The Agenda is not Positive
written September 09 2013

I came across a lady on the internet who sells consultation time to alien abductees, in which she will relay information from "the ethers" which she promises will offer support and clarity. I have blacked out her name and picture although it's probably not a big ordeal to find out who this is. My purpose here is not to bash anyone, only to highlight the dichotomy in UFO & Alien literature

If we didn't write it, it can't be true. - says now one of my ETs, either an Insect Mantid or a Zeta or Thuban type
Well, humans try to understand you Aliens and what you are doing here. We humans are left to try to interpret and understand what it is that you are doing with us. And we do not always reach to the same conclusions or impressions about the very same Agenda that takes us. - me
There are many more than you taken out of their bed. - Dinosaur I think
I know. And we are each left to try to make sense of this on our own. Some come to the conclusion that you are positive benevolent beings. Others like me unearth negative and horrific truths in your methods. I am writing this page to discuss the two different versions that people have of the same thing. I love you of course, all of my Aliens. It is just that we humans have to try to understand. - me
You have an alien implant in you. That is why you can feel us! - Dinosaur
Yes. - me
And that is what that lady was talking about. - Dinosaur or other ET
Yes. Improvements. - me interrupted
And yes, some of the children are used as salary, and sold as slaves. - one of my ETs, approximately not verbatim, but "used as salary" was there, and "children"
Dare I ask, what kind of salary can a child be? How is a child used as a salary, in what way? - me
They are not used. They are eaten. - Hamish my Red Reptile
And first, they are taken to the circus. - one of my ETs says, showing me the underground amusement park complete with red and white ferris wheel
Tell me upright and front. Are the hybrid children used by pedophiles? Are hybrid children murdered, put through medical experimentation - me interrupted
Yes, that is why we call them our sheep. - one of the ETs either Mantid or Zeta or Thuban type, he referred to the "medical experimentation" part
So, would you say that your use of hybrid children is not entirely benevolent with respect to the children's best welfare? That they are being harmed there? Would you agree? - me
But first, we give them toys. - the same ET as previous, I think it's a green Mantid with antennae

Here is the advert posted by the lady who claims to understand the phenomenon well:

I continued: