In the morning of November 26, 2017, I encountered this species in a dream.

In the evening before going to sleep, I had told the military personnel and especially to Assistant Carlisle that I need to have contact with them in real life. I said to them what I normally have not ever said, that otherwise they do not exist and I am schizophrenic and I will go to a psychiatrist and get medication against the voices in my head. Well, that night I did not get a visit from the military or men in black suits who would have wanted to set things right for me, but a little white alien gave me close contact, because it had heard what I had said and it did not want me to think that I was crazy for speaking with aliens telepathically. The human military and surveillance people did not seem to have cared, but this little alien being it cared and wanted me to know they are real, and so it gave me close contact.

I had dreams in the night and in the early morning hours when dreams are easier to remember and to experience as lucid dreams, I would encounter this being. First I dreamt vividly, I had dreams about going into a jungle and seeing exotic animals there and filming them. I dreamt about a bridge that went from Cuba to a mainland, about cars and the streets, about finding a car under water in Cuba and it was in perfect condition and could still drive on the streets, one of those old time cars. Then we stopped at a shop that had no staff instead it asked for people to leave the money in a box if they take anything from the store, there were drinks and foods and I was interested in getting some fruits for myself but this part was somehow in Japan, I was wondering how much the prices in Japanese Yen would be in my own currency.

I then dreamt of seeing some big toads hopping on the ground near the street, it was dark at night now. I got cheerful and picked one or two up in my hands, then I placed them down again on the grass. Then there was a snapping turtle with that sharp beak except that it had no shell on. And amidst my dreaming of the turtle I heard someone tell me about itself, that it was like a turtle with no shell. I picked up the turtle into my hands and then I got worried I said that these things can snap a finger right off. And then I had the alien encounter.

It was a pitch black dark night. I was on the grass where the toads and turtle had been. It was wet and swampy. I saw the alien clear as can be, it was not at all fuzzy because of a dream. It had a white body, humanoid but always standing a bit hunched. Arms and legs were soft as if without bones or elbows or knees. It had no hair on its body and wore no clothes or shoes. The eyes were rather large, with both upper and lower eyelid slightly closed over the eyes. The eyes were dark, I did not see if it would have had a vertical Reptilian pupil or what the eyes looked like, other than that its eyes were dark and that it was looking at me. The head was blunt shaped. I saw no external ears, and it probably had nostrils and a mouth. The surface of its body was wet from water.

But I have to be honest, when I saw it I was afraid at first, it was a truly frightening and unsettling thing to see. Also it looked ugly and hideous. The instinctuous reaction of a human to see this being, is to feel a dislike toward it, and to fear it, and to think that it looks very ugly. But I remained calm, and I adopted a friendly attitude toward it, I was not going to let my initial instincts and reactions make me into a rude person, I had decided not to be afraid of it, to not dislike it, and to not even consider it as an ugly being. There was no reason for me to be rude, because this was a living person of a different species, and he had been kind enough to let me meet it here.

The being moved around a bit constantly, meaning it did not freeze into a rigid body posture, its body was flexible and moving slightly at most times, like a creature that is nimble and quick in motion even though it stood in one place at that time. It then did something very interesting, there were some trees to my right side near to the being, and he went over to the trees, placed his back against the trees and stood there perfectly still, it was very clear to me that he was hiding, perhaps even wanting to feel safe, or perhaps that he was nervous or frightened himself. Even though the whole front and both sides of the being could still be seen, this poor creature was pressing his back flat against the trees, in what was clearly him hiding and seeking out a feeling of security and safety what little he could get from those trees. He then soon went back to standing in front of me in the same place as before.

If I recall, we spoke already in that dream, but I was woken up and returned to my bed at home by a phone call. Me and the creature continued to speak with each other telepathically now that I was back at home. There had been a lake just behind him there where we were, that lake had been surrounded by tall black walls around it. And here is what our conversations were about, some of it perhaps during the close encounter, and the rest once I was back at home.

I asked him what species he is, I asked him more than once, he does not say. But he told me that he was genetically created. When I saw him, he has some similarity to Alpha Reticulans, and some similarity to Reptilians although I do not recall seeing that it would have had a tail, but I honestly do not know this species from any of my earlier alien encounters, so I name it as a new species, the water nymph. Because he told me about how he likes to lie in the water in the lake, it keeps the insects in this swamp nature from settling down on his body, he also sleeps in the water he said.

When I asked him what does he eat, his thought image was of a large slab of raw red meat, the meat had many long pale fibers across it, it did not quite look like any mammal meat that I have seen, so I concluded that he eats meat.

He told me that humans tell him that he smells bad, that humans want to throw up when they smell him. He would tell me this many times, and each time I told him things kindly and with encouragement because I did not want him to feel bad about his smell and not around me. I told him that I have smelled aliens before and that it is ok I can handle it, I also told him that I have got a cold right now so probably I could not smell him anyway. During this whole encounter I never caught a sense of his smell so I do not know what his smell would be like.

I told him that I am his friend, and that I am friendly toward him, and that I would protect him if I can. I told him that we can be friends. One of the things he told me meant that he had come to let me see him so that I would no longer have to think that I am crazy.

He said that there had been a fish in the lake that had bit him, so he had killed that fish for that reason. He said how the fish had flopped on land for a long time until it finally died and became still. I told him I was upset that a fish had bitten him.