The Ithaca white dragon lives in Guatemalan jungles. On June 3 2013 when he first made contact, he was inhabiting a cave in the jungle. This cave entrance consists of a large vertical drop, which then expands into more space at the base of the cave. The cave walls consist of soft black stone in countless of sharp wedges. The entrance to the vertical drop lies up on a hill or a mountain, and the entire region outside is covered in dense jungle.

On the second day of our contact, on June 4 2013, the Ithaca dragon was located out in the jungle itself, in an area where the forest floor was covered in wet brown mud or possibly a mixture of mud and its latrine, out in the open. By own admission, the creature lives in Guatemala.

He enjoys the forest. He finds beauty in watching rainbows, and the golden sunlight. He says that he loves it when it rains.


The Ithaca white dragon tells me he was genetically "puzzled together", meaning he was artificially crafted by geneticists. He has not divulged who those geneticists were. He says that his father and mother were also genetically crafted. This revelation means that the Ithaca white dragon did not evolve out of nature itself. Nature has a way of creating and modifying species through occasional mutations and natural selection, which would bring a creature better in harmony with its environment, with adaptations for climate, food, survival and reproduction. Him having been crafted, he might be out of his elements. How does his body bode in the climate? Does he find foods to eat? How is his health? And so forth.

His grandparents however, he says were a proud race called the Ithaca. He says that the Ithaca were feathered. Draconian Reptilians mention a feathered race of Bird People, these are also called the Master Race, and these Bird People are said to have genetically created the Draconian Reptiles. Was the Ithaca white dragon only crafted by these Bird People, or was he also made from a foundation of their DNA?


The Ithaca white dragon, same as many other alien races, have found a way to live in another dimension, another parallel universe where our eyes cannot see them, and we cannot touch them and can walk straight through them. This makes it tempting to say that they do not exist and that they are only a figment of the mind in persons as myself who see and experience them remotely via some perceived mental link. But what if they are real? But until real physical evidence fitting for our dimension is obtained, this whole contact cannot graduate past the status of fairytale. I intend to attempt to prove that this creature exists.