In a channeling of the Zeta Reticulans I was looking into the past of the Reticulans so that I could understand them better. I came across an alien which was the ancestor of the Zeta Reticulan. The Reticulan Ancestor looks very different from the current Zetas, and also its mind is very different. When I saw this the Reticulan Ancestor I had already encountered around 70 different alien species, but this one was possibly the first time that I met an alien species which itself had not approached me and I was the one who found it. It also did not at first want me to look at it, but we had a conversation and we learn a few things about this species.


It seems to walk on two legs. I did not see its feet or hands or fingers in detail. It most likely does not have a tail. The head is very narrow, about the width of a human woman's hand. The head is very vertically elongated. The skin appears smooth, and compared to human skin its skin appears somewhat thicker. The skin is of a pale light yellow color. It has no hairs. It has two long narrow slender pointy ears. The eyes have a peculiar shape which I describe as being the shape of a shoe or of the sole of a shoe or the shape of a spoon, being of a curved shape with an indentation coming down in the middle. The eye also sits in an eye socket that is also indented into the head. I have not come across such an eye in any of the other alien species that I have encountered. I presume that I did see a narrow nose and a mouth similar to as drawn. The individual I saw was not wearing any clothes or shoes.

This alien seems familiar to me from many of the other alien species I have encountered, such as for example the yellow Alpha Centaurians both the small kind and then there is also the large kind, and the Sirians, and the original Ayurveda Arcturians, all were slender species with narrow pointy ears. The origins and any possible relation to other alien species will need to be discovered. It however chose to change its own species to evolve into the Zeta Reticulan species.


This species, or at least as represented by this one individual whom I spoke with, is intellectually smart and shows a broad range of thought and understanding which gives it a colorful and sentient personality - characteristics which are lacking in the modern Zeta Reticulan which it evolved into. This species used to apply what he called "hallucinogenic" and "hypnogetic" drugs to their brains in order to acchieve an altered mental state. They decided to begin to alter their species so that it would exist in such an elevated mental state constantly and without needing the use of applied drugs anymore, and so this species the Reticulan Ancestor would change into what we now know as the Zeta Reticulans today.

Note that the nuclear power accident which the Zeta Reticulans had which led the Zeta Reticulans to move under ground where they the Zetas would further change as a species and were rendered infertile... this is a history that belongs to the Zeta Reticulans, and this history is not relevant to the Reticulan Ancestor species.

The material about the Reticulan Ancestor is found in this channeling of Zeta Reticulans which was made on November 5, 2017. You find the actual conversation from the alien and more information in this video: