Short Stories

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September 01 2017 - September 20 2017

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(NL) means that something telepathic was said in my native language.

Hamish takes the spoon

September 20 2017, 12:33 noon - Hamish is interactive today. And I am seeing him more clearly than usual. He is a beautiful red dragon. He is showing me his back shield and telling me that he has it, and he talks about how he does not have a jaw. I am talking to him a lot today, about the things that go on in his thoughts. I tell him why I have a jaw, and it is because I have to chew on hard foods. And he says "Toast for me", so I told Lasarus that I think Hamish might be hungry and that they should please feed him. Hamish is being friendly and he is in a good mood. He tells me that it is his eggs, and a lot of his usual thoughts. I wish however that Hamish could somehow realize the way of life that suits him the best. This magnificent creature was not made just to follow me around and to guard my eggs. What kind of a wonderful life could he be enjoying? "My Socks", he now says (NL) and lifts up one of his flat duck feet.

I asked the aliens about General Patton. A Reticulan told me that General Patton does not like the calm music that they are playing there for him, they play calming music in the Reticulan hospital.

From old notes on a piece of paper, from August or September, someone I wrote "Blue" said to me "You are one of the Sirti Makhtas.", I presume one of the Blue Kings said that to me.

Hamish now says, "I am a lord.", in my native language. It could be translated in many ways, it does not mean religiously a lord but more like a ruler. "You are a beautiful race.", I tell him (NL), he responds by making a beautiful click sound. "I am an old langoustines.", Hamish says. "I am an old race", he says (NL), then he says "Tiik, Tiik!" but he seems happy when he says that. I show him by putting my index finger on my upper eyelid that I am smiling at him, that I like him and am happy to see him. He puts his face right close to mine, now he puts his mouth against my face, he is normally not this close at all. He looks me right in the eyes, his large yellow eyes wide open. "I have had a spoon here. I took it from you. I am an old lord. I am serious.", Hamish says part (NL) part English, he meant the spoon that I had in the yoghurt cup that was on my end table until morning. So he is taking things from me now, claiming things, showing power. Now he is showing me his back hump again. "It was my spoon. Tik, Tiik!", he says (NL) and his eyes are smiling he thinks it is fun to take my spoon. "It is your spoon. And I have also got more spoons in the kitchen if you would like to take them.", I say to him.

"I have got a serious race here.", Hamish (NL). "It is for me a serious issue.", Hamish (NL). "It is mine!", Hamish (NL) with image of the spoon as if he would put it in his mouth. Hamish... "Tik, Tiik!", he says. "My spoon.", Hamish (NL). "I will take.", Hamish (NL) about the spoon.

This morning Hamish said "Tuk Tuk" to me several times. I asked him what it meant, and he let me see him his face and head straight on and he told me what it meant, it means something with "brothers" or "friendship" I did not quite understand.

And from notes on a piece of paper from August or September, Hamish had told me that he had been weighed by the other aliens and that he weighs 176 kilograms. Would Hamish really weigh only that little? I would expect him to weigh more. 176 kg corresponds to 388 pounds.

Clinging onto Hamish
General Patton goes to alien hospital for his leukemia, and elves are working there

September 19 2017, 8:52 PM - Today a Reptilian told me that they are the "Ithaca". Pleiadians have lately started to show me sudden mental images of a group of Pleiadians who are sitting on chairs in an assembly room. I was also shown the one who I think is an Airship Person the one who has been visiting my home. They are watching, they want to see that the Agenda does not harm me, they would also most of all want the Agenda to leave me, but I am clinging on to

Come on I will get you some rope. - Hamish says, because of what I was about to say here, he wants me to stay with him too
I do not like those. They are scaring me. - Hamish with eyelids closing partially, lower ones raised too, but I doubt that he is laughing so the gesture must mean a different emotion, and his mental image was of the owl that builds a nest inside of a cactus, that is what he does not like and what scares him
Hamish, if I see those owls that build a nest inside a cactus, then I will say to it Yes-No! and I will bite it and I will take it out of the cactus and I will break the cactus into many little pieces and pour sand over it. - me
Can you then, set it on fire too. Because I would like to watch it burn. And Yes-No, cacti are my enemies. My Sock. - Hamish, at the end "My Sock" (NL) and he lifted one foot up a bit off the floor, it is the cactus that he wants to be burned and that is his enemy

But I am clinging onto Hamish for dear life. Today he asked me about hedgehogs, if they would attack him. I told him about hedgehogs, how they are friendly and that they eat earthworms and slugs, insects fruits and leaves, and that some people put catfood or milk out for them that they then eat. I told him that hedgehogs do not hurt people, but that one cannot pick them up. Needles is one thing that worries him, that is why he thinks a lot about hedgehogs and cacti. I try to comfort him and to make him feel safe, but my reassurances are just words. He has of course shown me his back several times today, as the usual. And he has also been cute and cheered me up lots today.

Today he said something about red things not being toys. Remember how he tends to take toys away from the hybrid children if those toys are red? This Dragon is endless amounts of fun and amusement every day. He is too adorable, even when he means to be quite serious about things. Love my pooch to bits. I have made palate clicks to him today.

The Alpha Zetas were here with me. And we are with their, group. - Hamish, "group" (NL)
My triangle, group. - Hamish (NL)
We have looked at you. And we wanted to take your nose. - Hamish (NL all but "And we wanted to take your")
We are the triangle group. - Zeta Remulan I presume, or other white alien (NL)
... Could you give Hamish an extra little piece of snacks? Just because he is wonderful today. Like a gift, a present, because we all love him. - me
Yes, but he will bite my fingers when I do. I have to lay it down there on the floor for him, and then I have to run out quick! Otherwise, he beats me. As soon as he sees it, the liver, he becomes very violent here toward others. That is how we feed him here. And when he eats, we us others have to get out. Otherwise he bangs on us. And he beats us, and becomes violent. Because, sometimes he thinks that the snacks are still alive, that he has to still stomp on them. - one or several white aliens about Hamish
I am just showing them that I am dominant. - Hamish explains himself
I am not the arrogant race here. And, about my smell, *click click*. My door, has heard my group. I came here now. - Hamish, the last two sentences are (NL), the click click was two different tones of click, it was as if he made clicks of approval about his smell that he likes his smell, the door in question is my open bedroom door
I am going to take you out of your bed, and look at your vagina. And then we are going to make you deeply sorry!. Because we are going to look at your throat. And, do not forget that we are going to look at your vagina. And you are going to be sleeping then, because you are going to get really dizzy! So we take out your puke then. And we look at it, and at all the component materials. We like to see it, because then we can feed it to our little ones. The hybrids do not need to worry. - white alien(s)
I would like to tell you. About my roses here. - Dark Lord or Hamish, but is a typical Dark Lord thing to say
Tik Tik, no more music! Because I hate them. - Hamish or Dark Lord there with him somehow, about my very quiet gentle ambient music, hate them meaning the music
Look at that! They are the giraffe! Have you ever seen such a thing! - white alien to a hybrid child, calling me a giraffe
.. Did Hamish get a snack then? - me
No, because he gets very violent then, they have said. About my Snacks, Yes-No. I wanted to go to my river, to eat them. And then I can wash off the blood. - Hamish, he means washing off the blood from his own body after the meal
I was never angry at them. And!, they are my life, my battery. I only eat the ovum then. About my Snacks, and Toast. I ate the ovum. It was my pizza-Snack. About my ovum I have said to her. About my pizza! My Toast! I am very proud. Tik, Tiik! Toast! A Snow White, I have made. I was very proud of myself. About, mine. - Hamish, the two sentences about proud were (NL)
Hamish. I am also very proud of you, my Turtle. I love you. - me
For me there was no poo. - Hamish (NL)
For me has not taken. - Hamish (NL)
I love you Turtle. You are my Hamish. My Turtle Back. I am proud of you always. - me
My smell. - Hamish, aware of his own scent, which does not smell bad to themselves
We will come to kidnap you at 4 o'clock. We will see you then! - Reticulan to me, is a Zeta Reticulan
Goodbye! I will see you at 4 o'clock! I hope you wake me up then! - me
No. We will not. - another white alien maybe an Alpha Reticulan
Hamish will be dominant here. And we will pollinate. - Hamish, 2nd sentence (NL)
We have no one else like Hamish here. But we do not understand. - the other white alien that is perhaps an Alpha Remulan, my other language and (NL) part and part
What do you not understand? - me
How such a thing can be a lord. I do not understand. - the white alien (NL) just does not understand how someone like Hamish could be in charge
I do not understand such a thing. - the white alien (NL), "such a thing" refers to Hamish
... I understand. - me
Do you? - the white alien surprised
My blood. My ovum! - Hamish at least part was (NL) I forgot, "ovum" was in English
My Flower. My Buttercups it lives here. - Hamish, part (NL), haha he referred to me as "it" hahahaa... hm.

A moment later a white alien tells me that "he with leukemia is no longer here", of course he means General Patton. I ask if he is dead, the alien tells me no. I say please cure him if you can. An alien then tells me that the Pleiadians could cure Patton but that Patton "does not want to work with" Pleiadians. The white alien then tells me that General Patton had asked them to say hello to me. I ask them how is he doing, the alien says that Patton is doing good considering the circumstances.

Let's take a moment to commemorate General Patton, or if his real name is as I found out in remote viewing, General Harris "Gunman" Richards. The aliens of the Agenda gave him leukemia by introducing plasticides to his body. He did not tell me about the leukemia until years later after we first started speaking with each other. Just like how he can meet with new people and he does not bore them with the details from his time in Vietnam and the other burdens that weigh heavy on him. He is a brave soldier, even with leukemia. He has remained his true character, he has continued to go to work. And all of these times that he has been talking to me, I never did realize that he was actually spending some of his last precious moments in life on me. Life becomes precious and ceases to be endless the moment when we realize that we are not immortal. He means something to me, he has to.

But it is Hamish who means the most to me. One day that very precious dragon will close his eyes for the last time

Yes-No! My tummy needs to eat more food. For, as long as I eat, I will be fine. Yes-No no more food for tummy! YES-NO! I need to my body needs to recover health! And, *growl*. I was going to be fine. I will feed on my snacks. I was going to have a good home and a body. I will be healthy with, or without my snacks. I will bite you! YES-NO WHAT YOU SAID! - Hamish
We do not want trouble with your race. Therefore I was not benign. My yoghurt snacks, is mine. I have eaten my yoghurt here. Just like you and me, we can eat. Mine. - Hamish, the yoghurt snacks was with image of the pink strawberry yoghurt I ate today, "Mine" at the end was with image of a hedgehog
We need to take him to one of our hospitals, and yes we are meaning with General Patton. He is getting very sick here, living with your species. We are taking him in. We will treat him well here. We can give him, General Patton, all what he will need. We will take him to our home. - white alien
That was the deal, my buddy! - General Patton cheerfully to white alien
Was she growling at me? - Hamish asks confounded, after I coughed and sniffled, I have been sick a few days ago, he thought that I was making a deliberate vocal in his language, but of course I was not
I was not growling. I never growl at my Hamish. - me
Ahh yes, that was a good relief. That we are still benign with each other, my Buttercup. Yes-No!, about no more livers and Toast! Yes-No, about what you have said! I was going to come here, and have my liver and home. - Hamish, I think he means my home is his home, which it is
My liver snacks were mine. And therefore, I will feel good. My dominance, is crustaceans. - Hamish, "crustaceans" in (NL)
I am going to their hospital now. And so, I guess I've gotta leave my keys at home. And, leave my car behind. Oh, I don't need a car where I am going! I guess I am going to them now. So, I guess this is goodbye, Miss. General Patton is signing out now. We gotta see ya! - GP, when he says "we gotta see ya" he does the military salute to me with the hand on the forehead, he is very cheerful all this time when he is speaking
I gotta get miself well. - GP, yes, "miself"
General Patton? Are they going to be able to cure you? What is their treatment? - me
They gotta look me over, and do a rundown. And, I can generally trust them real well. They have been working on me for a long time, that is why I signed up for this. To help them out, too. And, to see you, Miss. And, we don't want trouble. Now I gotta help them out. And they are gonna do, what they can, to help me fight this disease. I just, I just gotta not tell any of this to my wife! She is also not gonna speak to Langdon about this! But Langdon knows. And, Langdon is gonna know for a long time! So, I gotta come here. And, see ya! - GP
We have taken his manure. - white alien Zeta about GP
We will know what is wrong with him, his pathogen. And we have taken the, very many samples out. - Zeta about GP, and Hamish thinks about the cactus with the owl in the nest and he must be worried about that cactus and owl in it
Hamish? - me
For me, yoghurt, you have said. And that was very good with our plans. - Hamish, the first sentence (NL), I did eat yoghurt lately and then when I do I of course tell the aliens because I know they are pleased, Hamish smiled with his eyes upper and lower eyelids partially when he said the second sentence
Hamish? I will try to do what I can to ensure that you have got your snacks. - me, and as soon as I began to speak this I felt him in the doorway to my bedroom and the presence was a tremendously uncomfortable one, I can now smell him it smells like an animal with poo like the smell of a barn not the usual sulfur smell of a Reptilian nor is it Hamish's usual smell, but this is the dragon that I love
General Patton? I wish you the best of luck! You are still a young man... - me interrupted, as he waves his hand in a dismissing manner, of course thinking that he is not a young man, and he or someone thought about how GP isn't, or is, still able to have children
Gunman Richards, I wish you the best, and, I hope to see you healthy and recovered soon. You're still young at heart, I can see that in you. - me
Yeah, I wish that my wife would say that to me! - GP, about when I said that I see that he is still young at heart
General Patton is not signing out yet, but he is beginning to get tremendously ill! - GP smiles
General Patton, when I lost Tyler MacIntyre...... it still hurts me. - me
Yes-No! Where is it, where is it going to be hurting you? I will take it down. I was not giving you an illness, a disease. Yes-No, hurting. Sock Turtles comes to rescue. - Hamish, he sways his head side to side, sweeps his head, as he inspects me closely to see if anything might be here hurting me causing me harm, see how sweet he is, or at least I can take that to mean that he cares about me, of course it is probably only related to his snacks
I love you Hamish. - me, Hamish and me are living in a kind of symbiosis, where we both try to take care of each other, but for the wrong reasons, we both need each other in order to live, but in different ways
I will bite my fingers, for Snacks! I am very proud. Sock Sock. - Hamish, he meant to bite my fingers, the proud sentence was in part (NL), and yes he said Sock Sock
I am very proud. - Hamish, again most of the sentence is in (NL)
I am proud of you too. - me to Hamish
Zetas? Let me visit General Patton in the hospital. I want to curl up next to him in bed and... do something comforting. - me
General Patton doesn't need that from ya. - GP cheerful, I meant of course nothing sexual, nor do I think that he thought I did, I thought more like stroking his hair and telling him stories or reading to him from a book, that kind of comfort, just being there (he now thinks of me in sexy underwear, which is of course not where this was going)
I remember my time in the Navy ship the most. That's where I became a General. That's where I knew, that I was made of the good stuff. That's where I grew a dick. And do you know what that means? Please tell her not to be afraid? That's where I had my first affair. - GP, the please tell her sentence was said by GP to a white alien and her is me
That sounds like, a homosexual affair, General Patton. - me
No it wasn't, Miss. That's where I learned to wank real good. And do you know why that is? Because when I was there I was all alone. So my first affair was with myself. Do you know why I am telling you this, Ma'am? Because now I am going to a hospital, to be all alone. And so, ahem... when you say that you are going to be with me. Well. Then, Miss. Then that is what I think that you mean. That you don't want old General Patton to be alone. That is what I thought you meant. - GP, OK SO I COULD NEVER MAKE THIS UP my head does not invent that kind of conversation period
Well Mr General Patton. - me trying to think of how to respond to that, meanwhile I am seeing Hamish's beautiful red face that tiny face on a long sock puppet neck, red scales, big headlights of a car eyes, and all of those strange thoughts of his in his head, a world of hedgehogs, owls in nests in cacti, feelings of being proud, of knowing his own smell, the importance of snacks, but in that head of his is the most important - and most loved - person that I have ever known. My Darling Turtle.
I am not going to be eating crackers. Because they are showing me what you have eaten today. Take care, Miss. - GP, he does the salute to me again at the end
We are taking him now in an ambulance. - Zeta about GP, ambulance means a UFO
Will he be alright? Do you expect to be able to cure him? - me
General Patton, has a different pattern than me. Therefore he is not so important. And, Tik Tok Yes-No! - Hamish, pattern means DNA, he told this to me, the crackers are the cookies I ate lots of cookies today almost two whole packages

General Patton is sick. With leukemia. I am hoping that the aliens will be able to cure him. But my love for Hamish is great. My world revolves around him. I have never been so close to anyone before. We feel the nuances of each other's thoughts.

General Patton was never a Mexican, or a Hispanic. But he doesn't like them. He fired a guy, for being Hispanic. And now he regrets that. - white alien to me
Ahh yes, and now things are all getting into perspective. I am living in remorse. I just, looked at his name, and his mother. And, I fired him because of that. So. Ahem. Make sure that you never do any things that you are going to learn to regret, Miss. And do not eat any more packets of sugar cookies. They are going to lower your blood sugar level. You know what sugar does, right? It lowers your levels, right. And then you get really sick from them. Trust it from me, General Patton knows. Alright then. My old friend is going now. We will see ya later! And, do not get yourself really sick! I did get, really sick. I am gonna get washed out real good now. They are gonna wash me up, and then they are gonna see what they can do to old me! - GP
We are feeding you with our own foods now. And, you are not going to have to get worried. - Zeta to GP
I am very proud. - Hamish, some parts (NL)
I am proud of you Hamish. - me I whisper to him
Yes! I knew it! - Hamish, he has that glare over his eyes from his emotional response to what I said, the glare means that a kind of eyelids close over the eyes in a different way when a Reptilian is in deliria
Take care General Patton. I love you. And Hamish, I am very very proud of you Sock Turtle. - me
Yes, and even about my smell, I was very important. - Hamish
Hamish is very important, and his smell too. - me
I was not arrogant, she said. Or otherwise I would bite her fingers. - Hamish, he seems not sure if I am being sincere or not about his smell
I am proud! - Hamish (NL)
Hello, we are the Alpha Zetas, the Alpha Zečes. - Zeta to me
Hello Zeta. - me
We are going to look at your DNA next. And then we are going to take your ovum. And General Patton, he stays here. We are going to take him out. And then he won't rest here much. He will miss his tv he said. He has no more magazines to read. So we have to talk to him a lot to keep him company. He has little guys visiting here, resting with him. They help him with his disease. - Zeta, the little guys are little elf gnomes in the room with him, the one I saw has a pointy red hat like gnomes are drawn, it seems to be on his head because he is little and this way he won't be stepped on and he can be seen by the other tall people, he is about the height of half a human adult, it could be a yellow Alpha Centaurian, it has a pointy nose and lines on the face, small eyes with eyewhites and pale blue irises, a bit yellowish skin
We are the helpers. - the elf says
Hello elf. What is your name? - me
I am Ropert. - elf, or Rupert
Is that really your name? - me
Yes, we are working here in the hospitals. - Rupert
Where does your species come from? Rupert? - me
Have you not heard, about us before? Or where we have come from? We are working here in the hospital. We make all of them feel good. We are working with the battery. Trying to give them comfort, and making them feel better. We are that kind of elves. We are the nurses. We make them feel good, so that no one will worry. We monitor their blood and vital signs. And so, General Patton has been assigned for us. We make him feel good here. - Rupert
Rupert? Are you from outer space? Where did you come from? - me
From under the ground, that is where we live. We have deep, underground caverns and tunnels. We live there, and we speak there with each other. We do not want trouble with your kind! You see, we are so little that we can quite easily get things out of your noses. We do not give them worry. We are also good with the children, and, sometimes we were also enlisted to help with the animals. - Rupert, with animals the image was that his kind has helped care for barn animals and also reindeer
Rupert? How old is your species? - me
Oh, we were here, before the floods came. Do you know about them? When the space brothers and lords came. They took us out then. And made us work for them. And we have no more worries here now then! We do not want you to eat more sugar. We do not want your bellies filled with that sludge that stuff! We need to take these things out of your nose! - Rupert
Hey Rupert, stop talking to her! You are going to make her ears bleed. - looks like a MIB with black suit and black hair, the one from recent times who might be a fairly new one
Rupert? Are you a little elf? - me
No I am not. And I am also not with the Santinian ones. The Santinians, they have always wanted to help us, and tried to take us out. But. We won't go. Because we have got everything that we need here. We are even given help with our women in the birthing clinics. Because we cannot give birth to ourselves on our own. We needed help with that. And, they gotta figure out ways to let us birth. We are not working with the Santinians anymore. And, my real name isn't Rupert. It's gotta be something else. - Rupert, it's gotta be something else means that his name is something else
What is your real name then? - me
I just work with dung, here. - Rupert, about fecal samples for the Agenda
My cheese! - Hamish (he still says cheese now and then because years ago I said once that he smells like old cheese)
I am going to, go to my sofa now. - Hamish, and he gets happy and starts to relax already, he really loves his sofas
I love you Hamish. Have a wonderful time on the sofa. - me
And then I can lay out, all of mine, flat. - Hamish about how he is going to sort through his stacks of shedded scales and see what he has got and put them on the sofa like a collection of stamps or pictures
Yes, we used to help people with the barn. And then we were smoked out. Because they didn't want us there anymore. And then we were not pleased anymore. Imagine if!, if you had a home and a family! And then you were once kicked out. And so we started to fight with them! But then the Pleiadians took us out! And, gave us a brand new family! So now we are happy here! Helping with, other humans! We were no more smoked out here! We were happy with our new family! - Rupert, smoked out was as if people would have literally lit a fire and to use the smoke to drive the elves out of the barn once they were no longer wanted there

Life. I just met some little elves who are like Santa's little helpers who used to work in barns and now they are working with aliens helping out in the hospitals, and dear old General Patton is going to go to that hospital and be with the Zeta Reticulans and elves like Rupert. Meanwhile Hamish is sitting down on his sofa to lay out his shedded stacks of scales and to look at them like how one sorts through their old photographs. Well. It's a bit weird. I guess I am sitting here a bit speechless. Ok then. Aha yes.

A few minutes later I am writing a new page about these little helper elves, and Hamish says about them: "They are the santas.", Hamish says about them as I wrote the page, at 10:44 PM. "They are the Santas!", I declare to Hamish. "They don't like my smell.", Hamish says to me about these little helper santas.

Boiling Spaghetti With The Guest

September 16 2017, 7:47 PM - The alien who looks like one of the Airship People, who I reported seeing sitting in the evenings on the bench in the hallway of our home, has been sitting there again ever since I came back home after a few days at a hotel. He has now been there for many days, he wants to talk to me. I told him today that I was too tired to talk, which is true, but after I woke up from a nap I decided it was rude of me not to listen to my guest.

He told me that he is with another group which is friendlier than my group, and my group means the group with Hamish and the other aliens who use my eggs for the Agenda. He told me that I could go over to his group. And so I explained to him that I feel a deep love and friendship to Hamish, and that I cannot abandon him. That I will do what I can to ensure that Hamish is safe and that he is happy and has a good life, and that if I can help him in any way then I would, and so, I said to the visiting alien, that I would be staying with the bad group. He told me that Hamish eats my children, I told him that humans eat cows pigs and chickens, he said that "there is a difference". I told him that he tolerates humans to mistreat and eat cows pigs and chickens and that he needs to expand his definition of love to also include Draconians, cows, pigs, chickens and other animals that humans hurt. (Vega saw me write this and he is cheering. Vega as we know are true animal lovers, and as I saw the Vega it had opened its mouth and inhaled deep from underneath his tentacle beard.)

I told the guest that he is racist because he cares about humans and the hybrid children but he does not care about the animals that humans harm or about Draconians. I told him that I would leave the bad group but that I have loyalty to take care of Hamish, I told him, that I am probably the only one in the world who loves Hamish and who wants to protect him and take care of him.

The guest told me that he - himself - is working with the Arcturians. And after I had explained all this to him, and I had also listened to him, he told me that oh well he could also go to Ireland where he is also working with some people. But he remained sitting on the bench in the hallway. I invited him to come into my bedroom, I did not want him to maybe feel that he could not feel welcome or come into the apartment, but he remained on the bench, I guess that he feels anxious about coming into my bedroom if Hamish is here. I did assure the guest that he is welcome here and that I am his friend and that he can visit me here any time.

I see the Vega alien now in a mental image. Its mouth is open, the inside of its mouth looks black or dark and I see no teeth. It has those many tentacles hanging down over the mouth. This one's skin looks beige instead of pink. It is a cute walrus cuttlefish man. I have the best aliens. The guest now says that he does not want to fight with those, those being Hamish and gang. "We don't need any fights", I tell him. "Yes, but they fight with us!", he says. "And they want us to leave.", says a female Pleiadian of the human sort with brown long hair. "And we are not a toy that they can play with.", guest tells me, talking about the gang. I am tired after work and need to enjoy the rest of my evening with some food and videos.

There are many alien species who have asked to talk to me, and I have not had the time. Andromedans, Pleiadians, this guest who I suspect might be one of the Airship People, the Ayurveda old Arcturian race (I have yet to write about them, find out about them in the video which is a remote viewing of Earth's Moon which will be posted later), and others. It is not just a matter of finding time, it is also that the work is exhausting and it is not possible to work on The Orion Project every day for many hours because I reach a point of exhaustion after which I need to rest. Actually this is the first and only time I have felt exhausted from this work in all of the six years of working on this, and the reason must be because I included remote viewing into it and that must be draining. Remote viewing, taking notes, cutting audio files and making them into videos, editing text, writing text, telepathic conversations, all of that is hard work and there is a limit to how much I can produce. I used to be excited when an alien came to talk and "in my youth" six years ago I could write 50 pages of notes and format it but now when an alien visits I get exhausted and I tell them I am tired and I ask them to come back later.

PS. The guest is not necessarily an Airship Person, that is only my guess. I did ask him to tell me what species he is, but he did not say. He wears a thick suit which looks to be of a dark purple color, he has a bulbuous head and is hairless, the skin is a beige colour. He just sits there, for hours, and does not seem to move his head around to look around, yet he is aware of his surroundings. It seems he is part of the group of aliens which want to stop the Agenda, and here they are visiting individual Agenda teams to try to put out each of those individual small fires so to speak. It could be that this is work being done by the Board, I did ask him if he is a member of the Board which also has the Ummo and Pleiadians, but he did not say. I will let him sit there and I will also keep an eye on Hamish to make sure that Hamish is not being disturbed here in his home and I will go and cook some pasta.

There is a mountain where they take them and murder them. - the guest
Humans kill their animals in a slaughter house. - me, and I continue with cooking some pasta and listening to some videos
Yes, but they are more brutal than the human kind. - guest
Humans put a living chicken into a cage that is too small for it to move around, and it sits there and goes insane and picks itself apart because there is nothing else for it to do. And many animals live for many years in their own shit and in cages that press into their flesh and they cannot turn around in their cage or move around. Humans, I contend, might be more cruel toward animals than the Reptilians are. - me
Yes but they like to eat them. - guest
She doesn't like us therefore. - Pleiadian woman with brown hair says to the guest
Oh god! This is horrible! I am sorry! - guest says to Pleiadian woman
If you can love humans in spite of their cruelty, then I am allowed to love Hamish in spite of Reptilian cruelty. - me
We also need to eat. - Dark Lord in Gremlin form with that flat depressed area of the nose

I saw that the guest holds a helmet under his arm, and so yes this is most likely indeed an Airship Person.

We are not going to fool you around. - Pleaidian woman to me
But Hamish is not a kind race. - Pleiadian woman to me
I know. But I love him. He is my best friend. - me
How can you be friends with that thing? - Pleiadian woman
I would like to ask you to leave, Pleiadian. You are not welcome in my home again. The Airship Person is welcome. - me
I would like to see you one more time, before we say goodbye. - Pleiadian woman to me
And, she is not cooking a langoustine. She would never eat me. And I said, that is a good race for me therefore. - Hamish to them about me, cause I am boiling pasta and not a langoustine

I now see the Airship Person yes it is one, he holds his helmet under an arm. How I can love Hamish? How can Pleiadians love humans? Pleiadians are just racist, they are defending the human species because Pleiadians have Starseeded the humans. That is why they have no problem with humans torturing and killing and eating animals. I have had it up to here with this racism. I have known Hamish for six years, there is a beautiful and incredible person in him, he is so precious as a living mind and soul and heart that I would defend him and I would die for him. I am tired of this dilemma. I wish that they would just let me live in peace together with my Hamish, and instead they could focus their efforts on stopping humans from mistreating and killing animals. I will not abandon Hamish, I love him. I want to enjoy a quiet evening with my Hamish in peace, with me eating the pasta bowl and Hamish probably on his snuggy rug tending to his shedded scales. Maybe he will ask me about hedgehogs, or mention koalas or goldfish, and maybe I will tell him that he is cute or something that he says or does will make me laugh

Alright, I guess that we are done here. - the Airship Person stands up from the bench as if about to leave
I am sorry. Humans torture and kill and eat animals, and somehow that is ok. - me
It is not entirely a different matter no. But the Reptilians are far more evil. - guest
Tell me how. - me
They like to cut limbs off, and watch someone bleed. - guest
Do you know what humans do, that is more evil than that? Humans like to put a living animal into a tiny cage where they have to stand in their feces for many years and cannot even turn around or lie down and they do that just to save two cents on the cost of food production, and then other evil humans are willing to buy that meat or those eggs or that dairy just to save two cents too. Let me say something. I wonder what I would choose if I had to choose a fate of either living in my own shit in a tiny cage and eating ground up human pellets from dead humans for many years or to have my arm pulled off just once? I wonder what I would choose? - me
You don't have to choose either, you are with the doctor! - a Zeta type alien
Some humans hunt animals and enjoy killing them, and not just for food. Humans do that too. - me
Yes, but most humans are peaceful, and tolerable. - guest with his helmet under his arm
That's where you are wrong. If you visit human homes you will find eggs, meat and dairy from tortured animals in their fridge, and most of them buy food that is cheaper from more tortured animals rather than paying a bit more for healthy happy animals that were well treated. - me
I do not want to know that. I guess I am done here! I am leaving! Adios. - guest, he sounded a bit pissed with the underlined but then when he said Adios he looked to have smiled and was happy and he put the side of his arm against his forehead like a gesture and so I realized he was not angry at all
You are not going to be bullied by our race any more. - guest to Hamish
You will not be told to leave by us either. - guest to Hamish
I guess I can have the eggs then, Tik. - Hamish
I love you Hamish, I would never leave you. - me

Yikes, I am standing here in the kitchen typing and Hamish nearly manifested at the door and it was a most sinister and horrible being and it startled me to the core!

My Buttercups is making food. - Hamish says, he sounds just like his real self, but his emanance is a horrible one when he is near
She has written about your emanance, that it was not nice or neat. - guest to Hamish
I don't like them killing or torturing creatures of course - me interrupted
Then come and be with us, we are the Pleiadian ones. And we will take real good care of you. - Pleiadian woman
But I, ... I need to help Hamish. I love him. - me
She has loved the langoustines, she said. - Hamish
I don't want to fight with them, anymore. - Hamish about these aliens, he is in a hunched camel posture and his body quite low to the floor and he feels nice and safe underneath his back which he knows everyone can see, and I saw that Hamish's back today has a magnificent row of black thorns that have not been plucked out
We would like to teach you about love. And about what love means, with Hamish there. - Pleiadian woman to me
He doesn't know about it. - guest to me about Hamish meaning about love
He doesn't have to know about love. But I know that I love him. I cannot abandon my Turtle. - me, Hamish opens his mouth a bit, not the "opening of mouth gesture" but just a bit opened, not sure what that means
I love Hamish. I really do. - me
I am a better race, because of my DNA, you are of a lower rung. - Hamish, rung as in rung of a ladder, he must have said this to me
My Hamish. - me
He has fought, he has wanted to fight with us. - Pleiadian woman about Hamish
Can you see our spaceship? - the very cheerful and quick Andromedan, I saw a white spaceship parked somewhere in a white room
Yes, I saw it. - me
We have been using them to chase them out. Because we do not want you to use them on our field. - Andromedan, first sentence to me about using the Andromedan spaceships to chase the Agenda team away and second sentence is about the Agenda aliens
Can we talk some other day? - me
Not a problem! - Pleiadian woman
We will come here one more time to see you. And then we cannot bother you again. If you want to leave, and rest here, we will come back to you once more. - Pleiadian woman to me
I need to rest, now. Because I am writing down our conversation and I was already tired before I began. I just want my meal and to get some rest and to go to work again tomorrow. We can talk when I have rested later. - me
You are not JUST on a lower rank, Yes-No! - Hamish, and at the end after Yes-No he made a kind of snapping sound with his mouth and he thought about wanting to bite someone in the hands and I think he meant me, he is saying this to me isn't he, is he being a bit hostile towards me?
Hamish? Are you angry with me? - me
Yes-No, I was watching you cook some soup. And to not put my little scales there. They are not for soup. - Hamish, oh he was adorable, so kind, he means the spaghetti I am boiling he calls that soup, and he thought of an image as if he would have sprinkled individual small bits of shedded scales into the soup like how one would sprinkle dried herbs form between the fingertips but he means that he is not going to be doing it, and when he said "And to not put my little scales there. They are not for soup", his lower eyelids were raised horisontally some and his upper eyelids diagonally lowered so that he was smiling and amused. He is being a cute turtle.
We do not want to come into your home again. - guest with the helmet under his arm
Because you are allowing, that one, to stay here! - guest says to me about Hamish, then he feels really bothered with his nose, so he does have a sense of smell, and he was bothered by Hamish's very pungent smell that was like something like sulfur a very pungent strong chemical smell
Darling, I am too tired to talk with you or with your group today because I am exhausted. - me
We are talking just fine right now you and me. - guest
But I am tired. I want to do it some other day. - me
Alright, very well, fair well we will just leave. But do not let him come too close to you, like he tries to. He has tried to strangle you once. - guest to me about Hamish
Yes-No!, Buttercups strangled. - Hamish with a click like a Tik Tok or similar sounding
Let me eat and go to sleep. I will talk some time in the future, when I have a day off from work. - me
We will not be able to stand or tolerate these beings! - guest, he pinches his nose again like he did earlier and is uncomfortable with Hamish's smell
I want to eat my food. Watch some videos. And then go to sleep. - me
And, we are always friendly. - guest, he was behind me in the other dimension, he put his hand on my shoulder in a friendly gesture and I felt it
We are very comraderyship. - guest, comraderyship like friendship, that kind of ship, he now puts his hand down on my hand, and I saw it and I felt it, his hand and skin is a bit clammy
Thank you. - me
You will ALWAYS be welcome to come with us! We have MANY spaceships here! We are now out on the street. Goodbye! Take care of yourself! I am off now. - guest, he is downstairs in the street outside of my house, and I see he begins to walk with fast steps

When he left, I feel abandoned and all alone, and I worry about having just me and Hamish here in the house.

Do not worry! We are here with you! - Andromedan cheerfully
And we are also! - the beige Vega
Alright. Thank you. I will have my pasta now. I am too tired to have this discussion. - me
That is allright with us. - guest
We just don't want them to put any more babies into your tummy. And now we know, you have got to feed. - guest, it was as if he would have put his hand on my belly when he said about tummy, and he says about my food because he knows that I would probably have said again that I am tired and that I have got to eat

I think the pasta should be ready now. I am going to not listen because I have to write down everything I hear and typing this much when I am already tired is going to make me exhausted. I am too tired to talk to them or to take all these notes, this is too much work. The remote viewing sessions that I did recently was a bit too much work, I am no longer excited about these things only exhausted. But I will not abandon Hamish.

They tell me that I smell. - Hamish, opens mouth as a gesture of irritation or objection
I was not going to look at them any more. - Hamish
Hamish, you can look at me. - me
Yes, you are boiling those grasses. And then you are going to eat. Mine, yes, Tik Tok! - Hamish

Baat, Navajo and Lightning horses

September 10 2017, 7:10 PM - I've started working again so I will be very busy. Hamish of course is coming with me to work, he watches carefully what I do there and he tries to make sense out of it. I am an inspector for a team of workers so I check the quality of their work and so I look into cupboards and things and check it off my list, Hamish had watched me and he had thought that I had been looking for something, so I told him what I was doing. He really is a beautiful red dragon and it hurts me when I see him and I cannot spend the time with him and I have to ignore him. He has wonderful amazing duck feet. The other day I saw him gnawing on the slight webbed skin that he has between his fingers. I asked him why does he do that and he didn't say.

I wrote a comment response to the person who has the YouTube channel "TheScariestMovieEver" and the video title was Scientists Create DMT Machine To Talk With ''Fallen Aliens'' (2017)

I wrote:

To which the Dark Lord named Baat wanted to say:

Arcturians wanted to tell me about Dinosaurs today, asking me if I know what they - Dinosaurs - do, so I said yes I know they are given uncomfortable medical assignments, that they like to bathe, and that they like to say "Deb Deb Deb Deb" when they are together in a group and that therefore the military call them "Croakers".

Yesterday I was talked to telepathically by dark Native Americans, they were dark almost like with black skin which is what I have also seen that original Native Americans looked like the ones who went south to Peru on a pilgrimage to the mountains when I did the remote viewings earlier this month or last month. They told me that they know that I am a lightning horse, that they know about these space brothers, and they were calling me their brother, they also invited me to come and live with them they said they were ready to take care of me. They said they were the Navajo, and that they know about the lightning horses. When they called me their brother I said no I am actually a woman, they said no they know what they are talking about and that the lightning horse that is in me is absolutely a man, they were completely sure of that and they kept calling me a brother, and oddly I had no objections against it, oddly it did not seem strange to me. They are of course talking about the alien incarnation that is what makes me a Star Person. They are light beings, made out of bright bright white light like the flash in a thunder which is why the Navajo call them the lightning horses, and they look a bit like horses but on two legs.

I am impressed with the Native Americans. They have had a lot of contact with extraterrestrials over time, and their friendship with the Pleiadians has also become evident to me. By the way did you know that my favorite humans on this planet are the Australian Aboriginals? When I watch their dance, hear them tell their stories about the world, and look at their paintings and body art, I can feel. I can also feel that the Australian Aboriginals have heightened perception, and that they can see and feel the world. Based on how I feel humans, I mean come on I can meet an extraterrestrial and see it and feel its thoughts and emotions and access a whole lot of information about them and also about other things. Based on this heightened sense I have, the Australian Aboriginals are the truest humans, the most advanced, they are just so far out there that other humans have it hard to understand them.

When I look at Aboriginal paintings, it becomes into like a 3D painting that forms a multidimensional world which comes to life. It displays an actually living moving shimmer that has painted not just the animal or object but also its spirit and energy which contains all the information about it. Their stories are more true than Western science. I feel that they are spiritually superior to other humans and that they have heightened extrasensory perception. They need to be cherished. I would dream of them being given Australia back, for Australia to have only a flag made by the Aboriginals, for their language to be the official language there, for them to define their culture and civilization as one among human civilizations on Earth. It hurts me how the English are destroying this world and the vanity of the English thinking that their culture would somehow be the best when it is far from it. Australia was stolen from the Aboriginals and it needs to be given back to the. Why isn't the world fighting against the English terrorists?

I now want to learn more about the Navajo, as I have found out that they too are an advanced human people.

Many aliens want to talk to me
And more on Carlisle family soap opera

September 07 2017, 4:27 PM - Last night the Andromedans talked to me, they told me how they are from the 5th dimension and how they think so much faster than humans. He had a lot he wanted to talk about but I was having a bad headache so I asked if we could speak later.

Next came one of my Agenda aliens probably an Alpha Orion I presume and he told me of how I have millions of dust mites on me, he is appalled by it. I told him that there is nothing I can do to remove them, I said that I guess I could get a bar of soap and wash thoroughly but I thought about how I could not wash my eyelashes with the soap or inside my nose with the soap so there would always be some left and they would come back, I think I also told him that I do not notice them and that they do not bother me (but I am sitting here now thinking about how my whole entire body is crawling with millions of tiny insects all over). He told me that they can be frozen off and that they also had some other treatment they could use yes it was to submerge me in a liquid then I would get rid of them. Like a lice bath. I am laughing, but I guess if I met a prehistoric human, well I am sure I would tell him to come with me so that he could get some lice shampoo, a toothbrush and a bath.

Some pesticides yes, that is what we have suggested for you. And we know that they give you no harm! Not to mention the bacteria in your rectum, or colon we should say. - is the same one as who spoke yesterday I think
The louse bath was a nice idea. Why don't you have it, you dog? - the Orion type being
Dib Dib! - Hamish, or Dib followed by another sound, I think he was giving that person a warning for stepping too far

But, I was having a headache and I had to ask the being to not speak and they could all speak to me later.

Next in the morning when I woke someone showed me a mental image of a new type of alien, I am pretty sure it was the Andromedan who showed it to me but I cannot be entirely sure. I will make a drawing and a new page about this alien, it will be titled "the Elder race", there will also be the notes there of what this being of the Elder race told me. But I asked this being of the Elder race to talk to me later because I was having a headache, yet he talked to me many times and I had to keep insisting that I was having a headache.

There are so many aliens who want to talk to me and I have asked them all to talk to me in the future! I have now got a long line of aliens waiting for my time. Airship People want to talk, Dark Lords of course always want to talk (mostly about being kings and about blood and goats), the Ayurveda old Arcturians (you will learn about them in the video of the remote viewing of Earth's Moon, see how far behind I am in the documentation of alien contact I met them a few days ago and I have not yet had the time or energy to even mention them to you, but don't worry I write things up, it is just that work is piling up and I am exhausted, but it is a labor of love I am enjoying it, just exhausted from the amount of work, it has been more than a full-time work), the Andromedans want to talk

We don't have to! We are not that kind of a people, who barge in! We will only come when we are needed! And so, Adios, my friend! Adios baa-baa! - Andromedan [Added same day: baa-baa is another way of saying bye-bye]
You are of course most welcome my friend! I am just tired it has been a lot. - me
My eggs are tired. - Hamish (NL)
I love you Hamish. Hamish makes me feel happy again. - me
Eggs want me. - Hamish (NL)
My eggs. Tail. - Hamish (NL) he turns around to show me his tail I presume, then of course as always he turns his head around so that he can see me seeing him
Andromedans are welcome! - me
We come in peace! - Andromedan
I come in peace too. - me
But sometimes you fight with them? We hope? - Dark Lord or the Orion of before who talked about the dust mites, said to me
I don't fight. - me
I have bitten fingers. - Hamish (NL), because we are talking about fighting and so it made him think about how he fights, by biting fingers, and he thought about how he would lean his head forward and to bite someone's fingers, but he wasn't biting anyone at the time when he said it

I have got months and years of work ahead of me. I want to document all the history and messages of all these alien species, and so far I have got at least 60 different alien species on my list of alien species. I especially want to document the stories from the Ummo, Airship People, Pleiadians, Lyrans, Arcturians, Sirians, Draconian Reptilians, Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Alpha Remulans, the Felines or Lions, Nordics, the Ayurveda old Arcturians, the Elder race... hahahah I am interested in ALL OF THEM! I will be an old lady one day and still writing on new material. This is a lifetime project, a dedication for life.

PS. I washed bed sheets today so Hamish was happy. I think he puts his shedded scales there to wash in the washing machine with them. He loves to wash his shedded scales bits that he keeps, he then places them on his rugs to dry.

I had a nightmare last night with a close encounter of a Dark Lord. It was horrible. A white priest man showed up to defend me, I ran away in the dream and the priest was left behind. When I woke up from the nightmares I wondered what had happened to the priest, if he was ok, I hope he doesn't get harmed or suffer just to help defend me against the Dark Lords. A close encounter with a Dark Lord feels like absolute horror, it is like facing Satan and going to hell. Remember that time when I woke up at night when the Dark Lord was leaning over me and looking at me when it was my first night at my new place at college, and that Dark Lord had only been leaning over me because he wanted to look at me, nothing sinister intended. Dark Lords are not a joke, stay away from them.

I now remember a conversation I had with a Dark Lord this morning. I wish I would have written it down it was hilarious, both what he said and how I responded to him was hilarious. He told me that he was sitting on a throne, so I asked him what other furniture does he have there. He told me that he has a rug made out of bloody hairs. I asked him how was that rug woven, he said it was not woven, it was grown. He then said that he had an urn with eyeballs in it, and that he would drop my eyeballs in there too, anyone who looks at him. There was one more thing he had in his home... something with hairs. And the bricks had been made out of crushed babies into the shape of red rectangular bricks and they had been laid down carefully to build the wall so that the babies in the bricks do not scream. So those are the type of things decorating in the homes of Dark Lords, if you ever thought you might like to pay them a visit. But the way that both he and I spoke was totally hilarious, it was really funny because I was playing along and my comments to him were really witty so it was a total hoot.

7:27 PM. An Airship Person has been in my home in the other dimension. He told me that he sits on the bench in the hallway, I told him that he is welcome here, but I told him that Hamish has first dibs to being here and that the two of them need to get along, and I told him oh to not stand on Hamish's rug he doesn't like that. Hamish got angry at the Airship Person and I told Hamish that the two of them need to get along. The Airship Person asked me if I know... and he showed me a mental image of Dinosaurs. I told him yes I know the Dinosaurs. He said I do not know what horrible things the Dinosaurs do to me. I told him I know the Dinosaurs have to do medical procedures, I said I know they put a tubing down my nose and into my stomach. He said he would like to have them, meaning the Agenda aliens, leave me. I told him no because I am too fond of Hamish I cannot leave Hamish.

I ate a whole bag of puffed corn chips. Assistant Carlisle was around. First while I was eating the chips and watching YouTube videos, I was shown a mental image of a bald man with glasses, I said who is that but I soon figured out it was Carlisle. He

If you were a real lady, you would not look like that. - Carlisle to me
Real lady? Come on! - me
I mean, I was here to help you with something... Meaning, to let you give up on that sugar. I mean, ahh, ehh, now this is getting expensive and complicated. - Carlisle
Do you know what sugar does to your teeth, hon? - white alien

That sugar refers to my bottle of Coca Cola soda that I have here next to me. I very rarely drink it but today for some reason I had a craving for soda and chips. Why not once in a while.

So Carlisle earlier he asked me if I remember when I was a little girl, and from him I got a mental image of me when I looked to be about 11 or 12. I said yes, I remember. He then said something like "are you a little girl now?" or "you are a little girl now", I think he asked if I still was. I said no and I phrased it thusly: "I am not a little girl I am a grown woman because I have got breasts and period, hence I am a grown woman." He said "Yes I know you have that". He then told me that he would not let me eat a whole bag of chips. I told him he is not my father and that I am a grown woman and the choice of what I eat is in my own two hands, I said sure if he wants to be my father and tell me what I can eat then if he tells me to eat meat I will run away from home and not even leave a note, I told him trying to be clever.

But here he is again acting as if he was my father. Literally. Is this man my father? I think I look like my father who is in the records and on the family photographs. I mean, my sister and brother look more like our father than I do, but I see resemblance to my father on record, and I do not see a resemblance in me to Carlisle because that part comes from my mom, my mom and Carlisle are I guess a bit similar. Carlisle has said now recently this year that he raised two girls who are clones of me, and that I was switched out at birth and that he was my father. What the hell. If he is my biological secret father then I want him in my life. I want him to sign the adoption papers and I want him in my life. I would totally barge into his life and put him into my life.

Carlisle as a dad... I guess then my father would be an American. I guess he would be a cool dad to have, he was some kind of engineer back in the 1980's and he was on the UFO reverse engineering team (although they thought it was a Russian flying vehicle that they had shot down), this info I got from spying on him with remote viewing of course. He lives in Orange County, California, he has told me. But there would be two women who are clones of me... What would it be like to see them?

Well, Officer Agent Bryant isn't related to you either. But, he was... He was! - Carlisle
We did this because we needed your pyy-pyy. - Hamish, pyy-pyy is their word for female bits

!!! Wait a minute! There were two girls and there was also one boy! No way this is all getting sorted out in my head! Listen! There have been four different Bryants:
1. The female Doctor Captain Bryant. She is confirmed as family to Carlisle. She was married to Carlisle and she and Carlisle raised the two girls who are clones of me.
2. Agent Officer Josh Bryant.
3. General Bryant
4. Captain Bryant the black man from a few days ago, find it in the MILABS section as an encounter story

I was confused as to why so many named Bryant. Well, three of four Bryants are Caucasian and could be related. Supposed Captain Bryant was a black man, so this one I am still puzzled about. But there were two girls and also one boy, they said the boy is not doing so well. This now seemed to suggest earlier what was said that this boy would be Agent Josh Bryant!!! Is Josh my brother!!!

Assistant Carlisle is my father! Female Doctor Captain Bryant was married to Carlisle and she and Carlisle raised two girls who were clones of me! And Agent Josh Bryant would be related to the woman and is the boy they mentioned earlier when I found out about the girls! Could this be happening? When can I meet my family please?

A few minutes later I am reading through what I wrote about Carlisle. I make a chuckle and Hamish asks me if I made the goose basooning sound (which is the name I have given to one of the sounds Hamish makes which I think when he makes it means that he is seriously upset, but to be fair my chuckle sounded nothing like that sound). I told him no Hamish I did not and I put my finger on my lower eyelid to show him and I said that the sound I made means for my race "this", meaning the raising of lower eyelid or laughter when Draconians do it. I told him that I had read something funny on the screen. He said yes but he had to ask, and I told him that it was good that he asked.


September 04 2017, 1:35 PM - Yesterday I did a remote viewing into planet Saturn. As many of you know, Dark Lords have an interest in Saturn and I encountered several sinister Dark Lords in Saturn. Some of them followed me home and I woke up in the night as one was pulling out the life force of my heart. I asked the Dark Lord to leave and he didn't. So I called for help from higher beings, the Andromedans came to my rescue, they removed the Dark Lords from here and I was able to go back to sleep.

We are the goat kings and gods therefore, that you have removed and picked out of here. - Dark Lord
And we wanted to feed on you YES! - Dark Lord
I never authorized that. - me
I don't need it. - DL about authorization
We just need the goat's blood to drink. We are pulled out now again. Byee! - DL
Bye Dark Lord. - me
We don't want trouble WITH YOUR KIND! - DL to the light being who is pulling them away, the voice was not angry it was wretched and distorted

I see now a Dark Lord he is in the presence of strong white light and the light beings. The Dark Lord feels a bit ashamed there, he keeps his eyes down. These beings know each other since a long time.

We don't like having conflicting views with them! As, they were once our brothers, you see! They were made from the same dust as we. And now, we have been asked to remove them, our dear brothers. - the light being
We made the wish come true for them. - DL or light being

So the light being from now seems to be what we call an Angel. Angels and Dark Lords are brothers, because I suspect that the Dark Lords are the Fallen Angels.

When I woke up in the morning, the Andromedans were with me. I wrote down that they said: "A as in Andromedan Council." The Andromedans showed me pictures that were a series of round flat circles or perhaps spheres that look flat when we look at them and there were many and they were not particularly large and inside of each was a different picture that looks like a Mandala, like the kind of Mandalas that were popular in the New Age movement in the 1990's, with lots of colors and patterns inside. Turns out these patterns were their mathematics and writing.

The Andromedans asked me of a favor. They wanted me to communicate to the senators, because senators are in charge of the world and they should do a better job. Andromedans said that Earth is in a bad shape. I will of course write down their messages and can post it on the website but the best I could do is to send the senators a link to that page, it is then up to them if they read it or not, and if they lift inspiration from it or not. I told the Andromedans that I have to be careful with writing about aliens to people because people might think that it is harassment. I told them that not even SETI which is all about finding extraterrestrials and spends lots of millions on it not even they want to have any messages about my aliens.

Next the Andromedans told me about Angels. They said that Angels are also with the Andromedans, and that it is not about religion, the Angels are just a people made by the same - and I think he said - Brotherhood of Stars.

At one point the Andromedans responded to something I had said, by saying that the Andromedans are very advanced, and I told them that everybody knows that. And I saw that the Andromedans were bald without hair on their head and that their skin is a bright light blue, a kind of bright sky blue color. And, just now as I wrote, I saw a clear glimpse of them as they showed themselves to me, and I saw that they have bodies that are made out of glass. Before you laugh at what I said about them being made out of glass, you should know something about chemistry and then you won't be laughing anymore: life on Earth is carbon based. Many biologists have theorized that it could be possible for there to be extraterrestrial life forms whose bodies are based on silicon instead of carbon. I have also learned some time ago that there are alien life forms based on silicon. And, glass is silicon dioxide, meaning that glass is made out of silicon with oxygen. The Andromedans are made out of bodies of silicon and glass and so there. They are therefore entirely crystalline in their bodies. This should anyway not be the most foreign concept that I have introduced in my work.

The Andromedans are next to some mountains that are behind them, and there is green grass there. Andromedans are shorter than an average European adult of today. They have small pointy ears but the ears do not reach above the level of the head. They have a sharp v-shaped chin. Two large cat-like eyes. They are wearing a blue uniform which has a large collar that raises upward toward the head like a flower around the neck. They are smiling and trying to hold down their happiness and a feeling almost like laughter, because there are so many things that they would like to tell me right now!

We have the most advanced spaceships, all around! - Andromedan
And yes, we are with the Andromedan Council! And these guys wanted to drink your blood! And we have not let them! So, Adios! Farewell, we must be off! See ya later! - Andromedan
Why cannot we drink? - Hamish
Bye Andromedans! - me
And call on us anytime! We are always here for you! - Andromedan
It was a pleasure to see you. I will be happy to work for you in the future. I will most definitely write for the senators later, I promise. - me
Yes, we can do all that later. - Andromedan

These guys who wanted to drink my blood means Reptilians and/or Dark Lords. Andromedans also showed me a mental image in the morning when I woke up of Hamish having leaned down on my body while I sleapt. Other aliens have also shown me images of what Hamish does at nights before, that Hamish would place his sheets of shedded scales on my body while I sleep. Hamish stays away from me during the day, but it is peculiar how he spends a lot of time really close and against me at nights when I sleep. But, I like knowing that, because, as you know I love him. Andromedans now showed me an image from the other dimension where there is a puddle of Hamish's pee on the toilet room floor. Also earlier a Dinosaur was cleaning up one of Hamish's loose poo piles from the shower room floor and I had told the Dinosaur and Hamish that I would be happy to clean up after him because he is family to me, but of course, well it is true that I would like to be the one who cleans up after my Turtle, because I love him more than anyone else in this world I presume, but also to have close encounter with him and to somehow be allowed entry into their dimension, now that would be grand.

Thank you Andromedans. You are lovely. Who created you? - me
The Lyrans did! And they are mighty proud of us! The Lyrans made us, our finest. And we have fine stories to tell. But all those for later yah? - Andromedan, I think he sensed from me that I am too tired to talk and listen right now, so he therefore said those stories are for later
We are not exactly crystalline, but we are beginning to be. And! Our Earths have never been flooded! Not like what happened here! Yup yup! - Andromedan
We have drowned many, they said. - Dark Lord
Alright everybody. I am too tired to listen because when I listen I also have to write it down. - me
Alright. Let's not play any more cat and mouse game. We are not chasing you around anymore. Stop bleeding their blood out. And stop feeding on their hearts. THEY HAVE CALLED FOR MY HELP! - Andromedan talks to Dark Lord
We have not been blocked out of here yet, but we will be. And then we cannot come here anymore. They have blocked us? - DL to me
But Dark Lord, you guys take my energy out of my heart, and it causes me heart problems. - me
If you knew how fast we think. You would be staggered! We think very fast. And, so when we come here, we feel really slow. And the floods that happened here have never happened on our world. We are thinking slowly to keep up with you. So, this "dearness" doesn't happen. Ooh, so sloow! Ah, hahah! We are not exactly more crystalline, than you and me. We are both made the same. - Andromedan to me
We are not putting them into any dark holes. - DL about DL or Andromedan about DL
We are throwing some discs at them! - Andromedan shows me that the Andromedan throws what looks exactly like a turquoise boomerang, thrown at Dark Lords
What does the disc do? - me
It distorts them, disorients them. Do you wanna know why? This disc contains a magical secret power. And it is made with our fleet. We have many weapons like that. But! And this now is the part where it gets important. We never hurt them. - Andromedan, that their weapons never cause real harm
We just disorient them, and make them feel loose. So that they cannot come here. And now, we are off on our space fleets! Byedibye! Adios! - Andromedan
Adios, Andromedans! - me
We don't use real weapons or bombs! Nothing that would really hurt them! And now, Adios, we must be off! - Andromedan
No we won't use any real weapons or bombs on you! - Andromedan to DL
We wanna play cat and mouse some more. Just, so that we can see what you can do. And if we can make them bleed. - DL to Andromedan

Andromedans are wonderful. Very high-spirited and lively, immensely cheerful and happy and with a great sense of humor. They are witty. Friendly and kind and caring. But they think really fast, so they have to slow it down so that a human can keep up. This was my first proper encounter with the Andromedans. I have had very slight bits of contact with them before, but this is the first time. They are magnificent.

2:34 PM - The Andromedan is laughing. I told him I was going to draw a picture of him and that made him delighted, and as I took out the drawing pad for the computer and am working on the computer and moving the cursor with the computer mouse he thought it was a very funny scene how I was balancing the laptop computer and the computer mouse and the drawing tablet. This is not just very primitive technology that I am using but it also looks hilarious to the Andromedan, and seeing it from his eyes I agree. He is also very impatient, because his thoughts and actions run a lot faster! He could have drawn a picture in a split second. Humans are slow and we have hilariously primitive technology and that is something that the Andromedans can have a good laugh at! But they laugh in a friendly way, there is nothing condescending about that, it is just that humans are slow and silly but they love us anyway.

As I said to myself that I am now going to draw the Andromedans:

We are from the Council. That means that there are many of us. - an Andromedan, or that he said "Andromedan Council", I forgot
We don't get to go home. We are assigned to do our duties here. - Andromedan
We need to stay here, and help you out. - this I think was an Airship Person, it bowed its head far down, also earlier an Andromedan had done the same gesture I forgot where and when
That is not to be recommended. But you are handling it well. And we want to say to you, that we are sorry, about what those other Space Brothers have done to you. They have not been a good contact, they have kidnapped you. And now, we say that we are sorry again, they are treating you very badly here, with their remote viewing. - Andromedan
What you did there, was not benign. - Andromedan I think to a DL
We don't want to go to the Captains, who want to fire us! - DL to Andromedan
There are rudeness meters here! And these guys are not benign!

When the Andromedan said "That is not to be recommended...", it started with that he said in a wordless language, about some (meaning my mother) who like to pick blueberries and keep their eyes on the ground on the blueberry bushes, and then he said that I on the other hand (meaning me the author) keep my eyes up to the skies and stars and space, and then he said about keeping my eyes to space "that is not to be recommended" but that I am handling it well.

I am now going to draw, with this funny and very hilarious device. - me about the drawing pad, or I said "ridiculous and very hilarious" I forgot what I said

If it is not all true what you have said, can you make a correction? - Andromedan
Yes Sir. - me
She does not need to give you her eggs, but if she wants to, then that is a different matter. - Andromedan to my Agenda aliens
I am not an evil alien, tell them. - Dark Lord otherwise Hamish
And do not let that guy tell you not to eat grains anymore. - Andromedan to me about Vega (Vegas have been telling me not to eat any grain foods, the reason is because grains were created to humanity by the Pleiadians and there is a whole thing there and about the Vega fruits)
And you will not be telling her, not to eat grasses! - Andromedan to Hamish
Hamish never told me that? Only the Vega did. - me
Oh, there is a whole lot more that happens here that you know nothing about! A whole lot more! - Andromedan to me
About the Vegas? The peaceful brothers? - Andromedan or Dark Lord
And now it is time that we leave. - Andromedan
We were yes, with the Andromedan Council. And, have you even seen what kind of a fuel we are using for our spaceships? One that leaves no carbon emission. But we on the other hand! - Andromedan, he bowed his head and upper body down with one arm across the chest as if the "we were yes with the Andromedan council" was a way to say goodbye and with the bow.

6:18 PM. Andromedans asked me if I would wear a spandex suit and they asked me if I am camera shy and said that if I meet in person with the Andromedans then the whole encounter would have to be filmed, there are humans who want to make sure that the Andromedans would not harm me so filming the encounter would ensure that there is evidence if they did, and to let the Andromedans know that they would be caught if they did hurt someone. I said sure I would love to visit them but only as long as it is a real encounter and not like one of those alien abductions that my aliens do that I never get to remember.

Hamish and the piles of sheets

September 03 2017, 12:15 noon - This morning what I am almost sure was an Airship Person told me that I don't know what Hamish gets up to at nights. I told him to tell me what Hamish does at nights. He said that Hamish goes through my clothes, the ones that I have hanging on a drying rack or that are just sitting there on top of it, and that he pees on them. I asked Hamish, Hamish why do you pee on my clothes what is the reason, but I wasn't angry at my Turtle of course. But at the same time I had picked up a pile of used bedsheets from the floor from under the clothing rack that had been there now for many days because I was out of laundry detergent until now. Then I realized, the Airship Person must be referring to that pile of sheets. I told him of course I already know since many years that Hamish likes to pee on the piles of used sheets that are on the floor, I said that is not a problem I allow him to do that and besides the sheets go into the washing machine anyway. (Besides. The pee is in another dimension and it is not here.)

I have told many times already how when I pile the used sheets on the floor Hamish gets very happy and he goes to stand on top of it and he stomps his feet there and then he pees on the sheets. And I have never had a problem with it. The Airship People and Pleiadians need to realize that I love having Hamish around and that he is welcome here and he is my best friend. In fact I am about to change the sheets again so I don't mind piling these sheets up on the floor for him so that he can have a pile of sheets there again.

Last night some aliens talked to me in length about something when I had gone to bed and I thought I could remember all of it once I wake up but it doesn't work that way. I do recall the Reticulans showing me images of their medical rooms and asking me if I would like to go there and I said sure as long as I get to remember, they also mentioned the corridor that I go through which I've seen once and which I experienced when I did the remote viewing on abductions accounted for here Alien Abductions YouTube video.

I wanted to talk to you about the walrus. It was a pretty bad thing for me here. It has said Yes-No for me to be here! - Hamish, walrus refers to the Vega from recently
But Hamish. You are welcome here to be with me! Hamish can stay with me. - me
I am Tok Tok Tok you have said. - Hamish
Tok Tok Tok Hamish. - me
My feet, you like them. And what else. - Hamish, he lifted his duck foot off the floor a bit when he said about his feet
I like many things about you Turtle Hamish. - me
Yes, mine. - Hamish, I saw image however from the harbor courtyard in Japan which he went to on that rainy night that he showed me already years ago
We are those ones from Japan. We don't want to fight with them. So we give them what they need here. - Japanese man from there
And they need a lot of Toast! - Hamish adds
I don't make my dumps there. - Hamish to me about his poo and the pile of sheets
I know, Hamish. - me
I leave those there. - Hamish indicates in mental images to the corner of the toilet room in my home where the toilet brush is right next to it, I have known of that too for some time and it is also in the other dimension so it does not affect life here at all
That is alright Hamish. - me
It is my old, and denatured Toast. I thought I wanted you to say to me. - Hamish, and then he smiles with his eyes both upper and lower eyelids are mostly closed
I love you Hamish. This is my home, and you are my best friend, and you are welcome here in this home. You can use our things and you can do what you like here. - me
Oops, she said not Yes-No. - Dark Lord
Hamish knows that I have told him to make himself at home. - me

Hamish will do his everyday things differently. "And next, I wanted to help you learn how to chase around some Toast.", says Hamish, first he showed me a sheet of his shedded scales that he held over his both arms like someone who offers someone a towel and his eyes were smiling like before. He spends quite a lot of time on his matters of hygiene and shedding. He knows how his body works and I let him do things in any way that he wants. I am only here to support him if he needs anything from me. I would prefer if he could pee and poo in the shower like I have asked him to, because that would then presumably just wash with the water into the drain? His poo is loose but like cowpatties so I imagine it would easily dissolve and wash down the drain with the shower water. But I will let Hamish decide what he does there in the other dimension.

Hamish talks about his race
Mantids talk about their race

September 02 2017, 4:45 PM - Hamish looked right at me, he let me see him or that it made me see him, he was standing in the camel posture which places his hump back pointing up, he is a bright orange red color. He then spoke to me, I did not write down the exact words, but he said that his race was created by the Bird Race, and that then the Bird Race took away their eggs and abandoned them, Hamish's race was meant to die out, his race was not wanted anymore in this world, and so his race left and joined someone else (and this someone else might be Anunnaki I am not sure). Hamish said that the Pleiadians do not like his race, and that the Pleiadians do not want them to eat.

This was one of those rare moments in all our six years together, that Hamish makes the effort to speak full sentences that come from a depth of intelligence and deeper contemplation in him, as we know what his normal sentences look like. But sometimes, like this

We are getting our food, transported in this. And then we take them, Tiik! - Hamish, the image was of the orange metal containers on the harbor

But sometimes like this he makes

We are not that expensive, to maintain, by the Navy. They have given us feed, fish. - a black Reptilian tells me, and fish was (NL) in singular form of the word, and he closed eyelids when he said the last sentence meaning it makes him happy
The Zeta Reticulans and Zeta Remulans are also with us. We are building a great big new Navy with them. They are needing our help, from us too. - black Reptilian, and then Hamish and he says that they are given food in return
I am happy that Hamish's race was created. I want Hamish to live. I love him. - me
Yes-No, my grandfather race, old. - Hamish hands on lower back shows me his back in the camel posture
The Arcturian ones do not want us to be here either. - the black Reptile or Hamish probably the black Reptile
Why not? - me
They say that we argue! That we are an arguing race! But we just wanted to feed here. And to build more soldiers for them, the Navy! - black Reptile or Hamish
And look at that, my socks. - Hamish lifts a duck foot to show me, socks in (NL)
What is my part in this? - me
We feed off of your blood. We bring you here with our fetus. - Hamish, then he said in (NL) something I did not hear what it was about something that they are making there
We don't want you to speak with the walrus. The walrus has (...) here! - Hamish, walrus refers to the Vega and my recent contacts with him, then I didn't hear a part of that
I am not really a commandant. - a yellow-beige slender reptilian standing upright and half morphed into a military human with green camouflage clothing and green hat

And I told Hamish that I am happy that the Bird Race had created him, and I told him "Yes-No Pleiadians!" because they let humans torture their food animals but won't let Draconians eat food. Of course, I have to wonder if there is a big part of the story here that I am missing, some inacceptable cruelty done by the Reptilians which would make even the Arcturians turn against them, but, a big part of this is undoubtedly just racism from the Pleiadians and Pleiadian allies. A human who eats eggs, meat and dairy has no idea of what the animal suffered through. Humans think their eggs come from happy farm chickens in an idyllic utopia, when truth is that most humans eat eggs that come from chickens living in tiny cages. If I am an egg donor for the Reptilians, then I have to say that I am living a wonderful free range lifestyle and they never put me into a tiny cage.

Is this all just racism? I have known Reptilians for six years now, not just Hamish but I have met many of them. I know that it is possible to love these creatures, even though it was not meant to be possible. We are told to hate the Reptilians, told that they smell bad (well...), but when Hamish showed up in my room that day for the first time and I looked at him, I had no idea then how I was going to discover what an amazing incredible person that he is.

I do not smell nice, you have said? Is that from my outerplanetary smell? Tik, Tiik? - Hamish
I love you Tortoise. You smell fine to me. You smell like a langoustine. It was ok therefore. - me
I am not going to bite you for what you said! But I have been said that I have smelled fine. - Hamish
I was not going to bite you. But, we do not want trouble with the Pleiadian ones. - Hamish
Me neither. They are racist. Besides they have been stealing my eggs too. - me
Only, what happens within the peace treaties. Only because humans are our allies! Only, and trust me believe me, only therefore! - Pleiadian to me

To feel love toward a Reptilian was not meant to be possible. We are meant to hate them and to tell them to leave. Sure they are dominating, but only in the beginning. When I tell them nice things, they change and they become friendly. Ok sure they are mean to other species, but so are humans. And recently I have learned that the Pleiadians have also been stealing my eggs and making children, never letting me know, never telling me, never asking me for permission. An alien looks at me now, perhaps an Airship Person, he looks at me with deep disappointment, as if I should have been happy about Pleiadians and angry about Reptilians, but I am not subscribing to their racism. I love Hamish, and that was never meant to be possible to love such a being, but it is possible because I know him. I cannot un-learn what I know about Hamish, and so I can never stop loving him.

Last night a Mantid talked to me, I learned that the Dark Lords have enslaved their people. I asked the Mantid what would it do if it could spend time doing something that is meaningful to it and that makes it happy, he said that he would spend time being near to other Mantids and I read from his thoughts and feelings how the Mantids are mentally connected to one another, it creates like a blanket that is a comfortable world of feeling each other, not just a sense of companionship and family but also the thoughts and feeling that they have is a world in itself which is very comfortable and almost mysterious to us. He said that he would also have liked to visit his mother, which is a sort of Mantid. He talked about how the aliens need to take my fecal samples because the feces leads to them having food, I hope that it means that the Mantids eat food that was grown out of feces that is being used as nutritional manure. I already know from before that Mantid egg pods grow vertically up from a pile of feces that is on the floor, which should suggest that the growing Mantid pods draw nutrition from it. He also said that the food that derives from feces is not a food of their choice, but that is what they have been given. And, as I thought that it sounded as if they eat feces I said that is ridiculous when the Earth is full of vegetation that they could easily harvest! I do know however that Mantids think that vegetables look delicious, sometimes when I am eating some type of vegetable the Mantid tells me that they would love to eat it, most notably things like leaves of cabbages and salads.

Earlier today I did a quick remote view of Captain Stephens in England. I saw him holding a letter and the address on the envelope said "Coventry", I also saw that it was one of those English style addresses that has like three letters and three numbers and the way that they write addresses in England is different. This is Coventry. I mean that he was mailing something to Coventry. He on the other hand lives in Suffolk.

Something horrible and something wonderful

September 02 2017, 2:19 PM - Last night a Reticulan was in another place with a young hybrid boy. I was here in my room in my bed for the night. The Reticulan told me that he wanted to show my clitoris to that boy and it was evident that it was going to turn into something sexual involving the hybrid so I got really upset and I called for the Arcturians to help me to make the Reticulan and hybrid leave. It is really horrible and harmful because the Reticulans invoke the energy of the persons involved into a sexual energy and that is violating and it is a form of rape. Fortunately they seemed to stop with that perhaps the Arcturians were helpful I do not know and fortunately I fell asleep shortly after that so nothing much happened.

We also used to do it to cows. And that is why because we are studying it. We don't mean to make you not feed. - Reticulan [Added later same day: to make you not feed refers to that the Arcturians had shown the Reticulan what the feeling feels like as if going to vomit from this harassment.]
The purpose is not good, we know that. - Reticulan or Airship Person

Ah yes I remember now, the Arcturian had conveyed to the Reticulan what my feelings were so that it could invoke some compassion and understanding, the Arcturian had shown the Reticulan the feeling of being so sick as if going to vomit and all of that and the stress like wanting to kill oneself. Reticulans however don't have compassion, but for whatever reason as far as I know they then left me alone.

When I was telling the Reticulan that if they do not stop I am going to cut open my arms or stab myself in the heart with a knife (the stress is so huge that if I were literally there and had a knife I would have stabbed myself to death), Hamish got concerned to hear about me going to die, and Hamish was so cute he showed me a mental image of himself pushing a grocery cart and putting foods into it because he was providing me with food. I thanked Hamish for wanting to give me snacks and I assured him that I was going to go buy food for myself soon. It was his way of helping me.

I want to one day sit on the shore of his favorite lake, with my feet in the water, and watching Hamish off the shore standing in the water as he looks to see if there are fish there. I want to one day visit the Dragon Turtles in the secret place on Earth and to be surrounded by red ones and yellow ones.

Yesterday I forget what the occasion was, I saw Hamish and he was doing the click sounds that are Tok Tok Tok, he didn't say Tok Tok Tok but he made the click sounds, I can tell the difference between the different sounds, I am learning his language. So then I made the same kind of Tok Tok sounds myself, I am good at making them, they are easy to make whereas the palate click is really difficult. My darling Tortoise.

I nearly forgot to say. A Reticulan told me earlier last night that it was my "butt doctor" and that he would not be working with me any longer, and I got to see him in a mental image. I told him I was sad if he leaves and I told him not to leave me because I would miss him, but I told him that as long as he is happy then it is fine. And I got to see mental images of the palms of its hands. It is a lie if I say that I would have formed an emotional bond to my Reticulans but I really try to find something there a kind of meaningful friendship and contact.

Nordic man

September 01 2017, 10:17 AM - When I woke up this morning the man who I described to be "a blonde Nordic man or a blonde light being man" two days ago on Pleiadians have made children out of my eggs too was here in my room in the other dimension. He was standing by my shelves and he told me that there was poison on my toothbrush. The toothbrush is lying there on a shelf like it usually does. He thought of a mental image as if a big dark glass bottle of poison had been tilted by someone to cause drops to fall down onto my toothbrush. He said I would be scared to know so he did not tell me more, he just said there was poison on my toothbrush. The way he said it made it seem as if literally someone had intentionally placed poison on it so that I would get it in me when I brush my teeth, however no matter what it sounds like, he could have also been referring to the bacteria growing on it. I did ask him to tell me if he meant literally a poison or if he meant just the bacteria, but he never said.

He just stood there looking at the toothbrush the whole time. I thanked him for having told me and I promised him that I would buy a new toothbrush today and that that one would go into the trash. It is actually true that toothbrushes become toxic with bacteria over some time and they do need to be switched out often. I like to think that I would switch them out once a month, but this one has now been there for I think two months, I can find out the exact time because I got it when a friend was visiting so I will ask him and then I will update it here so if you want to know how old it is you can check back again here within the next 24 hours.

He looks like a human man sort of and he has long blonde hair, the hairs are very thin and fine. His hair is about the length to his breast so it is not long like down on his back. The hair is loose. He wears some type of clothes but I am not sure what. What is strange about him is that his eyes are black so I do not know if someone is tricking me with shapeshifts? I am however sure that this is the same Nordic man that I encountered two days ago and wrote about in that linked to section.

We don't like those men to be your, their fathers anymore. - Nordic man says, he seems to refer to Assistant Carlisle, probably to Jack and the others too, that these men are fathers to the children that are made with me

One of the first things the Nordic said when he was here was that he wanted to tell me about Ljubljana, and then later he said that he is from Ljubljana, he said that their way of life is better there than my life here and he mentioned two reasons why, being that they do not fight there and it is safe, and that they have like an unlimited VISA card there so unlimited money and resources for what they need in life.

I look up now Ljubljana and to my surprise it is in the European country Slovenia. Is he living in the city with humans? Or perhaps there seem to be large mountains close to the city of Ljubljana and might he be from an alien base in those mountains perhaps?

I don't want you to be arrogant if I come here, because you are like their mut. - first I thought the Nordic man said this but then I saw a black Reptilian, and it does sound like a typical textbook thing that a Reptilian would say

I look on a map and Ljubljana is close to a lot of high mountains and wilderness which might seem like a good place where to hide an alien base, if he lives in such an alien base.

And earlier he told me that the reason he was telling me about the poisoned toothbrush was because he cared since I was going to have a child with them. He also started to tell me, "Pick yourself up!" several times a bit rather annoyed, I took that to mean that he meant that I should be more active and do things or do something with myself and with my life so I told him that it is ok to tell me about the toothbrush or to give me advice and information but that it was not ok to tell me how to live my life. Namely lately I have been sitting by the computer and writing The Orion Project for you wouldn't believe how many hours and days and weeks, it seems I have been spending day and night on this, because of the amount of material coming in. I won't have anyone telling me how to live my life.

So now the Pleiadians and Nordics are having children with me.

It was not with us. Backpack. - Hamish says, "backpack" was (NL)

Ok so now Pleiadians and Nordics are using my eggs, and here Hamish said that this is not done with his Reptilian team, suggesting these are two separate teams using my eggs. To be clear, the Pleiadians and Nordics have to my recollection never asked me if they can use my eggs, it is clear that they have made the decision without my conscious consent, unless they have asked me at a time that I cannot recollect upon and that I would have given them permission then, but knowing myself and how I feel about the Pleiadians I don't know if I would have agreed to it just so easily?

Welcome to the military base camp. You've got to see your little ones. - Jack says to me
She started washing her clothes. She didn't get angry at me or try to bite me. - the Nordic says to the human guys

Yes one of the first things I did after I got out of bed was to start a load in the washing machine, and no I was never at any point angry at the Nordic.

Last night Jack said something about marriage to me and I told him about my type of man that I would marry and that if he wants to marry we should go out on a date together first, "in real life, irl", I told him. Then even though I was still here in my room in my bed and Jack was in some other place, it is as if another version of my body is in that other place, and I could see him and I could feel what he was feeling and it was as if he was having sex with my body there. First I saw him and saw what he saw and felt what he felt when he saw me naked, and I told him that he is in love with me and he denied it, but I am telling you Jack has developed a relationship to me. I thought that most men love to have sex with a new woman every time, that they get bored with a woman after the first time and want someone different, but Jack loves the feeling of how my body is familiar to him, he recalls previous times of how good it has felt to have sex with me, he has built up years of knowing me or my body at least, and he loves me. He loves my body, he does not want some other woman than me.

Something else happened last night when I went to bed that I forgot. By the way "last night when I went to bed" was already something like 5 AM because I was again up all night working on The Orion Project.

The night before last, which I estimate would have been about 1 AM or 3 AM when I went to bed, there was then also alien contact. A Reptilian let me see itself in a mental image, it was a bit small in size and its body was covered in black or a type of dark green scales which were many and pointed out from the skin and were the kind of shape as human fingernails have only thicker, with somewhat pointy but a bit blunt and not sharp edges on the scales. He told me that he is not really from outer space, he originates from planet Earth. He told me that they have lost all of their females and eggs

Tok Tok, Turoak. - Hamish says

Hamish here responded to my saying that the females and eggs were lost, Tok Tok perhaps to get my attention (it means "come here") and Turoak I sensed that it referred to a Crocodile Man, see here Crocodile Men see on the bottom of that page about "Turok" the Crocodile Man. Namely, Crocodile Men are notorious for taking away the laid eggs and newly hatched babies of at least Hamish's race of Dragon Turtles. It sounds tragic, but times when Hamish and his race have laid eggs in a nest, when those babies hatch and are small the Crocodile Men take them away from the Dragon Turtles. So is this part of how the females and eggs of these Reptilians were lost in the story I was told by the visiting Reptile? And that night I told him my condolences and I told him that it made me really sad or did I say that it also made me angry.

And now I forget if it was last night or the night before, probably the night before last like when the Reptilian visited me, I was told about Reptilian penises and shown a mental image of what it looks like, yes that slender

Hush. You don't need to know about them. - Thuban
About, what you have said? - Hamish asks Thuban
About the Reptilian penises. - Thuban answers to Hamish, I forget exactly what the Thuban said but something like this
Have you told them that I am their lord? - Hamish to Thuban
Yes I have told them that you are their overlord. - Thuban answers to Hamish
I wanted my snacks here, my snacks. - Hamish, the first snacks was said in my other language

Slender pink colored penis which becomes almost pointy at the end. I have seen those, and Hamish's has that pink color for example. The robust black Reptilians have a similar build but theirs is white in color. Anyhow, there might have been more conversations and visits and images but when I do not write down no matter how I tell myself that I am going to remember it in the morning I tend to forget.

I would have written down the exact words that the Nordic said, but it takes a lot of effort to take notes and I am reaching a point of exhaustion already as it is with my The Orion Project, so I find myself now lately time and time again telling visiting aliens that please I cannot talk right now, I tell them that I feel obliged to write everything down. The conversations themselves are not exhausting at all, but it is the fact that I write everything down.

Please do not talk to them about my penis. Because it was not for them. It was for me my eggs. - Hamish
Alright Hamish. I am sorry. I will not talk about it. - me
Tok Tok Tok. - Hamish, with his hands on his lower back, he says as he lifts his feet and slowly turns around, probably displaying his back hump again

See what I almost forgot because I don't write down? I had a visitation from what I call an astral Altair man last night and we had a conversation. I will write about it on the page about the Altair later on.

Also, the Nordic man was earlier talking about how he was considering if he was even going to have sex with me or not and he seems to lean on the not. I don't blame him, I am of course some sort of part ape human so why would anyone bother.

No, we do not like having children with you but we have to, it is about improving the human race. - Nordic man

No, I don't want to fight with her. - the Nordic man answers to the black Reptilian, so this black Reptilian is interacting with this Nordic probably about the having children part, but what their relationship to each other is I do not know

1:54 PM. I almost forgot to mention! Two nights ago the Agenda showed me mental images of George Bush senior. It is highly unlikely that I would have been thinking of him myself because I wasn't. I was then shown that there was a dark, black dark green Reptilian superimposed with the man's body. The first thing I noticed was the Reptilian eyes, then that the Reptilian was superimposed. This Reptilian had a bad energy about him, but nonetheless I said nice things to the Reptilian like how I greet all of my lizzards, by saying things like "Hello Reptilian!"

You should really not talk to the Anunnaki. They might like that you know. - the Nordic man
Yes-No. And palate click. - Hamish

Things like "Hello Reptilian! I love you! Cute LIZARD! It's a CUTE Serpent Lizzard Reptile!", things like that, even though the energy of this particular one was horrendous, dangerous and evil, which is not the case for Reptilians I typically meet. This Reptilian showed me that it had steered the former president's hand to sign papers and to order wars. Specifically this Reptilian had wanted the wars and the deaths. This Reptilian said "Do you know what I have done?" when I was saying nice things to it. But after my kind words, the Reptilian seemed to forgive itself a bit and its energy changed, as if it had just been holding on to a bad energy because of guilt over what it had done by causing wars and human casualties, but that my kindness to the Reptilian reminded him of who he is as a Reptilian person if you look beside the wars and deaths, so he relaxed a bit and his true energy is not as bad as those things. The Reptilian told me that they the Reptilians had been forced to do these things, forced by what more than likely were the Dark Lords.

Make of that little story what you want. At least that is a story told to me by Reptilians, and if anyone objects then we can say that Reptilians tell fairytale stories about world politics, ok?

I also forgot that a Reptilian either last night or the night before last, told me that the Anunnaki used to be with them, he may have even said that they had been created by the Anunnaki, but he said that the Anunnaki had now abandoned them.

Another story. Last night I was shown mental images of the black cartoon cat again, see here Green Reticulan, and sure enough the same magnificent alien let me see itself in a mental image. It was in a spaceship room I think. Its body is interesting, the body is shaped like a block with a long neck, and the head is positioned not central to the neck but the neck is directly under the chin. This alien was not light green, it had a pale yellow kind of color. He told me that he would work with my fecal samples, I said it was ok that I would help him if I could. (I even said I would extract it myself!) He told me that his kind had been taken over by what he meant were the Dark Lords. Otherwise he would not be doing this. I told him that his people need to be careful and to do what they must to stay safe, and that perhaps one day they can be freed again. He really is a beautiful creature, there is nothing sinister about him.

They are part of our puzzle-pieces here. And so. No one is going anywhere. We need them? We have taken them therefore. - Dark Lord