The first time I saw this little alien guy in a mental image was some time in November 2017. Today on November 28, 2017, I see him again, in a mental image. He is small, he would reach perhaps up to about my knee or hip in height. He is highly energetic, spirited and has a touch of that witty character, which reminds me much of the cheerful and spirited witty character of one of the two forms of Altair men the ones who are not the tall large ones.

His skin color is an orange with a red hue to it, the skin appears to be thick and is smooth. I see no hairs on his body. He has the humanoid shape of a body with two arms and two legs and a head with a face. He has two eyes, the eyes have eye whites with light blue irises, the center of the eye appears to be white and not black. I see no eye lashes or eye brows. He has a very prominent nose which is what you notice about him the most. The nose has a large flat surface where the two nostrils are, and the nose is very pointy, as drawn. I do not know if he has external ears or not, I would need to take a closer look, but he might have external ears.

He wears a pointy tall light blue colored hat that has no symbols or design patterns on it. He wears light blue clothing, and he has some shoes.

He spoke to me telepathically and told me that the military does not want me to get to know his people. Jack from the NASA team also showed up briefly and he was displeased that I was talking with this little guy, so for some reason humanity is not allowed to know about these guys.

I do not have the time or energy to have a conversation with the little one, but I will of course carry out a proper interview with him and his species later on, I have now got more than 70 species and many of which remain unexplored and uninvestigated because of a lack of time and energy, The Orion Project is already a lot of work just to keep up with the daily business. But while naming the drawing that I made of him, I wasn't sure of what to name this new species, and so I asked him what are they called, he said that they are the "old Veda". "Old Veda or old Vega?", I asked him to specify, and he said again "old Veda". I was reluctant to strike a conversation with him because I am overwhelmed with alien visitations and new species, but in the future we will talk and I will write it down.

He is cheerful and seems positive and energetic and a bit witty, he was eager to talk and happy to be in contact with me. When I suddenly saw his mental image I did say hello and nice things to him. He told me that his people are working in mines. Working in mines to extract minerals is a very common theme among a lot of the alien species, including among Altair just to mention one other example of alien groups that are working with mining for minerals. We should also here note that I did encounter an alien species which called itself both "the original Arcturians" and "the Ayurveda", so the name Veda might be related to the Ayurveda, but that is at this point just an assumption and needs to be confirmed before we

2:57 PM November 28 2017
We would like to throw our hats away. But we cannot. It keeps us stable. - little old Veda sad
The hats keep us stable we said! - Reptilian copies
They help us with mining for minerals. The hats. We cannot leave them. The hats keep us, in control in check. Do you want to know why? They were told for us to wear. But we hate them. We wanted to leave them behind. The hats, they let them the others know where we are, so that they can see us better. - the little old Veda says and is sad
We are not the gnomes. So do not call us the little guys. We are not the prominent race they said to us. So we had to mine for them! - old Veda really sad

So it seems the little old Veda people are mining for the Reptilians. The Reptilians have told the old Veda, that the old Veda "are not the prominent race", that is typical of what Hamish or also other Reptilians would say to someone. Several alien species have been taken over by the Agenda organization and made to work for the Agenda, and many of those species are working with mining for the Agenda, another example of an enslaved species that does mining for the Agenda are the Alpha Centaurian humans.

Another thing that the old Veda man said earlier was that his species is not at all genetically related to humans, so that was valuable and interesting information to know. I can feel that he wants to talk to me, and I can also feel that he is feeling very sad.

They have told me that they want to eat me. - the old Veda says sad and it feels as if he is about to start crying, I think Hamish might be bothering him
I don't want to let anybody eat you my friend. - me to old Veda
Dear Reptilians. My eggs are protecting this old Veda man. My eggs want to keep him safe. Please treat him kindly, said the eggs. It was a friend for the eggs. The eggs might even eat yoghurt snacks if this friend is kept safe and comfortable and happy. The eggs like him, and then the eggs eat yoghurt. Eggs like to have friends. - me
It was my rat. - Hamish or Dark Lord about the little old Veda

If you don't understand what I just said there about the eggs and about yoghurt, then clearly you have not been reading enough on The Orion Project. I rarely use the eggs card I try to save that super power for only when it is really needed.

I was adding him to the list of benevolent alien species, but now that I learned during the course of writing this page that he is a species made to be a member of the Agenda, he is now listed as an Agenda species. Please remember that many of the species listed under the Agenda are benevolent and have been made to work there against their will, this includes also the Dinosaurs, Alpha Orions, Alpha Remulans, and the various Alpha Centaurian species.