September 2 2017. Hamish mentions Zeta Remulans, that the Zeta Reticulans and Zeta Remulans are also with them. Hamish talks about his race.

Notice: further down on this page is a long conversation which was aimed at the Zeta Remulans. It also features Hamish the red Dragon Turtle, a Zeta Reticulan, Alpha Theton, some yellow turtlebacks, Thuban Whale, a black-haired military man Warren Alan.

On the evening of February 21, 2017, or in the middle of the night between February 21 and 22, I caught the mental image of a brand new type of extraterrestrial species which I had not seen before. It was looking at me from a dark location. We had a wonderful lengthy conversation, which I unfortunately did not climb out of bed for to write down.

It has two eyes that are somewhat horisontally oblong. The eyes are entirely dark brown or black, and the surface of the eyes reflects light a little bit as a little dot. The head is a bit wide and is vertically short, the head almost only wraps around the eyes. The top of the head is flat with some indentation at the center to wrap around the eyes. There was no protruding nose, no visible external ears, and I could not discern a mouth.

The body of the creature is about the size of a cow although the creature is mostly more slender. The head is held elevated from the floor, and the head is higher up than the body. The body or torso slants downward from the neck and along the back downward, so that the head is elevated but the body does not need to be. It seems to have two legs and two arms, the arms at the front and the legs toward the back. I did not see that it would have had a tail.

The creature is light pink in skin color all over its body except for the eyes. Legs and arms are slender and long and appear rigid and strong. Something about the look of its face is cute like a walrus, but the look in its eyes also has something sinister about it, which would turn out to match with its somewhat sinister behavior.

The alien told me that it is a Zeta Remulan. At first glance the name would be confusing, since we are familiar with so many other alien species. Zeta seems to refer to the Zeta Reticulans, who are the well-known Greys. And Remulan seems to refer to the Alpha Remulans, who are the brown scorpions. Zeta Remulan however is an entirely new alien species, and it is neither the Zeta Reticulans nor the Alpha Remulans.

It conveyed to me a mental image depicting its home world. The lighting in the image was like that in the early night on Earth, dark like night but still not pitch black. The air seemed to be thin. The image depicted rather flat land and on either side of the land was a tall vertical steep cliff, I could see to the top of both cliffs so they were not endlessly tall, but they were high. And so it looked like a wide passage of flat land inside what was almost like a canyon. The ground, and also the cliffs, were a light blue, light gray color, and seemed to be softer than most rocks on Earth, for some reason I want to say that this rock is made out of a silicon rock. There seemed to be no sand, no dust, on the ground.

I was surprised that this pink Zeta Remulan creature had shown me such a home world, since there was no discernible plant life or animal life in the image I was shown. How can you live there without any plants or animals, I asked it. What do you eat, I asked it. The sky was a dark purple or pink color and I did not see any clouds.

The creature behaved sassy and snappy toward me, and hostile in its words. I was friendly and welcoming to the creature, I was mild and compassionate, gentle and careful, positive and happy toward it. I told it that I was its friend. When I told it that it was beautiful, it said something such as that what it looked like was not important, since what was important was "What they do", it said. And so I asked it to tell me what they do.

It told me that there had been explosions on its home world. This species is yet another that has been hijacked against its will by the group of aliens we here on the website call the Agenda, which is headed by the Alpha Thetons and employs among many others the Zeta Reticulans, and Alpha Draconian Reptiles. Zeta Reticulans have wanted to take the Zeta Remulans and to put them to some kind of work that would benefit the Agenda.

I did not learn a great deal about the Zeta Remulans, in spite of my asking. I had asked what they eat, if they have males and females, I had asked it if it is happy, how it lives and what it does, but it was not too keen on answering on my questions. As with many aliens I meet who are initially very hostile and sassy and snappy when we talk, my persistent friendliness, patience and compassion, seems to make the alien relax and also become a bit friendlier toward me. Hamish the Draconian Reptile of the old Draconian race, is a prime example of how I have "tamed" an initially hostile alien being with my sickly sweet friendliness and charm. Other sassy aliens I have yet to tame include the Alpha Reticulans (similar to Zeta Reticulan Greys only with a flat indentation on the head) and Auntie the Thuban Whale.

I will make a drawing of the Zeta Remulan and of the home world that it has shown me, once I get back to my home computer since I am traveling at the moment. I also plan to conduct a proper interview with the Zeta Remulan at a later time.

Conversation with a Zeta Remulan ET

February 22, 2017. 6:20 PM. Reminder to self, this here is the only copy of this interview that exists.

Can I talk with the Zeta Remulan species? - me
Yes, and no. It depends on us. - an Alpha Thetan (AT)
Let me talk to them? Why does it depend on you? - me
Because they are stepping on our soils. - AT
Why is it your soil? - me
Because we have taken it, claimed it. With our, three-cornered, pyramid. - AT, "three-cornered" was in my native language (NL)
I want to talk to them. The Zeta Remulan species. Just a chat. - me
Can I talk to you, Zeta Remulan? I just want to talk to you. - me
Of course you can. Now that you have been security cleared by me. - AT
Alright then. Where is the Zeta Remulan that was here visiting me yesterday, it has large dark eyes and pink skin and looks like a large insect or manatee. - me
We have no more suns here left. It has been taken away from us. - an alien speaks when I direct my thoughts directly to the Zeta Remulan, this alien gives me a mental image depicting a close-up of a star that is orange red like our sun but is much smaller than our sun
We were taken, for metals. - Zeta Remulan (ZR), must mean that mining is being done on their taken planet, or that this species was taken as part of the mining work done by the pyramid agenda
We like to sleep, here. - ZR
How did Zeta Remulans live on their home planet before they were taken? - me
We were all peaceful, and getting along. We never had any skirmish! - ZR
Were you a friendly species, within your own species? Did you live with families or were you solitary and living alone? Do Zeta Remulans live with other Zeta Remulans or do they prefer to live by themselves alone each individually? - me
We were taken. - ZR
Who took you? And why? - me
Have you seen us? We are the giraffes. - a tall white alien with large dark eyes, looks like the Thuban Whale, might possibly be another white alien but possibly is the Thuban Whale
Why are you a giraffe? - me
In our great big Noah's ark. - the Thuban says, yes it is a Thuban, Thubans talk about Noah's ark and I now also see it is a Thuban, leaning on its forearms whose tips are resting against the floor in front of it
What do Zeta Remulans eat? - me
We eat microscopic particles that we found from the ground. - ZR
How do you eat them? - me
We lay flat against the ground. And we eat them then! - ZR
What are you eating in the pyramid organisation? What are you being fed with there? - me
Bits and pieces, of particles. - ZR
Are you taken care of there? Or are you handled badly? Are they kind to you? - me
No, for most part they are not! - ZR
What do they do when they are not kind to you? - me
They make us live in colonies, on other stars. And that is not kind to us. - ZR

You eat more peanut butter! My Buttercup! I have seen those, at the other sofas. I have been looking around here, Tik! I wanted you to have some. So that you do not eat those, other snacks! - Hamish, so Hamish has been checking the neighbors' homes and living rooms, here he says he has seen our neighbor's eating peanut butter, which is not surprising since I am in the United States at the moment. Hamish has watched me snacking all day on this and that, I ate a whole bunch of cashew nuts, some granola bars, stuffed olives, and lime water, he has seen me snacking on the sofa, though now I sit on the bed writing this. For the record I have not eaten peanut butter on this trip to the US.

Zeta Remulan? How many planets are there around your home star where you have come from? - me
How many planets? About three, or five, depending on how you count them. Most of them are uninhabitable! It depends on how you count them, you see. We did not have any starshiprockets of our own. So we had never left this place by ourselves. We would never have left it either. We would have wanted to been left alone. And, first they came here and started building large cities. And then they took us out. To other bases. - ZR, "bases" I am not entirely sure what it said, if bases or a similar word starting with "ba"
We don't have our children at home anymore. - ZR
Where are your children now? - me
They were taken, and done genetic experiments to. We are not allowed to see them anymore! They are taken away from us. To be spread, and pollinated. To make new species for them. But not with our consent! We want the dragons to leave us alone! They have caused us harm! They want to harm us! - ZR
No we do not, Tööt! - Hamish to ZR, when the Zeta Remulan spoke about their children being taken and done genetic experiments to, I saw the mental image of a room with many large vertical water tanks, cylindrical water tanks, and beige-colored alien creatures in those tanks, the creatures did not look like Zeta Remulans but were hybrids, these had tails and looked like hairless ozelots but with a longer snout and no ears, perhaps Reptilian hybrids I don't know?
Eggs for me. - Hamish (NL)

How do Zeta Remulans make babies naturally on their home planet? How does it happen? - me
We lay flat on the ground and emulate. - ZR
What do you mean with emulate? - me
We make space in our pockets for them. And then they are born, hatched. We emulate them therefore. They hatch out of our bellies. Then we feed them with our spruce, pines. We find little bits of pieces for them to eat. And we have emulated them therefore. And then we leave them alone, and they go away. And find their own places to live. And we do not call them back either! We leave them, and no not at once right after they are hatched. First we have to feed them. So, that is how we emulate them. - ZR, and Hamish responds to all that at the end by making a click!
Are there men and women Zeta Remulans, or can each individual have babies in their pocket? - me
Yes, we all lay flat to do that. No one gets left without. We don't feed them with spruce, but with something similar. And then, we leave no footsteps either, because we slither. - ZR
Wait a minute! That sounds a little bit similar to the Alpha Remulans! Alpha Remulans also slither and drag their body against the ground, however Alpha Remulans hatch in small puddles and find their own food in the puddle water, then when they grow large enough they climb up a tree. - me
We don't have those here! - ZR about Alpha Remulans
We don't want to know what they do when they hatch out. - Hamish about the Zeta Remulan story
Hamish, I wanted to know about the Zeta Remulan Hatch-Its. It was interesting to me. - me, and Hamish wants to bite into my fingers because I said this
Their Hatch-Its, Yes-No! - Hamish loud and completely sincere!

[Added same day: Emulate: verb used with object. to try to equal or excel, imitate with effort to equal or surpass.]

We were never living inside the mountains, but just near them. - ZR, with or without "but", I forgot

For the record Hamish

Please leave us alone, now that you know our names. - ZR to me

For the record Hamish calls baby Dragon Turtles of his own species as "Hatch-Its", they are like an "it" that has "hatched", cute eh? And when he says "Yes-No", that means "No" pure and simple (not so simple). He says Yes-No because in his mind, a no is something that is a no only because in comparison to something else that is first yes, it is in comparison a no. But Yes-No means no. I don't think I have ever heard him say just No, nor would I want to. He especially says Yes-No about things that are seriously wrong in his mind, so it is most adorable when he is being serious and outraged about something and then he says something as cute as Yes-No. Hamish is preciously cute. Hamish isn't too fond of other species, he wants his own species to be the prominent race, and he gets stressed out when other species are given attention.

What do Zeta Remulans look like on their bodies? Where is their baby-pocket located? - me
On our bellies. And not near our eyes. So, we cannot watch it, as they are being hatched. But we leave them there on the ground. And then we go and find them things to eat. And then we leave them alone there. - ZR
Tell me about the three planets that you might call planets that are around your star or sun. - me
They all have moons. So, they are not like Terra, which only does have one moon. We have, our planets they are greater. Their mass is larger. We have large moons too. And so, our gravity is great, and that is why we lie flat against the ground! It produces for us less of a resistance, to stay flat against the ground, rather than to try to walk upright! - ZR, wow what a scientific piece of conversation there
We don't walk with moon boots either. But we have seen those on other races. And we did not want for any to be had. We wanted to be left alone. But then they came around here mining. And not leaving us alone! And, !! and they put things into our noses! So that we cannot breathe on our own! And we have to make out with their race! And breed with them! OH! It has only been terrible ever since that when they came! We wanted to be left alone. Let us remember that. The left-alone, hasn't happened. So we are still waiting for it. - ZR
We are also waiting for it. For our species, and members of our race to be left alone. But, we were also trapped. - an Alpha Orion black lizard
How many baby Zeta Remulans are born from one pouch at a time? Are there just one or perhaps about five? - me
Tens and tens of thousands! We leave them alone, to crawl on the ground. And the ones that are the mightiest, they will grow all up. And we leave the rest of them alone. Even if they dry up and wither. We cannot be bothered with most of them. But! However! And here is when it gets really important! We do not step on them. - ZR
We are not their worst fathers therefore, he said. - Hamish listening and commenting about the babies not being stepped on, that therefore the Zeta Remulans are not the worst, or bad, fathers
They were good fathers, Hamish. Zeta Remulans were good fathers. They give their baby Hatch-Its Snacks to eat, and then they do not step on them, they are careful with the little ones. So they were good fathers therefore. - me
That is what I said. Dib Dib! - Hamish
Hamish said that, Yes. - me
Does the body of a baby Zeta Remulan change a lot as it grows older and larger, or does it look the same only that it is smaller? - me
No, it grows longer arms and appendages. And then it learns to walk properly, upright. And then we feed them no more. They can fend for themselves then. - ZR
I am getting tired of this! - ZR, or AT, the AT is listening in and is possibly conveying the conversation between us, unless an AT is posing to be the ZR but I wonder and I doubt that
We are not all fathers. The rest of us have been left. We were not very old then. But the old ones, they cannot produce, they cannot procreate. They are left in the dust to starve. - ZR about old elderly Zeta Remulans

When a Zeta Remulan gets babies in their pouch, do they first have to touch another Zeta Remulan to get pregnant, or do they get pregnant by themselves even if they are alone? - me
We know how fish do it, and we do not do it like the fish. We do it on our own. We need no other mother, to get pregnant, to conceive ourselves. That is why it is funnier, to lay on our bellies. Because we know where it happens. It happens in our pouch! And, like I said, our eyes they are not laid there, so we cannot see it when it happens. So we do not know what it looks like. - ZR
Tik! - Hamish responds to the story, to the ZR saying that they do not know what it looks like, as Hamish is also listening in
Hamish? How do Dragon Turtles make Hatch-Its? - me
I don't want you to know, it is private to us. But we do not have a Baby-Pouch-Hatch. - Hamish turns around so that his back can be seen, then he turns his head around to watch me watching his back, he is in the camel posture

What do Zeta Remulans think about when they are at home on their planet? - me
We think about the sun, so that it does not scorch us! We have to stay hidden, from it, at times. Then we come out when it cools down. But we do not freeze! - ZR
Do Zeta Remulans ask themselves what is the meaning of living of being alive? - me
We just eat, sleep and rest, that is it. And no, we do not think about if there is life there in other solars and planets. We don't want to care, we are too busy with our own lives, to think that it would matter. - ZR
We just like to think about Snacks and Toast, me and with our own race. - Hamish about his species
Yes. Hamish thinks a lot about his Snacks, his Toast. And Hamish thinks also a lot about his back. - me
Tik Tik, Tiik! - Hamish seems pleased at what I said, especially the last part about his back
Do Zeta Remulans spend time together with other Zeta Remulans? - me
No, we just like to not be scorched. - ZR
Where do you rest when it is too hot to go outside? Do you build houses or any artifacts? - me
We just make little burrows with our feet. To stay cool on the inside, with the rest of it. It helps keep the sun off our backs. And then we come out, when the sun cools. And we look for water, and minerals. - ZR, he continued "minerals to... on" but I did not catch the word he said.
Do you have a language to speak with other Zeta Remulans with? - me
We just say, stay off the cool backs! So we guide each other, to the best places. And we stay cool that way. And we watch out for each other. We let everyone lay here! We are not dumb in our heads. If that is what you mean. We just know what is most important for ourselves. And no, we do not need to ride out in any cars. Or make metals, or weapons. We just know what is most important for us. And we like to do it that way. So, no insults are necessary. - ZR, Hamish turns his back around at the last sentence

Can you convey to me an image of what the Zeta Remulan looks like? - me
Look, first of all we have got these. - ZR, I see its face, it has two nostril slits on the face where one would expect a nose, the slits are almost vertical but they are diagonal so that when you go from up to down you end up going toward the outer sides of the face
Does that mean that you breathe air from the atmosphere? - me
Yes, we breathe an air. And so do most of our friends here. We all breathe here. We don't want to talk about atmospheric gases. - ZR
Would you happen to know what chemicals your home planet atmosphere is composed of? - me
It contains sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen. - a Reticulan wearing a turquoise with pink rubber uniform is quick to say, it was almost answering before I finished my sentence, this Reticulan is one of the Greys, looks like a Zeta Reticulan, a large bulbuous head and a pointy v-shaped chin
We wanted to be companions with them, more like something like cousins. But they resigned us, from that fate. But now we are fathering them with other races. So that we can be more like them, we thought. We wanted to father new breeds, with them. - the Zeta Reticulan talks to me about the Zeta Remulan species
And if that "fathering" happens against their wishes? - me
We know what is best for them, and for their star! - Zeta Reticulan
We don't have any normal penises. - Zeta Reticulan about its own crotch
I know that. - me
We have only the ones we have got, from long ago eons ago! So we are fathering with those. With eons ago. So that we can once live again. So, we hope that you would be more understanding, about our fate! We wanted to father those creatures, with ours! So that our populations can live together! So that we can join! - Zeta Reticulan
So that we can drink from the same Buttercups. - Hamish or Zeta Remulan

Oh my god. Wait a minute. This thing isn't some pink insectoid at all. Now that I am given a closer image that is not so in the dark. Earlier when it talked about its species being in puddles to avoid the sun, I was shown a mental image of several of them in a mud puddle. They looked like turtlebacks, yellow in color with yellow splotches and dark green splotches as a pattern. And just now after someone said Buttercups, I was shown one of them putting its hand down flat somewhere, as if to show me its hand. It has three pointy fingers, the fingers are chubby but they are flat on the underside so that if it steps down with the hand then it has a flat underside of the palm of the hand and of the three fingers. The fingers are chubby for most part but narrow down some toward the tip of the fingers. The tip of the fingers is sharp and narrow and has a sharp claw on each. It is yellow on its skin but with a splotchy camouflage pattern of darker yellow or dark green splotches against the skin. And it has some kind of hard enamel back. It looks like a kind of tortoise, of course not the same as Hamish's Dragon Turtles.

What is - me interrupted
Why don't you ask me, if we are able to feel any pain? Because yes we do, and yes we have been hurt. We have been injured here. - ZR
Do not talk to her, about masters! - Hamish to ZR, Hamish threatens because he leans his head sideways and leans forward, that is the "I am threatening to bite" gesture, "masters" was NL and could also be translated as "lord" or "rulers"
Do you Zeta Remulans look like tortoises? - me
No! Not at all! - ZR
Then why did I see yellow tortoises in a mud puddle? Was that Hamish's race? - me
No. Also not at all. - ZR
Whose hand was it that had three fingers? - me
It was ours. Our heart goes out there, therefore. And we were beating with it. - whatever that yellow tortoise was
We don't like to sit in mud. - ZR
They were those others. That are not Toast. - Hamish about the yellow tortoises
Hamish? Was it your race of Dragon Turtles with the back? The yellow ones? - me
Tik, Tiik Tiik! - Hamish
Hey, this is the U.S. military. Do not talk to them anymore. Because, we are being told, that you have been bothering them. - a man with black hair and beige military uniform
Was I bothering them? Or are you the one who is feeling bothered? - me to military
Look, they have got weapons aimed at us. - the military
What the hell are you doing there, soft porn? - the military notices that interrupted
What the hell! Whips and chains! - the military, I laugh out loud, I also get tears in my eyes from the fun of what he said
So what do you want to know about that? - me
Hm. Nothing. I was just noticing! So, what do you do with all that? Hm, eh? - military notices the table in the bedroom with equipment, me lol
Let me know if you have questions. Otherwise we can talk about the aliens. - me
Ooh really? So what? You like to get a good beating? What the hell is that for?! - military, the last what the hell question is in reference to the large chains on the living room chair just opposite from where I am sitting on the sofa
Why are you prying? - me
I was just noticing. And hey, look, I am not really into that! So, if you are, that is all good! That is cool, that is just like a game, I get it! - military man, I lol
I just like to feel something. Because I was in a four-year relationship with a man who never touched me. This isn't really my thing, but... - me, I stop talking, because I see Hamish showing me his hand, with fingers spread out wide, it looks like the hand of the yellow tortoise earlier but is red instead in color, so cute, Hamish has three fingers on his hand, and it is adorably cute
My boxes! - Hamish leans over to the coffee table here in front of me which is actually a chest. He had shown me his hand from the underside just like the yellow tortoise had

Ok. So what is going on here. Is the yellow tortoise the same as the Zeta Remulan, or otherwise I have been introduced to two different species here. Then of course we have the Zeta Remulan and Hamish and ... the military man sees the chains on the chair again and he feels a bit nervous or taken aback by that.

What? You don't like chains? - me
It's not that. I just don't like to see young girls getting beaten up. So what do you do? Whips? So? What? Like, what? - military man

I am wearing some leather shackles on my ankles, the wrist ones I have taken off, around my neck I have a chain that makes a loop so that it sits like a necklace and has some chain hanging down on the front.

What is your name? Who are you? - me
Tik Tiik, Tik. - Hamish
Hello Hamish. Tik Tik! - me
Mine, you said, Yes! - Hamish says while swaying his head sideways a few times but not softly more like stepwise, so he was pleased
What do you like to do here? What, with whips and chains? - military man to me
Can you drop that please. Please? - me
I'm not gonna say what I think about that! - military man raises his hands like in resignation and closes his eyes and looks down
Can we talk about the aliens? Do you know what Zeta Remulans look like? - me
Yes. Yeah. Like hell we do! - military
So? What do Zeta Remulans look like, and note that these aren't the Zeta Reticulans. - me
Oh man, we are like, all getting older. Now, look at your face, how much older you have got. - military
I am 34. How old are you? - me
I am hitting 40. One could say, I guess! - military man
So what are you doing there, sitting there on the sofa. Pushing your p***y on things. - military to me
What are you talking about? I'm not pushing anything. - me
Man, you make me feel so old. - military
Are you here on military business? Then snap out of it! - me
Why? I don't wanna snap out of anything. Let's just see what happens here. If you are allowed to talk to them anymore. And I am sorry about what I said about your p***y. - military
So? Have you got a man around here? - military
He's out for business. Which is good because I don't have privacy here right now. - me
What do you mean? About your, p***y? - military
I am going to politely ask you to leave. - me
Why don't you do your nailpolish better for me? - military
Because I don't do them for you. - me

Can I talk to the Zeta Remulan again? Can someone, perhaps please a Zeta Reticulan, convey to me a very clear image of what a Zeta Remulan looks like, so that I can see its body very clearly in great detail? - me
We can show you an autopsy image. - Zeta Reticulan
No thank you! ... Just the outside of a healthy and living Zeta Remulan. - me
Yes-No, my crackers! - Hamish, "my" NL and "crackers" my other language, with image of the chocolate covered digestive cookies I ate today three of
Zetas? What does a Zeta Remulan look like? Show me? - me
What are you doing with your p***y there? - military to me
Nothing. It is just sitting here on the sofa. - me
Look. Stop with the sexual harassment. I am talking with the aliens. I am getting acquainted with the Zeta Remulan species. - me
Tok Tok. - Hamish, that means for me "come here"
Where should I come, Hamish? - me
Come to me, here. - Hamish to me
Where are you, Turtle? I love you, Turtle Sock. - me, he smiles with his eyelids
That is, it. - Hamish shows me a Zeta Remulan. I see its two nostrils clearly, and those are the eyes I saw yesterday.
We don't have any buttocks. Or any filth, coming out of us! So you see us now? - Zeta Remulan to me

Conclusion: so the image of the yellow tortoises that have a hard back and yellow skin and the three fingers on each hand those are not the Zeta Remulans.

Look here, Dib Dib! That is where we go to eat our snacks! Our family lives there! And that is where we go now! - Hamish! I see my Hamish! He is such a cute red turtle! He is showing me the harbor in Japan with the many large metal containers that are hoisted up on cargo ships, most of the metal containers are red some are other colors. I have seen this harbor before, it is the same one as many times before, like the one where a white alien wearing a purple clothing was attacked by Hamish when they were in an otherwise empty container and the alien was so afraid that it peed.

We won't eat them now, snacks, bite. - Hamish my red Turtle
I love you Hamish. You are so cute. - me
My livers! Thanks to you, I have got them. My livers, for Turtles. So I say, Dib Dib! And it means Thanks! - Hamish

Hamish! Dib Dib means Thanks! I am so happy to learn that from you! I am going to be saying Dib Dib to you all the time! - me
My giraffes. - Hamish or Thuban about Thuban that I now see, a tall white alien with praying mantis arms that it uses to haul its body forward like with ice picks
What do you do if they attack you? Or if they try to rape you or anything? - military man to me
Hamish protects me. The red Dragon Turtle, he keeps me safe. I am completely safe with him. - me, although I doubt that
No, I mean, what if they want to have you attacked. - military to me
We are engineering with her DNA, and we are making progress. - Zeta Reticulan to the military man
Dib Dib, Dib! - Hamish to me
Dib Dib Hamish! - me to Hamish
My livers! - Hamish
Hamish's liver snacks! Dib Dib, Tik! - me
I was not hungry, because of you. - Hamish
Hamish I love you. I would feed you with my own liver, if you were too hungry. I will always do what I can to protect you and to make sure that my Dragon Turtle has food. I love you so very much. - me
Please do not eat any more sugar, for us. - Hamish to me
It disrupts our DNA. - Hamish or Zeta Reticulan adds, about the sugar

I would never do that to my women. Just so you know! - the military man about the chains on the chair again
I don't need to know what you do to your women. Just so you know. - me to military man
I don't tie them up, or hang them up. - military man
I am just saying, because we have got sons together... - military man to me
I don't care about those sons. Those sons are the result of rape, and I am not too fond of rape. So go away. I don't have any children. Hamish is my baby. Hamish is the one I care about, and take care of. - me
That one? That poops, and pees? - military about Hamish, he has seen one of Hamish's runny cow patties
Don't insult my dragon. You go to the bathroom too. Hamish is a normal dragon, of course he has bowel movements, because he eats food. - me
Yeah, RIGHT! - military man
I am proud of Hamish. He is the proud race. - me
I won't bite you for what you said! - Hamish to me, and he thinks about biting my arm but here he means that he won't do it
So, what do you do around here? Heh? - military, he means "heh" as a "huh", he said that once before too but I wrote it down as "eh" even though he then too had said "heh" to mean "huh" or "eh"
I am talking to, Zeta Remulans. - me
Do not ever forget about us having a son together. - military to me
I don't want to know. You are a rapist. - me
Not at all! It was done with the butt doctor! - Zeta Reticulan in reference to rapist
What is your name? - me to military man
I am Warren Alan. - Warren Alan the military man WA
Are you really? - me
Yeah? (What am I gonna say?) - WA, the parenthesis part he said to someone else there
Are you a human? - me
What do you need to know? - WA
She is coaxing you. - Thuban Whale to WA
No, she is not coaxing me. - WA to Thuban Whale the "giraffe", the Thuban always says that I am being haughty, so this is extremely typical of a thing that the Thuban would say!

Warren Alan? How did you get involved with the ETs? - me
I was not proud of my poo, I have said. - Hamish thinks to his cow pattie latrine, it is a beige pile that is almost runny
Hamish. You have every right to pass food just like everybody else. Most races do that, including mine. It is normal, it is because of Snacks. - me, Hamish responds to swaying his head at two times while I speak, sideways
Warren Alan? Why are you involved with my aliens? - me, and I realize that these could be not "my" aliens at all, but ones that I have to share
My Toast. And, *click* my Snacks. - Hamish, the click had two tones in it, one higher then a lower click

I take a moment to marvel at how much I love Hamish. He is so adorable. I love how he lives in his Dragon world, where he thinks about food, his feet, his back hump, his status, he makes clicks, and I love it how he expresses that world with others around him. He is strong and vulnerable at the same time, he is proud and precious.

Warren Alan? I love Hamish. He is the red Dragon Turtle with a proud hump back. - me, I am shown by someone a mental image from a room that I have seen many times before, me on my back on a medical table, behind my head high up on the wall is a window and up there seeing through the window are military people one of which I recognize and think it is General Patton, some aliens in the big room below with me, but most importantly, my Hamish standing to my side and looking down at me, he is kind and calm, and so beautiful.

Tik Tok! My candy! - Hamish, "my candy" NL, with image of some colored sugar confectionary on a stick, white with red and blue stripes
I am not a butt doctor, for Red. - Zeta Reticulan tells me, Red being Hamish
Hamish doesn't need one, but I would be happy if Hamish has a doctor who monitors his health to make sure that Hamish is healthy and well and safe. - me. Warren Alan looks at me in a sexual manner, I don't like that. I can see that in his eyes, and also he thought about his penis in a certain condition. Hamish now makes another two-step click, one higher note and then followed by a lower, it seems to be a positive thing that he says.

So many stories going on here at the same time. Zeta Remulans who had their home invaded by Zeta Reticulans. Genetic hybrid experiments done by the Zeta Reticulans on Zeta Remulans and on me and many others. Hamish working for the Zeta Reticulans in exchange that he gets his snacks. And Warren Alan who seems too ok with all of these things. And then me, they take my eggs, make all sorts of children that I don't want to know about, but as long as I walk hand-in-hand together with my Hamish on this journey, then I will go with him anywhere, I look into his eyes, and I trust him. I trust my turtle, and I am safe.

8:58 PM same day: "Snowden should have committed suicide, and so should you.", said Warren Alan to me. For those of you who don't know, Edward Snowden.

My initial response after reading just a bit on the page about Snowden, is that I feel it is wrong to disclose government and security secrets to the public. It depends of course what kind of information it is, but in general I have a great respect for the military and my heart still believes that militaries of the United States and many European countries are keeping the public safe. Even if I could remote view military secrets, I would not do so. I respect that the military and intelligence are doing important work which the public needs not to know everything about. I conduct here a documentary on the alien contact experience. It seems to border onto military secrets, but I will have to be the judge of it myself as to at what point the alien contact experience story becomes plausible enough and serious enough to where I need to start keeping things secret. So far I am publishing everything I encounter. If the military persons that I encounter in the alien contact experience are real, then I urge them to contact me in real life instead of during foggy alien abductions or with questionable telepathic communication and to inform me that the alien presence on Earth and alien abductions needs to be kept a secret from the public and that would encourage me to respect the fact that they have judged for a need for secrecy, and finding out that it needs to be kept secret would not excite me to share it even more. So I don't appreciate harsh language like what Warren Alan just gave us.

White Alpha Remulans

On May 16, 2017, I spoke with an alien that was white with dark eyes and said it was an Alpha Remulan. We are already familiar with the brown Alpha Remulan Scorpions, but there are also white Alpha Remulans. A conversation with the white Alpha Remulan was written on this day and should be published in future books.