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I decided to remote view to find Lemuria. I had heard about Lemuria already in the 1990's when it was a popular topic in the New Age spirituality. Among the people of this cultural group who believed in aliens, crystal healing and related topics, were the stories that the Earth had in the past three continents which are now lost: Atlantis, Lemuria, and Mu. These were said to have been settled by advanced extraterrestrial races, who were far more scientifically, spiritually, and technologically advanced than humanity even is today. I decided to do a remote viewing to see if I could find Lemuria, to see if it existed, and to see what it would have been like.

The remote viewing session on Lemuria and the Vega people who created the Lemurians and then destroyed the Lemurian continent is given in this video. You can also read more on Lemuria below.

Lemurian continent long ago

Remote viewing to find Lemuria, I find myself on planet Earth many millions of years ago when the Earth, sun, and moon were different. Lemuria was a continent in the ocean. Planet Earth back then was much smaller in size than it is today, as if it has grown over time to be the size that we know it as today. The Earth was two thirds or one third of the size it is today. The sun at this time was either larger in size or closer to the Earth, and it appeared bigger and brighter in the sky and the Earth and Lemuria were very hot, so hot that I felt as if my body would have been cooked had I been there.

The moon was much smaller, like half the size it is today, as if it too has grown to the size it has today. The moon also had, which I did not mention in the video, one very large crater on it which could be seen with the eyes when standing on Earth, this crater took up about 40% of the area of the moon that was looked at. The moon pulls on the oceans of the Earth and that is how we get tidal water, but at the time of Lemuria the pull of the moon on the water was very weak and it feels very peaceful and serene because the moon is not pulling on the water in that way. Today the moon pulls so violently and strongly on the ocean water of Earth that it gives the whole planet a very powerful violent forceful feeling today.

This time on Earth was so long time ago that most of the layers of rock that we have today on mountains, had not been formed yet. Going back to Lemuria was like peeling back not only time but also the layers of rock on mountains.

The continents, rocks and mountains and sands were different, the color of the sand and ground was different on Earth. The landscape of the Lemuria continent was covered in a dark brown-red colored sand like a desert. Most of the rock we find, the sand and rock is made out of iron, very red and dark color. The sand grains were coarse and not very fine, as if time had not yet polished them. There were large rock formation that I have drawn in the picture. The rocks had curvy columns throughout them, all of the surface of the rocks was smooth. The rock had many different colored layers throughout it, the layers were different colors of brown, orange, or light beige, and notably some of the layers were bright light blue in color. The shape of the columns was like feminine curves, as if with hips and bosoms and waists. This was a naturally formed rock, and it looks as if the rock would have been soft and been formed by water that would have surrounded it and had eaten away at it some time ago.

Please visit this link to see photos of the Rainbow Mountains in China. They have exactly the type of colored layers that I saw on Lemuria, even the bright pale blue ones that one might not think could exist!

There were huge fires on Earth at this time, constant fires that burned everything down.

Lemuria had different fruits. I saw a mango type of fruit that was the size of an American football.

At this time there was life on Mars, they were Reptilians and they did not like the Pleiadians. Pleiadians were trying to hide in underground caverns on Earth but the Pleiadians lost, said the Marsian Reptile. At the center of Lemuria I find a huge obelisk that belongs to the Reptilians. One of those Ancient Egyptian looking pillars with a pointy triangular top.

Paper had not been invented at the time of Lemuria. I saw that a people on Lemuria had carved in a symbol into a dark gray smooth oval shaped rock, the size and shape of the rock fits nicely in the hand, the rocks were a bit flat. Each rock had one symbol. These rocks were buried into the sand and could later be dug back out again to read them. And so there was written language on Lemuria. It was said to me during the remote viewing that this was "before paper was invented, so no one has written down the stories". I also encountered something most unexpected, special spears that could shoot lasers.

A huge crack was formed across the middle of the Lemurian continent, water from the ocean gushed in and the continent was swallowed by the oceans.


After I remote viewed Lemuria and Earth at the time, I felt that the continuation of information was located far in outer space. There I encountered one of the Vega people who was hiding inside of a star. The Vega spoke through me in a manner which is called channeling. He told the story of the Vegas and of Lemuria.

The Vega were the original Starseeder race. They created the people of Lemuria to live on that continent which we call Lemuria, which was on planet Earth. The Vega had very advanced technology and weapons, which they gave to the Lemurians. The Vega had intended for the Lemurians to use their technology to make clear water and food, but the Lemurians started to use the weapons against the women and children of their own Lemurian people. The Vega therefore decided to destroy the Lemurians and the continent and to take the weapons away.

You learn more about the Vegas in that video and on the other pages on this website that are about the Vegas.

A page about the Lemurian people has been stored in the main part of The Orion Project which deals with extraterrestrials, since at this time I list the Lemurians as an extraterrestrial people. I might later update and change the Lemurians to be listed as a human population if I learn more. But for now you find the page about Lemurians the people on Lemurians.