Part 1 and Part 2


Today is January 13, 2018, 5:30 PM. In the shower today about an hour ago I noticed a large red rash on my skin under the right arm.

The red covers a rather large area under the arm, in the region that is on the side of the body and is neither on the front of the body nor on the back of the body but on that middle part. Notably there is nothing red at all in the area that is defined as the armpit. The area defined as the armpit can be easily distinguished by a slight coloration, and the red area does not occur at all in the region defined as the armpit, the entire red area is below the armpit.

I shave under my arms with a razor. I understand that disposable razors easily get infected with bacteria, and that after shaving with an infected razor it is normal for the underarm to become infected with bacteria, such an infection in the armpit after shaving will then be red and I would expect such a rash from this reason to also have red bumps. I may have had such a rash in the armpit after shaving with a disposable razor once or a few times previously in my life. To my recollection I shaved under my arms yesterday. I did not shave anywhere today. My first thought was of course to suspect that the rash would be caused by shaving with an infected razor, but further thought on the matter makes it not an obvious answer.

1. I have been shaving under my arms for many years now with a disposable razor. I never use shaving cream or other product. Sometimes I get some small cuts that bleed a lot when I shave on the bony part of my knees. I do not recall having shaving accidents when I shave under my arms, such as small cuts or irritation or a red rash or red bumps. I also consider that I change for a new razor frequently enough where infections do not occur. I am aware that I have to change the razor regularly to avoid infection and in my opinion I change them frequently enough to not become infected.

2. To my recollection I shaved under my arms yesterday, which is consistent with the fact that there is absolutely no stubble under my arms, not even a "one day growth", it is perfectly smooth. It is likely that I shaved under my arms yesterday. I CHANGED FOR A FRESH BRAND NEW BLADE YESTERDAY (or the day that was most likely yesterday, or otherwise the day before yesterday but by no means later back than day before yesterday, I am confident it was yesterday). I had not used the previous razor for a long time, I do not shave anywhere on myself for long periods of time, and definitely not daily. I remember that I changed for a new razor when I shaved recently, it is even from a brand new package and has only been used once recently. This means that an infection caused by bacteria on an infected razor cannot be the cause of the rash. By luck I changed the razor "yesterday" (or day before yesterday) and this means that we cannot suspect a bacterial infection after shaving. This fact makes our analysis very much easier, since bacterial infection from an infected razor is the main suspect otherwise.

3. From times I may have had a red rash and infection after shaving (I seem to recall one such moment many years ago), I recall it being notably covered in red bumps. I have inspected my rash very carefully and it has absolutely no bumps or spots. The red rash covers perfectly smooth skin. Notably the skin is also not emitting moisture, is not clammy. Infected skin with bumps would also be expected to be clammy and emitting moisture. The skin of the rash and around the rash is normal and dry.

5. When I press with fingers on the red rash it is very painful. Not just slightly painful but very painful. The pain is most on the lower, darker portion of the rash, and there is no pain if I press on the top portion of the rash which is of the lighter color. The area which hurts when pressed covers much of the darker part of the rash and is not just one small region.

5. We are fortunate that there are two arms because a big clue is to look at the other side. On the other side under my left arm is absolutely no anomaly to be seen or felt. There is absolutely no rash, also no bumps, no cuts, no clammy skin, and also no pain when pressed, even if I press hard on the left side there is no pain at all. The left side is absolutely normal and healthy. Also if it were the case of an infection after shaving (even though we already see that it is unlikely) then we would have expected at least some similar effect under the left arm also since both arms were shaved the same way. There are no scratch marks.

6. I recently changed my diet, after New Year since January 1 to a 100% raw food diet. I have been on raw food before and never experienced rashes from a food allergy. I am not aware of there being any foods that would cause me rashes. When I was little I got huge rashes from eating pears but when I got older for the past 20 years at least I experience no rashes from pears. I ate pears at work a little more than a week ago and experienced no rash. Pears was a food allergy but is no longer, and this rash on one side only and being under the arm is an unexpected place for a food allergy rash. I got red eczema as a child when I ate citrus fruit, that rash was with red bumps and was very moist and was only on the inside of my elbows and never under the arms. I have not eaten anything unusual in the past few days which would be a possible source of rash. Also rash from food allergy would be expected to appear symmetrically under both arms. Food allergy is unlikely as the cause.

I have not used any deodorant under my arms for a very long time. (I do not need it.) I have not used any different soaps than normal. I am using the same shower soap from a huge bottle since about a month already, the bottle is large and has not caused me any allergies. I have not used any new makeup on my face. I have not used lotion anywhere.

I have not bumped into anything. I have not worn other clothing, I wore the same pyjama shirt as for a long time last night and got dressed into my work clothes, the white shirt for work and the pyjama shirt had not been recently washed and clothes have never caused me a rash. I do have a new laundry powder of a different brand but I have not worn clothes washed with it yet.

The only possible (normal and non-alien) cause I can still think of as being likely, is that there is something happening on the inside of my body. The rash can not be caused by anything topically applied to the skin from the outside. Therefore I must suspect something happening that is coming from the inside. When lymph glands are troubled they become sore when touched, this is one possible cause for the symptoms I am having.

It is wrong to say "aliens" whenever something strange happens. I did get lifted up by a Reptilian or a Dark Lord last night when I was asking them to help me to know that they exist. The alien was not physically present in my room but he was somehow able to hoist my body upward by lifting me up to sitting in bed. I have been lifted up by Reptilians and Dark Lords many times before and do not recall it causing a red mark. And according to Langdon who yesterday said that I was going to be abducted by the aliens at 3 AM, we presume that I was abducted by aliens again last night. I had my alarm set for 3 AM and it woke me up at 3 AM but the aliens said that they had "already" picked me up for that night. I did not notice the pain under my arm then, and of course I would not have seen the rash until I was in the shower later today. I would also not have noticed the rash when getting dressed in the morning.

I considered whether the bra had pressed into my skin to cause the rash and pain. The inner diagonal border that marks the darker portion of the rash could be consistent with where the cup of the bra sits. But I have had this bra for a long time now and it has never caused me any rash or pain, also I have dropped another dress size since New Year since I switched to the raw food diet, so it is unlikely that the bra would suddenly be pressing into the skin and causing a rash and pain. Also, the backward side of the outer border of the dark area of the rash is also diagonal and its outline being diagonal is not at all consistent with being pressed by the bra strap (which is vertical). Looking at where the rash is located, I make the observation that it is not caused by the bra, because the rash runs immediately under the armpit, and bra straps run more on the sides so that they can go over the shoulder. A bra strap does not ever touch against the area that has the rash.

To test that, I put my bra back on and I inspected it in the mirror and also took some photographs. The brastrap does not touch anywhere near the area of the rash. The horisontal band of the bra covers the very lowest tip of the dark triangle of the rash. Bra cannot be the cause of the rash. (If someone is a serious researcher on the topic of alien abductions and considers my triangular rash to be possibly caused by alien contact and they would like to see the photos where I have the bra then they can request those photos, but seeing the photos adds nothing new, it is enough what I wrote.)

The bra I am wearing in the photos posted on this page is a bikini top. For some reason that means that it is not an underwear photo. Because it is made out of a different material.

Nothing touched against my skin under the arms, between changing from night shirt to work clothes I was covered the whole day. I only took my work shirt off to take a shower and that is when I noticed the rash in the shower.

I am having no fever sensation at all. I am feeling no pain anywhere else and have not seen any rash elsewhere on my body. I am not having headaches. I do not feel hot or sick or dizzy.

I have never had this rash before in my life.

None of these symptoms are self-inflicted or faked.

I am right-handed.

I also find it interesting that the dark (and painful) portion of the rash perfectly outlines an upside down triangle. The triangle (or pyramid) is the logotype of the organisation in which the aliens who abduct me are working. They regularly show me the symbol of the yellow pyramid in a mental image when they come to visit me. It is their greeting card to show me the pyramid in a mental image and to tell me that they are from it, they show that to me and say this to me more so than telling me their personal names. Last night also when the Reptilian and/or Dark Lord hoisted me up twice (unless of course first a Reptilian or Dark Lord and then a Dark Lord or Reptilian) I was also informed of the yellow triangle being their group.

It takes no use of imagination to see that the rash has the strong dark red shape of an upside down triangle. The rash continues above the dark triangle, in a lighter red rash which has no obvious strong border and is more diffuse or gradually diminishing. The triangle shows no gradual diminishing of the redness and has instead very sharp borders, outside of the borders of the triangle is normal skin.

If I press lightly or hard with my fingertips...
1. Inside the red triangle, there is very strong pain, I cannot press hard there or the pain would be intense. The pain is notably stronger on the underside of the triangle and somewhat less painful on the upper part of the triangle area.
2. In the rash that is outside and above the triangle there is no pain even if I press hard.
3. Immediately outside of the red triangle, even extremely closely to the triangle just outside of the border, pressing hard causes no pain at all.
4. Pressing hard under the left arm where there is no rash causes no pain at all.

That should be all of the details. It was better to be thorough with the details than to leave some consideration out. Also it was better to make this page with photos and description, than to not write it, in case it relates to the alien abductions.

Why can we consider whether aliens caused the rash? Wouldn't it be the same like saying a flying pink elephant caused the rash?

1. I experience the phenomenon known as "alien abductions". These aliens talk as if they abduct me every night. And Langdon and Zetas have said things that imply that I was abducted by the aliens last night also.
2. There are reports made by other alien abductees, reports that are gathered by researchers of alien abduction phenomena, stating that exactly these type of rashes can occur on abductees following after they are returned from an abduction. If this is what my rash is then this is the first one of this kind that I can recall ever having.
3. The rash does have a clear dark triangle shape. The triangle or pyramid is the logotype of the aliens who abduct me. They show me this logotype the yellow pyramid when they greet me to tell me who they are and where they are coming from. However, this triangle is upside down. The upside down triangle denotes the resistance AGAINST my group of aliens! Unless my aliens were making the triangle upside down.
4. I have been asking my aliens to prove to me that they exist. This is the reason why last night when I asked them to prove to me that they are real beings, I was hoisted up with physical force that lifted me up to sit up tall, I had been lying down. It was either a Reptilian or a Dark Lord who did it, followed by again either a Reptilian or a Dark Lord. It is a real physical force that lifts my body up and I am not doing it to myself. Nor did I expect it this time. And the beings then said that they are real, they had meant to lift me to show to me that they exist. They do not often lift me up but it does happen sometimes, last night was one of those times and the reason this time was that they were showing me that they are real.

That should be all of the notes.

No one more thing. If it wasn't Saturday today I would go to a doctor to ask the doctor to investigate the mark and the pain and to tell me what it is. A doctor's opinion and possibly diagnose would have been very valuable. Today is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday. I would have to seek out emergency health care because it is on the weekend, and first of all my rash is not serious enough to mandate an emergency visit, and also I would have to pay more money I think if I go on a weekend. If the rash has remained on Monday then I will consider having a doctor look at it. It would be interesting if a doctor would say for instance that it is a burn mark, because I have not been exposed to anything bright or hot since the shower before this shower, I mean that the rash appeared at the furthest back in time some time after I had the shower before this one when is when I would have seen it.

Hope this was interesting. I think so. It still hurts and feels throbbing even when I am just sitting here and writing on the computer. What kind of a pain is it if I compare to other pains I have had? It feels similar to the pain after being slapped. It is also similar to the feeling of sunburn. It feels almost as if the pain is not only on the skin but is in the tissue underneath it as well.

If someone is seriously interested in this then they can also request more photos from me, but I have posted the clearest photos here.

Of course I want it to be aliens. But saying it is aliens is like saying anything at all. And saying that it is a triangle is like seeing the shape of a head in the shape of clouds in the sky and saying that it means that there are people made of clouds in the sky. It was important to make this report anyway, just in case.

Here is an external website which posts photographs of alleged markings that would have been caused by aliens from an alien abduction. Notice that many of the markings that other abductees report are triangular in shape:
The Alien Jigsaw's Post Alien Abduction Body Marks

Photos below are again of my triangular rash:


Today is January 16, 2018, 9:20 PM. This is part 2 of the red triangular marks under my arm. I did not think there would be a part 2. The day after the day when I had first noticed the triangular red mark under my arm, I saw that the red rash was fading already one day after the first photographs, so I thought nothing more of it. Today is three days after the first photographs and in the shower I noticed that there is a new, small, brown triangle of another kind under my right arm, see pictures below:

All of the redness or rash is now gone. There is today absolutely no pain even if I press hard with my fingers in the whole area under my right arm. It seems to me as if this new triangle is smaller than the previous larger red triangle? Or someone who is a good judge of size might analyze the photographs more closely than I and say if this brown triangle is smaller or different than the original red triangle.

The brown shade of color, as well as what the skin looks like in this brown triangle, reminds me of a scar. It looks exactly like what a burn mark looks like, like if you accidentally touched against a hot clothes iron then this is exactly the kind of color and type of mark that appears after the redness goes away.

The red rash mark of January 13 and this brown mark of January 16 both look as if it were the case of a burn which after the initial redness and sore pain settled to leave a brown burn mark. To my absolute awareness I was absolutely not burned under my arm. The moment when the skin would have been burned would have been at least as painful or more painful than the pain when I was pressing on it on January 13 with my fingers, and no such incident of being burned took place. At least not while I was aware. Of course I have to wonder whether the aliens gave me this while I was abducted and I have no memory recollection?

There are more photographs in my files. If anyone is a serious UFO and alien abduction researcher and wishes to request all of the photographs, in which the exact position and size of the triangles of January 13 and January 16 could better be compared and established, then you are welcome to contact me and to receive those files. On the other hand I decline from posting unflattering bra shots of me on a public website for now, the pictures posted here will have to suffice for most of us.

*I am wearing a bikini top in these photos so it is not an underwear picture so no one need get excited. Wearing a bikini is not considered underwear because it is made out of a different material so it is quite decent.

Yes the triangle has changed. In the original pictures the triangle seemed larger (am I right?) and it was pointing downward with its tip. This one is tilted on its side. What do you make of that? Here is another set of photos of today's brown triangle:

A reminder that I have not self-inflicted these marks. I write my The Orion Project with great integrity and I do not fabricate any of my material.

Burn marks and scars fade with time, but I hope I get to keep this one forever, since it may be a sign from my beautiful aliens that they are real. I have been asking them a lot lately to let me know that they do exist, in fact the night before I first noticed my red mark I had been hoisted up by Reptilians and/or Dark Lord when I was asking them to prove to me that they exist, and they had hoisted me up in bed to show me that they are real, so perhaps this mark was given to me for that same reason as well?

Here is another set of photos from today: