Agent Trellis And Bologna Sandwich

Meet Agent Trellis. The newest inclusion into my collection of wonderful MIBs. And this one likes to talk. About bologna sandwiches. Board games. Chasing red UFO lights in the sky. About participating with alien experiments. What is written on the small note in his jacket pocket. But he sure does have a foul mouth.

February 19 2018, 10:56 PM.

Tell me about Agent Trellis. That's who you're talking to. So, I don't just only like to eat bologna, I also like pizza. Just thinking about what you ate there. - Agent Trellis
This was with my barn. - Hamish says probably mostly to the man
Man! You've got that great looking p****! - Trellis mostly thinks to himself, about my stuff
My liver. - Hamish, he seems a bit concerned
Hamish, your liver snacks. - me
And also, my ovum. And, should I say, grrr. - Hamish
My ovum, it said Yes-No to me. - Hamish
Hamish, I never said Yes-No to you. - me
Can't you just let me have a heart attack? - Trellis smiles at me, about our earlier conversation where I said about heart bypass surgery
Nope! - me, he smiles big and almost chuckles to himself now and leant his head down to one side on the shoulder looking sweet
I CAN SEE YOU! I can see you Mr. Trellis! - me
No. I bet you you can't. - Trellis, he smiles and he is cheerful, and he pops something into his black jacket breast pocket or took something out like a white piece of paper
Brown hair, glasses! I see you! - me
I have seen your cunt. - Trellis
I don't care. - me
I just thought that you should know, I have seen that. That is why I am here, with the Army. We also do this to young boys, you see. You shouldn't know more. About what happens here. We don't want you to know, don't want to worry ya! - Trellis smiling
So. Do you still like listening to AquaGen? Do you remember that, huh? - Trellis
Odd. I myself never listened to that, but I remember back in the 90's there was one of my MIBs who used to say to me that he listened to AquaGen. I didn't know what it was then. - me
We don't mind listening to it here. It keeps our head out of business. And do you know what business we mean? About, our bad business here. - Trellis
I do not like that. It smells. - Hamish facing one of my potted plants here in my bedroom, "smells" in my third language, and not the first time he tells me that ever since I planted them
I apologise, about the plants, Hamish. - me, he sways his head slowly side to side and said "Mine"
I am, ... Officer Agent Trellis. Nice to meet ya! - Trellis
And don't cry about what happens to the boys here. We just try, to make them do good. We try. Trust me, we try! We do not want you to know more, you would get worried. So we like to tell you about pizza. I sure like it! - Trellis
Yes, and you like bologna. - me
And a, gravy sauce! Why don't you eat things like that, huh? Why you eat all this garbage? - Trellis
Like what, Trellis? - me
Like, avocadoes and shit. It doesn't suit to me! I like to eat meaty things! Like, soups and stuff. Not more, avocado. - Trellis
I like fruits, yes. - me
I like my pina colada. But that is about it. With fruits I mean. I don't like women who do all that. - Trellis
What do they say, that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. Don't worry, I would never try to feed you with fruits. I would cook you bologna. *Vegan* bologna. - me, heh heh
I won't take that into my stomach. - Trellis says, smiling and this time he puts a white small paper into the inside pocket of his black jacket

So I was watching stand up comedy YouTube videos on this computer here. Then I noticed that I saw the mental image of a man who was quite clearly one of the MIBs, literally wearing a black business suit and sitting in an office somewhere, and he was looking at me. I told him I could see him. Now, what pleasantly surprised me was that I could see him so clearly! I want to think that it is because I have started practicing remote viewing with the videos I have been doing that are RV tests, because rarely if ever have I seen them this clearly in these mental images, my MIBs I mean!

I was reading or sensing information about him. He totally looks American Caucasian, would be about in his late 30's or somewhere in his early or mid 40's I would say. He has thick hair meaning not balding and his hair is brown red and shiny smooth almost just a bit greasy but I don't mean that in a bad way, I imagine how his hair would feel if I ran my fingers through it, really cool and smooth. His haircut leaves the hair looking a bit long and not chopped in any way. His skin color is a bit of a beige and not all white, nor is he dark or Hispanic colored in any way but paler than that. His eyes are brown. He wears big square shaped glasses with a brim that looks to be brown or brown red instead of the typical black or even grey color. The pants and jacket are black as is standard, but his long-sleeve buttoned shirt is a dark brown red color and is not white. I also do not see a tie so he would have no tie with his suit. He has black dress shoes with the suit.

I saw that when he was young he grew up in a small American town and I saw one scene where he was walking along the traintracks and there was a small old white wooden water tower next to the tracks and it was at night and he walked alone. He was a chubby boy and I sensed all of the frustrations and emotions from his youth, much of it seemed to have to do with insecurities about himself or with being chubby. He is not as chubby today but he still looks it a bit, you can tell that this has been a part of his life, but still he looks good, one would not call him fat.

He did not die here with us. - Dark Lord about Trellis in my third language
I just like my pizza. And pasta here. - Trellis
I know you do. What's your favorite food? Do you cook or just eat out? I like ice-cream. - me
Yeah. I do too. A lot. - Trellis in reference to ice-cream
Why do you have all those teddies on your bed? Are you feeling "insecure" too? - Trellis
I just like cuddly things. - me

He now puts a small white paper again into the inside jacket pocket or that he took it out.

What is that piece of paper? - me
It has a code for me. - Trellis
A code? What code does it have? - me
I am not telling. - Trellis, and there is his smile again
I do not want to see you in the shower, but I am going to. - Trellis
You are not going to, because I am not showering this evening. - me
Too bad. My bad. So. Are you into engineering any little bit? I am an engineer. - Trellis
WOW! - me
Yeah, and I started out here studying those bright flashing lights! - Trellis, his memory image of UFOs
Wow. Just like... Warren Allen. You are not Warren Allen are you? You don't feel like him? - me

So then we were talking a bit.

I don't like to take my jeans, and john-john's, johnsons off. - Trellis
Why not? What are you talking about? - me
I mean, I wouldn't do it either. That's what happens around here. We gotta be tough. And see it all through. You know what I mean? - Trellis
I don't know what you mean. - me
So, like I was saying, it all started with those bright flashing lights. And next thing that I knew, I was here! So, that is how the story goes. Are you that woman, that is called ***? And didn't you used to think that you were from Venus? - Trellis, he said my first name and last name, funny how he pronounced my last name
Yes, well. You know who I am. What makes you come here then? - me
I am, Agent, and Officer Trellis. Nice to meet you! - Trellis
Nice to meet you too Officer Agent Trellis! Welcome to my team of, people, of all sorts of guys! You are my newest inclusion into my collection. You will fit right in. - me
What would you do if I were standing at the door? - Dark Lord or Trellis to me about my bedroom door
It depends who it is. - me
My sandwich. - Hamish, "my" in my native language, "sandwich" in my other language
So you like men who have assertiveness. I do not have that. - Trellis
I don't like weak men. - me
Well, they gotta be strong enough to push into your v*****. - Trellis
That is not what I mean... I am just tired of men who are weaker than me. Who do not hug me or support me when I am sad. I have had bad experiences. Men who act like they are women. It happens a lot. - me
Well they gotta be strong enough to push into your v*****, that is what I said. - Trellis, I now see a Zeta Reticulan
We wanted him to show you your vippen. Do you want to do that? Is that alright? - Zeta asks me
Tell her, that we know that she used to say that she was Venusian. - Trellis to Zeta
Why does that factor in? - me
Who do you think that you are living with? And, do you remember that guy G*****? - Trellis, refers to a man I was seeing years ago who was also into UFOs back then
We are getting ready to take you into our ambulance. - Zeta to me
TAKE ME into the ambulance. BUT FOR GOD'S SAKE, let me stay awake for it. ESPECIALLY IF I GET TO MEET TRELLIS. I want to meet him. - me
Yes, the two of you are getting along great. - Zeta
I want to meet Trellis, in real life. I need to see him. Now. - me
Now is not an option, Miss, Ma'am. - Trellis
Yes it is. - me
So, do you remember when I told you about those bright flashing lights? Those are what brought me here. And now I gotta show them, your vippen... - Trellis, them is Zetas, vippen is Zeta word for penis
I don't like your kind of women anyway. - Trellis
Hey! What's that supposed to mean! - me
You seem, really stuck up! - Trellis
You don't know what kind of woman I am. Do you want to know? - me, and all those emotions start pouring up inside of me, and I almost want to start to cry
I HATE MEN! They are always losers and a disappointment! That is why I am single, year after year now! - me
You gotta take a look at yourself. - Trellis
NOT MY FAULT!!! Not my fault, if men act like women. NOT MY DAMN FAULT! - me

I just want to cry now, it feels like my whole world just turned black and dark like a rainy day in the night. Anyway, Trellis must have watched me as I ate the meal of spring rolls and sushi with a can of Pepsi that I ordered in. I saw an image of Carlisle about when I had finished the meal and I had said hello Langdon. Soon after this Trellis showed up, and then he said that he liked to eat bologna. And I told him that if he eats foods such as bologna then he needs to

Look at these guys that are living here. Aren't they really neat! I think they are really neat. - Trellis about Zetas to me
We are also called the Langoustines. - Hamish adds about himself
Hamish, you are wonderful. I am very very fond of you. I love you Turtle. - me
My, dominant, suckott. - Hamish, what on earth did he say there, heheh?
What, Hamish dear? What did you say? - me
We don't ride tractors anymore, but we used to. - black Reptilian
We used to plow our fields. - Dark Lord adds
Hello! Look at me! I am your mother! - Zetas talking among themselves, probably narrating me to the hybrid children, or I don't know
So we met this guy named Lasarus. And, hehheh! I think he is really neat! - Trellis
Yeah, yeah yeah! I WANT TO MEET THEM TOO! - me
We can't, because they let - Trellis, I forgot what words he used but he said that because they meaning Zetas show my "pussy"
I don't care if I'm naked there. I want to meet them too, and you as well. When can I meet you? - me
Well, you like some chocolates then? Were they any nice? Huh? - Trellis, he sees the empty chocolates box on my bed table next to the bed
They were ok. I had a huge headache the other day and my body got craving lots of chocolates, it seemed to take the headache away. - me
How about some aspirin next time, have you heard of a thing called aspirin? - Trellis
We don't have aspirin in Europe, I try to remember to buy those cherry flavored chewable aspirins from America every time when I visit. - me
Hey, I can send you some, a bottle! - Trellis
Do send me! - me
So you see, that they are really studying our foods and what we eat. That is why I got concerned too. So. You need to know that they really like it when we eat pizza. So I try to eat it more. - Trellis
I know. Hamish tells me to eat pizza, he keeps suggesting pizza to me. - me
Nothing out of the ordinary here. Yeah, she is this European girl. And! She is really talking to me! - Trellis to others there
What's with these European girls? - Trellis to himself
What do you mean? - me
Hey, do you like to use a condom? - Trellis
Why do you ask? - me
Because you could have a lot of sex when someone looks like you do! - Trellis
I guess so. I am just tired of all the bullshit from men. I won't deal with it again! I'm tired of disappointments, ... - me
We wanted to take you to our hospital. - Zeta to me
I would be happy to go. - me
Hey this is Langdon, do not talk to them again... - Langdon to me, Zeta just previously thought about how they want to put the tubing down my nose [Added same day: Langdon referred to not talking to Zetas again]
Hello Langdon. Are you my father? Why would you tell me that, if it wasn't true? I am talking to Trellis now, thank you. - me
Yeah, whatever. - Langdon to me, about me talking to Trellis
So, these guys they really gotta take out your ovum! And I gotta watch! Because, I was one of the watchmen! So, they think I can do it really well! Watching, I mean! - Trellis
Nice to meet you Trellis. My dream is to one day wake up - me interrupted
We know that you have eaten yoghurt today. - Zeta to me
Yes, I ate a strawberry yoghurt cup. I did that for all of you alien friends, mostly to make my Hamish happy. - me to Zetas
Hey Trellis! Did you ever meet Hamish! - me, Hamish thinks of biting into Trellis' fingers, the talk of meeting made Hamish feel "as if" Trellis should not come too close to him
I don't really like this woman. I don't know what it is. - Trellis
I like you however. I really do. A lot too. - me
Well I'll be damned! So. *clears throat ahem* So you like all that rococo? - Trellis about my other table filled with Baroque style book, porcelain figure and other items
I love, Baroque, yes. - me
There are films, made about that. I just thought you should know. - Trellis with a smile at the end
Hey you wanna know where we would eat, if we ever went out? At my Mom's. - Trellis
Your mom's, huh? - me, meh
I would go out with you. But mostly to know if you exist. - me
They used to take a cow. And we had to watch it. And, and I got so worried and scared for humankind. And, and *jitters* that is why I signed up to do this. I mean, the next bit is not going to be easy to explain to you! They take your eggs, your ovum! - Trellis
I know, Trellis. You are a few years too late to tell me that. The Orion doctor told me, six years ago. - me
We are in charge. - Hamish in my other language
Mine! Yes-No! Trellis! - Hamish
Hamish, calm down. Everything is in good order. You know that I love you, Turtle Sock. Everything is doing good here. - me
Trellis said Yes-No to me. - Hamish says and thinks about biting into his fingers and with a growl
Trellis. Don't say Yes-No to my Hamish. - me
This woman doesn't just like me! She would really go out and take me out on a date! Yes! Yup! She said so! - Trellis feeling good about himself
Do you like to do some porn? Do yah? - Trellis
What do you mean? What on earth would you mean? - me
I mean... Do you like when men are fingering your p****? - Trellis
Dude, calm down there. - me
Yeah, I know that I look like a big butterball. - Trellis
Not really. But look, I am totally turned off by men who are all muscle. You are more attractive to someone like me, than someone with lots of muscles, and that is the honest truth. - me
So, I've got a lot of gut, I know that. I gotta lose some weight. - Trellis
Don't worry about it, Agent Trellis. - me
Yeah, this kind of girl looks really good. - Trellis, his cheeks are warm and blushing

So me and Trellis were talking earlier and I told him if he likes foods like bologna he needs to check his cholesterol and I suggested he watch a video of heart bypass surgery and stop eating animal proteins and animal fats, I also asked him if he is eating any fruits. I get really worried when people put that white lard that clogs inside of their blood vessels, it makes me really scared for them. One of the things Trellis said then was something I forget what it was about "women like you", and I said you do not know what women like me are. He probably thought I was like some women with long blonde hair, he thought about back in high school and things. And I told him that I would have been the girl in school who likes physics and who doesn't like too many people. (He doesn't know me at all.)

So hey, I used to watch these strange looking flying UFOs! I would really take you out for a coffee. - Trellis
For me no gingerbread cookies. - Hamish in my native language, aha he thought about the brown colored chocolate cookies that I ate a whole box of just yesterday I think it was, the sugar lowers my fertility

I cannot recognize Trellis from my list of guys. Also he does not seem to know me well like the other guys they know me and we have got a history together. Trellis might be a new guy. I am amazed at how well I see him, yet look at how he refuses to believe that I am actually seeing him. Hamish now shows me a mental image as if he were standing by the recycling dumpsters at my mom's place and he then tells me that those gingerbread cookies would go there, right in through the slot where recyclable papers would go.

Thank you Hamish, about the cookies, I said. - me to Hamish, he never loses his temper about cookies, he always says it so kindly

Trellis? Where are you located? - me
In northern Omaha, or Utah. - Trellis
Omaha or Utah? - me
I am in neither. I just had to say, and think of something. Because we do not want you to know our location. And I used to really chase those red lights. - Trellis, he remembers the red lights in the night sky again
Who was piloting those red lights? Who were the pilots? - me
We tried to shoot them down, at first! But then we got retaliated at. - Trellis
Well, I have got this paper here, and it says... it says... I, I gotta kill them all, if anything goes screwed or loose here! I, I am so very sorry for your sock puppet! I know you like him a lot! But, but... I mean, if he tries to bite you... I, I do not want to see them looking at your p****. - Trellis
Look Mister, the deal here is not my naked parts. That is beside the point. But listen. Hamish, that red Draconian Turtle, he is the love of my life. If he ever tries to or wants to bite me, then let him. - me
No, no we cannot let him do that. I, I am not even sure if I want to tell you that, he likes to call us his butter and bread! - Trellis
I know, I know, Hamish likes to talk like that. - me
He is not, really interested in the Battle at Syracuse. - Trellis about Hamish I presume
He is crying. - Zeta to me about Trellis in my native language
What is this girl doing? - Trellis
Hamish is my best friend. He is allowed to bite me if he wants. He doesn't have any teeth, he cannot hurt me, plus, he is guarding my eggs. If I get harmed, he doesn't get his Toast. - me
My sausages! - Hamish in my native language (NL)
And therefore, my eggs! - Hamish (NL)

I can feel Trellis. He is feeling really jittery and nervous.

Hey? Do you like soft porn? I have got a lot of money in the bank. I was never like a football player. I guess all the girls like some other guys. - Trellis
Let's see. Soft porn? Sure, why not, sometimes. Money? Good for you. Football player? Not my thing. - me
So, I thought all girls like that. - Trellis
I'm not interested in people who like sport. So, what are your interests, Trellis? What are your hobbies? - me
I like to build model airplanes. - Trellis
Wait a minute, Warren Allen did that! - me
Yes, we are great buds! We used to be pals in the Army! - Trellis
Did you go to the military? - me, and then I hesitate, thinking about his gut, he is not in shape to be a military recruit hey! I mean that guy doing the obstacle course!
Trellis? Hello? Tell me more things? - me
I got a lot of cash, from this job! Hey, boy whoo! - Trellis, thinks of a bundle of green American paper money bills in his hand
Good for you... send me some if you want, because I am giving the eggs, for no pay. - me
Trellis? Is there a way for us two to meet in person? Can we please do that? And if not, then tell me why not? - me
Can I meet you? Please? Trellis? - me

A quick internet search seems to suggest that Trellis would not be a person's name. But since when were they giving me their real names? Let me stare at him with remote viewing for a while.

Come on! You do not feel like a sister to me! - Trellis
We gotta take her eggs, ovum. - Hamish to Trellis
I see you. - me I tell him again
I remember, when I got to take the auditions for this one. I said, sure I would do it! And, now I am not so sure! - Trellis thinking
What kind of audition? - me
They just asked us a bunch of questions. And, most of it was like 'what would you do if' questions. - Trellis
Give me one example, of a 'what would you do if' question? - me
What would you do if there was an earthquake? - black Reptilian
Not you, black Reptile, but Trellis. - me
I was with Manon here. - Dark Lord probably about himself
They eat, your kids! - Trellis to me
I know that. So what else is "new"? - me
Oh come on, I gotta take this out, I feel now like I am going to puke. So, do you remember when I had this little note here, what is written on it? It says something for me, a kind of instructions. On what I have got to do. Do you know what it says? - Trellis
It says 'terminate everyone'. - Trellis or Hamish adds
My goldfish, were better than him. - Hamish (NL)

Things like this, is why I would die defending Hamish. That note in Trellis' pocket says that the orders are to kill all the aliens if the aliens cross the lines of safety, and including Hamish. Hamish got nervous and uneasy about that and then he thought to his love of goldfish, I saw in his mind the image of beautiful large golden orange colored goldfish swimming near the surface. When I feel Hamish, when he yearns to his goldfish for comfort because he is feeling uneasy about the threat, my heart, it just grabs my heart, and in such a moment I would act like in a slow motion movie scene, I would like grab the gun from someone like Trellis and kill him and then I get shot in the process before I hit the floor and Hamish goes away safe. That kind of thing.

We used to watch them in radio towers. - Hamish or other alien about men like Trellis, about when Trellis was watching the skies in the tower that looked like some kind of airport control tower though I did not see the airport just green trees around

Hamish. I love you. I will protect you. - me
I will go to my goldfish then. - Hamish part (NL), he means if things get unsafe for him

Trellis. Let's have a chat about my dragon. - me
They lock those other guys into the cold room. Did you know about that? - Trellis about Reptilians lock Dinosaurs into cold rooms
Like I said, what else is "news"? I knew that for years. - me
And you do nothing about it? Don't you feel sorry for them? - Trellis to me
Of course I feel sorry for them! - me
For me no gingerbread cookies! - Hamish (NL) about the cookies I ate, with a mental image of himself slowly bringing one of those small - not gingerbread - cookies into his mouth, narrating for me of course
Yes-No gingerbread cookies! - I say to appease my dragon
Let's talk about Hamish. - me
So, I was really just following and chasing those red lights! - Trellis
And now what? And now, the Zeta Reticulans are asking you to make children for them? - me
For me no winegums anymore! - Zeta "punishing me" by taking away my "winegums reward" (which I never get anyway), in my native language, narrating for me of course, punishing me because the Zeta detected a possible scorn from me toward that Trellis fathers children, though no particular scorn was directed from me, I was just stating the facts
You were being, a bit impudently. Because he does not father them for us. - sassy Alpha Reticulan with the flat indented middle of the top of the head

Earlier in our earliest conversations, Trellis had said about how the boys there get injured but that how that is so that the general public is safe, something like that.

Trellis. Hamish is my best friend. So you can take that little white piece of paper from your pocket, and tear it in half. I protect my Alpha Draconian with my own life. Please put that into your memory. - me
I just gotta watch you. They put tubes, down your noses. - Trellis, image of Zetas from him or that I just saw Zetas
They are studying my food, introducing experimental substances into my digestive system, and also extracting babyfood for the hybrid babies out of my stomach. - me
How do you know all that! - Trellis to me shocked
We explain all that to her, we are the snakes! - I see a Dark Lord and a green Reptilian, part in other languages
You seem like a nice guy. An engineer. And you were watching the UFOs. And now you're involved with all this. - me
Did I tell you that I'm still living with my mother? - Trellis
Are you really? Well. - me
I didn't play football, soccer ball or softball, so look at what came out of me! But now, at least I got to do this! So this is some bit of excitement! - Trellis
And. What does your mother say about the aliens? - me
Oh, this is all strictly confidential! No family members are allowed, in on it! Did I mention to you that she cooks for me? She makes a great pasta, lasagna, and bologna sandwich! - Trellis, his mother has white hair that is permed with curlers into a white sheepswool looking hairstyle, she is a short a little old lady but very energetic and alert and happy
Did you ever marry? - me
Well, I tried once. But one of us parties broke the wedding vows. And it wasn't me who did it. - Trellis
So now you're burned goods. Sort of like me. - me
Hey! You and me have got nothing in common on that department! And of that I am sure! - Trellis
Tell me about her? What was she like? What kind of woman was she? - me
She didn't mind me wearing glasses, for one. She wasn't really a bossy lady either. She was, ... She wasn't pushy. She was no push-over, no! I don't like them that way. I was, I was getting rid of her. After I found out that she was fooling around. She used to watch football-gamers, so, I mean *sigh* guys who were not made like me. I kind of hated that, detested that! But now. I gotta look forward, and onward. I kind of regret that I never really had any son of my own. I gotta be more like my dad, and the first thing I've gotta do, is to stop living with my mother! That's gotta be a death-trap, for someone who wants to attract women! A death trap, I mean... that's like men who live in their old mother's basements! A death-trap like that. Like, guys that play Dungeons and Dragons, and play with ghouls. - Trellis
You are such a nerd Trellis, I love it. You know something? I don't like sports guys anyway. If I had to choose between a guy who plays American football or a guy who lives in his mom's basement and plays Dungeons and Dragons, I would rather date you. Because we would have lots of things to talk about. And you have intellect, and that is more sexy than a man who has no brains. Stop putting yourself down all the time. You're a great guy. And living with your mom is not a big deal. Once you find the right lady, you will either all three be living together, or you and your wife will move to your own place. - me
And have kids! That would be great! Hey, I still like to play board games! - Trellis, the image was of the living room coffee table with him throwing the dice on the table
Board games can be fun. I do that with my family sometimes. It is nicely relaxing compared to tv that just makes me feel strained and tired, plus with board games we all look at each other whereas with tv we all just stare at the screen. - me
I was very dominant. Tik. - Hamish
Tik! - me to Hamish
Tuk Tuk. - me appeasing dragon
What else do you like, Trellis? - me
I still play some games. - Trellis
Video games? So do I. I play The Sims a lot, Sims 2 is the best, it has the best graphics of the series and has the most control over the characters. What games do you play? - me
Do you know about Nestea/Nestle? - Trellis, not sure which he said there
What you said? What are you talking about? But what video games do you play, what themes or genres? - me
I like watching videos, of women sucking c**k. - Trellis
I'm sure you do. - me
Don't tell that to anyone. - Trellis
Big surprise! Find me one man who does not like to see that. - me
Trellis? You need to watch your language, I just noticed. For a quiet little nerdy guy, you sure do have a foul mouth. - me
At least I don't just sit around, eating chips! - Trellis referring to me, I ate some chips I think yesterday
Stop insulting me dude. - me
We had an umbilical cord. - Zeta (NL) with image of a Zeta holding up a pink-beige umbilical cord which was oddly not covered in blood
I just thought all women like to go to malls. And shop things. - Trellis
Me not. Not all women are the same way. There is diversity. - me
So. Maybe I can have a son one day! I just need to find the right woman! - Trellis
Definitely! - me
It is nice to meet you anyway. We just broke some kind of a record here, meaning with a conversation with one of my men in black suits surveillance people. Usually most of you guys are extremely untalkative, but I guess you didn't read the memo since you are the new guy there. So I like that. I am curious about you people, I need to know more about who you are. - me
I will not eat your hearts. - Dark Lord to Trellis, about Trellis' heart
Stop, Mr. Munchkin. - me to Dark Lord who is being a Fussubus

What kind of engineering did you do? - me
Circuitry, and switchboards. That kind of stuff. I was really good and quick at it too. Do you know what those mean? - Trellis, and suddenly he changes demeanor to a more serious, a different side of himself, he now said that he had been hired to figure out how those red things in the sky fly

When Trellis talked about circuitry and switchboards, he changed into someone serious and focused and very confident. It is a side of him that he has cultivated, and it gives him a personality that is completely different from his otherwise usual self. A completely different man, when he steps into his engineering career role.

I used to deal with radio devices. I used to open them up. And redo the circuitry and the switchboards. I used to play around with that a lot. I, I just never figured that I was going to get a woman for doing that. - Trellis, meaning women are not attracted to that
Hey, this is Langdon... - Langdon as if Trellis is talking too much
My egg. - Hamish (NL), egg or eggs I forgot

I will definitely try to remote view Agent Trellis to find out more about where he lives and maybe even find him, but even if I would find him, these nerdy MIB guys are being protected and concealed by the military, so what hopes do I have of ever meeting with him in real life? Plus I cannot possibly hope to barge in on their private life, I would have to ask them for their permission if we were to meet. Oh god, one day please god one day let me meet them all in real life...

You are not exactly a kind of princess kind of girl. - Hamish or someone to me
I don't care. - me
We don't like to go out, when they are drowning them in the river. - Trellis, referring of course to when Reptilians drown their farmed cultivated children in the river, Hamish does that too as we know
It is more humane, than what humans do to animals that turn into your bologna sandwich. - me
Do you like my c**k? - Trellis, just as I thought bologna sandwich was a nice place to end this conversation, he adds a not-nice way to end the conversation
Sure, it looks nice. - me, what is one supposed to answer to such a question?
Do you think I should pierce it? - Trellis
No. Why do you ask me that? What on earth are you talking about? You are a weirdo. - me
No! I guess I am not. I was just following those red lights here! - Trellis

Let's just end it on that note, bologna sandwich. I turn to Hamish and I do for him a great big palate click!

I don't like your kind of girls, anyway. - Trellis
What kind of girls, Trellis. What kind of girl, am I? Do you even know me? What kind of girl, now tell me? I'm curious, I'm listening. You see, you do not know me at all. - me

We are not just here protecting you. We also gotta see to it, that everything goes alright. And that is starting with your eggs being taken out. So then we go home, and lie down at night, and think about it. And then we have a hard time going to sleep. They used to, do this to cows at first, to mutilate them. Then we gotta see an end to that. So, now, this is going on! We gotta see to an end to this too. But for now, this is all we could do, to try to contain the problem. We don't know what else to say to you about it. But, we do not want any trouble with your Lasarus-kind. - Trellis
We gotta see to it, that all goes well. We know that now. - Zeta or even Lasarus the Zeta
So, you won't commit suicide if you know? Because, that was one of the reasons we were protecting you from knowing all of this stuff! - Trellis, he feels awkward as he speaks this, he presses the palm of his hand hard against the back of his neck and rubs the back of his neck and makes a grimace
So it is all a great big misunderstanding. You see, here I am yearning and hoping every day that I will get to see my alien friends, and you guys, one day. And you are trying to keep me away from that contact. There is nothing I want more, than to open my eyes one day - or night - and to find myself in the very presence of my alien friends and Hamish my Reptilian, and even you there Trellis, or Agent Trellis. - me
Yeah, your kind of girls they don't like me. They always say eew, yuck. - Trellis
You don't know what kind of girl I am. So stop saying that. - me
I was just saying it, because it's happened to me. - Trellis
You have relationship traumas too. I have my own, different ones. We should talk about it, help each other out of the mess, so that we can both move on. - me
Yeah, girls don't like me. - Trellis
I have the opposite problem. I mean, men like me enough sure, but they always turn out to be losers. That's a different problem than what you have. I could tell you about some of the bad dates I have had... oh boy. I have given up hope, you see. It is hopeless! I will not - me interrupted from "be disappointed again!"
What do you like, about a man's c**k? - Trellis
That's not the issue. And you sure do have a dirty mouth, Mister! Watch your language! - me

Just for the record, this guy is not typical of all the MIBs I have known. This is just one guy, but he sure uses a lot of foul language. It should not bring the other MIBs, such as Gillespie, Aulis Greenshaw, Derek (rest in peace), Andrew (who the fuck cares about Andrew), Warren Allen or the others into shame because they never talked to me like that. I am just so mesmerized that I am seeing him so clearly in a mental image...

The Mantids are here! - an alien declares
Mantids! - me delighted really I am!
We do not want to see you eating any chocolates again, we would rather see you eating a melon. - Mantid to me
Alright, I understand, it is the sugars. - me
Do not misunderstand me, ... - Hamish in my other language and then he shows me his head buttons, with which he is emphasizing to the importance of what I said about the sugars, yet he does not mean it to be rude or anything, showing his head buttons means he is pulling his card of showing great power and control
Yes Hamish, your beautiful crown. You were a beautiful Draconian Turtle. - me
Yes-No, mine, Buttercups. - Hamish, and he is very pleased with himself after delivery of this sentence, even though I have no idea what it means, but he knows what it means and he was very pleased with it
I gotta go and tell you, that sometimes I am rock hard, when I look at you... - Trellis
Gee, that is really sweet. It was nice to get to know you Agent Trellis. You are officially on my list of MIBs, you are part of my collection, I am collecting you guys. - me
I gotta drop my pants for them sometimes! - Trellis, he thinks of his underwear which is white with some faint light blue thin stripes boxershorts underpants, which is more typical for men in the United States to wear whereas many in Europe wear other kind of underpants, he means for the aliens
Agent Trellis, it was a pleasure to be acquainted with you. Enjoy your bologna sandwiches. And please, I urge you, if you ever see a red Reptilian who has got orange blunt button pairs on his head and back of the neck and he has got a soft turtleshell cushion and orange goosebumps and flat red duck feet, please remember that his name is Hamish the Elder and that he is the love of my life, and keep him safe always. He means so much to me you have no idea. - me
They are were trying to take over this Earth! - Trellis says quite pleased as punch for knowing this bit of fact, and he fiddles with the white paper in his inside jacket pocket again
He is the love of my life. I love him. He is my best friend. - me
I was never wearing jockstraps or anything. But I always wanted to know if girls liked that on guys. - Trellis
My answer is a great big NO. I do not like that, for any reason. Look, you are filled with prejudice. I like men who are intellectual, sophisticated, refined. But also strong. - me
What do you like about a man's c**k? Hm? I would like to know? - Trellis
This isn't the sex hotline phone number, Trellis. Go somewhere else for that. You are chatting directly into a girl's mind. And I never invited a sexual conversation. It is highly inappropriate, I find. - me, not to mention that I am including it into my documentary as we speak
Girls never, they liked me. So I tried to look better. But I failed. - Trellis
Love yourself. I'm not kidding, that is the trick. You have to adore yourself. And find a woman who is compatible with you. They are out there, I promise. There are women in this world who find you incredibly sexy, I promise you that. I am not even making this up. - me
Sometimes I eat a lot of cake, that I buy at WalMart. And then I think that I am getting fat. - Trellis
Don't worry about being fat. - me
I don't like fatshaming either. It kind of hurts. - Trellis
You are not even fat. - me, for the record, Trellis is not what you would call fat, chubby perhaps but definitely not fat
So, the Mantids are here, they wanted me to announce that. - Trellis
Hello Mantids, I love Mantids. - me

I see a mental image of about three to five Mantids moving in a room somewhere, the elegance of their presence, the dignity, the intellect of their mind, it is really something grand and majestic when the Mantids enter the scene, I always love it.

One day I will meet you, ok? Promise? - me to Trellis
I don't like the Mantids, because they make me do things. And, starting with that! - Trellis, with that was his thought image of himself standing naked in the room with Mantids who had told him to turn around, and it had to do with a rectal procedure, I am not kidding. But why does Trellis get to stay awake, when that is my dream to one day open my eyes and look into the eyes of my beautiful beloved aliens, Mantids, Hamish, and even (perhaps not so, or not yet, beautiful or beloved?) Agent Trellis.

I finish writing this page at 1 AM.