written December 29 2017

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I have cherished to have been given contact with several individuals of the Reptilian extraterrestrial species over the past years, and having been able to observe their behavior and get acquainted with their customs and their world. Reptilians have a way of being not humble about themselves, but which enables them to include other species into their way of body language and customs. That is how I became acquainted with a Reptilian behavior which I call "the conquest".

When I first got to know Hamish, a red Reptilian, he spent the first few days of our contact just watching me closely. He would watch my every move but he did not speak to me. Then suddenly, after about two days, when he had calculated that I would least expect it, he did a sudden ambush and jumped on top of my body. I was in my bedroom at the time. Hamish was in another dimension and not physically in the same world where we are, but in this moment of close contact and embrace, he was closer than ever before or since then.

I could see his fire engine red scales against my body, I could hear and feel his warm exhale breathing down my neck, I could smell the strong and very pungent odor of sulphur from him. He had clasped his body wrapped around me tight. He expected me to fight back, so that we could wrestle each other and test each other's strengths. But I did not fight back, I did not show him any bit of what strengths I might have.

More so than just a physical embrace, I could either feel from him his own sensations at the time, or that he was somehow conveying to me that sensation, or that perhaps these were the sensations that both of us together somehow created at the time, the most pleasurable feeling I had ever had. The feeling is similar to at least the female orgasm, like sexual pleasure, but not located on the genitalia and not an actual orgasm. Instead most of the feeling was located in the nervous system of my spine and in the brain and head. The feeling was also not overwhelming, but quite gentle in a way. I would rate it as having been at least 1,000 times more pleasurable than sex. It only lasted for a precious few seconds and then it was over and he never did that to me again. Reptilians call it "feeling the power".

Today when I wrote this page, on December 29, 2017, Hamish smiled at me with his eyes with also his lower eyelids raised up, and he told me about this behavior that he did it because he was taking my eggs and because it was his barn, so could I be wrong about it being a measure of strength?

Another Reptilian who called himself by the name Snake also did a conquest which also lasted only a few seconds and was similar in every way as to when Hamish did the conquest earlier. I do not recall any other Reptilian having done the conquest to me other than these two. Earlier I wrote that I had had this experience also with a "black Reptilian". In the case of both Hamish and Snake, the conquest was done early in our contact together and it was only done once and then never again.

About sensual pleasure rewards

The Reptilian conquest is like a sensual experience, but it does not involve genitalia and it is not about reproduction. The Reptilian seems to feel the pleasure because they enjoy games of dominance. Humans experience sensual or sexual plesaure sensations as a reward for reproductive behavior. Those who are familiar with Darwinian evolution can imagine that humans who felt more pleasure from reproductive behaviors had more of an incentive to have sex than those who did not have those sensations, and so we ended up with ever more children offspring of those humans and it became a common trait. Similarly humans also feel a sensory reward of pleasure sensations when we eat sugar, salt, or fat, foods which were rare and very valuable for our bodies in the past, so those who felt more pleasure from eating those foods perhaps ate more of them and survived and had more children. Humans feel pleasure from reproductive activities and from sugar, salt, and fat foods.

Reptilians do have genitalia, at least I have seen the reproductive organs of several male Reptilians. The subspecies or race of Hamish, which I call Dragon Turtles, also has females, and these Reptilians are sexually active and they do mate and have offspring. What exactly they feel in relation to reproductive behaviors is not entirely known to me, but their reproductive behavior is lower than in humans. Instead, Reptilians derive a tremendous sensual reward from activities involving hunting and dominance. If again we imagine Darwinian theory, we imagine that Reptilians who hunted prey were thus able to eat and survived, and Reptilians who were dominating perhaps killed the weaker or less dominant ones, and therefore survived. Reptilian pleasure sensations are potentially much more enjoyable to the Reptilians, than what humans can feel from sexual behaviors or from eating food. However, human sensory reward comes from activities of reproduction and eating, and Reptilian sensory reward comes from hunting and dominating.