A Door Opening - Pre-Abduction Alien Interaction
March 06 2017
written the night March 6-7 2017

What happens close to 4 AM when the magical abduction hour approaches

I just got back from the United States to Europe about a week ago and am still jetlagged so last night, the night between March 5 and 6, 2017, I was still up and wide awake in my room at 3 AM, since in USA time it was still "only" in the evening! I am an alien abductee, at least that is what the aliens have me believe, and as is often the case if I am awake between 3 and 4 AM the Zeta Reticulans showed up and were very interactive with me. Here are the fascinating things that followed.

Zeta Reticulans arrive and give me Writing

I was sitting on my bed past 3 AM and sorting through my journal notes papers from my teen years where I have notes on alien abductions and MILABS experiences, I have just gotten back the notes from a storage where they were 11 years! Zeta Reticulans show up, I see them in clear mental images that I believe they are choosing to send to my mind, as opposed to just me seeing them just because. The Zeta Reticulans are white alien creatures, their skin is a white or a pale gray color, the skin looks thick like rubber, almost like the thick wetsuit skin of a dolphin. The head is large and hairless with no ears or external nose, two large all-black eyes which look as if covered by a thick film of molten black plastic bag material or crude oil. Arms and legs are slender, hands with long fingers no thumbs. They wear this time a thick close-fit bodysuit with long sleeves and legs, in colors turquoise and pink.

I did not take notes on exactly what was said, but here is something I did draw and write down immediately: the Zetas showed me this sequence of communication in their writing. (The commentary by a Zeta on the following day (about the butt doctor) was made later the next day while I was drawing the writing on the computer.)

I forget by now exactly what was said by the Zetas, but we can expect it to have been the usual talk from them, that they are needing to extract my ovum so that they can put their own Zeta genetic material into my eggs and create alien-human hybrid embryos, which based on what the aliens are telling me, are implanted into my womb and are growing there. These alien babies are then it seems removed while they are still rather small, they do not grow inside of me long enough time to become large and definitely not long enough time for me to be forced to have a childbirth. Tiny hybrid embryos of different sizes are then placed into water incubators in the alien facilities, but it does seem that at least some of the embryos, unless perhaps all of the embryos that are made, are placed inside of my womb to grow there for the first early period of their development.

On a daily basis the aliens talk to me often about what foods I am eating, and about which foods are "good for the eggs" and what foods are "bad for the eggs". The aliens strictly forbid me from eating refined sugar or processed sugar such as any sucrose (white table sugar) products, and they regularly ask me to "drink milk for the eggs", or they will say "yoghurt", these specifically mean cow's dairy products and not vegetable based milk or yoghurt. Aliens such as Reticulans will tell me about the sugar, milk and yoghurt often, but these reminders are most often given to me by Hamish, the Reptilian who stays with me all day (and night?) long to guard the eggs. Hamish's job is also to stare at my pelvic area to see if any white embryos might fall out of me as a miscarriage, he also guards my valuable eggs from being stolen by any invading other alien teams and Reptilians, and trust me it happens quite often that other Reptilians visit and are wanting the eggs! Hamish then chases them away, except for one time when a visiting Reptilian Arek won in a battle with Hamish and Arek's team fertilized my eggs with a Crocodile Man, but that is another story.

Yellow Centaurian

When the aliens show up in the evenings, I will see mental images of them in their whereabouts and they will be not here in my bedroom, but they are still in an alien medical room and we are seeing each other from a distance by means of some sort of Reticulan mind powers or otherwise Reticulan technology. So I was seeing the medical room this time again. It has a medical examination table in the center of the room, such tables are not hollow underneath but are solid like a rectangular block.

What is interesting, is that often when the aliens show up in the evenings and are expressing their interest in taking me to them for a whole bunch of medical procedures that they wish to carry out on my body, I will first see images of them in that room, but gradually I start to see these mental images of them as if I am already laying on their table over there. The view and angle of what I am seeing in my mind starts to become as if I am lying on their table already, and then I start to see as if my naked body with arms and belly were already there, yet I still experience that I am here. It will gradually turn into feeling my physical whereabouts, and also in terms of what I am seeing as my surroundings, as being part here and already part there! So, I was seeing the medical room over there, and a Yellow Centaurian showed up there! He stood in that room, right next to the medical table on what would have been the side where my right arm would be had I been laying there on my back, which I wasn't.

It was a very familiar character, although I have regrettably only met him a few times that I can remember. It is a tiny elf-like creature with a strong yellow color of his skin and pointy narrow ears, the ears are long enough that they stand well above the top of the head. He has no hair. He wears what looks like to be dark pants and a brown long-sleeve shirt, the material is thick like a synthetic rubber suit. Most notable he wears a thick belt around his waist, and attached on the front, a little bit to his right side, on the belt is a box as if out of plastic. He arrives holding already his four fingers of both hands on the top of the box, and his thumbs or other finger of each hand on its bottom, ready for use. This is how I met him the first time, and that box had been a pretty great deal for him then as well, see here about my first ever (known) encounter with the Yellow Centaurian, and how the box on his belt then had played a role: Muffats, the Yellow Alpha Centaurians.

The Yellow Centaurian this time again he told me about his box. I think what he said was that it was a transmitter, however I asked him whether the box helps him with communication and telepathy, he did not say. What he did say however was that the box was going to alter the way my mind feels and was going to make me dizzy, or something like that he said. It seems this box was going to emit some radiation on me that would prepare me for the alien abduction, either to make me confused, or sleepy, put me to sleep, or unable to move, or something like that. In fact, after a while of having the aliens around, as the magical abduction hour of 4 AM arrived, I suddenly noticed that I was feeling very strange, very disoriented and confused and almost agitated, in a way that is absolutely not typical for me at all, plus that I was by no means sleepy because I was still living in USA time. A feeling consisting of sensations none of which were normal to me. I would then after a while remember what the little Yellow Centaurian had told me about the box, and it then made sense and I realized that I was probably entering into an altered state because of their use of the box on me.

Yellow Alpha Centaurians, or as I learned earlier that they actually want to be called "Muffats", are little guys, but by no means small in character. They, or at least this particular individual if it was always the same guy who showed up with me, is brave, confident, courageous, a little bit assertive, so by no means aware of his size. The first time I met these, the "Muffat" had seemed to feel completely secure behind the powers of his magical belt box, so I had then assumed that the box would be a sort of weapon that he would be using against me in cases of need and for the purpose of protecting himself, especially since he is so small and would be physically vulnerable, but this time he had showed up with the box specifically with instructions to put me in an altered state to prepare me for an abduction.

Clowns and Donald Duck

You know how human doctors try to decorate their hospital rooms with cartoon characters and fun things just to make children try to feel a bit more comfortable and not so scared during a hospital visit? Do you also know how lame that would be to put an adult human individual into a hospital room with cartoon characters because we have totally outgrown such things?

The Zeta Reticulans put mental images into my mind depicting a clown with a frizzy red wig and a red round nose and the white face makeup and other makeup and it was a happy face. They showed me the red clown a few times, then some strange imperfect images of Donald Duck, almost like some original Donald Duck and not the more up-to-date kind with a stranger beak, it looked more like this old Donald Duck than a new one.

I pretended to get really happy from seeing these things, although I told the Reticulans that I am much happier to see Kermit and Hamish. The Reticulans said that "they already know about Kermit" meaning about how I like to see Kermit. I actually don't like their images of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse because I just get uncomfortable and it is a bit creepy, but show me an image of a happy Kermit or any frog puppet with a big smile and I go nuts and bananas happy to see it! A Kermit cheers me up every time, even though I have to admit I am an adult.

But hey it is the aliens I am interested to see. The Reticulans behave themselves as if they are only doctors, they completely seem to miss the point that I am really eager and excited to see them! They are aliens! THEY are the Kermit or the clown or the Donald Duck that cheers me up! Well, the sight of Reticulans does not cheer me up, because honestly Reticulans are a creepy, uncomfortable, disrespectful and hostile encounter, but I am fascinated by them, they are aliens! So I want to go on with conscious abductions and more interaction with my aliens, even though it would face me with something unethical and uncomfortable.

Reticulans also told me that I was "number 411" or some other number in the 400's, they said there are that many individual groups and that there are even more groups after that, but it was my number. Each group would be an abductee with its team of aliens. I asked if each team had its own Reptilian, they did not say.

Hamish confides he is a langoustine, and he turns me over

Hamish was around too of course, and he let me see him in mental images. I complimented him on his handsome appearance, because dragon thinks a lot about his appearance and he likes to know that others are seeing him too. He is very aware of himself. Hamish is a red Draconian "of the old race of Draconians", he is a Dragon Turtle with a soft hump back on his back of which he is ever so proud. He told me quite sincerely that he is not a reptile, that he is a langoustine. He ernestly maintains that his race are like lobsters, crabs, or langoustines, so let him have it.

At one point Hamish overlapped himself with me somewhat, meaning that he focuses mentally on me more than usual, and it lets me see his body more clearly and the experience is as if our two bodies were overlapped, as if I were his body and my body at the same time. Overlaps with a Reptilian can be a wonderful experience, if there is an underlying good relationship to the Reptile. I am so very fond of my Hamish that it is a wonderful experience to see and to feel him so near, as if I were partly in him, it is much more close and intimate than any hug.

Hamish used the overlap so that he could flip my body over, I was already laying in bed and he turned my body, only slightly roughly, so that I was laying on my belly, which I normally never do. It is uncomfortable because my breasts get pressed down and all, also how to put the neck so that I can breathe, but at the same time I imagined that the aliens might want to lay me on my belly, oh especially since just before Hamish turned me over, the Reticulans had shown me a weird and eery mental image of as if I were laying as follows: it depicted me in an awkward position. With my knees bent, almost on my fours, knees down against the floor, lower legs flat against the floor, thighs raised up, back raised up from the floor but not flat but slightly diagonal upward, elbows bent with forearms and hands facing up toward the face, perhaps the elbows down against the floor but it looked as if the elbows would be raised up in the air which made the posture seem like an impossibly difficult one, but what made the image of me in this posture uncomfortable was that in it my mouth would be open, even my tongue slightly out of the mouth and the tongue curled like folded in the middle. When I had seen this image I had told them that I could try, but that to keep my tongue folded like that I told them my tongue would quickly get very tired of doing so. I had not attempted the posture, but then some while later Hamish had flipped me over on my back. The purpose of my mouth open would have been so that Reticulans can insert tubing down my mouth. I was not aware at a time that the aliens would have continued to opening my mouth, it was just that Hamish had flipped me. The Reticulans had wanted me to adopt the posture myself, but I hadn't done it.

Men In Black

There seemed to be a human man over in the room where the aliens were, he approached me in the mental image I was having of him, in which I had the view as if I were already laying on the table. The room there was dark. It looked like General Patton, meaning my General Patton who has a large frame, black hair, dark eyes. I always see one or two human men who seem to be from the United States who are there in the alien room to watch the medical procedure, it seems they are there to ensure that the aliens do not get carried away with some frenzy of medical experiments, it really feels that they are watching to keep me safe. Sometimes or quite often actually, these kinds of men there are also invited by the Reticulans to have sex with me to get me pregnant, and it seems a lot of these men accept the offer. I have no recollection of these things happening, but I am told things by the aliens and these men which confirms that such would take place, also I have seen mental images of as if my body were already there and one of them is about to.

The one or two MIBs who were there talked to me a bit, they were notably calm in their voice when talking to me, asking things like if I was really wanting to see the proceedings, and I assured them that I wanted to see.

Dream At Night about a Research Room

I had turned the lights off and was in bed and I thought I would stay awake to see what more happens but I fell asleep at some point. I did not feel that I was falling asleep due to an influence of some sort of state that would have been induced by aliens, but I was by now getting genuinely sleepy to go to sleep.

I had several vivid dreams that night. One of which was that I was by a huge greenhouse complex where they grow vegetables and I was trying to hide against some walls from some creatures or military that were looking for me. I just recently took a new job at a vegetable wholesale so the theme of the vegetable greenhouses was not strange.

I think I counted four dreams when I woke up later, but one of the dreams I had was very interesting. It was very vivid. I was in a research facility which had several rooms each in which a research scientist could work on his research project. The lighting was dark and not at all well lit. The colors were not white, but black and with some purple and dark colors. It almost seemed like after hours, and there was only one research scientist still working there, and I was going with him to his laboratory. All the other laboratories were empty and no one else there.

It seemed in the dream that this was a human researcher, though I am not sure. At least it was not an experience of a distinctly Zeta-looking research scientist. It was however a man. I followed into his laboratory, soon after I found myself walking into his laboratory again a second time because at some point I had left and was now heading back.

They were doing biological research in this building. In this room I looked into a cage and there were about five what looked like strange disfigured rats in the cage. They were white but their heads were more like a human figure but also not, more so than rats. They did not have the long pointy noses that rats have, also the eyes were different and not like small dot rat eyes but larger eyes with eye whites and with blue irises and black pupils. These rats also had no hair on their body but had naked skin. They were however rat-sized. They were all five or so of them just sitting there in the cage and not walking or running around, they were in a row in the cage or box that they were in, all facing to the same direction to my right.

I could immediately see that these rats were very unhealthy and not feeling well. Their breathing was weak and somewhat strained, and they had a sickly and suffering expression in their eyes of ill health, torment, and some agony, like someone who is really sick, like someone with a bad taste in their mouth, or nauseous, or a lot of discomfort and feeling unwell in their body. You could also see from the way that their body posture was, that there was no strength or vigor in their body, like they were almost leaning a bit as if weak and wanting to lie down, but just weak and unwell.

I looked and on the rat that was closest to me, its entire side of the body had been removed! The skin and body wall on one side of its body was gone and one could clearly see the entire digestive system with all of its organs, in miniature size. Ok, now my brain is telling me that I saw this because a few days ago while I was in the USA I had seen a horrible roadkill on the sidewalk that I walked by and there had been visible tubes and things in its body, so my mind has used some of that imagery at night to create these images. (Usually when I write down a dream that I had, my mind will tell me where the images have come from out of my daily life and also what the images mean. Dream interpretation is straightforward.)

I was upset and I told the scientist that these creatures have to be "euthanized" I said, and I rushed out of the laboratory, wishing I would have had my cell phone to take a picture for evidence and I was going to contact some legal authorities about this.

Ok, so that was a dream. I am only mentioning it because in case it may be relevant to alien abductions, although there is no reason at this time to assume that anything I experienced in that dream could have been happening in an alien abduction. I hold far more valuable, the sights and communication and other experiences such as the sensations that may have come from the Alpha Centaurian belt box, and Hamish turning me over, as those happened while I was awake.

I write down dreams that have relevant images and themes as what one would expect from an alien abduction into a medical research facility, because there is the possibility that alien abductions could be stored in the abductee brain, or somehow processed while it is happening, as something more of a dream like experience, and so forth. I actually keep wondering, if I could gradually start to go from lucid dreams that have a medical laboratory theme, dreams which could gradually as I would keep experiencing them, turning more clear, more awake-seeming, until one day suddenly I would stand (or lie) face to face with a Zeta Reticulan alien, taken to their medical laboratory. I keep wondering if the journey from not being allowed to, or able to, remember alien abductions, and into remembering them fully and seeing the aliens, might go through a gradual process that my mind undertakes, through lands that deal with sensory awareness, with sight, touch, the sense of physical location, the awareness, of being awake, in which I would have to fight my way and battle through the thick fog of dreams, before I could reach full lucidity and clarity and get to experience an actual alien contact, with vision, sense of physical location, and other senses, fully over there.

MIB shows concern

When I woke up in the morning after the abduction, at it was I think around 7 AM, it did not take many seconds or any seconds at all until what seemed to be a human man with black hair and dark eyes dressed in a black business suit with tie was asking me about "what I remember" and "if I was ok". I told him about the dream I had had about going into a medical research laboratory and encountering the sickly rats that were kept in an experiment and that I had wanted these poor creatures euthanized and that I had been upset that these creatures were kept in such an uncomfortable state.

I told the MIB as it was, that I was actually feeling much better than normal when I wake up, really healthy, vibrant and fresh and well-rested, I even noticed in the mirror that I looked more rested and better than usually. He asked me these same questions a few times, he also had asked me if he could ask me some questions but I had said I was going to work and did not have time right now though I had given him the summary as to what I remember and how I felt, but I did not have time for any more of his questions.

Who has time for my questions? What is the alien abduction experience? Will I ever get to know? I have had physical evidence that the aliens are real. Real physical UFOs with witnesses, alien writing on the walls with witnesses and other manifested physical phenomena during abduction times, plus other evidence that comes from what they say to me, and the consistency of specific details among several alien abductees who give independent reports such as the very specific witnessing of "Dinosaurs" (what other abductees tend to call "Saurians") of the exact same look. One can sort of reason that perhaps humans hallucinate reptilians because of some primitive fear of snakes that dates back to prehistoric times, I also read in a book recently that perhaps humans hallucinate Zeta Reticulan Greys because these look like embryos or babies, but then why the consistent independent witnessing of identical green Mantid aliens? Or identical Dinosaurs aka Saurians? And Alpha Orions?

It seems that the aliens are real, and that I am an alien abductee. There is still a very huge and frustrating puzzle surrounding all of this, because I do not take things as real just because I see them or hear them, mainly because I feel the whole entire human race staring behind my back expecting me to not believe this, simply because they did not have the experience. On the other hand I stand there on the threshold of being in the human world where one could shrug and say that "none of this is real", and one foot almost on the way to the other side across that threshold to where the aliens are very real people, and I stand in the middle experiencing real emotions, conversations, touch, and other experiences with these aliens with whom I daily interact. And on that other side is also Hamish, who I want to go to. And a part of me is already taken to that other side with the aliens, so if I were to only close the door

Hello, this is Commander Wilkes. - Sergeant Wilkes
Hello Sergeant Wilkes. What can I possibly do for you on this day? - me
Just quit talking about us. We don't like it. - Wilkes
What species are you? Are you human? - me
No, and we are collecting you you see. We need your ovum, for our sperm! We need to fertilize your species! Have you understood that yet? - Wilkes
We need your eggs, Dab Dab. - Hamish

So a part of me has already been taken over to the other side of that door, away from humanity, to where the supposed aliens are. That alien world on the other side has not been given to me by the aliens to be my own, to be something that I can touch, and taste, and see and feel and hear with all of my human senses as real as my own human world, but there is a part of me over there on that other side in their world, and if I were to just close the door, because other humans who do not know what I have seen, and what I have experienced, they would want me to stop looking through that door to try to see what is there, then I would lose a big part of myself forever, one that no human could ever give me back. My life lived only in the human world would forever be a mystery, of questions unanswered, and that big part of me that was left on the alien side would be lost from me forever and I would feel that I am empty inside.

And so I continue to stand on the threshold, eager to let go of humans for a while and eager to walk in to the other side, eager to see what is there, eager to find out that what is on the other side is real, if it is real. Eager to meet these aliens who I try to tell myself are my friends. I know that what I would find there, if I went there, would be uncomfortable. But I want to go there, I want to see for myself. I hope that by interacting more with the Reticulans, they would gradually start to let me be awake. A part of me they have already taken over to that side, so I feel painfully drawn to go there, so that I can feel whole again, only they have closed the door on me and they do not want to let me in.

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