The earliest and first alien contact experience I can remember having, was also the one that was the most filled with physical evidence stating that the aliens were real and not imaginary. I was 13 years at the time.

Friend saw UFOs

I was 13 years old when I had the first alien contact experience that I can remember. I was spending the night at my best friend's place. She was 12. She lived with her parents and younger brother, but her family were out of town for the night and it was just going to be me and her alone in the apartment with just the two dogs. That evening when it was already dark, we were out next to the house to take the dogs out for a walk.

My friend was as down-to-Earth as it gets. She had absolutely no interest in things such as aliens or mythical creatures. She was also a serious kind of person and not one who would tell lies or make practical jokes. So when she suddenly froze and shouted out that the saw a UFO in the sky, I did not believe her but I thought it was highly unlike her character to make something like that up. This was also long before my own interest in aliens had begun, so I was also not prone to believing in such things. I mocked her a bit and told her that there were no such things as UFOs, but she was more serious than I had ever seen her before.

Suddenly she froze again and said that the UFO had flewn by again. She insisted that I must look up at the sky to see them too. I looked a bit, not taking it seriously, and I told her that it was just the stars coming out from behind the clouds and then disappearing behind a cloud again, since there were some clouds and stars, but she was adamant and serious that she knew that what she had seen was a UFO.

We went back indoors with the dogs and she was almost hysterical out of fear of the aliens. I was laughing at her and making fun of her fears and I was saying that the aliens were going to come, because I still did not believe her, I had not seen anything.

Spotlights moving upstairs

We settled downstairs in the parents' big bed where we were going to sleep. The apartment was built on a hill. The main apartment and entrance was on the groundfloor, and stairs lead downstairs to this parents' bedroom which because of the hill also had windows that were on the groundfloor. It was late so the tv had no more programs but we had left the tv on with the static image that displays colors. We were playing a board game on the bed, and the two dogs were sound asleep on the foot end of the bed.

I forget the exact sequence of events as to what happened first and in what order. One of the things that happened, was that we suddenly noticed moving white lights coming from upstairs from where my friend's bedroom was. No one else was home, and her window was not on the ground level so no one could have been just outside her window since that one was above ground. It looked like at least two moving flashlights, as if two or more persons were walking around her bedroom moving the aim of their flashlights with a white spotlight around.

Dogs behave weird

In a split second, both of the dogs woke up exactly at the same time, and immediately they both got off the bed and rushed upstairs. It looked very strange, because one would have normally woken up first and then the other after at least a little while. The dogs would have normally taken at least a little moment to wake up and to stretch and to think and decide where they are going. But more concerning, these were obedient dogs yet this time they refused to come back when my friend called for them. They stayed upstairs, where the flashlights were moving about.

Bed shaking

Our bed started shaking, not violently, but it was definitely vibrating. I got off the bed to investigate, and sure enough, it was vibrating.

Alien writing on the walls

Then we noticed hieroglyphs that appeared on the walls in the bedroom we were in. "We just wanted to tell you that we were coming. It was highly unusual for them. We just wanted to say hello. We were telling you that we were coming.", one of my aliens either a Reticulan or a Dinosaur says right now as I am writing this, on May 7-8, 2017, 1:12 AM, referring to the writing that was on the walls, I am sure. The hieroglyphs were written as if with a glow-in-the-dark luminescent paint that was neon green in color. I had not seen those on the wall before, and my friend insisted that those were not there before. [Added same day: "It was highly unusual for them", referred to that the alien writing on the walls had been considered as something "highly unusual" by me and my friend.]

I got off the bed to investigate. I scraped on the wall on the hieroglyphs with my fingernails, to see if any glow-in-the-dark stickers might be revealed, or if any paint might come off, but there was nothing there. So the only option remaining was a projection of light. I went to the window and opened and closed the blinds to see if the hieroglyphs would have been the result of some light shining in through the window from outside, but, opening and closing of the blinds had no effect on the symbols on the walls. I then cupped my both hands around a symbol and there was no light on my hands, so the light was not being projected onto the wall from a distance, or it would have been now showing on my hand. I carefully peeked in through my fingers into my cupped hands to see if the symbol would still be there, and sure it was.

The only one of the about eight or more symbols that I can still remember is the one that resembles the Japanese currency Yen symbol with a "Y" with two horisontal lines across the base and some more detail that the Japanese Yen symbol does not have, I now today know it to be the symbol of the Reticulans and also their greeting and hello symbol.

My friend was very frightened of all of this and I remained calm and investigated the strange things that were happening. Neither of us dared however to go upstairs. This was also the times before mobile phones were common so we did not call anyone, we also did not have any camera with us so we could not have taken photos of the symbols, this was in the 1990's. Eventually we fell asleep.

In the morning my friend said that she had woken up in the night and the bed had been shaking again and there had been other similar symbols on the walls. When her family returned in the morning we found out that none of them had been home in the night, so it really had been just her and me there.

Within about a year later, I would be experiencing UFOs almost daily for a long period, I would be having white fogs in my room when the aliens would come and get me, the aliens would position my body to lie on my back with my arms to the sides and legs apart, they would sway me to sleep, or swoop me fast off the bed, and we would start having telepathic conversations where they talk about doing "examinations". But, I consider that first moment together with my friend to have been filled with many different types of physical evidence. I should of course now try to recreate some of it with the Greys (Reticulans) and this time record it to share with my readers.