My sighting of Vaughn

November 5, 2015, I experienced a sighting and contact with a leprechaun who said his name is Vaughn. He looks as if he was genetically crafted from the common domesticated pink pig, he has sharp teeth and pig feet, but he is as if part human. He lives in Scotland and he used to live among humans in what looks to be the early 1800's judging from the early industrialized age with the onset of factories and chimneys, the clothing fashion and the style of the beard on men.

Vaughn looked different, but he was tolerated by the people. He bought an expensive suit complete with a tophat. But something went wrong, there was some trouble, he shed his clothes and he retreated to live by himself away from humans, naked, in nature, in a landscape of soft moss-covered rocks.

The aliens can inhabit another dimension, they say the atoms of their body "oscillate at a different frequency" than ours, and that is why they exist in a different version of the world. Like two different radio channels broadcast at different frequencies. Goblins, leprechauns, and other nature folk also inhabit other frequencies and are mostly invisible to humans. But, there are humans who can feel their presence, and when the nature folk feel that a human genuinely cares for the nature, they can award that human with a sighting and a conversation!

Vaughn the leprechaun is very keen on gold, and he offered to give me a piece of gold but I kindly rejected it, out of fear that maybe it is a test and he would have been angry if I would have taken it. It seems, that leprechauns, just like the goblins in northern Sweden and Finland, have a keen interest in taking gold and other metals, because they are wanting to return those to nature.

Read more about Vaughn here in the original report: Fussubuses, Goblins and Vaughn the Leprechaun, 5 November 2015

Pig and human genetics?

It seems that the leprechauns resulted from a genetic experiment done by Zeta aliens to combine the genetics of pigs and humans. Now, what is interesting is that just the other day, in May 2016, a Zeta told me that pigs have human genetics. And I am talking about that large, pink domesticated pig that is grown in the food industry.

Now this and this whole entire website that I am writing may all seem like one big science-fiction fairytale story, but did you know that it is a scientific fact, that the pink domesticated pig "just so happens" that it is the other species of animal other than human, that is the most similar to humans so much that doctors can implant the organs and tissues of those pigs at least temporarily into humans.

When a human needs a new organ or for example new skin after a bad case of burn, then the best is to take tissues from that same patient because the body recognizes it as the same tissue. In other cases, organs or tissues are taken from other humans, and then it is the best to find donors who are family members of the patient, so that the tissues are more similar and less likely to get rejected. In other cases, especially for bone marrow transplant, or blood donations, doctors search hard to find compatible matches. Otherwise the body of the patient recognizes the new transplanted tissue as foreign, as different from its own, and rejects it and destroys it.

PS. don't eat pigs from pig farms that doesn't look like much of a fun life for them, people who eat animals that had to suffer, deserve to get the cancer and heart attack that they actually do get

And just so happens, that organ and tissue donations from the pink domesticated pig are very compatible as human donors. The aliens such as the Zetas claim that yes indeed this pig contains human DNA. And then we come across the leprechaun, who indeed is a living genetic mixture of the pig and human. I will also add, that I have from other sources (namely from the Dark Lords, Alpha Thetons) learned that when humans eat these pink domesticated pigs, it changes our human DNA expression (for the worse). Not surprisingly, humans who eat these pigs develop a lot of health problems. And I also claim, and you can probably see the same, that humans who eat tons of pig meats end up looking physically more and more like a pig, not kidding, think about this one for yourself.

The Muslims and Jews were informed by some celestial (or extraterrestrial?) sources of the dangers of eating pig, and pig meat is not halal or kosher!

The aliens did not just arrive here in the space age when humans started building spaceships and writing science-fiction. They have been here for far longer. Genetic tampering with species was taking place, long before we humans discovered the DNA molecule in the 1900's and started ourselves thinking about what we can do with it. The Japanese people as a whole are one big genetic gene pool of Zeta and Draconian Reptilian tampering. The Japanese people overall are Zeta hybrids, and there exist also Draconian Bloodline families among the Japanese, so say the aliens. Even the Japanese currency symbol for the Yen happens to be the same symbol in Zeta alien writing that symbolizes the Zeta people themselves.

What does mythology say?

Stories and sightings of otherwordly beings are rapidly vanishing in our modern age where we only believe in things like computers and science. I do believe that people still experience nature folk, there are probably people still today who talk to them, but it is no longer part of the common knowledge among peoples, who become caught up in the "modern" world. The Sami people are an indigenous people to northern Norway, Sweden, and Finland, similar to the Native Americans of North America, and when I wrote to them about my sighting of Goblins - because in that sighting I had seen a Sami man dressed in traditional costume - they replied that the Sami do know about these beings, but that "it is not talked about".

I will try to find an expert who studies things like leprechauns to ask about the origin of the stories. The Wikipedia page about leprechauns presents a somewhat cloudy origin of the legend of the creature. I know that Vaughn was a leprechaun, because he is of Scotland (close enough to Ireland, I suppose), the clothes he wears are similar - but not identical - to how leprechauns are drawn, the style of the sideburns and facial hair, and the fascination with gold. Plus that he is any bit as dangerous and potentially menacing as the story goes.

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