Sex with Reptilians and Illuminati

Sexuality in Christian demonology

This is graphic, so I will try to be gentle about it. This public website can only offer a censored version of my interaction with the Reptilians, but my book will reveal all the details, so long as the Reptilians approve of me giving it out.

Women report that Reptilians can have sex with them. I had my own experience with the Red Reptilian, and later also with a Black Reptilian. The Reptilians do not have any genitals, and this "sexual encounter" does not involve them touching the human's genitals or other physical erogenous zones (at least not in my experiences), but Reptilian sex with a human is a very pleasurable sensory experience.

The Reptilian is not physically present in the room, the human will not see a solid body of the Reptile, but one can see the creature in their mind. And during these close interactions, the Reptilian places his body right over the human body or superimposes his with the human body. There are so many details I would like to elaborate on, as I have taken careful notes, but this is not appropriate for all audiences.

I will be blunt and honest to say that I absolutely love my Reptilian intimate encounters. Perhaps humankind expects me to be opposed or appalled, but in my opinion that is due to the fact that women's sexuality has historically always been considered as something impure or taboo. I make scientific observations of my Reptilian ET encounters, and to place our own human cultural restrictive thinking into my judgement and analysis of alien encounter would taint the quality of my work. I find the Reptilian sexual encounters to be beautiful, and that is honest truth, politically correct or not.

However, the Reptilian behavior described herein, does not relate to "sex". When humans have sex, we do it to be intimate with each other, but above all for reproduction. Conversely, Reptilians do this as a form of display of dominance, but they also do it because they too derive a sensory pleasure from it. The Reptilians do not want it to be called sex.

Like I said, all the juicy details will be available in the book. Not intended for all audiences! I won't have kids reading about it, and my book will be for mature audiences only.

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