Contacting the

Ever since I was 15 years old, it seemed that members of the United States military were talking to me telepathically and remote viewing me with some kind of technology. Some nights I would wake up and find myself somewhere else in the actual presence of these people. For twenty years I have had to ask myself whether my experiences were real or not. It wasn't until in recent years that I finally obtained some clues about who they might be and where they may be located. Warren Allen said that he works at "Airport Patterson", and Admiral Benson said "Patterson Air Force Base". After looking into it carefully, see here the investigation, I concluded that both of them referred to the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base which is located in Ohio, United States. Coincidentally this very base is regarded to have the by far strongest connection to the UFO alien presence in the U.S.

After 20 years of wondering if they are real, I finally knew where at least two of them would be located, if they were real. One of the surveillance people, Warren Allen, and one of the military officers, Admiral Benson, both of whom were on my team since the beginning. On June 6, 2017, I decided to write to the base. But how does one explain that for 20 years they would have been spoken to telepathically by persons from their base, monitored through some kind of psychic remote viewing or surveillance technology, met some of them by means of what works like alien abduction technology, and that it all seems to have to do with aliens?

So I started to write to them...

Dear Wright-Patterson Air Force Base,

I would be eternally grateful for a reply from you, even though I cannot reasonably expect to receive one. I will try to keep my message as short as possible. This is directly related to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

I am a 34-year old [nationality] woman. When I was 14 years old I saw several UFOs in my backyard in [country]. Orange spheres, saucer-shaped with a red light, triangular, and others. I saw them with witnesses, me and a friend also had extraterrestrial writing on the walls and other physical signs such as moving lights. They were not my imagination.

The ETs started to talk to my mind about medical procedures they wanted to do and begun to abduct me in the evenings. They taught me how to communicate with them telepathically. This is all fine, I am happy to be an alien abductee, I write to you for a different reason.

I was 15 when the aliens showed me an image depicting men in black suits in the United States at a meeting and with the


I had not even gotten to the part of the military and surveillance guys and the message was already too long, understandably they do not have time for essays. I was trying to keep it short, but there is no quick way to explain. I also do not have experience with telling my story to people in real life. I've only told one single person, one of my ex-boyfriends, and even though he works with things related to NASA and government, my story about aliens and military contact does not register with him. So I wrote again, this time as short as possible.

Recipient: Wright-Patterson AFB
Your Name: [my actual real first name and last name]
Your Email Address: contact@orionmindproject.com
Subject: Hello it's me

One of your personnel speaks here:

Since age 15 I received communication and surveillance from U.S. military because of extraterrestrial contact. Two of them told me they are at "Patterson Air Force Base". Now 20 years later they are training me to monitor Russian missiles. I am [nationality], 34 years old, they know my name [first name and last name]. Please tell them that it is time to contact me in real life, I have waited long enough. The recipient of this email is probably not aware of these projects at your base, please forward to those who have the clearance. I am not crazy, it is definitely happening, also tell them I am not angry about anything, I forgive everything. Also see:


I checked "Contact Me: A response is requested."

I did it! Now they can go ahead and either put my message into the trashcan or put me on a list of crazy / dangerous people. Unless they really know what I am talking about, and this is all happening, but they are not going to contact me in any case.

I gave them my real name, and nationality... The main reason for why I did is because the people who have been talking with me they know me by my real name. But also because this is me reaching out to real people, I mean to whoever people are receiving that message. I have kept this a closely guarded secret my whole life. It was an emotional experience to write it, I had a good cry and I was asking myself "Why does this have to be so hard? Are they real or are they not?". It was terrifying to write to someone, let alone to an Air Force Base, with something I have kept a secret my whole life, and with my actual name, but after a moment it did not feel so shattering anymore, nothing bad had instantly happened, my life was still in order, and I realized that nothing bad would come of it, it would be ok.