The Free Mason

This is a story out of my personal life. I would normally not talk about it, but many years ago I took the pledge to make a detailed documentary on my contact with alien beings, and this information is related. Some of this is uncomfortable and embarrassing to me, but I can step back from it and report it in the spirit of science and journalism. It is not a story that defines my character, rather it is a story that details the behaviors, and culture, of the Alpha Theton Dark Lord species.

Broken down first

In around 2012 my life had gotten really ruined. There was a huge and unbelievable conspiracy against me, I could not believe the cruelty of so many people, first I was hurt, then when I asked for help I was always hurt more, leading me to ask for help again and being hurt again. It was unbelievable and I crashed. Most people would at that time perhaps turn to alcohol and drugs but I am not into those things. Instead I was just depressed.

The Dark Lords seemed to like me in that state, and I have come to wonder if it were not they who whispered into people's minds and got the world to conspire against me. I have seen them do that before, they can turn even loving relationships into fights and arguments. When I was in that broken and therefore susceptible state, the Dark Lords started to flood my mind with a variety of satanic images of animals. Vivisection of animals which means medical torture, dark black images of distorted fantasy animals, fable animals that were unnatural hybrid mixes of different species, taxidermy which means preserved and stuffed dead animals, and sexual images involving animals. I knew that these images were not coming from my own mind, I was well aware of it streaming to me from the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord also wanted to give me intense sexual sensations together with these images, so that I could learn to associate these things with sexual pleasure and to embrace these images.

Those images have got nothing to do with my own sexuality or interests. They are, however, highly typical imagery of the Dark Lords, and they were wanting to pass it on to me and to share with me their world.

One image that I came across and clung to, was that of the white unicorn. I also became very fixated with the Medieval style of castles, swords, clothing and so forth, even though I had never in my life had the slightest bit of thought to Medieval things, and so, perhaps that too was coming from the Dark Lords. I am however undecided whether the unicorn was inspired by me or by the Dark Lords.

Shown the bachelor

One evening when I was at my lowest point, I was just laying in bed and doing nothing, and I saw in my mind all of a sudden very clearly a man and I knew that he was going to come into my life right now and that we were going to be a couple. From that image I saw exactly what he looked like, his face, his hair, I saw his home which was decorated in Medieval style, and with swords on the walls. And information about him was conveyed to me, that he was an ex alcoholic, that he would do D/s to me.

That same evening in fact only a few minutes or at most a few hours after I had that image shown to me, this exact person contacted me on the internet. I had never seen or heard from him before.

In our first chat with each other, he kept repeating time and time again, that I am going to become afraid of him and run away, and I kept reassuring him that no I was not going to. I already knew that he was feeling apprehensive about revealing to me that he was a Dom and that he was into D/s things, but that had already been revealed to me with the image before.

Our first meeting

I agreed to go and see him in his home for a weekend. At this time when I agreed to go see him, I was at the lowest point of my life, I felt that I could just throw myself to this man fully, that I had nowhere else to be, that I needed a full and complete escape from my life, and I felt that he was rescuing me. I wanted at the time a full and complete escape from myself and from my life. It takes a lot to push a person to such a point where they are completely exhausted and they have completely surrendered and given up, I truly believed that this man was saving my life. And I still believe that the Dark Lords brought me to that point.

I met him at the airport and I got into his car and he told me to undress and to wrap myself in a cover that was there. I did those things. I think he asked me to close my eyes and so when we arrived inside the garage I did not know the address of where we were. He told me to close my eyes and perhaps he blindfolded me as I went in to his apartment.

What happened there was very interesting. I will write all of the full details later in some book sometime because it is too graphic for the internet. I have to say, that even though we were technically meeting for a sexual encounter, it was not that. I would even say that it was nothing sexual at all. At times when I looked at him, I could see him as the human body but I swear there was a Dark Lord superimposed with his body. I told him about the "black monster" that I saw in him, and he did not really have a conversation with me about that, but I kept repeating to him that there is a "black monster". The black monster Dark Lord told me to call him Master and to kneel for him, and as I did those things I swear I was doing that for the Dark Lord, and not for the man. It was clear to me even then that the man was only being used as a human instrument by the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord was in possession of the man's body and mind.

I can say that I experienced quality time spent together with a Dark Lord. It felt at times as if the man was not even there and that he did not even matter, as if it were just me and the Dark Lord. The Dark Lord enjoyed causing me pain in a number of ways, but when I looked at the Dark Lord I felt no pain. It was some type of tender moments between me and the Dark Lord, a kind of love and caress that is by no means how humans love or caress, instead I was being loved and caressed by a monster.

The man told me to look into his eyes, and when I did I was absolutely terrified and scared! Because in his eyes I could feel and see something terribly frightening! I closed my eyes shut and refused to look into his eyes, but he kept on insisting and asking me to look into his eyes, repeating the request with tireless patience until I made my own choice to be brave and to look into his eyes. When I looked into his eyes I saw the black monster that was standing in a ring of fire. I told the man about the black monster in the ring of fire, but he did not talk to me about it. Then I felt that my body got possessed by the monster, my muscles contracted, I felt the creature in my body and in my mind.

The man also did hypnosis to me. He said that I was more susceptible to it than anyone else he had ever tried it with before. At one point I felt that I was floating above my body near the ceiling and I asked him sincerely if he had put drugs into my drink but he said that he had not.

He spent a lot of time this weekend and also the other times that we met on doing hypnosis and mind control programming on me. I can't remember what he said, but he was giving me another name than my own. He was talking to me for a long time and then he would say that I would not remember what he had said afterwards and so I cannot remember what it was that he talked about.

About the man

Over the next six years up until again just a few days ago I have broken up with this man several times and he keeps on trying to get me back. He really wanted us to get married and to have children. Somehow I used to read his past lives to him and the main one was that he had been a Knight's Templar, which I vaguely know from other sources that report on the Agenda/Illuminati thing is one of the key symbols in the Agenda not that I am sure why. His home was yes decorated entirely in a Medieval style, with the rugs and things and many swords hung on the walls. And he has red hair which I know from other sources that report on the Agenda, that the Agenda likes.

He also says that his family was one of the first that arrived to settle the United States, he has told me many times about how his family is one of the first few families, although when he says that it makes me think about how wasn't there many hundreds of various families most of whom were impoverished and looking for a new life who settled the United States, yet he mentions his family as one of the distinct few that were the first so he talks about it as something different. It does sound as if he is hinting on his family being one of those Agenda bloodline families. Also his family is close friends with the Bush family and I saw photographs in his father's home of the family together with the Bush family and that is a major sign of being one of those Agenda bloodline families that we hear about. I was in his father's office one day and I noticed I think the younger George Bush on a photograph with his father and many other people and I asked the guy I was dating about it and he said that their families are friends. And yes of course this is in Texas although I am reluctant to say that.

Maybe I could have met the Bush family if I would have gotten married to this guy. Some say that they are lizards in disguise, at least when I browse a lot of videos and texts about Reptilians and the Agenda pyramid organization I come across those stories over and over again and David Icke talks about it, so I would have loved to have met them in person to see if I could have noticed something Reptilian about them, but that never happened and it will not happen so we will never know if those are just stories, so we have to assume that they are just stories.

The guy I was dating is a member of the Free Masons and so is his father. Heheh, I am very sorry about this but one day this year actually in February 2017 I was visiting this guy again for three weeks in Texas and he had to run out of the car to go back to the house to get something and I was waiting for him in the car and I noticed that he had one of his Free Mason books there in the car. It was full of secret codes and scribbles and I took photos of the pages with my phone camera! Oh I had forgotten all about those I must be sure to post those here later. I feel bad for taking those photos.


So that is the story of that. I hope you enjoyed the story. It is full of Agenda Illuminati symbolism and it is nice to know that it was the Dark Lords who paired us up. The Dark Lords had worked hard, I do believe, to wreckage my life so that it would be easy for them to send me to this man. The Dark Lord Agenda wanted of course us to get married and to have children, but that never worked out because over the next six years I have broken up with him time and time again, hopefully the last time I broke up with him will be the last.

There is an interesting related story which I refuse to share because again it involves real people. But there is a certain public figure who was recently connected to the Illuminati Agenda by other authors on the topic. It is a public figure who appears in the media. And this guy is dating the same woman that my guy has a child with, it really is a bizarre coincidence.

The Agenda with its bloodline families and all of the symbolism is a very real thing and one part of me feels humbled that the Dark Lords welcomed me into the family, there is something sweet about that. I also have to say that, as much as it makes many readers of my website furious with me, I love the Reptilians. For some reason I find it very easy in me to just get along really well with Reptilians, we have never had an argument. And even the Dark Lords and me, even though these are the satanic overlords, for some reason we always have civil and charming conversations. Dark Lords have many times asked me if they could have me be a priest in the Rosicrucians which is one of their organizations, they brought me Aleister Crowley books once and invited me to study them, they really are inviting me into their world, and for some reason perhaps because I am so kind I do not get angry with them. However to marry this man and to live life with him was not my cup of tea so this chapter is closed.

About the lizards

Ever since the aliens came into my life in 2011 and they said that they are using my eggs to make hybrids, in the following years I have come across many things in the organization, religion, and culture that is the Agenda. It turned out to not only be a strictly extraterrestrial organization but their networks extend to Earth as well, and when you watch videos and read material that other people are writing on the topic, it seems that this Agenda is running the world here as well. Royal families and top political families seem to be ruled by the Agenda. The Agenda also owns things such as the Knight's Templars, Free Masons, Rosicrucians, Aleister Crowley, Ku Klux Klan, and even claimed to have been behind Nazi Germany. The Agenda and Dark Lords are also the origin of satanism in its many forms, much, most or all of the widespread pedophilia in Catholicism and other parts of top society, Ancient Egypt, just to name a few things that come up over the years.

And, I encounter time and time again Reptilians who are posing to be specific royal or political figures. It is the Reptilians doing the impersonation, and it is not my imagination or expectation, in fact I do find it a nuisance because then I have to write it down and explain it here on the website. But I have met Reptilians who pretend to be queen Elizabeth of England, Prince Charles, the king and queen of Sweden, Hamish used to say that "he was" Prince Bertil of Sweden, and we have also met impersonators of General Colin Powell, President Obama, Bill Clinton, and John Kerry. It is at the very least an interesting behavior that I have noted of Reptilians, their tendency to impersonate these kind of figures.

So I wanted to mention, that other authors on the subject have said that members of the Bush family would also have such Reptilian impersonators, that is why I found it relevant and interesting that the guy I was paired up with by the Dark Lords had that connection. However, I have seen no evidence or indication that anyone in the Bush family would have anything whatsoever to do with any Reptilians or with the Agenda, just wanted to make that clear.

I will also say that as you can see from my many conversations with Reptilians who pose to be specific human figures, I have always been friendly to them, and if I were to find out that one day I was married to a family that has Reptilian shapeshifters or if I met a family that they know who are Reptilian shapeshifters I would just be happy because I love Reptilians. I already have Hamish my Reptilian in my life and Hamish makes me the happiest in the world. So I am just saying that I am not opposed Reptilians. (As long as they are not the White Fat Lizards cause those things are energy rapist but the other kinds of Reptilians I really like.)