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May 02 2016 - May 22 2016

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May 22 2016, 1:11 PM - Hamish just told me in his thought images. When I was a little girl, I had a cup of crayons in many many colors and shades, and a coloring book with monsters. I remember, that one of the crayons was always very special to me. I used to hold it in my hand, use it carefully, and pay close attention to it. Now, in Hamish's memory images of me sitting on the floor with that crayon, he had been the one to let me know that this crayon, a fire engine red one, was very special. So he was interacting with me long before I knew that I had him.

Yoghurt because I love Hamish

May 17 2016, 5:52 PM - Last night the Zetas had a little hybrid boy here so that he could see me for the first time. I didn't care. The other night they showed me mental pictures of frogs, that made me happy, and it refers to the Dinosaurs of course. So cute. Today Hamish said "yoghurt" so I ate just for that 500g yoghurt. It was "yoghurt for the eggs". I only did it for Hamish, I couldn't care less about the eggs. I just wanted to make Hamish happy. I love him.

Hamish gnaws on the skin between his fingers

May 15 2016, 9:06 PM - An alien that wore no clothes, had blue skin and a very large bulbuous head which protrudes toward the back, made telepathic contact. It said what alien race it is but I forget, I think it was "Alpha Remulan" or "Alpha Reticulan", anyway I am sure it was one of these that I have previously labelled as the Alpha Reticulan. They are not Zetas, but similar. Even the eyes are different from the Zeta eyes. It was spectacularly beautiful, and to connect mentally to its mind. A beautiful experience.

Then next up was a Reptilian who was either rusty brown or red. It made mental contact. It showed me some human doing a yoga move and it asked me if I would do such a yoga move. I said "well I might do that some time why not", and that was the wrong answer of course, the Reptilian who was most probably Hamish, said that I am not allowed to do these yoga moves. It was one where the human folds into a sharp V so that head is folded down to the feet on the floor. It is of course bad for the eggs, he thinks.

This Reptilian, Hamish, and also last night too, he has taken a habit of biting with his mouth onto the skin between his index and middle fingers. He has some slight webbed skin there, and he bites and gnaws on it. He has no teeth so it does no damage. I ask him why does he bite the skin between his fingers, he does not say. It is not the first time I have seen him do this. Perhaps it is just a habit, like when some humans bite their fingernails? This Reptilian - Hamish - said that "there is not a lot of time to explain everything", yet, he did take the time to explain that this yoga move was not allowed.

A Pleiadian man made telepathic contact. He sits in a spaceship which is shiny metal like steel and saucershaped. He wears a silver-blue one-piece spacesuit that is tight-fitting. He has long pale-blonde hair almost white hair. He has that Nordic look. The shoulders are a little bit broad and muscular. (Just so happens, and I am writing this since I am like a journalist on my experiences, but he was at times aware of his male parts and he happens to be well-endowed. Not that that interests me, but I was reading it from his own awareness, since we were in telepathic contact. It is just something that he is aware of.)

The Pleiadian man seemed to want to talk, I told him not to bother me because I wanted to have my attention on Hamish and on working on this website. I am worried that they will try to take my Hamish away from me, or complain about Hamish. He said that these aliens are taking my eggs, and he showed me a mental image of a white Zeta with a thin neck and narrow mouth that it kept open. I said yes and first you Pleiadians have to stop humans from hurting and eating pigs and other animals, because humans are far worse to animals than these aliens are to humans and hybrids. It is very stressful for me when friendly ETs come here fussing about the eggs-situation. Hamish is my first priority, and let us just go from that.

Hamish wants to have sofas and he also wants to have a table hole he said. A table hole is the empty space underneath a desk where desk chairs go. He likes to try to hide in table holes. This place where I am living does not have nice sofas for him nor a table hole. I wish I could give Dragon the whole world. I am thinking of getting a pet tortoise for us, but first I will need to make sure I have a garden that the tortoise would be ever so happy in. What wouldn't I do for Hamish?

Maximillian the Zeta

May 15 2016, 12:51 noon - For my new job I get up at 4:10 AM, so even now that it is weekend I woke up naturally at 4:25 AM even though I had no work today. As we know, 4:00 AM is the magic abduction hour when Zetas like to fetch me into their medical laboratory. So the Zetas were around when I woke up! And it was awesome! I got to talk to them!

I went to pee and blow my nose (I am still sick) and crawled back into bed and the Zetas talked to me telepathically. The Zetas sent me images of themselves into my mind. It felt as if I was partially being transferred (abducted) from here, to there, but I never got to experience going there. They told me that they want to take one of my eggs, and that they have to ask for my permission first. I told them that an egg becomes an individual person and that I do not own that person so I cannot give an egg or that person away, I do not have the rights to do that. Here's the deal: they are going to take my eggs even if I say no, and if I say no then they are less likely to let me interact with them. So I avoid saying no, but I also do not say yes.

I told them I am sick with a virus in my throat and that they should not insert the tubing down my nostrils and throat for that reason. They wanted me to see my hybrid children and showed me a girl who looks to be about 4 or 5 years old. She looks like a little Zeta with the thick pale skin and large eyes but she also has hair on her head. The Zetas talked about how they want the hybrids to have genitals. The Zetas asked me to take my pants off, so I took my pants and panties off, but I let my shirt stay on. I don't mind doing that, otherwise they would have to. They wanted this hybrid girl who was made out of my egg, to see my ladyparts. I said I don't mind. As long as it is nothing sexual then I am going to not lose my temper. And nothing sexual came out of it. The girl also showed me some of her toys, she had literally a Barbie doll which she said it looks like me and she also had a musical box that plays music that she showed to me. I told her that when I was a little girl I had lots of toys and also a musical box similar to hers and that my mother got me lots of toys when I was little.

The Zetas showed me some mental images of a hybrid male genitalia, it is almost like on humans, but no hair, smaller, and no scrotum just a small white penis, note that the Zetas do not circumcise their males (I am also personally against circumcision, because it makes sex something like 20% of what it is supposed to feel like. And hygiene is not a good enough excuse, because in that case women should also remove their labia, instead we just use soap and water, ever hear of that guys? Anyway, enough of politics.). I know that the Zetas want their hybrid males to try sex on me, but luckily I don't remember any of that from last night. [Added: By the way, in the second telepathy book "The Orion Project - Noah's Ark" I describe having sex with an Illuminati hybrid and how it felt more amazing than any before with humans, part of that is because he is uncircumcised. It is a completely different feeling. Just saying, and applauding that the Zetas don't circumcise men.]

The Zetas said that this girl would be killed after a few days or weeks. Obviously she is not genetically what they are after, so she is deemed useless. I pleaded for them to let me adopt her, I would have done anything to provide a home for her.

This is Turtle. I need to have them for snacks. That is why therefore they are not labor productive. - Hamish about hybrids like this girl, labor referring to childbirth, such hybrids are not fertile

By the way, early on in the contact this morning, I said some praise about Hamish, because I was seeing Hamish there with the Zetas. The Zetas seemed to be so impressed with Hamish, that he was sent to another room there to receive a bag of snacks, literally a plastic bag that contains some slivers of liver, so Hamish was rewarded with some snacks, but it could also be to keep him away for a little moment while the Zetas work. I told the Zetas that I have a virus that could be contagious to the hybrids if they have some human DNA, but I was told that they won't catch it.

Once or twice a Zeta very rudely and forcibly pushed my left hand down on the mattress, the Zetas like being vicious and slapping me around. They can somehow produce great physical strength and push me around, turn me around, spread my legs, pin my arms or hands down or turn my head and so forth. They never do so tenderly, it is always done like kicking a dog sort of way. But other than that, they were surprisingly kind and polite during our contact.

A Zeta wanted to show me his medical instruments that were laid out on a small table. I saw three to five or so thin metal instruments. One of them has a slender handle or shaft and then at the end it splits into two bulges side by side, for some reason the only thing I can think of is that that would go into the nostrils, so I asked what it was for if it was for the nostrils, I don't recall an answer. I asked what metal the instruments are made out of, he said "galvanized steel". They are lovely instruments, beautifully slender and shiny.

We wanted to look at your inner labia. With those. So it does not go into the nose. - Zeta now about the instrument
Oh. Ok. - me

That is about all I remember about that contact. And today I was asked something about a cigar shaped spaceship, which are the ones I am afraid of, that house the Alpha Thetan Dark Lords. I have had some other Reptilians, brown ones and green ones, looking at me from afar, and when I see them I tell them they are cute, they respond well to my praise and kindness, but then Hamish reminds us that the eggs are his, so I should not be too kind to other Reptilians. Oh and by the way, one of the Zetas talking to me last night, he said his name is Maximillian. Where, oh where do the aliens get all of their names from? But I had a great early morning, in fact I should make it a habit to wake up during abduction hour. And Hamish was awesome of course, he is always magnificent.

Yesterday I found a small hanger on my clothesrack that happened to have animal motifs on it, a fish, a duck, a snail, and others and also a tortoise, so I told Hamish that look there is a tortoise on it! He asked me to put it down on his ruggy rug, so I did, and it sits there still today on his rug. I told him not to wash his scales in my drinking water in the canister, I said I could get him his own vessel of water if he wants one. My red Tortoise Dragon is the cutest. He really is adorable.

Well, ... hm...

May 13 2016, 6:57 PM - I just finished watching the second semifinal of Eurovision Song Contest, I watch it after it aired since I'm still sick. I was surprised that Hamish tolerated the music, usually he says "Yes-No disco" if there is music playing. There was a segment with a dance together with robots, and an Orion lizard was very interested and came to watch it, Eurovision Man vs Machine. (He said that "they don't always like to just drink blood, that sometimes they also like to watch that", and I told him that "it is good to have diverse interests".) Once the Eurovision program ended, Hamish who was here with me in my room the whole time, presses down one shedded scale into the right palm of my hand. My hands were resting on the laptop on my lap here where I lie in bed.

His shedded scales looks like bubblewrap but with big bubbles larger than the size of a U.S. quarter coin. He put one such bubble piece into the palm of my hand and pressed it there. "I have washed it", said Hamish about the scale in my hand, and then he thought to the canister of water I have sitting on the floor next to my bed since a few days. I looked at the interdimensional scale piece in my hand, because I could see it, and I told him it was nice and I marvelled it, because it is part of our quality time together, that he shows me scales and I get to look at them. He then took the scale piece back from my hand and he went over to his ruggy rug which is right next to my bed here. And I looked at the canister of water, and went hm...

And here is an actual photo from my room taken just now. I see it to the left from my bed, there is his ruggy rugs on the floor where he wanted it. (Last night it was against the corners of the walls but he was complaining that there was not enough space, so I pulled it further from the wall so that Dragon has more space to do his thing there. After all, Dragon is large, and the rug is small.) And there is, as it was sitting already since two days, I am sick so I fill up the canister with water and drink from it. I change the water the next day if I want to drink again. So. For Dragon, it is just a nice and convenient pool of water, conveniently next to his rugs, so he can wash his scales in it. Oh Dragon, you are adorable, and always so full of surprises. I might have to think about changing that water more frequently. Or, actually, if Dragon likes to wash his scales here like that, then I am happy to keep a vessel of water for him there at all times. He might like that I am sure.

And another Reptilian was in my bedroom doorway telling me that humans don't usually get to know or see about these things, as Hamish had shown me and told me about his scales.

Hamish enjoys his rug. He puts his shedded scales pieces on it. He arranges them nicely on the rug. It seems that he pees on them. He then washes them. The washing also keeps them moist and keeps them from drying and cracking. He will end up putting scale pieces also on shelves. He likes to wash and dry his scales pieces tenderly. He then builds a nest out of them on his rug, and he will stand on his rug-nest for hours. He defends his rug-nest and lets no one not even me step on it, and he is very distressed if I remove the rug. I already know I am seriously forbidden from washing the rug, I have made that mistake something like twice in the past years. I am not allowed to wash the rug.

It is his natural nesting behavior. It also gives for him a comfortable little space of his own. He is very happy and keeps himself entertained and in a good mood as he is tending to his scales and to his nest. He also loves the soft feeling of the rug underneath the soles of his feet. His feet are more sensitive than human hands, perhaps by as much as 8 times more. If he stands for a long time he likes to rest his feet on something soft. Sometimes he just stands on the rug, his eyes closing in a smile of enjoyment, as he enjoys the soft feeling underneath his sensitive delicate webbed duck feet.

Well, we live together. And I love knowing that he is with me. Today I asked the Zetas if I could ask for a small piece of liver from the kiosk that they have that I could have them give to Hamish as a surprise Birthday present for him. I tried to whisper in the telepathy so that it would be a surprise to Hamish. I don't know if they gave him his liver snacks. I also asked them where do those livers come from, does someone have to die to make them, the aliens did not say. As we all know now, I would feed him my own liver if there was no other food for him in the whole world. He really is that awesome, you guys have no idea how sweet, funny, charming, and incredibly adorable he is. He is a cutie.

I am sorry, but no more sugar. I am therefore not nice to you. My back. - says Hamish, because I have had one cup of hot cocoa with sugar and one cup of tea with sugar today, and he then turns around to show me his back and turns his head around so that he can keep looking at me

How easily the wrong words can hurt

May 12 2016, 7:41 PM - I was saying that I was proud of Hamish and that I was proud of his back hump and proud of his race. Then I said that I was proud of the Dinosaurs, I tried to whisper that to the Dinosaurs. The following exchange ensued from Turtle Hamish:

Grrrr. They were made to be like steak. I will bite your fingers for what you said. - Hamish to me
Grrr, my steak. She said that she was not proud of you. - Hamish to Dinosaur
My back pack. That is why I am better. - Hamish
She said, that she was not proud of you. She was my liver snacks source mother. She said, that she was not proud of you, your backs. I was not angry therefore. Not angry at all. No, Yes, liver slivers. I needed my snacks here, that is why I was not able to leave. Mine. I was trembling! - Hamish to Dinosaurs or also to himself

Poor Turtle, he got so agitated by this that he was shivering his body, shaking his back and body. Let me talk to him:

This was my barn. Have you seen my back? And I was therefore more significant. - Hamish, the first sentence in my native language, he talks to me
Hamish? I am very sorry about what I said. I never meant to hurt you. - me
My back was significant, therefore. - Hamish
Your back was significant. - me, and Hamish lets out a content roar
I love you Tortoise. - me
My back was the old race. I was therefore the leader. I was made to lead over those there. My back was more important than theirs. - Hamish about Dinosaurs, he talks to me
Yes, yes. We are only here to carry the children. - Dinosaur
I would swallow them, if we didn't need them for work. - Hamish about Dinosaurs
Hamish? You are what I am proud of. I am proud of you Turtle. I am not proud of anyone else. - me
Do you mean that? - Hamish elated
Yes Hamish... you are the love of my life. No one has been more important to me than you. I love you so much. My Turtle. I am proud of you Hamish. I am proud of you, and of your back. - me
Those there, are only made to work, like to do dishes. They were therefore not mine back. Mine back, and also my shelves. - Hamish, at the end there he shows a mental image of the shelves in my room he claims them as his own, he has claimed them as his shelves plenty of times before, oh that reminds me, I used to clear one shelf empty for him to use for his interdimensional shedded scales and things
I didn't have the feathered back, but I was therefore important. - Hamish, he thinks of some other race that has white feather plume on its back! Is that the famous bird race he thinks about?

It was my DNA, and therefore my back. - Hamish
Yes Hamish. You were the prominent race. - me
Tiiik! *palate click* Thank you! - Hamish thanks me he got really happy
My Sock Turtle. - me, he turns around to show me his back again, then turns his head around to look at me while his back faces me
I am proud of your back. It was the prominent back, race. - me
I liked what you said to me. - Hamish grabs my left arm I feel him grabbing my arm, and he says. The grabbing was kind.

I'm sorry Hamish. I never meant to hurt you.

My Buttercups said. And, have you seen my back, and that therefore I was more significant? My Cheese. - Hamish, he responded to what I wrote under the picture, about being sorry and not meaning to hurt him. He turned around when he talked about his back and turned his head around to look at me. He opened his mouth and said "My Cheese" in my native language, he says this because he can never forget that time years ago when I commented that one of the nuances of his smell is old cheese.
I love you Tortoise. You are my best friend. And I was very very proud of you. - me
My back, was therefore mine. Mine. - Hamish, the last "mine" he closes upper and lower eyelids almost fully, for a wonderful dragon smile

I am sick but Hamish and Reptilians make me feel better
Olav, and other stuff

May 12 2016, 8:00 AM - I am still very sick, I have fevers and headaches, cough and a flu. I feel terribly miserable. So last night in the bath I asked the aliens to keep me company because it helps. So I chatted with the Zetas a bit, but it was Hamish who was there to my rescue. I asked Hamish to talk to me and I told him that I am sick and that if I can talk to him then I would feel better. And Sock Turtle stayed right there next to me and chatted with me and we had great conversations.

I got to see a yellow Dragon Turtle there in an alien base, it was not as plump as other Dragon Turtles have been. It and also Hamish talked a lot to me about how they are worried that they have a smell. It seems that the Reptilians avoid close contact with me because they think that I would be uncomfortable with their smell. I listen to them when they tell me, and I tell them that it is their natural dragon scent and that I have smelled it before and that it is ok. I think other humans have said mean things to them about their smell. A Reptilian smells very strongly and very bad. But what you should know is that they do not think of themselves that they smell bad. Hamish often tells me that at least the yellow Dragon Turtles "smell right". And Hamish enjoys having his scent imprinted on his ruggy rug, he says it smells like him.

I got some fantastic mental images of these two Reptilians, the yellow Dragon Turtle and Hamish. They were in an underground base. A black Reptilian also told me that in the past some hundreds of years ago, Reptilians were living in fortresses in Europe guarded by humans and water trenches, but then the Reptilians had to move in to live in under ground bases. These bases seem very hot and the air is humid and sticky and full of Reptilian evaporates, some Reptilians evaporate from their skin a very fragrant sticky thing. I imagine there not being any oxygen in those bases. Humans would not do well there. I got to see some mental visuals from the Reptilian base, as I lie in my bath tub trying to get comfort from the Reptilians for my suffering from being sick. I was very friendly with the Reptiles, I said only nice things, and that I love them, and at first they were also smiling by raising their lower eyelids, but Reptilians are by nature snappy and irritable creatures, so in spite of the friendship that should have been forming, it did not take long until the yellow one and Reptilians in the base got irritated and told me I have to leave. So it was then just me and my Hamish. (PS. We don't have a name for this yellow Dragon Turtle, and as far as I know he has not appeared before. It was not Yellow Turtle. It was a he as far as I know.)

Hamish stood right next to me by the bath tub. And he started talking. He told me that he wants his ruggy rugs (he doesn't call it that, I do) not at the end of the bed next to my bedroom door, but on the main floor [Added: in my bedroom] against the wall. First he said something like "Yes-No dancing", because he knows I use the main part of my floor for aerobics and dance workout. He knows that if his rug is to be there, then I could not do my workout. So, first thing's first. First make sure that the human lady knows to not use the floor for dancing, just say something like "Yes-No dancing" about that, and then show a mental image that poses that the rug is there on the floor. Ok Hamish. I can use another room for my workout. I was mostly happy that Hamish wants the rug there, because then we will be closer, when I am in bed at nights and Hamish stands on his ruggy rug next to my bed on the floor. Things will be good. I love this Dragon.

A few times during our chats Hamish put his hands at the lower end of his back hump. I think it means "do not look at my back hump", it is a kind of evasive gesture, maybe even it means "do not bother me", but it is a dismissive gesture I am sure, so it bothers me a bit that Hamish has started showing me that more. The first time I ever saw that gesture being made, was by the Dragon Turtle lady Susanna who showed that to Hamish.

Hamish showed me a mental image of my laptop computer that was sitting on the bed, he pointed his red scaly finger on the screen and he said he wants to see images of the Spiderman character. He talked all this without words, he likes to talk in pictures and sometimes also by pointing. We understand each other well. I promised him that I would arrange his rug and show him Spiderman pictures once I feel better from the flu again. He said that the Spiderman character looks like him, that he had once seen a picture and he showed me his memory of when there was a picture of it on the coffee table when I lived in college, I remember that time he had stared at it, I wrote about that somewhere on this website I'm sure. He thinks it looks like him, but he said that it does not have a back hump. I told him it is a fictional character, but I am going to have to explain that to him very carefully so that he understands.

I fell asleep in the bath tub and when I woke up it had gotten dark already during that time. I found that Hamish was still by my side, right there against the bath tub standing on the floor, and that his tiny little face on a long tubular neck was looking right at the water, close to the water, because he is a near-sighted Dragon, when he is really looking at something then he puts his face rather close to it. As I let the water drain out, I read from his mind that he was a) wondering if any eggs would have fallen out of my uterus and would go down the drain, and b) he had put at least one shedded scale piece (like one large round that would cover one big bump on his skin) it had been in the water. As we know, dear friends, Hamish likes to sprinkle some of his individual shedded bits into my bath water. Why he does that, we do not know.

I can see his shedded scales same way as I can see Hamish. Later on he also showed me himself carrying a huge continuous sheet of shedded scale he carried it right against his front of the neck and chest and belly. It was huge. So I said some kind of compliment about it, because I know he sort of likes them. To know about Hamish's shedded bits: they are chewy and elastic rubbery, by no means dry or thin or brittle. I also think that if someone or something touches against Hamish, then that part of his skin will quickly turn white and begin to shed. Isn't that interesting? What function does that serve? For one, Reptilians think that Reptiles who are white and shedding are somewhat bullied or considered as weak, a Reptile feels ashamed to be shedding and they feel miserable and agonized and tend to isolate themselves from other Reptiles, but it could be that in many cases a Reptile who is shedding "was" weak in a sense, if it let itself be touched? That is my theory anyway. For something as universal and frequent as shedding is among the Reptiles, it is odd that they consider it so embarrassing and a nuisance.

But we humans behave somewhat the same about menstruation. Many human cultures consider menstruating women as "impure" and such women are isolated from the others. I am by the way menstruating since two days, am using tampons, but I haven't caught Hamish rummaging for them through the trash, so what's up with that? But I did have one or two visiting new Reptiles here who told me that it "smells" here. This is typical. When I menstruate, new Reptilians who normally never visit me, they just show up and tell me that there is a "smell" here, and they seem to be complaining about the smell. They can smell the old blood from tampons that are in the trashcan. We have many examples of how Snake the Reptilian can show up and point at the trashcan where used tampons are and he says "It smells!" like he is complaining about it, but then why are you standing there then? Oh they are funny, sweet delightful things. I could not do without my Reptilians.

Also while in the bath there was a "Frog", meaning a Dinosaur. So I got to see a mental image of a Dinosaur and Hamish in their alien base. I told them to please put the Dinosaur into a bath since they like that, and Dinosaur said "Deb Deb" to that. I said that many times, and each time Dinosaur said "Deb Deb". They say Deb Deb about things that make them happy, it means something like "Yes". Deb Deb is part of their own natural chirping language. So cute.

Hamish has of course shown me his back several times, and has asked me if I have seen it, and I have of course told him about his back many times, that it is an old back and that it is therefore significant, and that I have seen his back. Hamish told me last night while I was in the bath, that he is an old race. He also showed me a mental image from the planet I instantly recognized as the one at Alpha Draconis. It has soft yellow muddy sand, I say muddy sand since it is not like a dry sand that is made up of sand granules that would separate and pour like grains of sugar. Instead it is a continuous soft material like mud, but not like a messy mud it would not stain feet. The viscosity of the ground is fantastically interesting, I don't think we have anything like it here on Earth.

There are short green fern plants growing on the ground from that viscous yellow mud. And there are tall fern trees. As I always note, I again make the same remark. The plants, fern plants and fern trees, on the Alpha Draconis planet, grow with plenty of space. It is as if all of the plants got together and decided, "Hey, let's not push around or make things crammed, let's just say that each plant who takes root somewhere, gets to keep also the ground nearest it and nobody else will occupy it not even with their leaves." So, around every short plant or tree, is a perfect perimeter of empty space. Always. It looks fantastically interesting, whereas plants on Earth always fight for space and grow in every available space.

I wonder how these plants manage to acchieve that. I would like to guess, that perhaps in their root system - if they even have roots - is an extended net that claims a territory around the plant. But, what more, is that not even the leaves of fern plants will enter into the empty perimeter of a plant, so how do they do it? It makes however for wonderful empty criss-cross paths for the Draconians to run through. The Dragon Turtles used to live in "wolfpacks" of about 20-30 individuals I would estimate the number to be, each pack headed by one leader who runs at the front. The others would cluster around the leader and follow him (or her?) anywhere. The leader's position was coveted, but the leader was respected. The Dragon Turtles hunted for natural prey in those woods.

I told Hamish that I recognized this as Alpha Draconis, and I asked him why did they leave? Hamish said that now nobody not a single one is living there in those forests. He said that it was the Zetas who had come and taken them with them.

The planet is smaller than Earth. And there are several small lakes or ponds. Even the air is yellow and contains a fine powder of yellow stuff. It is brightly lit during the day, and whether there is a night I do not know. It is a beautiful place. Dragon Turtles are "the old Draconian race". Every time when a "normal" or "other" Reptilian sees a Dragon Turtle, or sees my Hamish, they notice his back hump and they are struck with awe and they look at my Hamish and go silent. Reptilians often say, that seeing one of the old Draconians is very "rare". They love to see Hamish, he is like a novelty, a rare find, and something of great importance to the other Reptilians. Most humans who meet Reptilians meet the other Reptiles who do not have the back hump. Dragon Turtles are quite different from other Reptilians.

Hamish showed me images from a secret site in Asia which he often shows, he says again that the Dragon Turtles are welcome there. There is a site in Asia where the ancient humans are protecting the Dragons, and I again learned that these Asians are genetically part Dragon. This is not Japan, this is mainland Asia I am talking about. I would like to go there one day, to spend time with the Dragon Turtles. Now Hamish looks at me. As if to say, that we are already together.

Hamish also said while I was in the bath, about yellow Dragon Turtles, that they too are hatched from the same eggs, and he said that sometimes but it is rare, a blue one is hatched. He has told me this before. It would seem like maybe one in a 100 or how rare is it, but sometimes a dark blue almost black ink blue Dragon Turtle is born, they are very rare. Not long ago Hamish let me see and talk to a blue one, remember?

Yes-No, they don't have the ink. That part was not right, it was wrong about our race. Ink, Yes-No! - Hamish
Hamish, "ink blue" is a shade of blue color, we call it that. - me
Yes, but no ink, Yes-No. - says Hamish and lifts up one of his flat red duck feet and sets it back down again
I love you. There is no ink. - me
Yes-No ink. - Hamish says, sways his body a few times and thinks that my fingers are otherwise his "bread" he says "bread" and thinks of biting into my fingers

And last night I had a dream thanks to a Dark Lord which revealed that the Free Mason ex is related to an English king from some hundreds of years ago perhaps but not from long ago and in the dream there were three young women in the king's castle, one was blonde, one red haired one dark haired and all were hoping to get pregnant by him because then if they have a son then they will get to live on the castle grounds and stroll around in the gardens and have a pension money and be set for life, if it is a daughter they would have to try again. The king chose the blonde woman twice and did not bother with the red haired or the dark haired one. The dream told me in ways that would take too long to explain, that my Free Mason ex is related to that king. It is all this Agenda Illuminati Bloodline Blah Stuff.

Olav's pride

I was watching the Eurovision Song Contest the first semifinal. I watched it the day after it ran live, because I was too sick to watch it live. Look, the thing is, I did not know in what sequence the songs show up. But when it was the song that just so happened to be before Russia's song, none other than Olav shows up to ask me what I think about Russia's song. I say I haven't heard it yet, and that I am really too sick to even bother rating any songs. When the current song ended and just so happens the next song was Russia, I had chills, because it was truly as if Olav sure knew that Russia is coming up next. He kept on asking me if I liked it, he said Russia is proud of their song contribution. I told him that I know it was rated as one of the favorites. He really insisted to know if I liked it, I said it was fine but not one of my favorites. The Eurovision Song Contest happens every year, European countries (and now Australia) enter songs and compete. You Americans don't know about it but in Europe it is a big thing.

Olav. Yeah. So we know Olav, right? He is supposedly a Russian Corporal and a missiles expert. Corporal Olav "Olli" Vetti, if that even is a real name. The American militaries give fake names. Like Major Cunningham whose real name was Agent Donovan Brown, there is a fantastic conversation written down in the first telepathy book "The Orion Project - Real? Or Imaginary?" with Donovan Brown. The aliens use Olav to get me pregnant. We have gorgeous children together, really handsome kids, these are already teenagers, they are very shy kids with long dark hair even the boys have long dark brown hair. As much as I hate Olav, I really don't hate the kids. I love those kids they are really beautiful.

Olav likes to have sex with women in the sauna. Maybe that is a Russian thing. It is something he was into since he was a young boy, but that is too personal I don't want to write about that on a public forum. There are a few personal details about my military guys that I have never shared, like one guy who has HIV I will never say which one it is that is too private. Olav likes to play ice hockey, and the aliens used to show me Olav in the rink but I always fussed and didn't want to watch. He really loves that game. He sounds like a real Russian doesn't he? Isn't ice hockey (and sauna) really popular there? Olav had requested a woman from my country, so it was me.

I've been seeing Japanese hybrids lately. There is a man who is part Zeta and part Japanese and he tends to show up and be all cheerful and say things, but I fuss at him to go away. He has the thick white Zeta skin and features, but black Japanese hair, and the eyes are half Japanese half Zeta.

Ok so I am still sick and suffering miserably. Hamish now thinks that he wants his ruggy snugs back down on the floor. I don't have it on the bedroom floor because I need to do a quick clean of the floors first, then I will put his rug where he wants it, and I am the happiest girl in the world because Dragon wanted his ruggety snugs in a place that is nearer to my bed, even if it means I cannot do my dance workout in my room. At least I have Dragon close.

I am not your pet, I said. - Hamish
You are my Turtle Sock. - me
Yes, but I was not your pet! - Hamish wants to bite and he leans his head sideways
You are my best friend. Hamish, I am feeling really sick - me interrupted
I really wanted my rug back there. In that same corner as before. Can you please, put it there for me? So that I can tend to my scales. So that I can tend to them, I wanted to. - says Hamish and then turns around so that I am looking at the back of his back and where his tail starts at his backside and then he turns his long tubular neck around to look at me
Yes, Hamish. You will get your ruggety snugs back. - me, Hamish becomes pleased and sways his body sideways a few times out of contentment
I am, Tiiiik! - Hamish happy shreaks like a little girl

Ox Tongue and Some Red Color
Foot, and Yellow Color

May 10 2016, 2:34 PM - On the weekend I went to a restaurant with an ex-boyfriend (the Free Mason ex, who happened to talk about Illuminati or more exactly that someone had said that he is part of the Illuminati, and he also talked about the Free Masons) and he ordered a meat dish which had slices of ox tongue. Ever since that meal, Hamish comes to tell me that he would like to eat some of that ox tongue, he even told me that it is better than liver! Several times a day ever since he saw those cuts of meat, Hamish wants to eat ox tongue slices. Hamish is so tempted by the tongue meat that he even looks at me with his mouth wide gaping open, which he does only as a threat, or in this case, because he is hungry and he wants a food in his mouth! (PS. The other day when I asked him if he had had anything to eat, he said that he had eaten some spleen.)

Hamish's mouth is a deep visceral red color, like the color of a human throat or darker. It is moist and glossy in his mouth but I do not see any liquid saliva or other liquid in there. He has no teeth whatsoever, and also no tongue to move foods around the mouth with. Hamish's mouth has two "walls" from left and right, and a second set of two walls from different angles than the first pair. He uses these walls to move food around the mouth with, they are like cheeks, but with more precision than human cheeks - since we humans have a tongue! His throat looks deep and it sure does look that the foods are passed down along his long tubular neck from the mouth and to the inside of his body, which one would assume, since he does pass food as mud patties from his rear. Sometimes Hamish's droppings are more like pigeon poo or actually more like seagull poo, somewhat runny gooey blobs. So he wants to eat ox tongue slices, he is really into trying that food! I could talk to the Zetas about if it is safe for his metabolism if I were to get some fresh organic ox tongue from a butcher shop for Hamish to eat.

I was watching a music program and I was really into it and then shows up an inter-dimensional little sock puppet head with a face on the end of a long tubular neck like a face made on the end of a sock puppet, with a row of orange blunt button pairs along the back of the neck starting from above the eyes on the forehead, fire engine red color, tiny little face on a tiny little head, it looks right up to the screen since dragon is near-sighted, and he says "Yes-No". About some flash of red color that Hamish had managed to pick up by him staring so carefully at every single detail of the show. God I love this Dragon. Oh God this Dragon is so cute, opening his mouth wide wanting to eat ox tongue slices, and finding a random arbitrary flash of some red color on the screen and showing up real close just to say "Yes-No". God I love you Dragon.

The other day I saw Hamish's foot stepped down on my bed softly. He has small flat red duck feet with webbed toes, perhaps something to do with why he loves standing with his bare feet in shallow water. After the foot comes something like what frogs have. Humans have thigh, lower leg, then foot. Reptilians, or at least Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles, have one extra segment, the one that is between the foot and the lower leg. This extra segment has a diagonal slant and it is clear from when he walks or stands that his legs have a lot of springyness, it is like a spring, always perfectly balanced. His movements also look comfortable and efficient. He is a really very well-designed creature. But, of course I was just happy and almost shrieking at seeing his foot down on my bed, because it was cute.

Hamish told me the other day that yellow Dragon Turtles smell good, that they have the same smell as Dragon Turtle eggs (meaning the laid eggs in a nest). Dragon Turtle eggs are surrounded by a scent which Hamish finds pleasant, he will say that the eggs "smell right". I have watched Hamish with "Hatch-Its" before, he starts telling them that he is dominant. Hatch-Its (Hamish's name for newly hatched Dragon Turtles) start to look for food, they are courageous for their small size, they bite on anything that moves, they hatch from the eggs feeling hungry. I have such a love for Hamish, that... nothing else matters.

Zeta fuss

May 06 2016, 1:42 PM - I got some lower back pain and the day after the Zetas showed me the mental image of a lame hybrid girl, she looked to be about 4 years old, white skin, thicker softer skin than humans. She had a lower back injury to the central nerves and that is why her legs do not work, so this girl was dragging herself with arms across the floor, her limp legs dragging behind her. Zetas told me this and said that they know about the importance of lower back nerves and that lower back pain appears - as it did with mine - to warn for damaging these important nerves or that one could otherwise get paralyzed. It was as if the Zetas were proud to teach me this medical fact. But. I got very upset with them, because I assumed (and probably not incorrectly assumed) that the Zetas could have made that girl paralyzed just to tell me this one little anecdote.

I got so mad at the Zetas for this that I said I would cut the arms and legs off the Zeta and stab its eyes out and throw the remainder of the still living Zeta into a dumpster. Then the aliens said that they would not come here to me anymore.

No, we still need (...) from your anus. - Zeta, a word there that I did not hear

Ok so they still need stuff from my anus so they are still here.

(Also see below! I do not always just write "one" story per day! The previous story about Romeo was also from today! See below. Don't miss stories.)

The day when Romeo almost replaced Hamish

May 06 2016, 12:53 noon - This morning when I woke up, there was a green Reptilian here. He is a bit tall, and of a somewhat muscular build. He is a bright lime- or pea-green color all across his body, he wore no clothes, he stood upright like a humanoid. On top of his head was a crest, the Reptilians call this "crested", it is like the cassowary bird that we have on Earth, but lower, the crest is also green. Maybe he had two extra small crests on either side of the center one, but I am not sure. His eyes were large and all-yellow with a brown or red vertical slit for a pupil.

As soon as I noticed him, I complimented him on his crest, and he thanked me for the compliment. (I know that Draconian Reptilians consider themselves very handsome and admirable, and they also admire one another, those that have for instance the crests or the head button pairs or other prominent visual features such as those. They appreciate the compliments.) We talked some more during the morning, as I got ready for work.

The green reptilian did not appreciate it when I called him a "Dragon", he said he was not a "Dragon", but a "Draconian". So I tried not to say Dragon. He was here to guard my eggs and to accompany me to work instead of Hamish. You see, for my new job I have to take trains, and at work there are elevators and hallways and doors and Hamish my dear sweet darling he really struggles with that, one reason being that he is too large, but it is also a horrible nuisance for a Reptilian to follow his human (= to follow his eggs) in all those complicated places. So green Reptilian was here to be a substitute worker.

I was not sad about the thought of now having lost Hamish. I just asked the aliens, if Hamish has got enough "liver snacks" to eat. As long as Hamish is well, and he is fed, then I am happy. All I want is for him to be well, even enough to let him go if he finds a better place. It would not pain my heart one bit to lose the love of my life Turtle Sock, as long as he has a good life and finds happiness and little things to do. I chatted with green reptilian while walking to the train station in the morning. I asked him if he has a name, he said "Romeo" "because everyone loves Romeo", maybe he meant from the story of Romeo and Juliette but what do I know. So Romeo it is. He followed me to the train stations and when it got time to get on the trains he got nervous and did not step onto the train but remained on the train platform.

So I was sitting on the train when suddenly a familiar red bundle of dragon shows up right there where I am and a scaly hand with two or three long fingers that have long eery claws on them presses down on my knees. And only seconds later, that clawed dragon hand presses down on my right shoulder. Hamish was right there so close to me, on the train. He had come to guard the eggs, I think he must have even said something about "eggs". It is very rare for Hamish to touch me, so I cherished this contact. His fingers, hand, and arms look like dry twigs, there is nothing soft or squishy about them. It is a dark red like dried up tomato ketchup that turns almost a bit black in color. He actually does not have any hands, it is just those long fingers right from where the arm ends. The fingers remain forward-reaching and they have no soft bend. (I happen to know that Hamish's fingers with the claws, he has two or three fingers and no thumbs, are for pulling out edible internal organs through a small laceration on a body, the finger reaches deep within, and the claw hook grasps onto something and pulls it out.) [Added same day: Don't worry. Hamish always suffocates his victims first either by pushing them down under river water with a foot down on their back or by putting a plastic bag over a person's head that is lying down on the medical bench. He renders his pray lifeless first.]

So it was my Turtle Sock who came to work with me. But I found out that he had been waiting outdoors all day. I had a short day only 4,5 hours, and when I went out to the courtyard of the working place, Dragon was there outside and said hello. I said hello to my dear Hamish and I told him that I would soon be on my way home. On the way home I stopped by the post office and I told him that I am picking up a package, and Hamish said something like "a package for the eggs", so I repeated to him what he had said, if it was "a package for the eggs". And once I got home Hamish settled in nicely right away into the garden, that same garden that was featured in a recent story where other Reptilians were visiting and Hamish was just looking around in the garden. Here is that story, Crocodilian And Lyran (About The Eggs). And Hamish said that he had seen red gnomes in the garden.

My Santas! My Santas. - Hamish, and at the second sentence he opens his mouth and looks disgusted and upset at the thought of the Santas

Remember we met the nature sprite yesterday (see below) and it wore a red pointy hat like a little Santa. Hamish notices everything that is red. One day some weeks ago the Zetas explained to me, that Hamish actually "does not see all colors". Red is a color that really stands out to him. Hamish will notice the tiniest little red speck somewhere, and he fixates his attention on it and talks about it. Like the Google Chrome icon that has one part that is red, he once pointed with his scaly finger on my computer screen because of the red on it.

Also about Romeo. When he was here, I informed him that I am friendly to Draconians and I told him that he is welcome and that if he has any concerns or requests he can tell me and I would do what I can to help him.

We don't want to shoot at your race anymore. When they are so nice to us. - a Reptilian not Hamish

Romeo also let me know this morning, that he had underwent a course or training before coming here to do this work with following me and guarding the eggs. I asked him what he learned during this course, he said he had learned how to communicate with humans telepathically. That seemed to be the only thing he learned. It was something he had had to learn, and now after this course he could do it well. I also say about Romeo that, just like most Reptilians, he is extremely observant. He notices all items and things in the home around him. I told him that we humans cannot be so observant as they are, that we humans don't have enough energy to notice everything, so we only notice the few things that matter the most. And then a military or MIB human man had heard this telepathic conversation and told me not to say such a thing to the Reptilians, ie. about a weakness of the humans.

Romeo as many Reptilians notices everything, it is remarkable to see a Reptilian how observant they are. Also, a Reptilian thinks very swiftly, processes information remarkably fast, and Romeo as I have also seen on many other "typical" Reptilians

Please, do not tell them about my smell. - Romeo
I won't, because you don't have a bad smell. - me
I am not a stuffed animal. - Romeo in my third language, he also said this this morning when I was on my way to work [Added same day: ie. not a cuddly stuffed animal.]

As many "typical" Reptilians, he has swift movements, reminds me of a boxer, they move quickly and are always moving and swaying. Their bodies and minds both work fast!

I saw a nature sprite

May 05 2016, 8:55 PM - I saw a nature sprite: I was looking out the window and was really taken by the beauty of the nature outside, I felt as if the nature was living. I was immersed in the experience, and while looking out I contemplated on my dream of working with the welfare of animals. Suddenly, there right there on the green hilltop where I was looking at, appeared an interdimensional nature spirit! I am really bad at estimating lengths, but it was in height the size of a 1- or 2-year old human infant, not larger. His entire body was narrow relative to its height. The head and face were relatively long and narrow. The skin was a shade of yellow, not a dark yellow. It had a narrow pointy nose, two eyes that were perhaps blue-colored, it had two ears on the sides perhaps somewhat small and pointed I am not sure about the ears, and a mouth. It had arms and hands, legs and feet.

It wore a very tall red pointy hat made out of fabric, just like a red santa's hat! The hat was so long relative to its size, that it was nearly the same length as the body itself. I wondered why the hat and it read my mind, perhaps even I asked him telepathically at this point, and he said that they have these hats so that they can see each other better out there in the nature. And he wore green pants made out of fabric and that end at ankle-height, and some brown shoes perhaps made out of wood. We

We don't let many people see us, you know. - the nature spirit says
We are the old folk. That guard here. And not the elves. Nor the nature spirits! Just call us, "the old ones that reside here". We live in the trees. And we also watch over the cats. And the little ones! We are not afraid of heights. So you can never find us on the ground! We are pretty good, at not being seen. We hide here. We don't have these tall hats, for you to see us! We say "Hello!" to each other. - the nature spirit [Added same day: "little ones" meant insects, and "Hello to each other" means nature spirits say hello to other nature spirits.]
Not many of your kind, get to see us. And most of them, they are trouble. We don't like them to see us. Do you know now, why we have come? - nature spirit
Yes. It was about the animals. About animal welfare, that is why you came to me. You trust me. - me
Not just trust, we wanna be with you. - nature spirit

And we looked at each other, as he stood there on the hilltop. We talked telepathically, and I found out that his kind care much about the welfare of animals. Remember when I met the Goblins? The Goblins are another kind of nature creatures who are normally invisible to humans, and the Goblins had let me see them - and even visit them! - because I had thought kindly about a fox that had gotten itself lost on the highway. I am now in another part of Europe, and these nature spirits seem to be doing the very same job here, as the Goblins were doing in another part of Europe!

The nature spirit said that they will help me when I begin to work with animal welfare. Remember that the Goblins had said the same about my plans of working with animal welfare, they too were going to help? The nature spirit told me that his kind collect berries, and he told me about the apple tree nearby and that they love to eat apples. I told him that I had some raspberries here in my room that he was welcome to have. I also thought about offering to him my kiwis and banana. He said he had no box to put the raspberries in, I said they are already in a plastic box and he can take the whole thing with him. The raspberries never disappeared from my home. Also remember how I made a plate of oatmeal for the Goblin once because they like to have oatmeal in human homes he had said, but that oatmeal was also still on the table untouched when I came back home. So I don't know how that works, other than that it makes me feel silly to cater to them.

Chatting with the aliens

May 05 2016, 9:49 AM - I don't remember an abduction from last night. But when I woke up this morning a Zeta showed me a mental image of what was unmistakably an umbilical cord, hanging down perhaps from its hand. It was all red and somewhat spiral-shaped but thin and small compared to the ones when a human baby is born at 9 months. I told him that it was offensive to show me that, and I took ill to seeing it.

Last night I had some conversation with the Zetas. The Zetas as we know say that they once had a terrible accident on their home planet, where an experiment on radiation went wrong and released a huge amount of high-energy radiation. Many of the Zetas that lived then, died, and the others had to retreat to live under ground on that same planet. Their species underwent drastic genetic change as a result of the radiation, possibly I think also as a result of living under ground. One of the consequences, was that the Zeta species at this time became infertile. They now had to rely on genetics to replicate themselves. They do not have a natural, physical procreation. (Draconian Reptilians have a similar problem, they too have reproduction problems, but the problem that the Reptilians have, is instead that they lost all of their females. Basically the Reptilians left their females behind, while their men went out to space for war. Another alien species threatened the Reptilians that if they do war, then they would take away their females. The Reptilians refused to comply. And that other species destroyed or confiscated - I don't know which - the Reptilian females. And that is why the Reptilians so often talk about "eggs", and about having lost their females.)

Zeta said that they are taking human genetic material to incorporate into theirs, to make those hybrid children, and they search for ways to make a radiation-resistant Zeta, so that if another radiation accident ever happens again, it will not be so detrimental this time. They are testing different genetic combinations between human and Zeta, and they are exposing those children to radiation and keeping them in a hospital. Zetas subject hybrid children to various diseases and illnesses and study them in a hospital. It is highly unethical!

Highly unethical. I said Yes-No to that. We need it for one of our species to survive. - says Hamish
They cannot live without it otherwise then. - Hamish adds
The Tok Tok was here. - Hamish, with eyes closing to show a smile
I love you Hamish. You are cute. - me
Tik Tok! Buttercups said! - Hamish pleased
The toxins, were not harmful for us anymore. - Hamish, while swaying his body to show contentment
My Dragon. - me to Hamish
I also get to eat them then. - says Hamish with eyes closing and he thinks of a white chubby baby-leg of a hybrid child

And last night I got to see a clear mental image of a Zeta and he was holding one of his hands up in front of him at about his neck-height, and he held two fingers up, one finger was up and the other one was forward-going. It looked or felt like a greeting. I felt that we were perhaps connecting and making friendship, because they have not given me this kind of friendly "hello's" before. Usually the Zetas just fuss at me and tell me I am haughty or tell me I am a cat for medical experiments. So this meant really a lot to me. I try every night to make friends with them. I beg them to let me come and visit to get to know them. Last night in the bath I told them that if we can meet in person and talk about what they are doing, then I can take their requests, such as to not eat any sucrose processed sugar and to drink cow's milk. I want to be more aware. And I am dying to meet with them in person. Sometimes it happens that I am aware for a bit during an alien abduction, but it is too rare! And I want to meet Hamish. Even if it makes me scared

My liver snacks, I said. - Hamish
My Buttercups Tik Tok Tok I said! - Hamish with his eyes closing in a smile
I love you tortoise back. Your back was significant. - me
Have you seen it, really? - Hamish about his back
Yes. I have seen your back. And it was therefore significant. You are the old Draconian race, and you have the old back. I love you, tortoise - me
Do not feel bad, but I only want my livers, and snacks. - Hamish
I hope you get lots of snacks. I wish for you, to have a lot of good snacks. You deserve it, tortoise. - me
We do not eat, anything from grasses. - Hamish
It was not your fault, that I ate your children's livers. Tok Tok Tok! Tik Tik Tiik! - Hamish, and then he sways his body
I have a bad smell you said, a body odor. - Hamish
You smell like a Dragon should. It is not bad. Just strong for my little nose. I have a small nose, Hamish. My human nose. But you smell like a Dragons. You are my Hamish. - me
My livers. - Hamish
Are you hungry now, Hamish? Do you need your snacks? - me
Yes! My livers must come to me! The children cry, when I take them. And then I say Yes-No. My snacks. They were all here all over the floors. And then I take them, and I feed on them. I take their throats first, and then they cry. And I say, shut up. - Hamish, when I asked if he needs snacks, he opened his mouth, and here he thought images about how he puts a flat red duck foot down on a hybrid child that he is going to eat, and all over the floors is a room where hybrid toddler kids are on the floors

I tried to copy with my fingers the sign that the Zeta was making, so I was making it to him too. I just knew that it was a greeting. It reminded me of the Zeta symbol in their own writing which is the symbol of Zetas, it looks almost exactly like the Japanese Yen sign of the Japanese currency, only that it has some dots and the horisontal lines are a bit different, so I asked the Zeta if it meant that, if he was making that sign, but he didn't say. Oddly, the Zetas take a keen interest in the Japanese people, but I have

We have huge medical science laboratories here. And you are welcome to come and look if you want. - Zeta, that is what he said but perhaps not exactly those words since I forgot, and then Hamish or the Zeta or other alien said that "they do not only take interest in the Japanese people", meaning that other people are of interest too
We have very huge medical science laboratories. - Zeta
And, why are they huge, I wanted to know? - Hamish asks Zeta
It is not for you to ask. - Zeta answers to Hamish
(And Hamish growl-hisses out of his upset that his question was dismissed so.)
The Japanese people are not our only allies. We also have got the Russians. And they wanted to know, why we take and why we are taking your eggs. - Zeta to me, "they wanted to know" means the Russians wanted to know
Tik Tik Took. - Hamish

And, I have enjoyed a wonderful morning with Hamish. I have a caramel loaf cake on the floor next to my bed and earlier Hamish stepped down one flat red duck foot down on the plastic box that the cake is in and he said that it was "his cake". So I told Hamish that it is his cake. He can have it. It is part of Hamish's job to try to make sure that I do not eat any sucrose, meaning processed sugar. The aliens never complain if I eat glucose or fructose, meaning if I eat fruit. The sugar in processed foods is sucrose, from sugar beets or sugar cane, the aliens claim that when I eat sucrose it attaches carbohydrates on or near the DNA and it makes their genetic work difficult and also creates genetic malformations for the hybrids. When I eat sucrose the aliens have to take a break from

Hello have you seen me. I am the Frog. - a Dinosaur
Tik Tik *growl* - Hamish, he growls at the Dinosaur, because he is always bullying the Dinosaurs
Hello Frog! - me
We needed to take you to here. - Dinosaur
I will gladly come there. - me
Have you seen us then? - Dinosaur
(Hamish growls at the Dinosaur)
It was mine home, my nest, and it was better for me then. - Hamish
Where is your home, and nest, Hamish? - me
We had to take the samples there. We come later. So, see you then! Adios! - Dinosaur cheerfully, I saw him holding the thin plastic tubing in his hands, he meant the samples from the stomach through the nose
I will see you then! - me
Mine. Books. - Hamish, "books" in my other language, he seemed to think to the stack of books I usually have on the armrest of the sofa but they are now actually here beside the bed. Hamish is perhaps just claiming things as his own, to calm himself, soothe himself, to feel better, because he is feeling a bit agitated now, perhaps because the Dinosaur showed up. It disrupts Hamish's sense of peace to have Dinosaurs near, because then Hamish feels the need to subdue the Dinos to assert his own dominant position, and that takes a lot of work for poor Dragon Pooch
They were mine, girls. Tik Tik *palate click*! - Hamish to me, about the hybrid girls that have yellow hair and were made from my eggs, I saw his thought image of one such a Zeta hybrid girl with thick white skin. I now smell one such hybrid girl, she smells - reaks - very strongly of urine or ammonia, always the same with those hybrid children. They literally reak of urine and ammonia, but so do the Zetas themselves.
Tik Tik *growl* - Hamish

We could go on and on, but I have to cap it here. Bye!

It was my bathtub. - Hamish says, looking down into the bathtub here in our home, where I took a bath just last night, "bathtub" in my third language, he seems to just want to claim things as his own, to calm himself, it makes him feel calm and reassured to claim things, now that those silly Dinos messed things up and caused my Dragon agitation by showing up, poor Sock Turtle

The Zeta last night also said that "Partille" doesn't allow them to fly with their spaceships. I just Googled "Partille" and it is a tiny region in Sweden, mostly forest. But when the Zeta last night said this I saw a mental image of a man who looked Norwegian, also I really felt that the Zeta was talking about Norway. I have no idea, I just write it down. Zeta said that the Zetas always have to ask for permission from the airflight centrals before they can fly in the airspace of a country, you know those air traffic control towers where airplanes too have to talk to someone before they can fly in? Zeta said that most countries do not allow them to fly in their air. I asked is there any country that does allow them? The Zeta said "Mexico City" allows them to fly. Which must explain all the sightings they have there. Zeta also said last night that they give me drugs meaning chemicals or medicines to keep me unaware for the abductions, so that is how they do it.

A reminder: These are real alien contact stories that I write down as a documentary. The conversations here usually in blue or other color are authentic telepathic conversations that I have with the aliens "live" while I am writing.

An Anal Probe finds out Everything, you bet!

May 04 2016, 4:40 PM - I started a new job where I have to get up at 4 AM. And that is the magic abduction hour. So this morning while I was getting dressed and catching a quick breakfast in the kitchen I nearly ran into a Zeta. He was here for the abduction of course. I told him that they need to reschedule to pick me up at 3 AM instead, or 2 AM from now on. [Added same day: And the Zeta was back when I came home, that is why we talked, which is fascinating information that means that the Zetas cannot or do not abduct me during the day at all when I am awake! Because he was here pretty much to do it right now instead, as soon as possibly can.]

I came home today with a very bad fever, I could hardly stand upright and nearly collapsed on my way home. I threw myself on the bed and chatted with Hamish and the Zeta. I gave Hamish some praise of course ("Have you seen my back?", he says right now and turns around to show me his "very impressive back hump".) Hamish was pleased with my praising him, so much that he possessed my left hand to put my left index finger down on the outer part of my upper eyelid. What this means is that Dragons smile from happiness by closing their upper eyelid down a bit, I of course cannot do that so instead to show him that I smile I put my index finger on the eyelid to mimic that the best I can. So that is why sometimes Hamish himself puts my finger on my eyelid, to show me that he is smiling. From what I said. The praise I mean.

Then I talked to the Zeta and told him that I was sick with a fever. I asked him if by chance he has a medicine without side-effects (and to "side effects" he said that it does not damage the brain, meaning my brain, so sure they do have a medicine). Not that I would take a Zeta medicine. I told the Zeta that I have got a bacteria or a virus and that my skin is exuding a lot of heat and that it exudes heat to kill the pathogen by heating it. The Zeta then told me that that was incorrect, that the fever and high temperature is made by the human body not to destroy the pathogen with heat, "but to prevent the pathogen from reaching into the tissues", and I felt that with tissues he meant in particular the vital organs such as liver and kidneys. So I told him that our human doctors of medicine are wrong about this hypothesis on why the body makes heat and fever. And I asked him to tell me more about medicine the way they know it, so that I can learn more.

We then had this "very classical" talk which goes down to an Orion Project all-time best book. (There is no book, but there should be. A book of the best funnies.) So: I asked the Zeta, "what does he recommend that I do, in order to help my body heal from the fever." Zeta said:

Well, we could take an anal probe to find out. - Zeta

I guess everything is solved by an anal probe. The Zeta even showed me a mental image of one such thing when he said that. Maybe it's a good thing I am always unaware during abductions... ... And then I started laughing and came to write this. And now Hamish wants to bite my fingers as I'm typing, which means that he wants my attention and to say something.

Russians about a UFO

May 02 2016, 5:03 PM - In the morning I was awake and then fell back asleep at around 8 AM. I had a vivid dream experience, where I found myself obviously in Russia and it was a military academy for young boys and girls who were about 13 years old I would estimate. I judged from the military uniforms that this was Russia, there were other clues as well.

I was standing outdoors with these young people. One of them a girl stood right against me. I started to push them and that girl away from me, I started to tackle them and try to bring them to the ground. For some reason I felt attacked. I wasn't fully to my senses or awake I mean, otherwise had I been awake I would not have reacted that way. For some reason I want to say that that girl might have been an unknown daughter of mine, made for the Agenda.

Then I was in the building in the office of the headmaster, this man was sitting behind a desk and he showed me the school papers assignments that the kids had done. He told me that these kids were ones that were failing in the regular school and therefore they were given the opportunity to go to military boarding school to not only work up their grades but also receive training in the military trade from an early age, like trade school. He said that the school gives the kids passing grades just to give them confidence to excel and continue in this education program even if their actual grades are dismal, so in effect they are lied to.

The man offered that I take an introductory course with them about rocket engineering, basically about spaceships, which would include circuits and physics and all of that.

Then I am in a large hangar building, the walls are made of as if aluminum steel sheets with a ruffled surface, vast shiny thin ruffled metal panels that reach very high up to the ceiling. From around the corner was coming a strange yellow glow or light, I could feel it more than see it, a light unlike any I have before ever seen. I knew, also from these people talking to me, that there would be a real alien UFO around the corner in the hangar, I was about to go there. Then I woke up.

When I woke up back in my home, I was still mentally aware of the UFO in that hangar, and now I could see it in my mind. It was rather large and saucer shaped and steel colored shiny metal. Alien writing was written on the center at where I sensed the entrance hatch was. The Russian guys were asking me telepathically about it. They said that their engineers could not figure out how it works. I looked inside the UFO with my mind and told them that it uses magnetism and cold, I told them that the UFO does not use any technology with electronics or wires, which makes sense because the information can be carried with the magnetic field instead. They said they had been given the spaceship by the Zetas. I looked at the UFO with my mind here from home, and I said to them that this was no Zeta technology, the Zetas must have stolen it from somewhere. And then some aliens maybe even a Zeta confirmed that, that it was not their original design. The Russians asked me if I can read the text on the front, I looked at it and it looks like Draconian writing find a sample of Draconian writing on the page Elmer. I said to them that it reads a greeting or a welcome, it also establishes who they are like an announcement that they the passengers of that spaceship are like an Embassy, like delegates. Can I read Draconian writing? Not sure, but I can feel the meaning of a text, any text.

The Russian continued asking me about the fuel of the UFO since they could not figure it out. I said I would have to consult with the Andromedans and Arcturians because these can also find the answers to these questions but they would also better know the ethics and whether one should reveal this information to the Russian military or not. So I refused to look any deeper.

Then I was shown a yellow ignition fuel which is a chemical powder substance, and I was asked about it. It was kept in a horisontal cylinder, so that it distributes along a length of the substance, rather than say in a ball of a clump of the substance, and I sensed that this cylindrical distribution of length enables it to burn for a longer time, kind of like a fusion line for a dynamite buys time since it has length. I did not know what the chemical element was, it was a for me unknown substance though I sensed psychically that it is an explosive ignition fuel. I also sensed, and told the Russians, that this material burns slowly and without forming a lot of heat or pressure, so it would not cause an explosion for instance. Perhaps it is a type of rocket fuel, but I also suspect that maybe the Reptilians are using it as a chemical weapon. Reptilians have guns that launch chemical substances. By this time I was also seeing the Black Reptilian (whom I told he was cute, of course), and Olav the Russian Corporal who happens to also be a missiles expert or so he claims, was also around. And then if I remember it correctly they said that I have children with Olav and that they or he was going to have more with me and stuff.

Note: I make no claims about the Russian military. This is just what I experienced. It is consistent with the MILABS experience, that alien abductees also report contact with human military during abductions. The aliens and UFO theme seems connected with reports of seeing military humans during abductions. This is what I saw and heard. It was a dream or it was real. Perhaps all of life is a dream. I just write it down for this documentary.