On May 5, 2016, I was looking out through the window at a beautiful green hill with trees, the golden sun shimmering through the slowly waving leaves in early Summer. I felt that I could truly feel the nature, and it was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. I felt something from those trees, from nature, that was more nourishing, more satisfying, that completed me more, than any feeling or sensation ever from food or any of the other things we buy and pay for. At the same time I contemplated on starting my project of helping animals. Then a nature sprite appeared standing on that hill!

Suddenly there stood a little gnome, short like a 2-year old baby human, a narrow body and long narrow face, two eyes that were probably blue. It wore a tall red pointy hat, the top of the hat was not a sharp point, but a blunt point. The hat was out of red fabric, perhaps not out of woven fabric. It looked to be the kind of fabric that is made by rubbing together fibers, rather than weaving fibers interlaced together. The hat was almost as tall as the little guy himself, and he told me that they wear these long red hats so that they can easily find each other out there in the nature!

He also wore green pants that end at the ankles, also out of the same kind of fabric as the hat. And some type of shirt. It looked to perhaps be wooden shoes, but I am not sure.

He had read my thoughts about helping animals, and he was here to offer me his encouragement to do that work, and that he would be here to help me. We talked about how his kind eat berries and apples and I offered him the raspberries that I had next to my bed (but he didn't eat any). He said that they live in trees.

I am not sure that I named him correctly, because he is more of a little gnome than a nature sprite, but the name gnome I have already taken to the other ones of northern Norway, Sweden and Finland. This sighting occurred in a different part of Europe.

Read more about the encounter here, I saw a nature sprite, May 5, 2016.

PS. Hamish can see the nature sprites too. Hamish spends a lot of time out in the garden, to which the hill with the trees where I had the sighting is near. A day or so after my sighting of the nature sprite, Hamish talked about seeing those in the garden, it bothers him that they wear red hats. Read about Hamish's nature sprite sighting, in one of the following entries on that same page where mine was written (scroll upwards on that page).

In Christmas time, my family likes to decorate with little Santas, they are different from the American Santa, they are depicting little santa gnomes from nature who have nothing to do with Santa Claus. They are little men and sometimes women with red clothes and a pointy red hat. We stick these little figurines into flower pots, on shelves, and here and there, kind of hiding them in places. And every Christmas, Hamish tells me in the mornings how he has hunted these Santa figurines during the night when I was asleep. He likes finding them and searching for them. Hamish loves Christmas, and that is one of the reasons why. It is now interesting, that both Hamish and me have sighted real such creatures, that really wear pointy red hats. It makes Hamish agitated, stressed, and tired, that they are wearing his color. Hamish often growls and wants to step with a flat red duck foot down on their hat and say "No" when he sees for instance even a porcelain garden gnome.