The Rotschilds are an old wealthy family. When you search for information about the Agenda - which is also called Illuminati - or search for information about the Dark Lords - also called Archons - or Reptilians who work for the Agenda, you come across references to the Rotschild family. Other authors claim that the Rotschilds are one of the so-called bloodline families who are closely tied to the Agenda. These families are supposedly genetically linked to the Agenda, and members of these families are supposedly working behind the scenes on world domination with the Agenda.

The information on my website is based on my own sources and contact experiences with alien beings of the Agenda and with human associates who are connected to the Agenda. It is important to handle these topics scientifically. That is why I do not post rehash of material that is spread by other authors. The danger is that one person can write something that is untrue, and others start copying that material, and once many are copying the material then people hear it so many times and from so many different sources that it begins to sound true to them. Anyone can read other sources and provide a rehash which would state the things that one is expected to say about the Agenda.

I have previously given examples of how Reptilians or Fat Lizards of the Agenda show an interest in specific human individuals who are members of royal families or U.S. presidents. Other authors report this phenomenon but are quick to state that this implies that these human figures ARE Reptilians in disguise. I however have not reached such a conclusion. Instead I state that I have observed several examples of Reptilians posing to be specific human figures and I have also observed the shapeshifting behavior. This does not however imply that these humans are Reptilians in disguise, since it could also be the case of Reptilians posing as a human.

I will here report however that I have also encountered the Rotschild mansion and at least one member of the Rotschild family who was being posed by a Reptilian shapeshift figure. And so I can confirm that the Rotschild family is indeed of interest to the Agenda creatures. This does however not imply that the human Rotschild family are Reptilian shapeshifters. All what I can conclude at this time is that the Agenda aliens have an interest in this family, with a similar type of shapeshifting and impersonation behavior as we have seen them express toward royalty, political figures, and at least one Catholic pope.