If I recall correctly, I was first introduced to Olav "Olli" Vetti in 2012. He is supposedly a Russian Korpral and missiles expert.

I will compile this page about Russian Korpral Olav "Olli" Vetti. For now, here is something about him from a remote viewing which I did to remember alien abductions. It let me experience this episode in which we learn that the Pleiadians are working to stop military efforts of the Russians, and Olav of course is not too fond of that. There is also the use of some small vials that contain a colored fluid which are implanted into the fat in the belly for a steady supply of that material into the body, I suspected that this fluid might have to do with protecting the body from harmful radiation, but that is only my guess.

Counter Pleiadians

Anyhow, here is the text unedited from the source page, and source is Alien Abductions Remote Viewed at time 53:15.

53:15 Olav. If I can see if I remember meeting Olav. Try to remember Olav. Olav talks to me about the Pleiadians, Pleiadians don't want Russians to have bombs, he says Pleiadians have tried to disarm their weapons so now the Russians have to learn to fight with the Pleiadians. They want me to help them somehow to figure out how the Russians can fight against the Pleiadians who disarm the Russian weapons, so they gotta learn how to get into my mind. Olav says, he has been assigned with me from General Patton he doesn't want me to be afraid now they gotta learn how to talk to my mind and they want me to stay really calm while they do it, "because we gotta learn how to figure out the Pleiadians so that we can carry on out with our business without being unarmed". So Olav has definitely been working with me, General Patton gave me to him, and they're doing things with my mind that I don't remember fully...

Underground base which belongs to the Russians and there's a room there that had some bombs. Russian text on some papers, Olav is reading it, he posts it on the door, it says don't come in here, you need a certain level of authorization to go in there because it's radio active, it's a really bad bomb. There are tiny pegs, tiny glass vials which contain a fluid which can be implanted into a body and this fluid will slowly drain into the blood and tissues. And these vials of liquid they're not completely full of the liquid because if you turn it up and down you see there's an empty gap it's not completely full. The fluid is blue, I think some of them are red pink instead. These vials of fluids were given to them by the Pleiadians. You do not drink it, instead you place it into your soft tissue into the belly fat and it slowly seeps into your fat and you get the liquid gradually in steady doses goes into your body. The key there is the steady dosage. That you get a small amount over a long period of time, there's no better way to administer it, cannot keep drinking every few seconds another dosage. Pleaidians are not very helpful, says Olav. They're not willing to be our friends, they don't even want us to have an Army, they want us to disband it. So therefore we gotta learn how to work behind them, behind the backdoor, so that we can do things to them completely unnoticed, and that's why we enlisted the help of General Patton, so he's gonna help us figure out a way out", said Olav.

So they're using me to try to get to the Pleiadians. The key is to do something to someone so that that person doesn't know it's being done to them, because the Pleiadians are very aware of what the Russian military is doing, the Russians want to be able to do things without the person knowing what the person is doing, like if I do something and I don't know that I did it then the Pleaidians cannot know that I did it because I don't know that I did it, that's what the Russians are researching, they want a way to be very stealthy about it about how people can do or have intel without knowing that they have intel because if the person doesn't know then the Pleiadians don't know. Researching this testing these things, because the Pleaidians are supervising the Russian military, Russians need a way to know things and do things and talk without the Pleiadians knowing, they wanna know if they can do things where the person doesn't know they are doing it and so the Pleiadians wouldn't know.