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May 26 2015 - June 29 2015

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June 29 2015, 10:35 PM - Turn your lights off, light some candles, or actually don't light candles cause Reptiles are afraid of fire, spread some rose petals, it's time for a late Valentine's Card. While translating pages for the next telepathy book "Noah's Ark" I came across Hamish giving me a description of the sexual act, at least how it goes with Dragon Turtles. I took the liberty of expressing it in a Valentine's Card:

My Aliens say "pimp" when they actually mean "prostitute". Human or hybrid men who are more or less forced to make females pregnant are referred to as a "pimp" among my Aliens. So maybe Hamish is saying here that their Dragon Turtle romance is consentual?

The Merry Henchmen

June 29 2015, 6:32 PM -

We are not called the Dragon Boys for a reason. - Illuminati man
And why is that? - me
We don't share their gene. - IM
Whose gene do you share then? - me
Yours of course! You fools, folks. - IM
So you're part human, and the other part of you is what? Zetas? - me
We're not murderers, you know? But we were told to... Well, yah... - IM, "murderers" was in the most British accent you could ever imagine
You guys are my Brothers. I've adopted you. I love you guys. - me
Well, ... the Queen Mother... - IM trying to say something

I'm finishing completion of the 2nd of the telepathy books. In it featuring a chapter with the Queen Mother. She is the Fat White Lizard who pretends that she is Queen Elisabeth of England.

Please, do not call her fat. - IM
I just say that because I have to distinguish the different Reptilian sub-species apart. It is never meant in a demeaning way? - me

Both Queen Mother and another alien entity who poses as Prince Charles talk in that chapter. And looks like I'm already in trouble for it. I never published these pages anywhere before, because I had a feeling they might be trouble. So once I hit the publish button later on, make sure you get a copy before anything happens to it, or to me. But I'm one of those committed journalists who ends up dead down a well somewhere. How do I not publish it? All my years of chemistry training

Hey you, be a good sport. - says the white IM man
We don't want trouble with your sort. - the IM adds
But I mean no trouble at all? I have been nothing but friendly to all of you lizards and aliens. I even call your sort "Brothers". You should know that I am friendly. So what's the problem? - me
What, I can tell you what? - IM
So? What is it? The problem then? - me
Do you know that we are not really coffee drinkers? - IM
What are you then? - me

All my years of chemistry training have made it impossible for me to do data fudging. If you get 100 perfect results out of a science experiment, and then one of the data readings is way off, you are not allowed to just chuck it out and pretend it never happened. It has to be on the report too. And so if I start chucking out pages of my notes on alien contact, then what am I? Then what is this Project? Then it's trash, then I lose all the integrity as an honest and reliable reporter, observer, experiencer. So I cannot do it, no matter what the consequences.

So I was watching one of my tv series (Downton Abbey if you must know, yeah I'm a girl) when one of the white chubby Illuminati men who wear a black suit came by for a visit. He said that they are the "Merry Henchmen". Just from his use of the word "Merry" I instantly knew that he was from the aliens based in England, because no one says Merry in the United States, they just don't. And it seems there was an issue with the fact that I'm writing about their Queen Mother. We'll just have to see what the consequences are, then won't we, because the moment when I start hiding pages out of my notes is the day when I lose all my integrity. Which reminds me:

The other night when I had already gone to bed, the black reptilian who says he is of the Serpent race fusses at me and he tells me that there is "precum" on my clothes, well he means mine of course. So he made me do something about it, I had to get out of bed and have a shower and change my clothes. That is so vulgar that I've really struggled with where to put those notes, here on the website or in the pages that end up in the books anyway, so there it is. I'm not sure if that's what it was, women have, fluids. Yeah, so you see, I cannot keep anything out of my notes. How can I suppose to be documenting Reptilians, their thoughts, their behavior, our interaction, if I omit pieces that are vulgar or unseemly, or like now with the chapters of Queen Mother in the upcoming book "Noah's Ark" because there might be consequences? I write everything down. That's my motto.

We don't want to come into your bedroom anymore. But sometimes that happens. - IM
Would you like to come for some coffee with us? - IM asks
What kind of coffee? I know you mean stealing a person's life energy, so no thanks. - me
We haven't trespassed on your property have we? - IM
Yes you have, please leave. - me
We don't have cookies, or bisquits with ours. - IM shows me image as if he were biting into a coffee bisquit

This Illuminati hybrid is now naked. He is a fat white alien, he is bottom-heavy and much of the fat belly rests against the floor when he sits on the floor. He has a fat tail. He is of the same make as the Queen Mother lizard who poses to be Queen Elisabeth. White Fat Lizards are trouble, they are energy rapists. Anyway, back to my motto, I have got a book to finish, so you find a lot of shocking truths there.

By the way, Hamish was claiming things today, "My garbage cans!", "My kitchen floor!", Mine this and Mine that! Everything he sees was Mine! And I was totally encouraging him. "Yes, Hamish, that is yours. You own everything. That is your garbage can, and this is your food." I shouldn't encourage Dragon, but how can I not, when he is being a cute Dragon?

We have gotten a lot of posts about you. About, this. - the IM speaks as I was getting back to my Downton Abbey episode
What kind of posts? And from whom? - me
From the National security team! They brought us posts. About, us, being revealed. And, ahh, we really don't want to. - IM Lizard
Revealed? So you are hiding? You don't want humans to know about you? - me
Eheh. - IM, bothered
Well, you see! We've got a lot of work to do. To keep our minds out of trouble. And? Do you see why we are here? - IM
Why are you here with me? Tell me, I am listening. - me
Well, we don't have coffee cakes for you. Do you know why? - IM
Ok, it's time to leave. You Sir are energy rapists, and you are not welcome here. You will not steal my light energy. I want you to leave me alone, no White Lizards are welcome here. Go away! - me

And it takes a lot before I send an alien being away, but what these White Fat Lizards do is they somehow engage with a human's energy system or nervous system or body's electricity and cause it to flare up and burn immensely. They then contort that energy into something sexual but it is all over the body from head to toes. It is just like being raped, but maybe more so. They then steal that energy into themselves, if you can believe such a thing, and then they leave the human drained of energy and feeling weak and dull. It really steals something out of the person, it feels like losing the soul, joy and love and being cast into a miserable darkness. So that is why I am sending them away. Now back to something so mundane as Downton Abbey, and hoping that Hamish claims some more things today because it is funny.

7:15 PM.
Do you know why we got rid of Derek? Because he wasn't like you. - the black Serpent race Reptilian

I was watching my tv series and started to coo over Reptilians, telling them how cute they are, and aww. Then the black Reptilian who says he is the Serpent race said that, and it reminded me that the aliens they really insist that Derek is dead. Derek was one of the men in black suits or MIBs who, from what I gather, was a human. Turns out he opposed the Reptilians eating hybrids or humans and the Agenda killed him for opposing. I still tell myself it isn't true, because I might turn pale and faint if I have to come to terms with the fact that Derek might be dead. I tell myself he is still alive somewhere, he is still alive in my thoughts, I just haven't spoken with him in a while, but the same is also true with many of my MIBs, and one day he will talk to me again, that man with orange-red hair and big 1980's glasses who was always nice to me. I won't allow him to be dead. He has to come back.

By the way did you know that the Agenda and alien abductions are really sexist? I was begging for a change in our routine, that I would get to stay awake for abductions from now on. Well turns out the Japanese men whom Hamish brings over from the Japanese Dragon Dynasty in, you guessed it, Japan, and even Korpral Olav Vetti who is Russian, these men who have sex with women like me during abductions, these men they get to stay awake for it. But I don't. If it weren't that I love Hamish, I would consider starting to smoke cigarettes because the nicotine would ruin my eggs for them. But I have to take care of my Dragon, which is why I'm eating yoghurt, for the eggs. It's so unfair.

Airship Admiral doesn't approve of my Dragon

June 28 2015, 2:52 PM - Last night the aliens told me the name of the visiting red raptor reptilian, it was either Alex or Axel I forgot. Turns out he is here to help Hamish with his work. Namely when I visit the big city Hamish is too slow and perhaps too big to step onto the trains and buses with me and that has been a problem in the past few days. I've just been telling Hamish that "I'll guard the eggs, you can stay at home and wait for me safely while I'm away". But the alien team solved it by hiring this raptor-type reptilian who is smaller and really fast, they say, so he can get on the trains with me when I do. So that's why he's here, hiding out in the closet room.

Dinosaur was showing me a mental image of a pond with a lilypad floating on the surface. He then showed me the image of a beautiful yellow lilypad flower for the longest time. Obviously it means that I am their flower. I told him to show the flower also to Hamish, because Hamish likes yellow flowers. Well, Hamish doesn't like yellow flowers he just calls me his yellow flower and Buttercup because I have the eggs that he later eats livers from. But nonetheless, show it to Hamish I thought.

Airship Admiral was visiting just a few minutes ago. When I saw him I knew he was the Airship Admiral, he looks like a Zeta Grey except his skin is beige-pink instead of white or gray and his eyes are not like Zeta eyes. He also is polite and friendly, unlike the Zetas. But when he showed me his helmet with a visor that he was holding in his hands, I knew for sure, that it was the Airship Admiral. He was here because he was concerned for me and wanted to check on my well-being, he told me that the Reptilians look into my uterus. The Airship Admiral was looking at Hamish, who was camping out in the toilet room on the ruggie rug as he always does, and Admiral looked at Hamish with disgust. And that just nearly broke my heart.

I wondered to myself, what have I gotten myself into? I love Hamish. I told the Airship Admiral, I am probably the only one in the universe who loves Hamish, and that someone has to. I have to take care of Hamish, because I love him. I could never abandon Hamish. And I thought back to all of our years together, how Hamish has shared his whole life with me. I won't ever leave my Hamish, I won't ever abandon him.

My hunchback. - Hamish in the other language
My Hamish. - me
Yes-No ice-cream. - Hamish in my other language, image of the ice-cream dessert I've eaten two of today, and two of yesterday
See? That is what we mean! - Airship Admiral declares
I would rather have Hamish, than ice-cream, if I had to choose. I am ok, Admiral. - me
Yes, but are you really? We see this, buffoon, watching you! And now he won't even let you eat ice-cream! - Airship Admiral upset about Hamish
Hamish is my best friend here. And if you have a problem with that, leave. I love that Hamish, and I couldn't care less about ice-cream. - me
I will bite you. - Hamish to the Admiral, I see the Admiral holding his helmet in his hands
I am staying together with Hamish. We are best friends. Hamish gives me meaning to my life. - me
Does he, really? - AA
Do you know what he does to your little ones? I don't even dare to say. He tries to eat them, and he calls you his Buttercups. So? Now that you know? Won't you want to be afraid? Of him? Of what he does? Of, "Hamish"? He is not a great friend here, no. Hamish. He does the worst things for humankind. And then he litters here. He leaves a mess here, yes. - AA, the mess and litter are Hamish's shedded scales in the toilet room floor
I am staying together with him. - me
Oh god, yuck. - AA thinks about Hamish's messy poo and is concerned of the cleanliness of his uniform, not ever wanting to get close to messy Hamish and his poo
I stay with him. Me and Hamish together forever. - me
I wanted to say, Yes-No, to that. - Hamish to me, with image of the lilypad pond, not sure what he means
They are robbers, and thieves. - AA to me about the Reptilians
Hamish is my friend. - me
My feces, he said! No! - Hamish in my native language, about what AA had meant about Hamish's poo
Don't worry about it Hamish, you are my Dragon and I am allowing you to stay. I love you. - me
Mine fork, goes there. - Hamish with image of one of the dessert forks from our kitchen, that he would poke one into my lower belly where the eggs are abouts, Hamish did that same image to me with the fork just a few minutes ago too


June 27 2015, 10:28 PM - I gave it a try to communicate with benevolent ETs, the Ummo, Arcturians, and Pleiadians, and produced a little bit of useful writing. But I realize that my niche is with the Reptilians. I've gotten so accustomed to chatting with

My Livers, you said. About the Ummo, not. My livers. Only my livers. - Hamish
About what??? - Dark Lord to Hamish
About chatting. - Hamish answers the Dark Lord

So accustomed to chatting with Reptilians that it's much more productive if I just stick with my scaly ones and keep that my expertise. Very few people can manage a conversation with Reptilians, let alone keep it humorous and entertaining like I do, so I'll just stick with my Reptiles.

Last night I embarked on a great interview with Zeta Reticuli Greys to produce what was meant to become the greatest ever book written about Zetas, but they ruined it all by just talking about nasty things, like big bath tubs filled with hybrid baby brain fluid and how the Zetas like to bathe in it. I wanted great conversations about history, these beings, about life, but no, they spoiled it totally.

And I begged the Zetas for an epic alien abduction adventure and awake contact and meeting with them, but all I got was a Dark Lord up to shenanigans and Fat White Lizard the Queen Mother hopping around and showing me itself with just one eye at the center of its forehead as some kind of tribute to the Agenda god The Eye. I wasn't pleased, and I guess I wasn't impressed. I have alien contact, and I want it to be epic, but it's just disappointing.

Today I have had a raptor-type Reptilian, the ones that are little and skinny and have a long snout filled with sharp teeth, and a long slithering tail, he has been standing in the closet room in my home, he says he was not allowed to be in the toilet room which obviously would have been his first choice. He has red coloration on his scales, but he is definitely not Hamish. I've been welcoming and friendly toward him, I invited him to come to stay in my bedroom, I've asked him if he is comfortable there in the closet space or if he would need anything, but he doesn't ask me of any favors. He just stands there and spys on me.

My Red Dragon

June 25 2015, 2:38 PM - Hamish is standing in the tiny toilet room, because in my new apartment the toilet is in a tiny room and the bathtub in a separate larger room. Both of these rooms have a bathroom ruggie rug, but Hamish only prefers the smaller toilet room with the tiny rug, probably because it has no windows and gets dark. He just stands there enjoying his feet on the plush rug, and he was thinking about his mouth and "vomit", because again (see below, previous entry) I wrote or thought about how he smells like vomit and cheese. I really shouldn't think about his smell, because the thought of it lingers on in Dragon.

It's not like I mean to offend him. I told him he smells like his race of Dragon Turtles, that it is a Dragon smell. I need him to know it's ok, it is not an insult. This beautiful fire engine red Dragon Turtle stands on the small bathroom rug, just being here in my home with me and guarding the eggs. I would give him the world, but that's all he seems to need from me.

Do you get bored? Hamish, do you get bored? - me
Yes-No. My Eggs here. I can smell them too. - Hamish
You can smell the eggs? What do the eggs smell like? - me
Like, very important to me. Like mine. - Hamish
Are you happy here? Or bored? - me
My Livers! - Hamish
So you're happy? Because you get liver snacks? Could I do anything to make your stay more meaningful or better for you? What could I make for you? - me
Please, no more long car rides. Because I can't know where you are going. And then I worry about it. And, Yes-No. - Hamish, the last Yes-No he thinks to onions
Yes-No Onions! I love you Turtle. - me to Hamish
Yes, my back was very important here. - Hamish about his back hump
Were you afraid of it? Or, of the goosebumps? - Hamish, about back hump, then about the goosebumps he has on his arms
I am not afraid of you. But I know you are a strong Reptile. My Honored Dragon. - me, I wanted to also add that I "tremble before his power", but I couldn't say it, because it isn't true. I used to be able to say it
My yoghurt! - Hamish in my native language, he is pleased that I am eating yoghurt now, for the eggs, because he's asked me to
Yes, Hamish. Yoghurt. - me in the other language

4:32 PM. Hamish told me that he likes it when I wash the floors. He had also mentioned the rags I wash the floors with today. So I washed the floors, just for Dragon. He likes the floors clean and every now and then he suggests it, and I am happy to oblige. The black Reptilian "of the Serpent race" is hanging around too. It seems he is after my eggs, obviously, and Hamish was mentioning the fights he has with other Reptilians over my eggs and that "he hasn't had to fight in a long while". I told the boys that I stay loyal to Hamish, that I am not changing Dragons. I would never abandon Hamish for another Reptile. Even if the Serpent would name our Reptilian-hybrid child Xerxes.

9:52 PM. Hamish showed me a mental image of himself standing with one red flat duck foot on a medium-size to small red plastic toy ball, which reminded me to tell you. A few days ago I sat on the bus and daydreamed about starting to date again and how nice it would be to be in love and dating someone. Hamish of course reads my thoughts and he disapproved of my plans, and he told me that instead I can play with the red ball for fun, meaning this very red ball that he was standing on today. And he said that the Zetas would give it to me. Ha ha ha, how is playing with a toy red ball any kind of substitute for a loving relationship with a human man? But you know me, I played along with Hamish's thoughts, letting them think that it was a great idea.

Actually, the reason why they suggest this ball to me is because many of the hybrid kids and adult Illuminati hybrids (the plump "Shark boys" as they are called) like to play with that ball and other toys, and so the aliens assume that I would think the same.

Knowing Reptilians

June 25 2015, 12:15 noon - Last night when I went to bed the Reptilians were letting me see them in mental images clearly. They have started doing more of that than before. Actually, Reptilians seem a lot self-conscious about being seen or met by humans. Usually when they are even "thinking about" letting a human being meet them, they will instead start talking about their smell. That they smell so bad to humans. And that their smell is so strong. It takes lots of persuading and reassuring to try to change their mind. I want them to know that I don't mind their smell, of course it is very pungent and offensive their smell, but I will not let it get in the way of any close contact, and I would certainly never again tell a Reptilian about his smell.

Because in the early times when me and Hamish were first getting acquainted, he used to come up perfectly close to me, red scales against my skin, breathing with his pungent exhale down my neck with a warm exhale. And I made the mistake of letting him know that he smells like "rotten cheese and vomit". So still, nearly four years later, every now and then

We come here only for the babies, nothing else. Nothing to do with you, now. So stop being ridiculous with us! You are pungent yourself. And yes, we think so. - black Reptilian
Your liver snacks. My liver snacks were prepared here, with your DNA in their eggs. That is why my turtle back was important here. Because it says, here! - Hamish

Every now and then Hamish will just say something short and concise, about "cheeses". With which he means that he knows I have told him that he smells like cheeses. And I beg him! Hamish please forget about what I said! But a Reptilian never forgets. They have excellent memory. So the task is then to try to get them to change their mind, to somehow talk words to them that will make them "realize" something that isn't even true: that their smell is not bad to us humans. That it's ok. And you can't fool or trick a Reptilian. So how am I supposed to do this? I try to tell him, "but you smell right, it is the Draconian smell". Nope. Doesn't work. "It is in your DNA, it is your race, that smell", I say. Doesn't work either. "You smell good?", I've even tried that. "You smell like Hamish, and I like your smell". Doesn't work. I have told him that he smells really bad and he will never forget.

But in general, Reptilians seem - with me - to kind of like being seen by humans. Reptiles are very fond of themselves. They appreciate their good handsome looks, especially their tail. Here is a trade secret: if you compliment a Reptilian on their "handsome" tail, they take it as a compliment. They also like to be tugged on the root of their tail, or stroked along the tail, and that's probably the only way you could ever hug or get to touch a Reptilian, because any time I try to tell Hamish in words or in images that I would love to hug him, he takes it as if I was just intending to bite or attack him and he is offended.

Reptilians don't intend to scare humans by being seen. They don't want or expect a human to be so scared of what they look like. Nor to be so repulsed by their strong smell. They don't mean any of that. They want to be admired for their advanced genetic race, for their dominant ways, and honored for their strength and determination. They don't want to be screamed at, or humans almost puking because of their very difficult smell. They are sensitive beings. Their hearing is super sensitive and vulnerable. They are neat and tidy animals. And it is perfectly possible to have interesting and meaningful conversations with them. But first you have to get through months of honoring and worshipping before you are on any kind of friendly terms. Their heads have to be filled up with plenty of ego and adoration and acknowledgement of their self-perception of power and prestige, before they are anywhere ready to start talking about normal stuff.

I still throw the average "I honor you", "you are a magnificent race", "I like the Reptilians", and other forms of appreciation to them, when we interact. But we have gotten a far way from "You must honor my scales!", and "I need to be honored!" that we begun with. We have gotten a long way, me and the Reptilians. Built a kind of mutual situation that works. They even tell me, that I am not like other humans. I have acquired some esteem in their eyes. They think something of me, but it wasn't easy to get there and it sure took time.

When the Reptilians first met me, ever since the start I remained respectful. Most humans, and I think this might be hardest on the men of our species, will easily get offended and get into arguments with the Reps. The Reptilians will throw constant insults and offense, and constantly try to undermine you and make you award them a dominant position. It can be very irritating and angering, and I often wonder how other humans handle this interaction. But for one, I've marvelled at them being a genuine intelligent alien species, and what a wonder that is. Second, as a scientist I'm trained to observe and to not impart any changes on the topic of my studies. In a chemistry lab, I do not breathe on the chemistry glassware with boiling chemicals, I do not touch fingerprints on the glass to change its mass, I just set things up and watch them happen. Then I take notes, and it is as if I was not even there. In the science lab, you want to learn about what you are seeing, and so you make sure you are not causing any changes to it, or otherwise you are only watching your own effect on things, and you learn not about what those things were genuinely. I want to learn about the genuine Reptilians, and not who they are when they get into a yelling match with the humans.

I already know who I am as a human, and we humans know ourselves as a species quite well. I am not interested in learning about the Reptilians as they are when effected by humans. No. I want to know who they are, as if humans were not even there tampering with them. Sure, they are vicious creatures, they eat organs and they torment their prey. They like weird and creepy sadistic things like blood. They think they are the dominant race. And sure, I can teach them about compassion, or condemn them to hell for putting a plastic bag over a man's head and watching him slowly suffocate to death (Hamish does that), or stepping with their foot down on a hybrid or human child's back to push its head under water in a river so that it drowns and so that its liver can be eaten (Hamish does that too).

I can condemn their predatory and self-centered ways. I also condemn that humans eat meat and put the meat industry animals through torment and hell. Wolves rip into living prey and tear off their flesh while they are still living. Sure, the Reptilians are predatory beings. But that doesn't mean that I should get into a yelling match and try to trash their entire culture and destroy everything they've built up and what they think of themselves. Especially when humans are carnivorous and cruel to animals too.

I marvel the Reptilians. And that there makes me the public enemy of many who have sworn the Reptilians as mortal enemies.

Scientific curiosity, but also tremendous compassion and love, and a huge sense of humor, that is how I seem to have tamed these beasts a bit. Because we get along great. Last night Hamish again stood in the entrance hall to a Reptilian base, right next to a blue barrel filled with latrine which among other components contains Reptilian poo. This morning a black Reptilian the one who is the Serpent race tells me that the Reptilian hybrids with a tail, he will name one of them Xerxes. And as soon as he knew I had woken up, Hamish was eager to come into my room to show me his back hump, and he told me about his back hump over and over again, so proud he is of it, and I acknowledge it, "Yes, Hamish, you have got a gorgeous back hump."

People love wolves and they love lions. People even love killer whales. Predatory beings that rip into living prey. Yet everybody seems to think that Reptilians must be hated. Because now the tables are turned, namely the Reptilians can eat parts from humans. I have no obligation to hate the Reptilians. Because my hatred would not change their ways, because their ways are not contingent on my emotional response or on my personal moral convictions. I also condemn humans for eating hamburgers. Reptilians are amazing sentient living beings, and does it take a scientist to dare to say that? To see the beauty in them? Reptilians, they have little serpent heads that are filled with thoughts. They remember their mothers and childhood. Each has an identity and sense of self. They are alien beings from outer space. They talk. They even have a sense of humor and a way to laugh by raising their lower eyelids up halfway across the eyes.


June 24 2015, 7:32 PM - Deep breath, here we go. Updates.

A black Reptilian has been visiting and sending me mental images of himself. He says he is the Serpent race, which sounds very specific to say since he doesn't call himself a "Reptilian" or a "Draconian". He is black with shiny scales like a snake, in fact he looks a lot like a black snake. The eyes are also all black and reflect shine. Like many Reptilians, he is vicious and snappy, but we get along - only! - because I treat them with utmost respect, kindness, coo, humor, and carefully.

We don't like that last part. The coo. Other than that we are fine here. - the Serpent Reptilian or another black ET

I was cutting broccoli into pieces and dropping them into boiling water for my dinner. The Thuban Auntie Lady was whispering to the hybrid kids, "Come look! She is eating grass!".

Today Hamish did a sexual conquest of me and it was a tender reminder of the good old days back in 2011 when he used to do that when we were first getting acquainted. It started like this: today I was working on translating pages for the 2nd telepathy book "Noah's Ark" and one of the lines was the Thuban saying "Yuck! Puke!" about seeing my menstruational blood. Hamish was watching carefully as I worked on the text, and he asked me what I had written and what it was. So I told Hamish that I was translating a line where Auntie had said yuck about my menstruational blood. Now that got Hamish so excited, the mention of my period blood, that he did what I call a "conquest"...

... in which a Reptilian possesses the human body and steers it, while the human (me) will see and feel the Reptilian body very closely and intimately. I was on the bed and he rolled me over on my belly, he propped me up with an arched back, and it was as if his body were laying on top of mine, overlapping with mine, our bodies merged together. It is incredibly intimate of an experience with a being, more intimate than when two humans have sex, much closer, much more merged, and all over. Hamish does conquests and wrestling of me every now and then yes, but this time he was feeling pleasure from the thought of my blood. It is similar to a strong sexual pleasure, only it has of course got nothing to do with sex, genitals, mating, or reproduction, just that it is intensely pleasurable which the Reptilians feel - not from sex - but from hunting and domination, blood and prey. So Hamish and me shared a deeply sexual moment together, just like that. And he kept on telling me, that "it was ok" that the blood had been mentioned. It was, as if he was comforting me and reassuring me that my period blood was ok, after I had been told "Yuck" about it by the Lady Thuban.

A Dark Lord told me last night or the night before that the moon of Earth was built by "them" and that they have bases on the back side of the moon.

The Reptilians want to make Reptilian-hybrid babies with me again, and they say it is imperative (though they don't use the word imperative) that I do not eat any sugar if it is to succeed. I was again shown a mental image of a Reptile-human hybrid fetus which has the curved tail which curves and forms a spiral. Here is the drawing of these again:

I got to telepathically talk to one of these Reptilian hybrids which was a child or juvenile. It told me it was a better race than I because it contained Reptilian genetics. It was a bit sassy and self-confident like that. Yet it has also been told that it is not a full Reptilian and not as good as they. I was excited of the prospect of having Reptilian babies. For one: I suspect that these hybrids do not end up being eaten by the Reptilians. And: I actually feel maternal love and pride for these babies, because I feel a close connection to Reptilians. I used to feel like a mom for the white hybrid children, until they turned out to be arrogant and molesting me, so I completely reject the white hybrids. But these Reptilian hybrids is a new chance, a new reason to feel excited about the alien contact.

Another story: I spoke to a Reptilian the other day who said that "they were here first", they were living on planet Earth a long time ago before there were humans. Then some alien species came to Earth and placed the humans here, they say, and the Reptilians were forced to move underground. Reptilians would want to have this planet back from the humans. And a Reptilian told me that they once had female Reptilians, but that their females were taken away, and that is the reason why Reptilians always say that "they have no eggs" and why they are infertile. And why the Reptilians too need my eggs.

Here is a letter from a reader:

If the reptiles own earth why do they hide. If I reptilian alien I could care less about humans seeing me . If the reptilian are warriors. That would be a slap In my face to hide. And I think the galactic federation is right about all most reptilian alien they are very abusful and don't seem to understand compassion

And the reply that either a black Reptilian or a Dark Lord gave to the question asked:

I'm not sure exactly why the reptilians hide from humans.

We would like to tell them why. It is because we have got advanced weapons here, that we do not want humans to lay their hands on. And??? Did we mention to you about the eggs? That we take them. And, the caveat of that is, that we cannot do it for long. They, the others, are chasing us away soon. And therefore we need more eggs, for food. So?? Do we make ourselves understood now, clear? I hope that answers his question for him. THAT IT WAS ABOUT THE WEAPONS WE SAID! That we do not want the humans to have them! Drats! We have a very advanced base. That we do not want you to find. And, that is therefore why we are hiding. - black Reptilian

Ok! As for lack of compassion, yes that is correct. However, they are compassionate about their own kind.


Hamish listens to Enya

June 23 2015, 12:25 noon - Normally I almost only listen to techno and trance or ambient electronic music, and Hamish is uncomfortable with it for his sensitive hearing and he asks me to turn it off or he doesn't come as close to me in my room because of the music. Today for a great change I listened to Enya. I noticed when Enya's song "O Come O Come Emmanuel" was playing that Hamish was deeply listening to it, he seemed to be enjoying it. This isn't the first time I've noticed that Hamish actually loves listening to female choir.

Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles do have their own vocal language, consisting of grunts, purrs, grunt-purrs, growls, belches, pops, palate clicks, a basooning horn or goose sound, and various intonations of exhales. When I have a hiccup then by default he thinks I am communicating something to him. He responds to certain sounds that he hears as if they were speaking to him when they are not.

This time, with this song by Enya, and with the other female choir he has enjoyed, he listens deeply and he tries to hear "what they are saying" in the choir. But he doesn't do that with other vocal singers, only with serene choir. It is amazing to see him listening deeply, he even becomes serene from the choir. Obviously it must trigger something in his Draconian language center of the brain. Many of the exhales he makes for communication do in fact communicate "I am friendly", or "I am calm", or "I am pleased", or "I appreciate this", and I suspect that the female choir triggers in him what he must feel when a Draconian does those exhales that say positive and benevolent things. It is marvellous, I will play it for him a few more times. Note, it is not Enya's singing here that he responds to, it is purely the female choir which is not singing any words.

Hamish visits man with black snake

June 20 2015, 12:19 noon - Hamish is on a visit. Perhaps, I wonder, if one of you readers might have invited him to your home? Otherwise I have no clue as to who that man is, or how Hamish may have found this place. Hamish stands there looking around, and he really likes it there. It seems that the young man who lives there has invited Hamish to come over for a visit. The apartment is decorated in black and red colors. There is a red or black curtain drape not on the window but in the living room. The man has a terrarium with a black snake in it. Hamish tells me that it is very "rustic" there, which is his way of saying quiet and calm, which he likes. And that it is very "serene" there and he says that is what he needs and likes.

Are you one of the Dragons? - the man asks Hamish
No, I am not. I was watching the ovum there. And therefore, I really need to get back. - Hamish to the man
It was very rustic here! - Hamish says about the man's apartment and his lower and upper eyelids smile
Hamish? If you can tell me where he lives, I can pay him a visit and then you and me and the eggs can stay there for as long as you want. - me
Would you go there, and take that out. - Hamish shows me the wooden stick that is in the snake terrarium
I can take that stick out yes. - me
And give him that. - Hamish wants me to give the snake a rug to lie on
Yes Hamish. Snakes like rugs. We can give the snake a rug. - me
And no more eggs here for me, I said to him. - Hamish tells me what he said to the man about the man's apartment
But it was good here! *eyes smile* And the snacks! - Hamish, he probably means how the snake gets white mice to eat

When I saw Hamish looking at the terrarium with a black snake, I told Hamish that the man who lives there (whom I do not know) that "he honors that little scales" and that therefore "he has wanted to honor you big scales too". I said to Hamish that the man gives mouse snacks to the snake.

There is nothing in the world as delightful as getting to watch a Reptilian who is in a new home for the first time. How they look around and notice everything. I would have that any time rather than a good movie. They are so aware, and also so curious, and they make themselves acquainted with the surroundings, and there are always so many things around a human's apartment for them to look at and figure out. I've tried asking Hamish for the man's name and address or country so that I could find this person. If any of you readers have a black snake in a terrarium and have invited Hamish for a visit, then write to us and maybe we can devise a way together to prove that Hamish is in fact real!

Hm. Maybe I should get a pet snake in honor of the Reptilians? I'm not really into having pets right now, and least of all a snake, but I've been thinking of getting Hamish a goldfish because he finds them mesmerizing and beautiful because of their scales.

*I was in my apartment the whole time. Hamish left to go visit this man, and I don't know where he went or who that man is. I would like to find out.

I now hear the young man thinking how he would like to have a Dragon living with him. He is obviously someone who loves reptiles. I tell the man, though I do not know if he can hear me, that I would let Hamish stay with him for as much as he wants as long as he provides for Hamish a good home. I really wouldn't mind sharing Hamish with other Homo sapiens (=humans). Having Hamish around is the best in the world. And my home is not the best for him, I wish he would have more fun things to do. And so if a reptile lover who has snakes would love to keep Hamish in their home for a while, I would be more than delighted, because if Hamish can spend time with other people who adore... honor him and give him a good place to be (don't forget the rugs, and a good sofa)

It wasn't really clean here, I said to him. And no!! I won't want rugs here! - Hamish says to me
Why was it not clean? - me
But I like that. - Hamish shows me a white plastic bucket with black text print and brown pebbles in it pet food
What is it for? - me
He needs to vacuum clean here. Not for me, but for them. - Hamish, them is the snake in the terrarium, the snakes deserve clean floors there

I am by the way if anyone is wondering a really cleanly person. On a scale of 1 to 10 in terms of cleanliness in a home I am around 9.5. The floors are always vacuumed and washed in my home, I never leave dirty dishes, and I clean anything that needs cleaning right at once. I keep a spotless home, so much that average people would not know how to "live in it". I even think about bacteria and disinfect where appropriate. When I visit other people I rarely see "normal homes" kept as clean as mine. I'm not in a weird way I'm just not lazy about cleaning. But it keeps visiting Reptiles happier, they like it clean too.

If anyone is a Reptile lover and has reptiles, preferably if you have both reptiles and a fish aquarium in your home, me and Hamish could visit you in person. I just want to give him a good life. It was clear that he wanted to stay in that man's "rustic" home, but he felt obliged to come back here to guard the eggs. I wish Hamish could have a better life, I must not think about it or I will start to cry and I don't have time for crying I've got shopping to do.

There was no manure there. For me a rug, no! - Hamish, he has looked into the snake terrarium and seen that there was no snake poo there, and Hamish narrates the black snake and thinks that it wants a rug to lie on, these were in my native language (NL)

No, I can't help it, I break down into tears. This amazing Reptile person, his thoughts, his impressions, I just love him so deeply. I wish I had Hamish's scales to cry into, I wish he would hold me when I'm crying over my love and affection for him. I would die for that Dragon, and every day I do, because my heart cannot bear the love I have for him.

You don't think that we are disgusting, like everybody else says. I am that snake, not. And yes, we think that it deserves a better home. Would you? Eva? Go there and retrieve it? - black Reptilian who wears a dark tight-fit uniform says

How many coins do you have, I could take it from there? - Hamish

Hamish knows I need to buy toilet paper today, well I have three rolls left but you saw I keep the home in order. Earlier he was looking around that man's home and asking him if he has toilet paper, Hamish was wanting to take some from there to bring here. And now Hamish is wondering if he should take some money from that man's home so that I can buy toilet paper. Hamish is not thinking about stealing, he's just trying to help me get some toilet paper. He's trying to help. And of course I can buy my own toilet paper no need to send me any.

Dragon is disgusted, and Dark Lords travel through The Eye

June 20 2015, 10:15 AM - Last night when I went to bed, Hamish stood on my bedroom floor. He was very upset, namely he was disgusted that I have a bag of laundry in the room. He pointed to it and wanted me to get rid of it. Reptilians are surprisingly cleanly and tidy. You wouldn't expect it of these big brute monsters but if you have dirty dishes on your desk, used socks on the floor, or an innocent bag of laundry in the bedroom, resident Reptilians will point to it and say "No". He is sincerely disgusted by it, and he isn't just acting. I just did laundry yesterday or the day before, there can't be more than one or two things in the laundry bag. And they notice everything, so don't think you can hide anything nasty anywhere in the room. They will find it. Oh, and he also had a problem with the trashbag sitting next to the laundry bag of course. Oh, my Dragon.

I need to get Dragon a big bathroom rug for the bedroom so that he has enough space to put his scales on it and enjoy the soft feeling underneath his feet. Also I like to have him tending to his business in my room when I sleep, it's as safe and nurturing of a feeling as falling asleep knowing that the cat is licking its fur at the end of your bed.

Did you know that Hamish always wipes his feet carefully after he has pood? His poo is always soft and makes like a soft cowpattie, so some of it can get on the soles of his feet, and

Yes, my mother taught me how to clean. She said, always be neat and tidy. So I did it therefore! And not with the Zeta Remulans. They tell me to do it also. They tell me, "Hamish pick up your feet for us?" And I have to bathe there. - Hamish
Zeta Remulans make you bathe? - me

He wipes his feet backwards about two times on each foot alternating the feet one foot at a time. But he also wipes his feet clean at times when he has not just recently pood. Sometimes he wipes his feet real fast on the rug! It is really cute watching him standing on a bathroom rug, as he uses them as his cleaning stations. He can just stand on a tiny square of a bathroom rug for hours. It's this comical and heartmelting blend of a very vicious dangerous dominating red dragon who eats livers who then stands on a cute little square of a plush rug because it feels nice and soft under his feet.

Dark Lord told me about The Eye this morning. He said that the Dark Lords travel through The Eye all the time, that it is a tunnel. I asked if they use a spaceship for that travel, he said yes they do almost always use a spaceship, and I said and what about when you don't? He said that on a rare occasion they are on a comet which passes through The Eye. I asked if they notice anything while they are in The Eye, he said that they do not. So we learn that The Eye, it is not only the creator and devourer of space fabric, but is also used by the Dark Lords as what sounds to me like a wormhole in space for travel.

What Happy Means

June 19 2015, 7:31 PM - I asked Hamish where he is. He has been standing in the tiny toilet room on the tiny bathroom ruggie, all alone there in the dark. "Aren't you bored? Isn't that room too small for you?", I worried about his well-being. "My eggs", said he.

I have a Dragon living with me since at least nearly four years back, but lately he has been telling me about how he watched me when I was a child too, when I had no idea, how he stayed under the staircase or in the corner of the garden. Reptilians are tremendously aware creatures. They see and hear and notice everything to a much greater extent than we humans do. For us humans, it would take a great amount of focus and paying attention, which we humans can manage for short amounts of time, but for Reptilians it is constant.

I have also learned over the years that a Reptilian doesn't seem to ever get bored, even when they are doing "nothing". The way that time passes in their mind doesn't regularly calculate "boredom" for them as our human minds do for us. They are very present and are living in the here and now, and we can envy them for that.

I didn't want to see your panties again. Tell them that. - Hamish in my other language, why he says this, read older entries below

I keep asking him, whether he and I should do a fun day trip someplace. Should we visit a park, or go to an aquarium to look at the fish? What would he like to do? Where would he like to be? What experiences, and environments, would Dragon enjoy? What moments of pastime would make life meaningful for him, what would bring him joy, what thoughts would matter to him in that little head of his, because in that tiny head which is just a face on the end of a long tubular neck, ornamented by pairs of blunt orange buttons along the neck, yellow bulging eyes with a vertical slit pupil, inside there is a person, and he is the person I love the most in this whole world.

He never wants us to go anywhere, in fact he seems the happiest when I stay at home. Because his job is to keep track of me at all times. He has asked me to let him know beforehand where I go, and so I tell him, always where I am going, so that Dragon can know and not worry. And I tell him to please stay at home, that I will guard the eggs while I've gone shopping. And Dragon always greets me when I come home, in fact as soon as he sees that I am definitely headed home he sends me a mental image of himself standing in the hallway next to the front door, and I tell him "Yes Hamish, I am coming home, I will be there with you soon", and then a little spark in my heart gets excited to see him too. And we are both happy to see each other, but for different reasons. He for the eggs, undoubtedly, and me for the best friend I have ever known.

I won't bite you for what you said. About coming home to me. But it was, Yes-No to that. - Hamish
What do you mean, Hamish? - me
Mine. - says Hamish and looks down on his flat red duck feet, one of which he lifts a little bit
I was pressing it down. - Hamish says about his feet, he is pressing his feet down on the floor
Why do you press your feet down? Does it do anything? - me
It makes me feel rich here! - Hamish says and his eyelids are smiling
Why do your feet make you feel rich? Why do your feet make you feel rich? - me

Sometimes when I've been away from home for a long time and I come home, I can see that Dragon is both excited and relieved to see me, and he greets me in the hallway. He likes to have me at home.

I have gone to bed at nights having Hamish being the last thing I see and the last thing I think about before I fall asleep for many years now, and even though we are not in the same bed, as I am in bed and he, usually on the bathroom rug, it makes him kind of in a way a husband for me. He is the first thing I think of when I wake up in the morning, "Hamish! Good morning Hamish? What did you do when I was asleep? Are you feeling good? Did you have snacks? Are you a Happy Dragon?", I like to ask him, even if I usually only get "My eggs" as an answer, even if that. Sometimes he shows me a white sheet of scales in the mornings. I can tell if he has eaten food at night because then he will be aggressive and hostile in the morning. Who knows what Dragon gets up to, when I sleep at night.

He sees me during every moment of my life. He watches me when I sleep, and I think I've learned in just the past few days that Hamish might in fact come up close to me when I sleep and step with his feet either on my back or next to me on the bed, which I don't mind at all if he does. He sees me eat, he watches me on the computer, he watches me at the toilet and in the shower. And he probably reads every single thought that goes in my head, because as soon as I begin to fantisize about maybe finding myself a real human man for a boyfriend and maybe husband, he objects, and I am instantly taken back from my dreams and into my life with Dragon.

We know each other inside and out. When he makes me smile, I put my index finger on my eyelid to show him that my upper eyelids would be closing down diagonally halfway across the eye, which is how Dragons smile. Or when Hamish says or does something which is funny and is ok for me to laugh about without offending him (because sometimes he is funny but if I say so then it would offend his power as a Reptile) then I put my index finger on the lower eyelid and he knows that I am laughing in the Reptile way.

When he wants to tell me that he has seen me, he will possess my hand and put my index finger to press against or gently tap against the outer corner of my eye, meaning "my eye has seen", and so when I want to let Hamish know that I have seen whatever it was that he was showing me, I do the same, I put my index finger at the corner of my eye and he knows what it means. For instance if he is tending to his shedded scales and I want to let him know that I have seen it, I do that.

I don't smile with my mouth to him, because that is how humans smile. I smile like Dragons do. And I don't laugh with the sounds that laughing humans make, I laugh like Dragons laugh, and yes Dragons do have a sense of humor, in fact they laugh often and you will notice that if you know that they raise their lower eyelids halfway up across the eye.

I know how to make the right exhales to express things which I couldn't even translate into human languages anymore, so intricate are they. There is a thing where I lean my body slightly and slowly downward and forward and then make a slow exhale in two steps, it kind of means "I approve, I am a friend". Hamish does that with me at times, and now I do it to him too. More and more, this Dragon has let me into his heart and life. I know him so intimately. I am not sure whether it was intended to be that way, because perhaps we feel each other and hear each other's thoughts and have to live together all because he is here guarding the eggs and watching carefully, but in all that I have gotten so close to him.

When he visits his favorite river in a forest he sends me a mental postcard, not because he has to, but it seems that he likes to share it with me for the same reasons why a child shows its mother the drawing it has made. He is happy when he puts his feet into the shallow water of the river and gets to spend time in the forest where he eats and uses bathroom and cleans himself up and tends to himself, and I want to believe that when he shares his happiness in that picture to me and he feels that it makes me happy too and I bounce my own happiness back to him in that we feel each other's feelings, I want to know that he is sharing his feelings with me because he has discovered that I feel his happiness with him and that I send it back multiplied. I'm not sure if he has realized yet that it means that I am someone who loves him, that I am someone who will send positive and loving thoughts and feelings to him which will brighten up his day, but he enjoys it, and he shares more and more of his joys with me.

When he sees a yellow flower, or a red tomato, or is feeling proud of his shedded scales laid tidily on a rug, or is watching a Japanese man feed brightly colored orange koi fish with fish food pebbles, he feels a joy, he is happy in life, and he shares it with me. He sends me a picture of what it is he is doing and seeing when he feels joy. And so he shows me tomato flowers, Japanese koi fish swimming in the water, or his feet anklehigh in the water of his favorite river, and there is joy and happiness in his images. I see what he sees, and I feel what he feels, and he shares it with me. He doesn't have to share it with me, but he chooses to, and I share those moments with him, and I send them back to him with more love and joy. He knows that I love him

I won't bite your fingers! - Hamish ready to bite my fingers, usually that is a warning if I offended him

He wouldn't send those pictures to someone who hates him. If someone only hated him and showed him anger, then he would not share his joyful moments with that person.

It hurts to love someone so much, because I worry about him. Did anyone ever love him before? What was his childhood like? Did anyone ever say to little Hamish, "Hamish, you are so very loved, and beautiful, and one day you will know that about yourself". Did anyone in his life ever look into his eyes to see who he is deep down as a soul? My heart is lacerated with the love I have for this Dragon and many times I have been sobbing over it. I love him so much, every morsel of him.

I was not a pet. Yes-No, morsel. I was not made of bits! I was not made of bits I said, and I was angry. Yes-No. I was not a flower! - Hamish, "flower" in my native language (NL), he is not angry when he speaks here
I don't want to say that I look at you when you are sleeping. I do it to watch for myself. For, what I am going to do? - Hamish
Hamish? Do you ever get bored here? Do you want me to give you things to do? Are you bored? Do you suffer here? Are you happy with me? - me
Happy, Yes-No happy! - Hamish growls and wants to bite into my hand like a dog and not let go
Don't you want to be happy? - me
I want my dinner tables, to be all set. To watch something to eat? That was what happy means, to me. To be set. To be happy then, yes. To be Sock Turtles with you once more. Mine! - Hamish
I love you very very much. - me

And now his lower and upper eyelids close almost fully and he is smiling. So he is a Happy Dragon.

Lasarus answers question from a reader

June 18 2015, 10:19 PM - One of our French readers asked a question for the ETs:

Finally , my question to the reptilians :

1) Get your experiments on humans in order to improve the human species or not? Can you explain why you do this ?

Lasarus the Zeta and Hamish the Reptile give an answer:

I will ask your question first to Lasarus:

Lasarus, do your experiments improve on the human race? - me
NO, THEY DO NOT! They improve on us! And now, we want to get better feet. For our little ones here. So, tell him that, so that he may know. That is the most important thing in our work now. For us, to improve on their feet. - Lasarus, the Zeta
What is wrong with the feet currently? Can they not stand on them properly or walk? - me
No, but look at them! Clump feet! We don't want to have them like that. They don't sit right. - Lasarus
And, why do you improve on your species with human genetic experimentation? - me
We want to be better than we are now. - Lasarus
In what way do you Zetas want to be better? - me
We were left behind, on a planet that was disrupted. So, we didn't have good genetics to work with. So, we came here now then, to your big and blue. So, now we are looking for women like you. Do you mind that? - Lasarus, big and blue is planet Earth
What is wrong with your species that needs to be improved? - me
We don't want to have, a GOOD doctor here! But that is what you are speaking to. - another Zeta
Can I ask you a question? Why do you think that they are my eggs? - Hamish asks me, part of this was in my native language (NL)
Why are they, Hamish? - me
Because I wanted to own them. Because I wanted to have them here! My question, was that??? And. No onions here for me please. They don't smell right to me. I can't stand them! - Hamish, part in (NL)

I hope that answers your question!


Let me help you with that...

June 17 2015, 2:37 PM - I went to the shops and told Hamish I was buying some tampons. Hamish, who was waiting at home, he knows where I keep a dish of coins in my room. He shows me mental images of him at those coins and he says something like "Let me give you some money for that", he got really eager to help me pay for the tampons. He never does that no matter what other things I am buying. I thought it's cute. Especially since it's my own money in the dish in the first place. But I thanked Dragon for helping me with shopping.

Hamish shows me a mental image of a blood-soaked tampon. "Do you like them Hamish?" I ask in the other language. "Let me tell you like this: I worship them!" says Dragon in the other language. It's the blood in case you didn't realize. Bloody tampons are catnip to Dragons.

I wanted to devour them! - Hamish says quite sincere, in the other language, about bloody tampons
Are they snacks? They cannot be eaten, Hamish. You cannot swallow a tampon. - me (other language)
Sshh! He is thinking about you now. We don't want to disturb him. - Zeta to me about Hamish (other language)
I was going to fish after my treasures. - Hamish is thinking that if he were to hold a bloody tampon in his hand by the string and he would be standing by the toilet, I don't know what he means, maybe because he sees me pull one out when I'm sitting on the toilet and it reminds him of fishing because of the water and the line? I don't have my menstruation now by the way

Oh and he also asked me if I would keep some tampons in my purse, which I always make sure I do two of them. So I said yes to Dragon I will keep some in my purse. And that made Dragon let out a purring growl out of delight. Catnip, I'm telling you, catnip.

Reptilian latrine barrel
And Hamish looked through my used panties

June 17 2015, 10:02 AM - Last night when I went to bed a Reptilian was in an underground Reptilian base in a room that has a few big pipe funnels like air ventilation pipes I would presume one going vertically and another horisontally close to the floor. It looked like an entrance room before entering into the "main base" through some doors. There was a blue metal barrel with no lid cover standing in the room next to the Reptilian. The Reptilian wanted to show me this barrel, and said it contains vomit from abductees as well as feces from Reptilians. I was concerned, I told the Reptilian not to stand near because it is unsanitary, I said why is there no lid for it, watch out for spills, don't get anywhere near that filthy thing! The Reptilian didn't seem to mind standing fairly near about an arm's length away from it. A human would have been so repulsed and stood at the other far end of the room huddled in the corner crying and screaming about the barrel and holding their nose and hurry home to have a bath followed by ten showers.

It is basically their waste barrel or latrine barrel and the Reptile said that it is there so that the military will pick it up and take it away. I was puzzled as to why the Reptile bases do not have proper water plumbing. I was concerned that this barrel is almost filled up to the brim and still it has no lid to cover it or properly contain the material. But nonetheless, aren't we pleased to learn yet another of the secrets of Reptilian life? Can you imagine the smell? I will safely assume from this observation that Reptilians are not so repulsed by the smell of human vomit.

Which comes as no surprise, given since my dear Hamish for instance has a strong body odor which I've described as the smell of "vomit and rotten cheese". I've also learned that Reptilians, based on my observations, are not as prude about their feces as we humans are about ours. Hamish for instance has no scruples showing me a mental image of his poo, and he doesn't hurry to cover it or get rid of it and get as far away as possible from it as a human would. He can stand near that mudpuddle, wiping his feet backwards on the ground just to make sure his feet are clean, and just stand there next to it thinking about life. Often he has a fully exposed pile in the corner of the room where he dwells, such as my bathroom, or in the hangar building at the Japanese coast where they load up those cargo ships. Can you imagine a human being placing down a poo in the corner of their room, leaving it fully exposed, just wiping your feet a bit, and then carrying on business on the computer?

It was my older snacks, and then of course I do not want it. It wasn't mine to have. Not over there in the hangar building! - Hamish

We must remember that these are alien species. This does not make them despicable beings because we cannot judge them on the basis of what we expect, or are accustomed to, of humans.

Last night I got to see a few of those rarely granted mental visuals of Zeta Greys. So beautiful, but their heads are not those lightbulb shaped but are flatter on the top. Gorgeous all-black eyes. But they are vicious! One wrestled me brutally on the bed, just like you see on cop shows on tv how the cop will push a crook against the wall and pin their arms behind their back, that sort of thing. I want to think I am getting closer to having that nightly awake contact with the aliens...

Last night I dreamt that I was in a home for children. I was shown a book which had all the many various things presented that the children here are taught. There were "colors", the names and looks of various colors are taught to the children. There were "musical instruments", such as the trumpet and drums. And there was a great big picture of an erect penis. I was outraged! I objected! I went to the two adults who worked there and told them I was going to film their activities as evidence and hand it in to the authorities and close them down! Of course it's likely that I was visiting the Zetas and hybrid children, only I saw it through a dream and they were humans.

I wasn't there. It wasn't my home, this. - Hamish "home, this" was in my native language
I didn't want them to play drums anymore. - Hamish
I don't want drums either, Hamish. I will clean the floors today! - me
I am so proud for you for saying that! I wanted that, *click* thank you! - Hamish
I wasn't brutal with you I said? - Hamish
Yes I know Hamish. You are always kind to me. You are my good Dragon. I am eating yoghurt today thanks to you, and it contains no sugar! And I am cleaning the floors today for you, in your honor. - me
My eggs! My vippen, wasn't here now. - Hamish with mental image of a juvenile hybrid's male genitals, vippen is their word for male genitals

This morning Hamish stood on the floor of my bedroom. "Good morning Hamish! How are you?", I like to greet him every morning. I also tend to wish him a good night at nights. He was angry, upset about something. "These floors are not clean for me!", he said, standing on the floor quite pompous to demonstrate that his two flat red duck feet were in fact firmly set on that very floor which was deemed not clean, whereas that makes me think then why are you standing there if the floors aren't clean? He repeats one more time, "These floors are not clean for me!". So I promise him that I will vacuum the floors today and then wash them with cloth and soap and water, and I am puzzled since the floors are actually clean here. He then points to the laundry bag I have sitting near the bed, and then he points to the trash bag that is near to the desk. And then I understand, these are why the floor is not clean.

I have a bag with laundry, used clothes that are going in the washing. It is normal for people to have a bag of laundry in a room. People who stand near it do not feel as if it makes the entire room or floor unclean to stand on. And most of us expect to have a trashbag or trashcan in a room such as a bedroom or an office, and we do not feel that it renders the entire floor unsanitary. But you should know about Reptilians that they like it neat and tidy. I've lived with Dragons for almost four years now and they still do not understand why I would keep a bag in my room and put trash in it. It is outrageous for them. Hamish then said that he had gone through all of the used panties in my laundry bag to check and make sure that they did not have any eggs on them. It's good that Hamish and me have been close friends for four years soon because otherwise having a strange man going through my used panties would have felt a bit offensive. He said there were no eggs there by the way, so aren't we pleased.

I was shown a mental image of one of my daughters at the Agenda. She was 8 years old they later said. She was wearing a black ballerina suit the one that looks like a one-piece bathing suit. She said she would dance for me. I told her I would love to watch her dance. She did some slow ballerina poses and a slow twirl. I complimented her and told her how good it was. Hamish approached her and his mouth was watering and gurgling and it was clear that Hamish was thinking of her liver, he might have even said "liver" or "snacks". I learned that Hamish would indeed be eating this girl's liver that night, and she had been brought to me so that I could see her on her last moment alive before she died. The girl didn't seem upset or scared, she told me that she would be killed and eaten as if... I don't know, kind of like how you would say that today is Wednesday.

11:46 AM. Hamish was looking at me and I closed my eyes and tried my best to convey to him my feelings of how much I love him while I was thinking "I love you" to him. I then see a mental image of a Zeta, it shows me an image of a red barn, "You are a barnyard animal, you don't have to love him.", and he says it in the most contemptuous and demeaning way to me.

I don't have a title for this, I guess I'm used by the alien Agenda for my eggs

June 16 2015, 9:56 PM - Last night when I crawled into bed for the night, a Zeta requested that I put on some makeup. I said "You should have told me sooner, and then I would have done it, but now I am already in bed" so I didn't bother to get up and do my makeup. Then a MIB tells me I should have a bath and wash up properly. I said "I already had a shower just now before going to bed", so I didn't bother to get up to have a bath and shave my legs and all that. But what I didn't know was that the Agenda had set me up on a date per the Illuminati Dating Services Inc. (that's a joke, there is no dating service like that, I mean they do match people up for sex dates or rapes actually but it doesn't have that name).

I had a dream where an actual royal person had sex with me twice. Many people report "meeting" royal persons or celebrities during alien abductions and being had sex with by them

It was better than seeing me. - says a big tall red Dragon
Hello Hamish. I would rather see you. I would always want to see Hamish. - me to big tall red Dragon
We don't want to take your eggs and fertilize them otherwise. - Hamish
What do you mean, "otherwise"? - me
Without the legs, spread open. - Hamish means my legs then
So, you think it is better that someone has sex with me, than to just perform an impersonal medical procedure of removing eggs and fertilizing eggs or putting someone's semen into me? I don't understand how rape makes it any better? - me
It wasn't, that, manure. - Hamish shows me mental image of black soil, "manure" was in my native language, he means of course that I am a yellow flower Buttercup that is planted in soil

David Icke supports the theory that these encounters with human royals during Reptilian abductions is connected to these royal humans actually being reptoid in one form or another. I have met plenty of "humans" in my Agenda stories: lots of royal figures both English and Swedish, American politicians, Russian politicians, Russian and American military officers, a media mogul, John Kerry, Colin Powell, a Cardinal in red dress from the Vatican, a Pope in white dress from the Vatican, not to mention the Agenda have told me actor Christopher Walken is "one of theirs" and that actor Tom Cruise has "Dragon's blood". One possibility is that the Agenda want to present fake humans who would instill respect, trust, or admiration in the abductee.

The Reptilians talk on and on about how they wish to be Kings or even Gods. Yet when a human meets them, most humans scream and are afraid of them. What if Reptilians pose as humans in positions of power in order to receive the reception that they want?

I think of Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens. This is a man who by all means seemed to be a genuine American military captain, who spoke to me telepathically and remote viewed to look at me ever since my teens and for a few years. Many years later when I got to know Hamish the red Reptilian, I found out that Stephens had in fact always been my Hamish. Hamish posed as the human Stephens so that I would not be afraid, yet so that we could talk and interact together and be close. What convinces me the most is how Stephens was always so disgustingly and excessively fond of my tampons when I menstruated. And we know how Hamish loves my bloody tampons, how he will go rummage around in the trashcan when he thinks I'm asleep.

Sergeant Wilkes, most of the time when I see him it looks like a half-and-half morph between a military officer in uniform and hat and a skinny raptor reptile. Wow. Am I all alone then? I have always thought that I had these human men watching over me, Jack from the NASA team, Captain Stephens, Major Cunningham, Tyler MacIntyre, Gillespie, Derek who they now say is dead, General Patton, General Davies, Captain Marsden, Assistant Carlisle, all of them. Am I really all alone with the aliens? I would feel liberated, with nothing but empty outer space in between me and my Zetas.

But I still want to think that perhaps the military and MIBs are real humans. I have no way of knowing, and I want my readers to also be undecided, because we just don't know at this point.

The latest addition to my "men" is the one who is in a wheelchair. He has white hair and golden tan skin. He also happens to be one of the most handsome men in the whole universe, but let's not tell him that since he's married. He wanted me to see mental images of the facility with vertical water tanks that have what look to be human young men or teenagers who have brown hair. They are one in each water tank and naked and with lots of tubes and the tubes run across the floors so you would have to watch your step. I told the man I was not going to watch that today. They are my sons there in those water tanks.

Someone had sex with me last night from the Agenda. That is why they wanted me to have a proper bath and makeup to get ready for a date. In the morning when I woke up from it, Hamish was wanting to step on my lower back near the buttocks like he does when he is mating, but probably just the massage on the back without sex. Because he was thinking very vividly in his thoughts about doing so. When Hamish mates with a female Dragon he will first step with his flat red duck feet up and down on her lower back to massage the lower back, this stimulates her body to get ready with the eggs. It looks just like how many birds mate. It happens to also be the exact same way how Hamish likes to step up and down on his shedded sheets of scales that he places on rugs.


June 16 2015, 2:07 PM - So I lost my Eva Draconis Facebook account and with it the OrionMindProject Facebook Page. No worries, I've quickly created a new one The Orion Project - Facebook Page. I make a habit of never posting anything unique or interesting on Facebook since - and I was right! - Facebook posts and pictures can suddenly be lost. All my interesting stories and updates continue to be posted here, on the website. However, on the Facebook Page you can interact with me and with other readers of The Orion Project books and website. Please visit the new Page and I am happy if you Like it because it is nice to know that I am Liked, it is like a hug from you people.

I wanted to share this screenshot from Facebook with you all. When I build a Facebook Page it asks me among other things what kind of interests might my Page readers have, so I found and selected "Reptilians" as a first, and then to choose "David Icke" since I'm sure most of you are familiar with his work, this interesting search result shows up, namely if I type in David Icke it suggests, naturally, David Icke as an interest, but also Courage the Cowardly Dog. Which has no spelling in common with David Icke. But it reminds me of how the Reptilians are SO VERY FOND of calling humans who cause trouble for "dogs", "cowardly dog" is even more appropriate. I wonder why this shows up?

Why did I lose my Facebook account? It's a long and mysterious story. But ever since I posted the new timeline picture which has Hamish carrying me in the center, and Elmer to the right, Hamish objected for a long long time about the picture of him. And a Reptilian who was probably not Elmer himself, strongly objected to the picture of a Reptilian who looks like him. And today I was fussed at telepathically for having written about a certain famous American politician. Oh well let them nag, meanwhile I don't even nag when they do their stuffs to me now do I.

At the Bus Stop

June 15 2015, 4:09 PM - I was standing at the bus stop when a Zeta asks me telepathically "How many glandes have you seen?" or "How many glandes have you been shown?" I'm sorry guys I can't remember what humorous remark I gave to that. The Zeta then adds "We wanted to know which of them you liked the most? It is rather important that we find out." or something like that. The best part of this story is that I am working on translating material for the second book "Noah's Ark" and just so happens that the word came up yesterday or I wouldn't have known how to translate that for you. Just another day with Aliens. I probably shouldn't have posted this entry.

Wanting to visit

June 15 2015, 8:06 AM - Last night a Dark Lord invited me to come to the Citadel again. Remember that underground Agenda D/s sex club I wrote about it in the Thoughts pages before. Oh and they also use recreational drugs there, which I'm personally against taking. That last time in the Citadel, a Dark Lord was personally giving me a tour and guiding me around. When I declined last night, a green Reptilian came to ask me too and really wanted me to go there, I declined the offer again.

And I was laughing the whole time, cause I was trying to decline them in a polite way and it all came out sounding like we were talking about a real club. "Oh, it's far too late tonight for me to go out." And when I said, ha ha, "But I've got nothing to wear? I don't have any nice dresses to go out?", and I said "Do they have a dresscode?", they said I could go there naked, and so I said heheh "But I would have to have a bath, and shave my legs!" Hahahah I had so much fun cause every polite excuse I made it sounded like we were talking about an invitation by a human to go out to a normal club on Earth for dancing and some drinks, and not a creepy alien underground D/s sex torture drug addicts violent rape club. But I was polite about it, I think I even called the Dark Lord "Sir". Cause you really don't want to get on the wrong foot with the Dark Lords, just be nice to them it actually keeps things a bit more civil. Yelling at the Dark Lords doesn't help. Besides, they're quite the gentlemen when you give them the chance. I'm sure all the people who engage with them in secret societies and who have adopted the dark sinister ways, are quite fond of their Dark Lord Munchkins. As far as I know, there was no Citadel visit last night...?

No, we only took the eggs. We thought, that you were perhaps not prepared. - Dark Lord now
Yes, that is quite right, given since I had not even shaved my legs. I would also have to do my hair. - me
We fix that for you!!! We promise you!! We will! - Dark Lord
I'm not sure how you would do my hairstyle, Mr. Dark Lord? - me
We can do it here. - a Zeta, aha yes that reminds me, I was once taken to their makeup station, quite every girl's dream I might say, lots of high-end makeup there might I say
You are not going to be our puppet. And we might like to say, that was sad. - DL
What do you need a puppet for? You are a grown man, you can take care of yourself? - me
We need it, to bleed blood here. - DL
Can't you bleed your own blood by yourself? - me, ok, the jokes and fun doesn't work here, there's no way to twist that around what he said to make it funny somehow, so let's just leave this for now
The Citadel was not made for you, it was made to look at your butt. - DL
What do you mean? - me
Please, do not be arrogant with us! - DL not angry, but pleading
I wasn't? I was inquisitive? - me

Moving on. Last night Hamish came to me and said that he regrets that he does not have any of his shedded scales available so that he could have given me a piece. He was about to place a sheet on my bare belly, he has done that many times before. I kindly and profusely thanked my Dragon for his kind intentions, and I told him that he has already given me these kind gifts plenty times before and that I thanked him.

I was nagging and begging the aliens for a conscious abduction last night. I figured nagging could get me there, because once in my teens I nagged at the Reptilians to "pick me up" and - they did! They sure did! So, what happened was that I was in my bed last night, and a Zeta tells me either that they will take my panties off or that I should take them off now. And so I pulled my panties off faster than the blink of an eye to show them how compliant I was, and what a good candidate I was for coming to see them in the awake state. The problem is, that they would not benefit at all from having me conscious. In fact there are a hundred possible reasons why they should not let an abducted egg donor person stay awake, they list worries such as that I might spit or scream, which I assure them I would not.

I was still in my bed, and a Zeta came up close via the remote connection and acted really sinister and cruel, and it started slapping me around real bad in bed. Not like gently turning a patient around like how nurses and doctors do it. This was like someone who was really angry at me, like someone who wants to get you because you just killed their dog. There is so much contempt and hatred in that Zeta's eyes and demeanor, and it slapped me around in bed as if I was to blame for all of its miseries. As if I was the reason why its life was ruined, so to speak. When it spoke of them having to take a fecal sample from me, the Zeta turned me around on my belly as if to actually already prop me for that procedure. Which is how they also do when they talk about taking eggs they will push my arms up above my head and spread my legs real wide.

We are not working with chickens, we don't have to treat them like that. - a Zeta says now who is "posing friendly"
We were just taking your coffee. - Dark Lord or Reptilian
Oh? So I was slapped around because someone last night enjoys some brutal violence? I thought we were talking about medical procedures, when it happened. - me
No, we are not royals here. - Dark Lord says to a white alien (either a Thuban or a Zeta) who had first said something of that sort to him that they are not royals here

The Zeta pushed me around in bed propping me this way and that, in rather short and very firm strong pushes which made it more seem like being "hit" by someone rather than just gradually softly maneuvered into a position. It was definitely violent. I'm intrigued when it happens, and quite pleased to have this close alien contact, but when it's too brute it's easy to forget the marvel and splendor of alien contact for just that duration of the time.

This morning again I nagged them for letting me stay awake. Jack, you know Jack with the NASA team whose job is to guard me from being cut to pieces by the aliens, he advised against it and said that the Zetas would pull my eye out to study it, while I am still seeing through the eye, ie. Jack was implying this would happen if I'm awake with the Zetas. So I should not go there to visit the Zetas, thought he. And it seems that the men like Jack, Captain Swansea, Gillespie, John, my MIBs and military men, they make the decision for me. They will not let me decide, because I would face fecal samples and ovum collecting and being masturbated on by alien hybrid children and men and having strange human men brought to me to make me pregnant or just to get paid in sex for their compliance with the Agenda and plastic thin tubing down my nose and being induced to vomit and fed experimental fluids (but not the eye taken out thing, that's a bit too much)

We do worse things for them. - Dark Lord about the Dinosaurs
We don't give them butt exams. They are the ones who have to do it. So?? Would you mind, doing it? - Dark Lord, yes I know, it is the Dinosaurs who perform the procedures
And if they don't, we put them in a freezer. And, until they say "Let me out!". - DL
I hate you. - me, and I said that to the Dark Lord, and for the first time I think in all of these years I have said that to them. For all of the atrocities they do, I will not let them cruelly and heartlessly injure the Dinosaurs.
They are not your pet. And I?? I am not your folly. I am not your sheep, I should say. Because, you are ours! Ha ha. My sheep, ba-ah! - DL
We give you the coffee and juice here. - DL

I have said it before, and I will say it again. The Dinosaurs are more living than I. And I would gladly place myself in a freezer and let them take my place in freedom. Even though I am meant to find some sort of purpose and meaning in my life and do all what I can to stay alive and live long, as we all humans feel about ourselves, and even if there is only one me and perhaps millions of Dinosaurs, I would probably give my life just to rescue one of them. Because in their minds is a person much more living than I, much more meaningful, and a lot more valuable. However we define the value of human life, the Dinosaurs have got in them much more of that.

We don't have good feet, they tell us. And they slander us a lot! And, sometimes, they don't let us get out. And we feel bad about it. We can't even look at our feet, without feeling sorry! They slander us that way. I don't want to give your babies a bath tub. They don't want to have filth. - Dinosaur, "filth" in my native language (NL)
Can I come there and do all of your work assignments for you, and give you a day off for your vacation and let you bathe and have a fun carefree day away from there? Would they let us do that? I would help you with that. - me
We don't force anyone to come here, because you have chosen to come here obviously. - Dinosaur in my other language
Your babies don't need to be here anymore. We don't want them here. - Dinosaur
Was this talk related to me? - Hamish (NL)

You are not my chewing gum, but I will bite you. - Hamish (NL) to one of the aliens, probably the Dinosaur or otherwise to a Zeta

We do not want to look at your family jewels, but we have to. They have forced us to do it! - Dinosaur about male genitalia
But dear Dinosaur, I love you so much. You are not at any fault, and I love you. - me
Hysh Hysh! - Thuban or a Zeta shushing a hybrid child who wanted to ask a question or say something
You don't know anything about what goes on here. And we'd like to keep it that way. - a MIB man says to me
My chewing gum! - Hamish to a white alien ie. Thuban or Zeta or hybrid
Yeah, she didn't want to go to the Citadel. And we thought she might like to! - Dark Lord to the MIBs, not angry but disappointed
Well, she doesn't have to know, where she's left... - a MIB to the aliens about me
Is this, mine or yours home? - Hamish asks the Dinosaur (NL)
THIS IS DINOSAURS' HOME! My friends! - me (NL), I said "My friends" to say that the Dinosaurs are my friends
We don't want you to know more. In fact, you shouldn't know anything of this. So? What can we do? How can we help you with this? - a MIB to me concerned
I want to be awake during abductions. Would you arrange that for me please? It is all I want, in return. For all that I have been put through, and continue to, and will be put through in the future, I just want to know what happens to me, and get to meet the aliens in real life. That is the only payment I ask. - me
I want my eggs, yes. - Hamish
I want my Hamish, yes. - me
Mine??? You said, to me? - Hamish or Dark Lord
My Hamish. Hamish is my Hamish. I love him so much, my Turtle Sock. - me
So, you see, that we are not really the enemies? They thank us for that. - Dark Lord about the humans ie. MIBs
Look, you cannot go over there, you would be ripped apart as a woman. - the MIB
How do you know! - me
St. Peter's Church has a cathedral, I like to go there. And pray for humanity. So? Would you do the same? Or, what do you pray for? To get to meet them, the aliens? Psht, what's wrong with you, woman? - the MIB
I want to meet them. And my reasons are my own. You have to let me make my own decision on this. It is important for me. I want to meet my alien friends. - me
They collect your fecal matter here, your bowel movements. - MIB
I KNOW THAT YOU BASTARD! You think you're protecting me but instead YOU are the one causing me HARM! I WANT TO MEET THEM NOW! You bastard! - me
Look, you can't be taken to a real doctor anymore, you've got these. - MIB, I am shown one of the Japanese-Zeta hybrids who works as a doctor, it is white and has black Japanese hair on the head and the eyes are large and weird and dark and resemble Thuban eyes, maybe it's a Thuban hybrid in fact

Here's a reminder of how precious the Dinosaurs are, this drawing is excellent it looks almost if not precisely what they look like I was real lucky with this one:

This morning when I asked for a conscious contact, the Dark Lord said, and I wrote it down: "Then you would come to our paystation.", "Paystation? What is that?" I asked, "It is where we accept payment from you, for not doing war.", he said. These were in my other language, and payment from "you" means from humanity.

And a Zeta said before I came here to write, in English: "We are not a real nurse, but we would like to be like one. We are not an adulteror, but we wanted you to have sex with other men."

9:10 AM. The Dark Lord showed me an image of The Eye last night. I asked him about The Eye. The Dark Lord said that The Eye creates this universe, that the fabric of space comes out of The Eye. I asked him if The Eye talks and if it is possible to have conversations with it, if it is like a sentient person, and the Dark Lord said no but that they have tried to talk with it. I asked him if The Eye is dangerous, I told him I was afraid of The Eye, and I thanked him for dealing with The Eye on our behalf so that people like me would not have to.

Correction: there are many St. Peter's Churches in the USA, but here is what I wrote: This is interesting. The MIB blurted out St. Peter's Church. I am not going to provide a link because I do not feel that a Christian church should ever be linked to from a page as horrendous and immoral such as this... but it is a Church in Manhattan, New York City in the USA. It made my heart warm. I've been taken to a hospital in Syracuse New York and remember the Brooklyn Bridge abduction where I ran out into the streets in New York and I saw a highway sign that said toward Brooklyn Bridge? These guys my MIBs are in New York! Oh my god! If only they would let me go and meet them! I would do anything just to see them in real life! There is a big emptiness in me and meeting them would make everything alright. Meeting my MIBs and military and the aliens. Just to see them, I would know who I am. I would go to New York first thing tomorrow if only they would invite me for a meeting. I would do anything.

What Precious Is

June 14 2015, 2:40 PM - I found out today that the vast majority of my letters are now forever vanished, since the email account I was using has been emptied due to long time inactive. Fortunately there is a chance that nothing interesting was lost, since I started using another email account around the time where my second Letters book ended. It just reminds me how meticulously I have written everything down, how precious my Orion Project is to me, and how much I value my books, this documentary, and my strange and interesting journey with the Aliens. Because I don't want a morsel of it to be lost.

I am still here. - says Hamish
Yes Hamish, you are. You will always be here. And who needs books, and papers, and files. You are a real breathing Dragon and I love you. I would be lost without you. - me
There is no danger of that, ever happening. I will not get lost from you. I was here to stay! - Hamish
My precious Dragon. You mean the world to me. I love you. - me
Yoohoo! We are also here! - hollers a Zeta from the sky
We are here to make you pregnant with our babies. - Zeta, kinda spoils a moment between me and the Dragon here
You said that the Orion Project books were precious, but then you said about me. - Hamish


June 14 2015, 6:54 AM - The other day Hamish asked me to please not do any clicks to him anymore. Because his mother used to do them for him, he says. And so I have stopped doing palate clicks to Dragon, or at least I try to remember not to, in honor of his request. It is cute when Hamish remembers his mother. She was also a red Dragon Turtle and it seems that she played a role in Hamish's life when Hamish was a little Dragon. Dragon Turtles and Reptilians are treated rough when they are babies. Weak ones are probably destroyed, and babies are kicked around a bit and not exactly nursed with love and tenderness to make them into strong Reptiles. It seems Reptilians also have to kill someone to pass a rite of passage and be accepted. But, I also see tenderness in Hamish's memories of his mother. You will find an excellent account of a Reptilian talking about his/her infancy and childhood in a future book featuring Eustace the Reptilian who talks about when he/she wanted to bite fingers and was placed in a box.

The other day at night I was shown a mental image of a cigar-shaped UFO by the Dark Lord. I am instinctively terrified of the cigar shaped UFOs. If I see one on tv I react with total panic and have to leave the room and start to shiver. I'm not sure if it's because of suppressed memories that I might have of horrid things taking place in one, it seems rather that I feel something from them regardless. This time I saw and sensed the machinery inside them. I think the horror has to do with a feeling emanated from the machinery of the thing. Or, not unlikely, because Mr. Satan travels in these (I mean the Dark Lords).

Yesterday a raptor reptilian shows me a mental image of two round white organs which have a web of blood vessels that wraps around them. Hm. What were they?

They were delicious. - says Hamish, "delicious" in my 3rd language
They were not given to my beard, because I have none. - Hamish, English (always English unless I say otherwise)
I'm glad you don't have a beard, Hamish, because shaving is a lot of work every day. - me

At first I thought are these testicles? Or perhaps some unknown-to-me internal organ? Well, I've taken two anatomy courses and labs and didn't recognize the organs, they could have been testicles perhaps though the webbing of blood vessels was a bit off, and they were slightly irregular shaped and too large to be that. Well. Turns out they were the brains of hybrid babies. Yes. Raptor couldn't stop showing them to me, I had to excuse myself and try to do other things, he kept on showing them to me. I think this raptor was Amadeus, at least we may think so. He and/or Hamish were going to have these as snacks and sure enough, Reptiles ate these baby brains. These brains were a pale gray color and something about their shape and make didn't look like a human brain. The raptor was trying to instill a response in me, perhaps testing to see whether I would be angry, or checking if it's true that I "allow" them to eat my hybrid babies. I did my best to give them no feedback whatsoever, but to ignore the whole thing.

Last night I sent a copy of the new eBook version of "Real? Or Imaginary?" to a SETI scientist, and that instilled the Orion doctor to pay me a visit. Either THE Orion doctor or another similar one. And he let me see him super clearly in a mental image. Oh, if I could have taken a snapshot of what I saw. He is a black reptile, not very tall perhaps in the 160's centimeters tall. His body is covered in protruding scales, whereas Reptilian scales lie flat against their skin. The Orion scales look a lot like black human fingernails stacked in rows on top of each other like roof tiles, facing downward toward their feet. He told me I could have one of his scales, which would be about the size of a human fingernail, in a small box, he said that when I was admiring his scales and his looks. (No box with scale was given.)

The Orion man told me again the same story, that the Reptilians have taken over their people. It is a sad story. Orion man told me that his people have tried to fight and resist, and he commented on how I have not fought against the Reptiles at all. Again he wore a loose-fitting sleeveless shirt which is white in color and has long holes around the arms as opposed to snug or tight-fitting. There is a nice flow to the material similar to silk. On the front on the shirt is the yellow pyramid. The pyramid used to be upside down on their shirts to denote that the Orions have not joined or accepted the Agenda, but I was not sure if this time the pyramid was upside down or the right side up. The Orions are not Reptilians, "Reptilian" is a word reserved for the reptiles from Alpha Draconis. They should not be regarded the same. Just like Dinosaurs are not Reptilians either.

I was tossed around quite brutely by a Reptilian last night, because right after I got to see the Orion man so clearly, I also got to see a Reptilian clearly. Well, the title of my book is "Real? Or Imaginary?", and both of them had come to let me see them clearly so that I would know that they are real, I know that because of things they said. The Reptilian was gorgeous. It might have been Hamish. A beautiful reddish-brown Reptile with a head that looks a bit too small for its size, and big Reptilian eyes with a vertical slit. I think my eyes filled with tears when I saw them. I was so blessed to see these handsome aliens, aside from any moral obligations to detest what they do, these are some fantastic biological entities and they are a miracle of life.

My Toast, I said, my snacks. I wanted to eat them? My livers! - Hamish
Are you hungry, Hamish? Have you had breakfast yet? - me
I don't eat them. - Hamish
"Which" do you eat? I love you Hamish. - me
Mine! - Hamish says and opens his small toothless mouth
We don't want to take you to the hospital anymore, young woman. Because you might be raped there? - General Patton with some concern
Oh, hi General Patton. I don't mind going to the hospital. I would like to stay awake there next time, BUT YOU NEVER LET ME DAMN YOU!!! - me
So, we won't take you to the hospital. - either a raptor or Sergeant Wilkes or a morph of both
Blah. I wanted to stay awake. AND I WANT TO MEET HAMISH!! - me
Alright, hit the sack then. And we will show you what we do. - says General Patton, indicates to my bed here in the bedroom (which he called "the sack", a typical American expression) and he puts his hands on his belt as if to undo his belt (and pants, presumably)
General Patton. If I may ask, ... - me, no, I couldn't ask it, if he has sex with me in the Agenda, because just as I was about to phrase the words, I gagged (and yes, there was a time when I was in love with this man)

Moving on. And so last night when I got to see the Reptile, I was tossed around real bad in bed, slapped around in fact. It was either the Orion or a Reptilian slapping me around. They literally physically move my body around in bed! I am NOT doing it to myself! It's fun most of the time, but this time was one of those more brutal times which almost spoils the fun of it being alien contact. I still don't mind. It's kind of neat being slapped around by reptile aliens. I consider myself privileged.

The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?
now as eBook!
for Instant Download!

New eBook version contains two new chapters, "Advanced DNA Strand"
and "Peter The Blue Pleiadian" never before published!

Aliens with me

June 13 2015, 8:57 AM - Early this morning as I was thinking of the Orion hieroglyphics that I have already been given, including Shuurah and Kembrahh, the Orion man put another one of their hieroglyphs into my mind and told me it was Algriuumi which meant "I apologise":

Algriuumi - Orion for "I apologise"

Yesterday a black Reptilian let me see it in mental images and he said that he has a "cobra's head". He was acting very fussy and had a very short fuse all the time. Eventually I had to suggest for him some relaxation exercises and tell him to meditate. I tried to calm him down because he was constantly so agitated. He showed me the underground Ancient Egyptian temples that these black Reptiles love to visit and live by, it seems there are hidden Egyptian temples under ground in vast complexes not yet found by humans, the ceiling is low and the area span is huge, the floor is covered by sand and most of the buildings and walls have some sand against them and partly buried.

The cuddly reptilian from just a few days ago (read previous entry below) came back to see me again last night just as I went to bed but not before. He said his name is Amadeus. What he said implied that they want to take my eggs and put Reptilian DNA into my eggs. Amadeus was ready and quite willing to crawl into bed with me to have sex with me, based on what he was doing and what he was saying to me. I think he asked me something such as "have you ever had sex with a Reptilian?". I didn't dismiss him, but of course I was surprised to hear that. I wasn't sure at that point whether I would have said yes or no to the invite of having sex with a Reptilian. I'm not sure if the sex ever happened though. Amadeus did do some wrestling of me, he tossed my body this way and that in bed a few times. It i strange that Hamish was watching and he didn't get angry at Amadeus or want to bite him and he didn't even say "Yes-No", so I don't know what kind of deal or hierarchial arrangement the two of them have got.

My Buttercup. I said yes, to him. He was going to help me. I wasn't going to break his arm for it. It was not mine. I wasn't jumping on you. But someone had to? To show you we are in charge. "I wanted him to let you do it." - Hamish talks to me about Amadeus

Amadeus had also said that he did not want to be here with me, he said that he and I were now prison cellmates sharing the same prison cell which he meant was my bedroom, he had not wanted to come here but had been made to come here by others. I was sorry that he felt so bad about it. It seems that Amadeus is in fact a tiny raptor dinosaur reptile, he is small like a dog and slender and his scales are in green colors with patches of yellow-beige. His tail is long and thin and is held up and does not rest against the floor limp. He has a long v-shaped snout filled with many small sharp teeth in both upper and lower jaws.

Yesterday a chubby Illuminati hybrid man made a visit via telepathic connection and I saw him and heard him in my mind. He was meant to look at me and masturbate and I think there was talk about him having sex with me to make a child. He declared with grief how he wished he could eat some ice-cream! And how he has seen me eat ice-cream so many times! I tried to be nice to him when we talked. He was upset with me and seemed frustrated about things, but I tried to assure him that we should be friends. I am not aware that me and him would have met in person or had any sex, but who knows what happens in the mysterious abductions that I am not allowed to remember? After a while he asked me if I would like to play ball with him, and he showed me a red inflated plastic ball about the size larger than a soccer ball one that kids would have for playing in the garden. I told him I would love to play ball with him, and I said that I might be able to show him some other games with the ball too and that we could have a lot of fun.

The chubby Illuminati hybrid men are in fact adult hybrid men. They are very chubby, but I suspect that it is a structural flaw, a lack of proper supportive tissue, and it may be water accumulation rather than "over-eating", unless it is fat and a genetic metabolic malfunction, because all of the men of his batch are oversized. I doubt that the Zetas would allow these men to eat until they get too fat because surely it would not be healthy for them. And also if their size were the result of over-eating, then we should expect to see some variation in sizes among the men, but they are all big like that. And so I suspect a genetic reason from the mixture of human and alien DNA.

Another comment is that although these men are adult men, as you can see yet again they think and talk much like little children, he thinks

I am growling at them. - Hamish about the IMs
Why, Hamish, do you growl at the men? - me
They cannot be eaten, they have cocks. - Hamish, Hamish meant that these men are not to be eaten since these are fertile men with genitals and fertility
I cannot fight with them either, they are left alone. And so I said, Yes-No, to them. About their cocks I said!!! They are not growled at. I was only making a point, an illustration. That they are not mine, to be had. I was not going to eat with them, they are made to be made love with. They were not mine. I was not going to say, Yes-No, to their cocks. So? They are best left alone? I was not going to say, No. If they want to come into your pyy-pyy. - Hamish
And yes all of these were in English or I would have said otherwise!

These men are like little children, they think about ice-cream and pancakes and about playing with toys. They're adorable though. But you should know, I have had sex with these men that I remember, and the sex was great the best I've ever had. Maybe I shouldn't say that, but this is a documentary, I have to jot that down.

A Zeta gave me a quick mental image of itself late last night and told me that I probably think it looks "strange". I said no not at all and that I have seen them plenty of times before. I wish the Zetas would give me closer contact.

Hamish has asked me to eat yoghurt "for the eggs" and yesterday I promised to buy one even though I've stopped eating yoghurt since a long time ago. But I ran out of money and didn't get any yesterday, both Hamish and especially the Thuban were disappointed, the Thuban hissed at me angrily "You lied!". I had to explain more than once that I ran out of money and that tomorrow (which is today) I will have more money and can buy the yoghurt. Cow's milk and yoghurt are namely extremely healthy for the embryos so Hamish and the team often encourage me to eat milk and yoghurt. They don't force me to eat it, and they are not too adamant or nagging about it, but there are regular reminders and suggestions given in a kind and easy way and when I still choose not to have these foods they don't nag or make a big deal out of it.

I wanted to watch Harry Potter movies with you. Are there any? - Hamish or Dark Lord
Is Hamish asking? - me
Yes. I was prepared to see one. About my eggs, I said??? - Hamish
Well, Darling. I don't have one of the movies here, but I am sure that I could make some arrangements. I love you so. It is nice that you would like to watch a movie with me, we could make some popcorn and liver snacks. - me
We are not forbidden from eating it. I was going to say Yes, to that snacks. - Hamish
I like to see him do the magic. - Hamish or Dark Lord
Who am I talking to? To Hamish or to a Dark Lord? - me
We will see what you think about us first. - Dark Lord

I wasn't here. But this was nice. - Hamish shows me mental image of his feet on the bathroom rug in the bath tub room

I had a shower this morning and I stepped my feet up and down on the rug in there like he does and told him it's soft and that he should come and try it himself. I like it when Hamish tends to his rugs when I am showering or bathing and we are right next to each other, both of us grooming and fixing and cleaning and we are both quiet, him a big red Dragon stepping on the rug and wiping his feet clean on it, and me in the shower washing with soap and water. Those quiet moments between us are some of the most meaningful I've had with him. Because we are close, we are both doing something intimate and personal I guess, but we are doing it together but each on our own. They mean something, those moments. They build our relationship, they bring us close together. We share life together.

I am only here for my liver snacks, not that. Not for that shower. - Hamish, way to spoil a moment

Clay-Do Man
That Rug Is A Dealbreaker!
Nightly visit from a Cuddly Reptilian

June 10 2015, 1:44 PM -

Are you made out of clay-do? - Zeta
We look like we were made out of clay-do. - Zeta
They also wanted to give us their golden hits. - Zeta shows me image of the golden LP that SETI sent out into space for them to find
We are sorry that he doesn't want to come here anymore. - Zeta about Hamish
It's because of the rug isn't it? - me
And Onions! - Hamish (NL)
And Onions, no. - Hamish (NL)
I will not take eggs from you, now. - Zeta (NL)

I had put the soaking wet ruggy on the floor for Hamish yesterday evening but this morning the rug was still soaking wet so I threw it into the drier. After half an hour in the drier it was still just as wet (only hot and steaming) so I hung it to dry over by the kitchen window. Hamish has been very upset about his rug not being on the floor. He has threatened to leave me and to stop taking the eggs from me. He nags about how I promised that he could have the rug. I tell him it has to dry I am not putting a wet rug on the floor and it won't dry on the floor.

I offered him to go stand or lie down on my bed. He actually did end up trying out the bed, but it just doesn't look like his elements. He wants the rug back.

To be honest, I don't like Dragon spending his time in the bathroom. I wonder if I were to take all rugs out of the bathroom and instead put the rugs in a corner of my bedroom, but he also likes it to be perfectly dark and the bathroom is that. In a future home I want to have a great big closet space or a basement and I will furnish it for my Dragon with lots of nice rugs and things he likes, and No Onions there of course. I love him.

Last night a new green Reptilian came to visit into my bedroom and he wanted to instantly jump into bed with me and cuddle. If I recall he also wanted to have sex with me, but I might remember that wrong, at least he was being very romantically inclined. I wondered if he was the substitute worker as Hamish might have been away (because of the rug). This green visitor Reptile said he lives in an underground base. He was also here to stop me from writing my second book "Noah's Ark" because he doesn't want humanity to know about the Reptilians or Reptilian bases. I assured him that I was not going to harm him and I had to spend most of the time talking nicely to him and reassuring him that I was his friend, because it seemed like he was wanting to kill me, at least I recall him saying something similar to that he hates me, because Reptilians are private about their bases and people like me who know too much they might like to check us out and be upset at us for being a possible threat.

Rug Trauma

June 09 2015, 3:37 PM - Oh dear. I decided to clean the apartment and toilet room and wash the floors and everything and also throw the rug into the washing machine so that it would for sure be nice and clean for Hamish. After I threw everything into the machine I got back on the computer, but I decided to not play some music because Hamish might need some quiet time with the possible trauma of having his rug removed for some time and because I also could that way better keep an eye on Dragon to see how he is doing. He stares with his headlight eyes on the toilet room floor where the rug was. He notices it empty without a rug. He then looks again and shows me the mental image and he growls.

I was never impolite. So why did you have to do that!! - Hamish about the fact that I've removed his coffee-colored rug

It is always the same thing. When I wash the bathroom rugs. He doesn't like it. I just want the rugs to be perfectly clean and fresh for this alien visitor's dragon feet. But he likes them funky and he wants them to have "his smell". When I bring them back from the washing machine he tends to say, "it doesn't smell right". It is so traumatic to him when I remove his rugs from him to wash them, and it breaks my heart. It's like taking the pacifier away from your baby. He is such a sad Dragon without his rugs where he makes nests, and it breaks my heart to do this to him and to watch him sad. It is like when you destroy the bird's nest and you watch the birds come home and there is nothing there. We both suffer. But ruggy will soon be back with him, clean and properly washed, and then Dragon can put his feet on it again.

4:25 PM. So I brought the rug and other washing back from the washing machine laundry room downstairs. They are all wet because I figured I can dry them at home. Surely, it would return faster to Hamish's floor and feet if I tumbledried it, but then again to conserve energy. I put the pile of washing into the big sink in the bath tub room and start to hang wet kitchen towels on the backs of chairs to dry.

You mean person. - Hamish translated
Why? - me
You have put it there! - Hamish, just as I put the wet rug on the bathroom room sink to dry
I wanted to have it to wash my scales, if I may? - Hamish

He then goes to the bathroom and looks at the rug and rubs it with his fingers touching it and feeling it out with his fingers where it hangs from the edge of the large sink in the room with the bath tub and he purrs. Then he looks cheerful and says Yes! But then,

I will not take you to the hospital anymore. This isn't working. You are a, traitor! You will not go to the hospital with me again! You traitor. You said that I could have it. - Hamish, have it means the rug
Darling? I have only washed it for you. I wanted it to be clean. Do you forgive me, for washing it for you? I wanted to take care of you. - me
Mine, washed, no. - Hamish

I have deeply made him angry. He loves bathroom rugs so much. Do you see how angry he is at me? He even wants to stop working with me. Over all of our years together this is the first time that something I did has made Hamish angry with me. I almost start to cry. I just wanted to wash his rug! I know how he loves his rugs but I just wanted it to be clean for his feet! When the rug was in the washing machine Hamish stood in the hallway outside of the toilet room just standing there, and it was clear that he had noplace to be and nothing to do and no way to get comfortable and nothing meaningful for him to occupy his mind and time. He looked so barren like he had nothing in the world, there.

I love this person, so much.

My eggs. - Hamish
I don't want you to tell me I smell like cheese when I come! Or otherwise I would bite you, and maul you! For not liking me? For my rug, washed? - Hamish, all English except "washed"
But Hamish? I wanted your rug to be clean for your feet? I just wanted to help you! - me
My Eggs, need me. So I am not allowed to leave here. Otherwise I would. For not liking you, I said. Mine, Eggs. My pyy-pyy needs me. Or otherwise?, I would go. For not liking you. My Socks! - Hamish, "my socks" in my native language and he lifts up one of his feet

That's it. I take the wet rug and place it back wet on the floor.

Would you, please? - Hamish about the rug back
Yes! - me
My Socks, there. - Hamish lifts one of his flat feet a little and longs of putting it on the rug again
Fun for me! - says Hamish as I bring the wet rug and lay it down on the floor
It was not dirty now, you said to me? About, Hamish, you said. - Hamish snug on the rug again and calmed down
It was mine! Mine, Eggs, were here too. My Snacks? Tik Tok? - Hamish
I won't bite your fingers I said, for helping me. Do not thank me. I wanted you to say Yes. About, Yes-No rugs. Mine. - Hamish snug on the wet rug on the floor
I won't bite your fingers I said. - Hamish, not a threat it seems more that he is taking back what he said since all is well now, or that he means to say that if I ever go for his rug again

The rug is wet, completely soaked, but there it is, and there is Dragon on it, and all is well with the world.

My Eggs. - Hamish says from being slumped on his rug again
My Hamish. - I say to him

I now see him closing his eyes relaxing and being content to have his rug back. So what is with his rugs you ask? For one, his feet start to feel a bit sore if he stands on hard surfaces for too long. His feet are more sensitive than human hands for touching and feeling with. So it is a comfort thing, think of it like if you get a sore aching back unless you have that armchair. But also I have concluded that it is a nest to him, that he has instincts that make him build a nest. His species makes nests for a group of Dragon eggs which the females guard over, but Hamish too watches over his eggs when he has them with a Dragon Turtle female, so it is also nesting behavior. I hate to say it, but it could also be a bit because he is in a strange world here and a rug provides him with something of his own, a little home of his own. He also places his shedded scales on rugs, so we could say that is where he keeps his things. The rugs are very important to him, they provide him with joy and comfort and a feeling of home. It also gives him something to do, as he probably spends hours in a day of 24 hours on a rug.

I don't think I will ever do that to him again. We both suffered.
*Some of the telepathy in this segment from 4:25 PM were translated.


June 09 2015, 9:15 AM -

The hybrids don't want to look at your butt. - Zeta
No, they want to play with their toys. - me
But we want them to know where they came from. - Zeta

You have to look at her, and not your rag rug! - Zeta said to Hamish, translated

So it is official. Hamish really does like his rugs. Hamish is meant to be here in my home (although cloaked) to look at me and guard the eggs, but he sure is keen on spending time with his rugs. Even the Zetas noticed it

I will bite your fingers if you say that! I will not bite. I was only warning. - Hamish with image as if he were to bite towards my fingers
But Hamish I love when you have your rugs! - me
I am not friendly anymore. - Hamish in my native language

Zetas and a Special Visitor

June 08 2015, 10:56 PM - I had a long conversation with my Zetas about letting me stay awake for when they take the eggs. Turns out the Zetas want me to stay awake, but it is the government and military who forbid me from staying awake because they are protecting me from seeing the atrocious things that happen there with the Zetas. For one, I learned that one of the scary things I am not supposed to see is that Zetas and their hybrid children drink human brain fluids with a straw. Zetas also have bath tubs with red bloody soup to lie in for nourishment.

Then guess who came for a long visit? I will let you guess, and then you can click here. I wrote down 22 Word document pages which will all need to be translated into English and then you can read it, probably in a book.

We Hear about Derek

June 07 2015, 11:12 PM - So you best got to know the MILABS MIB guy Derek in coffee with Derek and Gillespie. MILABS means military abductions, the encounter of military humans and MIB humans which are men in black suits during abductions. For the past several months the Agenda has been telling me that "Derek is dead". I forget when I first reported these horrible news.

Yesterday the Agenda told me that Derek is in fact alive but he has been sent to Rigel. Rigel is one of the stars of the Orion constellation. Who else did we know from Rigel? Damian, find him here.

Do you think that we are cruel if we killed him? - Dark Lord about Derek
Do you want to visit his gravestone and mortuary? - Dark Lord
But, why? Derek was such a young man? He had a wife and kids, did he not? - me
Derek was not prepared for us, to see us. - Dark Lord
But. Who are you? - me
I am the one who speaks to you now. I came to see if you were alright with this. - Dark Lord
We are not the buttons. - Hamish about himself, the buttons are his rows of orange blunt bumps on his head
But, we did not send him to Rigel. That was misinformation. We thought you should know that. Before we tell you what went down? - Dark Lord

The continuation of this conversation is going into a future book. It turned into 12 Word document pages of conversations with Liutenant Jackson, some other military man who works in the office, Hamish, and me, about Derek and his death, and even about Captain Robert "Bob" Stephens. One of the best - if not the best - conversations I've ever had with my MILABS guys in all these years.

A Letter from a Reader

June 07 2015, 10:15 PM - Dear Readers. Here is a letter from a reader.


What do you think humanity's response should be if this knowledge were to become available and irrefutable to everyone or if the aliens choose to make themselves known or worse yet overtly take over as the alpha species of the planet.

Do you think we should :

1. Take an approach close to your own and co-operate within reason while taking some casualties.
2. Engage in combat (Would we even stand a chance and even if we didn't should we engage nonetheless because it is the 'honorable' thing to do ?)
3. Become a part of the agenda to negotiate for minimum casualties.

The reason I ask you is because you are so immersed with the alien culture that your perspective would be invaluable.

Thanks for the reply and looking forward to the new books. Say Hi to Hamish and the rest for me. I really hope I get to meet him someday and walk out alive and in one piece. I also hope to meet you someday. I am an immigrant in America myself and like you I am extremely fascinated by anything alien :)


And here is our reply from me and Hamish.


Option 1: No. The Reptilians insist on torturing, mutilating, and murdering many humans. Even my precious "cute" little Hamish likes to put a plastic bag on a human's head and watch him suffocate to death immobile on the examination table, and he drowns hybrid children in the river. It doesn't work to be friendly with them and coo them like I do and let them murder as they wish. The only reason it is safe for me to treat them like little kittens, is because I have total immunity thanks to my eggs. They will not eat me. But the same approach would never work for humanity as a whole, if the Reptilians were to take over. Option 1 would be a disaster, and life here would be miserable.

Option 2: Combat with Reptilians I would not recommend it. They are immensely powerful creatures. Besides, let's say that one group of human soldiers succeeds in doing some combat damage on some Reptilians. Then I would expect the Reptilians to punish those "successful soldiers" by showing them other humans being tortured to death. The military men who are working on delicately balanced agreements and treaties with the Reptilians just to keep things afloat, are often forced to watch Reptilians commit heinous acts against humans. But at least "majority" of humanity stays safe, and oblivious.

We are not a threat! Tell them! - Hamish wants to add now
We are only here, to see eating no sugar. About my eggs, I meant. For, no sugar, or flour was eaten. - Hamish, he means that he personally is here with me watching over the eggs and to ask me not to eat any sugar, since sugar disrupts their genetics work on the eggs

Option 3: Yes and no. Humanity should not become part of the Agenda. But this is what the militaries are already doing, negotiating. On the other hand, militaries are receiving great secret rewards from the Agenda, such as advanced weapons (not to mention that individual men who work in this are getting a lot of narcotics, prostitutes, and money). But overall, I think communication and negotiation would be the key, and that is what is going on, behind the curtains.

How sweet. Would be nice if I could bring groups of people in to meet with Hamish. It's nice to know that someone out there is looking forward to the books. This second book definitely has some taboo material and it is nothing like the sweetness that I publish on the website. I was translating some pages about Crocodile Man contact and it even made my jaw drop and made me blush.

Thanks for the good question and nice feedback!

Thanks for my backhump, I should say. - Hamish

Eva & Hamish

New Rug

June 07 2015, 7:05 PM - In my new apartment the toilet is in its own tiny room and the bathtub is in another larger separate room. The toilet room has no windows and with the lights off it is completely dark in there. I opened the door to intend to use the bathroom, and guess what I found in there? A Dragon. He has of course adopted the plush soft coffee-colored bathroom ruggie that he found there.

Hamish was all snug about spending time there all alone in a dark room standing on the ruggy rugs. I said to him, "Hamish you are going to have to leave the room because I am going to use the bathroom?" It really is a tiny cramped room, but Hamish seems all snug and comfy in there standing on that rug. He can spy on me and listen to my thoughts from there when I am at home, it is even nicely centrally placed. Oh, that Dragon and rugs.

It is so cute how he finds and adopts little bathroom rugs to stand on. He just loves the soft feeling underneath his flat feet. And when he had left the room as I told him to do, he stood in the hallway outside and just looked in through the open door toward his rug and wanting to go back to it like a kitten that was picked up and wants to go back to its fuzzy mother cat. And so I stood there for a while, looking at the rug and being reminded of all the reasons why I love Hamish. And then I didn't need to go to the bathroom anymore so I told Hamish he could go back in there and that I would come back a while later. So now I have a beloved Dragon on a ruggy rugs.

I connect to him mentally, he is standing upright on that small square of a rug in a dark small toilet room all alone, doing his job of listening to me and guarding the eggs, and I feel a lump of tears in my throat. Who put him here into my home? Is he in a strange place?

I am not guarding the eggs, I am here because I want to be. So? Do you not know that? I wanted to speak with you. About the eggs? About my guarding? They told me No, I cannot come here. But I left them anyway. And left them my traces. I wanted to stay? My Buttercups, my stayed here therefore. Mine? I was with, mine? No! Yes-No Ufo! Mine? This was mine, for me? - Hamish, "they told me no" are other reptilians who had told him he can't come here to me, the ufo was a Zeta spaceship that was listening in and maybe Hamish felt that they might ask him to leave or just bother him and he didn't want to be disturbed there on the rug, and after the ufo sentence "Mine? This was mine, for me?", he means that the rug was his
I am not a real Turtle. But it is fine if they believe I was. I was not going to leave you. It was my shelf! - Hamish, the shelf is indeed the little white sink in the toilet room, he thought of it as he said it
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language (NL)
My trash, not? - Hamish (NL) he lifts up one duck foot and under it are shreds of shedded white scales
I don't want to fight with you anymore, about my eggs. - Hamish, "my eggs" was (NL) and he thought of some black being possibly a Dark Lord

He is so small and helpless there, but now I think that maybe he feels right at home.

Yes, my eggs. I am not leaving, my home. I was with, Mine? Mine, Trash, that I see here. It was with mine, Buttercup. - Hamish, the trash are his shredded scales

He is right at home. I will take care of him. I would do anything for him. I will make sure that he feels at home. We belong together. Thank you god that my Hamish didn't end up with anyone else. He is my Dragon and I will take care of him.

My Buttercups said yes to me. - Hamish
My hands were not clean, then I go there. - Hamish about the sink in the toilet room
I love you Hamish. I will take care of you. - me
I have paper here. - Hamish about the toilet paper in the room
I don't like that, light there. - Hamish thinks of lifting on the curtains in my bedroom, just as I was about to say that I wish I could set up a corner of my bedroom with a rug for him instead
I don't like that violin. And yes, you are my buttercup. - Hamish, violin refers to music I listen to on the computer now in the kitchen, sometimes in my bedroom, and he thought of a yellow flower when he said buttercup

My Dragon. I will take care of him.

I am a Mother
Reptile babies

June 06 2015, 10:53 PM - I was sitting by the computer actually working on translating pages for the next Orion Project book, when a Reptilian made me aware of a mental image of itself, it was up in a spaceship. He showed me the image of a tiny embryo, only this one had a curved tail. I knew what it meant. I have Reptile hybrid babies.

Ugly drawing? I don't have my electronic drawing tablet with me, so that's pretty good considering what I had to work with.

You know how the aliens have all these years asked me to stop eating sugar? And they mean refined sugar sucrose that you find in processed foods? How they say that the sugar interferes with the alien DNA that is in the embryos that are growing inside me? Do you remember in the far beginning when Malik the Dark Lord slapped me around my bed for eating four cinnamon buns? So with the breast cancer scare I started immediately eating super healthy. I don't eat any sugar or bread for example and am eating incredibly healthy foods which will cure any disease. And I told you how the aliens had noticed that I am not eating any sugar, and how they were pleased? And how I told you that this has opened a new door, only I did not know what it was?

They are now able to make Reptile hybrids with me. And I couldn't be happier. I was shown in mental images an adult or young adult Reptile hybrid. The larger on the left is the young adult hybrid, the little on the right is the embryo. The young adult has human skin in a beige orange color, no scales. The tail contains an extension of the spine and the vertebrae bulge out under the skin to the back. It has short human fingers. And its feet are Reptilian and webbed toes.

The most interesting is its snout. It has a blunt soft protruding snout with two nostrils. No external ears and no hair. The juvenile was able to talk to me telepathically. I have been ordered by the team to wash my hair with lots of shampoo tonight, so I'm off to do that. I wrote down 6 Word document pages of telepathy and notes on this with the aliens, you will find it in a future book. (Why a book and why not here? Because I have to translate it and it takes ages. I am three years behind, working on translating stuff from June 2012 right now. I've got lots of gems and pages that you haven't seen yet.)

My Buttercups are in oestrus. - Hamish

Excerpt from today's telepathy:

We have chased your race for a long time! - Dark Lord or Reptile
We have noticed what you do. And that you become happy because of us. And we wanted to know why?? - Reptile
I have become friends with Hamish. - me
Are you my friend, Hamish? - me
I am not friends with my bread. - Hamish

Badum-tish, folks. Now to wash my hair and go to bed.

Zetas, Buttercups, and Japan

June 06 2015, 2:14 PM - Last night when I went to bed

We were already there. Tell them. - Hamish
About, my Buttercups, DNA. I was there for it. About? The successful breed? No more bread, she has eaten. It wasn't good for her. I was not the blame for that. I was the old grandfather race once. My, Apples, Tik Tok! The apples were better prepared. I was not going to eat it for her? The Apples, *growl*. - Hamish
Hamish? Are you being cute? Or are you always adorable? - me

It is true I have stopped eating bread and sugar and many other things for a while, that is what he is talking about. And I just ate a red apple which I had cut into slices on a plate sitting next to me, so he saw that. "Tik Tok" are the words but they are actually two different types of palate or guttoral sounds that he makes, but he tends to just say the words instead. "Tik Tok" means "mate with me" or "I will mate with you" or "you are mine to mate with", which in my case when Hamish says it means that my eggs are his, or so he thinks.

Mine, yes. About my Buttercups. - Hamish

So last night when I went to bed the Zetas told me that pears, the fruit, are not compatible with their Zeta DNA, and so when I eat pears then the eggs or embryos growing in me with Zeta DNA get many various genetic misformations. And I told them that that is interesting. I have never had any food allergies of any kind, except that when I was a young child I was allergic to pears, it gave me huge rashes, but I grew out of it and seem able to eat pears now as an adult. But I rarely eat pears, because I like to think, that perhaps the rashes were just an outside sign and who knows if the pears are still allergic on the inside and what they could be doing? But, why are the Zetas "allergic" to pears, and so was I?

I begged to meet the Zetas consciously. But instead they talked to me when I slept at night and it produced two vivid dreams which narrate their stories in pictures. The first was that I was shown a map of the cosmos. The Zetas were telling me that all of the stars and space is arranged around a spherical cosmos. Imagine the atmosphere around planet Earth, only as if the outer limit of the atmosphere was as solid as the beginning, and with a clear break instead of a gradual dissipating one. Stars are all on the outer border of the cosmos "atmosphere" or somewhere further down in toward the center, but no stars are outside of this border. But it didn't make sense to me when they showed it to me and it didn't make sense afterwards. Then how can we travel in all directions, I've asked? But I've always wondered about the shape of the universe, and perhaps that is the answer? It's over my head.

The other was that the Zetas gave me a vivid "movie" dream about a possible

It has happened! Hiroshima! We saw it take place! And that is therefore we have come. To save them, their race, as well as we rescue our own. - Zeta

The Zetas showed me that huge white mushroom cloud of a nuclear explosion taking place in Japan, while in the dream I was far out at sea near Japan. I watched it for a long time. Then there were floods, water was gushing in, and me and a whole bunch of Japanese people were trying to escape from hallways or the train underground as water was filling up. I managed to escape and found myself up on dry land on a new island where things had been newly built. Today the aliens told me that they have brought me to Japan to introduce me to my Japanese children.

Zeta hybrid activity is huge in Japan. One reason for that is because the Zetas expect the Japanese people to relate to the Zetas since the Japanese people have had some nuclear accidents and the Zetas had one which is why the Zetas started doing hybrid genetics in the first place. Also Japan has the ancient "Dragon Dynasty" which means Reptilian families. Many of the hybrids I see who are part Zeta and part human, have yellow-blonde hair from Finnish and Northern European DNA, and many others they have black hair and Japanese heritage. When I woke up in the morning, the Zetas were telling me of how concerned they are that Japan still has nuclear reactors and were asking me of ways that the Japanese could be convinced to close those. The Zetas are also concerned that Japan puts some of their sewer water into the ocean, though they specifically described "bath water" or foamy soapy water going into the sea, it wasn't sewer or toilet water exactly.


June 05 2015, 6:42 PM - Right now: suddenly I saw the mental image of a yellow Dragon Turtle. She and Hamish talked to me. Her name is Susanna, she is a yellow Dragon Turtle. She keeps holding her arms straight back and against her back hump, her black-clawed fingers and hands are facing backward. I cannot get her to tell me why she holds her arms back. Susanna keeps telling me that my race (humans) have a problem with her smell. Hamish and her are going to try to mate and make babies. Susanna too wants to eat, or actually gets to eat, "my eggs", meaning my babies over in the Agenda.

Here is a picture of Yellow Turtle who was a male yellow Dragon Turtle. Susanna looks pretty much the same only she is smaller. I have now seen at least two different female Dragon Turtles, and I can tell you that they look the same and that they are smaller than the males. You will find the conversation with Susanna in a future telepathy book. I haven't eaten any refined sugar for five days now and usually I eat tons every day or every other day, and it may be that Susanna was shown to me since the Agenda team knows how I love the Dragon Turtle race and that it was a reward to let me see her. Also: you know how the aliens talk about how it ruins the eggs for DNA experiments when I eat refined sugar? Well now, let's find out what happens when I do not eat sugar, because now we are going to find out, it has opened a whole new door in this.

Rubber Chicken!

June 04 2015, 4:20 PM - Last year I was in a large department store and one of the things I looked at was the rubber chicken toy for dogs, it squeaks out loud when it is squeezed! Hamish has never forgotten that, and every once in a rare while he thinks about the chicken toy and he would like to have one.

Just now, completely out of the blue, Hamish thinks about the department store and about the chicken and he remembers the squeak it makes and in his thoughts he would like to step on it with one of his flat red duck feet and he seemed all pleased. Here is a picture of such a rubber chicken toy!

Hamish doesn't use his hands for anything, instead it is his feet that are very sensitive to surfaces and he uses his feet like hands. One of the things he does is that when he steps down with one of his flat red duck feet on something, then he claims it. It is what he would do after he catches a prey, he puts one foot down on it. (On a rare instance he also puts one red flat foot down on my belly, to claim the eggs.) It reminds me of how cats like to just hold their paw down on a captured mouse, just holding it there as if to show and be proud. I think I should buy this toy for Hamish.

Yeeess. - Hamish's response, he wants one
What would you do with it? - me
See if it has any eggs in there. If it has not, I won't take it. I am hunting the eggs, the prey. "The little things that are in there." The duck? Squeak? - Hamish
I wasn't planning on eating it. I was only going to check to see if it was in oestrus. - Hamish
The plastic chicken? - me
Yes-No. - Hamish, meaning "no not the chicken"

It was yours, or mine, fallopian tubes. The eggs fall out of there. That is what I was hoping to see, here? - Hamish, or he said "yours, not mine"
That is why we are hunting you. - Hamish from my other language
It was yours, not mine, I said. - Hamish

Zeta Planet Has A Magnetic Field - Fat Illuminati Hybrid "Baby-Man" - And My Baby!

June 04 2015, 11:24 AM - Last night when I was asleep I was with the Zetas and they were showing me a close up of outer space of the Zeta Reticulan home world. Normally I would feel frightened about feeling like I am in outer space, it is so vast and the stars are big and dangerous. But something about being near Zeta Reticulis was so safe and peaceful, because I didn't see any dangerous large stars. The Zetas have shown me their home star system many times but from further away, as a cluster of bright stars surrounded by pink color. That is why the Zetas love pink, they often beg me to put on pink lipstick and eyeshadow, and I would put on this makeup if it weren't that most of the time when they are asking, I have already gone to bed and am too tired to get up and put makeup on. They could tell me earlier in advance.

This time I was really close to the Zeta Reticulan home in space. The image was given to me so that it felt to me as if I were in space even without a body of my own and no spaceship. It was pink.

I noticed on the planet that it had a huge tube going right across the planet, not a physical tube but the pink color in space around it made the outline of a hollow tube, and to either side were the lobes of pink. Of course I recognized this as having the shape of the magnetic field of planet Earth, here is a good picture, look at this! Planet Earth contains a lot of iron inside it under the surface, and this iron is moving. Iron has magnetic properties, and moving magnets generate a magnetic field. This is why the whole of planet Earth has the magnetic field that is drawn on the image I linked to, it too has like a "tube" that cuts right across the center and then spreads the magnetic fields all around that tube. This is PRECISELY what I saw on the planet of the Zetas!

A magnetic field can attract or repel charged particles, just like how magnets can pick up paperclips or repel paperclips depending on what side you use. The magnetic field of Earth deflects or pushes away particles from outer space and collects them at the north and south hemispheres, where these charged particles form the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis, see here!

But when I was there and looking at the Zetan world, at the time I was too puzzled by the strange distribution of the pink around the planet, and so I asked the Zetas to tell me what that is and why it looks like that? Because one would expect the color around a round planet - to be round or spherical! That is when the Zeta, after a few long seconds, told me that it is because of magnetism, magnetic properties, or magnetic field or how the Zeta said it. It wasn't until I woke up when I instantly recognized the shape of what I had seen as the outline of a planetary magnetic field, and I was pleased that it coincided with the Zeta's explanation too.

So now we know that the pink color that surrounds the Zeta star system, that pink color is also surrounding their planet. Do we suspect this pink to consist of charged particles ejected from a star, just like Earth's colored particles in the Northern Lights come from the sun? And we know that the Zeta planet has a magnetic field, which should mean that the planet contains moving iron that generates the magnetic field?

No it does not! - Zeta objects
Then where does it come from? - me
We created it. - Zeta
And we do not have an Aurora Borealis. And, we have, or most of us have, already left it with our spaceships. We are not going to live there when it is uninhabitable! - the Zeta says
How did you build an artificial magnetic field for the entire planet? - me
Oh, it is easy. Don't you know, how? - a Thuban with the long praying mantis arms whose tips rest against the floor in front of it, white arms with forearm and upper arm bent at the elbow like a boomerang - now remember that recently when I met the 2nd Thuban it said to me that his species are "Zeta Reticulans"!

However: Earth's magnetic field collects the colors at the north and south pole only. And the Zetan magnetic field has pink color all across, which is why I was able to see the outline of the magnetic field with the tube and lobes, and the areas of the poles on both caps of the tube had no pink.

Last night when I had gone to bed I was shown a mental image of a fat Illuminati hybrid man only he was younger than the other ones I have seen, he was like a juvenile or young adult version, because he was getting fat and had some fat layers on his naked white body but he was by no means fully chubby fat like he will most likely become later on in life. He stood there naked in the room in the alien spaceship, and I was in bed, and he was interacting with me as if I were already on the examination table at the center of the room. He told me that he has to look at me and try to masturbate. I asked him if he has any instinctive feelings about me like that, and he said no.

The hybrids are made in many different genetic combinations of human and Zeta, and the Zetas evaluate the hybrids for sexual ability both in terms of actual physical fertility but also to see whether they are able to perform the sexual act. Hybrids that are incapable, are terminated, killed. Zetas start testing and subjecting the hybrids to this project ever since they are infants. Infant hybrids are shown naked humans and placed naked on top of naked adult human abductees. I will keep telling the Zetas that they have to wait until the hybrids are young adults and let them have a proper shielded childhood first without all of this.

Like many of the fat IM hybrids, this man had the mental intellect of a 2-year old. He was thinking about the big red toy car which is big enough for a 2-year old hybrid child to sit on and use his feet on the floor to push himself forward one nudge or kick at a time. He had been told that he is too big for that toy car, he told me, and then he wanted to cry and sob like a little child. This was by no means the intellect of a grown man. I would like to say "mental retardation", and I have said it before about them. Not all fat IM men are mentally retarded, rather some of them are really sharp, but most of them do not mentally grow up. And so as they grow older and turn very fat and plump, they are like big babies but they are men. But I love them, I am very kind and gentle with them. I also learned early on to give them time, to let them talk even if they need some extra time to think and to speak, and that I can speak to them slowly and clearly. Otherwise they feel frustrated if they cannot keep up, and I did observe early on that this could also make them feel angry and violent. Just like some types of mentally retarded humans. But they are good people, there is nothing wrong with treating them with respect and dignity as individuals. They are good people, I treat them kindly and with respect.

And so I told him about real cars and I tried to show him a mental image. I told him, that if only I had a car and a driver's license I would love to take him out in the real car and I told him that he was not too big for a real car! I thought this would be precisely the thing to solve his dilemma because he had been told he is too big for that toy red car anymore. I don't know if the aliens would ever let me take

And I also want pancakes! Because I have seen them eat them! PANCAKES! I WANT PANCAKES, NOW! - a fat IM says, probably the very same one although this one is wearing a black suit and yesterday the man was naked, maybe the same guy but now wearing the suit
... Please. Do not call us fat. Do not ever call me fat anymore! - the IM
Please, sweetheart. I am only saying fat because it is a description of you. Some of you are very skinny and glow with green, and the others like you are big. I only write it or say it because it is a description, I really do not mean anything mean by it. I think you are beautiful men and people. - me
Do you really think so? - the IM, he has thin tufts of long yellow-blonde hair but is mostly bald
Yes, of course! - me
They tell me you are cats. - says the IM
I am not a cat. I am a human. - me
I said that to them too first! - the IM upset at "they" who had called me a cat

This is not the first time when the IMs have expressed a deep yearning for pancakes, or ice-cream. Sometimes when I am eating either of these things, I will hear a fat IM that I didn't even know had been watching me, start to whine about wanting to have some! And the way that they say it is just as childlike as a 2-year old or 3-year old. They will cry and sob and ask for it like a little child who is crying and asking its parents. Yet they are really big fat plump adult men. But aren't they something? Don't you just love these guys?

I don't remember if they made him try to have sex with me. Maybe all they had asked of him was to masturbate. Oh, and then the fat IM yesterday who was naked in the room said that they were going to bring in a human man who will have sex with me to show him how it's done. I said I wanted to be awake for that, I even offered that I would help to show them how, because I want to know what happens to me. But they didn't let me remember. I did get to see the human man though, and he was clothed.

But this morning! I was shown a mental image of the most beautiful baby

They do not know how to cry. We taught them that. - Zeta
We told them, not to do it. - Hamish or Zeta about the babies crying

It was a hybrid baby and it will grow up into one of the Zeta-hybrids that I've described before: their heads are not as big as the original Zetas and do not have the lightbulb-shape. Instead the head is wider to the sides and flatter up top. The skin color is not as light but slightly grayer. The face is shorter vertically. I could see already on the baby's face that it will be one of them, but then it was confirmed when one of these adult ones told me so. The baby's face looks very crumpled together, there are many deep lines around mouth and eyes and on the face because it is all crumpled together, but honestly the face does not straighten out as it grows into an adult because the adult ones have these lines too and a crumpled-looking face. But so cute! I fell in love with the baby.

We wanted you to try to give it gas. - Zeta about this baby, meaning oxygen to breathe
Does it breathe oxygen? - me
It wasn't mine with you. - the fat IM with the yellow tufts of long stripy hair on a mostly bald head
!! She is still calling me fat! - the IM turns to the other ETs and complains
It is just a description! It doesn't mean anything more than that! And it is not an insult! - me
We don't want to be called fat anymore. Because, we don't like it either. And that thing doesn't work! We have to try and use it, all the time! We don't want to be called fat. - IM
[Eva], please be nice to them? - Zeta to me about the IM
I AM NICE! - me
We don't want to be called fat. - says the IM and thinks to both his belly and his penis

When the I'm said "And that thing doesn't work" and "we have to try and use it" he meant his male parts, which I got a really clear mental image of as he thought of it. If I dare say such a thing, the IM's genitalia look really cute. But I've said that before too. It has the shape of human male parts but the skin is all white and there is no hair. It's really cute to see, not enticing or anything. They're just adorable, like big babies. Zeta hybrids are not circumcised and that was one of the reasons why I became more convinced that the ETs I am seeing are real and not imaginary, because I had almost only seen circumcised men in my life and my brain didn't have the material with which to imagine an un-circumcised man. This IM has a penis which is small now that he is not using it and he has a scrotum which judging from the size of it looks fully developed, and these big fat IMs are actually fertile, I have many babies together with these men! They are fertile yes, but they do not have sexual interest in human women, in fact many of them have told me that they are homosexual (which I sometimes suspect is their way of trying to make an excuse to not have to do sexual things with human women). Most of them would rather play with toys and eat pancakes and ice-cream. They are big babies.

I totally fell in love with my baby that I was shown. For the first time I finally had a full spark of maternal instincts toward a hybrid child. I kept telling the Zetas that I want to keep it and take care of it and all of that. The Zetas told me that its lungs don't work and that it cannot walk and that it cannot close its eyelids on its own. But I didn't care. I wanted to keep it and hold it and be its mother. The baby is an infant.

I actually had telepathic conversations with the hybrid baby and connected with its soul and personality and thoughts, and I realized that this baby although it is new born it is far more mature and advanced than I am, and I realized that if I were its mother, it would be the baby teaching me, and not me it. This baby is very aware and very wise already, and it can talk fully. I have seen that in all the Zeta hybrid babies, that they are already aware far beyond me. I would have nothing to offer to this child, if I were its mother, I could teach it nothing. But it would teach me more than we humans ever thought was possible.

Hamish eats livers and pancreas snacks. Not that. - Hamish, just as I was about to write that "And I told Hamish that he could not eat it."

I didn't know that Hamish eats pancreas? In my teens I was once given a taste of Zeta food and it was yellow and tasted bitter like earwax, and they said that it was pancreas. I have never forgotten it.

Wow! Is all of this really happening?

>>>And here was a really long conversation with a military officer about the Zeta abductions. I will put it in a future telepathy book instead, so find it there. It is really good.

Vintage Ruggy Snugs, and Tamed Dragon?

June 03 2015, 9:08 PM - Here is a classical piece of conversation with Hamish which is being translated for the second telepathy book "Noah's Ark": from May 31 2012:

Is it soft, that there? - Hamish said in 2012 and showed me the bathroom rug
Yes, Hamish. - me, I had answered
I want to stand on it. - Hamish had then said

So cute. In that episode I was taking a bubble bath and having great fun just listening to Hamish talk about ruling, then suddenly he switches from being a brute red monster and talking about the softy ruggy rugs. Find this charming conversation in the 2nd telepathy book "Noah's Ark" later this year.

Have I tamed Hamish? Reading the early conversations with red Dragon, he talked all about ruling and being the dominant race and he was constantly acting dominating and brute with me, as you will see in both first and second telepathy books. But over the years he has stopped demanding - or reminding - that I "honor" him by saying "my Honored Hamish" or "my Honored race and scales and Honored back hump". Nowadays I still say honored to him sometimes, but he does not respond to it. Has my constant cooing actually tamed and softened this big beast? We have reached a point where he is actually friendly, sweet, caring and nurturing to me! And we have so much fun together, like when we watch The Walking Dead tv series together! But if you read the old vintage beginning when I first got to know Dragon, it took months and more than a year and over time I seem to have reached through to him. Has he changed? I want to think that my friendship and so much love to him may have changed his life somehow and made his life better. I love him so, my Sock Turtle Back Dragon.

Cutie-pie looks at me and says after a while,
My old pyy-pyy, no. - Hamish
Which means that my ladyparts - which means eggs - are not too old for them to use.

Here is another segment from the same chapter to show you a classic vintage conversation piece with Hamish the way it used to be, from May 31 2012:

An Honored Hamish. - me
I am not feeling deathly pale, but you are. - Hamish
I talk to you when I want to, not when I have to! - Hamish
Yes, my Honored. I will welcome you then. *I have missed you.* - me
We are the ones who rule. - Hamish
I want Hamish to rule. - me
You want?!??? - Hamish

So you see, that something has changed between us. There is no more of the constant "honoring" and he isn't acting so brute. I may have tamed him? But he has changed me too, I have never known such a deep love and affection as I found in my heart for him.

Bits and pieces

June 02 2015, 11:25 PM - I interviewed a Reptilian the other day, it seems to be a dark red one, he or she guards the entrance to a Reptilian base, it has webbed fingers and likes to gnaw on the webbed skin between its fingers, which doesn't damage it. Today this Reptile said its name is either Eustace or Constantin, it was undecided but is leaning on Eustace. Don't Reptilians have awesome names? Here are some authentic Reptilian names, chosen by themselves it seems: Hamish, Damian, Ruben, Azul, Brutus, Snake, Elmer, Amadeus, Eustace. Remember when I named a little red Reptilian? Yeah, I named him Strawberry. Because he was little and red.

We don't have any diapers for you. So if you come here. Must you best be prepared. - Hamish or Eustace

Yeah, my alien team has been very keen on their metabolic studies lately, which means fecal samples. Luckily I don't remember it most of the time. But I'm not too phased. I almost went into medical school and I've worked years as nursing staff. I'm quite interested in what the aliens are up to and would like to stay awake for more of it, and a fecal sample collection is not reason enough to want to stay asleep and unaware.

Which brings us to today's topic. So if you read the previous entry, below, the Zetas said they wanted to do testing on my brain. They wanted to try mind control. Last night I was partly aware of the abduction by Zetas and it had to do with cruel animal testing and mind control. They are doing some really sadistic things. There was also a fecal sample collecting because I dreamt about related things.

What I haven't told you yet, is that a few days ago the Zetas wanted to involve me sexually with a hybrid boy child and I got really upset with the Zetas. The boy was perhaps 3 or 4 or 5 years old, it has white skin all over, it is a hybrid with part Zeta and part human DNA. What they do is they show me the child's genitals and expect to place the child on top of me and Zetas are able to stir up emotions even sexual sensations in a person by using their telepathic abilities. Anyway, it really isn't for me so I tell them, so they spared me. Why aren't other abductees reporting about the pedophilia? I know at least one or two high-profile abductees who KNOW about the pedophilia, but somehow find it too spicy to ever talk about. I wish I had the luxury of saying that "oh my Zeta-hybrid children are so damn cute!". I just tell it like it is, it's a documentary. If this was a fictional story then I could have invented some amazing contact with aliens and hybrids. At least Hamish is cute.

I deserve a better one, she said not. About me, she was pleased with me. And I said palate click! - Hamish then does a palate click because he is pleased
Aww Hamish you are so cute! You just made my heart all warm! Thank you. - me

He really is cute. Today I took the compost out to the bin outdoors and Hamish was wondering afterwards about why I had taken the "Japanese peels" as he called them to there. And so I told Dragon all about compost and how it is made.

Today as I went to the toilet to do a #2 the alien team hurried a Dinosaur to come see. This happens often, that they want a Dinosaur to actually be there for it. The reason is because they seem to want to take a sample, but of course they probably can't. The aliens seem to collect a fecal sample from me every night. And it seems that they really wish that they could collect samples from my bowel movements from during the day too. I told them that if they provide me with a vessel I can collect a sample for them during the day. I mean heck if the aliens brought to me a vessel I could sell it on eBay for a million dollars. (PS. If I actually had a physical object from the aliens I would not sell it at an auction.)

I'll still keep asking the Zetas to let me stay awake for abductions. I need to be brave and stay awake and see what goes on around there. It won't be nice. Because the Zetas expect me to teach the hybrid children about sexuality, which is much worse than it sounds. And also the Zetas are into sadistic brain experiments. But other than that, besides all that, I would like to stroll around. If they let me. I will keep nagging.

Then there will be tens of experiments. If you can handle it, with them? I could give you my fingers, as a hand. As a greeting! As a welcome! - a white alien probably Zeta says, only this one has black hair and must be a Japanese hybrid. I then see the clearest ever image of lime green reptilian scales
Yes, it was me. - says the lime green reptilian
I have got this compartment. - says Hamish in my native language, the compartment being his back hump of course, which he shows
My eggs. - Hamish in my native language
Why are you being arrogant with me? - lime green reptile to Hamish
I am not being arrogant. - Hamish answers to the lime green reptile

Japanese peels, and Zetas come at 3 AM

June 01 2015, 11:13 PM - "I hope you are not a racist when we come, because we are different races.", said a Zeta in my other language. In the shower this evening I asked Hamish whether it was possible for me to come meet him and whether he would want to meet me if we could. Hamish said that he would want to meet me but that there are others who have said no. I asked, who are those others? They are the Zeta Reticulans, ie. the Zetas the Greys. So I asked the Zetas, can I meet with Hamish and is there anything I can do in exchange for a meeting?

You can submit to testing, said the Zetas. What kind of testing, I asked, and how many tests would it cost to get to meet Hamish? Many tens of tests, said Zetas, and tests involving the brain. I said, no tests involving the brain, do you have any other tests? They said they also study how the foods I eat are metabolised, ie. they need fecal samples for those studies. I said as long as I am not harmed in tests and it does not involve my brain. We will come to you at 3 AM, said the Zetas. I will see you then, I said. I am setting my alarm clock for quarter to three and hopefully something will happen. Usually the abductions are at 4 AM according to what they say.

I was peeling an orange to have as a late night snack and Hamish watched me peeling it and he said "Japanese scales" or "Japanese shells" or "Japanese peels" depending on how to translate from my other language, about the orange peels that were going in the trashbag. "Are they Japanese peels?", I said making conversation, and loving to hear more about Hamish's thoughts, and also curious as to why orange peels would be Japanese. He tells me that he has seen the Japanese people whom he visits, peeling oranges, and he has also seen them peeling a red orange. I told Hamish that red oranges or blood oranges are really tasty. I love the way that Hamish thinks, his logic is really charming and cute. It's often best to ask him a follow-up question because most of what he says does not make sense at first until he tells me more or if I ask him more about it. So that is why orange peels were Japanese peels.

Lara Croft has eggs, and is searching for Snacks

June 01 2015, 7:10 PM - Hamish has been watching me play the video game Tomb Raider 2 on the computer. I can never be sure to know what Hamish is thinking, unless he tells me. When I woke up this morning, Hamish told me that the Reptilian from yesterday (read previous entry, below) the "combed Rep" had stayed for the night, and Hamish had scared him away by telling him that there would be an "onion" on my bedroom floor, a pealed yellow onion. And these are quite some threats because Reptilians cannot stand onions. After that Hamish showed me vivid mental images from the level in Tomb Raider 2 called "Living Quarters" where I was most recently in the game, see here:

The level starts with that diving stage, in fact I've done that diving stage several times because then I died further ahead and had to start over. But, in Hamish's thought images of the diving, he was paying close attention to the female game character's groin (or vagina area if you want me to spell it out) as she was swimming. Then Hamish shows me a mental image of his red scaly Reptilian hand and

Did you think that was so good, that you had to write about it? And? To whom are you writing it? To whom, I said. - Hamish
My fishes were not there. I had checked. She didn't want to eat them. So I thought I would give her crackers snacks instead. Was that a good thing to do? When they swim there? Only, not in the pool no more. Was there more? Was it good, that I did it? Or was it bad? - Hamish
Hamish, it was very good that you gave crackers snacks to Lara Croft in the video game, because it made me so cheered up! - me
I wanted to feed them too. - Hamish, "them" are the eel fish that show up in these diving stages

So, Hamish showed me the image of his hand and from his hand he threw make-believe several light-beige broken off pieces of crackers into the water behind the rock further ahead in the exact diving area you see in the beginning of this video right before where she gets up from the water. Then Hamish said, that she (Lara Croft in the game) is searching for snacks. Namely Hamish has been watching me, and he showed me more mental images, of the character picking up what is actually ammunition clips but Hamish has been watching and he has heard Lara say "aha" when she picks up ammo and watched it and he has thought that she is searching for snacks and picking up snacks from the floor. That is what he thinks the game is about. And, he wanted to put pieces of crackers into the water for her, so that he was "feeding the eggs". Somehow he connected that the character is a woman with a vagina which means that she has eggs inside her.

Hamish had also noticed that there are fish (the blue eels that attack her) in the water and that the character does not eat the fish. Which she doesn't.

Oh man, Hamish has been so cute today. It's like having a little 2-year old child that is first learning to talk and is making all sorts of strange connections and assumptions about the world around them, and how much joy and delight that gives to the parents! I love having this Dragon around. In each level of the game, Lara Croft can find three big dragon statues just for fun, one gray, one yellow, and one green. Hamish has watched those too, and he told me in the morning also that those are "snacks" too that she picks up.

Sometimes I feel so happy and amused by Dragon's words and activities that my heart gets so filled with love that it nearly bursts, and then I just want to squeeze him, like you do with a cat or a dog or a young child that has made you feel that way. But Hamish doesn't let me squeeze him. I wish I could.

Fat IM comes to pay respects
And Hamish Well Done!

May 31 2015, 6:35 PM -

I don't want to fight with you, but I have to tell you something. Leave our business alone. - Fat IM
The Mantids had warned me. And yes, I know that I am really plump. But? What did you think about my face? - Fat IM
I thought that you were beautiful. You are glowing white and I know that your skin is soft. - me
Man, look at how fast her fingers are typing. Where did you learn to type so fast? - Fat IM
I've just typed a lot in my life, for many years. - me
Mine casing, no. - Hamish in my native language, he means some Mantid shell, Mantids change shells like insects do when they outgrow one
Hello Hamish! - me
Mine? - Hamish
Hamish's. Everything is Hamish's. - me
So I had come to tell you that I can see you there sitting in your bedroom. And that you need to stop! Or that we will come and chase you, and harrass you. Do you want that? - Fat IM
It is MUCH EASIER if you spell it out explicitly what I did that was wrong. - me
I wanted you to know about that, but you can't. About our feeding stations. Because you were watching that movie. About us? You see? Ahh, yeah, I can't tell her. About the rest. About how they are feeding on us too. About, how, and yeah. Oh well, I guess I can't tell her to take it easy either. - Fat IM
And you have found a lump in one of your breasts? - a white insectoid asks me, its eyes are huge and it looks at me from afar
Yes, only, I am giving it some time, and then I am going to a mammogram. I have asked my aliens to take a look at it also, if they can, if they have got the technology. Would you? - me
We are not your mothers, we don't take care of you. Now? Would you like to look at us also? - the white Mantid says
I don't wanna be so soft! I wanted to be angry at her! And intimidating! But I can't! - Fat IM says and then weeps

So, what is this, you wonder? I was looking for YouTube videos on Reptilians to see what other people are saying. I know I know, my policy is strict and it is that I don't look at other people's stuff, because that might taint my channeling, because it is much more fantastic if my info is the same with other people's info, if I haven't been reading what other people are saying. You know? But I was just curious, just this once. So I started on this video and only saw a few seconds in the middle of it and then was reading the bottom description which says, copied here in case it ever disappears from YouTube in the future:

"We are not at the top of the food chain. There are deep underground bases all over the planet. All of them ultimately run by hostile aliens. In these bases abducted humans are subjected to horrific scientific experiments, recreational saddistic torture and processed as food.

Reptilians, Insectoids and Greys and their hybrids consume humans. Meat, Blood, Plasma, Brain Fluids. Humans have to be alive at the time of the killing. And before the killing humans (preferably children arround the age of 5) are brutally tortured for weeks with electro-shocks and breaking bones, etc. to enrich their blood with fear-hormones and adrenaline. Reptilians/Greys then drill holes into the brain of the child to, with a straw, suck out the brain-fluids that are enriched with these hormones.

Tens of thousands of people go missing every year without ever being seen again. Yes, some of them get kidnapped by human criminals, some fall into rivers, a very few get attacked by wild animals, some want to start a new life and disappear. But these cases make a very small percentage. In many cases people vanish mysteriously without a trace into thin air while going arround the corner, or out of the room, or within minutes from their workplaces, etc. They are abducted with the help of alien technology, either by UFOs or portal-technology. They get abducted and then transported to secret underground alien bases where they are used either in experiments or as food."

I don't want to tell you to go. But otherwise we are coming for you. - the Fat IM is sobbing like a big baby
I don't mind if you come for a visit. As long as nobody hurts me in any way. I am quite intrigued about the alien life, and yourself included. - me
I wanted to be big and intimidating. But I guess that I failed. - the Fat IM smiles
And I am not a big baby! So! Do not call me that ever again! How rude you are! - Fat IM
I am sorry, I mean you no harm. I actually think you're great. - me
Yeah. She thinks so. - Fat IM
The Zeta Reticulans are here. That is what we are called. - the white Mantid
Aha! Finally I know who the Zeta Reticulans are! Thank you! You are pretty too might I say. - me
We don't mean to eat your kind, your species. But sometimes we need to? We are not angry, at what you said? So? Could we please stay with you, and nurture your young? - white Mantid, the mental thought image was of its long insect hands poking and stirring around in water tanks that had several growing embryos in it

Phew. I am not the only one writing yuck about aliens. And so, perhaps my journal entries are not so horrific to the world after all and I can feel a little less uneasy about publishing the stuff I've got stored in the files? Anyway. I only saw a few seconds of the video in the center, literally just two seconds

We would like you to stop to write. Because you are writing about our ovuaries. - the white Mantis Zeta Reticulan says and pokes at my typing right hand so that I can feel its long pointy arm
I mean no harm. It is just my journal here. - me
What if someone told you, that your olives are not good to eat? And you had to look for something else? What if? - Mantid says and then opens its mouth, and yes it has the yellow hissing spitting baleen mouth same as the Thubans, and so maybe this is a variety of Thubans, although I have my "beloved" Thuban Auntie and this is not the same individual, he opened his mouth to hiss with the baleen when he said "What if?"
I know your species! I have got one of you on my team! *love* I call her my Auntie because that is what she is called. She has some attitude just like you, and I love her lots. - me
We like you too. - says the visiting white Mantid and strokes with its long narrow pointy forearm on my throat
There is no problem here. I have lived with this for a long time. - me, by the way I ate green olives yesterday for dinner, the same ones that this white Mantid showed me in a mental image
I think you're cute. Besides, humans eat animals too. - me
Phew. - the Mantid relaxes deeply
I thought you were going to fight with us. About our food? About what we eat here, the eggs? About, where the Zeta Remulans and the Zeta Reticulans should go? About, not going here, but elsewhere? About, all of it, that, it? - white Mantid, who turns out is another Thuban after all

I only put the video in the center and saw two seconds and paused it to read the text underneath and then a fat Illuminati hybrid (the Fat IM) showed up from afar in a vivid mental image. He was one of the chubby Illuminati hybrid men, only one not from my team.

What if someone told you what could happen there? And what could not? And about what to eat, to the Zeta Remulans? About, what not to eat, what not to put there? - says white Mantid and points to my stomach with its long pointy white arm
I often tell humans to stop eating cows and pigs and chickens, but do they listen? So it's the same thing. - me, and then the white Mantid churns and chews its mouth, similar to how the Thuban Auntie on my team churns the yellow baleen and spit in the mouth sometimes
We don't want you to be hurt. You are a good friend here. And so, welcome! You are following our patterns, and we thank you for that muchly. We think you are a great friend here. And so, we greet you! We salute you! And Thank you, to you both! For coming here! - white Mantid, you both is me and Hamish, and the Mantid was "smiling"
Was Hamish there? - me
Yes, my crackers. - Hamish, "crackers" in my native language, either crackers or cookies or bisquits
What would happen if we couldn't be here? - the white Mantid says
I don't know? - me
We would all die, and drop dead! - Mantid
I don't want that. - me
Me neither. - Mantid "smiles"
Mine pyy-pyy. - Hamish to Mantid, remember pyy-pyy means my ladyparts

The Fat IM has a big bald head, it is all white on its body and skin and is glowing white. It has puckering lips, and two small puckered ears like rosebuds. They literally look like huge white babies. He wore a black business suit with tie. He had been sent here because of the video, to do a damage control check and to stop me if need be. Somehow he and this white Mantid Thuban who feels like a "male" Thuban (whereas mine is like a lady) they sensed me through this video. So something about this video is linked to them, the story, or its author, or the maker of the YouTube video.

I wanted to make a drawing of the Fat IM because I saw him so well, but I don't have my electronic drawing-tablet and the mouse is too unstable, so you have to use your imaginations. Oh darn, I have yet not made any drawings of the Fat Illuminati hybrid men!

It was my eggs, I said to them. - my Hamish says to me
It was my Hamish, I said to them also. - me, and now Hamish puts his one red flat duck foot down in front of him, he does that to assert that his decision and opinion is final and decided, but it sure looks cute and I just want to kiss his Kissy Feet
My feet are sometimes wet with dragon pee. I just thought you should know. So, no. - Hamish, the ending no is that I should best not kiss his feet
I love you Dragon. You are my Turtle Hamish. - me
I was your Dragon, yes. - Hamish
It was Mine, I said, and they left. - Hamish

Hamish now opens his soft fleshy toothless mouth and faces toward the visiting aliens, who have left in a spaceship. Hamish has done it again, he has defended me and the eggs from visiting aliens. Well done, Hamish! Well done indeed.

I didn't want to fight with them, so I told them to leave. It was Mine, what was left in there. - Hamish, in there in my tum tums he means, in terms of the eggs
So do you mind that? Are you ok with it? - the white Mantid visitor asks from afar, he means the video about aliens eating humans
I am a vegetarian. - me
Do you think that we care? - white Mantid (from my other language)
I would think rather not. - me
My stomach is not churning, but I like to do that! - Hamish opens his mouth at them, true his mouth does not churn or hiss like the Thubans, "do that" means to open his mouth now

Hamish only opens his mouth to show dominance, when it really comes to it. Usually it is enough for him to show his back hump. But what Hamish doesn't know, is, I would fight with nails and teeth to the very last drop of my blood for the rights to stay with Hamish and not go with someone else. I won't ever want to leave Hamish. He has become my best friend.

I am also your Dragon Turtle Sock. My Sock Feet, you have said. And you have liked them. My Dragon Foot. And so it was said, that the eggs were mine. And so it was said. Mine! I was very pleasant, here, with her! And they were mine. Mine, I said to them, and they have left. I would grab your tails, if you had one. - Hamish, he thinks that he would grab the white Mantid's tail if it had a tail but this species has no tails

Few minutes later: something on YouTube, I am not watching any of the videos but from one of the other videos connects to me a magnificent Reptilian who has two or three low comb structures on his head. He is brown and his head is covered in round bumps for the scaly structure.

You are not a good woman if you have that, it means you are going away. - combed Rep says and means that if I do in fact have breast cancer then I am going away (dying) and being sweapt away like a piece of trash
We are not the porno lizards that you were writing about. But pleased to meet you. And, we can also see that you are not arrogant. So, we are very pleased to meet you. - combed Rep refers to my interviews with Reptilians I made earlier today where I wrote about a conquest encounter with the green Reptilian whose name is Amadeus and I described it like a sexual experience because it feels passionate
I am very pleased to meet you too, dear Reptilian. You are an honored king because you have those head structures on you, I know that. But, my own Reptilian he has got a back hump. And I am staying with Hamish. - me
A back hump you say? Where? Where is he? I would like to greet with him! He is our dignified! THE BACK HUMP ONES, SHE SAYS! - combed Rep
Yes. My Hamish is of the old Draconian race. He has the back with thorns on it. He also has orange pairs of bumps on his head and neck. - me
Do not be too arrogant about him. Or lest we might take a leg off of him. - combed Rep
Don't threaten my Hamish. - me
Oh no! We won't! - combed Rep
Hamish means the world to me. He is my best friend. - me
And are you saying that he is a Dragon? - combed Rep
I don't know. He is my Dragon Turtle. - me, and we all get to see a fantastically vivid image of Hamish sitting slumped down in the hallway of some Reptilian base somewhere
Hello Hamish! I love you Hamish. - me
Mine, she said to you. - Hamish acknowledgeing the head structures on the visiting Reptile
You have also got a Dino. And they are taking care of you. The Reptiles are not here for you. We have not got good noses, but we can smell great. We can smell you. - combed Rep, "smell great" ie. good sense of smell

Do not make fun of me. - Hamish says to the combed Rep who was looking at his back hump and about to touch it
Do not make fun of my Hamish! - me
I wasn't. I was only making sure if it was real and not makeup. - combed Rep about Hamish's back hump
It wanted to be real, I said. - Hamish to combed Rep about his back hump
There were not many of those left. And so they are remarkable to see. - combed Rep closes its eyes fully into a smile because of Hamish
Hamish is grand, isn't he? - me, and now Hamish stands up from his slumped posture and opens his mouth at the visitor, maybe Hamish is feeling stressed

This always happens. Visiting Reptilians who for most part are not Dragon Turtles (interrupted)

He is of the old grandfather race. And therefore he was important. I have told him, that I have let him go. - combed Rep to me about Hamish
He was important here. My Hero! - combed Rep about Hamish
I wanted to leave him alone now. But you? It was pleased to meet you. - combed Rep pleased to meet me
I was pleased to meet you too. - me
You can always come down here to our reptilian bases. I would welcome you, and greet you personally. Would you like to come? - combed Rep
Hamish? Can I really go and visit this Reptile and his base? - me
Yes-No Sugar you would say. - Hamish to me
Ok Hamish. If I give you one week without any sugar, then can I please go to visit this Reptilian in his base? Can I Hamish please can I go visit with him? - me
Yes-No Sugar there. - Hamish, there is in the combed Rep's base
I won't eat any sugar for two weeks if you let me visit the Reptilian. - me
Look at this, what I have got. - combed Rep shows me his thick penis which is erecting and being exposed or that he just shows me what he has got
Oh. Why? - me
It was made for you. To be fertilized? - another Reptilian whom I interviewed today, it is a female Reptilian who guards a base in a cavern, you will read about her in a future book where I interviewed the inner Earth Reptiles and this one talked about her childhood

This always happens. Visiting Reptilians see Hamish's back hump and they are struck with awe and treat Hamish as an important person. Hamish is the old Draconian race, and all other modern Reptilians, who do not have a back hump cushion, they adore Hamish's race almost as much as I do, but for different reasons I am sure.

It was nice to meet you, handsome Reptilian. - me to combed Rep
Do you want to see our weapons that we fight with? Do you want to see them? - the female red Reptilian from the base from the earlier interviews
No, not today. - me
We would take you with an ambulance. - the female red reptilian (not a Dragon Turtle by the way), and ambulance means UFO and alien abduction
I would love to. I want to meet more Reptilians. It is always fun for me. - me, and I am now shown the combed Reptilian in a spaceship with its friends who also look the same, how gorgeous they all look
You are beautiful Reptiles. - me
No, please, leave us alone. We are only tending to the eggs. - combed Rep about the flattery
My eggs already belong to the old grandfather race, Hamish. I have said so. - me, and now Hamish steps one flat duck foot forward to say "hear hear"
We might not come again then. - combed Rep
If I want to - me interrupted from "contact you again in the future, how will I find you?"
We are the ones doing the contacting here! - combed Rep
I hope to see you again. You are always welcome back. - me
We take the eggs, nothing more with you, hinch. - combed Rep with contempt, he knew the word hinch which my Thuban also uses for disgust or disapproval
We don't want to put bombs inside your body! - combed Rep amused as if this was a joke
Are you making jokes now? - me
Some people vomit when they hear that. - combed Rep or other Reptilian there with him
Be nice. - me, gosh he is so handsome, good lord what a magnificent attractive gorgeous lizard man, how magnificent
Your livers are not very thin, that is why we like to eat them. - combed Rep
Hamish, the old grandfather race he also likes to eat livers. It is his favorite snacks. - me
The old grandfather. - says combed Rep and closes his eyes to smile at the thought of beloved Hamish
Tell me about Hamish's race? - me
They were almost all wiped out once. But we resuscitated a few. And now they are left to live. We like to need them too. - combed Rep
There are red ones and there are yellow ones. - me
Yellow? I have seen the blue. - combed Rep
I never saw a blue Dragon Turtle, or grandfather race. But I love them very much, they are special and sweet. - me
They are not very nurturing. If you thought that they were? The old, Dragons? They are all equipped with that, and that is why we all thought that they were special. - combed Rep, that being the hump back
Hamish is my best friend. I would die for him. I would defend him always. I love him endlessly much. - me
He doesn't have your eggs yet, does he? Or, does he not? - combed Rep
He already has them, yes. And would you let Hamish keep the eggs? Without a battle or a conflict? - me
Yes, we do that with them. - combed Rep smiles with eyes to be kind about Hamish
It is a good race of Dragons, Hamish's old race with the hump back. They are all sweethearts. I love my Hamish! - me
She has also called me, Sock Feet! - Hamish
Don't you think that is harassed? - combed Rep asks Hamish about how I call him Sock Feet
It is just pet names. Because I love him so. They are compliments sort of. - me
Would you like to see us more? - combed Rep shows me mental image of himself standing outdoors, gorgeous huge muscular strong creature he stands tall like humanoid
I don't have a humpback, but. Would you see us too, because we have combed structures? - combed Rep about his things on the head
I am devotional to Hamish, I am staying with my Hamish. - me
We like to watch that! - Hamish hollers to the combed Rep and shows a mental image to him from the tv series The Walking Dead of zombies in a warehouse, Hamish opens his mouth, yeah Hamish and me like to watch that tv series, Hamish and me have our good times
He is our old grandfather race. And that is why, therefore, we are leaving him alone. We are going now. Adios! [word] - combed Rep, the word in parenthesis was a very specific way of saying goodbye in my third language, an informal and common one and nice to hear for the first time from the aliens
I hope you do not have that. - combed Rep about breast cancer
Or we might take it away with our sword. - combed Rep about cutting out a breast tumor with a sword
Thank you, for your kind concerns. - me
We can take your eyes out, we are Dragons. So? We do not have hunchbacks, so what? - combed Rep first to me, then to Hamish "So?...", as Hamish showed it to him

I thought I felt a lump in my right breast yesterday so I am going for a mammogram, no worries whatever happens it is irrelevant to the Orion Project. If it is or if it isn't, or if I have a breast removed or not, this website is about the aliens. I had asked my aliens to maybe do an exam on it to let me know, so that is why now all of the visiting aliens too know about the scare. So don't worry about it, and no emails about it please, it belongs to my private life. Hamish will take care of me.

So I finished writing this entry and went to the bathroom to pee. When I was sitting there on the toilet, the combed Reptilian pops into the small bathroom room in the other dimension although I can clearly see him, and he says: "You look like easy pray in here.", he says as he is looking around because I am confined in a small room. And he tells me that he could take me away, and I tell him I am glad to know him because a) he is really handsome and gorgeous, b) he talks normally and not like a 2-year old like my beloved Hamish does. I would love it for this one to stay in my life.

Later 10:12 PM: the visiting strong-looking Reptilian with two or three low comb structures on his head, he looks muscular, stands upright and is of a brown color, he has remained here for the evening. At one point he wanted to eat me, he asked me to remove one of my socks so that he could see the foot and I did, he said I looked good enough to eat. Hamish came to stand in between him and I, and Hamish showed him his goosebumps. The Reptilian has been watching me with minute attention, there is nothing like a Reptilian who is watching closely. They will notice everything. He commented on the bag of oranges in my room. He noticed my trashbag which was hanging on the inside of the bedroom door and he didn't like it there, Hamish also and later a Zeta didn't like the trashbag there, so I moved it.

When I went to the bathroom to pee again and I barged into the bathroom, I literally ran into the Reptilian because he had been standing there in the small bathroom room in the dark, just standing there. I apologised for having run into him and told him that unfortunately I have to pee. When I had left again and made sure to turn the lights off because I know they like it dark, I asked him what are you doing there? He told me he stands there so that he can be listening to my thoughts from there. Some time earlier he had asked me whether it was ok for him to lie on the sofa in the other room and he was making himself at home here. And when I was in the bathroom just now and washing my hands he asked me if he could have just *one* of my eggs because it was important, I told him to ask Hamish about that and Hamish answered Yes-No so I told the visiting Reptile that he could have no eggs.

You know what guys? If I am lucky, this Reptilian is going to jump on me within the next two days after first intensely watching every minuscule detail of what I do. And then I am going to enjoy a few precious seconds of the most intense sexual pleasure that a human could ever be blessed to feel, because it is some kind of hunting game for the Reptilians, but also seems to be some kind of greeting or getting acquainted. I would have his body right on top of mine, he would roll around with me, our bodies and minds would overlap, I would feel his brown scales against my beige human skin, his warm breath would be exhaling in my ear, and I would sense the strong odor of a Reptilian. I expect it to happen, and I have to be ready for the next two days because it happens so suddenly when I least expect it that the precious few seconds are quickly gone and leaving me longing for more, but a Reptilian will only do it once with me, then never again.

I won't jump on you. - combed Rep says
Why not? I was kind of wanting you to. Reptilians do that. - me
GET AWAY FROM HERE! - Hamish to combed Rep, and Hamish thinks about Harry Potter Hamish wishes that he had Harry Potter with the magical wand to help him with

A Weapon on his back, and tortoise evacuation

May 30 2015, 3:00 PM - Hamish told me today that he has a "weapon". "Where is the weapon?", I asked him. He showed me a black thorn is growing on his back hump, this one close to the edge on the tail-side. If you look at this drawing of Yellow Turtle you see that the Dragon Turtles normally grow a handsome row of black thorns on their back hump. For Hamish, they grow also but they are plucked out so that he doesn't become too arrogant about them.

But I've been telling them to let his thorns stay. So now hopefully he gets to keep this one. I complimented my Dragon on the black thorn and told him it looks great. Hamish also showed me two rows of tortoises on the floor of a spaceship. First I told him he could only have *one*, and not so very many! But supposedly Hamish had asked the aliens to bring them in to evacuate them from some harm here on Earth. So I wished them luck in finding them a better home. Hamish always wants to ensure that fish and tortoises are safe and in a clean place.

A Block of Vomit

May 29 2015, 7:09 PM - I bought a rolled cake filled with nut paste. Already on my way home, Hamish had a big problem with it. He said it is a, "log of vomit" or "block of vomit" how best one would translate it from my native language. Here it is, photographed for you to enjoy:

"A Block of Vomit", said Hamish.
"A Rolled Cake with Nut filling", said I.

He really didn't want me to eat it. Now for the record I've never eaten one and never bought one before. Hamish had judged against it instantly. He also said that it is "poo" and that he was "going to flush it down the toilet". He also said that he was going to "help me with it" which probably meant to help me to resist eating it. It has to do with the eggs. When I eat something, Hamish says that the eggs are eating. He also said that this "block of vomit" is "made of grasses", he said that twice or more times. He means the wheat, and yes it is grasses. He lets me eat bread and other "grasses", he even tolerates my copious amounts of ice-cream which is sugar, and sugar is usually what they have a problem with. But this rolled cake filled with nut paste? A Block of Vomit.

Hamish growled as I opened the plastic wrapping to cut a slice and take a photograph. He rarely growls. But he hasn't attacked me. Nor the log of vomit. Let's ask him:

Hamish? - me
It wasn't your gingerbread cakes. - Hamish says with eyes closing to smile and look cute, in my native language (NL)
Is it gingerbread cookies? - me (NL)
Can it be eaten? - me (NL)
It has been taken from. - Hamish (NL)
It was theirs! It was theirs gingerbread! - Hamish shows me mental image of zombies in a warehouse in the tv series The Walking Dead, that they instead should eat it (NL)
What is wrong with this food? Is it toxic to the eggs? What harm does the... block of vomit do? - me, in English this time

It remains a Dragon mystery. But he rarely gets this riled up about a food. Usually it is when a food contains sugar. But I eat lots of sugar anyway. What's with this cake?

Why did you take a photograph of it? Was it theirs to be shown? To them, I said it to them? - Hamish, "them" are the many tiny white embryos supposedly growing in my womb many of them at a time attached to the womb wall like babies are, he means if the photo was me showing the cake to the embryos, or something like that, or that he was wondering about the photo and then tied that thought together with the thought of the eggs. Now he's really listening to me closely, to see what I will answer. Only, I am not sure what to answer to him. Of course I didn't take the photograph to the eggs.

Still puzzled, I ask about it: these were in another language:
What was wrong with the cake? - me
We are the master race, that is what is wrong. - Hamish
Is that why? - me
It is something wrong with you. - Hamish

I go back to playing a video game and Hamish interrupts me with what is probably the most clear telepathic audio that he has ever given me, even the words he speaks very carefully and clearly, and so I know something important must be going on about this cake and I'm starting to get worried now:
[Eva], this was not your ham. - Hamish (NL), about the cake
Hamish? What is wrong with eating this cake, and how would you know? - me
It was given to them before. - Hamish

Hamish seemed to think that this cake has been fed to the hybrid children via the thin plastic tubing that is inserted through the nose and that the hybrid kids would have vomited it. Aha so that explains it, why this cake is called "a block of vomit". I've told you before how the aliens use a thin plastic tubing through one of my nostrils and into my stomach to suction out my digested foods from my stomach. They then feed this vomit, probably through another plastic tubing, to my own hybrid children. It is a way to give them my authentic digested food. One hybrid girl was once fed my eaten chickpeas and she vomited from it. It's because some foods don't agree with their bodies. I am told that cow's milk and yoghurt is excellent and they wish I would eat it more because it is perfect for passing on to the children. When this disgusts you, just think of mother bird feeding baby bird and you can get on with your life, like I do. But I've never eaten this very cake before. Hamish must be thinking of a cake similar.

Important Update May 31st: I ended up only eating two or three slices of it. Turns out it tasted really bad, and I threw the rest in the trashbag.

Finger and Pants

May 28 2015, 1:09 PM - I forgot to say. A few days ago at night when I had gone to bed, I awoke at night by a Zeta had one of its fingers in my mouth. Then I noticed a Zeta working to pull down my pajama pants and panties that I was wearing, it seemed complicated for the creature though it was tugging down from the waist hem of the pants but I was on my back and the work seemed heavy for it, so I started to help it pull them down. I don't remember anything more.

Creepy Fetus

May 27 2015, 2:13 PM - DO READ this full entry because at the end of it I tell you something horrific that you don't want to miss. // When I went to bed last night a Dark Lord told me that the best way to hurt a woman is to take away her baby. And so I told the Zetas that they are mindcontrolled by the satanic Dark Lords. Zetas work with making hybrid children. Ok, so let me explain the whole thing:

Zetas say that they had a nuclear power accident which rendered their species infertile. They are taking human genome to make Zeta-human hybrids which will hopefully be the best of Zetas but with human fertility. Most people know that part. What most people don't know is that the Zetas are doing their work as part of a great organisation of aliens which many myself included call the Agenda. The symbol of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid, which represents a hierarchial structure where the god The Eye is on the top. But the Zetas are also not close to the top on this pyramid.

We are quite close to it. If we want to be. But we have to do horrible things to be there! - Zeta shows me image of an opened body with exposed bloody organs

The aliens who run the Agenda are the Dark Lords. These are black shadow figures from a place called Alpha Theta. The Dark Lords gave Satanism, Aleister Crowley, Ku Klux Klan, El Diablo gang, the Nazi movement, and many other "treasures" like that to Earth and to humanity. They also probably gave the Ouija board and Tarot cards because they love these things.

Dark Lords have a hideous religion and aura about them. Just being close to them can drive a human insane, being too close can also stop a human heart. They are Incubi, they pull out life force from living entities. They also derive energy from people who are scared. That is why they mind control humans to do murder, sexual crimes, pedophilia, ritualistic satanism, etc. That is their dining table. The Agenda is an organisation that belongs to the Dark Lords. The Eye is their god and the Dark Lords pass forward the life force that they steal, toward their god The Eye.

This is all exotic and mysterious but they are aliens, they don't have to be squishy soft fuzzy mammals like you and me. And so, the Zetas are in the Agenda, probably because the Agenda is going to help them with their genetics. But in return the Zetas are often highly mind controlled by the Satanic Dark Lords to do cruel acts like sexual violence or mutilation and torture on creatures. So that is why I said to the Zetas that they are only being used by the Dark Lords. Dark Lords LOVE the fact that the Zetas are going to make so many babies in the Agenda, because that means prey.

You don't know the whole story. - Zeta or Pleiadian, because a Pleiadian was here too
I don't want to know the whole story. - me
We have seen your shit going down there! And we have taken it! So there! Rest now! And we don't like to do MKULTRA anymore! - Zeta with angry manner, he showed me the toilet and that is what he meant, and he means also that they have taken samples from me, I think I made him angry and then he retaliated by saying something which he thought would make me upset, or maybe because he thought I was already angry (which I wasn't) then now would be the time to tell me something that they thought would make me angry about knowing, which it didn't

Anyway. Last night I had the most horrific nightmare, one of the worst ever. First I dreamt about ghost children. They were like children from the 1800's. Each had a toy in its arms, a doll or a stuffed animal like a bear. There was the most horrific atmosphere, probably because a Dark Lord was near. But then - the moment you have been waiting for, the reason I told you to read:

I then saw what I thought was my mother, and she gasps and says oh look! Down between her legs under the skirt is a round bulge, she or I lift the skirt to see and then she is naked. There is a white hybrid baby halfway out from the vagina. There is no blood though. It is an alien baby and it is out head first and arms are out (interrupted)

It wasn't screaming. And that is because, they don't scream. We made them that way, we ourselves. We made them that way, so that they could be like dolls. - Zeta pleased
For puppet theater??? - Dark Lord asks
We don't think they are cute. But we thought that maybe you would think so. - Dark Lord about the babies
I don't think they are cute! - me
They don't scream when they come out. - Zeta with mental image of such an alien baby
They don't have our fingers, anymore. They have yours. And that is how it was planned. - Zeta
For them to be like you? - Dark Lord says to me, "you" means to be like humans
We are not angry like a dog. For you are the dog! - Dark Lord very pleased and amused about his punchline

I asked my mother, should I pull it out? I was calm and ready to solve this dilemma in the best way and take care of my mom. My mother looked down and saw the half-delivered baby and her eyes rolled back and she fainted. I didn't know if my mother was breathing or not. The whole dream was so nightmareish and horrific I can't even tell you. Next moment I woke up from the dream and I remembered it all vividly and I very nearly lunged from the bed to the bedroom floor to vomit from the horror and disgust, but I managed not to do that.

The Zetas then told me that they had not known how best to show this to me. They had planted these images into my mind and it was not my mother it was of course me they had shown but from an outside perspective as if I was actually standing next to myself.

It was so disgusting. There is something so violating in the way that the Zetas do this. They could be gentle and sweet and nurturing and respectful. But they are cold and cruel and horrendous. I have tried so many times to work with them, to make it work, to accept this as my life.

We need them for feeding. We need them for food. We don't have anything else to eat here. - says Hamish and shifts his flat red duck foot

But there is just something so cruel and satanic about the Zetas, that it makes it just impossible to work with them. I want to be happy about aliens, I want to cherish them, I want to be helpful. (Hamish shows me an image of him drinking blood. Now he shows me a small piece of his white shedded scales.)

I don't have any shoes on, so this was great. It was the greatest that I had known! So, thank you! This was my nest. - Hamish, just earlier I vacuumed and washed the floors very carefully, that is what he likes, then he said "this was my nest" in my native language and he was feeling all cozy like if he was going to build a comfy nest somewhere here in my new home

I swore to close down this Orion Project which is my documentary. I swore to never publish the future books (I have a lot of files that haven't been translated or published yet), and I swore to even unpublish and delete everything I have written so far, and to make it all go away.

I am not a real Demagog. - Dark Lord
So??? What have you written??? About Demagogs, she said?? - Dark Lord

But, it all stays up. It is one horrendous story, but I didn't make it up. Therefore it is a documentary. Lots of people are experiencing this. And I have had physical evidence so I know this is not a psychological phenomenon. They are real entities, in the outside world.

They have tried to shoot us down. - Zeta about UFO, just as I was thinking to list UFO sightings as one of the proofs that they are real
You don't have to say everything we said to you. - Zeta, to write

And now Hamish is closeing upper and lower eyelids, all pleased, in the kitchen with the clean kitchen floors.

I love you Hamish. I love you so much. - me
My, nest. - Hamish, nest in my native language, he points to my bed and his memory image of me lying in my bed before
... My Hamish, I guess. - me
My Snacks. For the Turtle. I took the eggs. - Hamish, the eggs sentence in my native language

Oh and Hamish said one more thing about The Walking Dead yesterday (see the previous entry, below). In one of the episodes we saw, one of the women Sasha lies down in the pit with dead zombies. The pit made a deep impression on Hamish. First Hamish said that "there might be pee" down there in the pit. Oh gosh, I forgot all the other fun things that he said about it, let's ask him:

Hamish? Do you remember the pit in the movie yesterday? What did you say about it? - me
That it was a good place to be. It was the Remulans favorite place too. They had snack bits there, like a cooling refrigerator. It was snack bits! - Hamish, his eyes smile the last sentence and he spoke it so gently, he means the Alpha Remulan scorpions (or "earwig insects"), who get to eat scrap leftover pieces of body parts
Did you want to, eat them? Or was it for Remulans, snacks? - me
Mine, not. I wanted fresh. I eat fresh from the eggs. Mine! - Hamish
What did you say about pee, in the pit? You said yesterday, that there "might be pee there in the pit", where the dead zombies were? - me
She wanted to lye in there, I said no. - Hamish about Sasha who had layn down on the dead zombies
Why no? Why not lie in there, because it might have pee in there, Hamish? I like it when you say funny things. It makes me so happy. - me
Alpha Remulans like it too. - Remulan with round all-black soft eyes like grains of caviar, dark eyes shine in the dark, a little brown insect creature, but so cute!
Hello Alpha Remulan! - me
We don't like to work in here! But we have to do what we can! - Remulan
What work do Remulans do? Can they work any? - me
We make the time keepers here. We make things not go too late. - Remulan
Oh. Ok. - me

The Agenda really finds work for everybody. I used to wonder what good can the Praying Mantids do when they can do no physical labor with their body, but they are used as heart and lungs and vital signs monitoring equipment during abductions, if a Mantid stands near it can keep track of the abducted person's vital signs it is so sensitive to them.

What work can I do there? Can I take care of my Turtle Dragon? Can I wash his back, and clean up on the floor, and feed him snacks, and take care of his scales? - me
Would you do all that for me? - Hamish, he lets me see his tiny sock puppet head so closely, more closely than usual, and that is why I am sure that my offer of helping him in these very specific ways made him feel close to me and safe and trusting with me, and his eyes smiled as he tilted his little funny tiny head
I would do anything for you. You are my Smelly Dragon. You smell like "Hamish". - me

So cute. This Dragon is so cute.

I would taste you with my tongue. - says Hamish to me, about me, and opens his fleshy soft toothless mouth, his mouth has two sides or folds in it which help him to move the food around, these are one on each side, the inside of the mouth is glossy and moist and a dark visceral red
... Do you have a tongue? Would you eat me? Am I, Snacks? I was not snacks, Hamish. I was your friend. You're so cute. I love you. - me
I was not in a romance with you. But if you were my bestest friend. Then you could help me with my turtle humpback. - Hamish, he smiles so wonderfully with his eyes when he says the last two sentences, and all this time since I made the offer of helping him, I can tell that he is listening so carefully, because he really revels to hear these sweet words that I have said, about helping him with his backhump

He is so ugly and so smelly and so creepy and gross, but I love him. He is my Sock Turtle, my sock puppet head fire engine red Dragon Turtle. Oh my gosh if I could hug him.

Two more stories: several weeks ago the Zetas had me awake in some kind of medical room and outside in the hallway, through the window glass of the wall between my room and the hallway, wobbled a big thick black penguin slowly as it walked. The Zetas had shown this obviously fake penguin toy because they said that the hybrid children absolutely love to see this penguin and it makes the kids so happy. I told the Zetas thank you but I would be happier to see my Hamish. It was a big penguin actually precisely the size of Bird, the white female Bird who is Hamish's secretary (who cleans up after Hamish's poo on the floor, when the Dinosaurs don't do the cleaning). And the other story, just a few nights ago I saw vividly whilst asleep a dead body on a table and its organs were being pulled out, very vivid and realistic and horrendous. Anyway, at least I have a cute Dragon so I can forget about all these other things.

Zombie movies

May 26 2015, 8:49 PM - I watched the last four episodes of The Walking Dead which is a tv series about zombies (Season 5 Episodes 13-16). Hamish was of course keen on watching them with me. I tell him time and time again, that "Hamish surely you know that it is only a theatre? These are actors, they are doing theatre and afterwards they are all alive and well and they are human." I'm not sure that he understands, because his questions and remarks about the show seem to imply that he ponders about it a bit too realistically. Let's talk to him to show you what I mean:

Hamish? Tell me about the show with the monsters that we watched? You said that they, the zombies, were trying to eat food, and you also said that they were trying to eat the "wrong snacks" when they eat people? - me
Yes-No. I didn't like that kind of theatre. It was not good. It was not "mine" zombies. I didn't like them. I said Yes-No Theatre! - Hamish

Sometimes after I've seen an episode Hamish is wondering whether there might be zombies out in the forests around where I live, because his job is to protect me from all harm. Hamish has also believed that Harry Potter is real and only now some years later is he starting to FINALLY! understand that Harry Potter cannot come to the rescue against the Dark Lords with his magic.

A hybrid girl came to say that we should watch the Disney movie Robin Hood instead. Hybrid kids have told me about this movie before and they really like it. Maybe that's a good idea, maybe I should make careful decisions about what movies I watch here, for the sake of Dragon.

Hamish? Do you understand that the zombie movie is not reality, that it is only with actors playing theatre? What do you think about it? - me

Hamish instead tells me about the construction work around my house and that he likes to watch the men working and he wonders if they might fall down from the heights, not implying that he would want the men to fall of course.

Hamish? I love you so much. Ever so much. And I always will. - me
You have eaten some peanuts. - Hamish thinks about the hazelnuts I ate the other day
Yes. Hazelnuts. They are my snacks. - me
They were not my livers. - Hamish with mental image of shiny liver or kidney
I don't eat liver snacks. - me

Oh well. I was hoping he would say something funny about The Walking Dead, but he didn't. "They don't have hats, so that we can see.", he says now, and he is thinking that if the zombies had hats on then we wouldn't see their exposed brains. But really, I think this series is far too graphic for Dragon. He cannot fully separate fiction from reality, he processes and thinks about the images he's seen as if they were reality, and only afterwards can he perhaps think that it wasn't real after all.

He doesn't seem scared or angry at the zombies in the series, more that he seems to think that they are fantastic because they are eating snacks, I think he can relate to the gore a little bit. And he is definitely not disgusted to see guts and things, not like I am for instance.

It smells bad. The gorey. - Hamish about guts
Does it now? - me

Today Lasarus the Zeta told me that Hamish was sad, because they are going to pluck out one of Hamish's growing black thorns on the back hump. Here on the drawing of Yellow Turtle you see the natural row of black thorns that Hamish also would have, only Hamish's are always plucked out, and the reason is that otherwise Hamish becomes too arrogant about them. I told them to leave his thorns alone, that he must keep them.

Yes-No Onions! And Yes-No! I also don't like leeks! And that man was putting them on his face. And yes, that video said. I was listening very carefully. At what they said. And I said No! Yes-No, to Leeky Onions on the face. Yes-No, I said. I didn't like it. It would smell too bad for me. - Hamish

Ah yes, here's a funny comment. In one of the episodes a guy is rubbing wild leeks or onions on the face to repel mosquitoes. Hamish is very sensitive to the smell of onions and garlic.