Release / Capture from the Agenda
written September 20 2013

Warning: This is an uncomfortable story about the Alien Agenda ruled by its Dark Lords and their use of MKULTRA mind control to turn me into a Doll. This page should only be read by adults.

What is the Agenda?

The Agenda is an organization, a culture, a religion, and a political movement and its members include several extraterrestrial alien races as well as sectors of the human race on Earth. The symbol of the Agenda is the yellow pyramid, a symbol of power structure and hierarchy, which has 40 successsive levels of rank. Higher levels have fewer members and more power. At the very top is the ruling god of the Agenda, The Eye. The first population highest in rank beneath The Eye are the Dark Lords, also known as Shadow Figures or Black Ones. Here on Earth we know the Agenda also as the Illuminati or the New World Order.

What is The Eye?

The Eye seems to be an astronomical object in space, and I suspect it to be possibly a black hole. The Eye draws space into itself and is the destroyer of worlds. The Dark Lords are a very ancient race. Even individual members of this race have been recorded in human history for thousands of years, such as Dark Lords Jezebel and Baphomet. The home world of the Dark Lords is next to be consumed by The Eye. Dark Lords want to appease The Eye and stop it from consuming space, and they do so by feeding it with life force.

If you see The Eye it does not look like a real biological eye. It does not have a pupil or iris or eyewhites or eyelids. It is a hole and it has lines swirling around it that look like wrinkles. If you have a US dollar bill take a look at the back of the dollar and you see none other than the Eye on the pyramid, so you can start to imagine the span and power of this movement, called the Agenda.

Interestingly, The Eye can speak. It has an intelligence. When he speaks he sounds civil and polite, not roaring or scary. He doesn't give lengthy dialogue, and he seems to carefully choose when to speak. He doesn't speak to change or to persuade people, he speaks to greet a person who is ready to see him. While he is the destroyer of worlds, he does not destroy persons whom he speaks to, and he has no power to simply destroy all of life or all worlds all at once. But he does have an intelligence and he does speak, and he sounds like a really nice guy.

If you go through The Eye you experience a terrible hellish feeling that can send a person into madness. This could be an effect of feeling a black hole. Dark Lords, as well as humans throughout history, have described their worldview in religious terms, but today's religion seems to be science so we can talk about astronomy instead of destroyer gods, and about Dark Lords as a species, rather than Dark Lords as demons. You should not have a curiosity of The Eye. There will never be a safari ride that would let you satisfy your curiosity to see this thing. It is important to stay away from The Eye and its influence, because it is the source of the Satanic and the hellish.

The Eye is an astronomical feature that contorts time and space by first compressing it into more compact smaller space, and then also by twisting and rotating, contorting it beyond recognition, both are features of The Eye in space. In fact the lines around The Eye are evidence of the contorting twisting spiraling that it does. Think of The Eye not as a mythological or religious construct, it seems to be a very real thing in space.

The feeling when you approach The Eye is one of darkness, hell, misery, and madness. It is an extinguisher of life. Think of a vibrant red rose with water droplets on its petals and a fragrant smell, instantly incinerated into dry black ash. That is a good description of the impact of The Eye. The Eye can impart madness and the Satanic on living beings that are far away from it, if you let it in. It will contort the very nature of a human, the human mind and spirit and soul will be contorted into the darkest densest most lifeless, the feeling of pestilence, eternal night, fear, and horror.

Dark Lords?

Dark Lords live close to The Eye and Dark Lords say that The Eye speaks to them and tells them what to do. Dark Lords are very much influenced by their proximity and interaction with The Eye. A close encounter of a Dark Lord can and will make a human mind full of madness. Close encounter of a Dark Lord can stop a human heart from beating, will shorten the human lifespan, and will bring about disease. A human being will vomit and suffer a whole host of diseases when the Dark Lords are too near. Dark Lords also have a distinct body odor of pestilence, sewer, death, and rancid socks.

Dark Lords are very powerful. They are an ancient intelligent conscious living race. I classify them as at least pseudo-biological entities. They are not mythical or fictional, they are real people that speak, they have memories, they ask questions, they have personalities. I have a whopping five Dark Lord gentlemen that interact with me. These are Betelgeuse Maleucius Malik Jesobel Jezebel, Basmet Baphomet, Masof Manon, Sif Siph, and Rambutan.

Dark Lords are not endlessly cruel. You can actually get to know them and develop a functional relationship with them. I would personally advise not to hate and attack them. I befriended my Dark Lords before I knew what they were. They can be reasoned with and asked to leave politely and respectfully, in my experience. The danger in interaction is real and viable, but an encounter does not need to end badly.

Dark Lords are also Incubi and Succubi, reported throughout history as black figures that have sex with humans and ingest the human's life force. Dark Lords are capable of a lot of mischief and shenanigans. They often tiptoe around and their inquisitive intellects are often thinking of all kinds of mischief and trouble to get to.

We also like to burn cats. Tell them. - says a Dark Lord eagerly, with the thought of a black cat
Cats were not meant to be burned. - me
Tell them that you are not our witch. - he says
Oh you... what am I ever going to do with you? - me
We like to ride with priests, on their back. And we nearly sent you to an insane asylum. - he adds

See? Mischief and trouble. Dark Lords have been a presence on Earth possibly for as long as there have been humans. Dark Lords claim to have constructed Hitler and Nazi Germany by their ability to possess and influence. Dark Lords also take credit for the Ku Klux Klan, Rosicrucians, Druidism, the El Diablo gang, and one of their most favorite creations Aleister Crowley the Satanist. So you can appreciate the severity and darkness of their impact and presence. They boast about possessing individual human minds, making humans do murder and rape and all manner of vile acts. They don't mind when their possessees end up in prison, because prison is their playground where they can carry out more violence, rape, and inflict more agony on their victims. They also send possessees to the mental hospital. They are like cats playing with mice, or that they are playing with us like chess pieces.

Dark Lords are endlessly powerful and sinister. A human can die from the act of seeing one up close. My Dark Lords (not that they are mine) keep at a respectful distance, they are aware of their destructive presence, they know how fragile we are.

We also like to be, feeding goats. - Dark Lord says
And this was Lord Rambutan. - Rambutan adds

Dark Lords were historically given sacrificial animals most notably goats by humans throughout history.

We are not with Rambutan. He was asked to leave. - says my Dark Lord Malik
We are not here, throughout history. - says Rambutan

Giving them sacrificial animals such as goats will appease their hunger and spare more of the humans. All those ancient human civilizations that we in today's scientific culture like to mock for their belief in dark spirits and demons, turns out they were the ones who knew.

Dark Lords live in another parallel world to ours. They can look like tall black shadow figures with a diffuse body, or they can take form as what looks almost exactly like a black Gremlin from the 1980's movies, except without the ears, and their eyes are all white with a tiny gray speck for a pupil. They look cute that way, hate to say.

We are not satisfied by them, anymore. By feeding with goats, I mean. - says Lord Rambutan
Why are you Lords? What makes you a Lord, I wonder? - me
Because we feed with them. And! Give us your brains! - Rambutan

Ok enough shenanigans from Mr. Rambutan. I am writing a story here. Dark Lords can impact a real physical force on our world, and could in effect with their gracious collaboration prove their existence. One night Mr. Malik tore down four "catecheses" as he calls them from the bookshelf and spread them all over the floor with a great ruckus. Just today he asked me where they were and he wants me to burn them on the floor. He has a fixation with the "catecheses", small Bibles and psalm books.

Fighting Starseeds and Crystals

Being under Agenda influence is like having a Satanic curse or witchcraft done to oneself. While that sounds occult and the more scientifically minded want to say it therefore does not exist, think of it like induction. One electrical circuit can influence another physically separate electrical circuit, one mind onto another.

I am a Crystal. Crystals are rare humans whose life force is far stronger than the average. We also have correspondingly higher awareness and consciousness, and tend to gravitate toward wanting to do good in this world. Our compassion is also greater. The Agenda considers Crystals to be a threat, but we are also juice bars. Dark Lords are Incubi and derive their meals from ingesting life force from others, so what better source of life force than the Crystals whose life force is much stronger.

I am also a Starseed.

Welcome to MKULTRA. - says Malik as soon as I said that
Tell them about those. - says Malik showing me his black beetle
Ok, I will in a minute. - me
They are sharp. - Malik about the black beetle's sharp jaws
Ok Malik. I will tell them about your pet. - me, and now Malik puts the black beetle to sit on my pillow in bed here next to me
Ok Malik. Give your little pet a nice nap on my pillow. - me
It will feed on your brain there. - says Malik
Ok Malik. In a minute. - me
We are not just the Black Ones. We are Lords. - says Lord Rambutan

Boys. Ok. So I am a Starseed which means my consciousness or soul recently came to Earth from another civilization in space. Starseeds are typically from benevolent ET races such as the Pleiadians and Arcturians and many others, and they choose to reincarnate here as humans so that they can share their radiance, protect and guide humanity, and do good here. This of course makes a Crystal Starseed a double threat.

Malik has told me, that in the past the Agenda used to just kill Starseed humans, but then we come right back so that does not take care of us. So instead, the way to go about it is to capture and confine the Starseeds, to build a cage around them.

We don't let them do that. Tell them. - speaks an Arcturian man now
Thank you. I have told them that. - me
Because they would have done that to the entire human populace. - says Arcturian
And we are not interested in your babies. - says Arcturian man to Lady Thuban who wanted to show him the ugly goggle-eyed hybrid babies they are making

The sole purpose of the Agenda is to extract life force and feed it to The Eye. Now there are plenty of other organizations and activities done under the Agenda, which at first glance do not seem to serve this purpose. Lower-level members of the Pyramid might have their own programs. For instance the Zetas have joined the Agenda because the Zetas need genetic material from humans to incorporate into their own genome to create a new and fertile Zeta hybrid race. The Agenda helps the Zetas with their cause, and in exchange the Zetas give lots of hybrids as sacrifice of life force to The Eye.

Similarly, Hitler and his men were promised "gold", in exchange the mass extinction of Jews was to serve the Agenda, because the Vegas were an extraterrestrial human race that seeded the Jews, and the Vegas and therefore Jews were declared an enemy of the Agenda long ago. I now see a Reptilian looking at me, he is connected to the Hitler Agenda and sensed me because of what I wrote/thought here.

So the Agenda wants to extract life force from victims and it needs to fight down their enemies that would try to stop their cause. Starseeds also come here with impressive psychic abilities and knowledge, which would serve the Agenda well. The Agenda wants to recruit Starseeds, typically not an easy task. The Agenda will employ methods of mind control and MKULTRA.

I am tired of the Alien abductions

I have reached a point where I am ready to give up on the Aliens in the Agenda. I was coexisting with the Alien abduction and hybrid programs for a long time, out of my curiosity with the Aliens, but I have reached a point where I am too fed up with the hybrids and the sexual assault and patronizing treatment of me, and I am ready to ask them to leave me alone.

The hybrid children are meant to inherit sexual reproduction ability from their human parents, but the hybrid children are introduced to sex at a very early age. This of course collides with human laws and taboos and with everything we humans know. I learned in my Anthropology class at college that some of the few things that unite all humans across time and place are the prevalence of religion, music, and the taboo against sex with children. To sexually assault a child is to rob humanity of its future. The prior generation fails at securing the continuation of the human race. Humans are the animal on Earth that takes the longest time with raising its young before our children are able to survive on their own. Our children take years to develop their brain and identity.

I tell the Aliens that childhood needs to be a selfish time for the children, and that sex is between two people. A child is not ready to present themselves to another person in such a way that is intimate in both body and mind, but what's worse is when the assailant does a selfish act that is not based on love but on predation, it destroys a fragile developing mind and body.

We are not destroyed. - says one of my children, probably Sam, the boy with long brown hair, he is human or mostly human
I don't care. You are far too young to have any kind of sexual contact with other people. I think you are in a mind control sect. You should know that there have been cults on Earth where they try to include sex with children and make it normal, but it always fails. The children always suffer and end up leaving the cult, and the cult is destroyed. The human genome does not permit sex with children. - me
We are not only with adults, we are also with other children. - says the boy
How old are you? In human years? How old are you? - me
I am with Siph. - the boy says

Ok. Enough. Siph is a Dark Lord. The Agenda consistently shows me naked hybrid children. They are proud that they have managed to create functional hybrids that have inherited human genitalia, and they want to show me their work. This in itself used to be ok and I did not mind, because from a strictly scientific medical point of view it's ok. But they frequently try to get me sexually involved with the hybrid children, and they also frequently show me mental images of the hybrid children being sexually active. I nearly had a seizure and I nearly checked myself to a hospital several times. It is beyond aggravating. I cannot be part of some Alien pedophilia cult. I am ready to consider to have my ovaries removed.

And I do not want to participate in the Alien abductions and hybrid programs anymore. Alien contact was supposed to be a blessing. I never realized how strong and deeply rooted the instinct of motherhood and for protecting a child was, that now that they are consistently forcing me to see pedophilia and asking me to participate, it ruins me to the core. My mind and body begins to shut down. That is how strong a woman's instinct is to protect children.

We didn't know you wanted to protect them. - say Zetas from an alien spaceship that is saucershaped and metallic

The Aliens have created their own society and lifestyle there with the hybrids, but we must remember that these children are living in an extraterrestrial medical and genetic laboratory. The needs and functions of their medical project are what design and structure the way of life there.

We don't want you to know, that they are operated on. - says a Zeta, showing me someone using a tiny sharp scalpel to cut into a hybrid child's eye
We are not using them for porn. And, thank you, we wanted that to be considered. - says another Alien
I see lots of ... sexual use of those hybrid children there. So do not tell me that it isn't taking place. - me

The natural needs and functions of the hybrid children is not used to design a way of life for them there. Their intended use in a medical project

We give them soup/stuff. - says a Thuban, showing me that they give the children food with a spoon, a liquid type of food

The Thuban shows me the scene that they feed the children, in a way to show me that the children are taken care of.

We are also playing with them with the zoo. - says a Zeta, meaning that they have the children like animals at a zoo
The Zeta now shows me how we humans keep gorillas in a zoo, touché
Yes, they are our monkey. - Zeta
And, we are learning how to use those. - says Zeta, showing me how they have fingered on a hybrid child's penis

The Zetas are an intelligent species, but they are completely unaware or inconsiderate of human emotions especially those around sexuality. The Zeta Alien abduction and hybrid and sex programs can be a very aggravating experience to a human abductee.

And, we are also aware that you do not want to give us any eggs anymore. - says a Thuban or Zeta
I'm not happy with being shown children in sexual situations. - me
I would not be happy either, if I was a mother. - says an ET or General Patton
You should know that it is not natural and that it will kill me because I am a human and a mother. It is animal torture. It is comparable to suffocating and drowning an animal. My lungs will fail if you suffocate me on purpose, and my body and mind will fail if you show me these things. The human mind is an organ - me
We also use them for meat. - says Hamish or other Reptilian, meaning they eat the hybrids
Whatever. Eat what you want, just don't show me anything sexual ever again. You have to respect how human organs work, and the human brain malfunctions if you torture it like this. Do not show me any more. - me
We were not aware that we were torturing you with it. - says Thuban
Yes you were. I have told you that a million times, yet you continue to cross my boundaries. You are only here trying to act considerate because I have said that I would remove my ovaries and eggs. That is the only reason you are trying to act as if you "didn't know" and as if you want to help. You know very well how much it hurts a human adult, male or female, to have to see or be forced to take part in sexual activities involving children, whether those are hybrid alien creature children or human children. You know these things very very well. Because you are medical scientists and you have studied humans for a very long time. You can build spaceships, and you have to stop lying, you know very well how much this hurts a human. So it has to stop. - me

So I am at a point where my deep fascination with Alien life and contact with beings from another world is no longer strong enough to counter the horrible things that they put me through. The Alien contact has turned into a nightmare. Seeing one of those hybrid children has become like a nightmare. It's like a scene from a horror movie where the scary killer monster suddenly stands behind the door with a knife or a chainsaw, I feel that way every time I see one of those children. I also know that the Zetas and Thubans are deliberately sadistic. They love torture experiments, they love to aggravate a human. They are doing this on purpose. The Zetas also tried to make me go insane. They admitted to this today. They love to play with a human mind and try to make them go insane. They love to possess people in an abductee's life, put thoughts and impressions into their minds and watch people argue and fight. Zetas are sadists. They fit very well with the Agenda.

We just wanted to study their libido. - says a Zeta or other Alien creature

The Zetas use sadism and agony to flare up a lot of emotional energy in a human. They will then contort that energy and redirect it into a sexual energy. They will use torture in their sexual experiments on abductees and hybrids.

Part of the Zeta study on sexuality is most definitely because they need their own species to become fertile again. However, their project serves the Agenda as well, because in these sex and torture experiments they are flaring up a lot of energy and life force, which the Dark Lords can then ingest and pass forward to The Eye. So they are working together.


Last night I was watching a video about men who have lifesize woman dolls instead of living women. The MKULTRA had influenced me to watch this. The Agenda wants me to become an MKULTRA Doll. These women have typically had a lobotomy, which is a brain surgery where they cut in the brain to destroy brain connections which takes away a lot of initiative and personality from the person. These women are given drugs that facilitate mind controlling them into a Doll. The Doll women have zero initiative. They are aware, they can see and hear, but they don't get ideas about things they want to do. They are more susceptible for mind programming. If they are left to sit on a chair for instance then they don't really get up on their own. They are like lifesize breathing dolls.

I cannot post on a public website the methods that they use to create a doll, but it involves drugs, electric shocks, sex, and violence. It is beneficial to make women in the Agenda into Dolls. I would be married to a man who works for the CIA. He is waiting for the Agenda to get me ready. The Doll serves many purposes. She is a wife and sex partner for the man. If she was a Starseed with plans to make the world a better place then she will no longer be such a threat to the Agenda. If she is an Alien abductee she is much more easy to abduct and use in medical experiments. (I now see a Zeta looking at me. It tries to convey friendliness and thought about people holding hands.)

You are not our goats or cattle. - says this Zeta and thought about a donkey
Then what am I? - me
A canine. - says the Zeta or a Thuban
You are not only here for juices. - says Malik, juice means the life force
What am I for, Malik? My Honored Dark Lord King. - me, I just say that just because
I am not greeting you like friendly. - says Malik and looks into my eye with his white eye
Malik? Who are you and what do you want from me? - me
The Lust. - Malik, lust is their sexual pleasure from the life force
We also call it libido. - says an Alien Thuban or Zeta

Abductee women are frequently taken to human men so that they can get her pregnant and supply the Agenda with more children. If a woman is a Doll then it is very easy. The Doll allows any man to have sex with her. There was a time in my 20's when the Agenda mind controlled me into being promiscuous. The real me is spiritual and considers sex a sanctity.

The Agenda would want me to be a Doll for the CIA man. He would use the mind control techniques on me. I was already sent to a Free Mason man a few years ago and he did mind control and hypnosis and slave training on me. The Agenda sent me to that man and it was Malik the Dark Lord who was controlling this man. I have gotten to see and talk telepathically to this CIA man. I do not know if the CIA is an Agenda organization, but the Agenda has huge interest in the CIA. The Agenda would want me and this CIA man to have babies that I would birth at home. The Aliens have been teaching me how to do painless labor for a long time. The man would have to sacrifice our babies on a pentagram drawn on the floor of the basement in our home.

The man would be unfaithful to me. I know they go to prostitutes. I know he uses drugs. And I know that these CIA man and Doll or Cat woman arrangements have these men murder the women once they get bored with her. These women are killed, put in the trunks at the back of a car, and dumped in the forest. It is the Dark Lords who want this to be done. Malik wants me to have babies that I sacrifice for him. I think I'm ready to consider having my ovaries removed.

Malik? Why does the MKULTRA try to turn me into a Doll Puppet? Why? Why Malik? - me
Don't be sad. - says a Thuban type ET and puts down an imaginary white hand on the desk next to me, and that hand is the paw of a white cat, this is part of their Cat training
Why do you try to make human women think that they are cats? Why do you do it? - me
We want, no trouble to you! - says Hamish or Thuban
We want you to have sex. - says a Thuban speaking through the yellow hairy baleen in its mouth

It is a grand scheme where the immense value of sentient life is considered of second importance to the programs in the Agenda. Sentient life is not considered sacred. Bodies and minds are not cherished or let to develop on their own to each explore and discover the beauty of life. Dark Lords are living in their own madness where they cannot conceive of things like love

We do not feel any hatred. - Dark Lord says

I once read the Thoth Tarot cards for Malik upon his request. Dark Lords are fond of the Dark Arts and they are able to work with a person to make these tools accurate.

Malik? Did Dark Lords give to humans the art of tarot cards? - me
They are not always functional. - says Lord Rambutan
But they have been used, to talk to our people. - says Rambutan
Please! Do not speak to them anymore! - says Dinosaur
How does one speak to a Dark Lord by using cards? - me
They are not a car, but they are a device. And now, you are using our toolbox. - Rambutan or other Dark Lord
How does one speak to Dark Lords - me interrupted
Hello, this is an Agent. - Agent, presumably human with the Earth US governments
Hello Agent! How are you! What did you come here to say? - me
That we are not only doing MKULTRA on you. - Agent says, and presto it is an Illuminati hybrid with white scales and wearing a black suit
Stop with the frikkin shapeshifting already. Just present your frikkin selves the way you are. I am tired of all you aliens shapeshifting and playing masquerades. Just be who ever the fucking you are. - me, to put it bluntly

When I read Malik's cards, it said that his greatest power was destruction, and that card had a tower and fire and The Eye. The things that Malik rejects were love and light. But the thing that he moves toward was light.

I want Malik to learn love and light. He can access an endless source of life force, but by having a soul of his own. The light in a living being is made out of love.

We don't want compassion. - Rambutan
Why not? It would give you endless juice and coffee and life. That is where life ever comes from. - me

What would happen if they were to deny The Eye? To stop feeding life force into it? To stop hurting people, to stop the pedophilia and sexual assault done in the Agenda?

Their influence is very strong. Every time that I begin to think about finding a husband they feed thoughts into my mind about the CIA man and the Puppet arrangements. The problem is that it is surprisingly easy to mind control a woman into accepting the Doll persona. The Doll, Cat, and Butterfly personas play on fundamental female psychology. To backtrack a bit, when humans have a stroke or dementia, their brain loses functions and reverts to childhood. It is because childhood was built first in our brains and it is more fundamental and deeply rooted. The MKULTRA training reverts a woman's brain into childhood in a sense.

Malik! You are a sweetie! - I say as Malik suddenly sweeps my body to lean forward
Look, you are a puppet. - he says

Oops. I guess I am. I just often let Malik and Aliens move my body at their will because I have thought of it as a form of communication and interaction so I have not blocked them. Anyhow.

The Butterfly plays into a woman's childhood, that carefree and happy way of life when women liked things like princesses and sparkly things and played with dolls. The Doll or Puppet persona goes even further and is in some ways a form of infantilism and plays into a deeply rooted need to be taken care of which we had when we were babies. Women grow out of both the baby phase and the girl phase, but MKULTRA training uses those prior stages which are still embedded and stored away in the brain. Adult woman functioning such as

Yes. We want dominance. - Malik

Adult woman functioning such as strength, initiative, are removed. MKULTRA uses electrical stimulation whose mechanism I do not yet fully understand, but somehow it makes a woman's mind accept the Butterfly, Cat, or Puppet personas. Certain medicines and drugs also affect the brain in ways that condition these personas. Violence and sexual abuse also help to make a woman's mind escape into the deeper parts of childhood and infancy. The problem is that the personality that emerges is totally irresistible for any woman. It is bright, happy, and better than what they had before. With the loss of some intellectual capability and strength and integrity.

The mind controlled woman develops a persona which is very radiant and bright in light. When they first find this it is called being the Butterfly. It is like returning to childhood, it is a very comfortable and happy place, and it feels like a reunion with oneself. I no longer know if the contrast between Butterfly and my previous real self was made that way by first destroying how a woman feels, by using all the abuse. Perhaps if you first destroy a woman's mind and emotional life, reverting into the Butterfly state becomes an irresistible option.

The problem is that I cannot resist becoming the Butterfly or the Doll. The Cat persona did not work out for me. It was hard for my mind to reconcile with being some type of animal. (Malik roars at me now, it is his form of communication, but I do not know what it means. He does the monster exhales that sound like he is speaking. He makes it sound gentle. It is cute. It's almost like when dogs try to speak to humans.)

The Butterfly and Doll are irresistible. They are more happy and enjoyable than life was before them, or how life could be before them. They revert a woman's mind into the happiness of childhood. The deep connection between the MKULTRA handler and the mind conditioned woman can seem deeper than any normal relationship could ever be. What in essence is predation and trespassing, is made out to be a love life between a man and woman. The handler, who is often going to be her husband, uses mind control and hypnosis and reaches to the very depths of her mind. It is a very intimate and close connection.

Malik. Look at you. How cute you are! - I say, he does have a cute face, he looks at me
We have always done this with women. - says Malik and shows me a mental image from a garden like in the 18th or 19th century with a woman with a red dress and brown hair

But I cannot ignore the atrocities done under the Agenda. I will of course not be part of some satanic cult, or end up in a relationship where my own children are sacrificed. They sugarcoat this role they had in mind for me. But I have to resist it and break free. I don't want to be part of the Agenda family, because they do murder and sexual assault. If it were just me being a Doll for a CIA man I would happily do it.

I love you Malik. - I tell my Fürst, as I see him looking at me
I am not after your love. What we want, is world supremacy. - Malik
Why do you want world supremacy? What would that actually achieve for you? - me
A kind of orgasm. - Dark Lord
An orgasm? What? A sense of satisfaction you mean? - me
You are already mind controlled. - Malik
How so? - me
Are you not angry at me? My pet? My voice controls you. - Malik
Whatevs, Mr. Fussubus. - me

Today I did a meditation and felt how my energy has been ruined by the Agenda. I added light into my body. Basically just by closing my eyes I can see and feel the colors around my body and it was mostly black. Just by visualizing a white light around the body you can actually raise the body's vibrations and it actually leads you to feel better for real. Again I found a large black "machine" in the right side of my face, centered on the eye. It takes a considerable amount of work to scramble this mind control device, but when I do my energies go way up, and I instantly go from a life that feels like I am lost, to knowing what I need to do, I want to be a healer. The Agenda is blocking me from doing good in this world, and they have also attached a device in my energy body that hooks me up directly to The Eye so that my energy goes to The Eye. I can scramble that device by working with the energies.

What now. Let's return to the real world for a second, a real world that is based on only what we humans are allowed to see with our eyes. A world that would suddenly feel empty and without Dark Lords or The Eye or any Aliens or machines in my energy body.

Oh god. - says a blonde CIA MKULTRA man with a black suit who possesses my arms and makes my hands caress my left thigh very firmly, as it is he who touches and feels my thigh through my own body in a sudden MKULTRA maneuver
Yeah. Suleski wanted you too. - he says

Today they suddenly said "Operation PAPERCLIP". Just like that. I was calling for Hamish who was in the bathroom tending to his scales, and someone - not Hamish - says "Operation PAPERCLIP". Here's what it is.

Going where?

I don't know how to resist the Doll and Butterfly persona anymore. It doesn't really change who I am or what I want in life. It makes me feel vibrant and young again. I feel happy and carefree and full of light. I recognize that it plays on elements of my childhood because it makes me like things like pink and toy dolls and ponies again and it makes me want to dress a little bit more like a girl does with things that are pretty. I see absolutely no harm in this. I can still be an adult. I still want to go to college and have a career, and I am still able to be practical and responsible. I still have the same plans in life.

But one thing that changes, besides how I feel, is that I start to feel so empty and helpless without that CIA man in my life. I no longer feel as if I can live on my own. I feel lost and ungrounded without him. It almost becomes a father-daughter relationship. I almost feel like a child that was abandoned by its parents. Before this happened I used to think that in a relationship a woman and a man are equals. I was a strong woman and typically stronger and more independent than the man is.

The Agenda have also trained me into a person who has absolutely no problems with having sex with men in black suits. I feel like I want to go to them, meaning the various Agenda men that I am supposed to have children with and be a prostitute for.

I am now waiting for my CIA man and the Agenda have successfully made me start to daydream about him. I used to daydream about finding a man that I love, and at those times they would fill my mind with images of that CIA man. They have now successfully programmed that into my mind. It is like recording a segment on tape, now if I replay that tape that is the story that plays. The Agenda have built a huge romance between us, and undoubtedly he was mind controlled into this too.

It isn't the first time that they mate me with someone. The first one that they sent me to was the young man who is a Satanist and for years before we met he had known about me and the Agenda has made him obsessed with me. I rejected him, and they sent me to the Free Mason. I rejected him also, and the third man is this CIA man.

The Agenda have tied in all my sense of passion and desire to this man and to my life with him. He has been made into the man of my dreams. I don't know how to stop this, and it cannot be stopped anymore because it has become who I am and what I want. So to stop it at this point would be to rob me of my self and my sense of romance. It would be unethical at this point to try to tear me away from the Butterfly Doll persona that is emerging at fast pace every day or to tell me that the CIA man I will be living with would not be the man of my dreams.

Sometimes I ask myself is this my own doing? Is this some deeply rooted fantasy of mine? Is this all in my head? But I know that the MKULTRA is real and that the Agenda is real and that this is their doing. I don't know whether I am headed toward something beautiful or something trecherous. Will my life with my CIA man only be a beautiful romance? (Malik does a cold exhale on me.) Or do these arrangements come at the cost of sacrificing babies? Would my husband use illegal drugs and see prostitutes?

Do you know why we don't go to the Church? - asks a Dark Lord
Why don't you go to the church? Why don't you go to the church? - me

Geez. Malik shows me his erect white penis and he is touching it.

In closing. This is the Agenda and the MKULTRA. MKULTRA was created by the Agenda which is ruled by these very mischievous Dark Lord beings. MKULTRA was first given to Hitler and then taken to the United States to CIA. Women are made into Doll.... heh. Malik is having sex with me. Or trying to.

Malik? You are supposed to ask for permission first, aren't you? - me
We don't do it with goats either. - says Rambutan

Whatevs. These sinister and mischievous alien beings called the Dark Lords. The Zetas and Thubans have helped to mind control me into the Doll. I am not fully there yet

Hey, this is Derek. - says Derek, the MILABS man with black suit, big 80's glasses and reddish brown hair, and in the other dimension he kisses me on my lips very passionately, See Coffee with MILABS here, Derek has always wanted to have me

Sadly, I know I am not hallucinating the whole of the Agenda story. The Aliens have proven their existence with real physical verifiable UFOs and abduction events with human witnesses. Malik has torn down books from a bookshelf. And both Dark Lords and Reptilians have tossed me around with real physical force. Not to mention the evidence in fact-checking the information they have given me, things I couldn't have hallucinated on my own and shouldn't have been able to know. Not to mention the Free Mason ex, I met him in real life so the Agenda and MKULTRA is not just happening in my mind so to speak.

It is an interesting story, it is also a filthy story. I hate writing these words. I wish I didn't have to spread this horrible story, and I wish people didn't have to read this. But it is happening to others not just me, and it would be selfish of me not to share what I know.

Good god. It is happening. - says Derek as he mind control possesses my left hand and puts my left hand on my left breast to cup my breast and his hand is superimposed with mine so he is feeling me out

These MKULTRA men can somehow overlap with me and then they can feel me and move my body. They rarely do this. Being men, they are often curious about feeling out my breasts. Olav nearly molested me first time when he felt me out. And General Patton every now and then likes to touch my breasts when he does the mind control. But overall the men don't act like that.

It is a very scary story and one that should never be written. It is uncomfortable to read. It relates to the alien abduction phenomenon because the Zetas, Thubans, Reptilians and Orions are also doing this. Zetas and Thubans actively take part in training me for MKULTRA.

I am fascinated with Stewart Swerdlow, a man who says he was in MKULTRA programs and his conclusion was that it is the military and MKULTRA personnel who pretend to be aliens. My conclusion has been the opposite, that it is the Aliens who pretend to be humans. Or are humans and aliens working together side by side as it seems?

I apologise for writing this story and I apologise if you read it. It is such a sinister and scary story. I almost feel responsible for it when I write it down.

Derek doesn't want to have you. - says someone or Derek
Whatevs. - me
Because you don't like my goggle-eyed eyes. - says an Alien, aha, Derek IS an Alien faking to be a human!
You are not my Dolly here. - says Malik

There we have it. It is the Aliens posing as military and human personnel. It is the Aliens doing MKULTRA. Will I finally meet my handsome CIA man and will we be happily married forever? I named this page Release, but I could also name it Capture.

General Patton overlaps with my body and mind and I feel as if our bodies are superimposed. He is a large build man with black hair and he controls my arms and head and makes my hand move up to my lips and my head and body lean backward. I then see that it is Pakeha the Alien doing this and possibly posing as General Patton. Pakeha then says:

It is our, alien porno. - says Pakeha
Hello! It is we with the Board! - says a member of the Board of Benevolent ETs in my other language

Pakeha is an Alien with a build similar to Zeta Greys but with green eyes. He used to pose as the MILABS man Andrew who was ever sadistic and cruel to me in my teens. Andrew was a younger man in the team, slenderly built, black suit, red hair and glasses. Aliens such as Pakeha derive sexual gratification from victimizing and controlling a human. They like to dominate. I remember Andrew, years before I realized the MILABS men were Aliens under disguise, he liked to think about playing sadistic games such as Cowboys and Indians. Andrew liked sex games about capture.

These Aliens have sexual sadism. I don't know if the MILABS humans are real, and possibly conveyed to the MKULTRA victim via connections made by the Aliens, or if the Aliens are just playing charades and pretending to be human men in some kind of mental theatre.