On August 4 2017 I received the mental image depicting this new species of alien which I have not previously encountered.


He has a humanoid build, is the height of an adult human. The face looks a bit narrow and shriveled like a dried fruit, with many long lines on the face. He has two small eyes, a narrow nose, and a mouth. The eyes maybe had eyewhites, and there was a darker pupil-iris, the iris perhaps had green color in it. He has two pointy ears that reach a clear distance straight up above the top of the head. The skin color is a mixture of a matt mustard yellow with a bright citrine quartz yellow. I do not remember if he wore clothes or if he was naked, but he probably wore clothes of some sort.

Alpha Centaurian

I would already have guessed him to be Alpha Centaurian, since I have already encountered the small Yellow Alpha Centaurian elves the ones who call themselves Muffats. And, him being also yellow and with pointy ears, although with several differences, Alpha Centaurian did come to mind. I asked him where he is from and what species he is and he said Alpha Centaurian.

We has ready to talk to me but I asked him if he could return later in the evening because I was still in bed and I was too tired to listen or to talk and indeed I have forgotten everything that he said other than being Alpha Centaurian. I will definitely seek out conversations with him at a time when I have the opportunity to.

His, or that of his species, designation in terms of the Agenda is unknown at this time. Little yellow Alpha Centaurians work for the Agenda because they have to but they are reluctant to. Whether this large yellow Alpha Centaurian is, reluctantly or not, working for the Agenda is not yet known. Or if he is part of the groups of benevolent extraterrestrials who oppose the Agenda, or if he belongs to neither groupings.