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Alien Spaceships

This page describes my outlined plan to go out to see UFOs again and to attempt to video record the UFOs and publish those videos.

First sightings

When I was 14 I was watching a UFO documentary about alien abductions on tv when a strong feeling appeared in my chest and I knew it was telling me to go outside to see UFOs. After the show I went, looked up, and that night I saw my first UFOs. Orange spheres about the size of the moon in the sky, smaller white spheres, and one close encounter from just a few hundred meters away of a metallic saucer descending behind a building. From then on I went out almost every night for the next two years to see what I assume to be alien spaceships. I took out witnesses without telling them in advance what to expect and asked them to look up and describe what they see. What they saw is identical to what I see, so these UFOs are not imaginary. I once had two triangular brown UFOs fly just 100 meters above ground or so. I took photographs but back then it was on a film that had to be developed at the photo shop. Mom had taken the film to be developed, these had come out as blurs and she had not kept them for me. I would have liked to have those, blurs or not.

UFO watching revisited

I saw hundreds if not thousands of UFO sightings back then. It's time that I pick up the hobby of UFO watching again, now at age 30.


UFO sightings offer the chance of physical material on alien visitations. UFOs can be seen by oneself and with witnesses with the opportunity to show that the experience is not coming from the head of oneself and is verifiably something in the real world. UFOs can be video recorded or photographed, producing physical material. The nature of the UFOs and their origin whether human or extraterrestrial remains to be verified. Regardless of origin, UFOs display fantastic technological and engineering feats and appear to be crafts operated by an intelligence, and not natural anomalies. Regardless of origin, Earth or outer space, they are fascinating to observe, still shrouded in mystery, and the field of UFO study benefits from additional recorded material.


Stage 1:
I will go out at night to see if the UFOs will still come to visit me as they did fifteen years ago. I will bring my cheap digital camera and video record any UFOs, expecting poor video quality of course.

Stage 2:
If the first UFO sighting was successful and produced any sightings and recorded material (blurry), I can invest in renting or buying proper video recording equipment which will record at night and venture out to record the UFOs on several nights. I would telepathically ask the Aliens to descend for a closer look.


The goal is to produce recorded video of UFOs and publish those.

Additional questions

Intelligently operated:

In my teens I concluded that the visiting spaceships are intelligently operated. Mainly because of their trajectories. I was also able to communicate telepathically to the intelligence that operates the spacecraft and describe trajectories I wanted them to adopt. I asked them to adopt a zig-zag pattern at which they did. The spacecraft are operated by an intelligence, and this intelligence can hear me telepathically, and they can also communicate to me via feelings such as to tell me when to go outside to see the spacecraft.

Unknown extraterrestrial origin:

In my teens I have concluded that the intelligence responsible for the spacecraft is of extraterrestrial origin and that these are not maneuvered by humans. The indications that led to this conclusion are many and intricate, and I stand by that conclusion still today. The extraterrestrial origin of these extraterrestrials remains undetermined. They could be Pleiadians, they could also be the Agenda Aliens such as Orions, Reptilians, Zeta Greys, or another group. The main objective of this UFO study is not to determine their extraterrestrial origin, although that would be valuable to the understanding of the visitations.


I do not know what to expect. I am in the same area in my childhood home where I had those many hundreds or thousands of UFO sightings in my teens. It has been fifteen years since I was in this area and spent a night with the UFO visitors to watch their UFOs at night. I do not know what to expect, will they come again or will they not? I am sure that the means by which we communicated with each other in my teens is still viable. I will still be able to telepathically call out for them and I expect them to hear me. The question remains, will they decide to come for a visit?

Design of method


I don't know why everyone thinks that UFO sightings should be done at night. Perhaps we like to see the romantic background of outer space with stars against the UFOs. I have also had UFO sightings at day. At day the UFOs are metallic colored objects, whereas at night they glow white. Recording at day would produce better video quality. My first venture will however be at night because I would expect to not run into humans outdoors.


Warm clothes, notepad and pen for any observations to write down, but above all for telepathic communication that is likely to occur, flashlight for when I write down notes. For Stage 1 I bring my digital camera which can hold up to 45 minutes of video.


As a woman I am worried about going out into the forest by myself at night. Maybe I should locate a local UFO watching group and join with them. I am however braver now at 30 than I was in my teens. I saw most UFOs from my backyard in my teens, and dared out into the forest once and I remember that was scary (and no UFOs came then, which is good so that I didn't go out there again).

If I venture out into the forest I am of course also limited by how long I don't have to use the bathroom. If I go out as soon as it gets dark, or perhaps just before it gets dark, I expect to be able to stay for four hours, but I expect to not stay more than two hours before I get bored, unless things get interesting.

I am not worried about UFO abductions. If they pick me up, great, an added bonus. They won't kill me and I'm used to tubes and samples and sexual assaults and verbal offense from my own Aliens.

Location found

After browsing on satellite images of the area, I have chosen a large field to go to. There is camping and cottages nearby but hopefully that should not pose a problem. After all the UFOs used to appear in our backyard where thousands live in that very area. I have chosen a large field so that I can lie down and see only space. It is also remote enough where I should not have to worry about humans nearby. And hopefully the Aliens want to pay me a visit with their UFOs here.


I will bring a blanket so that I can spread it on the ground and lie on the ground. Months of UFO watching in the past taught me that it really hurts your neck after looking up for several hours night after night.


September 9, 2013

I attempt to mentally connect to the visiting Aliens from the 1990's for the first time again since all that time ago. I connect to the Aliens and I know it is them. They tell me that they come here to pick up freshwater from the lake nearby. They say they do not have freshwater of their own. They say they do not drink the water, but they need it for their technology. I ask if they have to clean the water before they use it. They tell me they use a filter and I am shown a white flat filter sheet. The water passes through the filter. They tell me and show me that at the end of the filtration process they end up with a small tank filled with green sludge that needs to be discarded. The Aliens seemed to be Orions, I saw the black reptilian lizard, which is consistent with that the first UFOs I ever saw were orange spheres. Orange spheres are Orion spaceships.


I am happy if my visiting Alien UFOs are the Orions. I have dealt with the Orions for the past two years and gotten acquainted with their style. I must say I was a bit worried that my visiting Alien UFOs would be the Pleiadians, because the Pleiadians - although really nice people - are such a different world and quite the opposite from the Orions, Reptilians, Zetas, and other Agenda Aliens. I'm glad if my UFOs are within the Agenda, even though the Agenda is responsible for negative behaviors, because I've been dealing with the Agenda for so long so I don't have to rethink or reset myself for the Pleiadian style. I'm acquainted with and comfortable with the Orions.

More communications:

The Orion spoke to me some more. He speaks mostly in the wordless language, which is far more intricate and communicates more content than the use of words in the human language. He tells me I am below the Cro Magnon, and told me that the human species that existed before Cro Magnon and was therefore more primitive than Cro Magnon, were the giants. He says that the giants were a race of tall large humanoids that were workers for the Aliens. The giants were made to carry big rocks to build stone temples for the Alien visitors. These Alien visitors have since had to relocate to live under ground here on Earth and no longer inhabit the surface like they did in Earth's past.

I connected with the small yellow aliens who live under ground and are workers for the Agenda. The little yellow guy told me they had been created genetically for this and they live under ground. He was sad and told me about poor living conditions for these yellow little ones, and how sad it is that sometimes they are relocated just like that and never see their friends again. It reminded me of black slavery history in the United States and my heart was aching for them.

The Orion man lets me know that I am inferior and primitive and I am a lab animal. He speaks very patronizing and he asks to be referred to as a military leader and royalty and wants to be distinguished. He also told me that they collect rocks from Earth that have magnetic properties. The magnetic stones have been mentioned before, they have the special abilities that make the spacecraft hover. The iron in "magic stones" make spacecraft hover. I suspect magnetic properties are utilized.