On September 19 2017 I encounter a little elf who says his name is Rupert. His people used to help out in barns with the animals. They now work for the Agenda and they are very happy to stay there because the Agenda is helping them with their needs too. The little elves or helpers are working in hospitals to take care of those who are sick. Read about the elves in Clinging onto Hamish - General Patton goes to alien hospital for his leukemia, and elves are working there, September 19 2017

Read about the elves on that link, as to what they look like, and the story that Rupert told about them. They are definitely a willing member species of the Agenda, they are happy to stay with the Agenda and they are unwilling to leave. There is some resemblance to the little yellow Alpha Centaurians, and in the future I might find out that these two are the same species, but until I am sure of that then this remains listed as a possible new species.