Zeta-Human Hybrids

The Orions, Dinosaurs, and Zetas, work for the Reptilians in genetic projects involving humans. One of the themes of their projects is to produce alien-human hybrids.

A hybrid is a creature that consists of genetic material from two different species. Humans can produce hybrids that combine different types of fruits or flowers to produce offspring that carry desirable genetic traits from each. A mule is a hybrid between a horse and a donkey. While many geneticists might find the thought of human-animal hybrids tempting and curious, strict ethical and legal restrictions make human-hybrid projects at least openly illegal.

But the Reptilians lack any moral inhibitions and they conduct all manner of genetic experiments involving not only humans but also the genetics of at least the Dinosaurs and Zeta Greys. I have not come across any examples involving genetics from neither the Orions, nor of the Reptilians themselves. Eckhart's Draco (see the alienslist for an introduction to all these characters) revealed to me that the Draconian Reptilians themselves, were genetically engineered into being by a "Master race".

I have been introduced to three different types of Dinosaur-human hybrids. They are described here. There is now a fourth type of human-ET hybrid that I am aware of, and that is the human-Zeta hybrid.

I need to be careful when I talk about the Zeta-human hybrids as they are very much like a human being, or almost "more" human than we are. These hybrids, just like the medium-level Dinosaur-human hybrids, are very emotionally aware, responsive and sensitive. They are vulnerable and one must take care not to injure them. The Zeta-human hybrids are not as much emotionally responsive and sensitive as was the intermediate-level Dinosaur-human hybrid.

The Zeta-human hybrids are breathtakingly beautiful. The goal of the projects at this time is to incorporate fully functional reproductive ability, as well as more human-like feet, into the hybrids. I will describe them in more detail later.