Russian MILABS

I am having to heavily censor what I know and have seen because of two reasons. The Russians will get seriously upset with me if I reveal too much information. And also the information I have is not for a general audience nor for a child audience. It involves a lot of graphic, disturbing, sexually explicit, illegal, upsetting and shocking information.

But here is a milder and censored version of it. The Draconian Reptiles have contacted earth militaries and government authorities, because the Reptilians have a thing for leadership figures so they will naturally want to talk to humans who are in charge of things here. The militaries of the US, Japan, and Russia, are all in close dealings with the Draconian Reptiles.

The Reptilians and militaries of earth are in agreements and trading systems. Reptilians get women like me as egg donors for their hybrid programs. Basically, the Reptilians have their team of Dinosaurs, Orions, Zetas and Thubans to extract my egg cells and they mix in Zeta, Dinosaur, or even Draconian genetics with mine so to make a hybrid that is a mixture of alien and human. The children also have a father who is most often an Illuminati hybrid himself.

The militaries and aliens all regard me as some strange alien. I am told I have twelve strands of DNA. The Reptilians are highly selective in terms of the human DNA they are after. First of all, my Reptilians will only use Caucasian and Nordic, to be more exact, Finnish, DNA, and I am a 100% Finnish. But there is also something very extra about my DNA because I have heightened psychic skills. The aliens are scrambling to find my genes that enable these skills. They also want to incorporate my feet into the hybrid generation because the hybrid children have problems with their feet. But other than that the hybrids should be pretty much their alien predecessor.

But the Reptilians do not just take what they want! In exchange for the active participation of earth militaries, Reptilians pay the militaries with money and with commodities. Militaries are given women like me to use, and also hybrid children to use, and also drugs that it seems the aliens make. The militaries pay the Draconians US dollars. One Russian guy Ivan paid $700 USD for 11 or 12 minutes with me. So that is the going rate, if anybody wants a piece of me (joke).

Meanwhile in Japan, the Japanese military who are in this, are supplying the Draconian bases that are under the sea off the coast of Japan, with fish guts. Also in exchange for women and children.

The US military team call themselves MKULTRA and say that they have been training me. The Russian tem appeared recently and they will pay the US team millions of dollars to use me. I would be kind of like an undercover agent. They could give me codes, that they call "keys", and they could control my body in the way that the Draconians Malik and Hamish and the other Draconians can do, where they possess my body and mind and make my movements. The Draconians are teaching and enabling the militaries to possess my body and mind.

I have heightened psychic skills and the Russians want me to work for them. Then there is this whole Jew and Goldman Sachs and Jewish gold and Hitler and Nazis and age old battle. I am not supposed to tell you this. But the Russians work with the Draconians. The Jewsish people are not Draconian bloodline. In fact years ago I was told by direct sources that the Vega people seeded the Jews and that therefore the Jews were in fact God's chosen people, as they say they are. Especially the Jews that have blonde and curly hair are part of the Vega strain, I learned then. So it is not a matter of the religion, but a genetic bloodline connection that sets some of the Jewish people close to the Vegans.

Vegans are humanlike ancestors that have lent their genes into parts of humanity. Well, the Vegans are good people. The Draconians are anti-Vega, and in fact also anti-Pleiadian and anti-Air People (the Air People are such as the Airship Admiral, see in the BOARD section of this website).

Well, here's how it goes. Since the Draconians don't like the Jews, then the Russians don't like the Jews either. Russia wants to expand and build lavish luxurious cities in the Russian wilderness. So they are after the Jewish gold. And that is held at Goldman Sachs. The Russians want me to remote view Goldman Sachs and tell them a way in. Why me? Because they can't do it. And because I somehow have some skills that they all drool over. Don't worry though, personally I absolutely love the Jews and I am not into taking money from someone. Plus with the tough history of the Jews, and look at all the good things that the Jews have brought to this world. So much culture, science, technology, and other things to civilization have come from the Jewish population. And in general the Jewish make a good impression of being highly civilized, law-abiding, religious spiritual and wonderful people. In fact for reasons I don't even understand, every time I have met a Jewish person here in the US, I have really felt something very special and wonderful about them.

I always wondered why Hitler and the Nazis were after the Jews, for purported racial reasons, when in fact the Jewish are white people and all of that. But it is an age old battle, dating back thousands of years. The Draconians took credit for Hitler early on and they are very proud of the Nazi accomplishments. The Draconians steered it so that the Hindu Blue God People symbol would be distorted and tainted and used, because the Hindu Blue Gods were good ETs and the Draconians feel challenged by their power. And this whole spite against Jews stems back from them being part of the good ETs such as Vegans. I have also been shown how Jewish blood is different from other human genetic populations.

However mind you, just by having Jewish faith does not imply that one is part of the Vega bloodline. Jewish who are pale and with black hair tend to be other strains of genetics that merged in with the Vega strain to become part of the Jewish population. Vega Jews have blonde golden hair and curly locks of hair, big eyes, have that exceptional attractiveness of the Vega people, a particular shape of head, golden skin color. There were aliens on Vega who are humanlike and these Jews are genetically seeded by the Vegans.

The Russians have an underground base 40,000 feet under Kremlin. I met with a Russian military officer with white hair. He was nice and told me about how cold the winters get in Russia, and at one point he told me that I was cute "like a ferret" and he thought of an image of a cartoon ferret when he said this. I thought that was delightful.

Olli is a younger Russian officer. He wears a Russian military uniform. They are different from American US military uniforms. Olli has brown hair.

Then there's Ivan. And I cannot publish here what Ivan has been involved with. I may give out everything in a book, but I don't want to get in trouble.

Please appreciate the information I have given here. The Russians have given me explicit threats if I were to speak about this. The only reason I speak about this is because it helps me to process it if I share it with others. If the Russians could allow me more conscious abductions, and sit down and talk to me, then I could better keep this to myself. I mean no harm to the Russians. They are in a funny position, where they feel that they cannot trust me and also they due to the Draconians somewhat despise me because I am with the good ETs but at the same time they need me, because only good ETs through benevolence comes the true gifts that someone who is with the darkness can never have.

The Russians have invited me to Novgorod. If it turns into a real invitation, I would go see them.

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