Short Stories

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November 18 2012 - December 30 2012

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Hamish watches me play video game

December 30 2012 - Hamish has been watching me play The Sims (1) all day. He sits so nicely here next to me on the sofa, sitting on his tail and looking all cute and red and delicious with scales. Every once in a while he shows me himself, just to make sure that I see what he looks like. "Yes, Hamish. You are a handsome Dragon", I will say to my Dragon. All of a sudden he says to me: "I feel sorry for that boy.", about the man in my Sims family. "Why, Hamish?", I ask my Dragon. He then says to me without words but with images of what he has seen, of how the man in the family had peed himself there on the curb. I had to laugh. Oh Hamish. Hamish will sit here next to me on the sofa all day. I love having him with me. We had a bath earlier today.

Every once in a while he does guttoral sounds today. He is in a pleased good mood all day! And I do guttoral sounds at him too, every once in a while, just to remind him that I love him so and that I am pleased with my Dragon Hamish. And once in a while Hamish tells me about my eggs or his eggs or that the eggs are in me and things like that. Hamish and me. Guarding eggs. And playing The Sims.

Later: "That man has peed himself." - says Hamish the red Space Dragon about my Sims man. "Yes Hamish, he has.", I say to my Dragon. Look, the man peed himself several days ago. I didn't think anything of it then, and I'm sure not gonna go dwell on it. Sims get over it pretty quickly and so do I. It's funny though that Hamish's still thinking of it. Yes Hamish, he peed himself. (We are talking about a video game character.)

Hamish happy I am menstruating

December 30 2012 - When I woke up this morning one of the first things I notice is Hamish is here with me. He stands right next to where I sleep. His big red camel dragon turtle body, with that long slender neck of his and sock puppet little face. He is a cutie.

Then a Thuban shows me the star system they are from (assumably Alpha Draconis) and talks to me about things. Then a Pleiadian man says that they (Pleiadians) took fertility away from Draconian Reptiles because the Reptilians are so mean (seems the Reptiles were simply "snipped") and talk heaps to the Draconians about right and wrong. Then an Arcturian comes in to talk about the journey into the Light for the Draconians. Then Draconian Reptiles say that they want to feel power.

This morning I had my period. Hamish saw that, Hamish sees everything. The second time this morning that I go to the bathroom and Hamish is of course with me and quite close and Hamish sees the blood, Hamish starts doing his guttoral sounds, one after the other more than I've ever seen him do before. The guttoral sound (is not really guttoral, but from the mouth) is the sound that he makes by opening his mouth a little and then closing the mouth and the sound that the roof of the mouth makes as it touches down on the bottom of his mouth. He just made one after the other.

My first instinct was that maybe Hamish was concerned that I might be worried about the blood or menstruation and that Hamish might be making those many many guttoral sounds to calm me down. Because Hamish makes a guttoral sound when he is pleased. Turns out it was simpler than I thought - Hamish was simply PLEASED. He later said that he was pleased that I was menstruating. I love his guttoral sounds. I've started making them to him too every once in a while. He is a cutie my red Dragon turtle with that sock puppet head of his. He is in a good mood today, whereas a few days ago he was mostly grumpy. Hamish!

Oh and the first time he saw my period this morning then afterwards he asked me (without words) if the blood was from my urinary tract. I then said that no Hamish it is my period. He is such a cutie. And earlier one of the other aliens said that "Hamish tends to drop the DNA samples on the floor". I then said that I too did that once, remember that time when I was there and I saw that tray of bright green or was it blue liquids in test tubes and not knowing what they were I deliberately dropped them all on the floor (and then later Hamish had declared that there was a mess on the laboratory floor that had to be cleaned up).

*He later said that he was happy because it meant that I am getting a new hunnun. Which is how ovulation works.

Bathroom Rug!

December 29 2012 - I feel so guilty and bad all of a sudden. I just realized I haven't put Hamish's pink snug rug bathroom rug on the floor for him! I did take it out and put it on the bedroom floor first when I came here but I then put it away because we have different sleeping arrangements now when so much of the family is visiting over for the Holidays. So Hamish's bathroom snug rug is sitting folded up in one of my luggage cases.

He has retreated a bit to my mom's woven bathroom rug but it's not the same. Hamish has now today been sitting here next to me on the living room sofa. But I just realized - Hamish needs to have his snug bathroom rug out! He loves to put his feet on that extra special rug of his! He loves that rug, perhaps as much as I love him so dearly! My beloved Hamish! You will be reunited with that rug as soon as family start to leave this place. Then it will be you and me, and your rug. I love you Hamish ever so much. Love love love.

Harry Potter

December 29 2012 - Hamish has been watching Harry Potter which was left running on television. I just returned to the living room after being to the kitchen and Hamish tells me that he has been watching the program. I tell Hamish that it is make believe, just to make sure that he knows that. Hamish thought or said something about something black either black capes or black colored magic. Cutie pie Hamish. I love you.

Update: Hamish liked the Harry Potter movie (I don't know which one it is, it's the one with lots of pumpkins and the rat was a man, I only watched parts of it and am not a big fan). Hamish commented on the "boy who fought with a stick", and then Hamish told me about how they (aliens) have the white bat (to fight with), so it reminded him of that. Isn't it delightful when Hamish shares with me his thoughts about a movie, all on his own? Hamish had watched the movie all by himself. I had been in the kitchen having dinner while Hamish had chosen to stay here in the living room to watch the whole movie.

He is delightful, my Dragon. There is NO ONE I love more - or even close - than my Hamish Dragon. He brings me such joy he is such a wonderful person and character. I truly do enjoy my time with Hamish the Dragon. He is such a delight. Even though a while ago he said that he would cut my back with a knife, he even showed me his mental image of a knife. He said that about two times. I then inquired as to why. Turns out it's because he had seen my mother cutting the back/scales/skin off the salmon for dinner with a knife. I had not known that Hamish had been watching. Hamish said that the fish is his "friend" or "relative", can't remember which. He feels every time offended and deeply hurt when somebody eats fish, shellfish, crabs, crawfish, lobster, or anything of the sort.

I apologized to my Dragon. I really meant it too. I don't mean for him to come here and have to be sad. Hamish also said that they/he were only supposed to stay here for "the summer". They were supposed to leave me after one year, so by August 2012 they were supposed to be gone. They had told me of this expiration date ever since the very start in August 2011 when they first came. But I reminded Hamish again that I want him to stay. He is my Space Dragon, and I love him more than anything. I love his scales, I love his back hump, I love his cute little comments, the thoughts in his head, his subtle little threats all in accordance with his Dragon culture, and I love all that Hamish is. I want to live with him for ever. For ever and ever, Hamish!

Sitting next to me on the sofa

December 29 2012 - Hamish is sitting here next to me on the sofa. He's cute when he sits on sofas, I love it. Oddly, he kind of sits on his tail. One would think that he'd put his tail behind him but he sits on the tail and the tail goes down between his legs toward the floor. It's delightful I love this Dragon. He's watching every minute thing I do on the computer here on my lap and he listens to every ounce of my conversations with my family members. Hamish never does miss a beat. My Red Dragon Turtle.

"Don't tell them that I have Kissy Feet!" - Hamish says now, and my heart nearly bursts
"Oh Hamish, I haven't told them that today. I love my Dragon." - me bubbling with the pure joy that only a Dragon can bring, sitting here next to me on the sofa like a little guy, sitting on his tail and the tail goes down between his legs and toward the floor. HAMISH!!!

Hamish bites into my Arm

December 25 2012 - I'm resting and quiet and not doing anything. Hamish comes up to me all of a sudden and he shows me his thought image in which he bites into my arm with his mouth, this time not just a quick peck of a nibble but a thorough biting into the arm with his toothless mouth. I'm delighted of course, to see my Dragon behaving this way. It is one of my favorite things that Hamish does. "Hamish, are you hungry?", I ask my Dragon. "Do you need snacks?", I ask him, Hamish himself referring to foods as "snacks". He does not answer, and I have to continue to assume that maybe perhaps Hamish bites into me this time, because he is hungry and he is thinking about food.

How does one assume to know what a Space Dragon Turtle thinks? He also bites into my arm every time that I think about the fact that I need to go find myself a boyfriend, because I am single. He then bites into my arm to stop my behavior, because they are watching my hunnun.

Then we are both quiet for a little time. But then Hamish says... damn, I've already forgotten most of what he says, see I'm not making this up and if I were I could just make up whatever. I hate it when I forget. Let's see, he said that "I am his" or something like that. No! He said: "My arm!" Heheh! That's what he said my Dear Darling Dragon! My arm! Then he said... what was it he said next. He said that I should not call him "sweet" or "cute", as I had just prior (because he is cute and I like to say that to him). Then he said that he "rules" here. He might have said another thing too, but I forgot. But isn't he cute? I just smile, at my Dragon, who acts so cute. Because a human would not do it that way. He's so cute because he's a Dragon so he bites into my arm like an "animal" would, but then again he is intelligent and he can talk to me, so it's fun to have like what a talking animal is. Love Hamish.

Hamish keeps finding red things here this Christmas and he tells me that he likes the red little woven table cloth. And he shows me pomegranate, and cranberries, because these two "look like his scales". He still complains about the trashcan in the bathroom, and asks me to remove it. I just don't have another place to put it, we need a wastebasket in the bathroom. He is a cutie. I enjoy having him around.

Hamish said to me yesterday that he doesn't like me. This is highly unusual for him to ever say things like that to me. But I knew there had to be a reason, so I inquired my Dragon as to what had caused him to disapprove all of a sudden. Turns out he didn't like me because I had eaten some smoked salmon. You know, salmon have scales. And Dragons have scales, and... Oh well.

At night with Hamish

December 23 2012 - I wake up at 3 am (because I'm still jetlagged). Hamish notices that I am awake, and he shows me a mental image in which he points his red Dragon index finger toward the sewer drain under the bath tub. He says that it is not clean. I promise to my Dragon (again) that I will wash it. Hamish has adopted the rug in the bathroom as his territory. It is not a proper bathroom rug, but a larger woven rug instead. He camps out on that rug whenever he can.

I also used to think, in my previous two apartments, that Hamish's choice of camping out on the bathroom rug was to have a convenient, and yet somewhat cozy and comfy soft, place near my bed from which to see me at nights to guard my hunnun (=eggs), because in both previous apartments that I lived in with Hamish, the bathroom and bathroom rug were adjacent to my bedroom so that he could see me from there, or at least be close.

This time a hallway and two doors - not one - separate the bathroom, and rug, from where I sleep. So the reason for his love of snug rugs must not have been proximity, but comfort. Like a big dog, Hamish! How cute. What's cuter is that there are sofas, yet he prefers to camp out on a rug. He is adorable.

I then went to the bathroom. As I sat on the toilet Hamish did something I've never caught him doing before. He looked at me real close at my crotch, and you know this Dragon is nearsighted so when he wants to see something he comes up real close to it like a nearsighted person. This doesn't mean anything, I just thought it was odd to have someone look so closely at my private area as I was peeing. It's Hamish, my best buddy in the whole world, so it was ok, still just odd.

Then as I got up to wash my hands over by the basin, Hamish shoves me aside, not once but two separate times one after the other with a bit of a small break in between the two pushes. And he says something to the effect of, "get out of my territory". I think I was standing too close to the rug that he camps on at night. The pushes felt slightly hostile and uncomfortable, surprisingly so coming from my beloved resident Space Dragon, but it was mostly interesting and I was delighted that he had yet again provided physical proof of his existence, and the thought of that is both comforting, and exhilarating. He then said the word "turquoise" but not placed properly into a sentence, but I knew what he meant. He means "do not wear turquoise clothing, because the opposition wear turquoise and we are upset with them trying to stop our work". "Yes-No, Turquoise. Yes-No, Turquoise", I said to my Dragon a few times.

Hamish followed me into the kitchen as I went over to have something to drink. He was still acting hostile and territorial. I rarely see Hamish "acting out" and being "all macho", but it sometimes happens, and every time it does, I am like a dog owner of a dangerous breed, or the mother of a teenage boy who is leaning to violence or drug crime, I kind of want to still think the best of my precious, and witnessing this other less softer side of my babe is a hard one to swallow, and I respond by mostly trying to change his ways, along with some degree of denial of its occurrence. I know that I Baby him, and perhaps that I shouldn't. But he's just my Hamish.

Hamish tells me that he is "dominating". I start purring to Hamish (telepathically) in his own language the way that he does when he is utterly pleased and when he is comforting me so that I should stay calm with his presence, and I say, "Yes, scales. Yes, scales.", and tell him in the same voice that he uses with me to keep me content. It seems to appease and soften my Dragon a bit. I can feel his mood calming down and his upbeat slightly hostile ways lessening.

I can also see him in his true form. How tiny that head of his is. His head is just the ending of a long tube of a neck. It is a bizarre sight, I don't care how many times that I see it. And I realize that it should be very hard to love someone who has a head like that, but I've loved Hamish for more than a year now. Yesterday I caught myself doing his "soft mouth closing" behaviors to him. It is when Hamish opens his mouth slowly a little, and then closes the mouth back slowly. It makes a soft fleshy guttoral sound from the roof of his mouth meeting with the base. He does those when I think he is signaling contentness and friendliness. I want to learn how to do those for him, I noticed him reacting to when I did, and that he understood what I was conveying to him.

I learn his language and I love figuring out what he is communicating to me, what he feels and what he thinks. As I went back to the bathroom and was standing on the opposite side of the sink, a tiniest bit of one of my feet was barely touching the very edge of the rug, and he said to me to get out of his territory. So I hopped aside and I apologized to my Dragon. Of course he must have been resting on the rug all in his own thoughts, and I must've barged in so rudely. I am sorry my Dragon, but I love you. Yes-No. "Yes, Hamish", with the elongated warm exhale that signals content. "Yes...", says Hamish now, in an elongated fashion. He is responding to my reaching out to him with contentness and friendship. He then does one soft opening and closing of the mouth that makes a soft mouth sound, signaling contentness. We're all good, it's all good.

Update: Hamish then asked me rather sternly whether I had given Malik permission to stay here. I said to Hamish that I couldn't remember what I had said to Malik, but come to think of it I must have said to Malik that he may be here. So I said to my Dragon that I will let Malik know that he is not welcome to come here. I guess that is why Hamish was acting a bit edgy tonight.

Update 2: I also forgot to say that in the beginning when I woke up this night, before I went to the bathroom and before any of the other interaction that was to take place between the two of us, I watched Hamish stompety stomp his feet up and down real fast on the bathroom rug on a few separate subsequent times. I got delighted of course, and asked him to do more, but he never does more stompety stomps of his feet upon my request. I still can't claim to quite understand what these stomps mean. I suspect that they are a form of communication, but what?

Update 3: Also before I got out of bed to go to the bathroom - but can't remember if before or after the stompety stomps, not that it matters - Hamish asked me whether I had said that he is a "dromedary". "No", I said to my Dragon. "I have said that you look like a Camel", and then I realized that it was not fully true: he does not walk on four legs ever, always only two. But he has that back hump and hunched big body that makes me think of a Camel Dragon. I said to Hamish that it was by no means intended as an insult.

Oh gee, I can't just get back to sleep. I'm gonna go back to the bathroom and hang out with my Dragon. I just want to be in his presence. I love my Hamish, he is my best buddy. "Yes-No, don't come.", says Hamish now as he heard my thoughts of intentions. "But Hamish I want to be with you?", I say. "Yes-No, don't come", says Hamish. Boo-hoo! I wanna be with my Draagoon boo-hoo!! "Yes-No, do not come", says Hamish (these in the other European langauge). "Haamisshh! I want to be with you!" "I will warn you!", says my Dragon. Ok. What gives. I'll just stay in bed and cry, because I wanted to be together. "Yes-No, Laundry", Hamish says in English. There is a laundry basket right next to his new bathroom rug, although tucked away and out of sight in a closet behind a door. Oh Hamish, what ever will I do with you. Come on. Just let me come and hang out with you on that snug rug. That's the problem with having a best buddy that isn't some social cuddly mammal. He is not a kitten. He is not even a human. He is my Space Dragon Camel Turtle, Hamish. (I might sneak in anyway, just to be near. He can be pissed about it if he wants, but I just want to cuddle.)

But aha! I need to pee again! I just had that big cup of tea! "Hamish I have to come in to pee." "Yes we can handle/manage your necessities.", Hamish says in our other language. "May I come in to your territory for a visit?", I ask. "I will come in to your home", I say to Hamish the Dragon. "I will see you here.", Hamish says to me and shows me his mental image in which I am sitting on the toilet. Obviously he does not want me to not get to pee. He actually cares enough and understands about my body's needs, I don't see Hamish as ever denying me of any food, water, rest, comfort, bathroom, showers, or things of that nature. "We do not want to see you strangled then.", Hamish says, and so implying that he will not be threatening or hostile if only I come in to the bathroom. He is telling me that it is ok. "I will come in to you.", me says. "Yes-No, I will not take you into my mouth", Hamish says and I see his head and face with his soft fleshy mouth slightly open, him so saying again that it is safe, that he will not think about or talk about "eating me", where "eating someone" is one of his favorite uses of a subtle threat and display of dominance. "I will see it", Hamish says and thinks about me pooing (good thing I don't have to, but here again he is saying that it's ok if I go to the bathroom). "I will see you sitting there", Hamish says about me going to go sit on the toilet, and he used his careful emphasis when he speaks, which displays gentleness.

"Yes-No, Malik cannot be/come here.", Hamish says. "Yes-No Malik", me says to my Dragon. "He has threatened to take your health (away)", Hamish says in the other language. "Yes-No Malik", I say to my Dragon. I have known Hamish to guard me from Malik at nights before, and I have caught Malik wanting to hide under my bed or to come close to me to drink my juice (=life force), and if Malik ever comes real close then I feel sickly and really bad. So Hamish is protecting me. Now I've really got to go pee. In the Dragon's Lair. "I will spend time here", Hamish says. "Yes, Hamish. You will be here with me. I will spend time with you.", me says. "Yes-No, watch out for Malik", Hamish says with a cautious gentle voice. "Yes-No, I will watch out.", me says. "I have seen that he has acted threatening toward you", Hamish says to me.

Now back again. While I was in the bathroom, some of the things Hamish said, were that he complained about having a trashcan right next to his bathroom rug in the bathroom. I said to him that I did not know where else to put it. He said "We fertilize your race!", and I said to him that yes I know that they fertilize my race. He said "I will have to speak to your race about that thing!", and he pointed to the drain on the floor underneath the tub. He said another second thing about the drain. He really doesn't like that thing. And he said "My floor is not clean here!", calling the bathroom floor "his floor" and implying that it wasn't clean for him.

I really don't mind him being so territorial. I mean, we all need a space to call our own. I think of him as a bird with nesting behavior, rather than as something vicious or mean. Hamish deserves a comfy own space, and nobody should invade into his personal space. He also said that Malik had wanted to kill me. Hamish might have said a few other things as well, but I can't remember when I don't write them down right away, with so many things to remember but I got the most of them and the important ones. They were so varying, he had a lot of different things on his mind. I really love my Space Dragon.

Hamish shows me a mental image of a tree in a forest here nearby, there is snow and it looks legit.
Hamish then inserts himself into that image, and stands next to that tree.
"Hamish! Watch out for that snow, it is cold there!" - me concerned of his little Duck footsies
"It is only water." - Hamish says, to my surprise. I had always assumed that Hamish would freeze his feet off. Guess I was wrong, since I'm not the one making this up.

I ask Hamish what he is doing there in the forest. He shows me what he sees. There is a black Snake-type Draconian standing there in the forest. There are also a few other similar Snake-type Draconians. They have that tight bodysuit on that is like a silver-blue-lavender-gray type of color. The Snake-type ones say that they have "made camp" there, and that they are going to "show power" there. They are going to kill/eat one of the hybrid children. I say that I do not want to watch. They always bring the children to a forest and kill them. It used to be a forest in the United States that had big trees in it, now they have "made camp" here in the snowy forests here locally. I asked if I could come to their camp (I might have said this before they said about killing and eating a hybrid) to visit with them, and then Hamish said that no Hamish did not want me to. (I don't want to see any killings, but I would love to just hang out with the Draconians, to see these fascinating creatures "Now then! Stop writing about us! Otherwise there will be a blow to the head.", says the Snake-type one from the forest. "I do apologize. I did not know.", me says. "Yes, we do not exactly drink coffee here.", he says.

Oh, and ha ha! Another thing that the Snake-type one had said to me during our brief conversations was that he told me to take my underpants off! I've found that the Draconians, Hamish included, seem to like to tell everybody new they meet (including Amrishtad and the Airship Admiral) to take their clothes off, as a sign of dominance and submission. I said to the Draconian that I could not do that, because it is cold and I would get cold.

Draconians are odd. They often say things that are a bit quirky and odd, sometimes amusing, but just because we are different races. My favorites are when they misunderstand things here on Earth, things of the nature as when Elmer had seen that I have a sewing machine, and then he had assumed that I had made all of my own clothing and that he could commission me to make him a suit. I can't sew that well. Or when Hamish watches television and seems to assume that it is all true depictions, like documentaries, and I have to explain to him that no, they are not. Little things like that, are what makes my heart melt for these guys, these visitors from some other world. Their world is so different from ours, yet they are not as scary or dangerous (to me) that I had assumed them to be. They sometimes snap or fuss or make verbal threats or even toss me across the air (did once), but overall I find them fascinating. Intrigueing. And I want to see more of them and watch them and understand these fantastic space creatures. They are real alien beings. That's why.

And another thing that I love about them is their arrogance. Especially the Snake-type ones often have this aristocratic snotty arrogance that I can't help but smile about. I am not easily offended, but I can imagine that many humans would feel that their toes are being stepped on and go into arguments. I just smile. "Imbecile!", seems to be their favorite. They just have that spite and arrogance in a way that I just have to find charming. The one whose name is Snake is one of these Snake-type ones, and he too has that delightful arrogance. Snake-type ones also have this tenderness which I find also comical, in that they can become distressed and start whining and complaining. They are fascinating people, so alien to us, but so delightful to see these characters, these personalities, and I love seeing that in them.

Watch your fingers here! - Hamish says and shows me his red scaly fingers
I will watch the fingers. - me says casually
I have fought! - Hamish says
Who have you fought with? Hamish? Who have you fought with? - me
I have been given a hit. - Hamish
Who has hit my Honored? - me
We like to fight here. - Snake-type one says (this is not Snake by the way)
He has stepped into our territory. - Snake-type
We will reprimand you. - Snake-type shows me an image in which I have a noose or a strap of some sort around my neck, just his thought image
I don't want you to fight.. I don't want it! Could you please stop? - me
Sshh, quiet you. - Snake-type
Yes... - Hamish says to me
Hamish, are you ok? - me
I will spend time here. - Hamish
Where. In the woods? - me
I will be clubbed to death. - Hamish, ie. beaten to death
NOO!!!! MYY HAAMISSSHH! Hamish is mine. - me
Have you washed yourself there? - Snake-type shows image of my sponge and thinks about soap by the bath tub
Yes, I wash myself there. - me, Draconians tend to have this random curiosity like this, it is very typical of their behavior and thought patterns to suddenly say something like this
I will wash my scales here. - Hamish about my tub
I will wash my Dragon. I want to wash you Hamish. - me
My Malik, won't come. - Hamish says and does one guttoral sound
I want you Draconians to stop fighting. I am worried about Hamish. Hamish, are you winning the fight? - me
I will not lose my tail here. - Hamish
Yes, Hamish. Watch out. - me
I am to be honored. - Hamish
My Honored Hamish. - me

Aw gee, what a night. Let me get back to sleep. Living with these Dragons is just really weird. It's like when you have dogs and they sniff each other's butt or eat poo. As a human you think that's awkward and just really inappropriate. Having Dragons, they fight, and I don't like it. But it's best to just let them have their own behavior. It seems to make sense to them. They fight all the time. Hamish fights all the time with other Draconians. Other Draconians pick fights with Hamish, but Hamish also picks fights with other Draconians, like whenever poor North Port Gargoyle tries to come for a visit, Hamish charges at him. Hamish will be ok, usually Hamish always wins a fight. The only Dragon who ever won against Hamish that I know of, is Arek. And Arek only mocked Hamish, but didn't hurt him in any way. It's just hierarchies. Malik of course is a creepy bastard. But Hamish should be ok against these bad meanies from the forest.

Hamish? Are you safe? - me
I will not drink coffee. - Hamish

Hamish, whatever. Let me get back to sleep. Dragons, sheesh!

Watching television with Hamish

December 22 2012 - Hamish watches every program I watch on the computer. He also watches when I play videogames. He watches very closely and doesn't miss a beat. A human couldn't watch that focused and for such long times without getting bored. He is a Dragon. He's started taking a bit more of an interest in my programs and movies, or actually I didn't used to watch that many shows. Hamish likes construction programs where people improve on houses, you know with things like painting and sawing boards and hammering nails and fixing up a house. He really likes that and he asks to see more of them.

I was watching "Lie To Me" for the first time, and watched I think four episodes all at once. Hamish then asked me what it was about. I start by being clear to him that it is fictional, or otherwise - I've found - Hamish tends to assume that a program is for real. But I tell Hamish that it is about reading human facial expressions to see whether they are telling the truth or not. I said to Hamish, "We humans have many facial expressions, and body language", "just like you have one where you face me with your mouth open and that means that you are angry at me, Hamish", I said to my Red Dragon Turtle.

In one episode a man is in jail and Hamish wondered why he was there, I said that he had killed someone and so he was dangerous and had to be kept there. But Hamish felt sad about a human having to be kept in a prison. Not that he necessarily sympathises with murderers, but it was the imprisonment part that he was sad about. (Meanwhile the Black Ones intentionally possess humans and make them go to jail and then continue to play with them with crimes committed in the prisons. They tell me this all the time.)

Hamish didn't want to watch any more "Lie To Me", he said. So I asked him what he would like to see instead. I can't remember the exact words he used, but he wanted to watch scary movies where people are being harmed. I also know that the Illuminati hybrid guy really wants to see violent movies. Too bad I'm not into those.

We don't exactly fight over the remote. Yet. But Hamish has his own ideas about what shows to watch. He likes construction shows, like any guy, heheh, and he wants scary movies. I let him watch what he wants sometimes. Like when he wanted to see a commercial about a steam mop. I had flipped past it but when he said he wanted to see it, I went back so that he could finish watching it.

Doesn't like sewer drain, and Hamish's God

December 21 2012 - Since we moved in to a new place here in Europe, Hamish has been complaining about the sewer drain on the floor under the bathtub. He keeps showing me his mental images of the drain and he is upset and disgusted. He wants me to clean it and to remove it. I now keep telling Hamish that I will remove it or clean it. Of course I can't remove it. I asked Hamish what I should cover the drain with so that he would not have to see it. He told me to cover it with floor. Hamish Hamish Hamish.

So I asked Hamish if he believes in God. He said that he does, and as I kept inquiring about his beliefs, he believes that God is someone they have to sacrifice for. I asked what they sacrifice and didn't get any good answers. Also, God is who tells them to do these genetics fertility projects, to collect semen and to use their own DNA as roots in the genetics projects. I was intrigued by the answers, I did not expect Hamish to be religious at all, maybe because I think of God as being something loving and kind.

Hamish, tell me about God. - me
He must not be mentioned, says Malik. - Hamish in European language
Is Malik the God? - me
He must not say that, because he is collecting your eggs. - Hamish

And then Hamish faces me and I see his mouth open, a red fleshy mouth without teeth. Hamish is shedding some scales again, like white shards of bubblewrap coming loose off his skin. Hamish is so much fun. He and I spend our days together. Love him to bits. I will ask about their religion more later. By the way I was playing a computer game that featured the Egyptian pyramids. Malik was extremely keen on seeing these pyramids in the game, of course the yellow pyramid is their Draconian symbol for power.

In the head of Hamish

December 18 2012 - What goes on in the head of a Red Dragon Turtle named Hamish? Here are his thoughts as they were, one after another:

1. Hamish thinks about pieces of his shedding scales falling down on the floor.
2. I say "Hamish Hamish!" and it makes Hamish stomp his feet up and down real fast twice.
3. Hamish thinks about how when I eat pomegranate the berries of the fruit look like his scales, he thinks.
4. Hamish asks me whether I would like to see what he does on the floor while I sleep, and he says that he watches me when I sleep. He then shows me a basement underground facility with naked me lying on the table and he shows that they take my eggs out. Hamish then tells me that they eat my children so this is food for them.
5. Hamish comes up close to me and indicates toward the large blood vessel on the left side of my neck. Hamish thinks about the blood there. Then he shows me his mental image of the movie I just saw that ended like just three minutes ago, where a man was killed when someone held a piano wire against his throat and he bled on the floor and died. Hamish tells me that he would like to see that scene again, and Hamish is having all throat-and-strangulation fetish. No I don't show it to him again, he shouldn't have seen it even once in the first place. I don't want to encourage him.

In the head of Hamish the Red Dragon Turtle. One thought after another. Just another day with Hamish.

And now Hamish comes up close to me and does his behavior where he opens and closes his mouth that makes a soft fleshy sound and he says "Yes". He is ever so cute my delightful Dragon. "Hamish Hamish!" I just shriek at him and want to cuddle him. You see because he's some creature, and he talks to me and interacts with me. Him having a throat and strangulation fetish is not really his fault. He's a Dragon. Now he's thinking about that movie I saw. I really got to stop watching movies because then Hamish watches everything in it and I don't want him to have to see various a bunch of random stuff.

"We thought you were gonna be a doctor." - Illuminati guy

I saw the Illuminati guy earlier too when Hamish showed me the table with the eggs. He is this big white hybrid part human. Hamish has actually said and more than once or twice that these guys were made with shark DNA. They are part shark part human or whatever. You figure it out. They glow in the dark a bit. He wears this awesome black coat that looks like what the guy in The Matrix wears. Hamish sometimes brings the Illuminati guys in to have sex with me if I think too seriously about finding me a boyfriend. Hamish guards the eggs, you see, and if I were pregnant it would ruin the stock. So he sends these infertile guys to me instead. Illuminati guy also watched that movie and he is really into sadistic scary movies, but I don't watch any, but Illuminati guy would want me to.

Oh whatever. Just another day. At least I have got Hamish. Hamish! I baby Hamish as if he were a puppy, and all day long I convince myself that he is just cute and friendly and adorable. I interpret everything he does and is as something cute like a baby or puppy, or a baby puppy! I sometimes forget that after all he has this throat and strangulation fetish, that he is like the other Draconians into sadism, and that he probably eats my eggs in the form of hybrids, and he does all manner of strange things. But it's like when you are a pet owner with a dangerous breed, or a tiger or something, as the mommy you tell yourself that "No, my Hamish is a friendly one. We understand each other. He wouldn't do those things. I have got things under control." But I am just in denial of his true nature, and he is a strange sadistic being, not some "cute little Hamish Camel Dragon". But, life goes on every day. If I am a woman and I want to interpret it that way, then so be it.

Now he comes up to me again and does that opening and closing of the mouth slowly that makes a sound from his mouth and he says "Yes". Hamish is pleased about something. Love you Hamish. Cutie pie.

I wanted to see you afraid like a little mouse. - says my Hamish right now
No, Hamish. - me says

Illuminati hybrid is here. Looking at me, deep into my eye with his own eyes that are so pale. I remember the first time I ever saw him. I was so scared, because they look like monsters from the morgue. The Illuminati hybrid guys are really into sadism, and "sadomasochism", they like to tell me. Oh whatever, this is all so weird, isn't it. But the Illuminati hybrid guys are actually sweet too. They don't hurt me or anything, mostly he just talks about how he would like to drive real fast cars. Now he looks at me closely again. I guess Hamish thought that I should be with him so that I would be discouraged from finding a real boyfriend. Just in case that I might get pregnant. And by so doing ruin the hunnun (=eggs). It would be nice to be on a date with some guy, and Hamish would come up and bite him in the arm.

We thought you were going to be a doctor, so that you would understand. - Illuminati guy says

Update: no, they sent Illuminati guy to watch the movie with me because it had a few (and very mild) sex scenes (nothing worse than most movies do). The ETs want these guys to have sexuality because they are trying to make a fertile new hybrid species. So that's why he was here, watching the movie with me. Not because Hamish would have wanted me to socialize with him.