List of the equipment I will use to try to film the UFOs (spaceships):

Video camera: I have bought the Nikon P900 video camera, which was recommended to me by more than one expert. Its main strength is in the zooming function, it has also got a good image stabilization. The person at the store however said that this one is not the best for filming at night and he claimed that it would not capture the stars, but I find many videos online where this camera has been able to film the stars as proper white dots.

Tripod: For the video camera I got a tripod which means that I don't have to hold the camera up, it also makes it easy to move the camera sideways to sweep it along as the UFO moves across the sky.

Extra memory card: For the camera I bought an extra 64 GB memory card so that I can save more film material for those long nights under the stars.

Still need to get extra battery and a flashlight. And if I plan on filming out at night I should get a comfortable folding chair and lots of warm clothes.

I will also need a secluded place where humans do not bother my filming and also where there is no risk of wild animals (such as bears). It also needs to be a place that has low light pollution, meaning that the lights from the city or from street lights should be low or non existent.

It would be nice to go alone but it is probably better to find others to come with me, someone who has a car since I do not have a driver's license (many Europeans do not, it is normal) and so that I don't have to be afraid of being out alone in the dark in some woods or out on a field. I am not afraid of the aliens just of humans and animals lurking.

Oh and one more thing we will need is UFOs. Luckily I have got those, and it seems that the Alpha Orions are ready to fly by. I have got a summoning ability and it almost always, or always, works to summon the aliens to let me see the UFOs. Now is time to reunite with my hobby of UFO watching which was very close to my heart when I was a teenager and this time I hope to be able to film them to show them to you too!

The video recording equipment was expensive, the video camera, tripod and memory card cost USD $ 740 total which is a fortune for me right now. I am trying to save for education, but also I realized that this is my hobby. Coincidentally as I got home from shopping for the equipment I chose a random video with calming music and the video had this note in it:

Source Calm and Peaceful Relaxation Music - spa, study, relax music [Gimsoya]

If you love UFOs as much as I do or even more then please consider sharing in the fun of paying for all that equipment: ONE-TIME DONATION UFO VIDEO CAMERA PAYPAL

Comments on the camera

January 27, 2018. The quality of the image is unbelievable, it looks three dimensional, the colors are incredibly bright, and objects nearby at least are brilliantly clear. The image on the monitor almost looks "more real" than what I see with my eyes.

The 64 GB memory card that I purchased can store more than 9999 photos on it, but to my utter disappointment this memory card can only save 27 minutes and 13 seconds of film which is almost nothing. This camera was clearly made for photography, and not for filming with.

The camera switches itself off after one minute (60 seconds) of being inactive, which I find to be annoying and too short of a time, because while setting up other things on the side, or taking notes, or whatever, in between filming/photographing, it would be nice to have the camera patiently wait.

What happens if I am out filming a UFO which decides to stay around for half an hour or more in the sky? Then this camera is just not the right choice. But most UFOs linger for only a short while, and then with this camera they can be filmed at an incredibly close zoom to discover much more detail about their close-up appearance. This camera might be a good choice to get high quality close-up films of short time UFOs, but for those UFOs that decide to linger for longer, a different camera is then definitely necessary because this 64 GB memory card combined with this camera was almost not even intended for filming with at all! I pity the people who chose this camera for filming weddings or other important events to discover how short the video clips only can be.

I expect to buy a second camera for UFO watching, ideally I would set up both so that this one is ready and prepared for close-ups but another one that lacks the powerful zoom ability but which can continue filming for longer times.

The guy at the tech store told me that astronomers film the stars by using a telescope combined with some type of camera, or that I could get a night vision camera (which records infrared IR and displays the image as green on the screen) for filming with at night. There were of course no telescopes for sale at this store and I was not about to investigate that kind of an option.

So is this the right camera for UFO watching? I would recommend having several very big memory cards at hand (adds to the cost). This camera implies that I would be watching the skies and then only turning the camera on once a UFO appears. This camera is not for setting it up running for hours all night, so that is a disappointment. I will give it a try in real life and see how it goes.

This camera definitely stays with me but I see myself getting a second one that can be set up to film for hours however I question the quality of such a second camera - if it is able to record for long hours, does it also come equipped with the ability to produce a film with the stars (and UFOs) visible in the resulting image? But imagine when a UFO does decide to visit, then being able to zoom in on it at great detail is priceless, however then just a shame that after less than half an hour this camera's memory card says bye bye. So the combination of two cameras: this one with the zoom but low lifespan, and a second one without the zoom but with a long time, is what I see as a possible setup.

I wish it were possible to connect this camera to a computer and to save the files continually onto a computer harddrive instead, with hundreds of gigabytes available. I will ask around, as perhaps that kind of a thing is possible - it should be!

I see that there is a 128 GB memory card available. My guess would be that this one might record little less than one hour of film. I can imagine a scenario where a UFO or a group of UFOs might stay around for more than an hour. It would therefore be ideal for such a setting to have a second camera on which can record for many hours, and to use this one for a span of that time for a great zoom of what is going on.

For the metallic saucer UFO which had the red light (see the drawing), this camera would have been perfect. This UFO remained visible in the sky for just a few minutes before it became hidden behind a building, and was seen from actually incredibly close by. Having the ability to zoom in on it would have been perfect.

However there was a time when about three or so orange sphere UFOs were flying slowly around in circles above a forest on the other side of a field and they were there perhaps for many hours. For this kind of a UFO encounter, this camera is not the right choice due to the short film time capacity, however for such a UFO encounter, being able to zoom in on those orange spheres that were over the trees, even if it only produces one continuous 27 minute 13 second film of those UFOs, seeing them at high zoom would have been a good additional video clip, but to fully capture the behavior throughout the entire time span of the UFO visitation, a second camera setup - even if without zoom or even if with a lower quality of film - would have been necessary: to study their movement, and to capture the entire time span of their visit.

Then we have a third kind of UFO visitation. Many UFOs sweep across the sky quickly and suddenly and are gone after just a few seconds. This includes also the hourglass shaped UFO and the blue green rectangle, see the drawing. To be able to capture this kind of sudden and fast sweeping UFOs, a camera would have to be set up to film continuously. For this type of UFO visitation, the Nikon P900 is worthless since this camera cannot be set up to be filming for hours.

So my conclusion is, before I have even begun filming, that this is NOT the right choice of camera for UFO filming. UFO filming is ideally a many hours long venture at night and hopefully one of those all-nighters that span from as soon as the stars come up and until the sun comes up. This is the camera however that you want to have on hand to pull up once a good UFO does show up, so that you can film it at great zoom, however, you should already have a second long-time camera filming at this time already. So this camera is probably definitely one you would want to take along, but it should be seen as one out of two camera setups.

This camera DOES NOT capture: the sudden fast sweeping UFOs which last only a few seconds, as there is no time to react and film them.

This camera DOES NOT properly document any UFOs that decide to fly around for longer periods of time, because the memory cards for this camera are going to run out.

This camera IS GOOD when a UFO is already in the sky and you want to start filming it then and to make a good quality zoom close up image of what it looks like up close, then you will wish you had a camera such as this. But then you most likely do not capture these UFOs from the very start because the camera was not running continuously, so you lose some seconds from the first appearance of the UFO until the reaction time to start filming.

Conclusion so far: This camera is a good start, but I am going to need a second one to be properly equipped for going out. Question: I think it is time for me to hook up with UFO watching groups and for us all to combine all of the equipment that we have got and make some good videos together.

January 28, 2018. I have found out from reading on the internet that the time limit on a video clip of around 29 minutes is standard and deliberately made by the manufacturers because that way the camera is not defined as a video camera and that lets them avoid certain taxes or fees on the product.

I was considering returning the Nikon P900 to look for another option, but I decided to keep this camera anyway because of its wonderful zoom function which also does well on capturing good quality video at night of stars and planets. However, that means that for a serious UFO watching session I will have to go equipped with two video cameras: one that can film for long hours but that is perhaps not able to zoom so well, and this one which can be turned on when something is already in the sky.