written May 17 2013 and slightly updated September 2016

The evidence is none or complicated and so the concept of my website becomes a different one therefore, more of a presentation than a set of claims.

Over the years I have encountered plenty of personal evidence which proves to me that the aliens are real. I have however no formal evidence that was collected which I could have shared with you to prove to others that they are real, such as that would be photographs or other collected physical evidence.

Personal Evidence____________________________

In August 2011 when the Orion man contacted me I started with the premise that the contact was imaginary and not real. However I embarked on a quest to find out if it was real or imagined. Months later, by April 2012 I concluded that the contact is real.

The personal evidence is intricate. It consists of the following:

  • Personal evidence:
  • The Aliens use vocabulary (words) that I did not know the meaning of. I will even often assume to know or guess the meaning of their word and be wrong (because I didn't know the word). Their vocabulary is more extensive than mine.
  • Aliens will say something that I didn't know and it turns out to be accurate. Such as telling me I have dirty dishes in a place and I look and see none and say no I don't. When I lift some papers or so (yes I've been messy haha college life!) sure enough there it is. They are always correct and have many times described things that I hadn't seen, or things before I have seen it myself.
  • Consistency in accounts. My encounters are corroborated by agreement with other people's alien accounts. For instance I did not know about the black Orion lizards, Dinosaurs, or praying mantis Thubans when these contacted me. If I were hallucinating it would be unlikely to follow some "universal human symbolism" to make all humans hallucinate the encounters in the same way. Such as the word "Illuminati" which came to me from the Aliens.

Don't tell them about the tomatoes! - Hamish wants me to add here to you readers
I won't tell them about tomatoes no. - me
They have the same pattern as I! - Hamish
Yes Hamish. They are red. - me
So they have seen me. - Hamish
Yes they have seen a Dragon Turtle. - me
Many make cheese with it. - Hamish about there being cheese next to the tomatoes in our fridge
... Tell them not to put them next to cheese. Or that they would vomit! - Hamish
Hamish what are you talking about? About tomatoes? Are you related to tomatoes, because they are red? Hamish? - me
No. No more Sugar. No more. - Hamish
No, Sugar. - me
I have learnt your language well! - says Sock Puppet Dragon (Hamish)
Yes Hamish. You are very good at our language. Hamish. Are you a Dragon Turtle? - me
I have many purses here. And they are made of Dragon, and Crocodile! They make purses out of us, you see! - Hamish, I have promised him a black leather purse because he loves the smell of leather
Hamish... you are so cute Darling. - me
Yes. Dragons are mighty. - Hamish
Dragons are red and mighty. - me
And Turtles! No, Sock Feet! - Hamish, I like to call him Sock Feet
We are not made with mashed potatoes. - Hamish about the tomatoes
May 17 2013, original in English

  • The best evidence is that Dragons and Thubans can toss me. They can lift my body up and throw me across the air, but most of the time their "tosses" are more gentle maneuverings of me in my bed.


From May 2013, here is a photograph taken in the dark in the bathroom while Hamish was standing on the woven bathroom rug. As you can see, nothing shows up on the picture. My eyes also do not register Hamish. But I have a mental visual of Hamish. Hamish inhabits some other dimension, I wish I could tell you how it works.

Here is the same image as above but edited on the computer to see if any shape or figure might appear. As you can see no anomaly that would be a Dragon Turtle shows up. (The light to the right belongs to the door and is not an anomaly.)

I will not be taking more photographies at Hamish because I noticed my camera does a red light (whether the flash is on or not) to take a picture and I know how tremendously agitated Hamish is about red lights so I won't be aggravating him with it. Hamish once saw the red lights on the talking car in Knight Rider on television and he is still traumatized by it. It scares him, and the red light on the camera would scare him too. He is very sensitive (as you can see with his spontaneous tomato comments above) to anything red.


Don't tell the Aliens, but I am going to start leaving a video recording at night just to see if anything happens. The magic abduction hour is at 4 AM, ranging from 3 AM to 5 AM is when most alien abduction happens.

I video recorded the room with myself in bed for two or three nights in a row. Nothing showed up on the camera as far as abductions or alien activity.