In my teens from the age of about 15 to 21 I was spoken to by what seemed to be U.S. military and men in black suits surveillance people. These people were involved with the aliens who were working with me. But several of these humans had Russian names, and I can list from those years Stanislav, Nikolai and Vladislav. And in recent years there has also been the additions of Russians Korporal Olav "Olli" Vetti, the Russian military officer with white hair named Pavel, and Ivan Sokolov.

In my late 20's, the U.S. character who goes by the name General Patton introduced me to Olav and I was told I was being transferred to the Russian team, it even sounded like I was being sold to them. I was then being asked if I would remote view Russian missiles and satellites, and the U.S. officers have made this request of me several times since then. Olav is supposedly a Russian Korpral who is also a missiles expert, his job in Russia is to guard Russian missile sites. In June 2017 I also met with remote connection another, young, Russian officer who was educated in missiles.

Novgorod is mentioned now and then by the Russians. They have also discussed a secret base hidden underneath the Kreml.

A part of me has to question, whether the U.S. military are wanting me to remote view Russian missiles and satellites on their behalf, to conduct illegal espionage on the Russian military, and that they would be making it seem as if the Russians themselves were somehow in on this, as if I would be working for the Russians. My remote viewing skills are not the world's best, and I imagine that the U.S. military should be able to train their own to perform a better job at it. Another part of me has to wonder if they like to try to employ citizens of other nations who also happen to be young women to do their espionage for them so that that could never be traced back to the United States military if I were caught. Either case, I don't like the sound of it.

I do not know much about international politics and military, and I honestly don't know if the United States or if Russia are the good guys or not. But the complication is that I believe I might have had one of the most if not the most meaningful past lives in Russia which would mean that my great grandchildren are living in Russia today. I have a tremendous and never-dying love and loyalty toward Russia and no one could ever trick me into doing anything that might be harmful towards Russia.