Malik, Betelgeuze - The Beast

Warning: this text contains creepy topics describing my encounters with a demonic entity whose name is Betelgeuze, Malik, and The Beast. The text makes mention of creepy bad stuff such as Satanism and there is some sexual content. This page is not intended for children to read, and I do apologize if anyone is startled by the text.

Here is a very personal and intimate disclosure of my personal dealings with and understanding of the creature who used to call himself Betelgeuze, then Malik, and most recently The Beast.

First encounters with Betelgeuze

I first met Betelgeuze years ago at my ex-boyfriend's house. At nights I would notice a black demon standing by my side of the bed. His presence was so dark, evil and uncomfortable that I refused to sleep there. I tried relaxation techniques and blatant ignoring of him, tried in every way to convince myself that there was nothing there, or that at least I could ignore him and go to sleep like normal. But his presence was so dark, evil, and Satanic, this highly sinister and uncanny sensation centered about the figure of a black being. The demon would be standing there at nights and looking at me.

Well, my boyfriend had another bedroom, although that bed was almost too small for two people but I was unable to sleep with this demon next to me, to the extent that it was better cramming in one bed where I nearly fell off. At least I was safe and undisturbed, and the monster never followed me in. I still like to think that the many Christian wall decorations in that other room somehow kept him away, because there was always a distinct feeling of Jesus Christ and God of Light there.

Under mysterious circumstances a young man had found his way into my life. I had been sitting in class one day when all of a sudden almost literally as if sweapt in with a gust of black wind, I was shown a young man, shown that he was into Satanism and that he had plans of killing children and then burying them in the woods (yes, brutal I know). And I was shown that this young man was coming into my life. Well, the next day or so I ran into a person online and turns out it was him. What's even creepier is that this young man has a literal obsession with me as a person.

Well, before it got revealed to me that this young man is seriously disturbed, we were just chatting and getting along quite well. I did not realize at the time that the Draconians had put us together. The guy and me were talking about getting together, we felt a huge tremendous attraction to each other (the so-called "alien love bite" as a term coined by investigator Eve Lorgen). We were going to move in together and get married and have children.

But this guy had some serious problems. One day I wrote that I was going to the woods jogging. He then replied that "he hopes that I get raped". I got upset and he didn't understand why I was upset. So I excommunicated him. A mutual friend then said that he had gotten into a rage and had written that he would rape and kill me. Years went by without any contact, and a few days ago actually I started thinking of him for some reason, and turns out very shortly after he is making contact again. But I am avoiding him. I have real and serious concerns about him. I am afraid that he would seek me out, and now I understand it that the Draconians are behind it.

But anyhow, knowing this young man at around the same time and finding out that he had been into Satanism in the past, I had assumed that this demon standing beside my bed had come over from him somehow. So, one night I turned my telepathic attention to the black demon to have a chat. I wanted to understand who he was and maybe reach a friendly understanding so that I could tolerate having his scary self there beside my bed. He told me that his name was Betelgeuze. At the time my astronomy was as poor as it is today and I did not realize that this was an alternate name of the star Alpha Orionis. I thought that it sounded just like some demonic name.

But talking to this Betelgeuze offered me some relief. He was a real and sentient person, and maybe he would understand my fears and not be so bad. But that was the end of it for some time.

Betelgeuze my Master

Next time I would meet my Betelgeuze would be years later. Well, life had been spiraling down for me for a long time. I had been in serious stages of depression and melancholy (something which I today wonder if the Draconians did not inflict upon me) and my whole life had been shattered in every way.

One night when I was literally at my lowest point, it happened again, that a man was shown to me mentally. I was shown a man and what he looks like and who he is. I saw that he has swords on his walls and that to my surprise he was a so-called Master. A Master is a man whose sexual disposition has him play the role of dominant and owner of the partner. The partner is referred to as a slave. Feel free to Google these topics and have a look at all the scary stuff that it entails. It's a very advanced sexual topic which only appeals to someone of a very particular mindset and would scare the hell out of anyone who is normal, so to say. And I was shown that this man was coming into my life soon.

The next day I was being asked out by a man on the internet. I had not seen him before and he had not seen me before either. I was confused as to why he was asking me out, I did not have any pretty pictures online or anything like that to pull him in. In our earliest conversations he was saying that he was into some unusual things and that I was sure to "scream and run away".

I ended up meeting this man for a date. Just before I got into his car I was whispered two personal and very specific items of information about him. One was that he was an alcoholic in the AA, the other was that he was part of a sect such as Satanism. (Turns out his sect is not Satanism per se, but the Free Masons.) Let's just say I found myself in a Master/slave situation. And the only reason it had been possible to lure me in was because I had been put into the lowest state that a human can be in. I was at the brink of extinction and somehow I thought that this was my only rescue.

My book will have all of the details of what I did with this man. It is relevant, because turns out Betelgeuze himself, and Hamish my Red Reptilian, were in possession of this man's mind and body, and it was they who were using me sexually, and sadistically, to drink my juice.

The man did hypnosis and mind control on me in order to enslave me. I only remember the first time he put me under. My mind started floating around the room and at first I accused him of having put drugs into my drink, but later he's done the same hypnosis on me and I know it isn't drug induced. He puts me into an altered state of mind, in which I do not feel any pain when he does things to me that would normally cause tremendous pain.

The man has programmed my brain to respond to certain code words, and he tells me of things that we have done together of which I have no memory recall of, because he says he does not let me remember. The scary thing is that I also have the MKULTRA gang after me and I somehow wonder if these two are related.

At one point the man told me to look into his eyes, and when I did I was utterly terrified! I have never been so scared in my life! It's not that his eyes would have looked scary, evil, or dangerous, but there was someone else in his eyes that was looking straight at me. It was the most hellish thing. I refused to look into his eyes and I was closing my eyes tight and turning away and saying no I can't do it. He was very patient with me and kept repeating that I must look into his eyes. After a lot of persuasion I dared to take a peek into his scary eyes. And when I did, I swear to God I saw a black monster standing in a ring of fire. The man then continued to use hypnosis on me, much of which I cannot understand or remember anymore.

I think this story is fascinating because this is a real and close encounter of the Satanic aspect of the Draconians, Free Masons and all of that. I am excited by how outrageous and interesting this all is, even though it is not my cup of tea, and I am happy to be able to document and share something like this, which I believe touches on the very essence of the Draconian Illuminati Agenda, which spans over many topics including the Free Masons, MKULTRA, mind control, world domination and all of that.

So I kept telling him that I see a black monster. Later on this man who had me refer to him as "Master" had me kneel on the floor before him, and when I did I saw that the black monster was inside of his body, and when I held my arms around his legs, it was the black monster I was hugging. I started calling him my Master, having the experience that it was my black monster whom I was adoring and embracing. It was a real intimate encounter with a beast who in fact is very sensual, erotic, loving in a way, and beautiful. The black monster and me were having a close moment.

I also had visions of a red monster, which I now recognize was none other than my Hamish.

I know it is taboo and I know that I should be ashamed of myself, but hanging out with the black monster is an irresistible, beautiful and sensual experience, in which there really is no pain or fear. You see, one of the most incredible and important discoveries I have made of the black ones and Draconians in general, is that they have absolutely no perception of pain or fear. When humans feel pain or fear, what the Draconian or black one feels is pure sensual lust and pleasure. That is the reason why they are able to enjoy torture of human beings. It is not the pain or fear that they are perceiving or enjoying. They experience a translation of this emotional delerium which they call "drinking the juice", and "feeling the power". I honestly don't think that they even understand or believe when someone tells them that the other person is actually suffering and feeling something tremendously uncomfortable.

More monsters

The man would call me every night and on some nights he said that he would "tuck me in", and then he would do hypnosis over the phone and put me into a different place altogether. Sometimes he tells me that I am falling, and then I literally feel like I am falling. Things like that. But while he was putting me under hypnosis over the phone, I would see sometimes a black monster appear in my room beside me, and sometimes the red monster, and I would tell this man over the phone that I see a black monster (or red monster).

August 2011 I meet my Draconians

So in August 2011 it's been several months since I met with this man for the first time and the aliens show up in my life, starting with the Orion doctor and then the Dinosaur, and I am introduced to the fact that I am an egg donor and sex-ed teacher in the hybrid programs, as well as that they are taking measurements of my body, studying bacterial samples, and being very curious about the study of my eating habits and metabolism (and forbidding me from eating any refined sugar). But then I also get to meet Hamish my Red Reptile, and Betelgeuze the Black Reptile. (Betelgeuze later changed his name to Malik, which is Arabic for King.)

It took me a while to make the unbelievable connection that my Hamish and Malik were the two monsters that were very present during my encounter with the Master, and I now know that it was Malik who was my Master all along, not the man himself. The man was possessed by them and being used by them. And I recognized that the black and the red monsters who sometimes appeared during phone calls with this man, were also none other than my reptilian boys. And also of course the black demon Betelgeuze standing by my bed at my ex-boyfriend's house was also none other than this Black One.

After watching me for two days, Hamish suddenly and without warning jumped over and inside me and did what I've come to call "the Draconian conquest". In a Draconian conquest, a Draconian reptile throws himself over a person's body and wrestles with them to test their strength but also to drink their "juice". The juice is the human life force, which is evoked during times of intense emotions, in particular fear, pain, or sexual. Draconians are good at manipulating with and drawing out more juice out of a person once they get started. A Draconian doing the conquest will also use phrases of threats and taunt to put the human into a state of emotional distress or fear. Draconians can also use torture devices to inflict pain for the extraction of juice, or they can make it into a purely intense sexual experience, which is the route that Hamish did with his conquest.

But Draconians are not the culprit here. They are themselves enslaved by "the Black Ones", and have had their minds and bodies possessed by the Black Ones. Malik also has a black Draconian under his possession, but the entity himself that rules over that body is The Black One, who recently referred to himself to me as The Beast.

Hamish has warned me on several occasions for the Black Ones. He fears them, yet he honors them because he has to. I have seen Hamish roaring at the Black Ones from the very depths of his soul, telling them that he honors them, but at the same time there is a tragic pleading in his voice, as if he is asking for his survival. When Hamish roars "my Honored" to the Black Ones it touches me so deeply and I cry. I love Hamish and now that I have gotten to know who he really is over the past year, Hamish turned out to be such a sweet reptile. Hamish loves comfy sofas and bathroom rugs and he loves to stand in a creek here on Earth and feel the soft round rocks and water on his feet, just because it feels good. Hamish is a darling.

Sometimes I've seen Malik (or Betelgeuze) as a black Draconian Reptile with a real solid physical body with scales. But every time I see him as the Reptile, I am taken by how small and frail he seems. It's just like when you have a cartoon and there is the big evil boss, but then you find out that it is only his shadow, a big dark shadow on the wall, caused by a bright light on him, but the guy from which that evil shadow is coming, is just a small frail old man who has no powers of his own.

Malik, I believe, is a black Draconian who probably is very gentle himself, but it seems that he has demonic possession over himself by the "black one" who calls himself The Beast. Because sometimes when I see Malik I don't see the black Draconian, instead I see a black figure, the same demon that I saw standing by my bed all those many years ago when I couldn't sleep because of him.

Powerful beasts

The Draconians are very powerful and every time that they use their mind powers to physically throw my body around I am reminded of how the experience is just like how demonic possessions are described. Now I must say I have experienced possessions by the Draconians and by the Black One on a few occasions and I am fully aware of when that is taking place versus when it is not, so they can't sneak that on me. Possession per se is not required in order for them to throw me around. They can be standing next to me and not possess me and still manage to toss me around.

Hamish likes to pull me up so that I am on all fours in the bed. Malik on the other hand, the Black One, pulls me up so that I am sitting on folded knees and with back perfectly straight and tall. These positions that they put me in both feel very awkward and synthetic in a way. I mean, they are positions that make me feel very exposed and staged.

Draconians can also pull my arms up over my head, spread my legs, or flip my body from lying on the left side to lying on the right side, or the other way around. Sometimes they toss me from one side to the other repeatedly, and they call this "hitting". There was one occasion when another Draconian (not Hamish or Malik) said something to me about Aleister Crowley and he then threw me in a split second all the way across the bed and to the very far end of the bed. It was such an impressive demonstration of power and skill, I was delighted.

There was a time when I had eaten four cinnamon buns and I was not allowed to eat any sugar. Malik showed up that night and told me that he was going to take a look at what I had eaten. He then showed me a mental image of the cinnamon buns and told me that I was not allowed. He then reprimanded me by flipping my body from one side to the other, many times.

I am never afraid when they toss me around, on the contrary I often start to giggle or laugh and I tell them to do more! It never hurts me, I am sure that they could hurt me and even kill me if they so wanted. I know for a fact that they could even throw me against the wall or crush my skull or break my limbs if they wanted to. It is clear that they have an understanding of my personal limitations and that they deliberately ensure not to harm me. These are only power demonstrations, I regard them as not much different than telling a dog that had peed on the floor to go stand in the corner. In fact when Malik reprimanded me for the cinnamon buns, I felt ashamed - not afraid - just like a dog that had peed on the floor. He managed to instill shame into me.

I love it when the Draconians toss me around, because the speed and strength with which they do, as well as the positions that they can maneuver and fold my body into, are perfectly impossible for me to do onto myself. In other words this is evidence, perhaps my best evidence, of them being real and not imaginary!

Aleister Crowley and Pentagrams

One day the Draconians said to me "Alistair Cromley was also one of ours". I had no idea who Alistair Cromley was. I expected Google to reveal some old duke living in a mansion in a small town on the English countryside surrounded by sheep pastures. But Aleister Crowley was perhaps the most influential Satanist of modern time. Of what little I know so far, Aleister brought about a new theology in his writings which is highly saturated with Draconian symbolisms, of Ancient Egypt, the pyramid power symbol, rituals, and The Beast himself.

One day a friend of mine could not stop talking about Thelema, which is a theology inspired by Aleister Crowley's works. This friend of mine had never spoken of this or related topics before with me, yet here he was hour after hour mentioning Thelema and Aleister Crowley. He ended up lending me three Aleister Crowly books. I today think that the Draconians orchestrated this. They are masters in manipulating humans to do what they want.

While I've had those three books I haven't been able to read them much. They are very dense and I haven't been interested or able to dive into them. It just repels me somehow. But the Black One, Malik/Betelgeuze The Beast has on a few occasions told me that I was meant to have those books and that I should be reading them. I was also told to take the drug Mescaline before reading them. (I do not do drugs, in fact I had not even heard of such a thing as "mescaline" when he said it. And I will not be coerced into taking any drugs either, so no worries.)

Malik himself was going to teach me how to make a pentagram on my bedroom floor. He comes across as friendly and almost like a father-figure who is wanting to teach a daughter something valuable, when he asks me to study Aleister Crowley's texts and make pentagrams. He doesn't come at me in a scary way or anything, it all really seems so sweet and well-intending. But I have declined.

I was once at a friend's house and he had some Thoth tarot cards, so he and I read each other's cards. Betelgeuze showed up that night as the black demon and asked if I would read his cards for him, so I did. See what Thoth cards Betelgeuze got. The other day Malik showed up asking me to read his cards again. I explained that I do not have Thoth tarot cards and I would have to get some. Thing is, while I was doing the cards - it was the first time ever I had done tarot cards, and I was very good at it - I could feel that I was tapping into a dark force. And that was uncomfortable.

Me and The Beast

Sometimes the Black One drinks my juice and he doesn't even have to get me worked up with fear, pain, sexual, or taunting, he can just pull my white light vital force straight out, leaving me totally drained and weak and with a feeling of black emptiness. It will take me three hours after him drinking my juice before I can get out of bed after that. I don't like it when the Black One drinks my juice.

If the Black One comes close to me I can sense a really bad smell in his breath. It smells like sewer, pestilence, infectious disease, disease and death. When he comes close to me my body reacts very strongly from his close presence and I feel that I am becoming ill with strange diseases. I get nauseated and if he doesn't leave I would be vomiting. I always scream at him to not be so close because I'm getting sick and he smells, so he actually backs off a bit. He understands.

Early in my Draconian contacts since August 2011, the Draconians were flooding my mind with images and thoughts of medical torture and sexual sadism and giving me associated tremendous sensations of sexual lust with those. I was confused because I knew that this was completely unlike me. I then realized that these images were only appearing at times when the Black One was near, and as soon as he would leave the images and sensations would also be gone. So I knew that it was him, not me.

Sometimes the Black One puts his arm inside of my arm and I will see his arm instead of my own. It is a black arm with a black hand with five fingers and black claws, and his skin is covered in black scales. When he does this I put my head against my/his arm and cuddle him and kiss his arm.

There is something absolutely sensual and erotic about The Beast. I would describe him as being a highly sexual creature who in fact seems to seek me out for sensory pleasures, very intense and beautiful ones at that. I rate the sexual pleasure as being at least 1000 times more intense and pleasurable than anything a human could feel on their own. I suspect that the Black One is the Devil as described in the Bible, and that these are the Devil's temptations, also described in the Bible.

Sometimes the Black One roars at me with demonic/Draconian sounds like a beast. I was once on the phone and it is a flip phone so I closed the cover and dropped it back on the bed. While the cover was already on and I think before it even hit the bed, the phone let out a monster's roar which had several intonations in it. It sounded like the Draconian roar.

How would I describe my relationship with The Beast? He visits me and he is in charge of the team of extraterrestrials who are doing genetics and hybrid projects on me. When he visits, the room around him turns into a black Satanic energy. I have had glimpses of a fuller effect of The Beast, such as hellish images put into my head. There was one time when The Beast was possessing me and engaging with me into a very intimate sexual experience. I decided to open up my barriers to him fully so that I could see what he was doing. I have to say that I nearly went insane. Aleister Crowley's wives went insane, and I suspect that it was The Beast who did that to them.

I believe that The Beast has been putting negative emotions and thoughts into my head to drive me into a state of emotional despair over the years, because every now and so often I've started to notice that when I'm having a flood of pessimistic thoughts going through my head, it's coming from the Black One and not from my own thoughts. I call this "taunting", when they deliberately know what negative thoughts and pictures to put into someone's head specifically to wind them down closer toward a state that is more receptive to The Beast.

But when Malik The Beast visits I always welcome him. "My King!" I tell him with a friendly greeting. I had to choose to have a friendly and welcoming attitude towards him, because that helps to make me less scared. So now I am not scared of him at all, unless if he is acting creepy sometimes, but he rarely does that. Some nights I even whine at him telling him that I miss my King and that I want him to visit, just so that I can spend time with him a little bit. I try to be friends with him, because he is the boss of my ET team and he is a part of my life.

I would say that Malik's attempts at making me into a Satanist, Aleister Crowley-reading, pentagram-drawing, slave of a sexual Master who derives sexual gratification from taboo topics such as medical torture, have been more of an invitation and an offer than forceful or even insisting. And I have kindly declined all of it.

I talk to The Beast about light and love and compassion and consciousness and he listens, the only thing is he asks me whether he could still feel the power if he were to embark on those things. And I tell him the honest truth, that no he would not. So he declines joining me in the light. I have really tried to understand Malik and to see the world he lives in.

I feel that he has welcomed me into his world, but he has not pushed me or forced me into it, and it is my suspicion that anyone who falls victim to the Satanic and demonic temptations that even the Bible warns us about, has done so out of a weak-minded spirit and also partially by choice. Oh I have enjoyed the lusts and pleasures of Satan's temptations (here calling Malik my Beast "Satan", perhaps not too far-fetched?), but every time I have made the conscious and informed decision to stick with the light.

I must also say that I have never succumbed to his temptations that are based on injury to others, whether preying on children or adults or animals or any creature. I am far too compassionate. Once your soul evolves to higher levels and you learn to become consciously aware of others, as I am, there is no going back, and there is no undoing it. Anyone who is able to enjoy the delights of the darkness with The Beast is in fact a less conscious soul, unaware and untangled with the mind and the experience of the other. But I have tasted on some of the delights of intimate and what are actually quite sweet and gentle encounters that have been purely between me and The Beast only. I don't mind him embracing me sometimes and being what ultimately comes across as gentle, loving, sensual, and very beautiful. Because in those times, no one was hurt, and no one else was involved.

But I understand him as a complex creature, highly terrifying and capable of the potential of causing tremendous and unimaginable harm worthy of the worst hells. I should consider myself lucky to not have fallen into his trap, into his belly. I still have my soul intact, I have my mind and my sanity intact. And I am not one of theirs. I have not joined. Instead I have taken an interesting journey through his world, to see glimpses of what it is like, and I am lucky to be intact enough to be here to tell you all about it. Perhaps I understand this complex beast in ways that few others ever could. Many who would fall deep into his welcoming arms would be lost forever and have lost their souls into an eternal darkness where they are consumed by his desire to devour our flesh and very souls, in a kind of extinction where we come to willingly sacrifice ourselves for his pleasures, only to have the light that is us be stomped out forever, for the sake of his momentary enjoyment, before he ventures out in search for new victims of passionate love, and demise.

For The Beast loves all of us, he holds great love and embrace to any human, creature, or animal that wants to feel him. He is forever hungry, and he starves when he does not have one's soul to feed on. Yet when he manages to drink your soul and have it in his hands, his own body and mind are incapable of holding a soul and it scatters around him and is lost again. He is a tragic beast, one who is forever hungry, one who without knowing it is seeking the love and light that we others have, who have evolved past feelings of greed, selfishness, and unconsciousness.

The Beast is a loving being, and many who find their ways into Satanism are humans who have been let down by human society, who feel unloved, unwelcome, and forgotten about. When The Beast comes to you, whether drawn to you by means of your alcoholism, pessimism or drug abuse, or even summoned by Satanic rituals that mind you in fact work, he surrounds you with his special embrace, he is the most sensual, loving, erotic, and beautiful monster you will ever find, or who will ever find you. He floods your senses with the most passionate sexual pleasures and temptations. He is a creature who lives in the fires of Hell, that in fact are the burning of souls, or "juice", as he stomps them out in order to extract that precious glimpse of what love really means. For he is lonely without you, and he craves to eat your body, soul, and mind. And you fall into that love that he offers.

The Beast is somehow not a scary or dangerous beast. He is in fact the most beautiful thing there is. His caresses are like velvet, and the reason why so many worship this Devil is not because they feel forced to, but because they truly fall in love with this sensual and loving Beast and want nothing other than to caress him.

Such is the complexity of this beast. He is the scariest thing if you stand on one side of things and he makes you suffer, or if you merge with him all pain and fear and suffering go away and it is pure passion, caress and beauty. I never knew that about Satanism - in fact I knew nothing about Satanism - but if you join with it there is actually nothing scary about it at all, only pure beauty. In fact they do say that Lucifer was "the most beautiful angel of them all".

But the other side of things, which the Beast himself will never see or admit to, is that when he tortures creatures, they are feeling actual pain and suffering. And that is the most important thing of all. Once we learn compassion and love we cannot inflict harm onto others, because we feel their pain. The Beast feels no pain, he only extracts pleasure from the energy aroused by pain.

I could write a book about the intricacies of The Beast. There is a lot to say about this complex creature. I would like to end with the note that I am with the Angels and I am personally not the least bit into Satanism or any other related dark and sinister things. I am a light and love person, and it still puzzles me a bit why The Beast came to me. I also think that a testament to me being with the Light is that I am still here. Many others in his path have succumbed. Am I still here because of my own strengths in the light? Or has he somehow spared me?

The Beast is beautiful, but at the same time he is Hell. It depends on which side you are on. I think I will write a book about him.