As odd as this drawing looks, the likeness to what the being actually looks like is very good

I encountered this new species of alien on January 10, 2018. A creature that looked like a small raptor prehistoric dinosaur which said to me that it is a Compsognathus (a species of prehistoric dinosaur) was accompanied by this white Reptilian.

This Reptilian supported itself against a walking stick which had a red ruby gem on the top end. This white Reptilian and the smaller Compsognathus live in an underground Reptilian base where it is very nice and warm and there are green plants and possibly forest growing there. The white Reptilian also spoke with me telepathically.

The white Reptilian wore no clothes. It had a tail. It has the same type of arrangement of skin as what the species I call the "Fat Lizards" have, namely going all the way around like rings around the body are curvy lines, see the drawing of this white Reptile on this page and also you can see drawings of the Fat Lizards. The white Reptile is however not built like the Fat Lizard, is not bottom heavy or big and also does not have the protruding snout that would be brick shaped. Interestingly though this white Reptile had with itself the red ruby scepter, similar artefacts I have seen with the Fat Lizard individual who was white and who goes by the name of Queen Mother who also tends to have the red ruby scepter.

The white Reptile has white skin and red eyes.

I have named this species as "white Reptile". There is no reason at this time to assume that this species is of Alpha Draconis origin. Its origin is not known to me at this time. The pattern of its skin, being the same as the pattern of the skin of the Fat Lizard species, may suggest some connection between the two, also that pattern of skin does not occur on any Alpha Draconis Reptilians that I have seen, nor on any Orion Reptiles that I have seen.

I think you can agree with me that the alien species which I named as the "water nymph" has some resemblance in its appearance to this species "white Reptile", Water Nymph, although I do not recall that the eyes of the water nymph would have been strikingly red as is the case in the white Reptile. They are probably separate species.

Please visit the Compsognathus page to read the actual conversation with the white Reptile as well as the notes on observations about the white Reptile, by following this link: Compsognathus.