Reptilians like to possess human beings - Part 2 of 3

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I communicate with extraterrestrial beings, and this website is part of my documentation of that contact. I allow for these aliens to express their thoughts and ideas freely, and I present their thoughts to my reading audience. Some of these aliens conduct wars on other species, and take an interest in topics such as power, leadership, military and politics, they take a personal interest in human royal figures, political leaders, and military, and they take an interest in topics such as Hitler, the Ku Klux Klan, and the many other examples of organisations that have existed or that do exist on Earth which have expressed war, oppression, power and dominance on other human populations.

The content of this page represents communication received from extraterrestrial entities. As the author I do not personally consent to any unethical, violent, or cruel parts of our history. As the author I am here not offering support to racist or unethical persons or organisations, nor am I offering or suggesting any support for those. I have merely published the thoughts and opinions held by represented extraterrestrial entities.

This is the second page about reptilian talk of possession of humans. On the first page, Prince Bertil of Sweden was introduced as the first human that the reptilians claim to have been under reptilian rule. This page will list several additional characters whom the reptilians claim are humans under reptilian possession and mind control.

When I say "reptilians", I primarily or nearly always refer to that one individual red reptilian who I also refer to as "my red reptile". This reptile has been spending several weeks now watching me intently and also making a few close approaches to me. He is the one who is single-handedly revealing all of this information to me regarding reptilian possession of human bodies.

Another friendly disclaimer

(You should also read the disclaimer on the previous page on reptilian possession.) The information on this page details personal experiences in which I experience that the presence of a red reptilian extraterrestrial communicates to me telepathically. The previous page introduced Prince Bertil of Sweden as the first human whom my red reptile said had been not only under the rule of a reptilian, but under the rule of this red reptilian in particular.

I had been vaguely familiar with David Icke's accounts of supposed reptilian possessions of royal families of earth and of other persons in power in particular prominent members of the media and political scene, but I had thought those stories to be absolutely preposterous as well as unfounded. I am now a first-hand source of information which corroborates David Icke's material. After the introduction to the phenomenon by my red reptile with Prince Bertil, the red reptile has continued to list several additional characters who would also have been under reptilian rule. Some of these, the reptilian claims, were also under the specific rule by this reptile himself.


Into my fourth month of reptilian contacts they seemed to become eager to talk to me about Hitler. The topic makes me uncomfortable and I kept on refusing to talk about it and wanting to change the subject to reality and dimensions. Here are excerpts from that day:

Adolf Hitler - Reptilian Führer?
Image from, please remember that
the Nazis were mass murderers

December 8, 2011
And. We are still proud of Hitler. - Red Reptile
Don't be! He was... ridiculous! He is hated, by everyone on earth! - me
We wanted to speak with you about Hitler. - Red Reptile
No! - me
Do you know what he did? - Red Reptile
I don't want to. - me
And! We wanted to talk about Hitler! - Red Reptile
I said no! I don't talk about such things! - me
We wanted to talk to you about Hitler. - Dinosaur or Red Reptile
Ok. Then let's do that. What should we say? - me
What made it so bad? - Dinosaur or Red Reptile
Because people died. Because people were hurt. Many people, precious people. Beautiful humans. And loved humans. That's what made it so bad. - me
Were they, priceless? - Dinosaur or Red Reptile
Yes, they were. They were valued humans, that died. Beautiful people, who will always be missed. That will never come back. And that is why, it is so bad. - me
And next we wanted to talk to you about Hitler. - Black Reptile
No thank you. - me
We wanted to. - Black Reptile
I did not want to. I don't like it. - me
Yes! We wanted to show power! - Red Reptile

At one point - though I cannot find it in my records at this time - a reptilian had told me that they have read "Mein Kampf" and that it was "filled with many good ideas". Without reading too much into it, Mein Kampf seems to have been Hitler's manifesto on his personal political plans and with emphasis on the removal of certain populations such as the Jewish people, in order to make way for certain other populations to prosper. From Wikipedia, "Hitler saw a purpose in destroying "the weak" in order to provide the proper space and purity for the strong." (Source) - this sounds like an exact quote of something the reptilians would say or live by. The reptilians methodically destroy any reptilian individuals who show any signs of weakness, or that pose a threat to the reptilian system of hierarchy.

Based on how I have come to understand the reptilians by listening to them for several months now, they would absolutely and most definitely appreciate all that Hitler was. In fact, it is not far stretched at all to consider the reptilians as alien versions of Hitler. Reptilian accomplishments are what Hitler would dream of. They have enslaved and deleted populations, they conduct genetic medical experiments to produce new populations as they see fit, and gruesome atrocities in par with some acts of the Nazi regime. As I dwelve deeper into my studies of the reptilians, I do intend to carefully read Hitler's Mein Kampf to get a better understanding of... of things that I don't think I could ever understand.

The reptilians had introduced me to a member of the Japanese MILABS. This man is well-aware of the reptilians, and the Japanese refer to them as "Dragons". The Japanese man, whose initials are T.T. (I won't reveal his full name at this time, since this may be a real man), also mentioned Hitler in our conversations.

January 14, 2012
They have said many things about Hitler to me. - T.T.
I know. They talk to me about Hitler too. I tell them how wrong it is... They don't understand suffering. They enjoy pain, they feel pleasure from it. - me
And also, they have told us many things about Hitler. - T.T.
What things! - me
That they can do it again. But with us on their side, this time. - T.T.
Oh my! ... Am I on your side too? Or will I be killed? - me fishing for more info
No, you are not on our side. - T.T.
Oh no! - me, I was acting distraught, but I really didn't care about politics
... Will Japan rule the earth? - me
(The man laughed at what I had said, not in some evil mad scientist laughter, but more like a man who had heard a child say something funny about a kitten - that's how I described it in my notes!)

But it was the Strawberry reptile that finally managed to blurt it out before I had the chance to object.

January 15, 2012
We want to tell you about Hitler. - Strawberry
(We talk about the clothes that Strawberry wears and I am asking about why Strawberry feels so sickly. Strawberry wants to talk about power, and then comes the kicker.)
We were the ones who controlled Hitler. - Strawberry
Why did you do that? To what end? ... That was well done, a very impressive accomplishment. Yes, now that I do think about it, he did sound precisely like a Draconian. - me
We have accomplished many other tasks. - Strawberry
Do you want to take over the power over earth? Do you want to be Kings here? - me
We already are! - another reptile, probably my red
Yes, I would love to have another outfit. - Strawberry, the creepy thing is that "outfit" may refer to the use of a human body for the reptilian mind. Unless he was referring to his garments, the Strawberry reptilian wears a hooded cloak

"We were the ones who controlled Hitler" - Strawberry Reptilian

How to sum this up. In the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind *, humans received transmission messages from aliens from outer space that produced old television images of Hitler on the television. The humans were frightened thinking that it was a hostile sign. But instead in the movie the aliens were friendly and had only been expressing their concern that earth would have such cruelty. So they were here on a peaceful mission. However, our reptilian friends seem to be great big fans of Hitler. And that sucks.

Very Draconian, indeed. A reptilian would love to stand there before all of those disciples talking about power and rule.

Ku Klux Klan

The KKK, as they are abbreviated, advocate white supremacy, meaning that they think that nobody on earth should have a natural production of melanin which pigments the skin darker and provides a natural protection against skin cancers caused from the harmful rays of the sun and a naturally occurring part of human beings who live in warmer areas of our world and even produced in part by white Caucasian people as a response to the harmful rays of the sun though not as effectively as in the darker folks which is why skin cancers are most prevalent among white people.

I don't want to read about them or review their ideas because historically they used to kill people for strange reasons. However. The Red Reptile told me that the reptilians are also controlling the activities of the Ku Klux Klan. Excerpts:

January 15, 2012
And! We are the ones who are also controlling the Ku Klux Klan! - Reptile, to be honest they had said this many times prior but I had never wanted to listen nor to write it down
Do they worship the reptilians? Are they controlled by the reptilians? - me
I want to be with the reptilians too! - me, I want alien contact
... No, they worship power. - Reptile
... Do they have power? - me
Yes! Of course! They rule here! - Reptile
What do they rule over? - me
They have a lot of, political power. - Reptile
How do you know that? Have you spoken with them? - me
I just told you that we rule over them! - Reptile says so intently that he is shaking
Yes, I see. I do not want to interact with them. But I will interact with reptilians. - me
(The Reptile then told me to go to bed. He wanted to demonstrate his power over me by telling me of the forms of violence he would like to do to me. Which is his way of saying that he can. Which is his way of inviting me to admire him for being so powerful.)
We rule over the entire world. - a thin Illuminati hybrid

Note that many of these telepathic conversations are translated into English from a European language so you cannot take them word by word though their meaning stays the same. On another day there was more. Extract:

January 17, 2012
And then we are also conducting with the Ku Klux Klan. - Reptile

At first glance it may seem that the Reptilians, whose own lives are based on a reptilian culture of a strict system of dominant hierarchy emphasizing on the importance of strength, power, and conquest, would simply have an interest to admire earth-based groups such as the KKK. The KKK and the Reptilians have in common the will-power to enhance the span and resources of their own race, at the expense of others, and with the use of violence and murder to reach those goals.

However, their involvements with the KKK run far deeper than mere acknowledgement. I am only putting the pieces together, but it seems that their very own Illuminati hybrids are living on earth and in positions of influence over military, politics, religion, and other institutions that affect the lives of groups of people, and the KKK being part of this scheme having many prominent members in these regions of society. There is a great plot unearthing here, but you will have to stay tuned as I figure it out as the reptilians tell me more. I will make no quick or false assumptions or jump into conclusions. A hunch is not the same as fact. I need more information before I can say for sure what is going on. But the KKK are involved. Whether they know about the reptilians or not.

I regret to say that the Illuminati hybrids make many racially discriminative references. The Illuminati hybrids will be further described on their own page, but they are cross-breeds between Dinosaurs and humans, and consist almost entirely of Nordic (Finnish) human DNA and with a little bit of Dinosaur in them. Their ears are small, they are bald and have no hair. Their eyes are translucent, and their skin is an ominous glowing white. Some individual members of the Illuminati are a startling sight to see, resembling a corpse that was pulled out of water, whereas others have a most beautiful ethereal look to them.

The Illuminati favor the Nordic Caucasian race of white people. So, that gives the Illuminati Reptilian Agenda yet another reason to think fondly of the KKK. The Illuminati also like white supremacy. But you should also know that the Illuminati are also sexist and think that men are more powerful than women. That is why you don't find any women in the Illuminati circles. (Or, I did not find any. If you find any let me know!) Which is why the Illuminati men come after regular Nordic earth women like me. But that is another story.

All the content on this website, unless otherwise stated, is purely derived from my personal accounts with these ETs, and none of it is borrowed, based on, nor influenced in full or in part by material found from other websites or sources. (That is what makes it so interesting that there is such good agreement with other sources.)

Page 3 of Reptilian possessions introduces more characters named by the red reptilian as having been humans in history who would have been possessed or ruled by the reptilians.