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September 3 2017 I remote viewed the planet Saturn and several of its many moons. Saturn was originally created to emanate peace and it was turquoise and it had no moons or rings. It was taken over and captured by the moons, prevented from emanating peace, its power was stolen and depleted and used for sorcery, its moons emanate madness, disease, and hatred, and Saturn has been made to transmit pedophilia and disease. Dark Lords live in cities on Saturn, we find the goat god Baphomet or Baphomeus and the Basilisk and they mention Baat. We also learn about the giant of old Greece. Below is a written transcript of the remote viewed material, however I do recommend that you instead listen to the audio which is given below.

Saturn the way it was created

I find Saturn the way that it was first created.

It is a cold place with light turquoise oceans, the sea is made out of a different material which would be a gas here on Earth. Conditions are right on Saturn for the sea to be captured as a part gas, part liquid, part snow, part ice. Like a frozen gas, an ocean of snow and ice. A wind goes up at the top of the planet in the form of a funnel that opens up above and comes back down on all sides like hugging back down. The ocean has a beautiful and peaceful horizontal swirling pattern but is a calm surface without ocean waves.

Underneath the fluid ocean is a second layer of ocean which is almost solid, it too has a mild turquoise color and this layer is not swirling. Inside Saturn I find a lot of heat even though the surface and air of Saturn are cold.

A planet is formed from force and thought. Saturn was originally meant to be beautiful and heavenly of tremendous peace and beauty and to have a heavenly light blue turquoise color. The light turquoise color is the essence of peace and beauty in a spiritual sense. Saturn is a spirit that is the essence of peace and the beauty of peace. Peace, serenity, harmony, but on a spiritual higher level.

A planet is an encapsulation of a feeling and the emanation of that feeling. Planets are created by soundwaves and thought and emotion emanated, used to encapsulate a being, who becomes born as the planet and who continues to emanate that which was created, the very essense the very soundwave the vibration.

Planets are not to be thought of as accidental collisions between rocks in space, because the soundwaves that can be emanated across space by the higher order beings of which humanity knows nothing of, the soundwaves create a ripple which reorganizes space. And the specific soundwaves and thought and emotion that was emanated, is used to encapsulate a being, who becomes born as the planet, and who continues to emanate that which was created, the very essence the very soundwave the vibration. Humans earlier have known that planets were gods and goddesses - trust me they are! Because they do have a soul and an essence. Saturn was the female goddess of peace, originally she was a light turquoise.

Taken over

Saturn was originally emanating peace, has been made into the planet of the satanic Dark Lords. A spaceship had a bomb set on Saturn to set Saturn off its original course and created a large distortion, a nuclear detonation was sent into it. Original intent was to destroy to shatter the whole planet into larger chunks. But all it did was knock it off course and be tilted.

Original Saturn had no rings and no moons. Moons are artificially created to create distortions in the pattern that would otherwise have been harmonious, always only as violent, moons are rarely used for harmonious purposes, moons are always violent.

I am told that Saturn is the number 6 and that it would be the 6th planet from the sun. I then look on the internet and it is true that Saturn is 6th from the sun.

Planets are created to be an emanance and to be a captured essence of a thought or a feeling, which is a beautiful way of expressing thought and creation. Planets emanate emotion. Moons have been used to destroy and to alter. A moon is an asymmetric being and creates an asymmetrical distortion, not just of physical matter but of the very feeling that comes from the planet. Original Saturn was more like Neptune, a blue liquid planet, the most beautiful planet of them all, it was the harmonious light turquoise which the Dark Lords are known to hate, the very capture and emanance of peace, the harmonious frequency and tone which was further reverberated to Earth. Moons pull on the planet and alter the emanation from the planet.

Saturn was captured with the moons as its prison guards preventing Saturn from emanating the feeling of peace. It is a tremendous violence done to us. The ones who did it were the ones who later settled on Mars, the warring gods of Mars, Mars was always known on Earth throughout history as the planet of war. Moons are machinery around a planet. Saturn has been used by sorcerors.

Moons of Saturn

Titan the largest moon: Incredibly peaceful being. It feels like a young boy, a baby boy. I see a baby boy when I look at Titan. Titan was made to represent the emanance of a newborn baby boy. Nothing Satanic in the energy of Titan, only the essence of the newborn baby boy.

Mimas: I find a photo on the internet of the moon Mimas next to the Death Star which is known from the Star Wars movies. Mimas looks exactly like that. But before I saw this photo of Mimas with the Death Star I was never told of the comparison before and I formed my own impressions of the moon first. Mimas is a tremendously imbalanced distorted thing, it should not even exist because things that are imbalanced and asymmetrical tend to want to go into a state of balance. It is an incredibly imbalanced body, therefore it should not exist. It cannot seek out a harmonious form because it has been locked into its form. Mimas is the most distorted being I have ever found. It finds no sense of balance or harmony, it twirls around unable to find its comfortable axis. A highly distorted dysfunctional uncomfortable being. Most of this comes from the crater of course. It gives out the emanation of the Dark Lord chaos, hallucination, madness and insanity for the mind. It has been placed deliberately over Saturn, created and placed there to capture Saturn. Its emanance is a perfect match with what you find inside the mind of a Dark Lord (the madness etc.). Mimas does two things, it prevents and replaces emanance of peace from Saturn to emanance of madness, but also it emanates madness chaos and insanity to us. Mimas is a terribly horrible thing.

Enceladus: Was created for magic. Nothing sinister about Enceladus. There used to be humans and Druids on Earth who knew that Saturn was magical, I do not know if these people knew that Saturn was a beautiful female goddess who had been captured by evil to steal her emanance and to distort her power of peace into the power of magic. A planet emanates. It is not just to create a feeling, the planet also emanates a power, a glow which can create and manifest. The emanance of Saturn has not just been enslaved so that she no longer emanates peace, but the energy of her emanance is being held alive and distorted and used for magic. Enceladus was used by Druids in Earth's past, they were a people of the Saturn god and Enceladus was built in order to channel the powers of Saturn and to use them in rituals of magic here on Earth. Druids wore heavy large pendants around their necks, and thick robes that almost came down to the ground, mighty pendants on their wands, you hear about these magicians in a lot of the mythology on Earth in video games and fantasy books, the sorceror who had the magic wand which was a large long stick at the end of which was the stone the pendant and that they could shoot their spells and beams for great powers of destruction or other things, these sorcerors were a well-known figure on Earth they are even today a popular figure, these Druids did actually exist on Earth in the past. Druid sorcerors were magicians and wizards, they knew how to draw the powers of Saturn to use it in their magic. Enceladus pulls up the power of Saturn, where Saturn is trying to whisper its messages of peace, the power of its voice is pulled up by Enceladus so that it can be transmitted and channeled in other works of magic so that the power of the peaceful goddess Saturn is stolen and ripped from her and used for other purposes in magic rituals. This is the purpose of the moon Enceladus.

Tethys: This one is not straightforward, does not really do an emanation of its own, mostly there to keep Saturn in place, mainly there because of the effect that a moon can have on pulling and pushing on the waters of a planet. It is there to keep Saturn in place, a guard that goes around Saturn, pushing on the planet Saturn to maintain Saturn in place, not really a prison guard because the prison is created by the other forces, Tethys is the one who goes around the prison to guard Saturn to keep Saturn in place, just goes around the prison looking at Saturn to make sure she stays there.

Dione: Was made to be a transmitter because inside it is something black a black square box, Dark Lords are known to use black perfectly square boxes to collect information and energy. Dione is used as a transmitter to send information away, outward from Saturn.

Rhea: Completely and entirely filled with love, not what we would expect to find at Saturn considering Saturn has been altered injured and hijacked. Emanates pure love, as if it is there to be kind and nurturing to Saturn. If it was not placed, perhaps it was there from the beginning. It loves Saturn and emanates a pink light. Very nurturing and caring, it doesn't care about what goes on outside of Saturn, it only looks at Saturn with this energy of love. I don't see how it would be part of the machinery around Saturn with the Dark Lord Agenda, perhaps it was already there I don't know at this time.

Iapetus: Creates a chaos. Worshipped upon by people in the past, it was a world similar to Ancient Greece except it predates Ancient Greece, so the mythology of the planets being gods and goddesses would be known in what we call Ancient Greece and there was a people who predate it they were giant humans. On Earth at least 1000 years before what we call Ancient Greece, we are familiar with Ancient Greece with the gods who were the planets. Iapetus shows me a Caucasian man who had curly or wavy blonde hair, he lived in old Greece we should call it, he was much larger than humans are today, he was very nearly the height of two men today, other than that he looked like a human, he was handsome and strong he had strong legs, it was important at this time for men to wear short skirts to show the strength of their legs, at these times people traveled a lot so if you were a strong man with strong legs you liked to show them off because it meant you had the vigor to be successful in this world so legs were shown intentionally. He carries a spear, he is a warrior and a knight, connected to the moon of Saturn Iapetus. We find time and time again that ancient cultures of Earth have known exactly what I talk about, very aware of the power emanating of moons and planets. Iapetus is associated with this particular giant whom I saw. We read today that the Ancient Greeks believed that the gods of names of planets were giant humans, but I literally find a giant man who lived in the old Greece, he is connected to the moon Iapetus.

He was meant to father children with human women, Ancient Greece has stories of gods having lots of children with human women. He was meant to have children with humans, he knew that he was meant to but it was not something he would have particularly cared about. They were believed to have come from the mountains, the Greeks in old Greece believed that. But that is entirely not true, they were known to have slain the serpents because they did, serpents were known to be dragons that retreated into the oceans they were the ocean dragons that had been painted on world maps in ancient times because it is true that the serpents did retreat into the oceans they were known to be hiding there, this is the true reason why dragons have been drawn on the oceans it is not a misrepresentation of whales. This giant man was able to fight the serpents of old Greece and the serpents retreated into the oceans. At this time in old Greece, many urns of good wine were sunken into the oceans to appease the sea gods who were known to be lurking there, gold and pearls and jewels too, so the oceans would stop taking down the sailships that had all those good strong men on them and they would pray to the planets gods, because they had seen these gods themselves in the form of giants. The giant man was meant to be treated as a king but he regarded himself as just a man. He did not want to have god or king like status. But they were known to have come from the mountains and they were known to go where the stars set in the sky and they would go far, and they were known to move the oceans where the boats sail, and so they prayed to the planets and the gods to ensure a safe voyage because they knew that the moons and the planets and the gods that were there they were pulling on the seas and were responsible for the good and the evil that happened out at sea. This is all based on truth, it is true that the moons have power and that they pull on the oceans.

Hyperion: Is a rest, a fragment from something else, and so it is innocent. It has not been built yet. It is not meant to be there. It was part of a larger body, there was an explosion, it had exploded off, with some kind of hot yellow laser that had fired it off from a larger piece. But it does not have an assignment at Saturn.

Phoebe: There to produce anger. If you look inside you feel how much anger is being emanated from the inside of Phoebe. When I look inside I see another black square box which is smaller than the first one I saw. Strong emanation of anger and resentment, directed at Saturn. Meant to be there to stare the goddess Saturn and its peace emanation down, to try to make Saturn not emanate peace, to try to scare her into silence, like an angry person placed there to stare at her. Phoebe and Hyperion look similar, one had no assignment and other one does, those were my findings.

Pandora: Is there because of the violence that has been against Saturn, Pandora is like a punching fist toward Saturn, but a punch that is more a remnant of the past than of today. Also there to keep the energies of Saturn inside or near Saturn. It prevents Saturn from emanating, so it is part of capturing Saturn and the emanance of Saturn in one place.

Prometheus: Is another aspherical moon or comet or what this is. Is there to distort because when something is not round it in itself is a distortion, it helps to transmit the distorted recreated energies of Saturn - not the original peace of Saturn - but the energies that are created by Saturn, Prometheus concentrates it and sends it off as a beam in an angle instead of a soft natural emanation, is not a transmitter but is the thing that knocks the transmission into a different place, so it is part of the transmission from Saturn but that transmission is a distorted one, the unnatural emanation which is not the peace.

Daphnys: Is there to break the emanation of Saturn. Imagine if Saturn could have had a perfectly peaceful symmetrical emanation of its message. To place sharp rocks like this, it cuts like a knife into the soft flesh of the emanation. It is a very sharp and ugly knife, to kill the natural emanation of Saturn.

Janus: This one is particularly horrible because it creates disease. This moon emanates plague and death, the most horrible diseases that you could imagine, that is the emanation of Janus. The energy of Janus could have been channeled to create horrible disease to humans. It emanates death also aging and disease, horrible death, not an easy death, horrible forms of dying. A death that is horrible and that cripples the human body, which makes it see itself wither, see itself sick, it wasn't enough to simply kill a human, the human had to know that he is dying. The beautiful original created intent of human has to be crippled first and wither and watch itself die. That is what the moon Janus does.

Pan: Contains metal, but is not a bad thing though, simply contains metals, feels like copper and gold, and is a reflecting surface. The gold inside can be used to create a concentrated beam which first it is sent up from Saturn and then it is sent back down as a concentrated beam on Saturn, this gold beam can be used to burn a specific surface on Saturn. I do not see that this gold beam would be used outside of Saturn. Powerful burning gold laser beam to Saturn which could be directed, to burn a specific part of Saturn, it might be used if Saturn's emanations were not held back as they wanted then they could use the gold beam from Pan to burn and rip into Saturn itself. If the machinery that keeps Saturn locked was not sufficient to keep the peaceful emanation away, then the beam from Pan could be used to cut and burn into the very flesh of Saturn, to very violently make the emanation stop from that point. It is a way to punish Saturn, to cut her with a burning laser beam.

Epimetheus: Is making it as if one cannot breathe one cannot inhale and one cannot speak, it creates a silence. It is there to make Saturn silent it is a dimmer. It is the thing that turns a volume down, it is there to make Saturn hold its breath and go quiet, of course not all of Saturn will be quiet and holding its breath, some of the force of Saturn's emanation is still active, but Epimetheus has diminished it greatly by making Saturn go more quiet and more holding its breath.

Atlas: Is another powerful force, kind of a soldier that wants to hit Saturn. An armed soldier guarding and patrolling around Saturn to subdue her.

Helene: Does not do what we expected. Creates a very cold blue bright bright like a crystalline concentrated power, which could be used by sorcery, this one takes energy and power and manufactures it into a blue bright beam which can be used. It's stealing the force behind Saturn's whisper and song, it takes, it harvests force from a large amount of Saturn so that it ends up with a concentrated force, because the force is weaker across Saturn. Imagine if you have gold dispersed within a mountain, the mountain is large and you have to destroy and take gold from a large amount of mountain to get some pure gold in your hand. So the power held in Helene's hand is stronger than on Saturn because Helene holds it in concentrated form.

Saturn today: depleted, home of Dark Lords, emanates sexual disease and pedophilia

I now look at photos of Saturn. Shown to have orange color, this is not the color I find when I remote view Saturn the way it was created, because Saturn was a light turquoise blue. But the pictures that we have of Saturn are orange. I see quite quickly the black horned god, goat chin, black goat hooves, black horns on his head. The goat god. "I am the Baphomet, the Baphomeus.", he says. Talks about taking over all our race and to make us bleed, they are not benign, talks about conquering and taking everything that looks at them. They have a lot of resentment toward our race and they are "vehement" about it. Make you all bleed just for looking at us, drown you all and bring pestilence and death and you will all be defeated, he says they started with plagues distributed and sprinkled in Africa. He asks to have children the Vega ones that they don't want to have any left.

Original Saturn has been depleted of much of the energy that she used to have, I feel. To not emanate peace, and to use her energy to pull it out to use for other purposes so she has been depleted of much of her energy. Dark Lords have built cities in here, you are very near to them, can you leave please, he said. They are the goat kings. Another one, "I am treated and regarded as the Basilisk", was also there. I read from the internet that the Basilisk is a European legendary mythological creature, which is a large serpent, he was the king of serpents, he was said to have the power to cause death with a single glance. It is in the cities living with Baphomeus.

Today Saturn emanates sexual diseases, pedophilia and molestation, it comes from the orange color in the middle. Creates sexual predation and sexual perversion for men, creates so that men will sexually prey on boys. From the center part of Saturn that is closest to the rings that is more orange. Pedophilia from men toward boys, and has been coming from there for a long time. Sexually transmittable diseases come with the same transmission as the disease of pedophilia, hence pedophilia is also a disease. Pedophilia IS a form of sexual disease. Warts and viruses come on the same transmission. Creates a distortion in the fluids and particles in the fluids of the man which turn it into more yellow. Created by someone who was evil and hated the Vega humans, to create a distortion into human sexuality, to punish humans for being Vega. A way to make humans not beautiful, such as before one of the moons of Saturn creating disease and aging and death to not just kill but to cripple. These sexual diseases and STDs are also a way to cripple the human, they hate us, they want to cripple us and make us deformed and ugly. Pedophilia of a man to prey on boys is a form of crippledness, it deforms the man and makes him ugly, even in his body corresponding changes will start to happen in his own body, no one can be beautiful if they are a pedophile, you will see on their faces and body how they cripple, they will become ugly and deformed because of a resonance with pedophilia.

Turquoise still on top and bottom of Saturn still has its beauty. The remaining power of the original Saturn is top and bottom is directed up and down so it can't be emanated, they are still draining this power to distort it and to use it for different emanations, still a reservoir top and bottom. Saturn is today much weaker than she used to be when she was created and first captured.

"I am Baphomet. I was made to not look good."... he talks. Hatred also is emanated by Saturn today, deep hatred the kind of hatred that makes a person grab a knife and stab someone, a sharp hatred like a knife. Baphomeus confirms that Saturn was originally "blue" and that they have taken it and made it into their home. He says they are the original Starseeding race and that none of you can live anymore. They have weapons and bombs in there, he was talking about the ones I had seen set off on Saturn before.

These diseases go into the testicles of man, but does not affect woman. Gives tendency to grab his testicles a lot more and different than what is normal for a man, and changes the man's seminal fluids very much it becomes yellow and thicker and diseased from being under this influence, and he will be a pedophile who preys on boys, this effect is sent out from the yellow center part of Saturn. Is not just some kind of moral disease, they are physical diseases, they are a change in the fluids and the tissue and the structure of the person as well, a form of crippling of the person affected, he and his face will turn ugly and into a monster, the nose and skin changes, face becomes withered, narrowed, the cheeks will sink inward instead of full cheeks, thin cheeks the cheekbones stand out, the face and body becomes deformed, a very particular appearance once he is affected by this disease, he is crippled and deformed, because they hate the Vega people they hate us, this is a way to make us ugly and to destroy the natural sexuality that humans should have.

This disease is only sent to men, why men preying on boys, why not affecting the women or the girls. Because a male energy was used for powers and rituals. Saturn tries to create a priesthood of men who would be Druids and sorcerors who would be pedophiles it is a male club it is not for women or girls at all. Brotherhoods. It tries to create brotherhoods of man. Groups of disfigured pedophile men who prey on boys whose bodies have been disformed from this sexual disease which is emanating from Saturn. Brotherhoods of these pedophile men. Dark Lord makes a reference to pizza trucks which seems to refer to pizza gate pedohilia conspiracy.

They mention that they like the "Baat". The Dark Lord says that all of their cities were flooded and destroyed and that then Baat came in and wiped them all out. "Do you not know that fact, about the Apyllys?", he says, but we do not find out who or what the Apyllys is.

Who lives on Saturn

In the remote viewing I learned that Baphomet also named Baphomeus, and the Basilisk live in cities on Saturn. Later that same September 2017 I learned that also a creature named Set lives in those cities together with them. What this creature Set is I do not know.
Source: Basilisk: Set