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Looking into Airport Patterson and Patterson Air Force Base, which have been mentioned by Warren Allen and Admiral/Captain Benson, leads me to discover the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Have I finally done it? Did I finally locate my guys? Will I one day meet in person the men who have spoken to me telepathically and done military abductions since I was 15 years old?

Warren Allen mentions Patterson

I think the first time that the location named Patterson was mentioned by those who seem to be human men who talk to me telepathically, was when Warren Allen mentioned it. The conversation with Warren Allen is contained in this YouTube video.
The Orion Project - Getting to know Warren Allen - 29 November 2016

Excerpts from the conversation with Warren Allen: "I went to the Airport Patterson." - Warren Allen

In that conversation, Warren Allen talks about his lifelong interest in airplanes ever since he was a boy, how he had small model airplanes and learned how to fly an airplane at the age of 13. He got a job with monitoring airplane safety at Patterson Airport, which is where a General introduced him into working with the matter of alien visitations.

Admiral Benson mentions Patterson

Next time I heard about the location Patterson, was from the man who goes by the name of Admiral Benson, or nowadays Captain Benson.
Admiral or Captain Benson Being a Sleaze - May 30 2017

On that day, Admiral Benson told me that he was in "Patterson Air Force Base". When I confronted him about it, I said: "Benson. Tell me about... Patterson air force base. Tell me about it." And he replied: "It is not for you women to know about. About what goes on there." His reply is more telling than it seems, namely in his reply he is not denying any connection to Patterson base, in fact his reply implies that he knows about that place.

Finding Patterson
Looking at commercial airports first

It gets interesting when "the voices in my head" are mentioning real places, and I am at least curious to take a look at those places. Warren Allen said that he works at "Airport Patterson" where he monitors airplane safety and there he got involved with working with alien UFOs. And Benson said "Patterson Air Force Base". Fortunately we have got these clues, which narrows down the search for a potential real place. We also know that the location is in the United States.

Five locations in the US named Patterson
If I search on Google Maps, I find that there are five locations in the United States named Patterson: in New York, California, Louisiana, Georgia, Missouri.

Patterson, New York
Patterson, New York, is a town with a population of 12,023 in the year 2010. If I enter "Patterson New York airport" into Google Maps, it shows several listed airports near Patterson, New York. I then use another Google Maps window where I enter Patterson New York and compare the two to see which airport is the closest to Patterson, New York. Sherman Field and Danbury Municipal Airport-DXR are two airports closest. Sherman Field is just under half an hour by car from the center of the town Patterson, and Danbury is about half an hour by car.

Patterson, California
Patterson, California is a city with a population of 21,212 in 2014. Three airports show up on a search on "Patterson California airport". Airport named Westley Airport-CA67 is 11 minutes by car from the city of Patterson. Airport named Patterson is 10 minutes away. Airport named NASA Crows Landing Airport and Test Facility is 10 minutes away.

Patterson, Louisiana
Patterson, Louisiana is a city with a population 6,112 in 2010. Only one airport shows up on a search, Harry P. Williams Memorial Airport, 8 minutes by car from the center of Patterson, Louisiana.

Patterson, Georgia
Patterson, Georgia, is a small city with a population of 627 in the year 2000. Waycross-Ware County Airport is the airport closest to Patterson, Georgia, and is about half an hour by car from the center of Patterson.

Patterson, Missouri
I did not find population size, possibly a small area. The closest airport is Piedmont Muni Airport-Pyn, 18 minutes away.

I should also consider other airports within a bigger radius. How close to a city named Patterson, must an airport be, in order to be referred to as "airport Patterson"? And are any of the airports that show up on a search, for any of these five locations named Patterson, a likely match to the Airport Patterson where Warren Allen supposedly works? There is the risk that a possible match might be a different airport that is located further away from the center of a city Patterson than I have considered. However, most of the airports I have looked at have their own names and are not referred to as "Airport Patterson", so if an airport near any of these cities would be referred to as "Airport Patterson" then it would be likely to be one that is the closest to the city.

Though we did find one airport named Patterson, in California. Interestingly, California also has the NASA Crows Landing Airport and Test Facility which is also close in that same area, and since Warren Allen was specifically hired at his Airport Patterson to work with monitoring UFOs, it could be interesting that Patterson Airport is so close to a NASA site.

Commercial or secret airport?
One more thing to consider. If Warren Allen were working with monitoring airplane security and UFO activity, then how likely would he be to be working at a commercial and public airport? Would he not instead be located in a site that is off limits to the public? The airports I have listed above are, I presume, all open for and in use by the public.

Patterson Airport, California
It is difficult to find information on Patterson Airport in California. I only find out that it is a small airport.

NASA Crows Landing Airport and Test Facility, close to Patterson, California
Oh indeed. I find out that the NASA Crows Landing Airport and Test Facility is owned by NASA Ames. NASA Ames, everyone remember, that I also have a "voice in the head" who says that he is "Jack with the NASA Team" and that he works with "NASA Ames", Jack specifically time and time again tells me that he works with extraterrestrial related things. This site is not open for public use. It was formerly named the Naval Auxiliary Landing Field Crows Landing when it was used by the U.S. Navy. Quote: "As of January 2011 Airport-data.com reports this airport status as Closed Permanently." Source. Unless I am mistaken, from the sounds of it, this site has been closed down and is no longer in use. We can also read more here: Crows Landing Naval Auxiliary Air Station.

Patterson Air Force Base
Looking for military air force base

Next we look closer at how Admiral/Captain Benson had phrased it: "Patterson Air Force Base". It seems like a very safe guess, to say that Warren Allen would be working at the same location as Admiral/Captain Benson. I have known of Warren Allen since many years, he is one of what I termed "surveillance people" or "survey people", I used to experience that these men were remote viewing me and keeping me under 24/7 remote viewing surveillance, they would also speak telepathically with me. Apart from the surveillance people, there were also military officers who frequently visited the offices of the survey people to look at me for short times and to get status reports and sometimes chatting with me telepathically for a little bit. The military officers however did not do long time surveillance. Benson is one of the many military officers I have known for many years.

The survey people and military officers were clearly working on the same team, at least that can be said of most of the, there are exceptions that I question if they were on the same team but those are few. Warren Allen however was part of the same large group of guys as Benson was. So when Warren Allen mentions Airport Patterson, it would seem highly bizarre for me to imagine him working at a different Patterson than Benson, because, if Warren Allen were working at a different airport than Benson to begin with, then that would make it statistically shocking to see a coincidence that his airport would also happen to be named Patterson, especially since only one very small other airport in California is literally named Patterson, out of commercially used airports.

When I do an internet search on "Patterson Air Force Base", the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base shows up. It is located in Ohio, the United States. Also there do not seem to be any other or additional air force bases in the United States that are also named Patterson, just this one. Also note that this military base with Patterson in its name is an Air Force base, not Army or Navy, and that also coincides with Benson calling it the "Patterson Air Force Base".

Here is their official website: Wright-Patterson Air Force Base:

BINGO. Take a look at this:

Mysterious UFO has been spotted hovering over the Alien Hotspot Wright-Patterson Air Force Base


Have I finally done it? Did I find my guys? The men who spoke to me telepathically since I was a teenager, who seemed to look at me with remote viewing, people I got to know personally over the years, and some of whom I met in strange military abductions where I would wake up at nights to find myself in another place with these men, were they perhaps real all along? Am I about to find out? Did Warren Allen and Benson intentionally drop the name or was that an accident? Am I meant to find them, and are they real persons working at the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base? You see, I have already interacted plenty with my alien friends and meeting aliens is no big deal to me, but meeting some of the men I have talked to and known since I was 15 but never quite knew if they were real, it would be life-changing. What if I could meet them in real life, Captain Marsden, Captain Daniels/Greene, Major Cunningham/Donovan Brown, even Captain Stephens, all of them. It would be too good to be true.

From the video I learn that the Wright-Patterson Air Force Base has 22,000 employees. Is one of them my Warren Allen? 1 out of 22,000 is probably the closest I have ever been to finding out if these men were real all this time.