On October 9, 2017, I was watching YouTube videos and one of the videos that appeared on the list of recommended videos was one about David Icke, who is well-known for speaking on topics which include the assertion that world politics is in part governed by sinister Reptilians. Since I have recently started to remote view and to channel, I just wondered to myself whether I would be able to read information about his work, and that instantly gave me the word "Wimbledon", that during or right after a Wimbledon tennis match David would have changed, and I saw how his mind was then flooded by constant bickering and quarrelsome conversations that he was hearing in his head. I was shown that those conversations were the thoughts of Reptilians living under ground, and that his mind would have been made aware of these creatures. I looked closer at those Reptilians, and I discovered two new species: a large dark salamander, and this new species or subspecies of Reptilians which I have probably not encountered before (this page).

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I came to refer to the under ground room that these Reptilians were in, as the "snakepit". From that place, I connected with two new species: one that I named the "Salamander", and a second species which I have named the "Strong Reptilian".

Strong Reptilians

It was clear from my first look at these Reptilians in the "snakepit" that these were a new type of Reptilians that I was not familiar with from before. In the video I describe these beings and speak with them.


By now I have encountered many different kinds of Reptilians and similar reptile creatures in The Orion Project in the past six years. It has been important to distinguish the different ones from one another, due to differences in their biology or body, differences in who their ancestors were and what their origin and history has been, and differences in their politics and behavior. It would be wrong to simply label all of them as "Reptilians". One good example of why calling them all "Reptilians" would be a mistake, is that the Alpha Orion lizards, as I call them, have been in wars with other Reptilians and lost and were taken over as a group, and so there are crucial political differences making them different groups not to be referred to as the same.

I also enjoy the taxonomy of alien species, although I do admit that the appearance of many different groups of Reptilians is starting to grow into a vast family tree most of which is not clear to me. I define the many Reptilians as distinct groups and as time goes along and I learn more clues, the connections between the different ones can begin to become known. And so, here is yet another type of Reptilian, and I have named them the Strong Reptilians.

It might be that this species that I have named "Strong Reptilian" wants to call itself "Basilisk" and perhaps it is one and the same as the Basilisk species I encountered on planet Saturn. I never saw what the Basilisk at Saturn looked like.