telling her that I am her mother. She had been promised some time in the amusement park as well as a Bugs Bunny toy probably a stuffed toy if she comes to see me for a while.

It is very important that when the aliens bring me hybrid children that I show absolutely no interest or it will all go to hell. It even goes to hell when I don't show any attention. Namely the aliens want this girl to have sex with a human man, I picked up from the telepathy that was between everybody that this human man was biologically her father, he is most likely one of the MILABS guys, which means: men in the United States who were approached by the Zetas and asked if they would assist in the alien hybrid program, and for whatever reason these men said yes, these men are already working in the military or in some government so they were working on the levels that know about the alien presence on Earth. So they said yes, some of these men have told me that they agreed in order to spare other humans from having to, but there are also other perks and benefits from working together with the aliens. But it seems also that they are preventing some threats from the aliens, by complying to their demands. So it seems to be both a necessity, as well as of mutual benefit.

And would you believe it, men like these have sex with abductee human women such as me. Remember the Battle at Syracuse abduction? In the Battle at Syracuse abduction, I had begged a Dark Lord - and the Dark Lords are leaders of the alien abduction team - to let me stay awake during abductions so that I can know what is going on. I had explained it and explained and begged and pleaded. That night I woke up, fully conscious, finding myself standing in the hallway of a hospital, and a Dark Lord was standing there next to me, he had let me stay awake. I started running away from there, I ended up in a restaurant on the ground floor, where these military and government men each had a woman as a date and the men were feeding the ladies with forks. The women were unconscious like puppets. I rushed past the tables and went outdoors and found myself in a big city at night, turns out I was in Syracuse, New York. Quite the adventure.

Anyway so today while I was at work the aliens were showing me mental images of this little white alien hybrid girl and of her genitals which looks like human ones. They were wanting her and the human man who was biologically her father to have actual vaginal sex, she was at the time a virgin still. The aliens want me to explain sexuality to the hybrids. One of the aliens told me that the man does not have an erection and I was asked to explain to the little girl what I would do about that. [Added same day: For the record I gave them no information whatsoever.]

This is not the first time that this kind of event happens. This kind of material you will only find in the telepathy books, most of which is yet to be edited and published, but you can start with the first two "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?" and "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark". I told the aliens that if they don't stop involving me in this then I would start smoking cigarettes, I also told them that as a punishment for this what has already happened, I am not going to eat any yoghurt for a whole entire year (easy to promise now that I am a vegan). But of course I worried if it might affect Hamish badly, if I don't eat yoghurt, since Hamish keeps asking me to eat yoghurt on behalf of the Agenda. I told them that if they don't stop showing me this then I would kill myself. I said they cannot take any more of my eggs - and of course I was worried deeply about Hamish - I said that they have to make sure that Hamish is always well fed but that I would not be any part of this anymore.

Hamish reacted by showing some dominating or possessive behavior, trying to keep me in check. He did not talk to me or plead with me to stay, instead he started claiming objects that I was using at work, as well as the bookshelves at home in my bedroom, as simply "his", he also said that he would kick some of the things that he was claiming, so he was showing some mention of physical violence, I am not sure if that means he was genuinely upset and showing anger, or if he was just reminding me that he is powerful, since because he owns things and can kick things and bite things (later he also mentioned biting) he assumes that it automatically implies that one must listen to him and do as he sees fit. He remained his same usual sweet and gentle though throughout, he was by no means aggressive or uncomfortable.

Luckily the aliens stopped showing me about this girl and her sexuality, because I was getting physically sick from the thoughts and images and had I been shown any more then I would have had to vomit. I told them many times and clearly that I am not going to have anything to do with pedophilia. The girl just talked to me about Bugs Bunny. I told them that I would cut that man with a dull rusty knife to death if I find him, I told the aliens that pedophiles get murdered and lynched by other people, I told them that pedophiles have to be isolated in prison because the other criminals will otherwise murder them. That seemed to lead to the end of it, did I mention that I threatened to start to smoke cigarettes if they wouldn't stop? Or had I even gone so far to say that if they wouldn't leave me and stop taking my eggs - because this is what the eggs leads to - that I would start to smoke cigarettes? I really don't want to smoke, I never have, but I really need this madness to stop.

It pretty much ended there. The Zetas had heard me loud and clear. However, it was obvious that this wasn't just the Zetas intending to evaluate this genetic batch that this hybrid girl is for sexual ability. Namely, Zetas claim to be infertile as a species and are incorporating human genetics into their own to make hybrids between Zetas and humans, Zetas pretty much only want to take the genetics for sexual reproduction ability without getting anything else from humans, but then they have to determine if the various hybrid batches are physically fertile plus if they are able to perform the sexual act, but the Zetas are impatient and they evaluate the hybrids at a ridiculously young age, and, when the hybrids are found to be either physically infertile or otherwise incapable or unwilling to perform sexual acts, then they are terminated meaning murdered because there is no more use for them, they are deemed as genetic dead ends. Zetas begin with infants that are exposed to sexuality with their human parents. I describe in the notes that I have not published on this website, how the Zetas bounce naked hybrid babies on my naked body to try to get them used to human nudity and sexuality. It's too much for the internet, besides, if there are people who think I am only hallucinating these events, then I can get in trouble for writing about pedophilia.

I am writing about genuine alien contact experiences. So none of this is my fault.

It was obvious that, on one hand this is a project that is done by the Zetas, because of interests belonging to the Zetas and their genetic program. However, it is very clear that there is a second motive behind these events, namely that the Dark Lords are sadistic and they enjoy sexual predation and murder of these hybrid children. Hybrid children are raped and then murdered for the Dark Lords who rule the Agenda. That's just the way it is.

But even though this argument, Hamish and me are having a good relationship still. He had gone home early before I got home, as he usually does, and like often is the case, he sees me coming up the hill to our home and he gets excited and very happy, and then I greet Hamish and we are both genuinely happy to see each other! And then I come home, have my shower, eat some supper, get in my pyjamas, watch YouTube videos, and Hamish and me just have an ordinary evening like always. Luckily the aliens did not show me any sexual things with that girl nor did they show me if that girl was later murdered, I think she is still alive though.

The Zetas are supposedly some really intelligent creatures, yet they cannot accept the immense amount of agony and mental damage that exposing me to these vicious and cruel events puts me through. They really want me to be some sort of proud mother who can adore my hybrid children, and they want me to openheartedly share my own sexual knowledge to these children. They want me to get to see my hybrid children having sex for the first time as if it were a special and beautiful and natural moment to be shared between mother and child. One has to assume, that the Zetas are aware of the tremendous agony and damage that it does to me, not to mention to these children, but that the Zetas have their own motives and that the Zetas act completely selfish and careless about the feelings and damage done onto others.

I could write a whole essay over an analysis as to why the Zetas insist on making me involved and aware of these sexual programs done to these hybrid children, and why they cannot simply accept that I have said no. This, what you have read here today, is nothing compared to the previous and first encounters I have had with these situations, which I wrote down carefully and uncensored but which I can only publish on the side. Here today I have already experienced this madness several times before. I cannot tell you the agony and hell and torment I have gone through in the earlier times.

Anyway, do not forget that there are two pieces to why these events are happening, do not ever forget that: 1. The Zetas want to test the sexuality of these hybrids. And 2. The Dark Lords actually appreciate cruelty, sexual abuse and murder done to these hybrid children. It is important to realize that both of these reasons are equally a part of why this is happening.

After everything seemed to be over, which simply meant that I did not have to see it anymore after my serious complaining about it, after a while, Hamish let me see one of the Japanese men that he works with. I asked the man if he knows Hamish, he said that he does, and I told him to be kind to Hamish or that otherwise I would be angry. I realized, while looking at the man, that he looks a lot like the Alpha Centaurian humans. Did you know already from reading this website, that the aliens claim that the Japanese humans are being replaced as a population that lives here on Earth, by Zeta-human hybrids? And that there are old families that used to have Samurai warriors in their families that are called the Dragon Dynasty families, who have had "Dragons" meaning the Reptilians in their families for many generations, Hamish is one such a Dragon that visits such families? And that there is an extraterrestrial people called Alpha Centaurians, who are forced to work for the Agenda but do not want to, they look pretty much human?

Anyway, while telling the aliens to go away and to stop taking my eggs, I really meant it, even though I realized that I could not live without Hamish and I nearly started to cry just thinking about it. I cannot live without Hamish.

We don't want to have your kind of food. That is why we do not want you to cry. - a Reptilian
Please, let us make another chance? Another try? - a Dark Lord
We can even bring you an Alpha Remulan. - the Dark Lord adds
Would you? - me
Hello! - Alpha Remulan says, and thinks about how he does not have any diaper, you see, the Alpha Remulans leave a trail of runny poo behind them always
I am not pink, like a pig, but I am pretty important. - Hamish says probably to the Alpha Remulan, having turned around to show his back hump and thinking about his bright red color

Well, it's been one of such days that just suck and are horrible. I am really exhausted after these ordeals, and it takes me a few days just to recover, which means forgetting that it ever happened, somehow not knowing that it even takes place there. Zetas and Dark Lords are sadistic Satanists. That's just the way it is.

Space Turtle

August 15 2016, 4:29 PM - I am watching Richard Dawkins videos with debates about religion and the universe, and it makes me realize what a precious little miracle Hamish is. I have a transparent plastic bag of tomatoes hanging from a clothes hanger on the clothes rack in my bedroom. (I keep them there or otherwise roommates steal them if I leave them in the kitchen.) Hamish told me that he has looked at these tomatoes and cried, I think his words were. He talks a lot philosophically about tomatoes, and he talks to me about what reveals that he has a lot of thoughts about his identity, and life has many mysteries that he does not understand. He wonders why tomatoes are the same color as he, and he asks me why that is. I told him that tomatoes contain seeds, and tomatoes are red so that they will stand out against the green vegetation so that humans or animals can see them more easily and eat them and carry the seed. But that bothers him, that his color red would mean snacks.

Many times over our years together, Hamish has told me that tomatoes are red because they have seen him. At my mother's place she used to have a tomato plant on the balcony, and when we were living there, Hamish used to love to lie on the balcony carpet right next to the tomato plant, completely pleased as punch, and watching as a pretty yellow flower (he loves yellow flowers!) would transform into a little green tomato that would gradually become red, the same color as he. And so he would tell me, that tomatoes are red because they have seen him.

I often get the impression, that Hamish has somewhat of a developing sense of identity, like he is stuck in a stage where he certainly is aware of himself as a conscious thinking individual, yet there are so many angles to his consciousness and identity that continues to puzzle or almost perhaps even to scare him. He thinks a lot about himself, about his body, the way that he looks, about his race, about how his race was created by the Bird race. There certainly is a little conscious little person in his mind, but he seems to always be trapped in this everlasting wondering. He is deeply puzzled as to why tomatoes are red, like him, and he tries to find a connection to understand how something such as a tomato, is basically trying to be something living and important as himself.

I sometimes cry just because I think about the person that he is. That very miracle of life that sometimes makes us humans cry because it is the most important thing there is. This person that Hamish is, has touched me more deeply than any human or other animal ever has. Even though, or perhaps in part because of, Hamish is - as I am sure he also comes across - a rather "simple" creature. He finds pleasure and happiness from putting his flat red duck feet in shallow water, or watching the shimmer of goldfish scales, or of course eating his liver snacks. But he is such an amazing little person, so amazing in fact that he becomes more important to me than myself, which is why I can say things like that I could die for him if only it would benefit him somehow. His life is more beautiful than my own. That little person is so sweet and precious.

It bothers me that Hamish has this job of watching over me and following me around. I wonder what kind of life he could have had, living in a wolfpack of Dragon Turtles in a forest like on Alpha Draconis, where they roam around looking for food. (He is now swaying his back left and right, left and right, gently, while making soft exhales, he does that because he is content. He has been following what I write here, perhaps, my writing about living with Dragon Turtles.)

Yes-No, to that! It was the snacks you said! You said that I could have more snacks here. - says Dragon Turtle and sways his back some more

Ok so he was happy not about the thought of living with other Dragon Turtles, but because earlier I wrote that he thinks about eating livers, or something along those lines.

A life where he could use all of his amazing body language with other Dragon Turtles. The blunt orange head buttons, the magnificent back hump and to let the black spikes grow out on the back hump without anybody plucking those out because he gets too proud of them and aggressive, the fire engine red color, and all of his body language movements and his Draconian vocals. Well he isn't exactly as social as we humans are, but I do know that from time to time he visits other Dragon Turtles and it is magnificent to see (in remote mental images) him together with others of his own kind.

The other night when I went to bed to sleep, he talked to me about his shedded scales and he showed me some of the pieces, and he likes to keep them on his rug that I have for him in the bedroom. His shedded scales mean a great deal to him, so of course I listen to him like only a loving mother could. I love that he has got me, because with me he can express all of his thoughts and ideas, and I will always listen and care. I imagine that a lot of Reptilians get assigned with humans who are totally mean to them! No one else deserves to have my Hamish, or any other Dragon Turtle for that matter. It takes a very loving and compassionate person to deserve to have any dealings with a Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race.

It kills me to think that someone could be mean to my Turtle. I also think a lot about does he have any person in his life who loves him? I mean, what if I had not been in his life, then would anyone ever have told him that he is beautiful? That they love him? That they are proud of him? (I tell him that I am "proud" of him, because that seems to be the closest way that I can express what I actually mean by that I "love" him, that he might understand.) Does a living creature need to be loved by someone, or is it enough to be just beautiful on one's own? If Hamish is just minding to his own business, standing with his feet in shallow water, perhaps looking into the water to see if he might spot a lobster or a fish swimming there, and no one in the whole entire universe would know this magnificent beautiful person, or care about who he is, or listen to his thoughts, or let him show his scales to them or share his thoughts and his likes and fears, then, what kind of a living universe would this be, if no one could love and adore this Dragon Turtle?

Sometimes the Japanese humans(?) he visits in Komi Saki, Japan, tell him to leave, and do not like to have him near. These Japanese of the Dragon Dynasty are not exactly excited and happy when Hamish comes around, they seem to think of him - and they call Hamish by the name Kemoro - more of as a nuisance, I get very angry with these Japanese. I feel better knowing that Hamish is safe and loved with me, standing on his bathroom ruggie snugs tending to his shedded scales and organizing them on the rug, but on the other hand it is wrong that he has to live his life with me. His body and mind and behaviors was built for a different kind of life. I would give my all for this beautiful dragon, but he doesn't understand why. He seems to think that he is dominant and impressive as a race, mostly because of his head buttons and red color and the back hump. He doesn't seem to know that I love him.

On the other hand, truth be told... they are hideous beings. They smell really bad, and every time that I have had real physical(?) close contact with this Hamish, I have been deeply terrified and horrified to the core, and running away screaming. He is not exactly a cuddly being. There is a kind of disgusting uglyness in them that we humans find in insects. There is also the instinctive feeling of immense fear that we might also have if standing next to a large man-eating predatory animal such as a wolf, a tiger, or a crocodile, that is staring at us with its superior hunting instincts and keen eye. Not to mention that when Hamish does look at me sometimes, he literally is almost "salivating" as he thinks about the delectable livers and snacks that he knows are hidden inside me, he also has thoughts about choking me, grabbing my throat, and other fun hunting and predatory instincts that he enjoys and probably cannot help. So I sometimes have to tell him, "Hamish, I am not snacks!".

When I was in the shower today Hamish was remembering a scene from when I lived in college and there was a shower and a small floor space in the shower room and Hamish's ruggy was kept just outside of the shower door, and Hamish remembered standing on that ruggy there, and while remembering it, his eyes were partially closing across the eyes in a smile, and he said something to the effects of "Yes my rug" or something like that, remembering how lovely it is for him to step with his feet on it. The undersides of his feet are very sensitive to touch, much more so than our human hands are, he loves soft rugs, but overall all Reptilians both old race and newer races they also love to sit on comfy sofas and you look at them and you would think that they are enjoying a spa treatment that is how lovely it is for them. And I told Hamish that it is his rug, that I have given that rug to him. His ruggy snugs.

Hamish finds frogs in the video game

August 14 2016, 7:55 PM - Hamish has been adorable today. Today I did laundry, and as soon as he saw me holding up the pillow over the floor he lit up and got happy and excited as he knew that I was going to collect the bedsheets on the floor, and he would want to step with his feet on the sheets. Later after I had finished four loads of washing, I had brought all of it to my rather small bedroom and am using two drying racks where they all hang drying. Unfortunately both of the racks, though their feet not whatsoever touching on Hamish's ruggy, have ends that are above where Hamish's ruggy is. So he has been unable to get to his rug today, so instead he was standing over on the other side of the bed. I invited Dragon to climb up into my bed, I demonstrated for him my soft cover and blanket that are here. After I came back to my room a moment later, sure enough, Dragon was sitting on the bed, so I asked him if I can sit next to him, and I could, so we sat next to each other on my bed. That is a rare moment together, we don't exactly sit next to each other ever usually.

I have often invited Hamish to come and sleep next to me in the bed and I make space for him, but he doesn't. So when he actually does come and sit next to me in the bed, I am happy about that.

I played the video game "Don't Starve" today, and Hamish was watching the screen ever so focused and keen. He does not usually watch my video games with so much interest and with his full fixation! Normally he will go to his ruggy rug and tend to his shedded scales, or just be about his own business. But I realized that it was because in the game I was playing the episode called "Cold Reception", where the character ends up in a world where it rains and there are frogs just everywhere! So what I do in the game is I build stone walls around a base and place traps everywhere so that the frogs end up in the traps instead of eating me. I then cook the resulting frogs legs in the campfire and eat it. Hamish found that ever so fascinating to watch!

Hamish had figured out on his own, that those hopping green things were frogs, and he asked me if they were coming "out of a UFO", and yes he used that word, he asked me a few times in a row. I told him that I don't know where they are coming from, they are just falling down from the sky, I said to him. He said that they are not "us" or how he said it, meaning they are not Reptilians, because they have no tails. But he sure was watching so closely, so keen on the frogs in the game and keen on what was happening to them and what I was doing to them! You see, when Hamish is really keen and focused on something, it actually rather makes me nervous. His focus is quite intense. Plus I remember that time when I danced around in a red neglige and how he stared because he thought I was challenging his power by wearing red. So when he stares like that I get a little bit nervous.

Hamish was even putting his hands on the computer screen, as he sat next to me on the bed. I was sitting on the bed with this laptop on my lap and playing the game, and Hamish sat right next to me on the bed on my right side and he was watching so closely at the screen, and he put his red hand that has three chubby fingers on the keyboard and on the screen, charging at the frogs in the game. Hamish saw that I had trouble in the game when the frogs were invading the camp, and Hamish suggested that I just use my hand to brush all the frogs aside, meaning my real hand. Hamish showed me how he would do that with his own hand, to simply brush those annoying pesky frogs aside. Of course that doesn't work. Hamish was very curious about those frogs, and thinking about every detail about what they look like, and watching all of their behaviors. Hamish also said, that if these frogs in the game are able to collect eggs, then they will be hired by them. Hamish is always quick to think of things as real first, before he thinks that they might be fictional or cartoons. He sure was cute. I have had a lovely day again with Dragon.

I fuss with Pleiadians over ethics around food
Does Hamish want a Liver Milkshake?
Breakthrough: We now know which Birdrace created Hamish's race!!
Serpent visit

August 11 2016, 5:31 PM - I saw this picture from the videogame "No Man's Sky", source and I almost started to cry, because these Stegosauruses remind me of Hamish.

Image borrowed from the PlayStation 4 game "No Man's Sky", obviously no affiliation to this website

Pleiadians have been talking to me telepathically lately, there is for instance a woman who is short compared to average Europeans of today, I would estimate her to be between 156-160 cm tall, she has long white-blonde hair, looks almost passable as a human, and she wears a one-piece silver colored tight fitting jumpsuit or space suit which seems to have a long zipper on the front. The Pleiadians disapprove of Hamish, the Pleiadians cringe when I coo and adore my Turtle Dragon, and then I have to fuss at the Pleiadians. Pleiadians oppose the fact that Reptilians have taken Pleiadian women and eggs(?) and children from them, and that Reptiles are doing this to humans such as I as well, and that Reptiles are eating such peoples. Yesterday I explained to these visiting Pleiadians that humans are far more cruel than anything I have ever witnessed the Reptilians doing, and I explained to them how humans treat animals that are used in the food industry.

So I am an egg donor in a Reptilian food farm industry. In that case I am a perfectly free range animal, I get to live in my own created habitat and to roam freely, I can even take airplanes and fly across the Earth. I can go where I want and do what I want (sort of, Hamish and the Zetas object to some of the things I do, yet they do not forcibly try to stop me). I eat what I want, and now I am since a few weeks back eating vegan foods meaning nothing from animals not even eggs or milk products (which means reading a lot of ingredients labels). Meanwhile humans rape animals, drag their babies away and grind the babies alive, lock up the animals in minuscule spaces, keep them standing in their shit for the rest of their life, cows have uterine prolapse without medical attention, buildings so loud and brightly lit they cannot sleep, feed animals with powder that is made out of grounded up dead cows and chickens, etc etc.

The Reptilians have never fed me with ground up humans that died as the result of their own demise in a food industry. I was never kept locked up in a room the size of a sheet of paper where I had to stand with uterine prolapse unable to even lie down on the floor that by the way would be covered a few feet high with my own shit which is infecting my open wounds and blisters on my legs. Sure the Reptilians impregnate me, but they never forced me to see my babies being dragged away while me and the baby are screaming for each other. Nor do the Reptilians lock me up in barns to milk my breasts etc.

Reptilians are carnivorous intelligent animals. Humans are omnivores, meaning we have a choice between a variety of animal foods and plant foods. Reptiles have excellent observational skills, the attention and focus of a hawk, they notice all the tiniest details around them. They have quick reflexes, for instance if I tap my foot to the beat of music Hamish asks me to stop, because it makes his instincts want to grasp my leg, and sometimes while I am typing on the computer which I do fast, his instincts make him unable to stop staring and almost wanting to grab my hands or to make me stop, and then I take a break from writing. Reptilians of various forms can be amused and thrilled from hunting games, even to the point of some of such hunting games feeling to them at least 1,000 (one thousand) times more pleasurable than sex feels to humans, as I would rate it since we have felt it together, I have felt it from them telepathically transferred since our sensations are also transferred, and not just only our thoughts.

I have seen in mental images how Hamish steps with his foot down on the back of a young hybrid child who he keeps pinned under water in a shallow riverbank so that it drowns, so that he can then eat its internal organs.

But humans do far worse, and that is why I am a vegan, I will not even allow "milk powder" or "milk acid" as a minor ingredient of my foods, off and on in life I have been a vegan, we humans have a choice. I told the Pleiadians that they are biased to only adoring humans because humans are perhaps genetically related to them and look similar. I told them that I love Hamish, and that humans treat animals far worse than any evidence of what I have seen Reptilians do. I told the Pleiadians that it is not difficult to love their own Pleiadian children (which they told me they do) or to love someone who looks like oneself. I extend my love to the animals abused by humans in food industry, and I have also extended my deepest and sincerest love toward a Reptilian, Hamish. And I will never stop loving him. I think I even told the Pleiadians that if there was no other food left available then I would use a simple blunt knife and cut out my own liver just to feed my Dragon.

Hamish is a carnivore, sure. But the hybrid children he eats from get to enjoy rather fun lives in rooms filled with toys, and not wading in their own poo in tiny spaces while being fed ground up powder of their own species like how humans treat food animals. By the way there is a site on Earth whose location I will never reveal, where Dragon Turtles both red ones and yellow ones are housed and there they are being fed by the humans who watch over the place, with sheep brains. And as we know, Japanese people at the coast of Japanese town Komi Saki are feeding Reptilians that live in undersea Reptilian bases, with fish gut trimmings from the Japanese fishing industry. Hamish doesn't like these foods, he has tried both sheep brains and fish trimmings. He wants to eat his favorite food, which is livers. Today I saw a package that said "Banana Dreams", it was some sort of banana milkshake. I told Hamish about it, and I asked him if he would like a "Liver Dreams" milkshake, made out of livers, and then I had to get silly of course and ask him if he would drink a shake made out of livers and bananas and milk. He did not answer the question.

I stopped writing and went to the bathroom and a Pleiadian woman was sad or kind and caring and told me telepathically from afar that Hamish is hurting my children, that Hamish treats my children very badly. I told her that I have no children, that Hamish is my baby, and that she is rude by bothering me when I am at the bathroom I told her that that is one of the times when humans don't want to be disturbed. Hamish gets to disturb me at the bathroom of course, because he can never disturb me. Yesterday I had the lights off in the bathroom and the door slightly cracked open for some slight light, it feels more private that way to sit in the dark what with all these telepathic visitors all day long. Then I saw through the small door opening a large yellow reptile eye with a brown vertical pupil spying on me through the door opening, it was my Hamish of course, looking at me from the hallway. And after I stopped writing here earlier and had gone to the bathroom, and after the quarrel with the Pleiadian woman, Hamish said "Yes No Milkshake." He had obviously thought about my silly question of if he would drink a livers banana and milk shake. And he said, that he would only eat it if it only contains nothing else other than livers and eyes or did he say livers and eyeballs. I said "Hamish you don't eat eyes and I know that for a fact." Eyeballs and eyes is something a Dark Lord would say, so maybe it was a Dark Lord who said, they really do love eyes, as we know.

Bird Race that created Hamish's race!

Hamish told me just a while ago that the Bird race made his race but this time Hamish had a quick mental image of his to accompany what he said! I have heard many times before already that a "bird race", meaning an alien species that looks like a bird, has genetically created Hamish's race of the old Draconian race of Dragon Turtles. But I never quite knew more about who this bird race was. I now know! It is the one and only Secretary Bird species!

Remember the little short alien with white feathers who used to appear a few years ago when Hamish had made a poo in the corner of our bathroom floor and he came to clean it up? This Bird was shy and wouldn't come closer to me when I kindly invited it to, and it was referred to by the aliens as Hamish's "secretary"? There was also a second case of sightings that I had of this bird species, namely remember when Arek the red Reptilian (though not a Dragon Turtle) who came over with his team of aliens to make me pregnant when I had sex with the Crocodile Man of Arek's team and then there came one of these little short white feathered bird aliens who used was it a "magic formula" they said that would lower my immune system and would enable my body not to reject the Crocodile Man's baby so that I could get pregnant? (Following which I got the worst flu I have ever had in my life, I whined and moaned and cried and writhed on the floor, I had caught a bad flu because they had lowered my immune system, the most sick I have ever been in my life, oh I felt horrible!)

This Bird species is very short, a little less than to reach the height of the knee of an average adult human, and it is square or box shaped so that it seems to be pretty much as wide as it is tall. Its head sits on the round or box shaped torso without a neck. It has a short blunt but not pointy-ended tail like that of a rat, the tail rests against the floor straight back and not bent or curled and the tail is completely naked with a pink-gray color and no feathers. The body itself is covered in a plume of small white feathers that are a bit puffed rather than all flat or sleek against the body. The head is also covered in feathers but has naked parts on the beek and parts of the face. Eyes are small and round and not reptilian, and perhaps there is something blue decorative skin around the eyes. It has a V-shaped pointy beak and its mouth has many small sharp teeth on both the upper jaw and the lower jaw. Its arms are feathered and it seems to have fingers. The feet are without feathers and have blue colored flat webbed feet.

So this is the Bird race that has made Hamish's race! Of course! I just couldn't have ever guessed. Since the Bird that was Hamish's secretary was, well just there to pick up after Hamish's poo, never could I have known that this was a member of the species that has genetically crafted Hamish's splendid race of Turtlebacks. But on the other hand, we remember the Bird who was a member of Arek's team and who was personally doing the medical scientific procedures that was enabling me to get pregnant with the Crocodile Man, so of course they were geneticists! How marvellous, another great big mystery solved, a great big piece to the story, just mentioned by Hamish out of the blue. I do wonder, what other worlds or wisdom Hamish has hidden in his head? If only it were possible to have an intelligent, scientific conversation with Hamish, but I am happy with what I have.

This morning while at work I saw mental images of a supposed blonde Caucasian human man wearing a black business suit with tie. I could tell from something in the eyes, his charisma, and that he seemed a bit rigid, that it was possibly a Reptilian shapeshift. So I confronted it on that, and sure enough! It turned out to be a black reptilian (though not "THE" "black Reptilian" that I have on my team who speaks the Orion language and says for instance Omrigosh and Kembraah), this Reptilian had somewhat of a pointed snout, whereas "my" "black Reptilian" has a very blunt and small head. This visiting Reptile said to me that he is one of the Serpents. I said nice things to him. It was a brief and nice visit, we were polite to each other. Hamish did not seem to get angry that this guy was around and about. Nothing more came of it, just that.

MILABS fuss again?
I see a Yellow Dragon Turtle
and Sirian visits!

August 10 2016, 4:21 PM - I have been harassed today by the supposed military/government people that are part of the MILABS phenomenon, in that I see mental images of them as they remote view me from afar and they talk telepathically to me in a taunting manner. Of course this sounds consistent with symptoms of mental illness, yet let us remember that "these guys" are connected to the aliens, and that I have had physical evidence that the aliens are real. The guys have been acting rude and obnoxious, one was saying that my breasts are small, or they talk about the kind of women that they are attracted to, meaning that I am not one such a woman. I give them hell back in words so they can't get to me. I also have not excluded the possibility that these guys could be aliens in disguise posing as humans. Zetas for example from time to time can act exceedingly cruel, not to mention how I first got to know the Thuban Auntie who was consistently so bitchy that I dubbed her "the Nazi lady". Draconian Reptilians however come across more as proud and boasting, rather than cruel.

I had a little yellow Reptilian accompany me to work this morning or was it yesterday morning. It was small just slightly larger than a large cat, very slender and meager build, yellow, like a raptor dinosaur, and covered in goosebump blisters like a toad (or like Hamish's arms). There was no argument between this guy and Hamish, and I suspect that this yellow raptor was here to follow me to work so that Hamish did not have to.

Just to say one more thing. Today... no I don't want to say it because then I really do start sounding crazy, besides there are readers who are too gullible and hang on to my every word as truth. Just that today I saw three men who had the same energy about them as the MILABS guys, men I've not seen before, just something about that radiance, people I've never seen before. But this is jibberish so never mind, don't put it in the back of your head as a fact, I didn't say it, and it didn't happen, seriously. [Added same day: Meaning that I saw them in real life just passing by.]

While talking to Hamish while at work today either him or me happened to mention the yellow Dragon Turtles and I said that Hamish's father was yellow and his mother was red. And so I asked him a difficult question that I was sure he did not have the answer to, that how come if his mother was red and his father was yellow then Hamish himself turned out to be red? Of course Hamish could not be expected to know the answer to such a thing. But, after only a few seconds I see a mental image of a yellow Dragon Turtle. Hamish had brought him in not necessarily in my whereabouts but so that I could see it with remote viewing, because we had talked about the yellow ones. And as I was washing the floor of the hallway at work, the yellow Turtle lifted its flat duck foot up and commented that either the floor was wet or that its foot was wet I forget which. Dragon Turtles are overall exceedingly aware about floors and their feet. Hamish is always worried to make sure that he does not step on broken glass, sometimes he asks me if there is broken glass in his ruggy snugs, and I will pat my hand on it to show him that there is none. So cute.

The military/MIBs guys today telepathically were telling me not to talk to Hamish and the aliens, these guys seem to not want the aliens to fetch me to the alien projects and stuff. I said that I am going to talk to Hamish, and I made sure that the man knows that Hamish is my best friend. Hamish has of course today mentioned all of the following: eggs, milk for the eggs, his back hump, and shown me his back hump. And I have of course made palate clicks for him.

But! The biggest news of the day is that a Sirian made contact! The Sirians I learned are from a star that the humans also call by the name of Dog, Canis. He showed me a mental image of his home star, I had the impression that the star was relatively small, it was yellow and very hot I could feel from the image. I asked him if he was from a planet by that star, and I didn't get to see much but I felt that the planet is very heavily urbanized and used, lots of people living there, and no empty space anywhere, very busy and heavily populated.

The Sirian is taller than a human and has a humanoid or anthropomorphic build, meaning it stands on two legs, has two arms at the shoulders, head with a face on the front. Its skin overall across is rippled or creased. Imagine the smooth human skin, and then imagine that it shrivels and shrinks, just like bacon slices do in a frying pan. The Sirian skin is wrinkled, with crevices across the skin and the walls of the crevices are wrinkled. I presented him with my theory that his skin is shriveled and wrinkled because it is actually maximizing the surface area of his skin. Were his skin merely smooth, it would have less surface area than it has because of the severe heavy wrinkling effect. Yet, there is of course an opposing factor which means that the crevices do not obtain deeper folds or pockets than that, so it reaches a balance.

I asked him about his skin, about the wrinkles and increased surface area, he did not elaborate. I wondered what their skin exchanges with the surrounding atmosphere, he did not say.

The Sirian has two large oval shaped eyes which shine like amber and that look like cat eyes. When I told him that he has like cat eyes, that is when he told me that humans actually call his star by dog or Canis. The eyes are dark all across without whites, there is a widened dark pupil, and the iris on the sides has lines or streaks of different colors, like dark green, and gold or dark yellow, it really looks like gems. The eyes are mesmerizing.

The skin is an almost dark brown color, the brown is a bit bright like rusty red in it. It has some kind of nose, a perky up pointing tip of the nose. It has two pointy ears that point up above the top level of the head.

What surprised me is that the Sirian, who was a male by the way and did not tell me his personal name if he has one, he spoke from endless wisdom and love. He knew seemingly everything about my life, about all the issues and situations in my life and what the real answers behind those situations are even if I don't know them. It is as if he had watched a five minute synopsis of my entire life which yet contained the most intricate details for him to know. Immensely wise, and aware, and they speak of love.

He spoke of a Brotherhood of The All, and silly me I got upset and objected that it cannot be an assembly toward The All if it calls itself Brotherhood because then it excludes women. I got really upset about it and I ranted on and on about it for upwards to an hour. He tried to explain that women are sacred to them. Also a military or MIB man tried to kindly tell me telepathically to not argue to the Sirian about this, I told this human man that he is then sexist too. The All means everything, the whole entire universe, a few extraterrestrial groups are dealing with this concept, all such ETs are of course benevolent, because it deals with consciousness which inevitably leads to unconditional love, and as we know the Agenda is not at all about consciousness or love.

We are. - Dinosaur says now [meaning to be all about consciousness or love, also meaning that the Dinosaurs are, not referring to the Agenda as a whole]
Have you spoken to her? - Hamish asks Dinosaur
Deb Deb! - Dinosaur answers to Hamish, Deb means yes

The Sirian was so endlessly wise and loving I asked him if he would write these messages down with me to share for humanity, he agreed but he wants it to be a website even though I was just contemplating on a book at that time. He knew already about my this www.orionmindproject.com website and he insisted that his words not be put there, meaning here, and he wanted his own internet page which he titled, I forget by now but it was something like www.herespeakthesirians.com or www.homepageofthesirians.com or something like that, a really long and perhaps unexpected name. I felt reluctant to start a new URL because this is already costing me a lot of money on average $30 USD a month for years now. So I know, but I already knew, that this Sirian is not coming out of my own imagination, just saying to those of you who might doubt, because I am in a somewhat strained economy though I'm working fulltime and getting on by, and the thought would never have crossed my mind to start a new website for the Sirians, no way, especially since I collect all of my alien stories already here, benevolent ETs too. Another reason why I could not be hallucinating the aliens - for those of you who are doubting - is that the aliens continue to say "Milk for the eggs" and "Yoghurt" to me, even though I just turned vegan again and am not consuming any dairy products whatsoever.

I asked the Sirian to come back later to talk to me when I have an opportunity to write down.

PS. I learned something interesting today by watching random YouTube videos. The Scientologists think that millions of years ago there were aliens on Earth who were killed and their souls are today attaching to humans and causing physical and mental disease. These vicious souls are called in Scientology as Thetans. It seems if I read it right that also human souls are called Thetans by the Scientologists. But, ... coincidentally the vicious Dark Lords from Alpha Theta who do indeed latch onto humans and drink their "juice" meaning life force and cause mental and physical illness and also entice the victims through mind control to do acts of cruelty to others, call themselves Alpha Thetons, or Alpha Thetans.

Now for a shower, to get into my pyjamas early, lay on the bed playing video games (incidentally I am playing The Sims 2 where I am making the Zeta Reticulans, I painted my own skin and eyes file for them), maybe watch a YouTube video about Law of Attraction (so that Hamish can learn how to manifest a storage full of livers), read a book about Law of Attraction. Maybe draw a painting of the Sirian for this website. Maybe take the time to listen to the Sirian to write down his thoughts, and to make a website with him. Zetas wanted to show me creepy embryo mental images today and I didn't want to, I asked them not to show me because it offends me. I was also shown today a girl who looks almost human but I guessed it was Alpha Centaurian when I was asked if I knew who or what she is, she looks like a half Japanese with black hair and brown eyes, and I was told it was made from my eggs and I said I am not interested that I only want to see Hamish, Reptilians, Alpha Remulans, Dinosaurs, Orions, and Zetas.

Soccer ball, Kermit, Zetas, all sorts

August 09 2016, 8:51 PM - On Sunday, and today is Tuesday, I met with my boyfriend again and we ended up having sex. What is interesting is that the other aliens, presumably Zetas, gave Hamish a small black and white soccer ball to keep him busy and occupied and they kept telling Hamish to pay attention to that soccer ball, so I saw mental images of Hamish with the soccer ball. Wasn't there a rather recent time when I was having sex with this man and when Hamish was given a different kind of ball, was it a baseball? Hamish did not get angry with me or nag about the eggs or try to bite or bother us. Perhaps he needed a pacifier to focus his attention on, and then everything was fine. Although the alien team is adamant about protecting my eggs, it is surprising to me that when I do have sex they do not try to break it up, so I thank them for that.

But I saw some very clear mental images of Hamish who was tagging along as I was on a date with this man. When me and the man were outdoors at a restaurant enjoying the evening, I saw one of the clearest mental images of fire engine red Hamish standing in the upright position right next to the table, talking something sweetly to me like he usually does. And early on Monday morning when I got up at the hotel me and the man were staying in, I bumped into Hamish who had been camping out in the bathroom of our hotel room. Earlier Hamish had also complained about there being no sofas there for him at the hotel. He regularly also asks me for sofas here at home, and we have one in the other bedroom but he doesn't seem to like it, perhaps since there are candlesticks on the windowsill next to it, even though I've assured to him that they won't light on fire by themselves.

The other night I was aware during an alien abduction. The alien workers were either Zetas or something similar and I was on the medical table on my belly or on my back I forget, and the aliens did a total of three medical procedures one after the other at a surprisingly fast speed, like two seconds each and no time in between. The last of the three was to insert something rectally probably to take a sample of feces, which they do because they are studying metabolism and by their own saying they seem to give me substances and they want to know how those metabolise.

I would die for dragon. That is how much I love him. I saw the crested red Reptilian (see below the previous entry) I think today or yesterday, today I think it was, while I was at work, and he told me not to do - and he showed me his mental image of it - to Hamish, namely when Hamish spreads his fingers wide in a threatening body language. When Hamish is guarding the eggs while I am at work, he tends to spread his fingers wide and sway his back hump slowly from side to side while saying Tiik, Tiik Tiik, it is to warn off other Reptilians that might be nearby. So at work I have taken the habit of sometimes, all mentally and telepathically of course, spreading my fingers and saying Tiik Tiik Tiik to help my Dragon do his work. So it seems, that crested red Reptilian might have thought that I was doing the spread fingers to Hamish, which I am not, so I explained to the crested one how it was.

Hamish also has a more angry version of the threatening stance, in which he spreads his fingers wide and sways his body side to side, and it comes with more body language too I forget what those are, I don't think that he has ever expressed these to me, but I've seen him express them to other aliens.

Just now, a Zeta shows me a quick mental image flash of a Kermit puppet and I hear the Zeta say "Kermit", I get happy and I say "Yes Kermit!", and I giggle and I smile.

We don't want to give you any more drugs now. But you have been given them. - Zeta
What drugs? What are they called? - me
One of them is called Lidocaine. It keeps you away from that park. It (makes you move around a lot less.) - Zeta, the parenthesis part I heard precisely but forgot since I didn't write it down immediately, but that is what it meant [Added same day: today highly unusual, I took the train not directly home but stopped at a park on the way for a short while before then heading home.]
Hamish was never given, a soccer ball to eat. But he was having fun, playing with it as a lunch. So it was my snacks therefore. - says Hamish and his lower eyelids and upper eyelids close partially across the eyes in a big smile when he says the last underlined sentence, and I can see him smiling that way
That was you once. And then we took you out. And look now, at your big belly! - an alien not Hamish not a Reptilian, "that was you once" showed me a mental image of me as a baby in my home at the time

If you can read what Hamish just said about the soccer ball and him playing with it as a lunch and that it was his snacks and knowing that he then smiles and is happy about that - and you do not fall in love with this dragon, then there is no hope for you. Is it just me or is everyone else blind, but isn't he really sweet and adorable? Or is it like when every parent thinks that their kids are the bestest in the world but nobody else cares? He really is cute, isn't he?

I don't have a good perfume. About my snacks, I said! - Hamish, the italic sentence he opens his mouth, leans forward as if to bite something, he was showing off a bit of anger there
My Toast. - Hamish says and slo [Added same day: I didn't finish the description, forgot]
Hey you! Don't let him talk to you about his snacks. Then he tries to eat everybody. - a man says seemingly human
[Added same day: I think here I asked the man who he is and thereafter he answers the following.]
We are only watching, we are with the governments and stuff. - the man
"What" governments? - me I ask the man
My pyy-pyy. - Hamish says so that the man would hear
Mine! - Hamish angry, opens his mouth leans forward, says to the man
Look, we don't want trouble. - man to Hamish, with or without "look" I forgot cause didn't write down immediately

I was watching a video about Law of Attraction, and in a segment which talked about something like how what we think about will manifest, Hamish told me something like such as that if he thinks about livers then he can have a whole storage of livers. Hamish was watching intently at the computer screen while I was browsing random YouTube videos earlier today too, and when he does I of course have to think about what movies I watch, because he watches so openly I don't want anything to scare or to bother him. Usually when I notice him being extra keen on the computer screen, I switch to us watching some animal video clips. He is always interested when there is a cat or other animal in video clips, and we know how fond he is of watching the pangolin animal.

Today at work I made a pile of clothes that are going to the laundry, that happens only once every two weeks. And this time, just like I think last time it was when I did that at work, Dragon got really happy when he noticed the pile on the floor and he went there to stomp his feet so eagerly and happily on that pile. He pressed and squashed his feet up and down up and down on the pile and while his lower eyelids were halfway closed across the eyes to show that he was genuinely happy and smiling. I told him that I should get him a pile of sheets at home just for him to enjoy. He is the best dragon in the world. Other Reptilians are never like him, Hamish really is the cutest, but all the Dragon Turtles of the old Draconian race are sweet and adorable, the more modern Reptilians which is what most humans would encounter, are nothing like the same.

By the way, the black Reptilian has said Omrigosh to me a few times, and a human military or government man told me telepathically not to let this alien tell me Omrigosh, it means hello in the Orion language unless I remember it wrong. And the other day I saw a mental image of an Orion man, the Orions truly are black and with scales that are protruding and spikey, their ears are narrow and tubular and point straight up on the sides of the head above the level of the head like antennae, and he was wearing the upside down yellow pyramid symbol on a white sleeveless shirt as usual which they are made to wear since they have not embraced the Agenda which took them over after wars. And there was a black Reptilian taunting the Orion man and being a bully. The black Reptilian, as always, looks pretty much like this (but is not named Lac, and this drawing was made to depict a different alien person), on the left.

I was visited by one or two military officers the other day, I think yesterday, who were seeing me with remote viewing from a remote location most probably in the United States, while I am in Europe. He said that he knows me and I asked him who he is because I did not recognize him. He said that he is getting older. One of them was now living in a retirement home. Gosh, the days when I had the MILABS experiences were in the 1990's, it's been twenty years, I was a young teenager then and now I am in my 30's. My alltime favorite of them Tyler "MacDaddy" MacIntyre we have already lost to esophageal cancer, and Derek was presumably killed by the aliens for opposing the Alien Agenda. The man who visited was asking if it really was me, and he was remembering what I looked like all those many years ago. I wasn't exactly nice or welcoming to him, I was more like sassy and uninterested, I don't know why I reacted that way, perhaps because I was annoyed that I didn't know exactly which of them he was, he did not tell me his name, and I am still upset that I never got to meet them properly to answer all of my questions, questions that can only be answered by getting to see them for some time, because words can never explain this.

Cute Lizard!
A Red Crested Casowary Reptilian Visits in the morning

August 05 2016, 3:01 PM - I woke up some time between 4:00 AM and 4:50 AM this morning and there was a Draconian Reptilian visiting in my home, he stood at the doorway to my bedroom. To the left is a drawing I made of him. I drew this with colored pens which is easier than using the mouse on my computer drawing program.

I instantly knew that this was not Hamish, well because I've known Hamish for so many years, of course I can instantly tell whether it is my best friend dragon or not. Yet, this was a tall red Reptilian who stood upright like a human, but from the energy or his character and vibe it was not the cute Sock Turtle Hamish, but another Reptilian. Other Reptilians that are not Hamish, they tend to have a more eery and harsh way about them, whereas Hamish just comes across as cute and adorable and irresistible.

The Reptilian had one comb structure on its head, this comb came down between the eyes on the face and ended about above where a nose would be. Other Draconians who have had one or three comb structures have had them starting from on top of the head, but this one's came down further. I know that the Draconians call this, what I call a "comb", they call it "crest". They call these Reptilians "crested". Note that the crest is not floppy like that of a rooster, but is rigid.

He was sassy and fierce, like what is normal of a Reptilian to be. Again I did not write down the conversations, perhaps I was too tired. He told me that he is from Alpha Draconis and that his people had a war on Alpha Draconis in the past. I asked who did they war with, and it was with another population which was also living on Alpha Draconis at the time, so it sounds like they had a civil war on the planet rather than an invasion from outer space. The planet was destroyed and is uninhabitable now, he explained. Furthermore, the females of his species have been lost. I asked what happened to the females, did they die or were they only captured, but he did not say. I have heard this story from Reptilians before, that their females were lost and they are therefore searching for eggs from other species so that they can survive.

He said that he has joined "the Eye" so that he gets help from them. He is of course talking of the Alien Agenda, as I call it, which is headed by the leaders Alpha Thetons also known as Dark Lords, and The Eye is the God in the Agenda and seems to actually be an astronomical body such as a black hole or something.

I was cooing about this visiting Reptile today while at work, and one of the other Reptiles said that it had been a "casowary". This is not the first time that Draconians refer to these "crested" Reptilians as "casowary". Here below is a photo of the cassowary bird with the crest on its head, and also a photo of the green basilisk lizard also with a head crest.

Cassowary bird
photo source
Green basilisk lizard
photo by Marcel Burkhard/ Cele4, www.tierlexikon.ch - Edit of Image:Stirnlappenbasilisk2.jpg by Fir0002, CC BY-SA 1.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=459026
photo source

The visiting Reptile tossed and turned me around in bed several times during the visit. The first time he did, he hoisted my body swift and agile up from lying on my back and to sitting upright. He would also firmly turn me around to one side or push me around on the bed. He is very strong when he does that, and the speed and agility at which he moves me is impressive. Yet he seemed to be using his mental powers to acchieve this, rather than physical touch. In my experience, Reptilians push me around to show power, to show me that they are strong so that I would respect and admire them. But, when Hamish pulls me up from on my back so that I am sitting upright, he explains it that he just wants "to look at me" and that is why he does it. Also today someone, perhaps even this visiting Reptile or not, explained to me that also this visitor's moving me around and hoisting me up had been done "to look at me".

It was impressive, that you were not afraid. - the visiting Reptile speaks now!
I am not afraid of you. I like you very much. - me
You would not see me, if you didn't. - the Reptile, referring to "if I didn't like him, I would not see him"
Why is that? - me
Because we want your blood, to bleed here! - the Reptile
Is that your food source? - me
Not only? - the Reptile, he shows me as if he is holding up a dog collar by its chain
... It makes you, be like the inferior race, the species. - the Reptile, meaning the blood thing makes me the inferior race or inferior species

During the visit early this morning, he also mentioned several times about his strong smell, he seemed to be self-conscious about his smell. He, and also Hamish, seem to avoid close contact with me because of their strong smell, but does that mean that they are wanting not to offend or harm me with their smell, or that they are wanting to avoid being offended or yelled at because of their smell, meaning, are they protecting me or themselves by being self-conscious about their smell? I assure them every time that I know that they do have a smell but that it is ok. I have smelled Draconians before, I tell them. It is true that they have a pungent odor, but that is by no means a reason not to have close contact with Reptilians. I so would love to meet them. I have been asking to get to visit a Reptilian base. The visitor this morning was asking me if I wanted to come with him, and of course I said yes. Unfortunately I had to get up at 5 AM to go to work, so I excused myself from the Dragon and I asked him to come back again when I return home, or to come again this night. So I hope he comes back. I want to meet him again, and I so want to go to a Reptilian base with him!

The obvious question is, where is Hamish during all of this? I have heard Hamish saying Tiik. Just one Tiik, now and then. I have told the visitor that my eggs are with Hamish, and I told him that Hamish is the old Draconian race with the back hump and the crown of 16 buttons on his head. It seems that the visitor also wants my eggs, he mentioned that a few times today, but I told him that my eggs are with Hamish. I would never ever leave Hamish for any other dragon.

The visiting Reptile has a notably narrow head, and the eyes are large and situated so that they are also very much on the side of the head. I am not sure if his skin had a scaly pattern, even though I drew scales on the drawing. He either wore a dark close-fitting suit or that he was naked. I did not see if he had a tail but I guess that he has one. He did not have any head buttons, and of course he has no back hump since he is not a Dragon Turtle of the old Draconian race. I have asked him many times if he has a name, but he doesn't tell me one, so perhaps that he does not have one. I will refrain from naming him myself, since the last time when I personally chose to name a visiting Reptile we ended up with Strawberry the red reptilian. And that is just not fair toward such a grand and powerful being.

I have been cooing about this visiting Reptile throughout the day, making sure that he hears me telepathically calling him cute and adorable and that he knows that I love Reptilians. I am so loving toward them, and not that it is my ulterior motive, but it seems to tame them and make them nice. Today it was raining and I heard the neighbor a man talking to the cat of another neighbor, this cat is always roaming outside in our area. The cat was of course distressed about the rain and trying to hide away and wanting to come home indoors to someone. This cat always comes in to everybody's homes. And I heard the man talking so sweetly to the cat like how one talks to a baby in the most loving and kind way, it was so sweet to hear such love from this man, and then even sweeter the cat responded to him and spoke to the man the sweetest meow! They were talking to each other! They do not speak each other's languages, but they were talking and being kind to each other! And that is how I like to have it between me and Reptilians. Kindness and sweet and very loving. I greet them with love and kindness. Even if they eat livers and talk about blood. I talk to them like how one talks to a cat or a baby. I call them "Cute Lizard!", and "I love lizards!".

Turtles and Kermit

August 04 2016, 7:24 PM - Today I watched this long documentary on turtles and tortoises with Hamish.

He did not make many comments, just that at around 8:50 time in the video he said about that large Galapagos tortoise that it looks like him or that he looks like it. And throughout the video now and then Hamish asks about the "eggs" that those turtles he sees might have, he was very curious about if the turtles in the video have "eggs", and at one time he also thought about, but did not formulate in words into speech to me, he was wondering about if the turtles in the video might smell like something.

Since a few nights back, I have started asking the Zetas to show me mental images of Kermit and I will mention various situations that I want Kermit to be in and the Zetas always do it! It cheers me up like a little girl, and the Zetas love it too that I am happy and pacified. For instance I will say, "Zetas please show me Kermit having a bath", and they show me such an image. Or I tell them "show me Kermit together with Zetas", and they do (that was my trick for getting the Zetas to send me a mental image of themselves, and it worked!). Fun one was "Show me Kermit together with Reptilians", I was given a mental image of fire engine red Hamish standing in the upright posture holding a green plush Kermit puppet with his hand wrapped around its throat, poor Kermit just hanging there in the air. And often when I ask for Kermit images, the Dinosaurs are saying "Deb Deb Deb" or "Dab Dab Dab" in the background over there where the aliens are. I won't get tired of the Kermit joke. I love that they show me mental images of live frogs and of Kermit the frog puppet, makes me happy!

PS. Hamish is the greatest I love him so much that I explode and implode and die and live all together. Hamish is the greatest entire universe to me and he is also the simplest things. A human heart was not made to handle the kind of love that I have for this dragon. He is too cute. I love you Hamish.

While at work today, I noticed Hamish thinking about candles and being worried about them. And so I explained to Dragon, that candles can only burn with fire if a human brings a fire to the thread, that otherwise candles cannot start to burn on their own and are always safe. Reptilians are anxious about fire and candles. Also, I have a big bunch of clothes on the floor in a bag and the other day I rummaged through them in the morning looking for something so my bedroom floor was literally a sea of clothes and mess. The Reptilians of course told me on more than one occasion about the mess that I should clean up. Draconian Reptilians are surprisingly cleanly creatures. They also do not like trash even if the trash is collected where we humans think it should be namely in trashcans or trashbags. I wish I could just bring a sleeping bag and a pillow and go in my pyjamas to spend the night in a Draconian Reptilian's alien base. I would love to fall asleep next to Hamish's flat red duck feet and listening to his Draconian vocals. Today he made a beautiful belch sound that I loved to hear.

Hamish was gnawing on the webbed skin between his fingers again, he said it was an issue due to his design (ie. to have skin there). I told him that there is nothing wrong with him (for having the skin there). I ask him if it harms him when he gnaws, but it seems that it does not. It reminds me a bit of a baby sucking on a thumb, it should be harmless, but perhaps stress or boredom or anxiety triggers it in him, I do not know. I don't have to know everything about him. Ok so what he sometimes gnaws on the webbed skin between his fingers. It makes him look cute though.

The other day I was really tired and on the bus on my way home from work, and I put my foot forward against the next row of seats for support cause I was drained, Hamish watched closely, as when he puts a foot markedly down on something, it means that he is claiming it and asserting ownership and dominance, so he thought that I was doing the same. But I was just resting myself and finding some extra bit of support from leaning my foot forward.

Dark Lord poses with his black scrotum,
and seems to turn into a gorgeous scaly black Reptilian
And, Kermit works for me!

August 01 2016, 8:45 PM - Last night was interesting, and this is not a Hamish story. It started when I had gone to bed and decided to meditate or visualize on raising the light in my body, more about that later. The light in me plus that I was breaking up black energies in my body that the Dark Lords have put in me, this attracted the attention of a Dark Lord who came because he wanted to steal my light, perhaps he was also upset that I was breaking up his "spiderwebs" in me.

I should have taken notes all throughout the contact experience, but here is what I remember. The Dark Lord is definitely an intelligent being, a creature or an animal of some sort. We could call it an Incubus, or a Demon, as other witnesses throughout time have. They call themselves Dark Lords, and say that they are from a place in outer space that they call Alpha Theta, so they are also called Alpha Thetons. They worship an astronomical body that they call The Eye. They are the leaders of the organization of extraterrestrials which we call Alien Agenda, which includes ET members such as Zeta Reticulan Greys, Alpha Draconian Reptilians, Mantids, Orions (Orions unwillingly due to defeat in wars against the Agenda). So one of these guys paid a visit, and it would turn into beautiful close contact and interaction with scaly Reptilians!

But first of all: light versus black energies. Our thoughts and emotions are electromagnetic in nature. Depending on how the human nervous system, and other structures in the body, are aligned, we emanate "an energy" or an electromagnetic radiance, all humans can feel their emanated "energy" from the way that we feel emotionally, it reverberates throughout the body, but it also extends into the space around us. We humans are like radiators, or lamps, and the type of emanating "energy" can be adjusted, ranging from light to black and many levels in between.

Typically babies and children are born "pure", so that their emanance is adjusted to light. Adults tend to "lose their light" by accumulating stress, anger, disappointments, fears, and other negative emotions and thoughts, which switches their emanance toward black, in fact those who can see auras will all agree that most humans at least in the Western world meaning Europe and the United States have a black aura, and that seeing an adult person that is emanating white light is extremely rare and tends to then be the likes of a hermit who has chosen to step away from "mainstream society" and is spiritually ascended, coincidentally such a person is also a vegetarian if not a vegan, is very compassionate and loving, happy and joyous.

Then there are people that the Alien Agenda calls the "Crystals". Crystals are a small amount of humans(?) who have the capability to emanate a huge amount of light, comparing that to most humans who emanate black. I am a Crystal. Dark Lords, and now I know this sounds like science-fiction if it doesn't already, Dark Lords hunt for these "energies" emanated from biological entities, they can extract the "energy" or "life force", suck it in and consume it, they also then pass it on over to their god The Eye, i.e. the Dark Lords Alpha Thetons are Incubi, meaning monsters that steal souls. Think of plants that absorb sunlight, as another similar example of an organism that absorbs radiance. Dark Lords can use three tricks to cause the life force of a victim to flare up for harvesting: pain, fear, or sex.

The rightside half of my face and head has been hijacked by Dark Lords. I have not written about this before so here you are hearing about it for the first time. I can physically feel it too, but I also see it in the aura clearly. The left side of my face and head remains light. This plays in to the Agenda aka Illuminati symbol of the one eye which is commonly featured in Agenda media. Basically the Dark Lords have realigned the "energy" channels on the right side of my head so that it aligns with their own low-dimensional black energy, so that they have easy access to my mind and body. And, just so happens last night I begun to use my skills with the "energies" to readjust the right side of my head to break up the "spiderwebs" that they have built, to allow white light to flow throughout my right side of the head. And that is when Mr. Fussubuses came to visit, and things got really interesting.

Why do I say "spiderwebs"? Dark Lords can also readjust the "energy flow lines" that occur across a location, such as in a human's home, so that they can build portals through which they can pass from their lower vibrational dimension or world and into ours, as well as by means of which the Dark Lords can impart their own "energy" or trademark feeling into that place. There are many things that exist on this "level" that is the "energy level" or "energy world", or just to say, things that exist "in the form of energies, or as far as energies are concerned". These things include emotions, thoughts, and the energy emanance quality emanating from a human, but these things also lead to actions, behaviors. Dark Lords can hijack not only the "energy" of persons, but also hijack the energy of a place. I am not sure where exactly I picked up the term of spiderwebs for the energy tangles that the Dark Lords build into locations ie. hallways and rooms and corners in homes, but that is the term that is used for it, perhaps even that the Dark Lords call it spiderwebs. So, restated: spiderwebs are realigned, readjusted energy lines in a location such as in the corner of a hallway or a room, which was built by the Dark Lords, in order for them to change the energy quality of that place, from our higher-vibrational quality and into their own lower quality signature. Spiderwebs serve the purpose of: a) providing a portal between their world and into ours for easier access, b) mind control and influence on humans in that area, c) overall causing their trademark for life to spread to here.

Dark Lords are very aware of the energy flow lines and the emanance of those, and so when I begin to untangle the black mess that they have created on the right side of my head, they showed up. The Dark Lord was not aggressive, for instance they can slap me around to physically throw me around the bed or even throw me across the air that has happened before. Instead, Mr. Dark Lord opted to show me mental images of his black body, which was a tall handsome black humanoid with claws on his five fingers on each hand and a tail and wearing no clothes, unsure of the shape of his head in this form, and complete with showing me his black scrotum. I have never seen them have a scrotum before, so that was a first time. He showed me close-up mental images of his black scrotum in great detail.

We can contemplate on the reason why he chose to show me a mental close-up of his supposed black scrotum... Actually, my mind stands still. I have no idea. One reason I would say is profanity, the Dark Lords seem to like to express words or mental images of scenes about obscene sexuality, violence, crime, and in my attempt to express why they like these images or topics, is that the energy of such things resonates more to the world that they live in. Perhaps, one could suspect, he might have also been trying to seduce me sexually by showing me his supposed scrotum, and I say supposed scrotum since I do not believe that it was actually there, since I never saw one before, and Dark Lords are known shapeshifters, they can alter the image in which they appear to a human.

Then the Dark Lord seemed to either change his own form into a black Reptilian, or, that the Dark Lord somehow spawned that black Reptilian. I did not experience it as being a black Reptilian that had come to visit as a fully sovereign separate being, it really seemed that the Reptile came from the Dark Lord in a way that suggested as if the Dark Lord had perhaps changed its own shape into the Reptile, or that the Reptile had somehow spawned and been "born" or "created" as if the Reptile had more or less walked right out from the body of the Dark Lord. In this contact experience of this black Reptilian, the Dark Lord was almost like a portal himself, through which the Reptilian had walked through. It made me think that this Reptilian at least, did not really exist in its own sovereign form, but that it was at least in this case just another one of those things that the Dark Lords can produce and present as part of their Shenanigans.

The black Reptilian is one I have not met before not to my knowledge. He stood humanoid and he had a gorgeous crest that was low and that ran not just from starting above the eyes like the crests on other Reptiles have, but his crest spanned from the top of the head or from the forehead and down along the forehead to where the nose would be. I complimented him on the crest. He showed me several fantastic close-up mental images depicting the scales on his arms and body, and I was quite impressed, he was truly a gorgeous scaly black Reptilian. I can kick myself for not writing down the conversation that we had, however I do say that in the conversations the Dark Lord and the black Reptilian never mentioned the work I had done on the energies in my head even though I knew that it had been the reason why it had come. There was also nothing hostile, nor did the Reptile ever call me a dog race which Reptilians usually do. I just got many gorgeous close-up mental images of this black Reptile, as he wanted to show me his scales.

We smell really bad. That is why we did not want to come close to you. You would have told us to take a bath. And we do not like that, to be told to take a bath. We eat your little ones too. Are you brave enough to hear about that fact? Or are you worried, about your little ones? - black Reptilian, maybe this one

This all came out as words on a page, but it really was a profound experience with magnificent close contact with a black Reptilian, the Reptile did not manifest in physical form in my dimension of course, but nonetheless the mental connection, the images, the telepathic conversations, it was magnificent. I enjoyed it. And once the black Reptile seemed to come from through the Dark Lord, I then no longer saw the Dark Lord (or his scrotum) as present.

PS. why I say "energy" with quotation marks, is because I have studied physics and in physics the term energy is claimed and copyrighted almost to mean a certain thing, and then on the other hand when laymen use the term energy for New Age spirituality, then physicists say that such an energy does not exist. To put it more clearly, scientists have taken the word "energy" and claimed it to mean specifically what they want that word to mean, to mean a quantity or amount of the potential to do work, for instance, the food we eat contains chemical energy stored in it, a liquid battery contains stored chemical energy which is transformed into electrical energy, and so forth. To scientists, "energy" means that something can do work. On the other hand, people who know about auras and the emanance from human bodies, about healing, and related topics, they like to use that same word to denote a substance that they want to call energy, I too out of habit tend to call it energy. This substance is an emanated material consisting for instance of emotions and thoughts, but we also emanate it based on how "energy lines" are aligned in our body. But the New Age spirituality "energy" is not the same thing as scientists' "energy", the danger then is, that scientists tend to say "there is no such thing as that supposed New Age energy!", because scientists hijacked and "copyrighted" the word.

I explain in length on the topic of the energy that a human emanates, because it turns out to be a very relevant topic in the story of the Alien Agenda, since the Dark Lords feed on it, and since the entire structure of the Agenda is designed by Dark Lords around their desire to steal that energy from victims and to feed it through themselves and into their god The Eye.

Ah, last night when I went to bed the Zetas showed me a mental image all suddenly of a limp Kermit puppet with its mouth open and it was laying down and its head was hanging upside down downwards, oh I was so happy to see it that was so cute! Zetas are clearly trying to show me happy smiling cute faces of puppets, perhaps since they cannot smile themselves. Zetas used to want to show me images of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, and of Zetas and Zeta hybrid children (*not sure if Zetas, or if only the hybrid children though) with the black plastic Mickey Mouse hats on their head like what you get in Disneyland, they thought that would cheer me up but that got me upset instead, but however with Kermit the frog puppet they have hit jackpot because I love those images they show me of Kermit! Also Zetas used to show me mental images of the white-gloved hand with four fingers of Mickey Mouse, as if I could expect that it was Mickey Mouse that was going to be touching me. I did not like that, so they stopped. I told them the honest truth then, that I much prefer to be groped by Zeta alien hands than by some fake Mickey Mouse, but however when it comes to a fake Kermit, that works for me.

My Space Tortoise

July 31 2016, 8:38 PM - I woke up in the middle of the night last night and I saw a mental image of a Zeta that had a big bulbuous tear-shaped head with a very long, and very narrow nose and two large eyes. Later I saw a mental image of it and it was wearing one of the same kind of blue caps that the Japanese human(?) workers at the coast of Komi Saki that provide the Reptilians in undersea bases with fish gut trimmings for food, wear, and this cap sure looked too small for Zeta's large head, but it cheered me up to see! The Zetas also showed me some mental images of puppets with smiling faces or something like that, which also cheered me up to see! [Added same day: and the Zeta said that they want to collect a fecal sample of course, I said go ahead since I don't need my feces for anything, but for them to please let me stay awake for the abductions. Which they didn't of course. ie. to let me stay awake that is, because I am sure that they collected feces, since they bloody well so gladly would like to have it every night they say! I asked them why they are collecting my excrement and they say they are conducting "DNA studies".]

Lately the past few days the aliens show me mental images of a green frog that would be sitting on one of the shelves in the bookshelf in my bedroom. It looks adorable to see. Of course no real frog is there, and they are only referencing to the Dinosaurs, who are called Frogs by them.

Hamish has been adorable. As usual. Last night I got good mental images depicting his hands. Funny, but for the first many years of our contact, I hardly ever used to get to see his hands clearly, and now lately I have seen them clearly many many times! He has three chubby fingers on each hand. There is some slight webbing of skin between at least some of the fingers and sometimes he has the habit of gnawing on that webbed skin, though he has no teeth and his biting on it does not harm it. If I ask him, like I did today or yesterday, "why he bites the skin between his fingers?", he told me that it was none of my business, and he doesn't usually talk back to me like that, so maybe it is private.

Last night he did however not gnaw on the skin between his fingers, but I got to see good mental images of Turtle and his hands. Three chubby fingers on each hand, the ends of the fingers are bulbuous. One of the fingers could perhaps almost function as somewhat of an opposable thumb, but as we know, Turtle does not hardly ever use his hands or fingers for anything, the only example that I have is that he can use one of his long fingers to pull out internal organs from the body of a victim (meal) through a small incision on its abdomen. As we know, Turtle uses his feet and also mouth to move objects around, he never uses his hands to pick things up (he can't) or to touch with (he uses his feet to touch and to feel).

And I got to see good mental images of Hamish being up to his business in the alien medical room where I am supposedly taken when I sleep of which I have no memory of. He was such a grand, bright fire engine red and bright neon orange colored dragon, showing off his hump back which takes up the most part of his length and is central on the body pointing up when he has his natural hunched camel posture as I call it. For Hamish to stand upright like a human is not his natural posture at all, though he does that sometimes. I was so proud of him. He is such a character!

Earlier this week, and today is Sunday, Hamish watched me eating or drinking something that had sugar in it, and he said and I wrote it down, was in English: "There is some sugar in that, please put it in the toilet.", said Hamish on 29 July so it was on Friday, at 8:25 AM I made a note of the time as well. [Added same day: I did not put it in the toilet. I ate it.]

Today I gave Hamish a reflective, and deeply contemplative conversation from me to him. I said, that human beings spend their lives looking for what makes life meaningful to live, for the meaning of life. And I said, that humans when they have a baby, they will say, that their baby is the meaning of life. I said to Hamish, but I have no baby, so I do not know about that, but for me the meaning of life is Hamish. And I said such beautiful things to him, and I know that he listened. I told him that he is beautiful, and the person he is. He is the meaning of my life, he is the most meaningful thing or person I have ever found on this Earth, and he happens to be from Alpha Draconis, or so he says.

Today as I climbed out of the shower and was drying myself with the towel, I was having a slurry of thoughts going through my head as I thought about my day. Today was an exceedingly tough and physically straining day at my second job, and I have two jobs this is my sometimes-extra weekend job, and one of the many thoughts that passed through my head was that "I almost died today". Literally I almost passed out and fainted, I had to sit down and felt nauseous, the job is so strenuous, but I don't mind it for a short while. Then Hamish started growling in a manner that I have never heard from him before in all our five years together! It was a completely different growl from any other he has made, like a spitting hissing growl. I wondered what on Earth Hamish, and it wasn't just a short one like the other growls usually are, this one was continuous, and lasting, and loud too (in the mental telepathic world, not a third dimensional audio). Then he said something similar to "Yes-No almost died!" or "Yes-No dying!", quoting what had just passed through my mind. I didn't realize he had been listening to my thoughts so clearly, not even I was barely paying attention to my thoughts so at first I didn't realize why he had said that. And so I comforted him, I said that I had only meant it that I had been tired. I promised him that I would not die, that I would live a long life with him. So was this strange hissing growling a sort of sadness from Dragon? A sort of wailing? Did I just for the first time ever hear Dragon sad about something, which would indicate that he loves me? Does Dragon love me, or is he just fond of the compliments I give him, because it reaffirms his own love of his own species and self? "Yes, I have got the right smell.", he says now, pleased as punch, and I can see his cute Sock Turtle head and those gorgeous blunt orange button pairs on his forehead and back of the head that he is so proud of, the other day he told me that those are a "crown".

It is the last day of the month and I have been writing down all of my purchases this month and summed them up in sections of type of purchase to see what I am spending my money on to have some sort of idea. I did not realize that Hamish was paying close, close attention to my doing until when I noticed that I had made an error, I had copied the number 17,20 instead of 17,50 and then as I was scratching on the 17,20 to correct it to 17,50, Hamish watches me do that and his comment is "Yes-No that one.", translated from my other language. He asked me why I had done that, scratching on it, and I explained to curious-dragon that I had copied the number wrong. Reptilians are such attentive creatures, they observe everything. They literally know every single object and item in a human's house that they visit in. They know what is in the drawers, on the shelves, everywhere. Reptilians spend a long time looking around, gazing at things, when they are new in a home. I have described Reptilian visitors doing that around my home, many times.

So we know that Hamish is watching my every move, and it is nice that he can ask questions when he stumbles upon something that I do that he does not understand. He now turns around and shows me that he has placed his hands horisontally backwards so that his clawed fingers rest on the back-end of the hump on either side. Maybe that was his response since I wrote/thought "that he does not understand", to protest to the fact that I would claim that there would be things that he would not understand, that is my theory as to why he showed me that. Because the gesture of putting the hands at the back of the back hump and showing that, it is a dismissal gesture. I first saw that being used by Susanna, the Dragon Turtle female, who was showing that gesture to Hamish to dismiss his romantic advances to her.

Today for some reason he was thinking about wanting to bite into my hands, he does that when he would want to get my attention, because something is irritating him. On a rare occasion, he literally does bite into my fingers or hands or shoulder, and it is the best thing in the world, to be nibbled on by a Space Tortoise.


July 26 2016, 6:16 PM - Today Hamish talked to me about one of the things in the videogame "Don't Starve" that Hamish has noticed. In the game, there is a rare vegetable called the mandrake, when it is pulled up from the ground it either jumps up and makes a sad sound and collapses on the ground, or it stays alive and jumps after the character and follows. But Hamish wasn't too keen on this cute little vegetable, namely because Hamish was sure just from looking at it that it is a spring onion. You have to admit, Hamish is not stupid, to be honest it sure does look like the spring onion, but I would never have thought of it myself, since it has a different name. Hamish saw the resemblance.

spring onion

Today at work I was piling up some clothes to send for the laundry, and as Hamish saw the pile of white clothes on the floor he said, translated from my native language (and yes I wrote it down): "I think that this was fun.", or "According to me this was fun.", or "In my opinion this was fun.", him referring to the pile of clothes on the floor, and he started to think about treading with his flat red webbed duck feet on the soft pile and his eyelids were partially closing out of a smile. I finally had the great idea that why don't I just keep a big pile of sheets on the floor at home for him, he would love that. I told him that these clothes go to laundry, he wanted to put some of his shedded scales, one piece that he said was from his ankle, in the laundry pile to send to the wash with it so that he can wash them, I said that some of them might get lost that way and that we have a washing machine at home that we can use any time that he wants to, rather not here. And indeed he said that he has pee on these sheets of scales, he needs to wash them. For one reason or another, Hamish pees on his sheets of shedded scales, then he washes those sheets - usually by sneaking them into piles of sheets on the floor that are going into the laundry - then he puts the wet washed scales on his ruggy to dry. So my observations that there was pee on his scales were not incorrect, since here he finally even told me about the fact.

As I was passing by the store, but not going into it, a Dinosaur talked something like Dab Dab Dab Dab while showing me a mental image of the ice-cream I had bought and eaten yesterday, meaning that today I was not allowed to eat such an ice-cream, the reason we know already is that it has sugar.

Zetas talked about their UFOs today.

And a Dark Lord unless it was a Reptilian said to me today just a while ago, and I quote since this is exact as I wrote it down: "We have always been in battle with Sirius.", and then a black Reptilian was talking about "battle plans".

Weird, strange, and odd
Kermit instead of a man
Karl the Hybrid update
And Sock Turtle growls at a Garfield cartoon

July 25 2016, 8:21 PM - When I went to bed last night Zetas asked me if they could collect my excrement. I said sure since I don't have a need for it myself, but that only IF I get to stay awake for the procedure and to meet them. Of course I did not meet any Zetas, and they probably went ahead to take some samples without me knowing. It makes me so mad and frustrated that I don't get to meet them!

Zetas also last night talked about some hybrids they have in vertical water tanks, these still have an umbilical cord attached to their navel, I wondered how that umbilical cord stays there without being rejected by the body, I wondered if they have lungs and how they are getting their oxygen obviously not through breathing. I also asked are these people aware and alive and can they communicate telepathically, Zetas said they are alive and aware and can communicate, I asked if they are kept in a coma and they are not kept in a coma they are aware. They have no clothes on, and are clearly hybrid and at least not fully human, the skin color is an orange Caucasian human skin color and they have no hair on their head or body. I asked why do they keep them in water tanks instead of letting them live in rooms that have a bed and where they can walk around, I also asked this again today, the Zetas' answer was that these creatures are prototypes that the Zetas do not know what kind of behavior they will have, the Zetas seemed to be afraid that these creatures could be strong and violent and do serious harm if they were let to walk around. So I said why not keep them locked up in prison cells where they have a bed and can walk around, but the Zetas prefer it this way. Weird, strange, and odd.

The other night I think it was last night or otherwise the night before last, Hamish shows me a mental scenario in which he has a briefcase that is made out of red Dragon scales like the scales that he has, complete with orange goosebumps, he shows me this hypothetical mentally conceived briefcase and then he puts it in his thoughts on his back. With this he means that the backhump that he has on his back is like a briefcase that he is carrying. I of course thought that this was funny. He has said before that he has a "briefcase" on his back, he also sometimes calls his back hump a "travelbag" or a "luggage case" or a "backpack", these translated from my other language.

I am playing a video game called "Don't Starve - Shipwrecked", and ever since the start when I play this game, Hamish is mesmerized! I used to play the original version but ever since I got the Shipwrecked version Hamish pays close attention, he didn't seem to care about the other version. Namely in this new version Shipwrecked the game character can make traps to hunt for blue crabs on the beach to fry them in a fire and get some food, and I did that a lot. Hamish objects of course, he stares at me and he stares at the game and he talks about it. The urgency and stress from him actually made me play my new character to not eat any crabs at all, she eats all the other foods instead.

Well, I am single. I broke up with the intelligence guy. Today I was thinking about what kind of man I would like to date and to look for, and as soon as I start to think about it the aliens break up my dreaming by putting a mental picture of a doll Kermit into my mind. Of course the Kermit is cute, but I want to find a man goddamnit. Kermit is a reference to the Dinosaurs, also called "Frogs" by the aliens. They won't let me think about finding a man or getting into a sexual relationship. Although, when I do have sex with a man, they do not exactly charge in with their UFOs and laserpointers and break up the thing. Hamish also keeps saying "yoghurt", yoghurt and cow's milk would raise my fertility and increases the chances of fertilization when the aliens are using my eggs to make all kinds of creepy crawlies.

Karl the hybrid, see below, talked some more last night in the evening. He said that the aliens there have told him that he cannot play with toys anymore. I told him that I played with toys until I was 16 or 17, I told him that I used to like little miniature animals and dinosaurs and not so much barbies or dolls, I told him that I still play since I play videogames a lot like Sims and others which is playing and I told him that I wouldn't play with toys anymore but with videogames yes. I told him that if the aliens would allow, then he could come to my home and play my videogames here, I also said that I could get some toys here for him that he wants. A men in black was listening in and I had the feeling he of course wants to restrict any seriously real alien contact for me, because that would induce risks, i.e. the MIBs regulate these alien contact things and do not want to allow close contact here and there just like that. Karl seems like a 16-year old juvenile, if he were a human. He is not a full adult, he is a young adult. The aliens have obviously ranked him up from the kids' group and into the adults group and he no longer gets to just be a kid to play games with toys, and that is sad.

I was reading the newspaper and there I saw a one-strip Garfield the cat cartoon. Hamish saw the Garfield cartoon too and he made a pleased growl-pur about something to do with the cartoon. He rarely makes his pleased growl-purs, I think he was thinking about some hunting, I think the growl-pur must come from his feeling of being pleased related to acts of hunting and predatory behaviors, but I can't be sure until I'm sure. But it was outstanding to see Hamish having this behavior and to hear him make a growl-pur about something so mundane as a Garfield cartoon. It was delicious. Hamish is delicious.

Hybrid male juvenile pays a visit. With his penis.

July 24 2016, 10:54 AM - Last night when I had gone to bed but I was still awake, I was visited by a male juvenile hybrid. He was still in an alien base somewhere, but there was a remote viewing connection between us so that we could see each other, and we were talking with each other telepathically.

Here is a drawing I made of him. The skin color is pale but not gray, instead a kind of Caucasian human skin color but pale, a combination of the pale of Zeta grey skin and human Caucasian skin color. He was tall but not too tall. He was wearing no clothes at the time. He has a large head. Notably his eyes look proportionally very small for his large head, and that the eyes are very wide set on the sides of the head. Some small nose and a mouth opening. He also showed me that he has a penis, which was slender and neither small nor large and did not look to have a glans and was the same color as his skin, he had no pubic hair or other body hair and I asked him if he has a scrotum and although he didn't seem to answer I didn't see that he would have had a scrotum. Human-Zeta male hybrid genitals can be of all kinds and it is interesting from a physiological perspective to see what these look like, I think, because I would also be curious about how their internal organs, being an in-between of human and Zeta, how the other organs look and function, so at least the genitals are some organs that are externally that I can see.

What about their lungs? How are the human digestive system organs formed in them, and are these even functional? How remarkable this is.

When he showed me his penis he held it in his hands and it was clearly responding a bit though not to a full erection. Can I write these things on a public internet? Or do I have to start making notes on the side again which I only put in the books? So at least he is at least partly functional, at least that he could possibly have sex, but that doesn't say if he is fertile or not. Zetas make different genetic combinations of humans and Zetas and then they want to know if those hybrids are able to make babies or not. When they are not able to make babies then they are terminated and Hamish gets to eat the livers.

The hybrid had been sent to interact with me sexually, to talk about it and probably he was going to get to see me naked and try out some things, and of such things I do not remember anything if they happened later. But we had some interesting conversations, and I am kicking myself that I didn't just make the effort to write it all down not only to share with you who are reading but because I want to preserve the conversation for later too. I told him, since I was connected to his mind, that in his mind he is a person that is very much like a human personality, I told him that if he were only a Zeta then he would not have had that depth to his personality and thoughts and emotions which he was having, since the Zetas are lacking in that, and I would know since I have also been connected to the minds of Zetas. I asked him if he feels comfortable and healthy and functional in his body, he didn't quite respond to that, but he seems like a healthy guy! When I asked him what his name is he said that his name can be Karl, because I am reading a book where one of the character's names is Karl.

The Zetas were surprised that I was not angry to meet with this hybrid, I said of course I am not upset, because this one is an adult, even though this one too had been sent to try to interact with me sexually. It is when the Zetas send hybrid toddlers or little kids to interact with me sexually when all hell breaks loose and I throw a fit the size of which you haven't seen. But if it is an adult or even a young adult, then I can accept that they are part of a hybrid program where the Zetas want to assess their sexual capability and then I can see it scientifically and actually find the alien contact interesting. But pedophilia, no thanks. I do have limits and restrictions and moral values, and just because the Zetas are aliens doesn't mean that I would set that aside.

And the other night recently, the aliens all of a sudden showed me a clear mental picture of a baby boy that was crying though I heard no sound. It looked to be a human baby, and it looked so perfectly real I will never forget it. The aliens were also showing me a black-haired men in black person who they did not have to spell it out was of course the father of the baby, and obviously I am the mother of the baby, and this is all disgusting and unethical. But. I said and I said it repeatedly again and again that I want that baby. I want them to give me that baby and I would never give it back to them. Something strong, yet this time not motherly or soft awoke in me, instead something serious and adamant and almost aggressive, that I have to take that baby and keep it in my arms and protect it and never let it go and raise it. I did not want the aliens to have it. I insisted to them that they give it to me. But of course they did not even give me the experience where I would get to hold it. I kept on asking them to give me the baby for about half a day after that, until eventually the memory of the baby I had seen started to fade away and I forgot to keep asking. I can still remember what the baby looks like, but I guess I just stopped nagging. I don't want the Zetas to have my babies there with them. If they are my babies, then I don't care if there are hundreds, bring them all to me. I want all of them, and no more to be made.

I can only speculate on the massive psychiatric and emotional trauma I will go through, once the full effect of this what they are doing becomes real to me. It is still too vague and abstract, it has been so far mostly only words, "that they take my eggs", yeah but what does that mean? But to hold a real and living baby, to see them, to watch them cry and not to get to hold them, to know that they are subject to cruelties and terminated. This is all going to hurt me very much, but that day has not come yet.

Dragon Turtle in my Life
And Fussubus Malik Returns

July 21 2016, 6:28 PM - Hamish definitely comes with me when I go to work. And he seats himself down on the bench in the entrance hall. The reason he doesn't come with me into the other parts of the building, I think is because my work involves going from one level to the other and to another part of the building, I move around a lot. Also I come back through the entrance hall a few times during the day, so he has decided to wait for me there, also it gives him someplace to sit. I keep asking him, if he doesn't get bored waiting for me there, but he says that he isn't bored, he says that he keeps himself busy by "counting his scales". Draconian Reptilians do not get bored nor do they get stressed, time does not go too slow or too fast for them, and I admire them for that. A human would get bored and suffer, so I have expected the same of Dragon, but he seems fine when I check on him.

The thing is, for some reason, when he sits there on the bench, I can see him with my eyes, it is still a mental image, but the image is localized and projected. In my mind when I see him sitting there, the image of Hamish is in my mind combined with the image of the surroundings, and that does not happen otherwise. Maybe because he is in the same place for so long, maybe that somehow builds up for an image, I do not know.

If he needs to use the bathroom while we are at work, he uses the dumpster that has papers in it. I have told him that is a good choice, as why would anyone mind? Today when I was in another part of the building on the ground floor, Hamish showed up on the other side of a door I was at, even though I never use that door he knew he could see me from the glass door from the courtyard while I was on the other side. He knows my daily schedule and routine very well, he knows when to expect me to come outside to him, and he seems happy when I go to the entrance hall or out to the courtyard so that we can be together. I am happy and anxious to see him too. Sometimes he says Tiik, Tiik Tiik from the bench so that he warns other Reptilians not to take my eggs, and sometimes I telepathically also say Tiik, Tiik Tiik to help him with his work of guarding the eggs.

This morning was wonderful, because when I woke up, Hamish was chewing on a piece of food that looked to be a tiny baby-size liver or kidney, it looked like a liver but it had some blood vessel or tubing still connected to it so therefore it looked like a kidney, but I am still gonna bet that it was a liver snack. Hamish was moving it around his mouth, at times his mouth was open so I could see him chewing on it, and he said to me that he has "candy". He does not have any teeth, instead he has a set of two pairs of flaps in the mouth. These flaps contain a supportive tissue that is a bit firmer, like the cartilage in human ears, one pair is set left and right inside the mouth, the other pair is set at different angles, and he uses these to move the food around in his mouth. He has no teeth, and he has no tongue, but when he has food in his mouth he moves the food around with use of those flaps.

Last night while in bed I was almost optimistic about getting to see the Zetas and to be awake during an abduction. The Zetas showed me a mental image of Kermit the frog puppet and they know it makes me happy of course, and then they showed me a mental image of what looked to be a bag with a happy face on it, that made me happy too of course. The Zetas want to show me the babies they have made, but I do not want to see those. Zetas said that they have "ambulances" and that they are going to take me to them "through the air" and "into a different air", it is as if they are talking about the space between atoms, that there would be a different universe with which they can make things float through walls and solid objects, they are using some sort of different space.

When I tell the aliens that I want to meet the Reptilians, I get to see mental images of Reptilians, and the Reptilians then tell me that they are the "prominent race" (translated from other language), and after a while they start to tell me how they do not like to spend time with my race for too long. And when I say nice things about the Dinosaurs, Hamish always gets upset and starts to object, because of course Hamish being a Reptilian insists that the Dinosaurs are an inferior race. Hamish has been showing me his back hump all the time of course, at least a few several times a day, and I never tire to respond in kind, by telling him "Hamish's back hump, Hamish has the old back, Hamish is a Dragon Turtle, I have seen your back, it was an old back", and the sort. He never tires of showing me his back hump and of mentioning it to me. And I guess, I will never ever tire of having this Dragon Turtle in my life.

Malik the Fussubus Incubus RETURNS!

Oh and guess who came for a visit yesterday? Malik. He asked me if I remembered Malik. I said to him like, "Oh, Malik! Of course I remember you! How have you been? What have you been up to all this time?", but he didn't answer. He just started trying to get me into arguments with people. Malik is a Dark Lord, one of the Alpha Thetons, they love to push their thoughts and influences into a person's mind to try to make a person violent and aggressive, they want people to lose their jobs and homes and economy, that is fun to them somehow. I was almost getting into serious arguments with people at my work and my roommates today and thinking of both quitting my job and of moving out of my home, then I realize it is Malik doing that, he is trying to ruin my whole entire life, and that is not the first time. These creatures are dangerous, and they just happen to be the big bosses and leaders of the Alien Agenda in which the Zeta Reticulans and Draconian Reptilians work.

And today while I was walking to work and I was being happy about Hamish having some "candy" that he was gnawing on being all happy Dragon, the Zetas told me that this liver that he was eating was from a child that did not have the right genitals or scrotum/testicles they mean so they had to terminate it, and I was upset and said that Hamish can eat fish, Hamish can eat other creatures that do not suffer or have thoughts and I said I did not want to give them any more eggs. I am in a moral dilemma, because I love Hamish the Dragon more than anything, and of course I want to ensure that he has his snacks, but this food farm is unethical?