First you need to have UFOs. And we have got that. Then we need some video recording equipment. And we now have that. Next we only need to find a suitable location where to see and film the UFOs.

I do not have a car or a driver's license so I am looking for sites that I can access with public transit and hiking. I am willing to hike for up to some two hours each way to reach to a good location. I also plan to go alone for the time being. I also aim to not spend any money on this hobby at this time (because The Orion Project is already very expensive, equipment, time, and all).

I live in the center of a city in Europe. My previous apartment was right on the outer edge of this city and I am familiar with the nature trails in the forest that are up on a hill there. My first site to go try out the camera will be on the hill at the lookout site which is a place I am familiar with from before. It overlooks to the city.

When I was 14 years old and the aliens invited me out to see their UFOs, I was living in a small community which is surrounded by pine forest and lakes. I had hundreds of UFO sightings there most of them from our backyard. The apartment buildings did not seem to dissuade the UFO sightings.

Other UFO sightings were: in the backyard of my ex boyfriend, he lived way out on the countryside surrounded by vast open crop fields of corn, winter wheat or soybean and some small pockets of leaf tree forest and occasional houses at large distances apart.

Other UFO sightings were also in nature and not in cities. The reason I suspect is that in the city I am not likely to look up to the sky and am also not outdoors in the evenings to look at the sky. My suspicion is, that the UFOs would be just as likely to show up if I were to gain access to a roof top balcony in the city as if I am out in the wilderness out on a field.

For two reasons I will seek out to summon and film the UFOs in a more remote nature location. 1. The UFOs are private to me and I do not want to share them with random people who do not understand what they would be seeing, I do not wish to disturb the public or to share the experience with random people who did not come there prepared to see the UFOs, that is just a distraction we do not need to have, or to give. 2. Remote locations have less of what is called light pollution so the stars and UFOs will show up more clearly in the sky, due to less light from street lights, cars, and houses.

Looking around on Google Maps around the city where I live, I seem to be in great luck. I live right next to some huge mountains and extreme wilderness as well as forests, there are also many vast fields surrounded by wild forest and those fields seem to not have any houses around them or other settlement. I also quickly found two interesting locations on the maps which could serve as good sites where video filming the sky in the evening or at night might be not only an allowed activity but also have suitable conditions. One is like a lookout area (different from the first) and the second is a large park where people can let their dogs run loose.

Ideally I would find an inn which is deep in the mountains surrounded by wilderness and to stay the night there and film during the night. That way I have access to a bathroom because I am not going to pee in the forest.

With a car all of this would have been easier. I would consider getting a driver's license for the purpose of UFO watching.

At this time I am going alone and not bringing anyone along. In the past I have found that bringing someone with me has been a nuisance and a distraction. Other people get impatient even when they see UFOs. Me on the other hand I can spend an entire night from sunset to sunrise watching the skies without losing the magic.