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"We don't need to eat anyone who would run, swim or fly away if he could." - James Cromwell, random quote

The image to the left, as well as the image further below that is also of a 3D model, is commonly represented as an image of a "reptilian". These images are used along with texts that describe the gruesome acts committed by the Draconian Reptiles.

And that breaks my heart. Because these images are not of a Draconian, they are of the friendly Dinosaur. The most gentle, sweet, and innocent creature, who is constantly being beaten and assaulted and violated by the Draconians. Please help clear their name, at least if my own sources are correct, the persons depicted by this 3D model are not the Draconians. They are the sweet gentle Dinosaurs. Help spread the awareness. They go through hell and we need to keep them in our hearts and not spread pictures of them that defile them and that put the blame of their assailants onto themselves.

On the left, this is precisely what Dinosaurs look like. Dinosaurs are not Reptilians.
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Below are some excerpts from my verbatum notes of telepathic conversations with the ETs. They are lifted out of context and two adjacent sections did not necessarily follow another as I have excluded more irrelevant texts from the middle. The texts are also mostly translated from another European language, so they cannot be taken as literal English but their meaning is the same.

August 31 2011
Are you the Dinosaurs? - me
Yes. We are called that. We are not Reptilians. - Dinosaur

December 6 2011
Honored Reptile King, I have some questions to ask of you. - me
Then you will speak with the Dinosaurs. - Red Reptile

We don't want you to end up in our pantry. - Dinosaur or Red Reptile

I would like to ask: - me
Like I said, the Dinosaurs will take that. - Red
Are the Dinosaurs your secretary? - me

What are you thinking of, right now? - me to Red Reptile
About finding myself more victims. - Red
Where do you find them? Where do you look for victims? Are you thinking of victims? How many do you have? - me
I don't blame you. - Red
Who are your victims? Are they other Reptilians? What do you do with your victims? Do you kill them? - me
I can't give you the wrong answer. - Red
Do you eat them? - me
I feel at my best, when I have got my victims. - Red
Are humans your victims? - me
No, and we do not fear what you said. - Red
Are Dinosaurs your victims? Are Dinosaurs your victims? - me
I won't blame you for what you said. - Red

Hey you! - Red
Yes? What did you want? - me
I will not eat human flesh right now. - Red
Why not? Are you hungry? I have some chicken in the refrigerator. Do you eat meat? - me
Yes, I am no vegetarian. That happens to the Dinosaurs too, even though they are no Reptile. - Red
Do the Dinosaurs also eat meat? - me

Tell me about Reptilians. What do they look like? Where, how did you come about? - me
We are no Dinosaurs. - Red
I know that. You are different. - me
The Dinosaurs are watching over us. - Red
I know that. And you are watching over them. - me
There! Now be very calm! - Red, ie. "calm down"

Now let's talk about your body. - me to Red
No way, talk about it with the Dinosaurs. - Red
I would like to know about the Reptilian body? - me
.. I don't know, if you want to know, what he does if he becomes real angry.. Then he beats me. - Dinosaur
Does he hit you if I have made him angry? That isn't fair. - me
Yes, he hits me. - Dinosaur
Would he hit me next time? - me, I actually rather he hit me and not a Dinosaur

The Dinosaurs work here. - Red

January 12 2012
Can you feel the power with a man also? Or does it only work with women? - me to Red
I can feel the power with whomever I want. - Red
Even with Dinosaurs? - me
I would very much like you to apologise. - Dinosaur
I do apologise Dinosaur, I am sorry! - me
I don't want to feel the power with them. - Dinosaur

April 12 2012
Did you want to see beatings, on Dinosaurs? - Red
No I do not want to see that. Dinosaurs are not to be beaten. We need to take care of our Dinosaurs. *They are so nice.* - me
Yes, but we display power. - Red

Here hops a frog. - Red, Red knows that I sometimes refer to the Dinosaurs as frogs
He doesn't want to be honored that way. - Dinosaur was told by Red to say. I was drawing a picture of Red Reptile and Red wanted the Dinosaur to let me know that Red didn't feel that my picture was honoring him.
Yes, but it is nice! - me about the picture
Yes, but what if someone saw a naked picture of your breasts. - Dinosaur
I didn't know that it makes him sad. - me
No, I don't become any. - Red, doesn't become sad

Look! A frog is hopping. - Red pinched Dinosaur and it jumped

My lunch, is hopping here! - Red
Are you going to eat the Dinosaur? Are you going to eat him? - me
Yes. He is tasting me. Much. - Dinosaur
Oh my... Should I be worried? Does he eat Dinosaurs? - me
Yes. He does not taste like cheese. - Red
I wanted to give it some beatings so that you could see. - Red
I do not want to look at violence. I like the Dinosaur. - me

We have no Dinosaurs who rule like that. - Red
Dinosaurs are not Draconians. - me
No, we are the ones who rule them. - Red
We tend to smell, after we have established power. - Red
Why? - me
Because we have eaten Dinosaurs. We like to, give them a bat. - Red
You beat them to death. I think that is vile. - me
Yes, but that is when we have power. - Red
I don't want that. I want to have Dinosaurs instead. - me
Yes, but I want to have power. - Red
I want Dinosaurs instead. - me
Now you have slipped behind a bit! - Red

April 13 2012
My Dinosaurs are keeping things in check here. - Red
.. How many Dinosaurs do you have? - me
All of them! - Red

April 14 2012
We don't, want to give you any pears to eat. - Dinosaur, just a sweet quote, the gang prohibits me from eating any sugar

And, we do not want to take part in any rapes! - Dinosaur

I have been beaten, so that I am becoming dizzy! - Dinosaur

I did not want them to rape you, so then they are beating me! - Dinosaur

I do not want to be beaten away! - Dinosaur

No. They won't beat you away. Otherwise I won't give any test samples. - me
We are the ones in charge. Not the Dinosaurs. - Red
Yes, but do not hurt him any more. Otherwise I will become sad. - me
I am a Draconian! - Malik the Black Reptile
Would you like him to be beaten by us, and that he then becomes lunch? - Red
No no! - me
Red said that in that case they will cancel it.
Thank you, my friend...! - Dinosaur to me
My beloved Dinosaur! - me

We are injured by these monsters, and we are sorry, and we ask for help. - Dinosaur

You and Dinosaurs will not rule here! - Red

April 15 2012
Sometimes we pull off their leg and watch them scream. - Red about Dinosaur

Dinosaurs, are an inferior race. - Red

Dinosaurs are not to be honored by your race! - Red to me

The Dinosaurs do not want to honor us! - Red
Why not? Have they given you a reason, my Honored? - me
They do not want to honor Reptilians. - Red

... We have been beaten with bats. So we have come to warn you. - Dinosaur
I will watch out for the bat. I will do that. Thank you, my Dinosaur! I love you so much! - me

We have become struck by the cold. They place us into the cooler to keep us calm. - Dinosaur
They are abusing the Dinosaurs. That makes me so sad. - me
I thought and wrote in my notes that his head is bigger than I had thought, so he responded to that:
Yes. I have got a bump. - Dinosaur
Have they beaten you? That makes me sad. - me
Yes. We get stitches sometimes. - Dinosaur
My Dinosaurs. You are so beautiful. - me
Yes! Thanks! - Dinosaur
Do you want to call with us? - Dinosaur
Yes I do. - me although I had no idea what he meant
Then you should guard us, from the Reptile. - Dinosaur, he thought of the black one Malik
I can't. I have no power over him. - me
Watch out so that he does not grab me by the throat! And make it so that we survive! - Dinosaur
I don't know how! How should I do! Oh this makes me so sad! I don't know how to protect you! - me
There is so much violence out there. It makes me so sad. - me
Yes. We are honored by another race. - Red
But do not hurt them! They are being harmed! - me
We will feel fine here, of course. And - they are our lunches. - Red
... Can I adopt my own Dinosaur? One that no one gets to eat? - me
No. You are not the right skin race. - Red

Hi, this is a Dino! Thanks for not laughing at me! - Dinosaur
No but why would I laugh? You are so immensely beautiful! You are lovely! I love you! - me
Yes, but because we do not have the power. - Dinosaur
No, I do not laugh at such. - me
There are those who do. - Dinosaur

April 16 2012
I do not rule the Dinosaurs yet. - Malik
Why not, my Honored? - me
Because they, ... do not let themselves be ruled. - Malik

April 18 2012
We haven't beaten them, unless they don't want submission. - Red
Why do they have to be forced? Can't you work with somebody else instead? - me
No? They are our bread and butter. - Red
You eat them? - me
Yes. So they are not our family. - Red
Can't you eat something less conscious? Something that doesn't want to live? Can't you eat some unconscious animals? Like fish? Do you like fish? We can make fish farms for you? - me
No, my witch! - Malik has a thing about calling me a witch

April 19 2012
Yes, we do not want to be given such food, and take beatings. - Dinosaur, he thought of the white grubs
And we do not want to be devoured! - Dinosaur
They are our meals! - Red
They are also our pets! - Red
... We don't want to be eaten. - Dinosaur
We also have a bat. - Red

Help spread awareness of the Dinosaurs. I do believe these 3D models depict the Dinosaur and not another type of Draconian Reptile. The slenderness is precisely like on the Dinosaur, as are the chubby toes and chubby fingers. The coloration of bright green with a yellow belly and face is exactly like the Dinosaur. They even got the exact bulky shape of the head right on the model. The yellow eyes, and it even has the Dinosaur's most distinct feature, that being those deep furrows that run down from the inner corner of each eye and down along its nozzle.

I have never seen a Draconian Reptilian who looks like these 3D models, but they are precisely what the Dinosaurs look like, I wouldn't change a thing on them. The Dinosaurs are undoubtedly seen around alien abductions and carrying out the orders given them by the Draconians. But that does not make them responsible.

The Dinosaurs are benevolent, sweet, loving persons who would not wish to harm a thing. I have gotten to know my Dinosaur so well. These excerpts above do not even do them justice. They are endlessly sweet and precious things. And it pains me that they are being, unintentionally I'm sure, portrayed as responsible for the actions of their assailants. Please think about it. And help make the change out there in the ET and UFO community. Help spread awareness. Or come with some real solid evidence that proves me wrong.