Starseeding is what the aliens call it when an alien species places its own genetic material into another species to create a new species. Starseeding seems to imply that the genetic material of the species who does the Starseeding, is being placed into the recipient species, as I have not come across a case where Starseeding meant to place the genetic material of a third species into the recipient species and that the creator species that does the Starseeding would not be placing its own material there. However I have cases of Starseeding where it was not clearly stated that the genetic material was taken from the species who does the Starseeding. Meaning:

Many cases where Starseeder uses its own material into recipient species.
I know of no cases where Starseeder uses material from other species into recipient species.
I have cases where it was not explicitly stated that Starseeder used its own material, so the possibility would remain that maybe some cases were with the use of other species material.

One important note on the use of words: Starseeding refers to an extraterrestrial species that uses its own material into recipient material. Whereas, when an extraterrestrial species uses the material of another species not its own, to place into recipient species, that is then in The Orion Project not called Starseeding, but is called making a hybrid or creating a new species. Starseeding in my terminology means that the Starseeder uses its own genetic material and places it into a recipient species.

However Zeta Reticulans do not use the word Starseeding about when they create what they call a hybrid that is a mixture of Zeta material and a recipient material.

Here are the family trees that I know of. These will be updated continuously and may change in the future as I learn more material and add new branches.

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